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It's been all day off an on, and right now the sun is out, but more is on the way! The black clouds are coming from over the DUNGEON MISTRISS'S way

I'll remind you when the time comes closer, but I'll need a new stock of TAHINI from that Middle Eastern grocery we went to...the ones in the plastic jar with the green writing that doesn't have to be wizzed before using! Of course, who knows, I might slip down there before we go...I'll have to help ELI construct his little shack out back
I'm so glad that Michael is such a down to earth kid. His head by all rights should be big enough by now that I could speak to him every day from over here! Be glad you've got two WONDERFUL children...How's Lauren doing on her SOBBE diet?
I guess I missed something...why are the parents lodging at your house? Please tell them hello for me...will you?

CRYSTLE...I absolutely LOVE that email that you sent me today.
I've got to forward it out...hope I can get the pics to show know me, that's not one of my talents!

JACKIE...I just love rainy days at the track! All the GOOD LONG SHOTS come in...We used to go out to KEENELAND on rainy days just for that reason....lay up in the clubhouse, get plastered and bet the horses! GAWD....I MISS THOSE DAYS!!! Maybe next time I get to Cathy's, THE DOWNS will be running and we can go!
I would love for you to meet Cathy, and I know she would enjoy you! Hope you have a good time!

KEN....Where south of Hotlanta are you? If y'all keep joining our little corner of the board, you'll soon have enough people to have a big get together of your own!

KITTY...{{{{{WELCOME}}}}}} I hear you're from Hotlanta too.
Where are you located?

LAURIE...Read an article recently about said to eat at least 8 stalks of celery a day and the fluid would be gone! Haven't tried it, but I'm going to!

MOM...CONGRATS ON THE LOSS You can do it....keep it up!

NAT....CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT BOB KEPT THAT WHINEY WENCH???? I would rather have seen him keep
Mary and then ditch her at the end...I'm pulling for KELLY JO! How bout you? CONGRATS ON THE LOSS'll get back on the other hand...I love meat...especially a good steak! Haven't had one in a while, been trying to stick to chicken and fish! Good luck!

OK...Looks like I'm gonna have to hitch up the wagon and go get KIM...she's slacking again...GOT TO GET HER BACK ON THE BOARD!

I'm off...OPRAH is SHOPPING, and giving the people in her place everything she's buying! GAWD....I WOULD LOVE TO GO TO THAT SHOW!!!

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HA HA bet you thought I fell off the wagon again. Nope I didn't. My computer mouse has been broken so I couldn't use the computer. And now I'm so far behind. Will have to go back and read all the posts now. I've been walking and eating right. So all is fine here. Got a fire going in the wood stove and its nice and cosy here. Well I better get to reading the posts and see what I've missed.
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I thought this was very interesting....try it and see what you score.

"Your Eating is the sum total of the foods, behaviors, situations, and moods that prompt you to lose control of food in your life. These trigger foods, trigger behaviors, trigger situations, and trigger emotions never truly leave you. You may diet, you may fast, but ultimately you will return to the pattern of your Eating Print--unless you learn to permanently avoid and control these triggers."

"Do You Use Food As Therapy?

Rate each statement on a scale of 1 to 5. A rating of 1 means the statement is rarely true of you, a rating of 5 means it is almost always true. If you completely disagree with the statement, the score is 0.

1. There is no problem that can't be solved with chocolate.

2. I like to treat myself to a nice dinner (or some other food treat) to celebrate accomplishments or a job well done.

3. On previous diets, I've sometimes cheated because I just felt I deserved a little treat.

4. When I'm particularly stressed or upset, I usually feel better after I've eaten something.

5. I have a favorite restaurant where my friends and I usually go to celebrate or just to get together.

6. I have a particular food that I always crave when I am under stress.

7. I always gain weight when I'm under pressure.

8. Whenever I've gone off a diet plan, there was something unpleasant going on in my life.

9. I always overeat when I go home to visit my parents.

10. I always overeat after a fight with my boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife.

If you scored 21 or less, you're doing pretty well--you may occassionally turn to food for solace, but you're basically an unemployed Food Therapist. If you scored 22 to 36, you are employed as a Food Therapist on a part-time basis. But if you scored 37 or more, you are one of the legions of people who turn to food first and foremost to solve (or at least temporarily relieve) your distress...... If you turn to food for solace, you are confusing immediate pleasure with long-term happiness. The alcohol addict who takes that first drink and the dangerously overweight person who eats an entire bag of cookies both believe they are indulging in pleasures. But they are distructive pleasures that will eventually cost far more than the pleasure was worth.......When you find yourself reaching for your particular "food tranquilizer," stop! Think about not just what it tastes like but what it is going to do to you. Ask yourself:
-what kind of "reward" makes you miserable five minutes later?
-what kind of "treat" makes you throw out the clothes you once loved.
-what kind of "cure" ruins your looks, your health, and your self-esteem?

