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Well today is my first day OP. I finally decided that today was the day. Tell me if I am doing okay so far:

For Breakfast at 6:30 a.m. I had 1/2 Grapefruit and 4 oz (small container) of Dannon Light and Fit Nonfat Yogurt (Strawberry). Don't like the plain. I tried it and couldn't stomach it.

For snack at 9:30 a.m. I had 10 almonds and 2 pieces of fat free swiss cheese (small thin slices)

For Lunch at 12:30 P.M. I had a Chef Salad with Olive Oil dressing and 1 cup of cottage cheese and a s/f jello with fat free whipped topping.

That's it so far. I have to eat every 3 hours because my blood sugar drops and I start to shake. I want to do this right. For dinner I was thinking about having a grilled chicken breast at Pollo Tropical but instead of the rice they give with the meal, I was going to make my own brown rice. Do you think the yellow rice is safe? What else can I have as a side at Pollo Tropical? Can I have the black beans?


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Hey All

Finally home!!!! Took the kids to school, killed about 40 minutes at STARBUCKS before I had to head back to school (see below for that) ran to the library, didn't take the yoga class though, but got a few DVD's they were holding for me, went by the appliance store, gas station, grocery store and now home. Don't have to p/u the kids today from school so I'm home for the rest of the day, well, may go out to KMart later, not sure.

CONGRATS to all of you who didn't eat any Halloween candy! I, like FILLISE & GATOR, also picked OTHER. I had indulged in so much candy BEFORE Halloween, but come last Wed. when I got back on track I was determined not to eat off plan til Februrary's SB GET TOGETHER, so I didn't have any candy after Tuesday.

For those of you who asked, MICHAEL said the SAT's seemed harder this time around in the verbal area but easier for the math. He's in Calc. II so he does very well in math-just have to wait to find out now. Next, he wants to take the ACT's which the counselor said is more science orientated which he should do very well on. I finally found out what his first SAT scores were from the first time he took it, they were 1410. I found out his PSAT's, for which he got the National Merit Scholarship nomination for was 1480.

The meeting with the counselor went well and it was long, almost 2 hours. She's very nice and absolutely ADORES MICHAEL. It was enlightening, to say the least and I hope this jump starts him to start getting in those applications already. His top choices are Harvard, NYU (he wants that the most I think), Johns Hopkins, Georgetown, Washinton U (this was new to me) ummm, can't remember the other ones at this time. He's only applied to UF, his last choice actually. Guess we'll have to wait and see!

My day yesterday SUCKED big time! ELI was due home and promised to be home at 12:30pm so we could go out. Now, ELI is NEVER home when he says he'll be from work, but since it was his day off I figured home on time, or close to it. He had a meeting at 9am with his employees, though he left to prepare for it around 6:30am. Well, 12:30pm rolls around, 1:00pm rolls around - at 1:15pm and with steam coming out of my ears I finally left. I had to go to the gas station because, WOULD YOU BELIEVE...I had yet ANOTHER nail (actually, a screw) in my front BRAND NEW TIRE!) Tried for a good 15 minutes to fix it with the plug myself to no avail, so a nice gentleman who came for air himself helped me out. Well, as I was leaving the cell phone rang and who would it be???? Didn't even answer hello since I knew who it was and just began cussing him out. He said he was stuck at work and had no idea when he was coming home. This was suppose to be his day off! I was just ready to ship him right off to BOB'S! I ended up going to Broward by myself, I needed to go up and get some things so I took myself out to lunch at OLE OLE and to the HFS, produce and meat places and then headed back home. It was late when I got up there and I didn't have any time to do much else. He walked in about 3 minutes after I did, I was still taking stuff out of the car. I didn't even want to be around him I was so mad. I know he didn't want to work but it keeps happening. I have to tell you guy, before I left the house to go to the gas station, and he was late already, I could just FEEL the anger in me and I knew if I didn't get out of the house right then and there I was going to lose it and go food hunting. Not that I would of eaten anything off plan but I knew that when I got the peanut butter out and had a spoonful that if I didn't leave the jar was going to be really low by the time I got through with it and I'd probably have eaten lots more than I should, so it was a good thing that I left. Stayed totally OP and proud that I did. As for him being late ALL the time, not much I can do other than give him the silent treatment and continue to let him know how he disappoints me by doing this almost daily.

ROSE, DM brought me some nice pics of you and RAY that I will try to scan and post. You look MAHVELOUS darling! Hope you get it all packed up in record time. How long are you going to take to drive back home, 2 days?

