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Just a quickie to catch up before I hit the shower...

ANGE, you just CAN'T let yourself get all bothered by small fluctuations in the scale, whether the scale itself is a good one or not. It happens, it could be for so many reasons and NONE that have to do with an actual gain of fat. Stay strong and it will go right back down just as it has gone up, I promise! My kids start school at 7:30am and I drive them each and every day - one of the reasons they've never been late OR abscent in their lives Luckily, both kids are in the same school. They go to a MEGA MAGNET school. It's a public school but it has kids from all over the county at it, so it's not a school that's close. I'm about a 15 minute ride without traffic, some kids live REALLY far away, like 20 miles It's one of those schools that parents just die for their kids to get in to, and I'm lucky enough that both kids got in, different magnets, same school at least! Really, no need for a book, it can all be found on the computer-just buy a journal. I can spout off foods I know the nutritional information to by heart and I keep a list of fruits and their serving sizes pasted in the back for easy reference. It's not that hard.

JACKK, not that painful, though it was a little more promident about a half-mile from the house, so not too bad. Now that they figured out the problem with the glasses I have to go back to the other place and hopefully not have to fight with them to fix them correctly. Are you eating plain yogurt, flavored already, or do you mix in your own goodies?

MONET, hope everything is okay with your DM, let us know. Good job on being down to your all time low again - looking forward to hearing you boast joyfully when you hit that new all-time low

Will run to the library before I get the kids from school, probably the grocery store too. May try to make spinach quiche for dinner tonight, took the frozen spinach out so now I have to make something with it!!!!


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Once again, I need some constructive criticism on a new product I found!!!!! I did not see it listed on Debbies favorite chocolates, a little wary!!!!

It is sooo very yummy.... That I am a little scared to get your responses.
Here goes......
Doctor's CarbRite Diet SugarFree Bar (for the carb conscious dieters)
White Chocolate - with no artificial sweeteners (I think they also have a milk choc - but didn't see a dark choc)
serving size one square - 12 per bar
calories 32
fat cal 21
total fat 2.5
sat fat 1
total carb 4
sugars 0
malitotol 4
ingred - maltitol, cocoa butter, calcium carbonate, milkfat, polydextrose, calcium caseinae, soya lecithin, white kidney bean (very interesting....) and white choc flavors...


ok, I have done it... put the info out in the open... now I will close my eyes... wait for responses..... and PRAY!!!!!!!

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Good Morning everyone!! I feel so good being able to say that. Usually I don't get on here until late evening. Hubbie left early this morning to go work for a friend of ours, so I got up and exercised and am now doing laundry....mostly bedding.

It is looking like a beautiful day here. The sun is shining, but it isn't too hot yet. Want to get my little girl out for her first walk to day.

A few replies;

Beach-- Way to go on the loss! I keep Sunday as our ice cream night, but our is the Blue Bunny NSA of course. Dh has a tendency of having it more than once a week, especially now with Bill being home!!

Toni-- It is probably just fluid, so drink lots of water today and try and flush it out. That recipe sounds really good. I am copying it now. Thanks for sharing it with us. I got the sauerkraut recipe.... thank you so much, we are going to try it!! Do you think it would work with Splenda instead of sugar?

Jack-k-- Sorry things didn't go so well this weekend. Sounds like you are ready to commit again. Hop back up here and off we go!! Fitday isn't all that confusing. If you have a brand that you want to enter hit the custom food button, then you can add the name, serving and all the nutritional info. And it will keep a record of these foods in alphabetical order. Recent foods is for the foods that you have entered in the last 24 hours. My breakfasts are usually pretty much the same so I just hit this button every morning, and select what I want to add to todays. The search is for their list of foods. If I can help you in any other way just let me know. I journal M-F on fitday, and usually just write down what I have on the weekends. I don't have my scales with me on Saturdays for our family pot lucks, so I don't enter on fitday. Sundays, is my day for regular breakfast......bacon, eggs and WW toast. I also take Sunday as my higher fat,( ie... the bacon and eggs breakfast) and lower carb day if I chose.

Wood-- I love county fairs. There are usually so many cool arts and crafts. Hop back on the wagon now and you will be okay. Congrats on the tat!

Deb-- Thanks for the flour info. I will make it a point to get there again today and finish reading it. Congrats on the walking again. I have got my female basset on some weight reduction food from the Vets now, and am going to start her walking again. She can't go too far, as she is old, but I think any little thing will help her.