For many , uncovering the Eating Print is the most liberating and reassuring moment of Food Control Training. Cooks who thought they were hopeless binge eaters discovered that they were really at risk in only area--the kitchen of their own homes. Pickers who thought they needed some ascetic program of weight control discovered that what they really needed was finger control. And Horders who believed they could never control the ravenous hunger that hit them at the end of the day learned that all they really needed was a regular eating schedule. For the first time, these men and women are able to see that their weight problem for what it is--not a mountain to climb, but a few specific patterns to master. It is truly attainable.


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OH.....MY....GAWD!!!! I SCORED A 40!!!!!

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This is from a book called "THIN TASTES BETTER" by DR STEPHEN GULLO
He preaches low fat, but what he says here really hits home!
See what you think.....

"Myth 1: Saying "No" to Food is Saying "Yes" to Deprivation

A few years ago, an overweight man at a dinner party told me he had gone off his last diet because he was 'tired of feeling punished.' The question that immediately came to my mind was, punished by whom? No one was threatening him with divorce or unemployment if he didn't stay on the diet. This man had exhausted himself by fighting (and eventually losing) a battle with an enemy that didn't even exist. Food Control Training is not deprivation. Living thin does not mean living without. The feelings of deprivation that you may have experienced on past diets were a product of a mind-set you imposed on yourself. No one was depriving you. You did not check your free will at the door when you signed up for the diet program. Your food options were--and are--always open. The winners at weight loss know this instinctively because they've already eaten it all. They know that when they were eating it all they were not happy, they were miserable. The more they ate, the worse they felt and the worse they looked. That life (of being fat and out of control) was not some mythological paradise and the winners never forget that. They don't surrender their free will when they go on a diet, they take it with them. When they are faced with a trigger food, they don't say, "Oh gee, I really want it, but I can't!" They say, "Sure I can have it, but I choose not to. It's not worth it--it's not worth being fat" They know, from experience, that only the thin say, "No, thank you." Don't be tripped up by the fact that you many not always feel happy about saying thing. No one is always happy about what they have to do to make their lives better. But they are happier for having done it.......Feeling deprived is really just another way of surrendering to the control of food. It is a denial of your freedom and self-determination. You don't need a diet or a doctor to control your food intake. You have the knowledge and the power to do that all on your own. You simply need to use it......You cannot focus your life on food and be thin. Being a foodie is antagonistic to living thin. If getting control of your life and weight are your goals, then you have to pick what is important to you and go with it. The beauty behind this deal is that once you make the decision, life becomes so much easier. Dieters spend so much time worrying about their failing willpower, they don't see that control power is more important than willpower. Once you master control, each day is no longer a continuing battle requiring willpower because the new way of eating and thinking about food becomes as automatic and natural as breathing.

Myth 2: Doing without hurts

These trigger foods have no place in your new life of thin. Remember, the reason you are passing up these foods is because they have caused a problem in your life. Eating them was not a paradise, it was responsible for misery. Not eating them can only make things better. Besides, you've already tasted it all, there are no more surprises. You lnow the taste and texture of virtually every treat imaginable--what more can it give you? Think of it like a businessperson: It's simply not a good trade-off. It's not a good deal. The evidence of the Eating Print is irrefutable. If you haven't been able to control a particular food in all the years you've tried to lose weight, do not torture yourself with talk of "I'll just have a little." With these foods, it is actually easier to pass up the food entirely than to try to have a little. Where there cannot be moderation, there must be elimination. (And there cannot be equivocation, for ambivalence is the core of lapsing back into the old patterns.) I can think of nothing more masochistic than tasting a trigger food, reactivating all the old urges and cravings, and then trying to be satisfied with a little bit when you know there is more there just waiting to be eaten. That is what leads to feelings of deprivation. That is what leads to despair and binge eating. Simply say that this food is not for me, it is not worth the chaos and the weight gain that it will bring into my life.

Myth 3: Doing without is abnormal

Frequently, I hear people say, "Oh, but I just want to be able to eat normally." I remind them that being fat isn't a normal condition. And I wish for them that they can live their lives at a normal weight. I wish that for you. That is far more important than worrying about what they next person is eating or what they think about what you're eating.

Myth 4: If you can't have it, you'll binge

The same people who cannot imagine saying good-bye to their favorite foods usually believe that they will go off the deep end and binge if they try to totally avoid those foods. Even some health professionals fall for this myth. After all, they say, forbidden fruit is always the most seductive. But what they don't get is that for tens of millions of us, having a little is much harder than having none. That's why we freely choose to strive for this goal. It is not imposed upon us by some higher power or authority, causing us to rebel like an adolescent with food. They have got it backward. For most of us, bingeing has nothing to do with avoidance. It has everything to do with availability! Trigger foods that are available, that you allow yourself to have, are the ones you will find yourself bingeing on. That's why you have a problem with weight in the first place. You binged on the same foods time and time again......If you abuse the high-calorie/high fat variety, you'll abuse the low ca/low fat variety, perhaps even more. (And for us low carbers, translate that to low carb treats)

