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Ellen 08-29-2003 01:05 PM

Quick check in..

I am going to take my son to my doctor this afternoon. He sounds like he has a nasty case of bronchitis. All this running to the doctor makes me wish I had gone to med school! I am so fascinated with disease...I just never wanted to deal with the biology and chemistry classes!

I just got back from running errands. I stopped at the HFS and stocked up on Shelton pot pies. I love those things! I found a few interesting products in the frozen foods, but did not buy any. They had chicken nuggets, breaded with whole wheat. There was some line about batter though, that listed cornmeal. That made me a bit leary about trying them. The same brand had spinach and feta rolls, pizza rollls, and several other items that were predominately whole wheat. I may break down and try them some day. Anyone ever see or try something like these?

I have two pot pies in the toaster oven. My son is going to come over early, and eat lunch before we have to leave to go to the doctor.

I had a surprise arrival of DMS ( during..as opposed to pre- Can't use the popular abbreviation as my dearly beloved hubby is Tom, and I can't bring myself to call something I loathe by the name of someone I love so much.) I guess that explains some of why I felt like I had been beaten yesterday. I am getting to the age where these things ought to cease...I wish they would some days. :(

JACK: How is your RA doing? Does the cold weather bother you? I find as the weather turns, I feel rather crappy. One more reason to move to Florida according to Tom..... :) Enjoy your weekend.

GATOR: Sorry you had computer problems. I missed you, and wondered what was up! Obviously, not your computer! ;)
How long does it take for a swallowtail to come out of a crysalis? I have one on my dill plant, and I want to keep an eye on it, and hopefully see it happen!

DEB: Good article on whole wheat. I have had to explain the enriched wheat is NOT whole grain, and that wheat rolls at restaurants are not ok. Its kind of hard when people are trying to accomodate me and my diet, and feel so proud of themselves for getting me wheat bread. I mean, what do you say? I have had to explain it, and sometimes they just don't get it!

PANCHO: I hope the baby is ok....

HEART: Wow...you are doing great! Nice steady losses! Congrats!

ANGE: The pot pies are great aren't they? I honestly think my daughter had ulterior motives in getting me to come in! She left and I had to do ALL the dishes! There were about 20 bags, and 50 tips and a dozen spatulas, and, and, and! It took me 30 minutes to wash it all! She always was sneaky! :s:

BEACH: I hope my manager appreciated it too. In fact, I told him he better, or else! Enjoy your weekend! I have to work Monday. Why or why didn't I tell him not to schedule me? :(

I am making brown sweet rice to make rice pudding. I found the brown sweet rice at a different HFS today. It is a naturally sweet tasting, sticky rice. If you like rice pudding, you might check your local HFS and see if they carry it. I have one bag that says Lund brand. They are all bulk packaging though.



Trishaloo 08-29-2003 03:04 PM

Well, I knew if I waited around long enough Deb would send the posse out after me. It's just a ploy to make sure I'm still wanted, LOL.

I see we have a ton of new people on the board, so I'll introduce myself. My name is Trish, 44 years old, married, 2 sons, 18 and 11. I live in a tiny town in Texas called Pflugerville, just outside of Austin.

It's been a crazy summer. Jordan, our oldest, turned 18 in May and graduated from high school. He leaves the end of September for Marine boot camp. He's going into Security Forces (they do stuff like anti-terrorism, guard the White House, guard Embassies, you know low-key stuff that doesn't worry a mom at all) and we're very proud. Seth started middle school 2 weeks ago.

I've really missed you guys. My eating has actually been pretty good (not counting vacation) but the exercise has been pretty non-existent. I lost my walking buddy and I hate walking alone. Gotta either find a new one or figure out something.

Missy, I thought about you when we came through Louisiana last month. We were on our way home from Destin, Florida. Can you believe it's finally football season? The Longhorn season opener is Sunday and I won tickets at the office. Woohoo!!

Deb, thanks for sending the search party out after me. I promise I won't stay away so long.

Sorry I don't have time to respond to everyone.

Have a great Friday!!


beachfan37 08-29-2003 03:18 PM

:wave: I LOVE BEING OFF...I can keep up with the posts!

Hi Trish...I was on the board a while back and have recently rejoined...I have a 16 and 2 weeks from being 15 year old. Welcome back.

Gator: I've been so busy this week I haven't been able to post much either. Sorry about the computer...I hate it when something goes wrong. It messes up my day, and week!

Monet: Hope your son is better both DH and DS have had something. DH went to the DX for the 1st time in forever and ended up on Advair for breathing. It was a virus that quickly went to the lungs/bronchial tubes. Hope DS can fend this off and not get as bad.

Deb: You're right that we WILL get back down. I can't believe you get in 4.5 miles each day. That is amazing. I haven't been able to do that much. Way to go.

Pancho: Thanks for the advice. I will bottle up this impatience and let it out once I get to goal. I DON'T want to ever gain this weight back.

Heart: Sounds like you are doing good. I'm from Alabama and I have very mixed emotions about the 10 Commandments issue. I don't want God taken from the pledge or off of our money and if something has been posted forever somewhere I don't think it is right to make it come down. But I'm afraid that the judge who started all of this by putting the monument there this past year is using God and deliberately creating the situation to further his career. That scares me. Now he is saying he will run for the Senate. I just don't know what to think. But like you I worry about our country. I would be interested to know what Fillise/Susan thinks because she has more incite into what is going on politically in Montgomery.

Well have to run.

See ya'll soon.

Debelli 08-29-2003 03:37 PM

Hey All:wave:

Just got home from getting the kids. Went to yoga class - missed it, well, missed it with the exception of having to do some ab work!:eek: Picked up a bunch of movies while I was there - lots of foreign films, just 2 American ones, one is THE MAN FROM ELYASIAN FIELDS. They couldn't find SIMONE which was supposed to be there.

HEART, I don't think I'd eat cabbage at anyone's house either - it's total fart food, I'm sure they were just wanting to save you the agony of the gas:lol: You should tape the kids talking and play it when they are older. We found a tape that MICHAEL did from elementary school and played it the other day - no one could figure out who was on the tape - it was hysterical! I know they have the brushes on Ebay - I think they're worth trying to find if you get the frizzies!

GATOR, glad to hear your computer is up and running -how'd that happen in the first place?

MONET, hope DS is okay. The nuggets, are the ones you saw HEALTH IS WEALTH? Now that I read on, it has to be because they have the pizza rolls and the like as well. They have another one, not pizza, I think they are jalapeno, but I can't remember, but they are the ones with the lowest fat and they are delish!!!! It's hard for those to understand that when something says wheat flour it's not whole wheat, I guess it's not so bad, at least you are teaching them something!

