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Have a few minutes to post before I have to jump in the shower and get ready to go out with ELI who SUPPOSEDLY is off today (just waiting for someone to call to tell him he'd have to go in, which I hope never happens, but wouldn't surprise me!)

Thanks for the good wishes for MICHAEL for getting in to MENSA. He's elated, though I don't quite understand what the big deal is all about. He's smart, we all know that! He doesn't need to be in there to let us know. We keep joking with him that he's now in the top 2% of the top nerds of the world. Thank goodness he doesn't look or act nerdy (like his father).

HAPPY to report that since last week and after my horrible experiences of seeing the scale go up 8 pounds in less than 2 weeks that I'm down 5 1/2 pounds since last week. Whoa, let's not get excited though, I'm still almost 20 pounds above my goal weight! Better, but not cigar here. Here it is, officially in writing, today I'm 148.5lbs - sad isn't it Well, I wasn't saying how much I had weighed for ever because I always thought I'd get back down and not have to say I was up. Then I found it wasn't so easy and I just said I was up on the scale (more like up, up and away!) ANd it just got worse, until I got to this point. So, I'm posting my weight because for me, it helps me stay OP, not that I have any intentions of going off, but seeing those numbers and sharing those numbers with you all on the board just makes it more reality and makes me know just what I have to do moreso. Oh well, I know I'll get those pesky pounds off again, that and death are one thing I'm sure of in my life (keeping them off permanently is another)

What a surprise I had yesterday! Went out to get the mail, raining as it was, with the umbrella, totally looking like **** since I was still in my housecoat, hair all messed up. I see a purple flower rounding the back of my van and a man approaching me with the absoutely most gorgeous fushia/purpely colored orchid! First embarrased, and then surprised, nothing that I was expecting and even more of a surprise when I opened the card. It's from the President of the foundation for the board I am on for MICHAEL'S school. Her name is AUDREY and she's a fantastic woman. I couldn't believe someone would be so sweet to do that for me, I actually cried.

I hope you understand that what I am going to say, as I don't want anyone to take this wrong or to think I'm trying to make anyone feel bad, it's not my intention. I was never going to say anything, but with telling you about this plant today it just feels like it's okay to say something.

As you all know, I had a really crappy month last month with my eating. As I've said, throw me a new loop in life and I'll hang myself with it! Well, Oct. 4th was my birthday and basically, no one really remembered. Of course, my parents remembered, LAUREN always remembers, ELI knew about when it was, then figured it out thanks to LAUREN. MICHAEL, well, he can be on a planet all his own. My DM had to tell my DS, she never remembers exactly when it is.

Anyhow, to know me is to know that I put great thought in to other people, esp. when it comes to purchasing a gift for them. Whether it be a birthday or holiday gift, I always think ahead and place a lot of thought in to what I buy people. It's NEVER a last minute decision what to buy. Also, to know me is to know I don't like going out to dinner for my birthday and THAT being my present. I hate it. In general, going out to dinner late, on a weekend night is not for me either - busy and waiting times, by the time you finally fit, you're starving to death! Anyhow, dinner out as a gift, to me, it's a cop-out for putting a little thought and effort in to something one could buy. After my 40th bday, I made it even known moreso-or so I thought.

Well, the night before my bday ELI told me he HAD to go out and get me a card, so he and LAUREN went out together-that was the first mistake! He made me feel like he felt he HAD to go out and get a card. He had 364 days prior to buy a card, but he went the night before. Though maybe that wasn't his intention to make it sound that way, I think I wanted to take it as such. THEN, I got nothing for my birthday from him - NOTHING. Please, don't get me wrong, I don't think I'm a materialistic person, but something would be nice to show someone that you think enough about them to put some thought and effort in to buying them a small token gift. I'd be happy with scented soaps, nothing elaborate! LAUREN got me some insense, MICHAEL, I got a card the next day that he made on the computer at almost midnight the day of my birthday, never once acknowledging it during the entire day. And like I said, from ELI, nothing. So, with that I was upset and still, I honestly don't forgive him for this. He CLAIMS he had a present but he hadn't wrapped it-I guess it takes a month to wrap something because I haven't seen it yet. I wasn't born yesterday, he has nothing and never had anything. I guess for one day a year I'd like to feel special-is that so much to ask? Instead, I felt like crap and that's when the eating binge began.