Myth 5: You'll never enjoy food again

The great irony of our foodie culture is that is has such an extraordinarily limited imagination. Most modern American rely on a very small, very dull, and not particularly healthy assortment of foods that they eat over and over again--the same few vegetables, the same few meats, and the same snack foods that satisfy an eat-and-run lifestyle. Despite the fact that we can buy practically any food--no matter how exotic or out of season--at any time of the day or night, few of us venture beyond the limits of our favorite foods. "But I can't live without them! I can't live without them!" That is what the deprivationists would have you believe. They claim the lure of these morsels is so powerful that trying to eat without them is like trying to breathe without air. But the foods that this society considers so vital--the sweets and snack foods that so many people live for--did not even exist for most of human history.

Boxing it in

One of my clients is a middle-aged attorney named Gilbert. When I first met Gil he had a list of trigger foods and situations as long as his arm. Over the course of two years he managed to get them under control--except one. Gil's problem trigger is a rich, flakey confection called rugelah. He loves it. Left to his own devices, he would happily eat his way through an entire bakery. He's tried to go cold turky, and he's decided he simply does not want to do it. This doesn't mean Gil has resigned himself to spending the rest of his life fat. On the contrary, he's absolutely committed to maintaining his healthy weight. But he has arrived at a compromise with his most persistant trigger--one thta allows him to enjoy it on occasion without losing control. He has mastered the art of boxing it in.

Regelah is a classic holiday food. Gil's compromise is a simple one. He allows himself to enjoy rugelah--as much as he wants--at two parties each holiday season, no more, no less. He doesn't buy it the rest of the year; he never has it at home, but he enjoys it to the fullest at his two allowed parties. He has moments of wanting it at other times, but they're bearable because he knows he'll have his chance later......By boxing in your trigger to specific, carefully limited situations, you can have the best of both worlds--an occasional taste of one of your old favorites without the loss of control. Boxing it in only works with trigger foods that are indeed controllable. If you have a trigger food that always sends you into a tailspin, it's not a candidate for boxing in. As always, when choosing your "boxable" foods, absolute honesty is required. Otherwise they will box you in to a life of fat.

When you can't have everything you want, you can still have everything you need!

Foods cannot possess you, seduce you, or deprive you of your free will. The only power they have is the power you give them. And whenever you turn that power over to food, you are depriving yourself of the right to be thin, the right to be healthy and fit, the right to own the clothes you want and to look the way you want to look. That is the real deprivation."


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Here's some more.....

Step Four: Changing Your "Food Talk"

"We all talk to ourselves. We may not want to admit it but all thinking human beings have a constant stream-of-consciousness chatter going on. In fact, if you've ever been on a diet, you've probably had entire conversations just about dessert, conversations that probably went something like this: "Gosh, that looks delicious!...(But what about my diet?)...I'll have them hold the whipped cream...(Sure, that will save some calories!)...and I won't finish these potatoes...(I'll probably be too full to eat dinner later anyway!)...It's been such a miserable day...(Everyone deserves a treat now and then)..."Oh, waitor! Will you bring the dessert cart around?"

Sometimes these conversations may end on a different note. Instead of calling for dessert you motion for the check. Instead of leaving the restaurant guilty and satiated you leave feeling righteous and frustrated. But whatever the outcome, the basic script is the same--full of longing for, and idealization of, food.

These internal dialogues--the snatches of thought that seem to come from nowhere--are your Food Talk. Food Talk is like a cassette tape inside your brain filled with the messages and food beliefs that were passed on to you by your parents, your culture, and your long-dead ancestors. Whenever you are near food, particularly your trigger foods, you can be certain that a lot of the messages it contains are destructive. They are encouraging your foodie mind-set, fostering your feelings of deprivation, and eroding your control over food. It's time to get in there and change that tape!

Most of my clients find it easy to see the absurdity of the deprivation mind-set when they are talking with me in my office. They recognize that their trigger foods are enemies, not treats. They know that the real deprivation is in never living thin. They see that their old foodie beliefs were irrational, illogical, and destructive. On a conscious level, they make the shift from foodie to realist in only a few sessions. But the conscious shift needs reinforcement.

Food Talk isn't conscious. It is not rational. It was "taped" long before your logical thinking processes were even developed, and it has been reinforced ever since. It strikes without warning and often without your being aware of it. As a result, even the most conscientious dieters find themselves thinking, "Wouldn't that be delicious!" when they know perfectly well it will not be delicious in the long run--it will only be fattening.

The Food Talk of those who succeed at weight loss, however, is very different from the Food Talk of those who valiantly try but fail. In years of studying the thought patterns of people who succeed at weight loss, I have discovered that the Food Talk of the winners is almost entirely free of foodie messages. They have made a cognitive switch in their self-talk about food. Their internal dialogue is full of supportive, positive messages about thier bodies, thier health, and their sense of control over their lives. They don't fall for the Great Lie ("I'll just have a little!"). They don't negotiate with food. And most importantly, they don't berate or abuse themselves. Simply put, the Food Talk of the winners is motivating, not demoralizing. Faced with the Great Lie, they dare to talk back.

