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I'm like a camel, I hardly ever drink water!
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  • This is the
    where all of you who are following this WOE, or are thinking about doing so, are welcome to come join in and be a part of our wonderful group.

    Other than finding support and friendship on this board, we also try to do something during the the week to add a little difference to our board.


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    Will post my usual morning post sometime later, but wanted to make sure I got our
    done early in the morning, so here's my contribution for MM, there's 3 of them to read today:


    It doesn't really matter what you desire to achieve. The thing that truly makes a difference is what you're willing to do to reach that desired achievement. Your willingness to do what is necessary makes the critical difference between merely wishing and actually making it happen. The strength of your desire matters only to the degree that it motivates you to take action.

    If every wish was immediately and completely fulfilled, with no effort whatsoever, imagine how tiresome that would soon become. Think of how completely unfulfilling such a life would be.

    The real value of any achievement depends on the challenges that must be overcome to reach that achievement. To shortcut the process, even if it was possible, would leave you feeling empty and cheated.

    What a blessing it is that achievement requires effort, and that significant achievement requires significant, dedicated effort. The necessity of making it happen is what brings the possibility of making it great, and valuable, and truly magnificent.

    -- Ralph Marston


    The way to achieve any kind of success is to make it a part of you. For success is not something you do only on weekdays from eight to five, it is who you are all the time.If you constantly have to remember to discipline yourself, or worse yet, be disciplined by others, you're not there yet. When discipline and focus are a part of your approach to every situation, that's when success is sure to follow.

    If integrity is just something you talk about and try to project, you still have a ways to go. When integrity is what drives your every decision, thought and action, then you're truly getting there.

    If you're constantly concerned about your image, your reputation, and what other people think, there's still work to be done. When you can focus instead on real substance, doing what you know is right no matter how it may appear, then you're really getting somewhere.

    Success is achieved not by simply wishing to go out and get it. For real success does not exist outside of you, but within. The success you desire will become real when you can truly make it a part of you.

    -- Ralph Marston

    Get excited about your goal by believing that you can and will succeed at your dream. That is, let your faith in your abilities fuel your inner fire. For this is how you grow your self
    confidence, by taking baby steps towards your goal. Another way to grow your dream is to ask yourself the following questions:
    "What would I do if I could not fail?" "What would I do if I had
    all the time, energy, and resources necessary? " Now the next
    step is to get out there and do it anyway. Because whatever is
    holding you back from your dream is only as strong as you allow
    it to be. It only has power over you insofar as you give it
    power over your dreams. Vanquish this fear by doing a little
    each day toward your dream and watch your confidence soar and
    your dreams take concrete shape.

    by Edel Jarboe


    Have a wonderful day, and a fabulous week!!!!!

    SB since 3/22/00
    Reached goal 6/10/01
  • Monday a.m.
    I wanted to be the first to post. Here is to a good week everyone! THANK YOU to Quilter for her Saturday motivational message--she reminded us to eat wisely so we would wake up Monday morning and be happy with ourselves. For some reason her advice really hit home with me. So I'm guilt-free today and scale is showing a loss (Yes Deb I peeked). I was feeling down yesterday and wanted to eat something gooey, chocolatey, like hot fudge. But I settled for a sugar free ice cream bar (and stopped at 1).
    Everyone must have been busy this weekend since it was relatively quiet. I'll write more later.
  • LIN----AWESOME!!!! Now that's the way to start the week!!! Doesn't it feel great to do the right thing? I'll bet you feel so empowered and strong right now. That is so wonderful!!! You are really helping me this morning with your positive attitude and your actions to back it up. You made smart choices and now you are reaping the benefits. It's so great to stop making excuses for eating the wrong things. You proved that it can be done. You should be our SB Queen of the Week!!! I'm doing the happy dance for you that the scale also gave you a good report. FANTASTIC!!! Keep it up, my friend!!!!!
    Hugs to all!
  • Good Morning Everyone! It is gorgeous out and today is going to be my first day back at the gym! I packed my gym bag, have my id card and I packed my SB legal lunch of leftovers from last night's delicious dinner....I posted the recipe...

