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kittywillow 08-26-2003 03:03 PM

thank you both Country,Jack, for your info....it's nice to know i made it to the right posting place.... lol

Ellen 08-26-2003 03:29 PM

Tuesday afternoon....
Monet is so mad she could eat nails. Are they SB legal?

The schedule for next week was posted last night. My very annoying manager scheduled me to work five days next week! I had told him I was going to be teaching a class on Thursdays, and he said ok. This is the first Thursday he has scheduled me in over six weeks! And I am not supposed to be working more than three days a week! I do not know what he is thinking, but I would not be surprised to find out he does not have a brain! I can't help but wonder if he thought, oh, she doesn't want to work on Thursdays, so I will schedule her, just to show her who is the boss! :censored:

My co-worker was asking a lot of questions, and working hard to stick to the program today. The baker was trying to get her to eat white bread,and she wouldn't. The doctor told her to avoid spicy foods for a month, and she was being very careful there too. I think she is going to go great!

The store had Maverik brand chuck roasts on sale today. I bought just about all they had. I spent a lot, but filled the freezer with roasts. Tom really prefers beef, and the Mavarik is antibiodic and hormone free, and very low fat. I came home and put one in the crockpot for dinner tonight.

Guess I will go take a bit of a nap, and come back later. I am getting pretty tired....

Teensybean 08-26-2003 04:23 PM

Good afternoon ladies...... don't have alot of time again, but want to put in an appearance, and wish all of you a great day!!

When I came here in March, I received nothing but hearty welcomes, and excellent advice, along with plenty of answers for all the questions I had. THIS IS A GREAT BOARD!! :cb:

I finally tamed our stray cat enough to get her into the vets this morning. We are getting her spayed, and giving her shots. She cried all the way there this morning! :cry: Just about broke my heart. When I pick her up, she will see that she has a brand new fluorescent pink collar with a little bell, and some kitty treats!!

Next we will try and introduce her to the puppies. That ought to be fun. The Bassethounds I am not worried about, but our Shar Pei mix is another story. I plan on leaving her in her pet porter for this adventure. I just want my pups to get her scent, and know that she is a part of this family.

I am making pizza tonight for dinner. Bill requested it. I am trying a recipe for the crust from the recipe files here. I KNOW I will probaby over eat, but am hoping not too bad. I haven't eaten pizza for over two years. ( I have made Quiche Pizza) I just have to keep telling myself that the second slice tastes just like the first!! Wish me luck.

I think we may be going to the lake tomorrow. Dh had to work again this morning......I could get used to this very easy!! Honestly, he has put in his time. But he says he does feel better when he is working. Too bad he couldn't just work three days a week!! Then we could still go to the lake and and have our running around time!!

Well, I will get to replies this evening. I have got to go get lunch ready. Bill didn't want breakfast this morning so he is hungry! He's a boy, he's always hungry!!

beachfan37 08-26-2003 04:39 PM

:wave: :wave: Hi All and Welcome all Newbies.

Just a quick moment to keep in touch. Hubby is sick...he is never sick and so he is pitiful. Pharmacy didn't even have him in the computer when I tried to fill his prescription and we've been going there for over 13 years!

I'm sort of blue and down. It may be because of lack of sleep. Trying to snap out of it!

I'd like to chime in on the issue from the other post re: the support on this board. I have been coming on this board for years and have always been welcomed. I think part of the confusion some of the newbies may have is the weekly support board vs. general SB question board. I try and see if there is a post but most days, I only come to the weekly support board. The other issue is that most of us have put ALL of our knowledge etc. on the SB information board. So just by looking through the boards most of the questions can be answered there! Debbie clearly gives all of these instructions on her opening post each morning. We want to support all and welcome all. Also, FYI we KNOW each other because we post here. Before posting here I didn't personally know anyone here...

OK hope everyone has a great day...

heartmom 08-26-2003 05:23 PM

here's some more pics
Okay, after these, I will be thru for awhile--This is Ashley and her first day of school outfit. This kid is obsessed with clothes, shoes,etc. She's such a girlie girl- I was a tomboy at that age.

heartmom 08-26-2003 05:25 PM

This is Boogie wearing his fave Bob the Builder outfit. He LOVES Bob- he even had Bob underwear and socks on.

heartmom 08-26-2003 05:27 PM

And this is Boogie in his Hulk pj's doing his Hulk pose..

heartmom 08-26-2003 05:29 PM

Last one- this is me in the motel at Pensacola last month- this is NOT a good pic at all- but it's the only recent one I have besides the one I posted the other day.