So, yesterday when this plant came it was such a surprise, a very thoughtful surprise that actually made me cry. AUDREY'S birthday was the end of Oct. and I had no clue, but she mentioned it and that she had a wonderful birthday and went on a wonderful trip, whereas me, I had a shty birthday and one I'd like to forget that happened. For her to send me this just brightened my day, to know someone really cared enough to do this knowing somewhat how I was feeling really made me feel special today.

Well, as I said, I wasn't going to say anything but it's just been eating me up inside for a good month, actually, I'd been eating everything in sight for almost a good month due to this! I tell you guys everything and I really didn't like keeping this from you as it was impacting me, impacting my WOE of SB, which impacts the board because you all were reading about how bad I was doing but I wasn't telling you the reasons why. But then I felt that if I said something that you guys may feel bad for not saying anything and I didn't want anyone to feel as such. Okay, I have to admit this as well since I'm coming clean... this is my 4th birthday spent moderating this board and it was the first time no one at all said anything about my birthday, so I have to say, that too impacted how I was feeling and eating. I never say that my birthday is coming up but someone always remembered in the past. I won't go out of my way to tell people when my birthday is, I don't broadcast it.

So, there you guys have it - like I said, I tell you everything and I always do, maybe it's a bit delayed sometimes, like this. But, it's over and done with and I'm back on track and that's what counts

Time to reply to some posts before I have to get going...

CHRIS, I continue to hope your GM recovers without complications. Who would of thought that she not only had this heart trouble but that taking an airplane would land her in the hospital. How was she yesterday? Any ideas when she'll get out? Yes, you can have regular Breyers BUT make sure it's vanilla, strawberry or coffee, none of the good stuff mixed in it like CANDY AND, if you can't stop at 1/2 cup, don't have any at all! The lactose free vanilla is the best choice.

JACKIE, good job going without the popcorn at the movies. Sometimes I'll take blueberries in a baggie with me (when in season) but if you want something to munch on, pumpkin or sunflower seeds. In one of my books it suggests, what I think I remember being wheat grains that have been "popped" in a skillet and which are suppose to taste like popcorn. Will have to find that and pass it along. That would be great if you and SEF can meet up! If not, you'll surely do so at the get together!!!

MOM, I don't think men deal with things the way women do, esp. when it comes to kids. We just seem to know and men are sorta clueless and without thought. It must be a gene defect on their parts Your menu looks fine to me considering you don't cook. Do make sure to drink your water. Glad to hear you're feeling better and different, in a good way Stay on track and you can look any and all junk food in the eye and it won't bother you a bit. BUT, take a little bite of something and you MAY go in a tailspin and splurge uncontrollably (I say that because that's whay I seem to do!). As for too much s/f items, if it's just those two, than I wouldn't worry about it, that's not too much. What I can say, is the more people you ask things about, more than likely, the more different answers you're going to get, depending on the question, that is

GATOR, good luck with the French exams. Maybe one day you and MICHAEL will be able to converse Not sure if I'm over my madness yet!!

FILLISE, so sorry to hear that you can't join us. I have to hope SOMETHING may change so you can, even if you can only come on the weekend, is that possible?

JACKK, remember, some of the sugars listed in the ice cream are naturally occuring from the milk. And as I mentioned before, doing the lactose free vanilla, it has less sugar. BUT, as you said, you can't eat 1/2 cup, then don't touch it - that's not a typo as I'd wish, it doesn't say 1/2 gallon

BOB, got Dr. Phils book from the library just to see what HE has to say, as I read ALL the latest diet/diet related books I can. Haven't cracked it open yet, too many movies to watch! Hey, ready to have me ship your sweetie to you - it comes with perks, like Starbucks!!!

TONI, good for you for staying OP yesterday. I'm sure today will be yet another good day for you (no pressure there!) Yes, Starting Over is a morning show, at least down here it is-it's about women who want to change their lives and they go live in this house and try to work on things. It's interesting to see what they do. Look forward to talking with you!

PANCHO, maybe it's a blessing in disguise that she cancelled and you won't be using her-maybe she has something to hide! References are a definte MUST and if she didn't like that there's a reason for it. How about a mom that you know from one of the play groups? Too bad LAUREN isn't around, she's a great BB sitter! Yes, ELI is the Mgr. of the store - whopeeee

HEART, do I need to call you???????????? Get your butt in the wagon and bring it down the right path - you're too close to that 100 mark to go backwords.