Your Food Talk can help you or hinder you. Indeed, it can be the difference between success and failure. It can speed you along the road away from the deprivation mindset and foodie-ism, or it can drag you back and keep you enslaved to your trigger foods. The choice is yours. Because with time--and practice--you can rerecord your internal tape and free yourself from the old Food Talk. But first, you'll have to identify the messages that are undermining your control.

Identifying Your Food Talk

Rewriting your Food Talk--the fourth step that leads to successful weight loss--means changing your head as well as your weight. Food talk is rarely as obvious as the fictional conversation at the beginning of this chapter. Many Food Talk messages are subliminal--you feel them and respond to them, but you aren't consciously away of hearing them. To counter these subtle messages, you need to drag them out into the light of day, and the easiest way to do that is with a little free association.

Go back to your list of trigger foods that you made on page 42. On a seperate sheet of paper, for each individual food, write down the first ten words or phrases that come to your mind about that food. If possible, have a friend read your trigger list to you so that you are responding to a verbal cue.

Write down whatever comes into your mind, as it comes into your mind. Don't edit yourself. If the first word that comes into your mind when you think of champagne is sex, go ahead and write it down. If you can't think of ten words or phrases, fine. There are no right or wrong answers. You are simply trying to get a handle on what you really think and feel about these foods.

Once you've gone through all your trigger foods, take a look at the words you used. Is there a pattern? Are your food phrases

-about the food's taste and texture (rich, creamy, luscious, and so on)?
-about how the food makes you feel (comforted, exhilarated, satisfied, sexy)?
-food-glorifying (heavenly, perfect, scrumptious, the best, and so on)?

The words you chose are at the heart of your Food Talk. They are the messages you receive whenever you are in the presence of these foods. And more than likely, they have very little to do with the reality of these foods in your life.

For example, consider the words that one of my clients wrote in response to the word chocolate--mousse, pudding, heaven, happiness, rich, comfort, freedom, milk, delicious, perfect. This woman had been at least 50 pounds overweight for more than fifteen years. She had spent thousands of dollars on diet plans and thrown away entire wardrobes when she gained the weight back. She was the first to admit that her problem was chocolate. She knew that whenever she returned to eating chocolate she lost control over food and gained weight. But even with this knowledge, when she heard the word chocolate most of her responses were positively adoring.

This client, like all the winners at weight loss, eventually erased most of those responses from her internal tape and replaced them with realistic, positive messages that enabled her to say no to chocolate without feeling depressed and deprived. How? Through a technique called Cognitive Switching.

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And finally.....

Cognitive Switching

Congnitive Switching is a simple process of replacement and repetition--replacement of the old Food Talk phrases with new, functional messages and a repetition of these new phrases so that they become part of your unconscious.

To do Cognitive Switching, you need a few simple, inexpensive tools: a tape recorder, some cassettes, a portable tape player (like a Walkman), and of course, your knowledge of your Food Talk and it's roots.

You weren't born with negative Food Talk. It takes outside influences--advertising, school lunches, trick-or-treating, birthday parties--to make children sugar fiends and junk food junkies. And your inner language reflects that.

The Food Talk that feels as much a part of you as your blood type is really a mix of other voices--the well-meaning voices of your parents or grandparents, the voices of Madison Avenue advertising executives, the voices of ancient ancestors who lived in fear or deprivation, and the voice of a primitive, petulent, and remarkably persistant part of your psyche that Sigmund Freud would have called the id.

The id is the most primal aspect of your being, interested only in immediate gratification and quick satisfaction. It is impulse central. The id is the ultimate spoiled child. It isn't interested in your high blood pressure. It doesn't care about the bulge in your waistline or the bloat in your face. It doesn't care about your cholesterol level. It's not concerned with the fact that you find it difficult to climb the stairs. It just knows what it wants and it wants it now!

In most aspects of your life, you keep the id in check fairly well. You may want to throw your neighbor's stereo out of the nearest window, but you don't actually go over and do it. You have a system of personal and social checks and balances that reminds you to rein in those impulses.

No such system exists for food. The lessons you were taught by your parents, society at large, and even your genetic code all say that food is good. So your id, reinforced by all that programming, runs rampant every time you are faced with your triggers. It starts playing that old Food Talk tape and top-volume--demanding the foods you most want to avoid and blocking your memories of how much trouble those foods caused you in the past.

In the moments when your negative Food Talk seems to be screaming most loudly, it helps to remember just where that Food Talk originates. Before you surrender to those impulses, before you accept their false promises and specious logic, ask yourself, Do you really want to take orders from these people?