Monet-- We are happy to hear from you anytime, quick or not!! Congrats on being back to the ALL TIME LOW!! Way to go girl!! Next weigh numbers!!

Ange-- Just be careful of the maltitol..... it is a sugar can have a laxitive effect if you over do. And each person is different. Dh can't eat it at all. Old iron stomach here, hasn't really had too much trouble with it except for occasional gas!! Wish it would affect me like dh, then I would leave it alone!!

Well, I am off to put the clothes in the drier. Back this evening!!

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had a minute so thought I would catch up a bit....

Monet, congrats on reaching that new low. Hope you never see those other numbers again.

Deb, I buy Kroger lite yogurt. it is flavored, but I think it is legal. I have just discovered adding cheerios to it for some crunch. What is this cooking days in a row? what has gotten into you?

Teensy, thanks for the hlep with fitday. As soon as I am not working at both jobs I will try to get on there.

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Good afternoon everyone, just thought I'd pop in and catch up.

Jack-K- You were right I got back on the scales and they said I'd lost two of those pounds. Jack-K you can buckle down my DH and I are really trying.

woodfrogs- Did you take a picture of your henna tatto? Would love to see it. Glad you had a nice time at the fair.

Debelli- Can't believe you walked all that way with your poor toe taped up. You did so goooooood. Congradulations..

Angehaley- Thank you for the site address. I went over there today and played around with it...The Big Orange Babe has a recipe for the most wonderful Killer black bean soup. You'd love it. If its not in the recipe section let one of know.

Pancho- How did your daughter do at kindergarden? And how did you do? I've also got a bunch on e-bay. I've got to stop it for awhile to. Yes fitaday is so confusing and takes so long don't think I'll stick with it. I had my gall bladder removed a couple of years ago. And I used to get kind of a stabbing pain right where you said yours was. Then on the last I started having a queasy stomach everyday.

Monet- Way to go gal on the two pounds... Its nice your co worker has you to help her if she has to go on SB.

Teensybean- I don't know if it will work with splenda but wouldn't that be wonderful if it does. Are you going to try it with it? I really don't know why it wouldn't... I want to make some when cabbage starts getting cheap.

Okay time for DH to get home from work so will go check what I'm making for dinner which I think will be leftover lasagna.....
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Today, I'm back on track with my eating. Here's the ironic part- I stepped on the scale just knowing it would be up a minimal of 2 pounds, and it was actually DOWN a pound! It will probably be up tomorrow. Anyway, I don't count carbs except starchy ones. So far, I've had 1/2 cantaloupe, nsa yogurt, tuna fish salad(mayo, 1egg, little relish, onion) and 1 piece of low carb bread. I'm fixing to eat a peach and maybe another yogurt- my stomach is growling. Supper is going to be steak, salad, and a sweet potato.
I did my 3 mile tape today, and for some reason I got really hot this time. It's been more than an hour since I finished, and I'm still bright red in the face.

DEB- I told hubby you called him a hunk--he just laughed and was like, yea right. It was a good picture of him - and thanks for the compliment towards me. One day I'll get around to taking a pic of me with my hair and makeup actually fixed. I keep saying that we need a family photo but I want to put it off until I reach goal weight, but at this rate, who knows when that will be.
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Post thanks

first i want to thank all of you who helped put me on the right track. Hope this is right.... 2 questions the new sourdough burger at hardees is it legal / if not can you put it on whole wheat bun ?? what about the subways or they legal ??
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Hello, everyone. I just now had a chance to look at today's posts. I have to leave work in a few minutes so this will be short.

Debbie - my birthday is three days after my anniversary was. My ex forgot BOTH of them three years in a row!! By the third year, it got to be funny to me wondering if he would remember. I think the fourth year our children were finally old enough to remind him.

Pancho - I had my gall bladder removed 11 years ago. My main symptom was feeling like a stave from a barrel had been placed around my chest and was being tightened. Hurt like heck!!! Fortunately, I was able to schedule my surgery for a time when I was not having an attack and they were able to do it with a laparascope. It's easier on your body if you aren't in the middle of an attack when the surgery is being done. My surgery was out-patient and I felt almost 100% after a week as opposed to 4 weeks the old fashioned way.

