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Old 04-22-2003, 11:00 AM   #46  
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Default Good morning

Hi everyone,

I was out of the office yesterday. We went to the Marathon and then to a friends house for a cookout. The weather was beautiful but today I am sunburnt.

Well, the 3 pounds I was down at the end of last week is back on. I was pretty well behaved this weekend too. I was actually very proud of myself. On Friday night I made WW pizza dough, on Saturday night I had chicken parm with a tossed salad. I know it had some breading but that was the only illegal thing I ate all day. On Easter we went to Legal Seafood and I had a cup of clam chowder (yes it had some potato in it) and a crab cake that had very little breading in it with a salad and shrimp cocktail sauce. Yesterday at the cookout I made my mexican dip and for myself instead of using chips to dip I took some WW tortilla's and sliced them then baked them. I used those instead of the chips. I thought I had done pretty well all weekend but now as I type this I realize I didn't. I guess I am just doomed. Even when I am good I am bad.

Well, now I will have to work at it again to lose it this week. I will probably keep losing the same 3 pounds over and over again! Shouldn't I be losing more weight on this WOE? Everyone I know that has followed this has done tremendously! I, like with all other diets that I have done, am not.

Well, enough complaining. The weather fits my mood today. It was so nice yesterday and now it is raining buckets. I so want to get outside and work in my garden. I just have been so busy the last few weeks. I can't seem to find time to scratch!

I will catch up with everyone later if I can. Since I was out of the office yesterday I am busy today.
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On second thought...

I just added up all I ate yesterday, well, calories thus far, and it's not really as low as I thought. I ate about 1,100 calories. Yes, lower than normal, but not much. Darn, that piece of salmon alone was 625 calories! 37 grams of fat too! Def. had too much fat yesterday and protein, that's for sure!!!

JANE, do take this weeks challenge and post at least one day of eating. Also, I can tell you, you can be 100% OP and there could be other reasons to see a gain. Are you eating enough? Drinking enough water? Getting any exercise? Is TOM around the corner? Any major stress? What's more important, how do you feel?

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No time to read right now, but I wanted to pass this little unknown tidbit along to all of you...

"If you boil an egg while singing all five verses and choruses of the hymn ‘Onward Christian Soldiers,’ it will be cooked perfectly when you come to Amen."

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Old 04-22-2003, 11:45 AM   #49  
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Deb - Whether the walk is slow or fast the important thing is that you got out there and did it. What do you do with the Skin So Soft to keep the mosquitos out of the house? I know it is good to put on the skin as a mosquito repellant. The one I have is a bath oil. Do they have something you can spray?

I don't usually use parchment paper in my cookie pans. I'm not sure from your note whether this would help prevent or contribute to the burning. Anyway the next time I make any cookies I will take them out when I see the edges getting a little brown even if the tops don't look like they are done. I think I had better wait until at least next week before I do any more baking. I have two recipes I want to make, one is the peanut butter oatmeal again and then the recipe for oatmeal cookies I got from my dil yesterday. I've no idea if the peanut butter flour would work, you would have to experiment with it. But if you decided to use the pb flour in place of peanut butter you would have to increase the amount of butter in the recipe. I will post the recipe for the cookies later. Yes the dinner yesterday was an Easter dinner and I was expecting only turkey. The hostess thought there wouldn't be enough turkey for everyone so decided to cook a roast beef as well. I wouldn't usually have two kinds of meat at a meal, but what the heck, I started with the roast beef and then couldn't resist the turkey so I definitely had more meat than I would normally eat at a meal. I resisted the bread and the potato but had to have some of the turkey dressing, and I was really stuffed when I was finished (actually I was stuffed before the turkey dressing came out - Monika had forgotten all about it until the end of the meal.) And I just remembered I had a slice of apple cheese cake, certainly not op but it was 90% apple and very little cheescake. I have no idea how many calories. I didn't put it into Fit-day this time just kept notes of everything. My biggest concern is to keep the starchy carbs down. BTW I only used 1/2 tsp of cream cheese because that was all that was left in the carton. I would usually have about two tsp. on a slice of bread.