-Do you really want to be ruled by the fears of ancestors who died thousands of years ago?
-Do you really want to be jerked around by the capricious impulses of your id?
-Do you really want to fall for the promises of purveyors of junk food, who neither know nor care about your weight problem?

Of course not. That's why you're going to make the cognitive switch.

Making the Cognitive Switch

Foods have no power of their own. They can't pull a gun on you and force you to devour them.

Any hypnotic power that foods hold over you is the power that you have given them. You mesmerize your self by saying the wrong things to yourself about food and by listening to the messages of your id and the foodie value system. Every time you tell yourself, "Oh, I have to have it!" you are reinforcing the backward value system that got you into trouble in the first place. It's a process of self-hypnosis: We come to need what we tell ourselves we need. It's an internal advertising campaign for the food.

Cognitive Switching gives you an ad campaign for health and long-term happiness. By giving you powerful campaign slogans or aphorisms--something like "I don't take the first little taste...I don't begin. I don't have any problem"--it turns you around so you're facing forward, not backward, so you can get on with the business of enjoying a life free from the domination of food.

Over many years of working with the winners to rerecord their internal tapes, I have come up with a list of healthy slogans that you can use to replace ones that have been causing your to fail. Many of them come directly from my clients, for after talking to literally thousands of men and women in the course of my work, I realized that the winners seemed to share a common language. Those who lost the weight and kept it off spoke to themselves with key messages. These are the new messages that you can record on your internal tape.

You do not have to stick to these words and phrases verbatim if you don't want to. In fact, when you record your actual tapes--and I will tell you how to do just that right here, right now--you can and should use your own words, concoct your own aphorisms geared to your own needs. Us the cognitive switches listed in the box that begins below as a guide, and be as creative as you want.

Cognitive Switching is like an "off" switch. When a harmful thought from the foodie culture slips into your brain, your mind will spit the out thought out and replace it with a new phrase. Over time, this switching will become effortless. You won't have to consciously think, "Oh, now what was it the Dr. Gullo suggested I say?" It will just be there in your mind.


"Just one won't hurt."
"If I could just have one, I wouldn't have been fat for the last ten years!"
"One was never enough before. It won't be enough now.

"I'll just have one peanut." "Stop lying--in twenty years I haven't been able to have one."
"I've gained more weight with my fingers than with my mouth!"

"Oh I can eat extra, the label says
no fat"
"No fat doesn't mean not fattening"
"It doesn't say no calories."
(Low carb treats made with sugar alcohols or artificial sweetners could be used here instead.)

"I paid for it, I might as well eat it."
"Calories cost more than dollars--you have to wear them."
"If I eat it, I have to wear it."

"It's only 20 calories"
"It's not how many calories, but how many I'll eat."
"It's not the calories, but the calorie units that count."

"It's a sin to waste food."
"It's a greater sin to waste my body and my life."
"It's a greater sin to make myself fat."
"It's a sin to raise my blood pressure."
"It's a sin to clog my arteries."
"It's a sin to die before my time because of a few calories."

"I hate to throw food out."
"Better to put it in the garbage pail than
become the garbage pail."
"Protecting my body is more important than protecting my leftovers."

"Oh, it smells so good."
"So good? That's the smell of fat."

"Oh this food tastes so good. I can
never get enough of it."
"Why not be honest--stop calling it a food. Call it what it really is--an appetite-stimulant pill."

"I blew it with French Fries, I might as well have the ice cream."
"There's no such thing as blowing it."
"What's done is done. Let go of it and move on."
"Don't use one mistake as an excuse to make others."
"The sooner I stop, the less I'll have to wear tomorrow."

"I deserve a treat."
"I deserve to be thin."

"Losing weight is a better treat."
"Don't settle so cheaply. I deserve a healthy life of thin."

"It's been such a stressful day."
"It's more stressful to be fat!"

"I'm feeling so blue."
"Food won't help. Happy or sad, it's better being thin!"
"Eating doesn't erase feeling, it just makes you feel worse."

"I've been so good, I deserve a reward."
"Living thin is the best reward."
"I don't reward myself with things that cause me pain."

"I feel so frustrated, I could devour everything in sight!"
"If I devour it, fat will devour me!"

"It looks so good!"
"It's not how it looks on the plate or the table, but how it looks on me."
"Not on my thighs it doesn't!"
"It looks like every other food that made me fat."
"What's so 'good' about it? It's given me obesity, hypertension, and misery."
"I don't like it enough to wear it."

"I just can't resist it."
"I've come too far to take orders from a cookie!"
"I do not negotiate with baked goods."

"It's so hard to say no."
"Only the thin say 'No, thank you.'"

"I love pizza."
"It's better to wear Italian than to eat it!"

"When I see it, I crave it."
"I don't take the first little taste...I don't begin, I don't have any
"Cravings are feelings, not commands."
"It's just a feeling. I'm not bleeding, there is no pain, I don't need to call
911 for the rescue squad."
"Cravings only last a few minutes.
Thin is worth a few minutes!"
"Stop looking at it--what are you looking at? You already see it every
day on your thighs."