TRISH, good to see you back - now make sure you come back this time and don't go MIA for so long again, otherwise I'm going to have to drag your butt to the DETOX DUNGEON!!!!;)

BEACH, I forgot to ask you - are you still eating bananas? Let's look at the bright side of this - at least we didn't gain all the weight we lost back again! I am hoping to get back to goal by the end of the year and then on my 4 year SB Anniv. in March get below to where I was really comfortable, at 122, but whatever I achieve it will surely be better than where I stand at this time!

Okay, I'm outta here!



sef 08-29-2003 03:51 PM

HiedieHo All!

Busy! Busy! Busy! Tuesday out singing, Wednesday - choir library work in the morning and choir in the evening, Thuirsday - usual nursing home group then to another nursing home to sing. This a.m. to breakfast and Bingo with friends (I hate Bingo but like friends!), am trying to get caught up with laundry etc now. Tomorrow meeting at church for the PW. All I have dome this week is run! I always say I don't want to rust out.......at this pace I will certainly wear out! But it is fun and better than sitting home moping!

FRUIT: Good thoughts going your way. I know we want to lose, but you need to feel good. If the meds give you a couple of pounds and feeling better that's what counts. Proportionately you will probably keep losing.

DEB: What would we do without the lessons you give us on food, products and the numbers they contain?! They really are helpful.

BOOM: Welcome to our Board. Everyone here is very helpful and I find out the most useful stuff here.

ANGE: Welcome. Every scale seems to weigh differently. I need a new one, I had bought a cheaper one to replace one I had for a long time. Cheap AINT good! I can weigh 250 today and 200 tomorrow!

HEART: Enjoyed the pics. No wonder the kids are so cute, look at their Mom! About the 10 Commandments Monument. Maybe that aethist lawyer did some good! How many people probably walked past that monument and never gave it a thought; or how many people never give the 10 Commandments a thought. Then along comes someone and stirs things up. Suddenly everyone is talking and getting religion. Now they are aware. I wonder how many of the protestors can cite the 10? I think we need a wake-up call about the roots of our country. Unfortunately it seems that when we protect someone's freedom there are those that say there's is limited by the action. Where does it end?

BOB: I copied the Holiday Inn post to take into group Monday. They will love it!

TEENSY: Got to thinking, you probably can't buy zinc lids anymore! Don't know how it would work out the the insert lids. Should be okay. I got the recipe from an older woman and those type lids were all that was available.....you know in the dark ages. When I started canning you had a choice of the two types and I just used what she did.

LIBRA: I with you on the low self esteem bit. I'm sure many others have the same problem. Part is my upbringing and part "who would want to have anything to do with me, a fatty". I was good at my job and interacted well there because of it, but my personal stauff isn't so hot. I hate to join new groups, etc. As I've aged I've gotten a little better...."here I am, this is as good as I get!" We're just glad you found us and sticking with us!

LAURIE: Welcome. I too am not here for a five pound loss. I often feel discouraged when I think of 100#. I did great and was down 70, when I hit some emotional problems and it was a wall I could not get over. Gradually I gained back some of the weight which made me feel worse. This group of wonderful epople did not give up on me. I think I have my emotions under control once more and am beginning to lose again. I don't think I could have done it without everyone here! I am also trying not to look at 100#, for me it is a whelming number. I am going to concentrate on small losses and hopefully one be amazed
at how they all mounted up to one big loss!!

MONET: You must be a dynamo to get all those cakes done! I think I'd need more than a handful of Ibruprofen!

PANCHO: Why make the pilaf just for family? Use brown rice and have some yourself!

I've got to find those Shelton Pies!

I'm sorry I havaen't been around much. I keep busy but sometimes the price is I have to rest in between!


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GatorGal 08-29-2003 04:22 PM

Monet--If the butterfly is still in caterpillar stage, it should eat your dill for just short of 2 weeks. Then it starts crawling around looking for a place to pupate. The chrysalis will hang there about 12 days - 2 weeks. Maybe even longer. Then the butterfly comes out. The butterfly comes out very quickly. If you already have the chrysalis, you can break off the little branch it's on and take it in your house where you can watch it. I have my butterfly cage on a shelf on my back porch, right up against my kitchen window. When I'm at the sink I can see everything that is going on. When the butterfly comes out, it can't fly right away. It will sit around for a couple of hours at least. It is during this time that I nudge it with a stick and get it to crawl up on the stick or my finger and carry it out to the garden. Have fun!

Solly 08-29-2003 04:47 PM

Gosh I need to clean this desk off and head home, but wanted to get my last post in.

We have an eaxtra day this weekend girls, so we will have to be very dilligent in our eating. Just think anytime you go to eat, that our Leader, Deb is watching. Maybe we will think twice about what we eat. Lets send some good vibes everyones way and do great over the weekend.

Deb, I didn't see the cinnamon and bb waffles. Will have to check. I would only eat one anyway. Gosh I thought your GF would see if anyone wanted some stuff first before he sold it. Doesn't he need furniture in his new place? I'm going to think about you being beside me :yikes: everytime I go to eat this weekend. I'm sure I will be good for sure. I have had lots of purple cabbage in my salads, slaw and sauerkraut this week :chin: that may explain a few things:s:

Ange, I am 7 lbs above my lowest wt. So until I get back down there, I'm not posting my stats. I do great during the week, but put it all right back on over the weekend. UGH!!!!

Beach, hang in there. It is hard to get back the motivation and patience you had at the beginning, but you know the results. You would think we would learn about putting the wt back on but we don't. I guess we are stupid or something. This is no fun taking the same pounds off twice. But try to think of this as good for you and for life and maybe it will be better. I;m like you on the exercise. As soon as we start walking, I'm thinking only so long until we're finished. I guess we are just lazy creatures at heart. Have a great weekend. Hope you don't get sick too. Enjoy your 4 days off.

Pancho, Deb's cheesecake calls for 1/2 cup agave. I'm not sure about the coversation though. Funny about your DD liking that dinner. I got a good laugh about you taking a pricture of the scale. Congrats on the new wt.

Heartmom, congrats on the 1lb. You are going along great. Some weeks your body needs to adjust so you won't lose, but wouldn't it be great if we could at elast lose 1 lb per week. We all would be happy.

Gator, I say all the time, I hate computers. Especially when I know nothing about them. Glad the French class is going good.

Monet, My RA is doing ok. I have been so tired lately and still getting 8 hrs sleep, so I think it must be the RA, The cold weather really doesn't bother my RA, just that I hate it. Those pizza rolls sound good. Let me know if yo try them and the brand. Always interested in something different.