CHERYL, fat genes were designed by my family I think and I'm probably the biggest hoarder of them! LAUREN will be 16 in Janaury, so our kids are close in age. LAUREN is about 5'4" tall. I think it's harder for the kids to be on this WOE or SOBE than adults as they are more picky. I'm trying to get her to make sure she drinks enough water. CONGRATS to both your kids for their losses so far, esp. your DD, it seems she's doing really well. Hopefully you'll find more things that she'll eat, it's too limiting and she doesn't need an eating problem on top of the weight problem. WIshing you all luck! How many grams of fat in that cheesecake?

DAVE, glad to see you checking in. CONGRATS on your 1lb loss!!

Okay, gotta run. Will try to check in later today at some point.


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Wink Good Wednesday morning...

A quick post to Debbie :

{{{{hugs}}}. I am glad you let us know what is in your mind. Gosh, how did you keep those things in for a month?? Is there a way you can let your dh knows about your feelings? I know maybe you already did that many many times..


I don't know how else to comfort you except a great big {{{hug}}} and hope you will better now. I am kind of immune to dh's personality. I know he remembers my birthday and other special days but he is just not very good in gift-giving or planning some nice things for me. He knows I like to eat so he always take me out for dinner and I am totally okay with that. Many times, he will ask me what I want to do for my special day...besides eating Last year, he felt bad when he didn't get me any gift for Christmas although I did. So, he asked me what i want and I told me exactly what I wanted. A shopping spree...LOL. I was happy because I get what I want. He does send me cards on most ocassion and I knew he get them last min or the day This year, I already told him what I want for exercise

Okay, I know it is not all about gifts but I feel that it takes too much of my energy/emotions to expect him to know what I want. Most men do get tense up and stress over special ocassions as they find that they are trapped in having to do something. It makes them even more insensitive...LOL. Sorry, didn't mean to give out any lessons but hoping there is any way to make you feel better by telling you by situation.

I will be back to catch up on other posts later.

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Well let me start my post with a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY - BELATED TO DEB. I do have to admit that I have never read anyone's personal profiles, so unless you mention it is someone's birthday, I don't know. I also haven't even filled out my profile yet , but intend to one of these days. This is also my first year on the board, so I had no idea that your birthday was coming up. I don't know how to do all the pretty graphics, but I would if I did. YOU DO AN AWESOME JOB MODERATING THIS BOARD, AND DESERVE MUCH RECOGNITION....YOU ARE ALWAYS WHAT KEEPS THIS BOARD UP AND RUNNING. AND, the fact that your birthday was a bummer at home as well, really must have been sad for you. I'm glad you fessed up and are doing better with your eating!!!

I got to the gym this morning at 4:30 a.m. since DH had an early meeting to be at. During my treadmill time, I was called to the front because someone noticed that my tire was nearly flat. I had to leave and get air in it without finishing my workout . OH well, I was nearly done.

WIW - I'm at 123# this morning. My eating has gotten slowly better. I had a zucchini muffin on the way to the gym this morning, and had some NSA yogurt when I got home with ground flax seed and nuts. I have stayed away from the mini candy bars today, but the day is still young (just kidding).

Ashley: You are right; the call was a blessing in disguise. I will find someone eventually. It is tough to leave your children with someone when one is too young to talk and tell you if anything goes wrong. At least my 5 year old can inform me of anything that isn't quite right.

Mom: Everyone is different. Some people cannot eat the SF "stuff" at all, and other lose just fine with it. I think it is a personal preference and you need to get a feel for it. Just starting out, it is better to try to get away from the "sugar" all together, and then allow yourself some rewards as you get more accustomed to "no sugar." The salad from McD's is fine. There are a lot of foods you can order out and do just fine with.

heart: I wondered where you'd been....just fess up like the rest of us and climb back on board .

cheryl: All my friends have families of their own, so wouldn't go for sleeping over. My parents live here, but have a pool with no fence (major paranoia for me), plus they don't have much interest in taking care of babies/children. They raised 3 of their own, and raised my older sister's daughter (who is now 20). My mom has cancer and I don't want to burden her with watching them so I can go out. I am checking into a few options. My DD goes to a private Christian school, and I was talking to one of the teachers in her class yesterday...she mentioned that she knew a few very responsible girls who may be interested. One is a senior this year, and one graduated from the school last year and is in a church group with this teacher. I am going to see if they may be interested. I have seen those cheescakes, but decided to steer clear of them due to the maltitol.