"It's not fair that I can't have dessert!"
"I can have dessert. I choose not to."
"It's not fair that I've spent the last ten years being fat because of
"It would be more unfair never to be thin."
"When I was eating desserts I was fat and miserable."

"I can't deprive my family of their
"I won't deprive my family of their health."

"But it's on sale!"
"No sale is more important than my body, my health, and my right to be thin."
"Thin begins in the supermarket."
"If I don't buy it, I dont' have to wear it."

"It's free, I might as well eat it."
"Calories aren't free--you have to wear them."

"I'm on vacation--I should be able to
eat what I want."
"I've taken a vacation from good judgment with my eating for years, I don't need another seven days."

"I've been doing everything right and still haven't lost the weight--what's the use?"
"It took years to gain this weight--why can't I be patient with my body a few more days."

These Food Talk exercises are a friendly tap on the shoulder when you most need it, gentle reminders of what the food really means in your life. They are like a friend nudging you and saying, "Uh, excuse me, but don't you remember what happened the last time you ate that food?"

(These two posts are pages 99-111 of Thin Tastes Better" by Dr. Stephen P. Gullo)

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Hi Guys:

Today has been a pretty good day. I went to the gym after dropping Britt off at school, only to be called off the treadmill 25 minutes early since Lane was cranky and screaming. I then went over to Toys R US to buy a few more Christmas things, and walked out spending $135. I gotta stop now!!! I did get a free stuffed Nala (from Lion King - $30 value) for spending so dang much money there. It will look nice sitting under the tree; it is pretty big. It is amazing how fast those dvd's & videos can add didn't feel like I spent $135.

I ate the biggest burger of my life today. I went to Carl's Jr. and ordered a guacamole cheeseburger (I did bring my own bread). The darn thing must have weighed 5 pounds. I did eat the whole thing and it was good. They put some sort of thousand island sauce on it though that I wiped off. The rest of it was delicious, but I am still full; it's definately a man's burger!!

chrisd: I highly doubt you will find much information on Eosonophil Esophagitis, as it is a very newly diagnosed conditon. This lady that Britt sees was voted one of Arizona's Top Docs, and she has done a lot of research on it, and is still educating many other doctors about it. Too often, dr's are diagnosing gerds or some other reflux disorder instead of this, and treating it incorrectly. If you need any other info., I will give you all I have. If he has bloodwork drawn and his white blood count/eosonophils are high chances are he could have it.

Ken: How did I get myself up at 4:30 to get to the gym???? Well, I told myself that I only have to do it one day a week, and there are several women who are there at 5 a.m every morning before they have to go to work. If they can do it, I can do it one day a week. Agave syrup tastes almost exactly like honey, so you can use it in so many tea, oatmeal, baking...the list goes on and on. I can only find it at one health food store here, and had to order in online prior to that. I do have a digital scale from Wal-Mart, but I also have a Health-O-Meter regular gauge one, and they are right on. I just like the digital better. Congrats on the 4# loss; it is so nice when other people start to notice.

BOB: NO, I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT BOB KEPT STELLA (the whiny one). My husband thinks I am petty, but I cannot stand to hear her whiny voice. I think he was smart to let Mary go though. She was absolutely drop-dead gorgeous (the prettiest of the bunch, I think), but was too anxious to get the family going. I think he also felt a barrier with her family not speaking English. I am definately pulling for Kelly Jo, and think he has already made up his mind that it will be her. BUT, I predict that he won't propose! I think he will say that he want to pursue the relationship, but is in no hurry to marry. We'll see. I look forward to next week's episode when they bring the other women back (that Le-Ann *itch).

Well, I never got the roast on to cook, so I will go throw some chicken in the oven, after I change Lane's diaper....hmmm, maybe I'll do the chicken first .

See you all later!
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Hello everyone....hope you have been having a good week. It's almost over.....

We have been hunting most of the days. Seen a couple today......but they were the wrong sex. Then as we were coming home right along the road, on second look, was a buck. But of course you can't shoot then!! Oh well, we still have time.

It is so cold. It is supposed to warm up to the 40's this week end. It has been 0 degrees here in the mornings. This is why I dislike winter. Don't know why we head south.....yes, I do. I don't want to leave home!!

Put a big roast in the oven yesterday, with potatoes for dh, and onions, carrots, and cabbage for me. So we will have leftovers tonight. That one easy night for me!!

Brant is supposed to be here tomorrow night to go hunting with Ted. So I am going to try another new recipe. It is called "Cider Pork" I have some SF cider that I will use. Sounds yummy!!

Jack-k-- Wow you were out of everything huh? Usually I spend like that when I am out of everything that I get at Costco....laundry soap, dish soap, paper plates etc.... Wings sound good. I am going to have to get busy and make some. Have fun at the races!! Do you ever win anything??

