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Ellen 08-31-2003 10:13 PM

Oh, duh! I got on here to post and just did a post with two replies and forgot to post anything! Yes, my brain is on vacation.

Went to church tonight. I feel better for having gotten out. I did load up on vitamin I (ibuprofen) before we left. After church, a group of us usually goes out for dinner, but the group wanted to go Mexican, so we hung around and chatted, then headed home. We got into a good discussion on the way home, and went to a Thai/Chinese place for a light supper instead of going home. It was nice to sit and chat with my dearly beloved for a little while. I got coconut soup, and a finely diced chicken dish that was supposed to be wrapped in lettuce. I was not too happy with the lettuce wraps. The lettuce was not the right size for wrapping, and when it arrived, it was laced with whole kernal corn! I picked as much of it out as I could. It was pretty tasty, inspite of that. Tom got a beef dish that was excellent. We did not eat rice, but had hot tea with splenda and lemon. Ah! I probably won't sleep tonight from the caffiene! ;)

Gotta work tomorrow bright and early, so I am going to toddle off to bed now! Good night everyone! Sweet dreams!

gardenmom 08-31-2003 11:05 PM

Thanks Debelli and Monet
I appreciate your words of encouragement regarding the SB plan. I think I will check out the Montignac book, if it's available in English now. I noticed some contradictions in the SB book, as well, such as the need to eat whole grains, like oatmeal, but then in the eating plan they offer instant oatmeal as a breakfast, which I thought wasn't a good option. Also, I wondered if the milk, cheese, etc. in the acceptable dairy section should be lowfat or fatfree, not just regular whole products as it seems to be listed. Anyway, I think I will give it a two week minimum try, and see what happens. I guess I can't go wrong, as increasing vegetables and fruits can't be bad, as long as they are "acceptable." :) Thanks for your help...I'm sure you'll be hearing from me again soon!

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