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Post Sugar Busters Weekly Support Board 10/6-10/12

This is the
where all of you who are following this WOE, or are thinking about doing so, are welcome to come join in and be a part of our wonderful group.

Other than finding support and friendship on this board, we also try to do something during the the week to add a little difference to our board.


Please take some time to check out our extensive recipe boards. Our RECIPE BOARDS can be located at the link below:

Look for our QUARTERLY RECIPE BOARDS to post your favorite recipes and to see the most recently posted recipes. Recipes from the quarterly boards will be archived in proper categories at some point.

We have SEVEN INFORMATIVE BOARDS!!!! Please take a few minutes to visit them! New information is continually being posted, so please make sure you visit them often!!! The boards are listed below as well as the link that will take you to the boards:


We also have a SB WEEKLY EXERCISE BOARD that you can log your daily/weekly exercises on which is located on our weekly support board:

Then there's our latest addition to the SB BOARDS which is called OFF THE EATEN PATH This board is for everything NOT related to SB. You can use this board to post questions or comments on just about anything (okay, within reason). A book you recommend, a cleaning tip, a great website deal, etc. etc. Here's the link:

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Will post my usual morning post sometime later, but wanted to make sure I got our
done early in the morning, so here's my contribution for MM, there's 2 of them to read today:


This is truly your lucky day. For you are here to live it. This is a moment that is like no other. And it is here now, ready to be lived with all the fullness, all the richness you can imagine.

What is the most beautiful, wonderful, positive and fulfilling thing that you can imagine? Dare to imagine it, and dare to begin living the reality of it. For today, your most treasured dream is not only a real possibility for you, it will truly begin to take shape. Today you can imagine the best, and today is the day to start living it.

Though all sorts of obstacles may stand in your way, today there is nothing that can hold you back. For today you're able to fully experience the wondrous gift of life, with which anything is truly possible.

Look deep inside, and you'll have no doubt that this is most certainly a moment like no other, filled with extraordinary possibilities. You'll surely find what it takes to live this moment for all it's worth.

-- Ralph Marston


The sooner you deal with a problem, the less of a problem it will be. The sooner you act on an opportunity, the more value that opportunity can bring. The time to act is now. The longer you wait, the more you put yourself at a disadvantage.

No matter how far ahead or how far behind you may be, there is always something you can do. Be willing to act sooner rather than later, and your actions will be all the more effective. Stop waiting for conditions to be perfect. Regardless of what the conditions may be, there is some way to start moving positively ahead right now.

Sure, there are plenty of good excuses for failing to act. Yet they all pale in comparison to the advantage you'll gain by going ahead and getting started. The sooner you act, the better it will be.

-- Ralph Marston
Have a wonderful day, and a fabulous week!!!!!

SB since 3/22/00
Reached goal 6/10/01
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I always wear my wedding ring, of course, and always wear earrings. So the poll was hard to pick one. I have a nice collection of unusual necklaces, though, so I checked that.

Monet--No, I don't know if I had posted that I had Hashimoto's.
I suspect that UGA's rivalry with Ga Tech is like ours with FSU--very heated and "hated." However, FSU is not in the SEC, so the end result is just a state rivalry and it doesn't make any difference for the SEC championship. UGA, I would guess would win the most votes if you took a poll at U. of Florida as to who is the most hated. The game at Jacksonville is still billed as "the world's largest outdoor cocktail party." The Gator Bowl is now a new stadium, where the Jaguars play. It is in the same spot as the old place, right there on the river.

Gotta go. I'm gonna play golf this morning. Had my blood drawn to see how the thyroid is doing. So just have enough time to eat and get going.

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Default Good morning!

Well, let's just say I lost my mind this weekend and leave it at that. Back on track this morning. Get to relose those pounds I picked up when I had my temporary insanity.

I learned something new with my graphics this weekend so I'm gonna post my newest graphic for ya'll in case you want to snag it.

Believe it or not I even have a MM to today:

Small, gradual changes can have amazing results when you look at "The Big Picture"
No one has a corner on success.
Pay the price for it and it's yours.
No matter what you want from life
you've got to give up something to get it.

Nothing worthwhile will come easily to you.
Hard work will accomplish results that last.
There is no easy road to success.
You've got to work a great deal harder than most people to get it.