Deb-- How long are your folks staying? You must be very proud of your son, Michael. There is nothing wrong with being a nerd.....they keep the world running!! Who else would keep things going for someone like me?? I understand absolutely nothing......

Pancho-- Good for you girl. Glad you are back down. I seem to be stuck again. I think that since I have such a small amount to lose now.....10 pounds, it is going to be ever soooo sloooow!! I have a couple of different recipes for Pumpkin Cheesecake. If you don't like the one you try let me know.....I will look up mine.


Heart-- You were so close to the new territory mark.....hope that you get back down quickly. Drink lots of water....and continue your exercising. Glad you had such a great time!

Keng-- Lunch sounds great.....I will be right over.

BOB-- you wouldn't stay out in that dog house long if you lived here. It is too da*n cold!!

Toni-- Good for you....still OP! We are burning the pellet is so cold. I don't like this at all.

Well gang hope to be back tonight.
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Hi y'all.

Ok, I was doing good reading the posts that I have missed today from just plain laziness UNTIL I got to BOB's!!! That's so long I'm gonna have to come back after supper is done and everything is quieted down a bit to read that. I just wanted to pop in right quick and let everyone know that I'm thinking about y'all, but after all my running this week, I took today "off" sorta. I haven't done anything that didn't really really need doing, like some darn laundry. Eating is still great, which I'm very shocked at that with all the Halloween candy lurking all over. I'll start thinking about it and decide that I want some, but then I turn around and give myself a kick and grab some fruit or nuts or something like that leagl. So I'm pretty proud of myself right now, just hoping the weekend doesn't ruin it all for me. Well I gotta go before I burn things up in the kitchen and have everyone mad at me. I'll talk to y'all later.

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Off to the FOUR POSTER.....SURVIVER NIGHT!!!!!!!!!

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HiedieHo All!

Went to NH this morning and took the three desserts. Needless to say they were a big hit. The main topic of conversation was a news story and the lady who plays the piano in the Joyful Noise group. She will be giving a presentation at a local church on quilts and their symbolism during the Civil War and the Underground Railroad. Patterns were altered in a special way that gave a code letting runaways know if a house was safe or in which direction they were to go, much the same as some spirituals had a double meaning for the same purpose. She has made a quilt depicting the different stories and codes. Very interesting. It was nice that the article was about someone the residents are familiar with. Especially today as the Joyful Noise entertained in the same NH this afternoon. On this Thursday each month I feel like I live there!

Made a simple supper, just browned some Taiplia (don't know how to spell) in a teensy bit of olive oil for flavor,seasoned w/ S&P, dill and lemon. Made steak fries for family.

JACKK: Thanks. I know food doesn't help but then I'll get brooding on things and off I go! I go for yhr carn items! But I am really trying. DD called again on Monday to say she triwed to call DIL for her BD and did not get an answer. Said the machine did not kick in and why didn't they answer; did they change their number? Like it was a conspiracy against her. That was the day I was at the vet's, I know DS was home. She wasn't going to call again as she was on way to work, so let DIL know she tried.

PANCHO: Don't know how I missed that little red envelope for so long. I know at Christmas I wanted to save it for when I lost a few more pounds. NOT!! didn't happen! Maybe subconsciously I wanted to forget it? You know the mind does strange things, especially if it's the head of a strange person! I like country music too and was wtaching the awards last night.

DEB: Bought 2 pairs slacks, 2 matching tops, 1 sweat outfit (me! can you believe it, I'm always warm, but after swimming I'm sure there will be some cool days) another blouse, a new watch and cubic zirconia earrings all for less than $140. I'm glad you want me! Hmmmmmmmmm. Know my DS and DIL do too. DIL warning me not to give DD anything that I hadn't planned on! The things are mine after all. They probably will be in FL when DD arrives, depends on the dates. I've also gotten lectures on not helping carry things to load up for DD to take. Do those sentences make sense?!? Did I mention congrats to your young genius?

BOB: 36! Cognitive switchoffs where have I see/heard them before? Your articles were so interesting a regular fount of info you are! Thanx for the jokes you sent.

Trying to decide do I want to crochet or do the newspaper puzzles.

I think Bear is feeling a little better, not staying under the bed and is meowing for food.

Take care, Shirley
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Well, here it is, Thursday evening, and I don't think I have been on since Tuesday. Did anyone miss me? Doesn't look like it! I am tired, and going to hit the pillow in a little while. I worked today, and am scheduled tomorrow as well. Today was ok, but the dang phone was driving me crazy. Everyone do me a favor, ok? If you are going to call a bakery to order a cake, at least know how many people you want to serve, the flavor cake, and what you want written on it BEFORE you call! I can't believe the people who think its perfectly ok to put me on HOLD while they figure it out! I am expected to do a certain amount of production each day is after all what I get paid such a high salary decorate, not stand around like some kind of a nobody while people yak about whether the name is spelled with one t or two!

Ok, rant is over. Hopefully, I will not yank the phone out of the wall tomorrow.