SuperDave: Congrats on the 1# loss....way to go!

Deb: Way to get that scale going in the opposite direction. Hang in there; you will reach goal again. What a nice surprise from Audrey! Once again, Happy Belated Birthday...wish I'd have known.

Everyone have a great OP day....I will check in later.

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Oh, Debbie I am so sorry that this happened to you. I know you didn't intend it to be so but I personally feel so bad. I now have you permanently on my calendar so this won't happen again!

My daughter is like you and is always so considerate of others birthdays and then her husband does last minute cards on the computer. Every year she gets upset. I told her that maybe birthdays are not important to him and maybe she should just not do much for his day. Not to be mean but maybe to make him aware of the neglect or maybe he wouldn't care.

Anyway, I am glad that you feel we are all close enough that you can share your feelings and things will be better.
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Good morning everyone! Well GM is doing a bit better. She will probably be in until Friday! Its been a busy week with going back and forth to the hospital. Im getting ready to go back now....just wanted to pop in and say hello and get some replies in.

First off....

DEB - HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! I am so sorry about all that. So I looked on my calander to see what day Oct 4th fell on and sure enough it was that Saturday that I called you and you sounded like crap. I asked what was wrong because I knew that you didnt sound right. So I feel like **** because I actually talked to you a few times that day and never realized it was your birthday. Apparently I wasnt the only one. Im so sorry for that! thanks for coming clean, but I wish you would of done that sooner. Ive read the Bio boards but that was a long time I never remembered. Im sorry that this is the first year that no one has said anything to you on the boards. Right now Im glad to be a newbie! lol. Well hope next b-day is a better one.
About the ice cream..I CANNOT stop at 1/2 cup..thats a I will not be having any at all! Congrats to Michael, thats great! Hope you are enjoying Eli's day off.

JACKIE - No, she doesnt have to fly back, she came here on Sunday to live. She was in a 2 family house in Brooklyn..but she was the only one living was time to get her out and down here...she will be living with my Dad.

PANCHO - Well this past Monday was 2 weeks that he hasnt thrown up. Thats the longest he has ever gone. It started when he was about 1ish. He is 27 months now. He went for an upper GI (horrible experience) and everything came out normal..Thank God! Then the Dr. said to just watch and see how often its happening and when you come back we will see if he needs a scope. Well he had his appt this past Monday but I had to cancel it, due to GM getting rushed to the hospital. So I will have to reschedule that! He really doesnt have any mostly happens at night either during or after dinner. Sometimes he can get something caught and start to gag...sometimes it happens when he is screaming for a long time...sometimes it can happen when he isnt eating anything at all. So its NEVER consistant...its a big pain in the A** is what it is...LOL! I cant tell you how many times I have had to clean my rugs...God forbid I can get some warning and bring him to the bathroom or at least on the tile. But, i have to say I have been better with catching it, and most of the time I am able to catch it in a cup. Its not just a little spit up, I can sometimes fill up one of those Solo cups. I hope that wasnt too much info for ya! lol

Gotta get to the hospital...thank you EVERYONE for all your thoughts and prayers!

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Height: 5'6"


Happy WIW.

Gosh it's almost lunch time and I'm just getting on here. I truly hate when work interferes with my SB time.

What is happened to our exercise board. Hardly no one is posting on there. Come on, get out there and then post it.

The scale is fickle this week. Being 100% OP and it is going up. Who knows. My skirt is really big around the waist today though.

Hope everyone has a big loss today.

Bob, As with all computers, it's a love/hate thing. Great when they work right, hate them when they don't. I hate this time change. It is dusk when I get home and dark by the time I'm half way thru my walk. It really makes me lazy. All I want to do is veg out.

Deb, A big to Michael. Nerds make big money. Hope you have a nice time with Eli. Talk to him ok? Congrats on the 5 1/2 lbs. I knew they weren't fat pounds. As far as the 148, I'll trade you. You shouldn't be suprised about the flower (except I thought it was from Eli), you are so sweet and do so much for others that they want to show their appreciation. You deserve it.I do feel so bad about missing your birthday. I think I remembered it last year, but not this year. I am so sorry. Yes, I would be devestated too if no one remembered, especially if not with just a HB. Men, well it wouldn't matter if they had 665 days to get something, they would still wait to the last moment. So you have to chalk that one up to being a man. I agree on the dinner thing, even as much as I love to eat out, don't count it has my gift. I really think you need to sit down with Eli and tell him how you feel. About the BD and his work. Get it off your chest once and for all. It will only help you. If you don't they just go on existing as they are. Again I sincerely apologize for not remembering, you always remember everyone's and I have it written down. So happy belated birthday.