Jane - Sounds like you did very well with your eating on the weekend. Don't worry too much about the lost three pounds coming back. I'm sure they will be gone again soon. It's quite usual for our weight to fluctuate on a daily basis even when we are eating right. Sometimes it justs takes time to settle into a loss. I know when I was losing (haven't lost any recently) my weight would always go up and down a few pounds before settling down before the next loss. So just hang in there.

BOB - Thanks for that info. I will try to remember that the next time I am boiling eggs. Now I just have to find the words to the hymn

Gotta run.


P.S. I just posted the recipe for Peanut Butter Oatmal cookies.

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Old 04-22-2003, 12:06 PM   #50  
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Post Tuesday morning

Hello everyone!

Sounds like everyone had a good Easter weekend. I was bad bad bad bad over the weekend myself. Not a big Easter dinner though. My oldest and youngest girls had birthdays this month, (the youngest on the 2nd. and oldest on the 14th). I can't let my babies go without a birthday cake, so I just got one pretty good sized cake and split it between the two of them. Had each side decorated differently for both girls. I know I had way too much of it, but it was so good I just couldn't help myself. Anyway, it's gone now so I don't have to worry about that. I put a roast in the crock pot for Sunday, went to church and remembered that I forgot to plug the darn thing in! So when we got home I plugged it in and we had it for supper. I couldn't believe that I did that! Oh, and as for all the cake I had, I did do A WHOLE LOT of walking Friday and Saturday, and as of right now, I've not lost or gained anything thank goodness. Thanks to TOM I won't see a loss tomorrow either, but hopefully I will see one next WIW.

I made spaghetti squash last night. I'm just wondering if I did something wrong though. Is it supposed to be crunchy? The kids didn't eat it, they had regular noodles, but hubby did try it and said that if regular noodles were cooked then he was gonna eat that. Oh well, I had the squash myself and I thought it was pretty good. I even put some zuchinni in my sauce.

Deb, I hope your dad gets better. It's just awful when someone goes in the hospital for one thing, comes out and then has to go back for something else. My grandma has done that some. Got a question for ya. Do we have to get the fat free dressings? They taste much sweeter than the regular kind, and if I'm not mistaken they have more sugars in them. I'm not good at making my own dressings or I would do it that way; they always turn out horrible!

Rosalie, Zucchini crust pizza? How do you make that? I'm really interested. I've been using pita for my pizzas, and although we don't have that very often, I would still like to know other ways of making a pizza.

Ok ladies, I'm off to the shower. The girls are back in school today, and the house is normal once again, YIPPEE I'll check back later.

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BOB, guess I'll just have to be one of those people who will have to use the old timer to cook eggs. About the only word I know is AMEN!

ROSALIE, last year I was searching the web to see what things were out there to keep the mosquitos away because they kept coming by the front door and in to the house so I had some SKIN SO SOFT in the house and tried that. I spray it on the walls and around the door frame. The mosquitos stayed away! Well, they started to come early this year so I hoped on Ebay and got 5 - 24oz bottles of it and sprayed the front area again and viola, they're gone. I have to re-spray every 5 days or so to keep them away, but by gosh, it works! Just hope I have enough!!!! The parchment will help the cookies not burn and it makes cleaning a breeze! As for the starchy carbs, remember, peas are considered a starchy carb! Not a big deal though, it was a special meal and I alone have eaten lots more starchy carbs in one day than I care to imagine!!!