THE BIG ORANGE BABE 08-26-2003 05:32 PM

OH....MY....GAWD !!!!! IT'S RAINING LIKE POURING **** OUT OF A BOOT!!!! :rain:

DEB...I think you willed this stuff up here just for spite!!!!!! I've love SKEETER'S new name!!! I'll be passing that one along :lol:

I just got through conversing with SUSAN and she said to tell you that it's gonna be another one of those weeks. She probably won't be able to get on the board until after SEPT 10th...BUT....If you see her before that, you can condiser it a treat!!!!

THANKS EVERYONE for the suggestions on SKEETER'S problem...
I take a baby squirter and fill it with (sp?) kaopectec....he likes it because it tastes like chocolate and as y'all know....he can't have real chocolate!!! :s: I'm not his best friend after doing this, but at least it helps....

TRAVEL PLANS.....have changed....Kate called me this afternoon and has decided that she doesn't want to spend 11 hrs in the car on Thursday and now we're gonna leave about 2p.m. tomorrow and drive up to Cordele Ga and spend the night at a SKEETER friendly place that we have used in the past. He has got to be better, he eats KRYSTAL hamburgers on trips.....he absolutely loves the little things......BOB and KATE do too!!!! ;)

SO....that means that everything that I originally had two days to do, now has to be done in a few hours tonight......like bathing SKEETER...washing his bed and getting it dried (a major task!)

I'll be in touch from my cousin's and will fill you in on our adventures!

MONET....does this mean that we won't be able to get together
next week? Susan only has her birthday on the 3rd, and isn't really sure about that....I'd hate to think that we have to put this off AGAIN!!! Susan said she is in need of "that flour that MONET has her hooked on!" :p

LADIES....I'm off, but will be in touch......



THE BIG ORANGE BABE 08-26-2003 05:36 PM


Those are GREAT PICTURES!!!! I still can't believe how they have grown!!!

SEF....I thought of you when I posted about retiring to the HOLIDAY INN!!! :lol:


THE BIG ORANGE BABE 08-26-2003 06:04 PM

I'm so sorry that I forgot to acknowledge the NEWBIES in our crowd!!! {{{{{{{{{{{{WELCOME}}}}}}}}}}}}}


fruitloupe 08-26-2003 09:18 PM

Hey friends

Popping in to tell you a little funny...I talked to a friend today that takes Zoloft and she said that she did put on a lot of weight - and her boobs grew! Oh my! I definitely don't want that to happen being that I just got my boobs reduced! I got it filled today and I'll start taking it and see what happens. I definitely don't want or need to gain weight. I think that if weight gain had been a side effect, she wouldn't have given it to me - she knows I'm trying to lose. I'll keep you posted


Ellen 08-26-2003 10:31 PM

BOB: The third is Wednesday.... I am working 7 to 1. I may be able to slide out a bit early, if necessary. Let me know what time you are hitting the area... To meet you, I will do what ever I can. Funny you are going to stay in Cordele. My husband is from around there. We drive through Cordele on our way to visit his mother. :)

Time for bed...sweet dreams everyone!

Teensybean 08-27-2003 01:49 AM

Well, it is late again. I was kept busy til 8:30 tonight. The pizza was wonderful!! Who ever posted the crust recipe did a great job. A neighbor of ours stopped in just as we were sitting down to eat. He finally agreed to have a small piece, said it was the best pizza crust he had EVER had. Dh is not a big pizza fan, but he agreed, likes the WW crust alot better than regular crust. I WAS BAD, I caved and had two pieces. But ate light for lunch and had a small dinner salad with dinner. So my total was 3 starchy carbs today.

My carbs for the day are as follows;

B--6 oz cantaloupe, BB Lite 85 1/2 c Fiber One, 1/4 c FF milk.


L-1/2 c Gazpacho, 5 oz cuke, onion tomato in red wine vingegar.


D- Salad, 2 pieces WW pizza....will just list the carbs.... (green pepper, onion, olives, pizza sauce, ww crust)

Probably had one too many fruits, but would rather snack on them than add more fats. I still have a hard time keeping them down.

Total for today

1452 calories
49 fat
15 sf
2 poly
8 mono
181 carbs
35 fiber
94 protein

Jack-k-- You are most welcome, it took me a while to figure it out, but now I use it 5 days a week. It seems like it takes forever when you first start, but once you get all your custom foods in.....name brands and such, it is pretty fast. I also use it to figure out how much of what is in new recipes. I take the totals and then divide by the number of servings I get. So now I know what is in my zucchini cake, or carrot cake per oz.

Heart-- Glad those monster scales were behaving themselves for you. A pound is a pound is a pound!! Any loss is SUPER!!