Trish, sure we still want you. So glad you dropped in. Sounds like you are doing great with your eating. Now just get out there and exercise. Make DH go with you. That's what I do. Glad your DS isn't in anything to dangerous. Don't be a stranger.

Sef, you are so busy, but I'm glad you are enjoying it. Hopes it keeps the blues away. Have a great weekend.

Won't be back on until Tuesday. So have a wonderful weekend. Get some R&R and stay legal.

Kim, Wherever you are....Come back.

Bob, have a great and safe trip.

:love: Jackie

Fillise 08-29-2003 05:06 PM

Could it really be. . .
I thought I'd pop in to say hello and to let you know that I'm still around. I'm in full election mode now, so you know what that means! I will be back after the 10th, but it will be hectic until then!

I hope everyone is doing well and know that I think about y'all even if I can't be with you!


Toni48 08-29-2003 05:49 PM

Hi everyone. I've been gone all day shopping. Had an early start. Our Super Wal Mart is an hour and 1/2 away so its really an all day trip. Did find a HFS that carries Atkins barbeque sauce. Someone told me it was good but spicy. I hope it tastes good cause it costs a kings ransom. Also stocked up on the pot pies. Thanks everyone for sending some rain. It sure helped it cool off a bit and we needed it so bad. Hope it rains some more. I can hear people on the river. They've started early on there three day week end. Didn't get to walk on the TM this morning but hope to this evening so I'll get my five days in. Sorry I don't have time to reply to everyone but I need to get off here cause I'm really tired and still have to heat something up for dinner.

GatorGal 08-29-2003 08:25 PM

When I make Deb's cheesecake recipe, I only use 1/3 C. agave. It is plenty sweet with that amount. It tastes just like regular cheesecake.

Ellen 08-29-2003 08:32 PM

Dinner tonight was scrounge. That means you find your own, cause I ain't cookin'! I feel rather crummy from the DMS. Still a bit crabby too.

I took my son to the doctor. He has infected ears, and probably bronchitis, so they gave him antibiodics and cough syrup with codeine to help him sleep. He couldn't afford the co-pay or the prescription, blast him, so I had to pay for it. I sure wish he would get his finances under control. The doctor was rushed and we actually saw his PA, but he came in to say hello, and meet my son. Drove home through some really heavy thunder storms, which unfortunately missed my neighborhood!

DEB: Thanks for the emails you sent. I looked the site over, and it has some good stuff on it. Not far from me, either! Just about 20 minutes north of here. So are the items of that brand ok? Even though they mention cornmeal in the batter, but at the very bottom of the ingredients list? I will look for the jalapeno ones. didn't see them that I can remember today.

TRISH: Good to see you! Don't get lost again! OK?

TONI: And I thought our Super Wal Mart was far! I like to go once in a while though! Tomorrow is Costco day for me. I need all kinds of stuff from there. I hope it doesn't cost too much!

FILLISE: Are you coming to Hotlanta? Let me know!

JACK: Have a great weekend! Behave now, hear??? :)

GATOR: Thanks for the info! I will keep an eye on the crysalis. Its been there about a week. I am afraid if I bring it in, I will not be home or something.... I bought two more dill plants in case any more of the caterpillars show up! ;)

SEF: Whew! I am tired just reading all you have been up to! I was thinking it through, and I actually did about 35 cakes, not 25! I probably should have taken more ibuprofen! If I did not take Glucophage, I probably would have indulged in a couple of stiff drinks! :s:

BEACH: The doctor gave him antibiodics, so he is happy. He tends to get Pneumonia, so I worry about him. Other that that, he stays fairly healthy. Enjoy your time off! Think of me, working my fingers to the bone while you are playing on Monday! ;)

kittywillow 08-30-2003 06:06 AM

good morning to all of you ... i guess i should change my name to trouble maker ....i am truly sorry for all the hard feelings ....hope things are okay now ....Debelli thank you for helping me go to the correct place .......hope this will sort of help.......just call me trouble lol:)

GatorGal 08-30-2003 10:27 AM

Monet--Another thing you should know about the chrysalis is that they almost always open up in the morning. Many of mine emerged around 8 am. but they can come out any time before noon. That way they have a time to dry out before the afternoon storms. God wired them so they know to come out early so they are not trying to find their way in the dark.

Rosalie 08-30-2003 11:53 AM

Good Morning all

I'm checking in to say howdy to you all and to wish you all a good long weekend. I planned on doing a decent post but time is running away on me. I was starving so decided to have an early lunch as I am going to see a couple of my grandsons play soccer and I have to be there for 12.15 p.m. I just made some ww spaghetti and had it with some Classico Spinach and Cheese Pasta Sauce and it was delicious. Nice and spicy. I have a couple of servings in the freezer for a quick meal later on. I did start a post a couple of days ago which never got finished so I'll post it now even though it is a bit out of date. I haven't read to-day's board yet, maybe when I get home. This evening I am going out to dinner and a movie with a girl friend so it might be midnight before I get back on.

Jack-K - Wow - you are really the exercise girl these days.

Angehaley - That's really frustrating when you lose a post. It's happened to me before with WordPad. I only wish I knew which keys I'd hit to make it happen. I always try to remember to save as I go along, maybe every 5 or ten minutes so if it happens to close on me at least I can salvage some of it.

Bashful - Sorry you are having trouble with the sb woe. It can be difficult to find legal foods when you are on the run and I would like to second what Beachfan said that sometimes we just have to do the best we can. Whatever you decide to do I wish you luck and do feel free to come back here any time.

Pancho - Glad to hear that your dd is settling into school routine. So often it is harder for the Moms than the kids. That was a great deal you got on the lunch boxes. Too bad you didn't get more satisfaction out of your visit to the nutritionist.

Boom - Welcome to SB.

I start my new temp job next week and will be away all week. I will leave Monday evening to a small town about 2 hours drive from here and return on Friday evening. The following week I will be off again. I will not have access to a computer while away but will try to check in on weekends.

Gotta run.

Marie. :wave:

Ellen 08-30-2003 03:23 PM

Monet feels like #&^$ warmed over today. DMS is particularly rough this time, and I feel like someone ran over me with a Mack truck.

Nothing much going on. I finished a novel I was reading, played a computer game for a while, and took a nap. Its after 3pm, and I am still in my nightgown. I sent Tom to Costco for me, which was nice of him, since he hates shopping. Probably saved me $$ too, cause I always find things that I need that are not on the list. He just sticks to the list, and that is that. It is kind of overcast here, and that adds to my sleepiness. Hope everyone is doing well!


kittyWILLOW: No one thinks of you as a trouble maker. Just jump on in, and don't worry about it. We are not the kind of group to hold grudges....