Toni, congrats on another great day OP. It is very rewarding to lose wt. I just get tickled to death when I can put on nice stylish clothes.

Pancho, what a bummer about Grandma. Best you found out before you made the trip. Glad you said that about the salads at Mickey D's. I thought they were really good at first but also find lately they are not so good. Thought it was just me.

Ashley, sometimes the only way to make it through the holidays is drunk. Just kidding. You will be giving me therapy. No I'm not working with my trainer anymore. Since we bought the home gym I have stuck with that. I was getting bored with it so I switched to a routine I found in Fitness Mag. I may call her again after the first of the year. For some reason the scale is not being good to me. I have been OP but it wants to go up.

Mom, bunches of sf items could hamper your loss some, but sometimes we need them to survive. Your menu looks good, but you need to add some fruit. Don't forget that water. You only had 2 starchy carbs plus the beans. I don't count beans as a starchy carb but some do.

Heartmom,Do we need to send you a rope or live saver? Are you head first in the T&T bag?

Cheryl, I can understand the difference in your son. When you lose wt you start to like yourself and have more confidence. Congrats to both of them. You are such an inspiration to them.

Dave, congrats ont he 1 lb loss. Hope things slow down for you. Try to get some sleep.

Chris, glad GM is doing better.

I haven't been posting my stats either as hoping to get back to where I was. But Deb has inspired me to post and maybe it will help.

Have a good day. Hope to be back later.

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Exclamation Newbie Here!

Hi! I am new to this site and SB.

I tried Somersizing in 2001 and lost 20 pounds in 7 weeks. I went from 190 to 170. I went on vacation and started eating junk again. I went back up to 200 over a year or so. I tried to Somersize again but couldn't get started. I didn't have any willpower...I'll start tomorrow...I'll start the next day...Oh, a party...etc.

My Aunt was successful on Atkins. I thought it would be something new and different. It was for sure! No combining food and just new and different. I was constipated the whole time despite taking pysillium fiber. I quit that after two weeks.
Then I thought about trying the Curves low carb plan. Too much eating for me! You have to eat a small meal/snack between bkfst & lunch and lunch & dinner and after dinner...Too much to think about!

Then I was somewhere and read about SB. I thought to myself...Now this may be something I could live with! It has much more variety of food. I went and read the book yesterday at MediaPlay. I have a pretty good understanding of the concept. I went to WM last night and checked a few labels. I already have a fridge stocked full of good things that are acceptable but need to purchase a few more this weekend. I plan on starting the SB WOE on Sunday. I've already ordered a pre Thanksgiving plate for tomorrow. Friday I'm going to a Mexican party which is hard to stay legal...I'm having a taco salad minus the shell. That's pretty legal! Other than that I am ready to lose this weight for ever. I want to be able to wear the things I want to and look good and I want to feel good.

Quick/Sad story:
On my birthday this year I had a cookout. My cousin brought a 1/4 sheet cake from Publix. I'm a birthday cake junkie...Love the real icing...not that cool whip crap...(that was me for 26 years)
Anyway when everyone was gone there was over half of the cake left. So, Miss Sweettooth ate one piece a day until it was gone. After a week I was so tired and couldn't do anything but come home and lay on the couch. It was so bad. It is so amazing how that sugar and starch just makes you miserable.

I'll let you know how it goes! Sunday I'm going to weigh in and measure. I am also starting the Curves at home workout on Sunday as well.
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Hey Everybody! First, for the business at hand...WIW. If you don't know I'd rather take a beating than climb on the scale, but in order to keep myself accountable I have decided to REGULARLY participate in WIW. This morning I was down 1 pound. I am pleased. Just 17 pounds to goal!!!!

