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Toni48 08-27-2003 05:21 PM

Good afternoon. Got my perm done and I look so much better and also picked up a battery for my scale. So tomorrow I can weigh in.

Jack-k- Sounds like you're doing fine. Be careful about getting to hot... Are you wishing like me for a little cooler weather. Don't even mention white castles, it makes my mouth water just thinking about them. Your walking is so great....

Teensybean- I'll have to go looking for that recipe you used and see if its the same one I use...Yes its great to have a new perm. I feel so much better. Another reason I've been doing a little more so could be more tired. But you're probably right just my body adapting to SB again.

Heartmom-I finally was able to pull up your photos and they were so good. My goodness how the kids have grown. And you look so good.. Congrads on the weight loss

Pancho- Congrads on being a Senior!!!! LOL.... Well it was good the nutri. confirmed you were eating right. I'm glad your little one made it through school really well and her MOM did too...

bashful- Sorry it didn't work out for you. You're a real sweetie and I wish you success in what ever you deciede...

Libra-Yep something tells me tomorrow I'll have a few hundred lb. weight loss. LOL..... I liked your comment to the girl on the other post... Guess we're next door neighbors since I live in Missouri.

angehaley- I messed up the other morning to while posting. I tried to refresh the page and lost everything. I was so discouraged and mad!!! So I know how you're feeling. Those new scales can drive you crazy till you get all lined out with them. I believe I had to take a weight gain when I got my new scale to.

Rosalie-Way to go gal on the weight.... You're always busy..... busy.....

Debilli- Hope you're having a good day..

tysgrammy- Don't get discouraged remember you had a big loss last week and your body needs to adjust. Get back to eating right and try to pop on a little more often for some encouragement...

fruitloupe 08-27-2003 05:58 PM

Hey chicks

I was up a pound today - I'm about to start my period- woohoo! So, I may have some water retention or something. I'm still bringing home tons of work - hope it ends soon! Bourbon Street is calling my name! Can you hear it? Missy, Missy, Missy......I know I won't do tooooo bad - at least I hope not anyway! Y'all can look for me on TV - its decadence weekend where all the gays dress up and stuff. I'll be the one NOT in DRAG or having sex on the street! I'll be the one in the window in the background watching the sights from afar with a 3 for 1 white russian in my hand!! HAHA! Ok - back to work!


Ellen 08-27-2003 06:47 PM

Quick post here.

I have to leave to go to small group in a few minutes. I made dinner for the group tonight. WW lasagna, roughly using Country's recipe. It sure looks good! I made another pan to put in the freezer for a meal later on, or to give to someone if needed.

Took a dip in the pool, and it sure felt good. My son in law is here, swimming. His wife is out looking for a bathing suit. They are leaving on vacation to Florida to visit his grandparents near Tampa tomorrow.

My co-worker is doing great! She came into the store today to grocery shop and kept coming over to the bakery to ask me if different products were ok! She is going to get on here, too, she promised. Another co-worker got some very bad news today. Her husband called to tell her a friend had been killed in an accident. I felt so bad for her, I started crying too! It made me think of all the pain my daughter and her friends went through when her friend was killed a few years ago. I just hate for anyone to have to experience that.

I talked to my manager today. There will probably not be a repeat of his scheduling me on a Thursday. I did not ask for him to let me off this coming Thursday, though. I am going to work the five days, and enjoy the money.

PANCHO: What kind of credentials did that Nutrition Counselor have? I am looking into going to school for that. There are several online courses of study I could do, one is $5k, and another is $1K. I am hoping my doctor can give me some advice on what route to take to get trained. It just has always been something I wanted to do.

FRUIT: 3 for 1 White Russians? Oh, dear! Don't get loaded! It sure won't help the weight! Also, if you are taking Zoloft, check and make sure drinking won't interact with it. My daughter takes a gaba inhibitor, and the doctor told her under no circumstances should she drink while on it.

ANGE: I hate when I lose stuff like that! I guess you get to the point where it doesn't make you mad anymore. The second time I had a hard drive crash, I just kind of got to the point of 'so what?' :)

Ok, I gotta go get packed up to go! Later!

Pancho 08-27-2003 07:23 PM

Good afternoon; nothing planned for dinner, so will probably have a pot pie and salad.