JEC, don't feel bad you didn't remember the crockpot, you must suffer from CRS like I do. I put the hose on outside and forgot to turn it off. An hour later my neighbor knocked at my door to tell me the water was running - hate to see this water bill! I think you didn't cook the spgti squash enough. As for the ff dressings, most are loaded with sugar, that's how they make up the taste difference. I would opt for a regular or possibly a light version, as long as you look at the label and make sure it falls under the SB guidlelines, it should be okay. I get one at the HFS that's wonderful. I only use 1Tbl of it, otherwise it's really too much fat, but it's sufficient.

Just found out I don't have to get MICHAEL at school, he's staying late and getting a ride home and LAUREN'S Dad is picking her up later on, so I'm free!!!
Now, what to do


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Old 04-22-2003, 12:41 PM   #52  
"I'm working on it!"
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Talking Good Afternoon All

Hi Gang!
Just a little check in from me.

Got thru Easter pretty good. Only had a spoonful of mashed potatoes with dinner. Filled up more on salad and ham. Did have a bit of cake, but didn't overdo it. I've had some of the wee chocolate foil covered eggs, maybe a total of 15 since Sunday.

I haven't been getting in the elliptical, BUT I've been walking DS to the parks and then chasing him around the playground equipment. It took me a bit to figure out my arms and legs were sore from climbing, sliding and swinging!

It's icky rainy here today, so I think I'll be doing the elliptical. I've got me some incentive to do it cause I bought 2 bathing suits yesterday. YUP! 2 of 'em!!! DH has always told me I have good legs, so I've been looking at the tankini suits. In a flyer from one of our department stores, they had them for $29.99! Couldn't pass up that deal. The tank top part covers my belly a bit.

We had tacos and salad last night. I had only one taco with the hard shell, then I used the fixings to make taco salad. Seasoned ground beef, tomatoes, lettuce, grated cheese all mixed with some Pace salsa. Really yummy and filling. DS wanted the leftovers today for lunch. Good idea he had. I was trying to figure out what I wanted for lunch. DS wants to take it for school tomorrow, so I cooked up some more meat. Guess what I'm having for lunch tomorrow?!!!

I've only briefly browsed the board.

DEBELLI--Sorry your dad had to go back into the hospital. I hope the clot dissolves soon. My dad had to go in for a clot in the leg a few years ago and he's doing just fine now.

MONET--Thanks for missing me I did a double take and had to scroll back up to make sure I had seen my name. I've just been keeping busy.

WELCOME --to all the newbies! This is a warm, wonderful place for support and to get answers to your questions.

WELCOME BACK--to all who have been away for a while

I've gotta go. I've got a 5 year old in overdrive! I think I'll make him run laps or jump on the mini-tramp.
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Old 04-22-2003, 01:05 PM   #53  
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DEB: After reading your paragraph about the Westsoy products, I wonder if you have ever read anything about soy, and the controversy on its use in human consumption? I know you are concerned about stuff like that, since you don't use Splenda. Here is a link to Dr. Mercola's soy index page, with links to a lot of recently published articles on recent research on soy. Its interesting reading. I thought you might find it so.
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Old 04-22-2003, 01:18 PM   #54  
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Default Jecrites

The recipe for the Zucchini Crust Pizza is on the July/Dec 2001 Recipe Board. Let me know if you are unable to find it and I will post it again on the current recipe board. I use spaghetti squash sometimes and I like it a little crunchie. If you don't like it this way just cook it a little longer.

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Old 04-22-2003, 01:38 PM   #55  
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Deb, Thanks so much for the info on the dressings. That f.f. stuff is for the birds, that's one thing that I just can't choke down. I don't like my salads to be drinched in dressing either, it makes it impossible to taste anything else, but I don't like it completely dry either; tried that just the other day and it was awful too.

Rosalie, Thanks, I'm gonna jump right in that recipe board to find that recipe. Hopefully I'll have everything to make it, and if I don't, then I'll pick the stuff up next time I'm at the grocery store.

You ladies are wonderful. I mean all of you. It's so nice to know that there's someone you can tell that you messed up and they are there to help pick you up and get you going again. There are too many people in the world today that would rather look down their noses at you. I'm so glad that I found y'all.