ROSALIE: Man, we will miss you during the week, when you are gone! How long will the job last?

GATOR: Ok! Thanks for the hint! I will watch it in the mornings as much as I can. Unfortunately, I have to work 7 to 1 Monday through Friday next week. Looks like I very well may miss it! :(

PANCHO: I forgot to mention something about agave. I find it does not work as well as I would like in cookies...I like cookies crisp and it makes them more moist. I have used it in cakes, and it works very well. I use about 3/4 of a cup when the recipe calls for 1 cup of sugar, or honey. I am not sure if it is sweeter, or my taste buds are just satisfied with less!

beachfan37 08-30-2003 03:25 PM

Happy Happy Saturday!
:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

It's been a beautiful day here. Not as hot/muggy as it has been. My DD and I went walking and had a good time. She walks faster than my DH so I got in a good work out. My house is a WRECK. I need to get motivated and clean but I'm just being lazy today. Knowing I have Monday off, I don't feel so pressured to get everything in order before we go back to school/work.

Hey GATOR/CROC: Have fun playing San Jose State today. Auburn has a little tougher test...USC :lol: :lol:

Bama's on TV right now playing Southern Florida. Hope SF wins :)

Rosalie: We miss you...have fun with the GS at soccer.

Susan :wave: WE miss you. Things don't look so good for the election:mad: Sending you good vibes:goodvibes

kittywillow: :grouphug: Stop worrying and just join in and post. All newbies are welcomed and you didn't really start anything. There's just been a misunderstanding which is over now.

Monet: :genie: If I could I would magically make it where you didn't have to work Monday. DH has to work too. That's the bummer about working retail. Holidays are about non-existent!
Glad DS is on antibiotics. Hubby here is better. Son has it but he is like the Ever Ready Bunny...he just keeps on going. Hope you feel better soon.

Deb: :strong: WE ARE going to get back down and stay there! I guess you are right...at least we didn't gain all our weight back and the bright side is we didn't gain back all our weight plus some which I have done before. Have a great weekend.

Fruit: Hope you are having fun but not too much fun. :devil:

Well have to run...Have a great weekend everyone.


heartmom 08-30-2003 04:20 PM

A Lawyer and the Pope Die and Go to Heaven…

A lawyer died. At the same moment, the Pope also died. They arrived at the gates of heaven at the same moment. They spend the day in orientation, and as they're getting their heavenly vestments, the Pope gets a plain white toga and wings, like everyone else, and the lawyer gets much finer apparel, made of gold thread, and Gucci shoes.

Then, they get to see where they're going to live. The Pope gets what everyone else gets, a replica of a Holiday Inn room, and the lawyer gets an 18-room mansion with servants and a swimming pool.

At dinnertime, the Pope receives the standard meal, a kosher TV dinner, but the lawyer receives a five-course meal including caviar, prime rib and chocolate truffles.

By this time, the lawyer is beginning to suspect that an error has been made, so he asks one of the angels in charge, "Has there been some kind of mistake? This guy was the Pope, and he gets what everyone else gets, and I'm just a lawyer and I'm getting the finest of everything?"

The angel replied, "No mistake, sir. We've had lots of Popes here, but you're the first lawyer we've ever had."

heartmom 08-30-2003 04:35 PM

Just got back from town- I had $40 and made it stretch. I stopped at a yard sale on the way to town and got 2 pairs of capris for a buck each. They are size 14. One fits just right and the other is very tight, especially on my butt. Then I went to a thrift store and got a blouse, toy phone for Ashley, toy gun for Boogie, nice shirt for Ashley, and a Barbie beach chair for Ashley-all for $3. They were having a sale. Then I went to Big Lots, didn't find nothing there except some spices, etc. Oh, and I bought a 72% cocoa Droste chocolate bar. I was hungry and ended up eating the whole darn thing! No wonder I have a sour stomach now. I still don't understand how it's legal if the 2nd ingriedent is sugar. The bar has 2.5 servings- each serving has 18 g of carbs and 12 g sugar. Ugh, now that I see that in writing, I wish I hadn't bought it and consumed the WHOLE THING! Okay, okay, it could be worse. Anyway, back to my shopping. I then went to Dirt Cheap and got Ashley a pair of nice overalls for a buck. Then went next door to Hudson's where they received a shipment of nice clothes at good prices. I got a really pretty top that is light purple and suede-like and looks really expensive, a pretty red sweater, 2 winter tops for Boogie, and 2 winter tops for Ashley. I have $2 left!! I wish I had more money- then I could have got the kids winter clothes at excellent prices. Oh, well. Not much else going on- Robby's cutting grass and later he's going fishing with the "guys"- then I will be bored again. Oh, I forgot- I borrowed some movies from my friend. I got Just Married, Head of State, and Lord of the Rings(the Two Towers). Well, that's all folks...

Ellen 08-30-2003 04:55 PM

BEACH: Its been overcast here in Hotlanta! And just now, it started thundering. The sun is shining some though. I wish it would rain...we need it. We usually get your weather after you are done with it! ;)

HEART: Wow, you did some great shopping! I love going to Big Lots and looking for bargains, but I don't do it very often. I found an electric mattress pad there a year or two ago that was $19. It was exactly like the one I had that had broken, that had cost $79 the year before! I still have it, and it works great! I went there at Christmas last year with my daughter, and we had a blast!

I think I will toddle down and find some chocolate. Heartmom's talking about chocolate has made me think of it! ;)

sef 08-30-2003 05:18 PM

HiedieHo All!

Talk about rain!! Went to a PW board meeting this morning and then to Sam's. It was nice (and so was I) when I went in but pouring when I came out. I waited a bit hoping it would let up, but not my luck! The parking lot was a swimming pool. By the time I got everything packed in the trunk I was a sad sight. Not just the idea of bedraggled hair but clothes plastered to this body gives one pause!!!! I backed car as far as I could into the garage (I was stopped by the weight lifting bench and bars, that sits there as decor) DS and I unloaded car and then I moved car out, no use him getting wet too. Even walked out to the mailbox. Had to strip and shower so my hair would look decent tonight, I am working the box office at the Community Theater. That's my adventure for today!

TRISH: Nice to see your post, you know you are always welcome here.

JACKK: Glad you are managing your RA. You're just the energizer bunny! You would have to remind me to stay legal! I'll do my best, no food involved in todays activities.

FILLISE: Nice to see a Hi from you.