There is no success at bargain basement prices.
The highway to success is a toll road.
2003 Written by:[email protected]

Off to get the kids up and moving. It's back to school today. Plus Jess makes the best coffee.

Love and hugs,
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Thumbs down Good Monday Morning!

Morning all!

After a big Saturday, yesterday I went to Birmingham to see a production of The Starlight Express. What at strange show! It premiered in the early 80's when disco/rollerskating was the rage and um, let's just say that the fad hasn't aged particurlarly well! I did have a good time with my friends--and that's what counts!

Country--We all lose our minds from time to time so just get right back OP and you will be no worse for the wear!

Gator--the question was hard for me too. I love jewlery--all kinds, but I picked rings since that's what I look at first in a Jewlery store. When I was at UGA (84 & 85) the UF game was a very big deal. They told us not to cancel classes the Friday before, but that was useless since NO ONE was in class! I think the SEC is going to be wide open this year. When AU is good they can beat anyone in the conference, but then they are bad--they are awful. One never really knows which team will show up on any given Saturday. Thank goodness the "good" team showed up against UT!!!!!

BOB--You are very gracious and as you can read above--our horrid team could have just as easily shown up on Sat! Ummm,,, your Sunday dinner sounds good!

Monet--Will you share your recipe for WW pie crust? I have a couple but am still looking for a better one. I always make a legal pie for Thanksgiving.

Welcome newcomers!!!! Jump right in and ask any question! We try to be here for one another!

Have a great week everyone!

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Good Morning to Everyone!!! Hope your weekend was fun and well rested. Sorry to report that I ate sugar last night for the first time in over a year. I literally felt drugged a
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sorry about that, my finger hit submit...anyway, I felt drugged and lethargic. So maybe that will keep me from craving sugar for a while (since I recently started having issues with that). I will just remember the way I felt after eating the sugar, and hopefully it will prevent me from giving in to the cravings. I did, however, mange to do much better eating out at restaurants.

GatorGal- Have a good golf game, and check in with us to let us know how the old thyroid is....

CountryMom- Just get back on track today. I am sure you will!!

Susan- Yes, Starlight Express is not one of Andrew Lloyd Weber's better productions. I agree it's outdated and kind of 1983 like!

Hello to the late comers and Superdave, heartmom, deb, Jackie, bob, Fruit, jecrites, talitha,monet, sef, pancho, chrisD, and all the other peeps I missed!
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Good Monday Morning,

Hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready to start this new week with great resolve.

I see this sign everyday and thought I would post it for a MM:

"The door to opportunity will not open, unless you give it a push".

We had a good time at the track. Won a couple races, but didn't gome out a winner for the day. It was fun though. Yeterday was spent shopping and watching ballgames.

Got my shot (2 of them) but it has not seemed to help. I can hardly sit now.So I am on the heating pad. Don't know how I am going to walk around New Orleans all week.

You all were quite busy this weekend on the board. I quickly skimmed the posts and tried to make a few replies.

Monet, send some of that apple pie, brown betty, ext. my way. Sounds delish.

Pancho, How horrible about the camcorder. You are right, those memories cannot be replaced. Hope someone has the decency to return the tapes. Hate that Delany has HFM disease. Sounds like Dominic passed it on thru the computer. Try popcicles.

Emma, Welcome to our group. It sounds like you have had a rough couple of years. Yes, we all turn to comfort food in time like that. Sorry about the loss of your mother. She does sound like a trooper. But you have realized that you cannot do this alone and have come to the right place for support. We look forward to getting to know you. Welcome.

Fillise, sure hope that man at the game is ok. Yes, we have to remember it's only a game. It's over the next morning. Hope that water pipe didn't ruin your floor or anything else.

Tranquil, next time you want chips and salsa, make some out of ww tortillas. They are really good and satify the chip craving. Since Serene isn't planning on coming back soon, tell her I said hello and miss her.

Beach, glad your money problems did not forceyou to eat. That is a silver linging. At least you have a Peter to rob.

Bob, Sorry there wasn't a horse for you. Great game tonight, Payton vs the Bucs.

Deb, there was a horse at the track named Ellie something, but when I first glanced at the program, I thought it said Eli... Then I realized it wasn't but I had to bet it I felt like it was a sign. No winner.