Ok, I'm off to look for that recipe now. I'll check back again later.

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S/C/G: 257/169/155

Height: 5'6"


Boy am I mad. We get to the luncheon and they hand you a box lunch!!!! Turkey, ham or roast beef on a huge hoagie bun, chips, potatoe salad and 2 cookies! Here I had begged about 30 people to buy tables at this thing at $1500/table and they give us a box lunch. I was embarrassed. Not to say that I couldn't eat any of it.

I threw away the top bun, cut the bottom bun in half and put the little pc of turkey and cheese on it. Ate only that half and 3 glasses of water. Usually it is such a nice hot lunch. Next year people won't be so eager to donate.

Headed home to eat my chicken. It is going to taste pretty good tonight.

Rosalie, you sound like a little girl taking tap lessons with your practicing. I bet you do great. I always decide my dinner first, then my lunch, and bf is what's leftover.

Deb, good for you getting out there when you didn't want to. $5.00 for tortillas? That sounds expensive. Don't remember what she mentioned as their song. She didn't want to tell us. I'm more concerned about the dance with Dad. I think it is going to be "through the Years". I'll have to stay in the bathroom or I'll cry the whole night. Can't wait to see your WIW results sinceyou haven't been on there for so long. I'm sure you will be pelasantly surprised. Peas are a starchy carb? I thought the book said they were not.

Jane, those 3 lbs can be anthing. The weight of the meal from the previous night, hormones, water retention. They are not fat. They will disappear just as fast as they appeared. Don't get discouraged. That's the bad thing about weighing all the time. Deb posted a great piece about the scale awhile back. I betit is on one of the information boards. You should look it up.

Bob, Interesting. But I don't know the words so mine would be raw.

Jecrites, The spaghetti squash is not crunchy. It was good, but not a substitute for spaghetti as far as I was concerned.

Zanne, You had better hide those chocolate eggs before they get you. Your taco salad sounds so good.

Probably won't be a chat tonight. DD is working a a paper for school. If the computer is free, I'll try to be there. Guess we will try to pick up her table again.

Have a great evening and good luck to everyone ont he scale tomorrow.

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Thumbs down Good Tuesday Afternoon!

Hey all!

I'm just about packed and ready to go. My plane leaves at 7:50 pm EDT and I should be in Atlanta by 9:30 and Auburn by 10:30 CDT. I cannot wait to see Miss Belle! I have missed her so much this week.

I am mildly curious to see what the scale will say tomorrow. TOM is being difficult this month and hanging around awhile, so I'm still retaining water. I'm resisting the urge to throw Mom's scale into my suitcase since it seems to be about 5 lbs lighter than mine!

Tranquil--I haven't tried those SF Hershey's candies yet--most SF candy really does a number on me (that would be number 2). I did get some good 62% cocoa chocolate in my basket which I shall stow away for when a really want a taste of chocolate!

Deb--I don't think I can do the challenge this week. If I journal everything then I think about food constantly--and if I do that I start to obsess on food and that leads to bad news for me. That salmon you had yesterday was not bad for you. The fat in Salmon is the good kind of fat--remember there are two kinds--bad and good and we have to distinguish between them! A 12 ox steak--now that would have been the bad kind of fat! ;-)

Music--glad to see you back on the board. I, too, fell off the wagon seriously awhile back and gained a significant amount of weight back. I've relost almost half of it, so you can do the I've been bad blues with me!!!

Marie--I use the Pampered Chef Stoneware baking sheets and it is the only thing i've found that doesn't burn the bottom of cookies!

Jackie--Actually I'm planning to make a SF cheesecake for derby day and to melt some DK chocolate for dipping strawberries, so the juleps are likely the only think that will be bad for me. So very very bad.

Sheanne--So far so good on the next challenge. You need way more than 6 oz of protein per day! Sounds like your nutritionist is still on the low-fat kick. Tell her to keep up with the latest research!