Toni - I can't wait to try your soup recipe. It sounds wonderful!

I'm really excited. I took several large bags of items to Goodwill today. I'm going through some more things tonight to be moved to my newly rented storage room. It's the pits to try and put 35 years of stuff into a two room apartment. Putting these "things" in order adds incentive to me putting myself in order. I guess that is my MM - more order in my life enabling me to be more orderly with my WOE. Does that make sense? I guess it's a control issue. If my outer life is under control, then my inner life will be more easily controlled.

Oh, well, the old clock on the wall says I can go home now. Have a great evening everyone.

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Good afternoon:

I did survive my daughter's first day of Kindergarten, but it was only a half day orientation, and I was actually on campus the entire time. Tomorrow will be the true test, actually driving away with her there!

So far today:

1 1/2 slices of zucchini loaf cake
Yogurt with flax seed meal
1/2 pita with chicken salad & lettuce
Getting hungry, so will probably have some triscuits with laughing cow cheese. Tonight is the night that I am going to make CountryMom's lasagne, and will have a salad with it.

Deb: I don't go to Curves, but have known several who have. From what they tell me, after a while they do not feel that they are challenged enough. I believe you have far less options than at a gym with a lot of equipment and classes. I know a few of our members here go, and can probably give you more positive feedback, since this is all heresay. My pain is more of a ripping/tearing sensation; I was just in for my physical too, and it hadn't happened at that time. I will keep an eye on it, and probably make another appt. soon. Let me know if you get in touch with Jenn; tell her I send warm wishes her way. I haven't really looked at the Blintz loaf recipe yet, just took your word for it, and printed it out for later. Did Eli ever remember your special day? Is it the day you met, moved in together, made a commitment???? Good job getting that walk in today!!

angehaley: I used to have one of those scales; it drove me crazy. Tell your husband that he can use that one, and you want a new one that will give you an accurate reading (ha). I haven't tried the no bake chocolate cookies yet; but I will have to. As far as the candy bars you mentioned; I have seen them, and the first ingredient is maltitol, which is a sugar alcohol, and has a laxative affect for many. I don't eat that stuff anymore since on SB, you are allowed to have "REAL" chocolate, as long as it is 60% pure cocoa content. I get the 77% cocoa content, and I LOVE it. As far as legal, Deb could probably tell you better than I could. If it doesn't have sugar, it is probably o.k., but in moderation. Do you have any stores like Trader Joes, Wild Oats, Sprouts in your area? If so, that is where I find my candy bars. I actually need to pick up a few more.


Toni: Thanks for the info. on your gallbladder. I probably need to have it checked out. I had an ultrasound of it done almost two years ago, due to IBS type symptoms and it was alright. Oh well, we'll see.

Libra: Thanks for the info. on the gallbladder. I guess it is more common than anyone would suspect. I don't get these often, and I wouldn't even call them attacks. It happens and is extremely painful for a few minutes and then is gone as quickly as it came.

Well, I better get going and get a few things done around here.

OH, I FORGOT TO TELL YOU ALL: I am meeting with a nutritionist at a place called "Heaven Can Wait" tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. I have done so much reading and have put myself on certain supplements over the past year. I need to have someone to sit down and talk to about what I am taking that I don't need to be,as well as what I should be taking that I am not. My regular MD thinks anything other than a multi-vitamin is a waste of money, but that is because he is used to fixing things once they are broken -vs- maintaining to make sure it doesn't break in the first place. I will let you all know what he has to say sometime tomorrow or Wednesday. He only charges $40 for 1 hour. He seems to be very qualified too. Wish me luck!!!

See ya!
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Howdy Heartmom- Hows Boogie doing?

Willow- Its good to see you posting again. I know you can't have subway but I don't know about Hardy's.

Libra- Sounds like you were really busy. I know when I'm working on my weight the other things in my life get in control too.

Pancho- That would be great to meet with a nutritionist and hear their opinion. Can't wait to hear what he saids. That sure doesn't sound like allot. My heart doctor is the same about any vitamin or mineral. Good luck with your daughter tomorrow...
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Evening All

Whew! What an afternoon! I got one of those massive headaches I get from time-to-time, not sure if it was hormonal from TOM being over or from the heat this morning, or even could of been a combo, but it sure was a doozie! I felt it coming on earlier in the afternoon but thought it was just a mild headache but by the time I went to get the kids it was getting worse. Took some 222's (love those things) but ended up barfing them up, nothing like the taste of THAT then finally passed out in bed til I woke up feeling fine once again. Took a shower and feel human now.