    Lin - Congrats!!!! Your motivation is shining through!!!!!

    Quilter - Your motivation and attitude is also shining through - and guess what??? Mine shall be as well...I felt so good this morning - and I am ready to work that fat off at the gym today....I worked out a schedule so not to over do it this time and will be sticking to it....I cannot wait to see the results!

    Well all - I better get busy with work - lots to do....
    Oh, weighed in and not too good - up 2 pounds - but hopefully I can attribute that to TOM!

  • Good Monday Morning Everyone

    Just got in from talking to my neighbor and after getting in my 4.5 miles. Felt really good to get out there after last weeks non-deserved hiatus! Took me 55:35, not a great time but better than not doing it at all.

    Going to my second yoga class this morning. As I had mentioned last week, I was in search of a yoga mat. Yesterday, at Sports Authority, they had in their ad, yoga mats half price, so I went to see what they had and was pleasantly surprised to see not only the yoga mats, but all this one particular companies yoga items at half price. I got a boxed set that has the mat, 2 yoga blocks, a strap and a carry bag for the mat cheaper than the mat alone at regular price. It was $37.99 regularly, paid $20 with taxes, so that was a great deal (that is, unless I see one really cheap at a garage sale!)

    My eating sucked last night, unfortunately, and I'm here with my tail between my legs and spitting out my confession. Was doing soooo well too. I think I could of posted the same post that HEART did yesterday with her off plan eating, whatever devil got in to her traveled down to Miami and cursed me as well. We were invited to my sisters house for bbq yesterday and I took one look at the cake my BIL is famous for, a cream cheese pound cake, and I just blew it. It wasn't like I just ate the cake, I took that as the ticket to eat everything else as well. I was like a bull in a china shop! Got sick as a dog, serves me right and actually helps me when I do get sick, reminds me that this is NOT good for me. So, today, I'm back on track and vowing NOT to continue on a bad path.

    ELI was off yesterday, but we really didn't do much, and didn't go to Broward. I had to take Michael and his friend Alex to do some filming with a friend. PBS was there doing a segment for some show that Michael hasn't a clue what it's called, but they interview him. Now, if I can find out when and what it's about, that would be great! Decided to go to my DM's house, thought I'd have this project to do over there so I had ELI drop me off and he went to church. Wasn't able to do what I wanted, to explain, I had seen an ad for SUPRISE BY DESIGN, a show I've never seen, but they were looking for homes to redo in certain areas of Miami, one being where my parents live, so I sent in an e-mail and they said they needed video on the house and the room (kitchen), etc. They said to download a form but I couldn't find the form on the site, well, when I went to my parents house I went on the computer and looked again for the form, it was on an entirely different site, they never gave me the address, so when I found it it had the requirements and one was the room size had to be at least 12x12, my parents kitchen is only 15x9, so that was out, so I just stayed and visited. When ELI came to get me we had to go pick up Michael and Alex, then off to Sports Authority and in between there wasn't much time to do anything else before heading to my sisters house. Not an exciting day!!!

    Glad to have a chance to speak with quite a few of you over this past weekend
    Would love to speak to everyone once in a while. If I don't have your telephone number and you'd like to chat on the phone one day, do e-mail it to me!!!! [email protected] I have free nights and weekends and do try and take advantage in using them to call and chat with as many people as I can (until my battery runs out).

    I HAVE A CHALLENGE!!!!!!!I'd like to see who will take the challenge of getting in at least 3 days of exercise this week and posting it on the WEEKLY EXERCISE BOARD Who's with me on this???

    LIN, CONGRATS on being down today. I'm not peeking for a while. It actually feels good not to be getting on that scale. I can feel that I'm up anyhow, why punish myself more with numbers. It's mid-cycle for me now and I know it's water weight (and probably what I ate last night!)

