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Solly 08-28-2003 10:00 AM


I read in Fitness magazine last night that even 1 alcohol drink inhibits wt loss for 24 hours.

Missy, be careful with those 3 white russion. That's 3 days of not losing!

Also, does anyone know how to print out the list of smiles. I did a print screen and pasted into word, but cannot get it to print.


Solly 08-28-2003 10:03 AM

Never mind about this smiles, my new printer printed them. Thanks anyway


Libra925 08-28-2003 10:37 AM

Good morning, everyone. Just a quick note and then back to work.

Monet - I'm going to be one of the slow losers, I guess. Since 12/26/02, I've lost 17 lbs. I really don't mind that it's so slow (well, maybe I mind a little bit!). I'm hoping by losing it slowly that maybe I won't have as much baggy skin. At 54 yo and needing to lose 130 lbs, losing it quickly could really leave me sagging everywhere! Ironically, with all the weight I've gained, I managed to work up to a B cup in my bra. One good thing about that, though. When they sagged, they didn't go very far!!!!

Toni - I love to have someone work with my hair. What I've started doing is going to a beauty college to have mine done. It usually takes the stylist 45 - 60 min to do mine. They give a great shampoo and it takes longer for the cut. AND it's cheaper!! How far from the Arkansas border do you live? I've been to St. Louis but it's been years and years ago. So glad you got your scale fixed. I still chuckle when I think about you stepping on it and seeing 800 lbs! I probably would have fainted!

Gotta work. Have a great day everyone.


Pancho 08-28-2003 11:11 AM

Good Thursday Morning:

Well, I do have to say that I don't understand my body. I ate that pretzel yesterday that I shouldn't have, and then I also ate a nsa Blue Bunny ice cream cone, a few ounces of 65% cocoa chocolate (TOM) and then pretty much normal the rest of the day and this morning - 124#. I thought I'd be up, but I am at my all-time low (I've hit it once or twice before). Go figure!

A few notes on the nutritionist now that I've had time to absorb the info. One of the recommendations was this green food called Perfect Food; it comes in powder or caplets. I really think I am going to get it. It is a capsule that you can take that is made of all natural plant ingredients. You take 5 a day (I think) and it is equivalent to 6-10 servings of green veggies. I may not take the 5 a day since I know I eat my green veggies, but it's good to have on the days I don't eat as many as I should. Also, unless you are eating constantly, I think it is difficult to get 5-6 servings of veggies/fruits a day. I also will consider the digestive enzyme; sounds like it has all positive benefits. The name he recommended is Wobenzyme; if you have time and it sounds interesting, just punch it in in your search engine, and read up on its many benefits. It can help with far more than digestion.

THIS IS ALSO IMPORTANT FOR ANY OF YOU WHO MISS MEALS (like my mom)!!!!! I'm sure most of you know this, but he confirmed it for me. It is very important to eat 6 mini meals a day or 3 meals with 3 snacks throughout the day (or more). When we miss a meal or go long periods of time without feeding our body, it goes into starvation mode. Let's say I know I am going out for big dinner, so I skip breakfast and have a small snack mid-day and then go to dinner and PIG OUT! My body is going to say, "she hasn't fed me all day, I am going to hang on to all of this and not burn any of it since I don't know when my next meal will be." Yes, our body's can talk (ha). Whereas, if you are always munching (on the right foods), your body knows it is going to eat again very soon, and won't hang on to that food. It will let you burn it vs hoarding it, since it can rely on you feeding it again soon. I was explaining this to my mom, and she said, "go figure...people used to starve themselves to lose weight, who would have thought that by eating you could lose weight." She told me that a few days ago, she woke up late and skipped breakfast. She was out at lunchtime and had no good choices so she skipped that too, and had a reasonable dinner (chicken, salad....no starches), and the next morning stepped on the scale and she was up 2 pounds. She had been losing/maintaining on the days she ate more.

I am going to donate some items to local charity when DD is in school and then buy some items to donate to a local scool for underprivileged/homeless children. I will then go to Costco right before I pick her up and pick up a few items we need there.

Anyway, enough rambling here!

heartmom: I can understand your frustration. We will soon have money that reads, "In Political Correctness We Trust."

bashful: Good luck with WW; I know that beach has done well with it. I did WW before I knew anything about SB, and although I lost a little weight, I was miserable. I made all the wrong choices, and my points were almost gone before dinner. I would choose 2 oreos (or something else) over the fruits/veggies. As long as I didn't go over my points, it didn't matter to me what the points were comprised of. And banking points...what's that? I never had any to bank. I also didn't like all the bland boring food. My husband hated the meals I made when I was on WW (ha). Now knowing what I do about SB, I think combining the two would be a great approach, but I also know I would always be hungry, like I was when I was on it before. I remember working out and not having any energy left. Please keep us up to date on your losses and how it is working for you. I think down the road, WW, Jenny Craig, etc...will be incorporating more low-carb, low-sugar recommendations into their plans, and it will be better for everyone!

tysgrammy: We are always better than any stinkin' snack!:lol:

Deb: Sorry to hear about your GF moving away. Is there anyone nearby to keep an eye on him? It sounds as if he is getting up there in age, and doesn't have the best health to be on his own. Good job staying OP.