Got all my returns done when DD was in school, and also splurged and ate a soft pretzel with nacho cheese at the mall (it's o.k. to do that when it is TOM, right?) Excuses, excuses....well, I enjoyed it and will get right back on plan now.

heartmom: Congrats on the loss. That fat can sure add up in foods that we don't even think about. I finally found some lowfat cheesesticks at Wal-Mart, and hope I like them; it's nice to have something like that to snack on. Photos did not turn out blurry at all on my end!

tysgrammy: Hang in there; you had an awesome first week loss. You won't be able to expect huge losses like that every week. As heart said, the more gradual, the more permanent it seems. It may take a little longer initially, but you won't gain it all back because you are changing the way you are eating for a lifetime. If you've had a few indescretions, put it behind you and move on!! Take some legal food with you when you have classes, and maybe that will help keep you on plan.

fruit: Have fun "window watching."

Monet: The lasagne will be a big hit; it is delicious. It is such a large amount too. We ate it two nights in a row, and I froze some of it. I will definately be making it again! So sorry to hear of your co-workers loss :( It's so tough to lose someone close to you. I was reading a book that told me what credentials to look for in a nutritionist, and he had them, but I can't tell you what they are. I will pull his card out of the truck, and the next time I post, I will put all the info/initials on for you since you will probably understand them if it is something you've looked into. I would have personally liked to have sat down with a woman, being a woman. I think you would do well doing something like that.

Well better go run! I'll check in tomorrow a.m. I cannot believe I have posted 100 times; I must have a lot to say (ha).

beachfan37 08-27-2003 08:05 PM

Hi All

I'm still super busy and only have a minute to post. I've kept up with everyone and am thinking about you. I did want to respond to Bashful...

BASHFUL...I was on SB before and lost 90lbs. I lost about 1 pound per week. This time because I just couldn't wait that long and I was so mad at myself for gaining so much back, I am combining Weight Watchers with SB. I am losing 2lbs per week. I use Weight Watchers to control my portions and SB to eat healthy. Just be forewarned...I am always hungry on Weight Watchers. That is because unlike when I was on SB I am really limiting how much I eat portion wise. The other comment I wanted to make is that I follow SB but use the advice that what you eat is about making the best choice not just the perfect SB foods choice. Because of my job, alot of the time food is put in front of me and I have to eat what is there. So I may not eat SB legal but I will eat as close as possible to SB legal. Good luck on making the best decision for you. Whatever way of eating you decide to go with, remember we can still be friends and support you! Stay in touch.

Well have to run...see ya'll soon.


heartmom 08-27-2003 08:07 PM

Back on the computer again! I didn't know whether I should bring it up on this board or not- being a religion topic and all. I definetly don't want to start a debate BUT- I'm a little peeved about them taking the 10 commandments statue down in Alabama- all because some Atheist lawyers said it violated their rights. And then seeing what happened with the Chicago shooting today. People are getting worse by the minute. Believe me, I'm not a religious fanatic. I don't even claim a specific religion. I believe in God and know that in life we should live "righteously" (sp?). I don't go to church but do have a strong faith in God and know that he has a purpose and plan for all of us. My faith was deepend when Boogie was born and I believe that the power of prayer is why he's here today. Forgive me for rattling on and I'm not trying to step on anyone's toes here- guess I'm just tired of how things are going in the world...

heartmom 08-27-2003 08:10 PM

Oh, I just took a test on beliefnet to find out your faith/religion- it said mine was 100% Orthodox Judaism--I'm not even Jewish,lol. Hmmm, gonna check a little into it..

Debelli 08-27-2003 09:09 PM

Evening All:wave:

Haven't been able to get on the computer, kids have been hogging it - school starts, and you know how that goes!

Got in my 4.5 miles today:D

MICHAEL'S birthday was today - ordered a cake from Publix and took it to his school for his friends at lunch-they loved it.

Did want to take a moment to welcome BOOM to the board! http://members.aol.com/eldemila/sb_sign1.jpg Many of the gals have converted over from Atkins and I'm sure they'll be happy to help answer any questions you may have. As someone mentioned, I too always recommend the following site to give a good overview of SB : http://www.prettyimpressivestuff.com/sugarbusters Any other questions you have-just ask!!!

Gotta run - will have time tomorrow morning to catch up with all the posts!!



bashful8 08-27-2003 10:09 PM

Thank you all (Again) for your wonderful warm words and wishes. I am going to start WW, but include all that I have learned from doing SB (really limited starchy carbs and white stuff). And I especially thank those of you who have encouraged me to keep coming to the SB boards for support. I think you are a really great group of people (I've been to other boards where the members are not as welcoming or as cohesive) and even though I will have very little free time come next week, it is wonderful to know that I am still welcome here. I am hoping that WW will put more structure on my eating than I am able to do on my own (even with the tracking I've been doing thanks to Debbie). Hopefully, I can combine these two ways of eating to make a way that really works for me and is healthy. I hope that by combining them I will be more successful in my weight loss, but also not feel overwhelmed when I can't find SB legal food as long as what I eat is the best choice I can make and stays within my points.