Country, cool graphics. I wish I knew more about that stuff. Glad you found your sanity. Maybe there won't be a gain to go with it.

JackieO, Sorry the sugar made you feel bad, but if it prevents another fall, it is a good thing.

I need to get started here. Lots to do in a short week. Be back later.

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I just wanted to post a quickie here, I made it through the week-end staying On Plan!!! Had too many starchy carbs yesterday, but they were all legal. Thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown during the Texas game but we made it through. I'll post more later, but gotta run now. Have a great day everyone!!!

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hey everyone. Glad to see everyone had a good weekend. Well most of us anyway! I had a good eating weekend. Went to dinner with friends Friday night. i had an order of chicken wings and broccoli cheese soup. Not sure if the soup was legal or not...but since I had a few drinks (for the first time in 2 months) I figured it didnt really matter at that point. Heres to a good week for everyone. GO BUCS!

Pancho _ I am so sorry to hear about your cam. How horrible. I hope by now maybe someone turned it in somewhere. I cant believe Delaney has HFM. Does she have anything on her hands and feet also? Obviously I know exactly what you are going through. Its gonna be a horrible couple of days, I hate to say! I know they say try ice pops, ice cream, jello. But nothing worked for Dominic. He literally went 6 days with NO food at all. He wanted it, but it hurt too much. Hang in there, it will be over soon! Im sorry you have to go through that! There is a light at the end though, you just have to hold on until you get there.

JACKIE - 2 shots and it didnt work?? Im so sorry! You must feel like crap. I hope you get better before NO.

EMMA - Welcome to the board. These people on here are wonderful and will answer any question you have. They are the most supportive group around.

BOB - Soooooooo whats it gonna be tonight?? Peyton or Sapp??? lol. Decisions, decisions....!!!

Have a good monday!

and again....GO BUCS!!!!!!!!!
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Wow...I went to get caught up on posts from the weekend, and there were A LOT! I haven't seen such a busy weekend in awhile.

My weekend was pretty rotten as I posted earlier, and I did not eat very well either. I ate on-plan Saturday, but way, way too much....seems like I was grazing all day, and portions were way tooo big. Yesterday, I did bad. I had one slice of pizza and a cinnamon sugary dot (from Dominoes). The pizza wasn't even good. They were way too skimply on toppings, so I couldn't eat just the topping (usually I can do this with a few slices, and it fills me up). Oh well, I hope to do better today and this week. I am going to get ripped off on exercise this week. My DD is still sick so I can't go to the gym today. I will plan to go Wed. morning with DH is home, but will miss Friday and Saturday since we will be having a garage sale those days.

I am going to go to Whole Foods or Wild Oats today to do some shopping; we need a few things, and I am going to try some new recipes, and that apple walnut loaf.

Teensy: You posted the recipe for the apple walnut loaf, right? Do you need to add yeast at all?

Deb: I don't think you'd have enough changes to qualify for EM; not according to the picture I saw of you, but then again, I didn't see you naked . The ingredients in the sourdough pretzels are: unbleached wheat flour, water, salt, yeast, natural flavor, vitamin E.

Jack-K: Way to pass up on those Krispy Kreme donuts!!! We do expect to get a picture of you in those leather pants, you know that..... right? I know what you mean about toning that skin when you are young. I have never been more than 35-40 pounds overweight, but can see where losing massive amounts of weight could wreak havoc on one's body. I'm going to be 36 in a few months, but when pregnant with DD#2, my stomach got very large. People would say, "you are all baby," or "are you having twins?" I know that I will never be able to tone up that area like it once was. It is baggy and loose, and it will probably always be that way (but not noticeable when staning, just when I bend over a bit). I was talking to my doctor about any creams, lotions or potions for it, and he said that unfortunately the only thing that can be done is "nip and tuck." Luckily it is an area that not too many people see, especially when bending over . Like Dominic, Delaney is not too interested in popsicles. I can get her to drink ice water, which I'm sure feels pretty good.