    QUILTER, hmmm, should of read that weekend motivation better, though I think my mind still would of been clouded with seeing that cake. I have to admit, it was good, but by the 3rd piece (small pieces though) I was REALLY turning green and had to leave part of it. Today's a new week!!!!

    TRANQUIL, YEAH! Glad to hear you are going to the gym today. I'll await word either by e-mail or telephone, oh heck, just go ahead and post on the WEEKLY EXERCISE BOARD and I'll know.

    Well, I'm headed off to the shower to get ready for the yoga class. It's going to be one of those days I'll be in the car more than I'd like. I have to go to the kids school 4 times today, dropped them off this morning, yoga class is right next door at the library, have to get Michael at 4:30pm (had to cancel guitar, he has to stay late) and then Lauren is staying til around 6pm-I guess somewhere along the way today I'll be stopping and putting MORE gas in to my car!!!!

    I hope you all have a wonderful day and a wonderful week as well!!!


  • I'll take your challenge!!! I already posted for today. Last week, got four days in on the exercise board. Hope I can do the same this week. Thanks for thinking of the challenge. We can get lots of people moving and lots of activity on that board.

  • Good Monday Morning!
    Hello all! I hope this is the beginning of a great week for everyone!. It's the last week in Feb, so things are looking up as far as I'm concerened.

    Went out and bought a lot of fresh fruit this weekend. Red seedless grapes were on sale and they are like candy to me after this WOE. I also got grapefruit and oranges and apples. One of my favorite snacks (actually I do this for lunch sometimes) is apple slices with natural PB spread on them. I know some of the new folks were looking for appropriate snacks. Here are some others:

    A handful of nuts
    Truscuits with cheese
    Truiscuits and salsa
    dried apricots
    1/2 an avacado
    SF yogurt

    Deb--I cannot take you up on your challenge for the week. One of the by products of getting my heath insurance switched over is that I am without coverage for two weeks (couldn't be avoided--can't even get a short term policy because it messes up my eligibility under HIPPA). So given all my problems with my knees, I'm staying out of the gym until Saturday when the new policy should kick in. I'm afraid if I were out walking on the street, I'd get hit by a car!

    Sabrina--it sounds like you are all prepared for a great week! Make it happen!

    Kim--WOW your motivation is infecting the entire board--WTG! I'm feeling the buzz here and am focusing on a good OP week!!!!! Hopefully next week I'll get back to the gym too!

    Linworth--A loss is a great way to start the week! Nothing like success to inspire more success!!!!! Keep it up (or down, as the case may be ).

    I'm meeting some folks from the church for lunch today. It is a buffet which usually means I can do ok with the salad and meat. Tonight I actually get to stay home and cook--something I haven't done for weeks. I'm going to take a bag full of grapes to have as a mid afternoon snack--and that will seem like dessert.

    Have a great day everyone!

  • Motivation!!!
    Everything's in the mind. That's where it all starts. Knowing what you want is the first step toward getting it! -- Mae West

    Deb - You are on! I take your challenge!!!! Just you wait and see how full that Exercise Board will be!!!! I am ready to go to the gym right now - have to wait - will leave here at 11:45 a.m.
    I plan to call you - I will leave a message if you are busy....

    Better get a move on - Sabrina
  • Fillise
    I was posting same time - sorry!!! I wanted to say thought of you this weekend when I watched Sweet Home Alabama

    Thanks for the encouragement...thanks for the snack ideas know I never even thought about dried apricots - that is a really good idea!!!