Beachfan: Thank you for the warning about being hungry on WW, I will try to be mindful of that. When I've done WW in the past I was only hungry when I had to go from one point range to a lower point range. What always got in my way before was planning. My hubby, who does most of the cooking and is really supportive of me no matter what I do, says he'll help me do the meal planning in advance so that it is not so overwhelming during the week. Hopefully that will help. WHen I've stayed on plan with WW I've lost so hopefully combing with SB will make it that much better.

Thanks again everyone for all your support.

Ellen 08-27-2003 11:04 PM

Evening everyone!

The small group was thrilled with the lasagna. Of course, the majority of them are singles, and a home cooked meal tastes great to them, unless it is bonafide shoeleather! :D

I ate two smallish pieces of it, and two pieces of bread, and salad. Its been a coons age since I had lasagna, so it tasted pretty good!

HEART: I know what you mean about the state of the world. Seems we have lost a lot of character, and morals through the years. I can't help but wonder why those who clamour for removing God from every aspect of our society can't see the connection....

Time to hit the hay! Night everyone! Sweet dreams!

tysgrammy 08-28-2003 12:40 AM

Thanks for the support
I can't thank everyone enough for the support I receive from this board. I just got home from class and wanted to grab something to eat. I decided to check the board first. I am so glad I did.

Heartmom--Thanks for the encouragement. I needed to know that gaining that one pound back wasn't the end of my dream to hopefully one day be back to a healthy weight. After reading your wonderful words of support I have renewed hopes of losing all this excess weight, maybe not as fast as I would like, but eventually I will step on that scale and be near or at my goal weight.

Toni48 and Pancho---I also want to thank both of you for taking the time to encourage me not to give up. You will never know how much I needed this support tonight.

To everyone on this board, Thanks for always being here!!!!!

Ellen 08-28-2003 07:59 AM

TYS: You don't want to give up! Just keep telling yourself, the slower you lose, the better it stays off. Even if you don't lose a pound, this is still a healthier way to eat, and you will feel better and be healthier, even if you don't lose anything! (I tell myself that all the time, since I am insulin resistant, and hypothyroid, and it takes me forever to lose anything. I started on Atkins five years ago, and have been doing SB for almost two years, and my total loss is only about 45 pounds.) I am so glad you joined us. We need you as much as you need us! :)

Debelli 08-28-2003 08:14 AM

Good Thursday Morning:wave:

Sitting here, all ready to go out for my walk but unfortunately, the threat of rain:rain: is too big and I hear it thundering out there. It was sprinkling here and there on my way home from dropping off the kids and now I'm hearing the sounds of drums outside, I want to go but sure don't need a repeat of Tuesdays drenching!:nono:

I forgot to mention the other day that ELI brought me some roses and a card for our anniversary - not on the right day, and he sure didn't know what day it was. Was disappointed as I thought with 10 years not only would he of remembered, but at least planned something on some day. MEN!:mad:

Also, went back the other day to the eyeglass place and another person helped me instead of the old man that had initially. He couldn't believe how off the glasses were either!:eek: Anyhow, I had to pick out a different frame - not an easy feat for me to do - so the perscription would fit in the lens correctly. Should be ready next week.

My parents left for NC today and won't be home til the end of Oct. I'm hoping they can meet up with YELLOWROSE and DH RAY at some time - they don't live far apart, about 45 minutes I'd say.

Then, got some other news yesterday - my GF went and bought a house and didn't tell anyone til after he closesd! AND, to top it all off, it's far!!! He's moving north, about 3 hours away. Geez, talk about making a big turnaround and keeping a tight lip. I don't understand his reasoning for not telling others other than people saying to stay close. He'll be 87 in Nov - who'd want to buy a house, a 3 bedroom nonetheless, at that age, not to mention, poor health? He claims he can't afford to live here anymore between the taxes and car insurance. We figured, other than Thanksgiving we'll never see him, if even then. That's truly a bummer! None of us is happy about this decision he made, but it was his to make and not ours.