GATOR: How boring if we all had the same tastes and thought alike! I always add a couple of tablespoons extra to the cheesecake, think it has more flavor that way and tastes like a true cheescake!

MONET: You're such a good mother. The job never ends! Hope your son appreciates you and that he will feel better soon!
My sentiments are a dose of Southern Comfort is good for any contingency. Tired? Have a shot! Blue? Have a shot! Happy? Hey feel happier!

kitty: Did we say you're trouble?!? Read above, have a shot and stop feeling troubled!

ROSALIE: Hope you enjoy the job, will make it easier being away from home.

MONET: How nice that Tom sticks to the list. My DH liked to shop I would write out a list for him. He would return with non-list items, I tell him they were not on the list. He would show the list and say they are now! He would add the items to the llist. Hope you feel better.

BEACH: Nice to see the Happy Happy Saturday! We need to be reminded about such things!

HEART: Cute. I'll use it tomorrow with my group! What a great shopping spree!

Think I will take a little rest so I can be bright eyed and bushy tailed tonight.

Take care, Shirley

Debelli 08-30-2003 05:33 PM


Darn, I swear, the minute I see the computer free and jump on I hear "when are you going to be off the computer!":rolleyes: I can't win.

Will get on tomorrow morning when everyone is asleep and try to catch up. Crap, he just asked me again (MICHAEL). Okay, toodles to you all!


THE BIG ORANGE BABE 08-30-2003 05:41 PM


you can cheer now...they won, and it was a GREAT GAME!!!!



GATOR.....ARE YOU GOING TO THE GAME????? I just saw on the ticker at the bottom of the screen that THE VISER MAN released DANNY!!! I thought he was doing good up there.....Wonder what happened?????

LAURIE.....{{{{{{{{{WELCOME TO THE BOARD}}}}}}}}}}
Another MISSISSIPPI person......OLE MISS or MISS STATE?????
Gotta know....we're an SEC dominate board.....

MISSY.....I'LL BE TUNED IN.....I THINK LSU HAS THIS ONE WITH NO PROBLEM!!!! Of course, I'll be watching just to LUST after the COACH!!!!!
I'm sure you'll make in on the E CHANNEL'S WILD ON BOURBON STREET segment....Someone asked if you showed your BOOBS!!!!
When she had them, she didn't do it, but now that she's proud of what she's got......WE KNOW MISSY!!!!!! , and now that we know you're drinkin 3 for 1, WE'LL DEFINATELY SEE YOU DOING SOMETHING!!!!! GO TIGERS!!!!

TRISH...I don't know if I'll be able to get your game, but if we do, I'll definately help you cheer them on!!!! GLAD YOu'RE BACK!!!

OK...here we go about the trip....

We left an afternoon early (as I said before) ...got to CORDELE
about 8p.m. Uneventful ride up...SKEETER slept in the back seat the whole way up....got him in the room, and he wouldn't eat his
supper....too many KRYSTAL'S ......
The next morning we were preparing to leave the room and I thought it would be quicker to pick him up and carry him to the car since he waddles so slow!!! Just as I did, I must have squeezed him too hard and the POOP PAINTER was in business again....he had held it since we left home and just couldn't hold it any longer!!! OH MY GAWD!!!! What a mess....we decided just to pay the extra money and let them clean the carpet....I've never seen so much poop from a little dog!!!!!
I'm having a time with him eating since we've been here...he won't eat anything but his string cheese !!!! Talk about being clogged up, when it comes, it's gonna be another BLOW OUT!!!! Just hope it's not on one of Scottie's expensive rugs!!!

We haven't done ANYTHING.....watched movies and reclined....of course, since today is FOOTBALL DAY, that's what I'm doing...
We went to the produce market and bought 8lbs of white half runner beans and while we were watching a movie yesterday, we got them strung and I cooked them to have on hand....she's gone now to get more, since we found out that we've got a bunch of people coming tomorrow to eat....I'm making a meat loaf, more green beans, fried corn, fried okra, cornbread...fresh maters.....Will have a little of everything since it's all fresh from the garden....

Gotta go, half time is over and I've got to get back to the game.
Hope everyone has a good weekend and holiday....I'll be checking in...



SuperDave 08-30-2003 05:41 PM

Hello everyone
I am SuperDave and new to this board.
Married to same woman 45 years have 2 children Son and Daughter with 3 Grandchildren 15,13,7. Live in Ft Worth Tx
and hope to get to know everyone and get support and also give support. This is a GREAT board. I have been on adkins for 8 months and having been trying to get on Sugar Busters and now I am here. I have 30 pound to lose and have lost 32 on adkins. Just got off two week vacation in Euorpe went to France and Beligium where my Son and family lives. I only gained 1 pound and had lots of red wine and good food. But I stayed within the Sb guidelines and it works if you work it. Yes I cheated a couple times. Thanks for your support.


beachfan37 08-30-2003 07:39 PM

:wave: Hi Dave Welcome...the board is always slow on the weekends. Yes, SB is great and it does work. I have a friend doing South Beach...I told her it is basically Atkins the 1st 2 weeks and SB after that. Sounds like you had a great time in Europe.

BOB:) Hey I'm from Alabama I have to watch the in state games 1st. AU is losing bad right now. We don't have our act together. Wonder why we start the season with such a tough team:?: Oh well, that's life and it is just the 2nd quarter right now. Maybe we will turn it around.

Deb...I know what you mean about the puter...I need one for each person in my family! Don't have that but boy would they want it! Every once in a while I will eat a banana. But not too often now. Doing WW with SB, means I have to look for lower calorie alternatives or I starve. :mad:

Sef...Glad you like the happy Saturday. I too think we all need to enjoy special days and I think Saturdays are always special.

Dinner tonight is steak, rice and carrots. For newbies the book says carrots are a no no but several researches into the GI of the carrots supports that they are ok.

Hey all a newbie posted a new question under the weekly support board. I directed her here and told her to hit post reply not new thread. But if you get a chance go see if you can answer her ? about moving from Atkins to SB.

wildrosepixie 08-30-2003 09:25 PM

I'm made it!!!
Well, after almost a week of Monet telling about the boards and how wonderufl a place this is, I have finally meandered my way over and have been reading the last week's worth of the board. This is definitely a great bunch and even though this is my first post, I already feel at home.