Deb- So sorry to hear that we missed your birthday, even though I am new to the board, that is still not an excuse. I agree with other people that you contribute so much to this board and do a fantastic job of running it. The downside to that is that everyone relies on you to inform us of birthdays and such, and the favor doesn't get returned. I am glad you have decided to come out and express these feelings, because unresolved they become toxic. I am sorry you endured a month without saying anything and hope you are able to express your feelings to your family members. Sometimes it's just a question of asking for what you need. No one can read your mind or meet your needs if you don't tell them. It would be ideal if your husband knew exactly what you wanted, but often we set up our own expectations and then become very dissapointed when they don't come to fruition, when we never asked for what we needed. My recommendation is just as you expressed to us how you felt (forgotten, sad dissapointed,etc)- you express it to all the people in your life whose relationships you value. Just keep the focus on how you felt, and not what someone else did or didn't do. That way no one can argue with you about your feelings, they are yours, and defenses aren't set up. By no means am I saying that you should start reminding people about your birthday, they should remember it on their own. But, if it's truly important to you, you should be able to express how you felt about the situation and ask for what you need. You did a great job telling us. Don't let that stuff eat at you (literally and figuratively). I really appreciate all that you do for us individaully and on the board, and am truly sorry that I didn't recognize your birthday. I am also sorry that you were experiencing all that internal pain. ( I apologize if this sounded more like a therapy session than an apology-guess it is a hazard of my job).

JackK- I would go with the fact that your skirt is big around your waist as progress rather than the # you saw on the scale. Most of the time I notice that before the scale catches up. Those home gym sessions are paying off!!!

chrisD- Glad your grandmother is better. Continued prayers for her.

Pancho- At the gym at 4:30???? Now, that is dedication(or insanity). But, I am very impressed. I thought going at 6 was horrendous. Let me stop feeling sorry for myself about now. Sorry to hear about your tire.

SuperDave- I have missed you posting on the board. Congrats about the pound loss. Hope your sleep improves.

Gotta run. It is lunch hour and I have the fun chore of going to buy a bra at Saks for a wedding I am standing in. The dressmaker refuses to fit me until I buy one that is so tight it cuts off my circulation...something about giving me lift. The wedding is in 2 weeks, but I avoid bra shopping like I do the scale so today I am confronting both fears. I still don't see how I am going to fit my linebacker shoulders and back into a 36...but OH WELL!!!
I will check in with you all later--Ashley
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HiedieHo All!

Was just too busy to get on board yesterday and then when I had time in the evening I was too tired! Never satisfied are we? The ladies all enjoyed the desserts. I told them we were having a tasting party for refreshments. The Orange Popsicle dessert was very good, but didn't quite make the popsicle part. I would make it again as it was good, refreshing. Actually the desserts made a nice presentation. Everyone wanted a taste of all three, so when they were in the dish with a small dollop of LF whip on top it was very colorful and fall looking, red, orange, brown and white. I made extra to take to the NH.

Bear is still a little mopey but seems to be okay. The bllod definitely came from him. As I saw him in the bathroom trying to d something. I was distracted by phone and when I loooked back there was the blood. Only question vet raised was perhaps it didn't come from the back end. I will have to keep a better eye on him, and let the d-mn phone ring, that's what I have an answering machine for!

Did I tell you it pays to clean out your pocketbook now and then? I did mine and found a Xmas gift card from Penneys for $100 I hadn't used and a gift check from my bank for Penneys for $10. Armed with them I went to Penneys Sunday after church. They were having their 50% off sale, buy one get another for .88. So I had a ball!

My DD called to say she would be coming for Christmas to get her stuff. When I asked about going back with her she started dancing around the issue. This after I said I would never ask again. At this point I will not go. I'll keep my word on the things she can have but that's it. I get so upset and eat and it doesn't hurt her a bit does it?

I did not go to swim yesterday or today. Am trying to give shoulder a little rest. Even though the water is good I still push myself trying to keep up with the instructor, even though I promise myself I will go my own pace. I tell myself you have to expect pain.

YELLOWROSE: Cabbage, salt, water, time. The old lady (who ws about as young as I am now. but I thought her old then) had been doing it that way for years. We never had any go bad in any way whatsoever. Sorry I forgot it was you that asked but I am now that old lady!

BOB: That couple were on the Today show this morning. It is amazing to lose that much, or at least it is to ma.

JACKIEO: That would be fun. Seems like weekdays are pretty busy, maybe some Saturday or Sunday. I've only driven twice both DIL had doctor appointments, once at the headach clinic at Tulane and she was too sick to drive. Another time to a doctor for check-up after her breast reduction surgery. If a chicken had a breast the size of mine, it wouldn't be a chicken it would be a large turkey!