Slimkat--Welcome! Don't be afraid to ask any questions--this can all be a bit confusing at first! It sounds good that the whole family will be signing on!

Julie--Welcome to you too! I think the malitol is a sugar alcohol--it can have a laxative effect on some folks! Most of us find it helpful to completly "detox" from sweets in the beginning. You will be amazed at how quickly you will lose your taste for sweets!

Kim--Feel free to join me on this challenge! Mom is doing great--the test showed her heart to be completely normal. Now we are trying to keep her from taking out a hit on the Dr.for scaring everyone to death!

Jenn--I beleive that SB is good for pregnancy! I don't see any problems, but of course check with your Dr! How exciting!

BOB--Oh dear--please tell Skeeter to feel better soon!

Heart--Step away from the food! Take a deep breath and remember how good it feels inside your body to eat foods that are good for you! Exhale. Don't worry about anything other that your next meal. Make it a healthy OP one! Just take them one at a time--you can do it!!!

Monet--I am taking the kids to a small lake cabin about 10 miles out of town. We are calling the weekend "Sex at the Lake." Yup--it's the sex ed retreat. My favortie weekend of the entire year--NOT!

Country--I've seen shape magazine before--hmmm might inspire me to exercise--better not! ;-)

I'm packing the computer now--don't know if I will be able to get on tomorrow since I have to be in Montgomery first thing in the morning. It might be Thursday before I can get on again!


ps--Heart--Happt Birthday!!!!!
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Default Good afternoon!

Howdy all! I posted earlier but it's no where to be found...wonder if I forgot to hit enter....

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Deb--Hmmm, I think even on 1 ox steak would be bad! Of course I meant oz!

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Hello All!!!

I'm waiting for a friend. We are going out for dinner and then over to the local Barnes and Nobles for a writers' workshop. We go to them every month and they are great. So I have a few extra moments to spare so I thought I'd get in a good post.

Eating was good today. We had to get up early and get into work by 8 a.m., so I am really tired. But still want to go out and have fun. I had egg with ww pita for breakfast. That's a good way to start out the day. But didn't take time to exercise. We were woken at 5:15 by the sounds of the dog trying to vomit. That is a good way to wake up fast. We tried to get her outside in time, but she didn't make it. Thank goodness Paul cleaned it up. I was too squeamish for that. Any of you dog owners know, you'd do just about anything to get them outside when that's about to happen. One time I held her head in a big trash can and that worked well. But Paul's too nice to do that to her.

Sorry for the gross out subject.

JACKK---That's a bummer about your lunch. That's a lot of money for little meal. We always try to give people good eats when they come to a fundraiser. At least they can go away full and well fed. Perhaps the race track is too expensive and they should choose somewhere with a lower menu price. That's a hard choice. I know.

JECRITES---This is a wonderful group of people, isn't it? Sometimes I'm thankful that I had a weight problem to begin with so I found all these great friends. But other days . . . LOL

MONET---Tsk, tsk! Is that all I need to say about that confession of yours????? Don't get depressed, just get back on track. Sounds like a little recommitment would work well for you. Remember we can't do anything about the past, but we can take care of the future. You can do it. Perhaps a little extra treadmill would also do the trick. {{{HUGS}}} The meeting went well. There's a lot of work ahead. We need to get new members and also get more organized. Listen to me starting to act like "Miss Know it All". But I think we need to look to the future and stop talking about how great the past was. MHO only. I felt great eating my lunch food too. So that worked well.

HEART---Happy, happy birthday!!! I hope you have a great day. You deserve it. Queen for a day . . . how does that sound?

DEB---I did take the position of RS for Altrusa. Why not? I think I'll be able to do some good there.

Okay, I'd better go. My friend will be here soon to pick me up.

Take care. I'll try to get to the chat tonight, but don't know what time we'll get home.

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