Let me introduce myself.... I am Amy, a married mother of 3, working full time with Monet in the bakery (boy it's rough!!), and new to SB. I was diagnosed with suger difficulites (for lack of another way to say it), and told to lose 10 pounds by Sept 22 with the help of Phentermin(e) [sp?]. As of Friday night, the scales at my house and 2 other reliable scales both read that I am already down 8 pounds!!!! All this from dropping almost all sugar (only the limited natural, good sugars going into this mouth), watching how much, and what I eat and drinking between 1 and 2 gallons, if not more water a day. I've spoiled myself the last 3 days with 1 diet coke each day.... which is a major switch for the better for me. In looking back, I was drinking 6-8 cans of soda a day.... so I'm guessing that's where alot of my sugar addiction came into play with my levels.

I've been good in reading all the info I can on SB, getting wonderful support (Thanks a million Monet!!), and looking forward to shocking the pants off the dr when I go back in 3 weeks. I know that the first 1-2 weeks are when the biggest difference is noticed, so if I only drop 1-2 pounds the next couple weeks I'll be ok....

keeping my fingers crossed here in Hotlanta!!!!



Ellen 08-30-2003 11:12 PM

WILD: Glad you made it! And thanks for giving me credit, where I certainly don't deserve it! I hope you do shock the pants of Einstein. He deserves it, playing that foot on the scale trick!

BOB: The Dawgs won, huh? Hooray! Maybe I can be a real fan this year! Sorry about the problem in Cordele....sounds dreadful! When are you coming to Hotlanta? I am off in the afternoons, from about 1 on....

SUPERDAVE: Welcome! I hope you can stand being around all these women! We really love having a token male though! ;) Our last one disappeared!

SEF: Sounds like you had quite an adventure with the rain! Maybe you should have had a boat instead of a car!

DEB: I keep telling you, you are too nice! You deserve a turn on the computer too! If it isn't schoolwork, they ought to have to go read a book until you are finished.

Its about time for bed, and my head is swimming. Sweet dreams everyone! :wave:

kittywillow 08-31-2003 08:14 AM

pot pies
hello to all .... please can you tell me what are pot pies ??? i hear you guys talking about them ... thanks

beachfan37 08-31-2003 11:08 AM

Glorious Sunday
:angel: Happy Glorious Sunday

Weather is still pretty here. Monet and Pixie, it should be getting pretty in Hotlanta too! Well DD is at work this morning. I have to pick her up at 11...this is a new job working in the nursery of a church. We have to figure out when we'll go to church now...because she is working when we usually go. DH is feeling better but DS is not. He's still asleep this morning. DH said he is up to getting a walk in today. So my walking partner is back. My weigh in is tomorrow for WW but I cheated and looked this morn and it looks like I may be at 167...We'll see what the official weekly weight is tomorrow.

Willow: They are talking about Shelton Pot Pies. Pot pies are usually a meat and vegetables mixed with a cream sauce. Kind of like a meat pie. They buy them in health food stores. I've never seen them in the regular stores. They are low carb.

:wave:PIXIE WELCOME: Congrats on doing so well. I too have a sugar problem...so this woe has been very helpful for me. FYI...my DH works for Publix too. I have 2 children a 16 year old DD and almost 15 yearold DS.

GATOR and BOB: :o :o :o I think you know why I am embarrased! AU has to regroup!

Have a great day everyone.


Ellen 08-31-2003 12:02 PM

Still DMSing here...and I am getting worried about it. This has to be the worst I have ever experienced. Any post menopausal members care to reassure me? Is it normal to have niagra falls, or should I be concerned?

On a happier note, I hopped on the scale this morning, and I am down another two pounds. Maybe three, but my scale sucks and the needle won't stay still. I was just happy to see the new number! I did not even have to lean very far to the side! :D

WILLOW: The Shelton Pot Pies are made with all white chicken meat, and a whole wheat crust. They are not actually low carb, but are totally legal for SugarBusters. I find mine at a health food store. as Beachfan mentioned. They are really yummy! It's nice to find a convienence food that is ok for SB. I tend to stock up on them, and get like two cases (12) at a time. They give me a 10% discount on them, which makes it even better! Check at your local health food store, and if they don't have them, you might ask if they can get them. They are frozen, by the way.

Debelli 08-31-2003 12:03 PM

Okay, so I didn't get on here as I thought this morning and we are getting ready to leave the house in a few, late start today, so either tonight or tomorrow I'll get caught up - somehow:shrug:



CountryMom4Him 08-31-2003 12:38 PM

A quick howdy
Good morning all! It's hard to believe but Robert took the weekend off. A rare treat. So I haven't been online that much. But I did get to pop in this morning and catch up on post.

WELCOME to the newbies!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome back Trish!!! Good to see you.

Love and hugs to everyone. Hope to have more time next week.


GatorGal 08-31-2003 01:52 PM

Monet--Actually, you can bring the chrysalis inside and put it in a large bowl that you have covered with netting or even put a lid a little ajar on it. If the butterfly emerges while you are gone, it will just hang around in the covered bowl. If you put the bowl in the kitchen or dining table where you spend a lot of time, you can keep an eye on it pretty well there. One day I came home and there were 3 butterflies in the butterfly cage that had all "hatched" and were waiting to fly away.

Monet, I had forgotten that you were a dawg fan. Hmmmm. The dawg are our real arch rivals, even more than Ewe Tee and the Noles. I've been to so many games where the dawgs mistreated the Gators. I'm glad we beat up on y'all for 12 years because we owed you all so much as "pay back." for the 60's, 70's and 80's where the dawgs so often pulled the rug out from under the Gators. :) I think you all have the upper hand now that visor man is in Washington DC. Richt is probably a better coach than Zook, and that makes a big difference. I don't think the Gators can do again what they did last year with the dawgs and hounds.

BOB--Congrats on the win for yall. We'll see the hounds in 3 weeks.

Susan--I know how that loss must hurt. I've felt that way over some Gator games. I wish we were still playing y'all. It always was a great trip up there.

Still staying the same with my weight. Am taking my Thyrolar faithfully, along with the carnitine, but no difference. :(
I guess I'll have to count calories forever. I really should be able to live on more than 1200 calories per day. But that is what it seems to take to lose 1 pound a week. UGH!!!

Ellen 08-31-2003 03:54 PM

Monet still feels terrible. Added to the usual complaints are some nausea and heartburn from the peanut butter I had on my apple at lunch. I get heartburn very infrequently, so it is particularly annoying. This is one of those days when I want to ask someone to take a gun and shoot me!