    Enjoy your lunch - legally

  • Good Morning All

    Hope you all had a good weekend. Eating wise mine was so-so. I was out yesterday afternoon with a group from a club I belong to. We went to a curling lesson and had a couple of games. This is something I wanted to try but had never gotten around to it. Well after yesterday I don't think I will bother with it. All that crouching down and sliding on the ice is not for me. And as for the 'sweeping' that you have to do to try and get the stone down the ice, well I can do enough of that here with better results. Anyway it was a good experience and a fun afternoon. For dinner we had caesar salad and pasta. I think it was penne (I'm not too familiar with some of these pastas) with a vegetable sauce. I kind of missed not having some protein and more starchy carbs than I wanted but there was no choice. Dessert was ice cream which I ate, but it was only a small serving. The rest of the day I did good, had my usual breakfast of oatmel and fruit and tilapia and veggies for lunch with canned pears for dessert. And the only snacks I had during the day was an orange and a 1/4 cup of Almond Granola. So in total I don't consider it a too bad day. Just have to get back now keeping those starchy carbs down and see what Wednesday will bring. At least my size 12 jeans are still a little looser than they were a few weeks ago. I thought I would have to buy another new pair of 14's before my holiday but hopefully that won't be necessary.

    Deb - Congrats to Michael for the good marks from his project. He deserved it after all the hard work he put into it. If badminton counts as exercise then I can take you up on the challenge for the exercise board. I usually play at least three times a week.

    Tranquil - Glad to see you are getting back to the gym. Hope your neck and shoulder are better. Don't overdo it.

    YellowRose - Hope you are feeling better. Glad to hear you were beginning to get up and about. A little bit each day should do the trick.

    Solshine - Hope you are feeling better. Take it easy at work to-day. Don't let them work you too hard on your first day back.

    Bye for now. Have a few things to do before getting ready for badminton, then it is off to work this afternoon.

  • Good morning!
    I had a good eating weekend but I had brown rice and bread. I'm positive they make me gain weight quick. Every time it seems like I gain three pounds...oh well what comes on quick will leave almost as quick..I hope..

    The exercise thing sounds wounderful. Count me in.

  • Good Morning ALL!
    Hi, sorry I could not make it back to the board last week. I'm too far behind now to even think of going back to look at posts, so I'm starting fresh again today. Seems like I get in a rut sometimes & have trouble pulling myself back out of it.

    Last week when I last posted, 2 things were going on that day. 1 of which has alot to do with the rut. My mammo went well, doc said it was negative & I did not need to do the ultrasound, so evidently the inverted nipple is because of the weight loss like I had told my GYN. The other appointment the same day was a return appt for my dd Jodi who had to have a PAP done. This was to be the first after a series of positive ones, then had 3 negatives. It had now been a year so they were doing a repeat. I was praying really hard that it would still be negative. Well, as it turned out, she was to see a Nurse Practicioner. The routine is that they always do a urine spec. first. Well.... can you guess what's coming? Yeap, at age 28 years old, Jodi has NEVER had a child nor has she been pregnant, but she is now!

    Now I should be happy about this, right??? Well I am & I'm not! I do have very mixed emotions about it. Jodi may be 28 in age, but not in mind, so that's a concern. She's had these postive paps & that is a definite concern because I know that if these pre-cancer cells or present that pregnancy can accelerate their growth. Am I asking for trouble here??? NO!!! Just being a concerned mother for her daughter. Yes, I am talking to myself, as I am trying not to make a moutain out of a molehill. They did not do her pap because we have to go back to see the doc. The NP could not do it as that is their policy. They do not do OB patients. So we're waiting for the return appt. We're dealing with the charity hospital system here, so this could take a while. Meantime, I've been down about the whole situation. There are other extenuating circumstances involved here also that I will not go into, needless to say....they also add to my concern.

    Sorry to bore any of you that are reading this, but I needed to vent

    Anyway, let me try to get some posts in after all that venting!

    Debbie, I am up for the challenge! I got back out there for a 2 mile walk this morning...took me 33 minutes. Was a little apprehensive after my fall of week before last, but I did it! Only stumbled once What's up with these feet of mine Almost called you last night, but then realized the time difference & decided that I'd better not. Made some ww pita chips with the Zatter's. Came out great!

    Linworth Congrats on being up & OP this am. You sound really positive & ready to get to work!

    Quilter, That must have been some motivational post Saturday...I may have to go back & find it, as I have not done so well this week end.