EMMA, sorry to hear about the computer troubles you are having, I can sooo relate. I wish you all the best on these upcoming meetings and presentations, you'll woo them!

TONI, good approach, one hour at a time - you can do it!!!! Hope you had a nice walk. Hey, I'll call you just about any time if you want - just let me know

BOB, you REALLY need to find a way to download one of those programs where you can get a call and it won't knock you off the computer for up to 2 minutes!!! Geez...............I mean, this ain't chopped liver calling, you know!

GREEN, I take it a nurses job is never done Hope DH is feeling better today. This is the first time we'll be meeting in a state OTHER than Florida. I thought, with FRUITS invitation, it would be more centrally located so people who can't come to FL would possibly be able to go to LA. Why can't you come? I haven't a clue where you live. We usually try to do a big get together once a year but many on the board meet up with one or two others throughout the year whenever they can - it's a blast. I've meet about 24 people or so - I've lost count!

GATOR, sounds like you had fun! Glad to see you checking in!

JACKK, glad I got to talk to you yesterday, despite my sucky phone and it's problems. You'd think, in a metropolitan city such as Miami we'd not have these areas of problems where the cell phones cut off as they do-sorry about that when we talked. Good job on no candy!!!!

MELF, good way to start the week by getting OB. Glad to see you OP and down a pound. You weren't the only one in a foul mood, as you see above

JACKIE, what did you see this weekend at the movies, besides the inside of a popcorn bag Check out above to see what I mentioned about MICHAEL & college

FILLISE, sorry I missed getting to talk to you as well. Wanted to ask if you will be joining us at the SB GET TOGETHER in Feb. - which I am so hoping you are going to say yes!!!!

JEC, funny, but not really, that I tried to call you yesterday and this past weekend you weren't OP - would of been good to talk to you, but unfortunately, the number I have for you, I got a recording that it's not a working number. E-mail me if you have a new number, that is, if you ever want me to call

CHRIS, hope all is okay with your GM! Has she had past problems with her heart. Thank goodness she's near family to be close to her. Please let us know how's she's doing. Call anytime, I'm usually home in the evenings. Just remember, if you get one of the kids, and they appear to be on the phone, tell them it's LD and you NEED to speak to me, otherwise, esp. with MICHAEL, he thinks his friends are more important and half the time he tells people I'm not at home when I am and if they leave a msg. I usually don't get it, even after I ask him if anyone's called.

PANCHO, OMG, that's awful what you had to go through with DD! I would of freaked. Thank goodness they were able to get it to go down without her having to go through all that. The pita has to be rolled thin. When I make it I enlist the use of my scale and measure out 8 balls, about 2.7 ounces, or thereabouts, I think it was. I roll them, oh, about 6" in diameter, or something close to it, but pretty thin. When I use the stone I do pre-heat it in the oven. To clean it, mine suggests to use just water and says, in time, it will darken. It says not to use soap as it may end up with a soapy taste. My DS found another one for me at a garage sale this past weekend. Don't need another one really but figured, it would be just a matter of time before someone broke mine and I'd need another one anyhow, so I'll just put it away for now.

CHERYL, good luck witht he SOBE diet. LAUREN started last Tuesday and has lost 5 pounds as of yesterday. This is the first time she's been on a diet and I have to say, she's doing fantastic. She calls me if she's unsure if she can eat something or not, like last night, about corn. She hasn't cheated once!!! So, did you actually start it today?

MONET, at least RUTH will go get blood work! MICHAEL refuses! He hates needles. How he'll be a Dr., I'll never know Hope all her tests come back okay. Enjoy your days off!!!

MOM, sounds like you are doing very well so far today - CONGRATS!! Okay, the yellow rice is white rice, just tinted so that's a nono You CAN have the black beans, not a problem. How about a side salad? I don't go to Pollo that much, and it's always for LAUREN since she loves it there, so I'm not sure what else you could do since I don't know the menu by heart. Girl, though I don't cook, we're gonna have to find you a way to cook something, you can't eat FF all the time!!!! Any questions, you know how and where to reach me. Good luck!

To everyone else, I send you a hearty HI!!!

Okay, it's almost 2pm and I haven't had a darned thing to eat, so I'm way overdue. Going to probably have some rotiserrie chicken I bought yesterday.

Will check in later, ya'll!


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I was just trying to check in during my lunch hour and lost my whole post. I can now relate to all of you that this happens to all the time.