GATOR: Tom scared a butterfly accidently this morning. He said it was on the dill plant. I checked it out, and the crysalis was empty! I am assuming the one he saw had emerged this morning and was just finished drying off! Oh well! I planted more dill, and if I find anymore caterpillars, I will try and put them in a bowl with netting so I can watch. As for the dawgs, what can I say? Did I tell you my two sisters went to Florida? One graduated in about 1968, the other was there until about 1969, then transferred to the University of California. Another of my sisters and I both went to UGA, and football season was always fun around our house. My poor father never knew who to cheer for, for fear of angering on of his daughters! He tried alternating years, refusing to watch the game, cheering for both teams..... It actually was pretty funny. As for your thyroid issues... when do you get rechecked for the Thyrolar levels? I think I have finally gotten to a good level of T3, and will be able to lose some now. At least that is what the doctor is telling me. I hope he is right! I wonder if the 1200 calories is maybe too low. Try eating more vegetables, and fruits. I wouldn't be surprised if you need more of the T3 to lose. I wonder if the doctor would give you Phentermine to help get your metabolism revved up.....

Toni48 08-31-2003 04:11 PM

Howdy everyone. Will get back to my regular posting tomorrow. Hope everyone is having a great week-end. A great big welcome to Wildrose and Super Dave. Glad to have you aboard.... Think most everyone is gone off on a holiday and things will get back to normal in a couple of days... You'll like it here theres lots of good support and hey we're all in the same boat.

SuperDave 08-31-2003 06:02 PM

2 weeks in Europe
Just got back from France and Beligium for 2 weeks vacation. I am proud to say I gained only 1 pound. Stuck to my guns and ate the SB way. Had lots of red wine and did cheat a couple times. I am very pleased as I thought I would gain 5 pounds at least. The Bread over there is whole grain and no preserveatives(sp) and I had more than usual. My wife and I are history buffs so we walked a lot, sight seeing. It goes to show if you stick with your plan then it works, not bragging just sharing, I really like this board. Hope everyone had a safe holiday .


gardenmom 08-31-2003 08:00 PM

Struggline with believing....
:?: I am really confused! I have very recently read two books: Sugar Busters and The Zone. It's so frustrating when they both sound like they are right....but esp. in The Zone the author insists his way is the absolute best and healthiest. How do we know this is true?
Sugar Busters had a lot of similar ideas to The Zone, but was much easier to read, and not as scientific. They both claim to lower insulin production to unlock fat cells so they can be burned, which improves diabetes, cardio health, etc.
I guess the real problem for me with SB is that I don't know exactly how much to eat of all the things on the Sugar Busters approved foods list. I am such a compulsive overeater that I wonder if I'll do well on such a seemingly unstructured plan. I weigh 238 pounds at 5'6" tall, and would like to lose nearly 100 pounds. I have a long way to go, obviously, and on top of that my mom, a diabetic for years, recently had a fatal heart attack (62 years old), as did her mom and her mom's sister, as a result of their diabetes. I feel I have a lot at stake. Yet if I go to the doctor for a "diet" he'll surely tell me to eat lots of complex carbs, little protein, etc. I'm really feeling stressed and confused about this! Does anyone have a similar experience or some thoughts to share with me? I need to decide what to do, for my health.
Thanks so much for taking the time to read this, and, I hope, respond!:)

Debelli 08-31-2003 08:28 PM

Evening Everyone:wave:

Can finally get on the board and try to get caught up, at least somewhat. No kids how YET. LAUREN is babysitting and MICHAEL stayed over night at his friend ANNA'S house last night and is still there. Yes, it's a girl's house, my friend DEBBY was surprised, but MICHAEL is all the parent's favorite kid to invite over and there's no love interests at all with him and any of his "girl friends" and the parents just love having over - unlike my friend DEBBY'S son who's a total horn-dog.

ELI and I went up to Broward today, got a late start and didn't do anything special. Did stop at the fruit stand at the end of the day - now I know when to go there and get some great bargains, peaches, plums, pears, nectarines apples, grapes & summer squash .50 cents a pound. 3lbs onions, $1 a bag, honeydew, $1 each, parsley .33 and carrots, 50cents a bag - they aren't open Mondays and Tuesday so they have to sell off everything otherwise toss it.

Got in my walk this morning - 6 out of the 7 days this week. 26 miles total - not too shabby!

AGAPE said to wish you all a HELLO. She has no compute and was e-mailing me from a friends house. She hopes to have it up and running again soon.

SEF, I can see from the list of all you have been doing this week you are feeling like your OLD SEF! :lol: Couldn't resist! Gosh, I can be so witty sometimes:lol: Glad you read some of the info that I post - I'm always trying to find some useful info to pass along. Thanks for posting the FF - you always come up with some great stuff!

JACKK, I like the ww waffles, they're light and fluffy - I haven't tried the cinnamon, but I really like the blueberry. I think I will go buy some more before they go off sale on Wednesday. I think they were 2/$5.00? I was at my GF house, nothing he's put up for sale would I be interested in getting and I won't take something just for the sake of taking something - have to really like it. I don't have any room to put another dust collector. I think he's buying just about all new furniture when he moves. So, how'd you do this weekend - did I invade your thoughts????

FILLISE, glad to see you check in - I'm sure you'll be back when things are all over and you can once again breath!!

TONI, let us know how the bbq sauce is. I think the brand I have is WALDEN FARMS, though not sure - but whatever brand it is, I really like it. Why not make some yourself, the recipe I have on the board is absolutely AWESOME!!!

GATOR, I only use a 1/3 of a cup of agave in the cheesecake as well - it's sweet enough.

MONET, dinner in my house is always scrounge it seems:shrug: I think the chicken nuggets would end up being okay. Just remember, as you pair up a high GI food with a lower GI food it gives you a moderate reading. A serving was only 3 of them though, so do be careful if you eat them. I wasn't crazy about the batter part of them - looked at the box today at the HFS. Hope DS feels better. Good job on being down another 2lbs - seems the weight is moving a little better these days:cp:

WILLOW, no need to apologize for anything, you didn't say anything wrong at all, it wasn't you, so please, don't worry:) I hope the pot pie question was answered, but just to put a little more info, there's turkey and chicken. I think the chicken is the best, just don't get the organic, it's not made with whole wheat. If you have a HFS in your area, ask them to see if they have them, and if not, if they can order you some - they are really delish!

ROSALIE, good luck with the job - check in when you can!

BEACH, I guess maybe what good that the weight gain had is that it got you back on the board! There's at least 1 thing positive about this. It's unrealistic to think that we will never gain back any weight over the years, it's inevitable, I know this and if anyone doesn't think it, they better think again. BUT, it's how much you let yourself gain, and how much is part of the aging process that you have to look at-if we could just keep within that 5lb cushion we'd be okay. I know when I got below my goal it was really hard to stay at that number I really liked so well. I just have to learn that when I find myself with a few pounds gain to catch it at that time and not let it get higher, that's something I've not learned, but without having gained all my weight back each time I've been on a diet and lost weight, I'm learning something along the way, so it seems;) The gal who's post you saw, she posted it twice and I answered her on the other post-not sure if she saw them or not.