Hmmm, what else - oh yeah, I made a new side dish yesterday AND it was edible AND it was liked by everyone!:spin: It's a spinach ricotta "quiche". I adjusted a few things from the recipe to make it a tad less fattening. It was really good and I even got a thumbs up from MICHAEL. One way to get the veggies in. There's very little left:D

Thanks to all of you who put your input about that post. I know just what kind of board we have and it irks me for people who post things they know nothing about, and untrue at that:mad:

Eating has been 100% OP I'm proud to say:D

MELF called me the other night - lots going on between DAXTON, her GS, her daughter JODI who's preg. and work, not to mention they are going to see her other DD in Texas this weekend, so she may not get on the board, but wanted me to send you her regards:)

I've gotten so far behind with posts that it will take me forever to catch up, so I hope you all don't mind that I start anew. If anyone posted something of great importance that I should be aware of, please, do let me know. I'll be able to keep abreast of things through this weekend. It was hard for me to get on between both the kids and homework, esp. MICHAEL who was still up after 3am today - I don't know HOW this kid stays awake and then get up - he'll def. make a good Dr. as far as getting up for rounds and having to stay up all hours!

Okay, I'm going outside to assess the sky - I hear the thunder still but if it looks like it may be clearing, I'm gonna try to go out at some point, if it's not too late. I swear, I must be cursed, I say something, and boom, I hear it raining!!!:rain:

{{{HUGS}}} to you all!:grouphug:


Toni48 08-28-2003 08:39 AM

Good morning everyone. Finally got to weigh this morning and I lost 1 1/2 lbs. since Monday so I feel pretty good. Sure good to have my scale back. Only got to walk a little on my TM this morning, right in the middle of walking my washer went out of balance and I had to get off. The lady is coming that helps clean my house once a month so I'd better get to posting...

fruitloupe- You are going to have sooooo much fun. Bring us all back some beads.. I'll have pink please...

Monet- You're sure making that pool sound good, we're roasting here in Missouri. Glad your co worker is still trying and hope she comes on here for some good support. Lasagna yum yum.....Thats so sad about your co workers loss.

Pancho- Hope you had a good evening. Those pot pies are great and sure need to remember to get me more tomorrow...

beachfan- Howdy girl hope you're doing alright....

heartmom- I'll have to try that web site to find out what religion I am.....It would probably say goofball....

Debilli- Congrads on that big walk.... You're doing great...Spinach quiche sounds good.

tysgranny- You go girl today is a new day!!!!!

Am I caught up? I'll check back later...

Solly 08-28-2003 09:05 AM

Happy Thursday,

Only 1 more day and then along weekend. Yippee!

Got our 3 mile walk in last nite. It started storming while I was fixing dinner. So afterwards it had really cooled down. So it wasn't too bad out there. Did get my wt training done while waiting for the rain to stop. So I am 3 for 3 so far this week. We don't walk on Friday's so I will try my best to get up and go before work tomorrow.

Nothing exciting going on with me so will get to posts:

Tysgrammy, You know why you were up and what you have to do to fix it. That is important. I truly believe coming to this board really helps stay OP. Try to pop in when yu can. 8 lbs is awesome for the first week and you just have to hang in there. This really does work. :bravo: for you going back to school in your 40's.

Toni, no, I hate cold weather. I don't care how hot it gets. Bet that perm looks great. Congrats on the 1 1/2 lbs. You are doing so great.

Missy, you are making me jealous with all that talk of Bourbon St. DId I tell yu we are coming to NO in Oct. We will have to meet if you can. What's the name of the place you can get legal pizza there. 3 for 1, wow! I remember those.

Monet, al lthis talk about lasagna is making me want it. Guess I will have to fix some and invite DD over. It's her favorite, and I know she's not making it. How sad about your friend's friend. Going into nutrition sounds so great. I wish my daughter would do that. I think it is so interesting. I read everything I can on the subject. Is that a new tag line or am I not very attentive? It is cute.

Pancho, you could have eaten a lot worse than the pretzel. Just jump right back op and you will be fine.

Heartmom, I do agree with you on the Ten Commandments. I believe when they took God out of the schools is when all our problems started. I had received an email that I thought was so great about a graduating class where the word God was forbidden to be used. At the commencement address people aluded to God but never came out and said His name. Finally the validictorian spoke and at the end he sneezed. The audiance all said "God Bless You" Whenthey reallized what had just happened, they all stood up and cheered. Very clever.

Deb, congrats on getting out there and walking still. Belated Birthday wishes to Michael. At least Eli didn't forget totally. I guess better late than never. Men never think of doing big things. I guess it's just their makeup. Is this the GF that the GM just died? Did he have these plans before she passed away or just since he passing? Man that is quite a big decision. Does anyone live close to where he is moving? I can't imagine someone that age doing that. He must be very independent.

Bashful, best of luck to you and come back here whenever you can.

Kim, Hoping this have slowed down for you. Come back soon.

Bob, have a great trip. Be careful driving.

Need to get prepared for a meeting. Hope to check back later.


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