heart: I totally respect your feelings about plastic surgery, but I really think that if it helps someone healthwise, or even to boost their self-esteem then I am for it. Here goes....confession time. I have always been very big-busted on a small frame. After having DD#1, I was a size 40DD (squeezing them in). I had chronic neck, back and shoulder pain to the point of being miserable 85% of the time. I ended up going in for a breast reduction (which is considered plastic surgery) and it is the best thing I have ever done for myself, and would do it again in a heartbeat. I have not had any pain since the surgery, and have been able to do exercises that I couldn't do before. We come from a family of large boobies, and my younger sister has also had a reduction. It was considered medically necessary for both of us, and was covered by insurance. That being said, there are many people who have the money to totally change their appearances for no other reasons than vanity, and there I draw the line. However, if I had a 10# nose and knew that having it reduced would make me less aware of my appearance and a happier individual, than I probably would do it. Anyway, as you say, I'll get off my soapbox now . Thanks for the articles on SB; they were very interesting. Are you in the 170's yet????

Monet: The surgery was the laser surgery to correct my husband's vision. He has worn glasses/contacts for over 20 years. He is really pleased with one eye, but not too happy with the results on his right eye yet. You did a great job at dinner. You are making me hungry for those pies, yum! What is blue Agave syrup? I have only seen light and dark.

Fillise: So sorry to hear about the pipe; what a bummer. It sounds as if your week got better, as they usually always do. There is so much more good out there than bad!!

beach: What a bummer of a week. That's a lot of money to dole out. Thanks for the nice words. I know I should be happy that it was only 3 months of memories, but they were such important milestones.

Melf: Do you breed shelties? Or just love them?

Talitha: Good luck with your medical tests. Sorry you are being sent to the old Chick-Fil-A location. How long will you be there?

Faith: Welcome. I was an observer for at least a month before I started posting. Hop on anytime you have a question.

Emma: Welcome: So sorry to hear about your DM, as well as your weight gain. I hope you find the support you need here to meet and maintain your goal. God Bless!

Country: I'm with you on that weekend mind-losing eating fiasco. I was not a good doobie over the weekend. I need to get out more on the weekends and away from the darn kitchen. Hope you are enjoying your "vacation" time.

JackieO: Wow, over a year without sugar? If we could only bottle that feeling up and release it whenever we feel the need to binge on sugar.

chrisd: Delaney does not have any blisters on hands & feet (Thank God). My sister's kids got that earlier this year and were miserable. Apparently there are many different strains of the coxsackie virus, and this is the milder of many. She, like Dominic, doesn't want the popsickles either. I have been able to get ice water down her, and some food here and there (she loves to eat). BUT, overall she is miserable. The fever did break though, and I think we are on our way!

I'm sure by the time I hit the send button, there were be several more posts, but I will jump on later to catch up again.

Have a great OP Monday everyone!

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Default Stopping in again...

I am soooooooooo out of shape. Instead of walking this week I am going back to my first love...Richard...LOL I did the easier of the sweatin' to the oldies and boy did I get my heart rate up. My muscles were just a shakin' when I got done. But it felt great. you still have a copy of the phone tree? I lost mine with the other computer or I never got it. Thank you for all you do for us.

Jack-K...I am so sorry that you are still hurting. I hope they find the root of your pain soon and get you back up and feeling good.

Poncho....thank you.. Vacation really was kinda of a let the food fest. We didn't go any where and I got kinda down..then had bad allergies. So yesterday I just ate my boo hoos away. The good news if there is any, is that I was totally aware and made a decision to be bad versus doing it and then going....did I do that? Back on track today. Praying for your little one.

JakcieO..thank you for the vote of confidience. It's amazing how bad sugar makes ya feel when you've been away from it for so long.

Susan..glad you had a good time with your friends. Sorry you didn't care for the show so much.

ChrisD...doesn't sound like you did that bad at the resturant. I love chicken wings. This man made them on tv the other night and fried them without the flour...then put no the sauce. I can't wait to give it a try.

Trish...wtg staying OP.

Well I need to check my email...I am an email junkie.

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Howdy everyone! I got in from work a little while ago, and am now trying to catch up with the posts.

I am drinking hot tea, instead of coffee, and so far, so good. Coffee has bothered my stomach in the past, so I feel sure a short vacation from it will help.

The wicked witch of the bakery was Mrs. Jekyl this morning. She was all sweetness and kindness. Its obvious the manager said something. In fact, she acted almost afraid of me. The manager was off today..he was sick with a migraine. I have to work with the woman tomorrow too, since he changed the schedule since he first posted it. I don't know why he does that.... At any rate, I can deal with things as they were this morning. She left me alone to do what I needed to get done, and it was nice.