    Tranquil, Congrats on getting back to the gym. Hope you have a great day! Don't let that 2 lbs get you down since you are staying OP.

    Fellise, Hope you get that insurance so you can have some peace of mind. Getting hit by a car? Hope you have a great lunch with your friends.

    Rosalie, What is a curling lesson? My eating was HORRIBLE this week end & believe me, the scale sure is reflecting it this morning! Have fun at your badminton game this afternoon.

    Well that does it for me. I'm heading for the shower as soon as I change over some clothes to the dryer. Trying to get some much needed house work done around here. Might help with my mood if my house was cleaner, eh?? Thanks for being such a supportive group of friends. I know that I stay away too long sometimes, but I do miss everyone here when I don't get to read the board & post. Bye for now!
  • Hello!!!!!
    I did it - went to the gym and rode the new recumbent bike they have and I had no clue how to work the settings so I picked Cross Country and got more out of it than I planned - hahaha - up and down mountains, hills and dales!

    Melf - I am so glad your mamo came out negative! And though you have mixed emotions and concerns - Congrats on the upcoming grandbaby!!! With all your love and prayers, I am sure all will be well.....

    Country - I too think that the brown rice and bread puts it on me as well - so I am going to try and stick this week to nothing but veggies, fruit and proteins...but healthy balance of all...

    Rosalie - Definitely "Great White North" comes to mind with the curling lessons!! Love it!! You are always getting into something really interesting - all these great activities!!!

    Well I need to post to the exercise board and then finish eating this smelly curried chicken - I know everyone just loves me right now smelling up the office like I have....

  • Good Monday Afternoon.

    If was a fun weekend. and a busy one. Had to meet with ethe florist Sat for the table decorations. All I can say is $$$$$. We bought my DD & SIL a stove so me and DH picked up and took it out to their house. I dropped it trying to carry it. Smashed my finger and busted my lip. That sucker was heavy. SIL wasn't home to help. Then we had that dinner to go to. It was a ball. Food was lobster tail and jerk chicken. I ate it all. And drank waaay to much. So yesterday, I didn't move to far from the couch. Bad habits. Today was lunch with a old friend for my birthday. She wanted Mexican. Need I say more.

    Not eating dinner tonight. So maybe it will all balance out. We are moving my aunt to a retirement home tonight and tomorrow night after work. So carrying all that furniture will work off some of that food.

    Didn't have time to read all the posts over the weekend. Didn't have much time today with work and I'm trying to get my invitations on my computer to print. Know you're not supposed to do that, but DD wants them in caligraphy and mine isn't that good plus with RA and carpal tunnel, it would be hard to address all those by hand. So so much for etiquette.

    Linworth, Congrats to you on your eating OP. I'm glad the MM came at the right time.

    Tranquil, glad to see you motivated today too. Have a great workout at the gym.

    Deb, congrats on your walking. Don't worry about yesterday. Mine wasn't so good either. Have fun at yoga. I'll take your challenge. We have to move my aunt to a retirement home for the next few days, just hope I can get home in time to get mine in.

    Fillise, had to laugh about your insurance. You maybe should stay in the house all week so nothing happens to you.

    Rosalie, Sounds like a lot of fun with your friends. Sometimes you can't help what you have to eat. But you did the right thing for the rest of the day so I'm sur you willbe fine. Hey now, we don't buy bigger jeans. That is a defeatest attitude. Glad you don't have to.

    Country, Here's hoping those carbs don't bother you. Just work them off.

    Melf, I'm glad you mammo was good and the nipple was no big deal. Sorry about your disappoinhtment with your DD. Just remember, thing happen for a reason. Sendingyou a big hug to cheer you. You can vent here any time. We have big shoulders.

    Quilter, Did you get a lot of snow last nite. We only got 1 1/2" but not to bad. I'm going to have to go back and read you MM too. Must have been a good one. I need it today.

    Must run, hope to check back later.