Deb- Sounds like Michael did great on the SAT. I only took the ACT because I went to college in state. The mother of them all was the GRE for graduate school. I still get anxiety thinking about that. I hope Micheal gets into whatever school he chooses. Besides seeing the inside of the popcorn bag, I saw Lost in Translation, which I enjoyed very much. I am going to be accountable to you and tell you that tonight I plan to go back to the movies, however, I will NOT see the inside of any popcorn bags. I think I am going to go see Runaway Jury with a friend. It will be interesting to see since it was filmed in New Orleans. I hear it portrays New Orleans in a favorable light, so I am curious.

Pancho- So sorry to hear about the incident with your baby. Choking is so scary. I am sorry that you had to handle the whole thing by yourself.

Mom2Jared- Congrats on your 1st official sugar busters day. Sounds good so far. I am not familiar with the restaurant you are speaking of, but ask if you can get double the beans and hold the rice.

Cheryl-Before I began South beach induction, I had a huge carb fest. It did get it out of my system though and allowed me to be very successful on induction.

jecrites- Just climb back on the wagon today!

Susan- Glad you had a good trip. I liked your philosophy about the worthwhile cheat and then getting back on plan.

ChrisD- Hope your grandmother gets better soon. She is in my prayers.
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Closing up shop for the day.

Guess we will have burgers for dinner. There is no food in the house. Need to go to the store. Thank goodness I share an apple with a coworker everyday at lunch or I would get no fruit.

It is in the low 80's. Beautiful day. Guess we will get our walk in.
Back to my new wt routine as well.

Melf, funny thing, as the figure improves the mood seems to improve also. Hope you shake your funk. WTG for a good day yesterday and one pound gone.

Ashley, laughed at the salt and grease coming out your pores. Too funny. Have you thought of taking yur own to the movies you can't you just resist that movie corn? We have great hot corn beef sandwiches at the track in Lexington. Never had one at Churchill though. I loved that book (Runaway Jury) Hope the movie is as good. Stay out of the popcorn.

Fillise, glad you are feeling better. I would count that roll as your starchy carbs for the day and not worry about it.

Jecrites, Today is a new day and a new week. The important thing is not to let it get out of control. You should get some exercise runningup and down those steps.

Chris, best wishes for your GM.

Pancho, what a scarry thing with your DD> I'm glad they didn't have to scope her. Hope you are back on track today.

Cheryl, I'm glad your DD insisted you start today. Sounds like you were spinning out of control (been there, done that). Hope it works for you.

Monet, When I am bad a get a waffle at the waffle house, I rationalize it as ok since I ask for SF syrup.

Gator, just don't know what it will take UK to pull out a win. Next is Vandy and hopefully that will be one, but then comes GA and know we won't win that one,then Bob's UT. Maybe we can pull that one out if they play us like they played Duke.

Mom, your meals sound ok as slong as the yogurt was sweetened with aspartamine (sp) and the whipped cream didn't have sugar. Don't know the restaurant, but think the beans would be ok. The rice would not.

Monet, hope Ruth's test turn out ok.

Deb, Tell Lauren congrats onthe 5 lbs. That should motivate her. Eli won't know what hit him with the silent treatment. Workaholics really should think about what they are missing. Time with loved ones can be so short.

Bob, how was your day with the new puters?

Have a great OP evening.

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Hi again everyone.

Well I've made it this far today with no cheats at all!!! I think it was because I was out of the house most of the day. I had to return something to the BX, then I had to get gas or I would have been sitting on the side of the road on the way to Wal-Mart. The only food type things I got from there was some WW pita bread and tortillas. Then it was just the normal everyday stuff I had to get like dish liquid, trash bags, toothpaste, forgot the deodorant though . After that I stopped by a friend's house and talked to her for a couple of hours, then I had to get home to meet the bus. Haven't gotten a whole lot of laundry done either.

Had a ham sandwich for lunch with some sourdough pretzels. I'm planning on making pita pizzas for supper. Need to get some fruit in there somewhere too. Didn't have breakfast, I know that's bad, but most of the time I'm not hungry. I am planning on getting breakfast back in my routine sometime soon though.

Pancho, I am so glad that your DD is alright. How in the world did it get stuck and stay there? My grandma gave Kerri one of those lifesavers mint things when she was about 2 and she choked on it, luckily my mom was there and had been through some child CPR and smacked the crap out of her on her back while lifting her up and it popped right out of there. I was scared to death. Of course that's different then it getting hung up and staying. Just think how dull our lives would be without children!