Toni: Great job on the 1.5 pound loss!! What a great excuse to end a workout early, eh?;)

Jack: You are doing so well with exercise!!!

Monet: Alright - his card reads: Edward J. Gomillion...DD, CA, C.N.M., LMT. He has a website on his card you may be able to take a peek at. [email protected]. One of the really neat things they do is a blood lipid profile. They prick your finger to get a little of you blood and put it under a microscope, you can then view your live blood on a monitor in their office to see if there are any "invaders" in there such as bacteria and stuff. He showed me a sample tape with the red blood cells staying still (as they do) and the white blood cells moving through. Also showed me some abnormalities in that particular blood profile. It was very interesting. I'd like to have that done one day.

Sorry if I missed anyone; I need to go wash this face and put some makeup on and get this mop styled.

Sorry for the novel, just had a lot to share today.

Take care!!!

Debelli 08-28-2003 11:57 AM

Hey All:wave:

Stuck at home - thank goodness I didn't try and go out for my walk, it would of been a lot worse than Tuesday. The lightening was so bad I had to turn the computer off. My sister's SIL called me asking questions about SB and there was a bright flash of light in my bedroom with a crack of thunder immediately afterwards that actually made me jump!:yikes: I had to get off the phone, you could even hear it in the phone! It's just starting to finally let up know, so I thought it would be safe to come on line.

TONI, wonderful news to hear you're down another 1 1/2lbs :bravo: You're doing so well - keep up the great work!

JACKK, yes, it's the only Grandparent I have left living now. It seems that he had a piece of land that he was in the midst of selling up there while my GM was sick and he finally sold it. The realtor mentioned that she knew a man who wanted to sell his house but didn't want to list it and would sell it at a good price - seems he's a 4th cousin of Eastman from Eastman Kodak family, just a tidbit that didn't make much difference to me either way. Anyhow, I guess he sneaked up there, liked it and bought it, not telling anyone til it was over and done with. My Uncle, his youngest son lives in WPB, which is about an hour ride south from where my GF will be living, so no, no one in the general area. I just don't understand his reasoning behind it all and it seems I'm not the only one.:shrug: I guess it's good that I'm not a drinker - I can inhibit my weight loss so many other ways, just imagine if I were!:rolleyes:

LIBRA, my cousin started SB, sorta modified to fit her, not a true SB, but she's lost 20lbs since January, and like you, it's slow, but she's happy with how it's going because she said she doesn't feel like she's been on any diet. She needs to lose about 50-75lbs I think. You'd be so lucky not to have saggy skin-you should see me! I sag all over! From years of yo-yo dieting. :(

PANCHO, I've always told people that if mini-meals fit in to their lifestyles that's the way to go-and why not, then you'd never be hungry! If you are, you're probably not eating enough. Remember, one slip up once in a while won't kill you-it's when that one turns into two close together. If you like veggies you shouldn't have any trouble getting them in. 3 fruits and 2 veggies, even I can manage that a day. I feel you lose out on the fiber when taking pills, but if it's the only way to get the nutrients in you, better that than nothing, I guess:)

Okay, pot pie is going to be done soon. Will go eat and probably relax a bit before I have to go get the kids. With the way the weather is today, I'm not going too far from home.



laurieann227 08-28-2003 03:41 PM

What a great site. I gotta hand it to ya'll, this is wonderful! I have read through some posts and have a question - I see that most posts are on the weekly board. Is there one thread for the board and everyone just replies to it and the next week a new thread is created and that's what everyone goes to? I have it about figured out.

The information is great. Oh my goodness, I'm excited I found ya'll. I am just starting Sugar Busters tomorrow (payday for me), in conjunction with biking (I have ridden my stationary bike for 5 minutes, one mile each night, for the last two nights) and will begin taking the weight loss drug Meridia. I weigh in at 300 lbs and on a 5'3/1" frame that's not healthy for me. Big family history of heart problems and blood pressure problems as well as Type II diabetes and I want to be healthy if I face those things - ya know? Also, I just want to eat better to feel better and lose this weight. My doctor does Sugar Busters and wants me to become a Sugar Busters disciple, LOL. So far I'm singing it's praises as I'm reading the book and I love the handy shopping guide they have out.