DEB: HOw sweet the flower story. Things like that make us feel so good especially when we are feeling so down! What do you tell us? It's okay to vent here. You shoud have gotten it off your chest a long time ago instead of holing it in and eating! You know deep down your family loves you, just sometimes the expression of it gets lost in the shuffle. I don't think anyone here realized it was your birthday. You always post evryone elses and since you are a part of this board it is not blowing your own whistle to mention yours too! Belated Happy Birthday, I think you are wonderful and help us all so much!

About time I did some things around here, dryer should be just about done.

Take care, Shirley
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Hello everybody.

You mean it's WIW already. I had completely forgotten about it. Doesn't really matter since TOM is due next week and I wasn't planning on getting on that hateful scale anyway.

Whew the day has gone by already. Went to the library this morning, left some Party Lite stuff there just in case anyone is interested. Cleaned up the kitchen and picked up a little in the living room, at least it doesn't look like a huge tornado hit it. Ran to a friends house to find out she was at work, (which I had no clue she worked)! Ran to her job and talked to her about some people to come to the Party Lite party. I've got to get this stuff sent to the girl so she can get the invites sent out. Geez I've been so lazy with this thing. Gotta go talk to the neighbor about coming also. I'm just now about to have some lunch.

Jack-k, Hey, we did pretty much have the same thing yesterday. I ended up just throwing the chicken in a pan with some cream of mushroom soup! Everyone else had rice, I had some leftover cauliflower "mashed potatoes."

Toni, I normally preheat the oven at 350 while I'm cooking some meat to go on it, and after I get it ready to go in the oven, I cook it prob around 15 min or until the cheese is all melted and gooey. Of course I use the low fat cheeses on it and some olives. Hubby likes it better then the pizza places around here! You are so right about an hour at a time, I've done good since I started thinking about it that way!!!

Pancho, Sorry to hear that lady cancelled on you. It was prob for the best anyway since it sounded like she had an attitude about you meeting her first. Things are just too scarey now days to just up and leave your kids with anyone and everyone. I think I would see if there was some way to report that she doesn't like to meet the parents of the kids she watches. Everything you see about leaving your kids with someone says to make sure you meet them and check them out first. I hope you are able to find someone you really trust to watch them so you and DH can go out. Breakfast is actually going pretty good for me this week, I can't believe it either.

Deb, I'm sorry your birthday was bad. I know you don't want us to feel bad for you, but I've been there also. I definately would have told you Happy Birthday had I known. Guess I should look in everyone's profiles once again and write down all the birthdays.

Sounds like someone is outside, gotta run and check that out right quick. I'll talk to y'all later.

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Height: 5'6"


I had all my work done at 8:15. The girls in the office & I ran out to get flu shots and when I got back all h*ll broke lose and I have not had another minute to get on here.

Lunch was a pot pie. It was delish. Hadn't had one in awhile. Don't know what's for supper. I will go to the grocery first and see what I can find.

Ashley, you are chipping away at those pounds. Keep up the good work. Good advice to Deb. I'm sure that bra shopping will not be as painful as you think. I thinkyou will be pleasantly surprised.

Sef, glad your desserts were a hit. Wow you hit the jackpot. It is such a good feeling to reach into a pocket and find a goodie. I hate the feelings your DD leaves with you. Stand tight and don't give into the eating. It only hurts you.

Jecrites, how funny, I threw the chicken in the crockpot with a can of cream of mushroom soup too. We had cauliflower with cheese and green beans.

I may not be on here at all tomorrow. I have a 9:00 meeting and at noon I'm going to the race track with our insurance co. Then at 5:30 I have another meeting at the track. All my day will be spent out there. Will try to check in sometime though if I don't have a lot of work when I get here.

Have a great evening.

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To everyone.....


Last edited by THE BIG ORANGE BABE; 11-05-2003 at 05:20 PM.
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The famous Olympic skier Picabo Street (pronounced Peek-A-Boo) is not just an athlete, she is a nurse currently working at the Intensive Care Unit of a large metropolitan hospital.

She is not permitted to answer the telephone, however, as it caused simply too much confusion when she would answer the phone and say,

SCROLL DOWN=================

Picabo, ICU.
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Deb-- I too am so sorry that I missed your Birthday. I do know how that feels as dh has done it a couple of times....also Valentines Day!! Knowing this, we now have an idea of why you have been going through this eating **** of yours. I just wish you would have said something alot sooner.....then maybe we could have helped you enough so that you wouldn't have slipped this far back. Being new is not an excuse.....I may not be too swift on the computer....but I can definitely read! I have no excuse. Please accept my apologies.
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