Monet, I'm taking today an hour at a time. It really helped me to get out of here for a while though, all that candy trying to sneak in my mouth, but I'm not letting it in!!! It would be nice to have two computers, then I wouldn't have to deal with him hogging it all the time, or even another monitor where I could log on too!

Gator, You'd be surprised at the kids that would eat the sourballs. I have a friend who's oldest child is allergic to chocolate, the poor little thing doesn't get much of his halloween candies because of it. Then there are kids like mine that don't care if it's chocolate or not, as long as it's candy they'll eat it.

Deb, I have no idea why that stupid thing does that. Every now and again it will tell people that it's not a working number. It's beginning to really piss me off too. I just went back and looked at the telephone tree and that's the right number, and it does work because I tried calling my friend in La. who was out of town and she returned my call when she got home yesterday. Cell phones...Geez!!!

Gotta go help with the homework and check on that neverending laundry. Talk to y'all later.

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Default Hi, everybody.

Well, I did not manage to stay out of the Halloween candy. I had about 10 small pieces over the course of the week-end. Also had nachos at the football game. Yikes.

Well, it was a great football week-end for me, though. The high school team won, the Longhorns won, and the Cowboys won (although, Cowboy fans, was that an ugly game or what!). Greenrn, didn't I see that you are an Oklahoma State fan? We play you guys this Saturday. Should be a great game!

We tried a new seafood place on Saturday night. I had grilled tuna with a fruit salsa on top that was really good. I love fresh tuna, but so many places overcook it. I love it rare or it gets dried out. It was perfect. I made chicken parmesan (no breading) for dinner last night and I've got a pot roast in the crockpot for dinner tonight.

Deb, sorry I missed your call on Saturday. I wasn't ignoring you, but was still at the game. I think I almost have Lyn talked into riding to the get-together with me (right, Lyn?????). It should be so much fun. Are you planning all types of fun things for us??

If I could be selfish for a moment, please keep Jordan in your thoughts this week. Their group starts something called The Crucible tomorrow morning at 2:30 a.m. It's a 54 hour ordeal, extremely physical, very little food or sleep, and culminates with a climb to the top of a mountain on Thursday. They have to finish or they get set back in their training. This is the hardest thing that they will have to do in their training.

Better run.

Talk to you guys later.

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Thanks for the advice Deb, Jackie and Jack. I went to Pollo and got a grilled chicken breast and asked for extra beans. When I got home, I threw away the roll and made some brown rice with chicken broth like the SB book suggests. It was excellent. I have a headache today which I am assuming has to do with cutting out the junk food. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Jack: Yes the yogurt had aspertane. I can't have any sugar at all due to my diabetes. It is the Dannon Light and Fit Nonfat Yogurt.

So how did I do for my first day?

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Ilana, I think you're doing pretty good so far. On the yogurt, I'm not a huge yogurt fan, but I know a lot of people eat the plain yogurt and just add some NSA preserves or fresh fruit to cut down on the artificial sweeteners.

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Are artificial sweetners bad and not OP? I tend to have s/f candies sometimes that have aspertane or sorbital in them. I love the yogurt and if you guys feel that it will hamper my weight loss, I will stop eating them. I just bought whole gain cheerios today and will have that for breakfast tomorrow.

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MOM: I have heard that aspartame is not a good choice for diabetics. Splenda is supposedly better. Have you considered getting plain yogurt and adding Polaner all fruit to it to sweeten it? I love it with the strawberry or apricot in it. I also have no sugar added apple butter which is really yummy in plain yogurt. Be careful with the s/f candies, as they contain maltitol, which can have a laxative effect, and the effect seems to get worse and worse the more you eat! I used to be able to eat a whole box with no problems, and now two pieces sends me running...
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Hi guys:

It is nice to be back into the normal routine. I have done pretty well today, except I've had about 5 little candy bars, and a handful of FF. I did get to the gym though and got a great workout in; that always helps with the eating too.

Cheryl: Funny how we "rationalize" things isn't it? I've been there before. I did it before I started WW, and before I started Atkins, and before I started SB. "I'm gonna start tomorrow and be derpiving myself of all this I'm going to get as much of it in as I can today." Pretty silly of us, but I'm sure we've all been there. I hope you are doing well on the SOBE today.

Monet: Enjoy your days off work this week!!

Deb: Way to get out and clear your head instead of your peanut butter jar. Thanks for the info. on the pitas; I had thought you said that you only make 4 out of that, and that is what I did. So it was big, and pretty heavy. Next time, I will make more and roll them much thinner. I'll get it right one of these times.

jecrites: Glad you are doing better today and staying OP. Our children surely keep us hopping and worrying endlessly!