Kids both had a good day at school though MICHAEL needs a schedule change - seems lots of kids in IB do, so he's not alone. LAUREN loves all her teachers and is happy with her schedule.

I haven't eaten much today, just 5.5 ounces of cactus pears and a pot pie, going to take it light this evening and not really that hungry yet but getting there.

Going to get in some replies before the usual call of "I NEED THE COMPUTER" gets yelled at me

ANGE, I really don't recommend the fake chocolates, esp. when you are new to SB. It really seems to get people in trouble, sometimes in more ways than one, if you get my drift. If chocolate is a trigger food for you that's even more of a reason to stay away from it. If you REALLY need chocolate, go for the real stuff which I know you can find at the big HFS in your area. Would you believe, I need to update that chocolate list of mine and ADD to it? Oh, about the bean being in the bar - interesting, as if you read what I posted last week about the starch blockers, they are made with white kidney beans!

TEENSY, I think that's great that you'll be getting out with the dog - she may surprise you and go farther than you think and both of you will benefit. I think they are such cute dogs - I have a glass pin of a BH that is so cute

JACKK, forget the cooking days in a row, not going to happen tonight, sure not in the mood. Definitely tomorrow though. I think I'm going to make this Ricotta and Spinach Pie recipe that I found - sounds good and easy. How about some Fiber One in the yogurt for crunch? I'm loving the yogurt with the PB flour mixed in it, it's sooooo yummy!

TONI, I guess I'm a gluten for punishment with walking with my toe but it seems that it's not going to get better all of a sudden, overnight so better I take that pain than the pain of seeing the scale going up!

HEART, glad to hear you are down rather than up!! DId you drink enough water when you did your tape? Is it hot out today? Be careful! Oh, I just BET DH loved hearing that I called him a hunk - paleese, what man wouldn't, esp. if it wasn't from his wife! Looking forward to seeing a pic of you one day, all decked out and gussied up! I never have gotten a family pic - you've given me an idea that I should take one with the kids before the year is gone.

WILLOW, the sourdough bread there may not be a true sourdough I suspect, but really not sure. You are not going to find a true ww bread at many places. What is more a problem with the breads is the amount. Like, for SUBWAY, which doesn't have a true whole grain bread, the amount of bread is equivalent to a few slices of bread. You could do worse, so if you need to go there and can't make something from home, just do your best, but I wouldn't eat that on a regular basis. Do keep in mind that when you combine a low GI food with a high one it brings it to a moderate level. If you asked me if I'd eat it, the answer would be no

LIBRA, hmmm, is that one of the reasons you aren't married, he forgot about the anniversary AND your bday? ELI better be careful!!!! It's not like he's forgotten, he just didn't remember the exact date so each day he comes home it's like he's fishing and trying to find out. I just thought he'd of planned something special Your motivation makes sense - my house is chaotic and so if my life, one reflects the other, so it seems. I remember my GB attacks as you do yours - felt like you were having a heart attack, like someone was trying to rip your heart out of your chest!

PANCHO, I've heard the same from other posts I've read about CURVES on the computer, so I guess what you are saying is true. I'm going to look in at a place called PORKY'S. I just don't like that place because people can look in the window and watch you. It's open 24 hours and lots of policemen go there. There's other places for women only but they stink. My DM is willing to pay for LAUREN to join, maybe she'll do the same for me Read what I posted above to LIBRA about ELI - nope, not the day we met, didn't actually verbally make a commitment, sorta commited with something else, if you get my drift Let us know if the nutritionist has anything interesting to say.

Okay, I heard that "calling" for the computer and now I have to get off - at least they let me get caught up.

Will check in tomorrow morning - have the day to myself and DM will be coming over.


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My day started out with Skeeter thinking that he was an artist!!!
As I said before, he's not been feeling well, and had an accident
this morning in the living room....THEN took his tail and painted POOP all over the place!!!!
That's not what I needed at daybreak!!!!