Eating today was better than it has been for a few days. I chalk that up to going back on my Phentermine today. It tends to suppress appetite.

I tried to read the posts from the last time I was on, and I just could not get my brain to function. I hope I will be forgiven, even though I know I don't deserve it.

KITTY: Where in the Atlanta area are you? I live in Peachtree Corners. I am delighted to see another Georgian on here. Keng joined recently, and there is one other member who has been absent recently. Guess I will have to call her and find out why she is absent. If you live over near here, Harry's Whole Foods has a lot of neat stuff we can have. They also have a good supply of Agave and at the best price anywhere! Welcome to the board! Oh, and I am glad you like Publix cakes...I am a cake decorator at Publix here in Atlanta!

DEB: I can relate to your frustrations on your birthday. I have had that happen. Tom's family was always very low key about birthdays. His is the 26th of December, and he swears his mother would stop his father as he went to hand him the last present under the Christmas tree, and say, oh, not that one, its his birthday present! Often even in Christmas paper! My family was more into birthdays. One year, my mother forgot mine, as did everyone else. Tom did not do much, and the kids did about like what Michael did on yours. It hurts! I am so sorry you had to suffer that pain. But I am also going to point out, as you have already figured it out, that over eating did not help the pain at all. You only hurt yourself. I don't know what happened with Tom, but about three years ago, something changed. He came to a realization that he was a lousy lover. (I don't mean physically but emotionally) He did not want to be that way, and he started changing how he handled things. Now he is wonderfully supportive emotionally. Can you talk to Eli and tell him how hurt you feel when he acts that way? Maybe calm, deliberate communication without accusation, but evidence of your pain would make him see the error of his ways.

BOB: Thanks for the emailed funnies. I LOVED the one about the widow...tee hee!

SEF: Don't give in to your daughter. You don't have to give her anything. If she is so unappreciative of you, then she doesn't deserve a thing. Please remember you are a beautiful, precious child of God, and He loves you beyond belief! You can be my mom, and you don't have to give me a thing. Your activities and sense of humor remind me of my mother, who died seven years ago. I miss her so much some times! Reading your post makes me want to smack your daughter.

PANCHO: I followed your saga with the babysitter. I suppose the woman felt her business was reference enough? Was she bonded, or did she have any kind of certification? Here is a suggestion: do you attend a church? Call the person in charge of children's ministry and ask them if there is someone they could recommend. All our babysitters came from church. I only had one bad experience, and it was just a girl too young to handle the kids. I did not use her after she left my baby in a poopy diaper all night cause she did not want to change her. She never SAID that, but it was obvious. At the church I worked at, all child care workers were background checked and trained, and many churches are going that route, so it would be a logical place to start.

Ok, I have been full of advice tonight. Sorry...

Off to beddie bye for me! Take care everyone!
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Good evening everyone...I cant believe this week is almost over already. With going back and forth to the hospital it seems like this week just flew by so fast. GM is still there...and now they are saying probably will be until at least Monday. Seems like they are finding one thing after the other. Shes starting to ***** about things, I guess that means she is starting to feel a little better.
Went on the scale today and I am up almost 5 lbs..but I went on like 1/2 hour after I ate, plus TOM. Im praying thats why its up. i will die, if I really gained that much. I will go back on over the weekend to see what it really is. I have to say I have been eating a lot this week. All legal stuff, just a lot of it...I blame it on TOM.

PANCHO - I was at Toys R Us also today and was able to get a Simba and a Nala. They are really nice, even nicer that they are free!
So, you are right...I couldnt find anything on that esophogus thing. But, he did have blood taken about 3-4 months ago and everything came back normal. Maybe it was just a phase..tomorrow will be 18 days without anything I will just wait it out and see if and when it happens again!
I cant wait to see next weeks Bachelor. I couldnt stand Leanne. Very upset that Mary is gone, I liked her a lot. But, of course pulling for Kelly Jo.

KEN - Good luck with the cookies...I just finished the last of them..they are really good. Very almondy!

BOB - I cant believe Savage is gone. I kinda liked him. Im so mad that they didnt vote Jon arrogant is he??

Off to bed..have a good night!

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Just a quick check in before heading off to bed. Don't seem to have much energy tonight. Think I will hit the hay early.

Sef-- I don't know much about the situation with your dd other than the fact that she is sounding very selfish. I hope that you will stick to your guns! The presentation sounds wonderful. Very interesting! I bet some of the quilts were gorgeous.

Monet-- Of course we missed you.....just know how busy you are. Figured you would be around when you had the time!! I haven't ordered a cake since I got married!! My sil was our baker....she loved doing all the kids birthday cakes, and she did a great job!!

Chrisd--I know the stress that going back and forth to the hospital can cause. Only for me it is a 70 mile round trip. Was sure glad when it was over. Glad to hear your GM is starting to feel better. I am sure the weight gain is just fluid. Drink more water.

Sweet dream you all!!
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