FILLISE: You want my ww pie crust recipe? You got it...
for a 2 crust pie: 2 1/2 cups ww pastry flour, 2 sticks butter, 1 t salt, about 1/2 cup ice water. Cut the butter into the flour and salt until it resembles coarse meal. Add just enough water for it to stick together. Press together. Divide in half. Roll out on floured board, ease into pie plate and fill. Roll out second piece, moisten edges of bottom crust with water, and lay second piece on top, press to seal, roll edges and crimp. Bake. Eat!

JACKIEO: That is good that sugar made you feel bad. Keep telling yourself that! If I get eating sugar, I seem to fall flat on my face! Its so humiliating to find you can't control the cravings!

PANCHO: The blue agave is a type of agave plant. Most of the agave available is from the wild agave plant. The GI is lower on the blue, but it is not available anymore. I happened to get some from St. Pat's Brewing supplies before they sold out. I wish now, I had gotten more. It was old stock, but has done just fine! Hmm, Apple Walnut loaf...I am going to look for that one! With all these apples, I want to try some different legal stuff!

CHRISD: The soup probably had cornstarch or flour in it, but not much. I would not sweat it, if you don't eat that kind of stuff often. It was probably a better choice than some other stuff...

TRISH: I had too many starches too...all in ww pie crust!

JACK: I am so sorry the second shot has not helped! What is the doctor saying now? I remember driving to Texas from Georgia when my hip was really bad, and it was torture. I hope you have some improvement before you head to NO, so you can enjoy yourself!

COUNTRY: At least you stopped after a weekend...when I do that, I go on and on and on.... Its like something gets stuck in the on position or something....

GATOR: When did you find out about the Hashimotos? Fill me in...its considered autoimmune isn't it? I know my doctor thinks my autoimmune problems with lupus play in with my thyroid problems, but he has never been able to find anything in lab results to show that conclusively. I too wear my wedding rings all the time, or at least I did until I got some kind of chemical reaction that burned my finger around my rings. I think it was from the detergent we use at work...another good reason to quit my job!

I am going to get this posted. I started it hours ago, and got interrupted by the doorbell, then the phone, and then I just plain forgot! Will get back on later to check on new posts I may have missed!

Have a great day!

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Height: 5'6"


Good afternoon,

Thank goodness the board slowed down a little from the weekend, whew!

Sneaking out a few minutes early. Have a nail appt at 5:30 and then one of the girls at the salon had the cutest haircut, so I am going to let her cut mine after my nails. Of course, she is tall, about 120 pounds at the most, beautiful and very young. Somehow I thinkt he cut will look different on me. Oh well, going to give it a shot. Plus they never look like they style them the next day. I am so inept when it comes to fixing hair.

Trish, WTG on making it a legal Weekend!

Chris, I'm sorry, but I'm pulling for Peyton. He is too cute. The Bucs will probably win, but I'll be cheering for the Colts.

Pancho, this is a new week, just jump right back on track. Glad DD's fever broke, hope she starts to get better.

Country, I can't beleive you are out of shape, just have some muscles you haven't used in a while. I love Richard. It's hard not to feel good with him he is so uplifting.

Monet, glad the asst manager was better today. He surely said something to her. Hope tomorrow is just as good. I guess when I return from NO I will get that MRI and just see what is going on with me.

I just realized that my 2 yr SB anniversay will be Friday. I won't be on board, but I have loved every minute of it especially with you all. I was hoping to be at goal, but that's what happens when you cheat and go off plan. Words to the wise here. It will come one day soon. My next goal is by Christmas.

Have a grat OP evening.

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Default Hard time choosing

I am having a real hard time choosing my favorite jewerly. Could it be my one ring or maybe a watch, but it has to be one or the other.

Now my wife has so much jewerly , it would be impossible for her to pick one or two, some times I ask when did you get that and she'll say you got that 3 yrs ago or whatever.

My xrays shows signs of a ruptured or compressed disk, so I am off to the wiizzard for a MRI as soon as the great medical proffession can get my medical provider to approve the action, and then they can find time to do it. You guessed it I am not too happy with how long it takes to get help.

Got to go and take my Daughter to the Auto repair shop to pick up her car.

have a Super Day

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