Starting Sugar Busters, what has been ya'll's biggest obstacle? I feel as much as I weigh I will never get it off, yet having read some of ya'll's posts I can see that so many of you are doing GREAT! I'm so proud of ya'll and the support you give each other is tremendous.

Any words of wisdom for a newbie?

Laurie - oh, I did the bio thing on the Bio Board to read more about me. :-)

heartmom 08-28-2003 04:32 PM

Welcome, Laurie! I see you are from MS- what town? I live in Meridian and my name is also Laurie. Once you get all that sugar out of your system, you will notice a natural decrease in appetite, so you won't need diet pills. I know from experience- that's why I started SB to get away from all the fad diets and pills.

Not much going on today. Just took a bath and need to blow-dry my hair. It always ends up a frizzy mess when I do, but I need a haircut right now and if I don't, then it's flat. Suppossed to have a couple of friends over for supper tonight. So far though, they haven't called to confirm that they are coming. Oh, well- more for us,lol. I've got chicken breasts marinating in the fridge and will fix cabbage and peas/beans mixed. I was up 1/2 a pound this morning, but it's probably some fluid retention from the chili last night. As you see, not much to report for today...

Debelli 08-28-2003 05:04 PM

Evening All:wave:

Just a quickie...

LAURIE http://members.aol.com/eldemila/sb_sign2.jpg Not sure if you saw my short welcome on the othe board you posted, but what the heck, WELCOME AGAIN!:D Glad you've decided to join us! Yes, you are correct, we basically post on the SB WEEKLY SUPPORT BOARD. A new board is started each and every Monday morning and they are all dated. We also post our exercises on our SB WEEKLY EXERCISE BOARD which that too gets a new board each week. Your Dr. is a smart cookie for suggesting SB - it's a healthy WOE that can be followed the rest of your life. Please, don't hesitate to ask any questions, the book can be a little misleading, confusing and contradictory at times, so if you find that to be so, it's not you. Ask questions - we're all more than happy to help answer them. If you can find MICHEL MONTIGNAC'S book EAT YOURSELF SLIM at the library (hard to find on line since it's OOP) get it, it will help you understand this WOE moreso. I can totally understand where you are coming from and where you want to go, I was once 284lbs yet I'm only 5' 1 1/2" tall. You will lose the weight, just make sure you are patient, it's one of the keys to your success:) Hmmm, my personal biggest obstacle hasn't been losing the weight but keeping it off once I'm there. It's a never ending struggle and will be so the rest of my life. This is truly a WOE as well as a learning experience, such is life, and I'm learning each and every day that this is not something I do, lose the weight, and then go back to old ways:nono: this is going to be something I do the rest of my life. I'm here for the long haul! Words of wisdom, stick with us, get a good support system (here and home) do it for yourself, not to please anyone else or to do it for a certain event, be patient, don't cheat, but if you do, get right back on the wagon, ask questions, journal, MAKE SURE YOU EAT ENOUGH!!!! If you aren't sure, just e-mail me and I'll be happy to send you some information that others have found helpful:) I'm sure I can think of more, but that's enough for now. Thanks for posting your BIO on the BIO BOARD, I did try to e-mail you to tell you that I edited it and just took out your last name, not that we've ever had a problem, but JUST in case...the e-mail, are you sure it's correct, AOL said no one had that e-mail addy. Once again, WELCOME!!!!

HEART, come to Miami and THEN you can talk about frizz!! I found this IONIC BRUSH at a garage sale - that thing is marvelous! It tames the frizzes - it's so cool! Definitely worth the $1 I paid for it! It's from the Sharper Image. Wish I could find another one, one in the car, one for the house.

Well, I'm debating whether I want to try and get in an evening walk:chin: If I don't go in the next 10 minutes will just have to make it tomorrow morning-will let you know later.



Solly 08-28-2003 05:09 PM

Heading home to walk

It just stormed so maybe it will be cooler again tonite.

Libra, I just turned 50 and after I had lost about 50 lbs of my 100 I realized I needed to start doing something to tone this body. Let me tell you and I can't preach this enough to all the young girls out there, after 50 the skin doesn't go back. No matter how much exercise you do. The only solution is snip-snip. So lose the weight while you are young and have some elasticity in your skin. My advice to you is to get into wt training to tone as much as you can along the way. Hopefully you won't look like me. I need a face lift starting with my knees up! :yikes:

Pancho, our bodies are strange beings. That is why you can't worry too much about the daily fluctuations of the scale. I totally agree with yu on WW. I have done it many times, even got to goal twice. Even though I would make good choices (and some nto so good) I never changed my eating habits. Therefore, I would put the weight right back on. At least with SB, I think about what I am eating (even though it may not be good). That Perfect Food sounds strange. Maybe we could all just take a yellow pill, red pill, etc and we wouldn't have to eat food. :chin:

Deb, it just seems that your GF would be loney there not knowing anyone or anything. Especially with his poor health. Maybe he will change his mind. It could just be the grief over the loss of this wife making him do this.