HEARTMOM, loved the lawyer joke, sent it to my friends who are lawyers! What great bargains you got - I'm proud and I'm sure BOB would be too! You can now join the BARGAIN CLUB!;) I'm SURE the DROSTE was delish - I have quite a few bars in my stash, BUT, only a 1/2 ounce should be eaten. If you compare the grams of sugar in that bar, vs something like a Hershey's chocolate bar, you'd see a big difference. MICHAEL got LOTR for his birthday - haven't watched it though - any of the other two movies any good?

BOB, :lol: OMG, I can only imagine POOP-CASO painting the town, or at least the hotel room - he's leaving his mark everywhere! Just imagining this occuring, visualizing it, you had me laughing!:lol: Maybe you can find doggie depends? When you coming home?

SUPERDAVE http://members.aol.com/eldemila/sb_sign4.jpg Glad you've decided to join us - glad you are being brave enough to join us. You should feel right at home with all the other TEXANS here on the board. Don't worry that we're a bunch of women, as I said, we don't bite (hard):) Please, don't hesitate to ask any questions, we're all more than happy to try and help answer any you may have. OMG (Oh my G-d) man, if I went back to Belgium and France, I'd surely gain a good 20lbs - I ate my way through both countries, not to mention otheres - best pastries were def. in Belgium!!! Best candy too! Oh, I love LEONIDAS!!! I can't believe you only gained a pound! You definitely deserve a big hand:cp: I'd love to go back there - hope you had a good time! Thanks for posting your BIO on the BIO BOARD - it was nice to learn more about you. What good movies have you seen recently that you can recommend?

WILDROSEPIXIE, http://members.aol.com/eldemila/sb_sign2.jpg Hope you don't mind if I shorten your name to PIXIE, as we have a YELLOWROSE that goes by ROSE:) Glad MONET got you directed to our board, we've heard nice things about you (pay up MONET!) Of course, just kidding there;) MONET is a wealth of SB INFO so you are in good hands - and what a great thing to have someone else at work doing SB with you - it should make it much easier. Anything MONET can't answer, feel free to ask us on the board and we'll try to answer any questions you may have. You are doing an AWESOME job so far - what a great weight loss:bravo: You def. are going to shock your Dr. - you'll have to tell us what he says when you see him!

COUNTRY, enjoy your time with DH!!!!

GARDEN http://members.aol.com/eldemila/sb_sign3.jpg Glad to have you join us and ask some questions. Of course, I think anyone who writes a book, diet or otherwise, wants to think their book is the best and will solve everyone's weight loss issues, but we do know better. Unfortunately, the SB book is a bit confusing, contradictory and misleading at times. To understand this you have to know that the men who wrote SB took the ideas of MICHEL MONTIGNACS book from France and made a US version before he was able to do so. If you read his book you'd understand this WOE better. Anyhow, what you need to do is determine for yourself what WOE you know you'd be able to follow the rest of your life. For me, and many others, SB was it. If you want to know how many calories, etc to take in, just e-mail me and I'll be happy to help you with the number crunches - e-mail with your current and goal weight, height, frame/bone size and age to [email protected] Feel free to ask any other questions you may have, we're all happy to help! AND, you should feel right at home with all the other TEXANS on the board!!!

WOW! I'm caught up - actually, I had finished this post a little bit ago and somehow hit a key and lost some of it. Thankfully, not all of it as I had some of it saved otherwise you'd all here me yelling!

Will be on tomorrow morning to start the new board, around 7amish or so. Going to try and start the week off with a nice walk in the morning.

Nite all!



GatorGal 08-31-2003 08:32 PM

Momet--What is Phentermine?

GatorGal 08-31-2003 08:41 PM

Dave--We spent a month in France in May. It was fabulous. We had a cook at the villa we rented. She actually was a "chef" and we had delicious meals. Only once did she fix potatoes, and all the rest was just meat and veggies. We did have the bread every day, but it was the regular delicious French white baguette. Nothing like it here in the US. The baguettes they make at Costco are the closest I can find, and they are not the same. We did have ice cream for dessert. But I did not have any pastries and only a croissant once!

OK everyone, my last caterpillar went into chrysalis today. it was so fascinating to watch him shed his skin and the new little "being" harden its shell for its pupa stage. I have 21 chrysalides in all. Zebra long wings, Eastern Black swallowtails, and gold rim swallowtails. Monet, you probably have the black swallowtail that was eating the dill. They also love carrots and fennel, besides the parsley. Actually, I think they like the fennel best of all. I will post a picture of one of the chrysalides tomorrow, a very unusual looking one.

Well, gotta go. Have a great Labor Day, y'all.

Ellen 08-31-2003 10:05 PM

GATOR: Phentermine is a metabolic boosting diet pill. The brand name is Adipex. Phentermine is the generic name. My doctor uses it with his patients who are hypothyroid, or hyperinsulinemic. The first month I took it, which was a while ago, I lost 15! Man, was I excited! Unfortunately, my thyroid took another step back the next month, and I only lost 5. I have used it off and on for about three years now. When my thyroid levels are good, and I use it and stick to program, I lose better. Like now, I am using it some, and seeing some results.

GARDEN: I have looked at the Zone, and it was more confusing to me than SB was. Eating should not be a mathematical chore in my opinion. I picked SB to follow for its simplicity. As you can see from the people on this board, it does work. I am sure the Zone will work well too, if you follow it, but SB is easier. As for amounts, let your hunger be your guide. I bet most of the people on here will tell you when they first started they did not worry about amounts, but just sticking to allowed foods, and eating enough not to be hungry. You do that first, then start working on the portion sizes if you need to. We are so ingrained with the idea of eating like a bird to lose that we forget eating TOO little is almost as bad as eating too much. Your metabolism slows down, because your body thinks you are starving. I would say, eat fresh fruits, and veggies, and whole grains, lean protein, and drink plenty of water. Eat only enough to satisfy yourself, and then stop. Eat more frequent, smaller meals, and you will probably be amazed at the results. Another new board member, Wild Rose Pixie, has mainly cut out sodas, and replaced her grains with whole grains, and stopped eating sugar, and lost eight pounds in less than a week! While not everyone has such dramatic results, most people can tell a big difference in energy levels within a few days, and most people lose pretty well. Why not give the program a two week try and see what happens? We are all here to help! Come by often and ask away!

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