LAURIE....The kids are growing!!! Such cuties, and I agree with Deb....HUBBY IS A HUNK!! So glad to hear that Boogie was ok.
I know you're relieved!'s been a while since you've taken a run....GO SLOW!!!! Babysitter???? I'll keep that in mind since I just found out that MY NEPHEW AND HIS WIFE ARE PREGNANT!!!!!
I'm so excited..a baby in town to spoil!!!! She's due on St Patricks Day!!!!

HEARD FROM SUSAN....she's been REALLY BUSY and didn't have a chance to get on the board last week, but is hoping that this week will be different!!!

JACKIE...sorry about your boat ride...Does DD live in a dorm or apartment? That's a lot of food for one of those little dorm fridges!

OH>>>MY>>>>GAWD!!!! Gotta run...Skeeter is at it again!!!!
PLEASE everyone cross your fingers that he's better before the car ride!!!!

I'll be back to talk to the rest of you!!

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Hello Everyone!

Just reporting in to say that those french fries the other day have not steered me off course. I've gotten right back on plan! woo hoo!

I went to my fertility specialist today to schedule my next endometriosis surgery (the 3rd one!) So, I'm going under the knife on November 21st - the Friday before we are out for our Thanksgiving break. That gives me a week to recoup. One good thing about my case of endo. is that it is never bad. It just tends to attach itself to places that cause me a great deal of pain. Last year it was removed from the ligament on the left side of my back and now it is on the right side. That may be the only spot in there but it hurts like ****! While she is in there she is going to do a HSG test and do some of the Expensive blood work to test to see if I'm a gene carrier for the cromosome abnormality that the baby had in my last miscarriage/pregnancy. They also have to do that same test on my hubby. She also wants to test further for the antiphospholipid antibodies that I have - something like that. So, in other words, lots of money will come out of this surgery!

On a good note - I'm officially 9 pounds less than last Monday. I'm very happy about that.

I found out today that another friend at work is pregnant. So, needless to say - I cried all morning. Also, because of all of the depression, my DR. gave me Zoloft - anyone on that or ever was? Does it make you EAT? I certainly don't want that!

DEB: Sorry I missed your call yesterday - we will hook up soon!

Well, lemme go be depressed...sorry I'm such a bummer - I'm just at the end of my rope with the pregnancies at school, etc. But, the good thing is - I DIDN'T EAT anything bad today because of it!

See y'all tomorrow

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Default Monday Evening

I got in late from the doctor visit with my co-worker. Just as I suspected, she has insulin problems, and he put her on Sugarbusters! I loaned her my book, shopping guide and gave her the address for her. I hope she gets on here! The doctor, as usual, was in rare form. He pulled his stepping on the scale while weighing her, tried to tell her she had syphilis. Her jaw dropped. He harrassed me, told her he was ignoring me because I was family! He is such a hoot!

When I got home, my daughter and son in law were over. I got the SIL to fix some salmon for Tom for dinner. I had a couple deviled eggs, and some yogurt. I just did not feel like eating tonight. The salmon turned out really well, and Tom was happy again after eating!

I took a dip in the pool, and just got dried off. It was cold tonight! Especially as the sun went down! I was shivering when I came in. It was kind of nice!

I had my three month review today. It went pretty well. I would have liked a higher score, but the assistant manager who did the review is like my adopted daughter, was in my daughters wedding, etc. I feel sure she felt like she had to be hard on me so no one could claim she was playing favorites. My overall rating was very good, so I think she did fine!

I work again tomorrow, so I am going to hit the pillow early tonight. Hope all is well with everyone!

Enough from me....Good night!
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I'm baaaack.
Yesterday was our 40th wedding anniversary and we went away for the weekend. Actually, we just went to one of the swanky hotels in the south part of town, near the attractions. It was great. On the way to the hotel my DH took me to the high class mall that opened recently--the one with Macy's, Nieman Marcus, etc. and bought me a sexy nightgown. So---we had a nice time this weekend.

We got home about 2 Sunday and then went out again to our small group at 5:30. I went with a friend to St. Augustine today and so am now just getting on the board. I start my French class tomorrow and know I will be pretty busy from now on. I hope I am not biting off more than I can "chew."

Monet--Congratulations on the loss. Good luck on continued success. I am staying the same even with the carnitine. I don't know if I need to count calories again. I just HATE to do that. My new doctor doesn't seem to think I should have to. I'll see her in a few weeks and will discuss it again with her.

Gotta go. It's late and I still have to clean up the kitchen and fold clothes
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