Trish: I'm sure Jordan will do just great; it is just your job to worry. I will keep him in my thoughts throughout this time. Join the club falling off the wagon; I'm climbing back on on a little more slowly, but surely.

Mom: As far as Aspartame affecting your weight loss...I think that is a "Your mileage may vary" thing. You will have to experiment with it. I think a lot of people avoid it because there are some people who are sensitive to it, and there are warnings about it since it is "unnatural." A lot of people prefer Splenda in items as it seems to be safer than some of the other sweeteners. Try some agave syrup too. It is all natural and very low on the glycemic index. It is like honey and you can use it on a number of things such as cereal, oatmeal, iced tea, coffee, use it for baking, etc... Some people like Stevia as well, and it is all natural. You will have to experiment and then eat what you feel comfortable with. Good luck to you! Blue Bunny does make a yogurt called Blue Bunny Lite 85 with Splenda and they have a tone of different flavors, you may want to try it.

Well, I better run!

Take care,
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Good afternoon....

First off, Deb......I hit the wrong button on the poll. I said I wasn't going to eat any candy......but I did have one bite size Baby Ruth. I think I hit "I ate one piece LIKE I SAID I WOULD". That is not what I said!!

Didn't do much this week end. Friday night we had a total of 5 trick or treater's. Same as last year!

Saturday was the potluck at my Mom's. Grandma is starting to get ansy about going back home. They are getting her up and around on a cane now. She said she would get one of the home monitors, like Life Alert when this first happened. But now she is hemying and hawing about it. I just wish she would wait until spring before going back home alone. I hate the thought of her being alone through the winter. But she is determined.

Sunday I just cleaned house. Not much new there.

Oh, by the way. The applesauce brownies have been banished to the freezer in the shop! They just wouldn't quit calling to me at all hours. They really are good, but not good for me!! I am going to try the apple oat bars next. These are great items for Christmas goodies. So I will make a batch of these and freeze them too.

On to a few replies.....

Toni-- Sounds like you have it all under control. Good for you!!

Jack-k-- I have a long way to go before I will ever be considered skinny!! But thanks for the kind words. My dh husband hates those pants, lol. Sounds like you did great over the weekend. The weight will start melting off again.

Melf-- Woo Hoo, down a pound!! Sound like you and dd are getting the big runaround.

JackieO-- Drink lots of will flush out the salt, and extra fluid.

Fillise-- So happy to hear that you are feeling better.

Jec-- Slow are making me dizzy!

Chrisd-- Sorry to hear about your Grandmother. Hope all will be okay. Praying for you and your family.

Pancho-- Wow, what a scary night. What a way to spend Halloween huh?? Sure glad that she is okay now. Did she end up with a sore throat?? Glad they didn't have to give her anything.

Cheryl-- Well, I want to say WTG on the fact that you got started this morning with the induction.....I am at a loss of words for the rest......((((hugs))))

Monet-- Your dd did a wonderful job carving the pumpkin. She is very talented. I wish I could turn out stuff like that. I always see in my mind what I want to do.....but it never turns out the way I had planned. Thanks for the pat on the back. You have been a great help to me!!

Gator-- Waving a big hello to you!

Deb-- Loved the pumpkin eyes...... AWESOME job. Oh my.....maybe Eli should stay gone for a while longer? At least until the anger is gone?? Or as you said.....ship him to BOB. You must be sooo proud of Michael. My boys couldn't wait to get out of school! Thanks for the kind words. Still look pretty heavy to me!!

Mom-- I eat the Blue Bunny Lite 85 yogurts. They are made with Splenda. I just think we need to limit our use of artificial sweeteners. I think for some people, anything with a sweet taste can cause it can be an individual thing. Sounds like you are off to a great start!

See you all later!
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Good evening everyone. Thought I'd check back and see how you all were doing. I've had a great day and am really pleased with myself. I walked in the campground this morning and this is what I've eaten. For Breakfast- 2 boiled eggs, small can V8 juice, and coffee
Lunch-Hot Wings, homemade slaw, slice of homegrown tomato.
Snack- SF jello, and cheese
Dinner Turkey breast, green beans and salad with SB cider vingarette.
Hope I can keep the good eating up...

Pancho- That must have been so awful with your daughter. I can't imagine what you both had to go through. Glad everything came out alright.

Cherylco- How did the first day go on the South Beach Diet? I'm trying a week or two of it to. I really need to have that jump start..