Laurieann, Welcome to this great board. You will gets lots of support and help here. You are smart to get rid of that wt before you start having health problems. Thatís what scared me into starting. Obstacles are different for all of us. Mine are salty things ( and alcohol) but others find chocolate a big one. Some people have troulbe with giving up potatoes. You sound like you are ready to jump into this with both feet. I wish you the best of luck.

Have a great evening.


Debelli 08-28-2003 05:13 PM

IF YOU DID NOT get an e-mail from me today and your name is on the BIO BOARD, please let me know so I can add you in. I go by the BIO BOARD to get the addresses so if you aren't on there, or unless you've e-mailed me directly with your e-mail, I don't have you on my list. I'm trying to get it updated and have people's addresses without a clue of knowing who they belong to. If you did not reply to my e-mail previously then I didn't add you to the new listing, just have you still on the old, but that's not going to last and it will be deleted soon.

If you want to be on my e-mail list, but not on the BIO BOARD, or are on the BIO BOARD and didn't get an e-mail, please e-mail me with your REAL NAME & SCREEN NAME to [email protected]


Ellen 08-28-2003 05:44 PM

Quick post again. I was off today...until about 9:15 when my daughter called me and begged me to come in. One of the decorators had called in sick and they were swamped. I went in and made 1/4 sheet cakes all day. I think I decorated about 25 of them, but I swear people were buying them faster than I could get them done and into the case! It was wild! At least when I left there was about 12 in the case. It took me all day too. Customers kept coming up and asking questions, and I had to wait on them first.

My daugher and her hubby left for their vacation to Florida. They are going to Crystal River for a week.

I feel like someone beat me with a baseball bat, and then stomped on me to boot. I already took a handful of Ibuprofen, but I don't feel much better. Tonight may be a night for dinner out. I am going to have to think how I can talk Tom into it! ;)

Its thundering something fierce here. The sun is shining, though. I wish it would rain, and storm. We need the rain!

Be back later. I guess its time for a nap!

laurieann227 08-28-2003 05:45 PM

Laurie - howdy, neighbor! I live in Richland, which is south of Jackson. Thanks for the encouragement. I appreciate it. I'm excited to finally figure out my way back here, LOL. I was looking for my post and it dawned on me to check the pages at the end. I'll catch on.....

As for the hair - give it up, girl. This Mississippi humidity screams "Frizzy" for all of us!


Ellen 08-28-2003 05:46 PM

PANCHO: Thanks for the info. I will check out the website this evening!

laurieann227 08-28-2003 05:48 PM

Deb, thanks for the welcome and the invite. I'll go back and check the e-mail addy. It should read [email protected] What I put may have been totally different given my stress level from yesterday, ha ha.

Any info is much appreciated. I'll be looking for the book.

Triscuits. That's gonna come as close to crackers - I love crackers. I am so thankful I can have wheat bread - now I just have to learn the brands and stick with it.

Thanks for the welcome - and the encouragement and advice.

Toni48 08-28-2003 05:58 PM

shHowdy everyone.... Its getting closer and closer to that three day week-end. Our little town, pop. 520 gets packed with tourists. We have two rivers and theres allot of floating canoes and camping going on. After this week-end it will quiet down...

Jack-K- Great on your walking. You're going to get your week in.. And do great over the holiday. Oh please don't say snip snip.... Are you sure it doesn't go back to tight and toned, LOL.....

Libra- We're about 80 miles from the Arkansas border. I go to see my sis about every other week and she lives about 60 miles from here and then its just a hop skip and jump away. I'm 55 and lose weight slow too...

Pancho- What a great post. I really enjoyed reading it. I can't get all those vegetables in so I'm going to look for that stuff called Perfect Food. Do you think I can find it at the health food store? I hadn't eaten much today and ran and got me something SB legal today. Thanks again for the great tips.

Debilli- Sorry you didn't get your walk in. Sounds like you had a heck of a storm. I think you're getting Missour's rain and I want it back!!!

Laurieann-A great big welcome to SB.... We're so glad you're here. And you'll love it. This is the best bunch of ladies and they're just full of words of wisdom and support!!! I just started back after being gone and gaining back allot of what I lost. SB is the best life style eating I've ever found. And have I ever tried them all!!! Don't look at the numbers, just take each day, each hour at a time. The first week or two is usually the hardest or it is to me cause my body is getting rid of the cravings... But then you adjust and it becomes a way of life. So hop on with us and lets lose some weight....

heartmom- Marinaded chicken sounds mmm mmm good. If your friends don't come you have lunch for next week. I'll bet that was the chili making you retain fluid.

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