Libra-- Hello! :wave:

Pancho-- Which recipe board is the zucchini loaf on?? I have zucchini coming out my ears!! I am going to have to start shredding it and freezing it. Will see what I can find. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

Deb-- I used to take all three of my dogs, but I never felt like I got a good work out. The bassethounds don't move too fast, always have their noses to the ground. Our Shar Pei on the other hand will walk the legs off me. Since I got the Total Body Trainer I haven't been doing any walking except when we go to the lake. I miss it, but really like my resistance work outs. And am losing alot of inches.

BOB-- Too funny!! I can just see Skeeter taking his tail and poo poo painting!! But then I woke up to a mess this morning too. I put our little stray cat in a wire cage last night because she was not supposed to have anything to eat or drink after midnight. I left the cage under dh truck where she always hangs out, so it was in the dirt so she would feel free to do her duty if need be. And it would fall through the wire. Without letting me know, Dh moved her into the shop!! Poor little girl, rather than mess on the concrete floor, she used her bed box!! PU!! But she is all cleaned up and doing fine now. No babies for this Itty Bitty Kitty!! Have a great trip, see you when you get back!!

Fruit-- Sorry you are having such a rough time. Maybe the Zoloft will be beneficial for you. I don't know have any info on it for you, just hope that it helps you out. 9 pounds is AWESOME!! You have every right to be estatic!!

Monet-- What is the SB shopping guide? I have heard it mentioned before. And where would I get a peak at one? I am quite sure that you are a great asset to your place of employment!! They are darn lucky to have you. So of course your review should have been good!! AM I PARTIAL......no way!!

Gator-- Glad you had a wonderful time. Sexy night gowns......ooh laa laa!! (Was that French??) Happy Anniversary, belated.

Sef-- I would love to have your recipe. I am not sure yet just how we are going to do this. I am getting a few different recipes and then will probably go with DH pick. I would appreciate having yours too. Hope you are not still trotting around today. Please get to feeling better!

Quilter-- Sounds like you are very busy! Sometimes we just have to put the weight loss on hold, and get ourselves back to feeling better. You will be okay once you are over this bug or what ever it is.

Toni-- WOW 816 pounds, just think of the loss you will have when you replace the battery. LOL.

Country-- Wow, you are really racking up the miles. WTG. Don't get frustrated, believe me I have been there. I went over 6 months of not losing any weight. And I was walking 4 miles a day then. For me the answer was SB. I had to start eating more. Deb really helped me with this one. Maybe you need to jounal for a couple of weeks and see if there is a problem there?? Maybe not enough calories now that you are doing all that walking. I wanted to finish losing sooooo bad, that I sabotaged myself.

Well gang, I am off to search for a few recipes. See in in the morning.

Toni48 08-27-2003 08:44 AM

Good morning everyone. Just got off the TM and so thats out of the way. Get a a hair cut and permanet this moring. Yippee I feel like a slob with my hair ugly. I've been pretty tired for some reason and wonder if its because this is just the second week on this WOE and my body is adjusting. I'm also drinking less coffee in the morning. Anyway I'll ride it out. The days are getting a little easier and I'm getting back in the routine of eating right. I think my DH is catching on to it to. I noticed he took the dog for a walk last night thats unusual....

Angehaley- Congrads on the new scale. I had the same problem with mine when I got it new. Now the battery is dead and I'm lost. I've just got to find one.....

Monet- Your boss sounds like some kind of work!! I hope you get it worked out. I hope your co worker does well. It would sure be nice to have someone to work with that is on SB to and doing good. I also shop at a meat store that has natural hormone free beef. Its a little more expensive but I like it allot better. We even tried ground buffalo this week and it was good. I put it in my lasagna. Anyway its supposed to be really healthy.

Teensybean- Your poor kitty but she will be so happy to see you and get her new collar. Thats what I did to our cat to introduce her to the dogs. We had a large old parrot cage (no parrot in it) and put her in there so everyone could get used to each other. I know what you mean about your DH working only 3 days a week. It would be fun if Steve could do that too. I would want to camp lots. I make pizza once in awhile and we sure like it. I usually have the leftovers for lunches. Glad it turned out so good.

beachfan- Hope your hubby is feeling better. Sorry you didn't sleep well and hope you had a better night last night. To bad it isn't cooler and you could go for a nice walk, sometimes that helps...

Heartmom- Dang I couldn't get the pictures but they sound so cute....

Bob- Have a great trip and I hope you get skeeter's bed all dried. He must have a big fluffy one.

Fruitloupe- Good luck on the Zoloft. Dang I hope it doesn't put on weight. Surely not...

Well this is all for now. I'll pop back in after while. Have a great SB day.....

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