Monet- Hope everything goes well with Ruth's blood test. I'm a real baby with my blood work and have to have so much I don't know why I'm not more used of it..

GatorGal- Wow nice you could get a tree that big after the death of the other. Well today is a new start so hope you do well.

mom2jared- That sounds like a good place to eat. Hope you do okay with your dinner...

Debelli- Sounds like you didn't have a very good day. Hope things got better. You should be proud of the way you managed your eating. Deb if you get a chance to give a call that would be great. I'm gone between 10 AM and 12 for my walk but home all the rest of the time.

jackieO- Wow you're starting South Beach to. I wouldn't want to have to live on this. But I hope it does good for me and the rest of you gals doing it.

Jack-K- Hope you have a good evening and a nice walk. Sure sounds like you need to get some grub in the house.....

jecrites- Congrads on making it through the day.. I'm trying an hour at a time too. Sometimes that is the best we can do...

Trishaloo- What branch of the service is your son in? I'll keep him in my thoughts. My son is a drill instructor in the Army..

Hope you all have a good evening.......
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Teensybean- Guess we were posting at the same time. Glad your Grandma is getting around. Send those brownies this way. LOL... No not really I'd be afraid I'd pig out on them.... Hope you have a good evening.
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Thought I'd hop on while MICHAEL eats and talks on the phone (a talent he's mastered).

ELI is STILL not home. He's been gone before I woke up at 6am and here it is, almost 7pm - he tries to convince me that he only works 60 hours a week. Umm, when he took this position they told him he was only to work 45-50 hours - yeah, right! If he'd only realize that with all the hours he puts in he doesn't even earn minimum wage!

JACKIE, I guess ELI, I and his friend are the only people I know that didn't like LOST - I hated it! Only thought there were a few funny parts. TRANQUIL liked it too and couldn't understand why I didn't like it LMK what you think of Runaway Jury, I heard it was good. How'd you do with the popcorn issue? No need to be accountable to me, but to yourself Me, I can come kick butt come February if you don't stay accountable to yourself

JACKK, I'd love to tell LAUREN congrats from you but she'd get pissed. She doesn't like it if anyone says that she's on a diet. You should of seen the attitude she coped the other day when my DS said something, which my DM told her, not I. I don't know if the silent treatment will be an asset to me or to ELI - he may think of it as a good thing so he doesn't hear my *****ing!!!!

JEC, cell phones, love them and hate them at the same time! I've never heard that kind of a message before, so was thinking maybe you changed the number and forgot to say something. If it's a good number, I'll just try you another time.

TRISH, so glad you and LYN are going to be coming together!!!! Fun things - did you think last time was fun? This will be more so, so get ready. LMK if you have any ideas to make it even more special this go round. I'll keep JORDAN in my thoughts and I'm sure with the dedication he's showing thus far, he'll do great. Can't wait to hear how great he actually does - though it sounds so brutal!!!

MOM, good job, you're doing great Yes, the headaches are from the detox and will pass in about 3 days - hold strong and don't give in to the cravings and after the 3rd day those should disappear. These first 3 days are the hardest. Artificial sweeteners, I particularly don't care for them, esp. don't like Splenda, it does a number on me, but in moderation, you'll probably be fine. Blue Bunny makes a pretty good yogurt that you may want to try as well. Again, you may want to get a small container of Horizon FF Plain Yogurt at Whole Foods and try to add about a tablespoon or so plus a little sweetener to make your own - far better than anything you can buy, at least in my opinion. I'd try to stay away from the candy, at least for now. Try to detox from the sugars. Your body and mind don't quite realize this is fake sugar, it's sweet and that's all that it can think of.

PANCHO, okay, just HAVE to ask, what candy bars did you eat? Just curious Okay, for the pitas, it does call to make 4 but they were so big that I made the recipe and just made smaller balls and made 8 instead. Either way, just roll it thin enough and they will puff up. First time I made them mine didn't puff up either. Second time it was better but not perfect. Third time, a charm

TEENSY, when I was 129 I still thought I looked big, at 122 thought I still looked big. Not matter what, I think I still look big at any size, big or small. I'm not well proportioned. Proud of both kids, they both are doing awesome in school, I really can't ask for anything better. LMK how those new apple bars come out when you make them.

TONI, I usually try to call people after 9pm est or on the weekends because it's free. Give me a good time and day and I'll be happy to call - would love to chat!!!

Okay, I'm caught up and besides, MICHAEL has asked me twice to give up the computer, so my time is up.

Will see you all tomorrow!


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