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16 ounces or less (2 glasses) 4 11.43%
16-32 ounces (2-4 glasses) 5 14.29%
32-48 ounces (4-6 glasses) 7 20.00%
48-64ounces (6-8 glasses) 9 25.71%
64-80 ounces (8-10 glasses) 2 5.71%
80-96 ounces (10-12 glasses) 1 2.86%
96 ounces or MORE! I'm a walking water tank!!!! 4 11.43%
I haven't a clue! 2 5.71%
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Here's my FF. Heartmom you might particularly like this one today.

Why God made WOMEN:

Men are like a fine wine. They start out as grapes, and

it's up to women to stomp the **** out of them until they

turn into something acceptable to have dinner with.

There, now. Doesn't that just touch your heart?
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Default Friday Morning Finally a real post!!!

Good Friday Morning to you all!!!

Hey, I think somebody needs a big pat on the back. And that somebody is ALL OF YOU WHO TOOK THE EXERCISE BOARD CHALLENGE. This morning I got on there to post a late report for yesterday and saw that we were already on PAGE 3!!! That is so awesome!!! Way to go, everyone!!! Way to go, DEB, for thinking of such a great idea!!!! What fun I've had this week reading what everyone is doing. I love that we all have different ways of moving and trying to tone and slim our bodies. It's interesting reading.

I have a question for those who posted. HOW HAVE YOUR THOUGHTS CHANGED TOWARD EXERCISING IN THE RECENT PAST? What are the first thoughts that come into your mind when you start your routine and when you are through? Just wondering where you're all coming from.

I'm behind on posts and will work backwards until I think I've caught up. Wish me luck!

LINWORTH----Thanks for the tip on the cookbook. Does she list all the nutritional stuff at the end of the book, like how many calories, fats, fibers, etc. I wish all cookbooks did that. It would make tracking and keeping up with calories that much easier. I think it's great that you decided to join in and help work for the festival. I'll bet you have a lot of fun and meet a bunch of new people. I wish there were more people like you and DEB who see how great volunteering can be. WTG!!!!!!!

DEB---Sounds like you got upper and lower body work out yesterday. And it was free!!! See, another bargain. Hope the soreness goes away quickly. Take a couple ibuprofen and get in a hot tub.

HEART----You were so smart to come to this group and air your family grievances instead of heading for a box of brownies or something like that. You know, we are hear to listen and support. All our emotional stuff is directly linked to how well we do with our weight loss efforts and so it's only normal for us to want to help you through all of that. So very, very, very sorry to hear that Ty lost his battle. Poor little guy. The only thing that can make you smile in a situation like this is knowing that now he's whole and healthy and free of pain and shots and hospitals. God bless you all as you deal with these horrendous tragedies. God bless Boogie and keep him well.

MONET---I'd wager that your back and shoulders are even more sore today from the stapling. That's a bummer. So sorry you were on your own. And those kinds of projects can be so much fun if you just get a group of gabbers together. What kinds of veggies did you dip???

BOB---Be careful what you wish for. You know we've had snow here in April before. So watch your tongue!!! LOL

COUNTRY---So glad to hear that you now have a TM. That will really help you stay regular with your walking. Mine's not a fancy one either, but it still gets my big butt moving and that's the most important thing. Twenty minutes is really good for the first time. You must be in pretty good shape!!! The first time I got on, I could barely do 10.

AGAPE----Here's some {{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}} to help the hurt go away. Hope all is better soon.

JACKK---So sorry it took so long to get back to you. There are these wires called head pins. All it is is a piece of wire with what looks like a straight pin head on it. You slip the bead on the wire and the hole in the bead rests against the head of the pin. Then you can do a simple wire wrap to join it to whatever it's dangling off of. You can buy the head pins in all sorts of lengths, 1, 2, 3 inch. Gosh, I wish I was there to help you with that. Or you could take really small needle-nose plyers and make a little circle at the end of the wire and slip the bead on so that it nests against circle and doesn't slip off. That's the only two solutions I can think of. Do you have my phone number? I would be happy to walk you through something like that. Or I can look for a website that might give step by step instructions about how to do simple wire wrapping.

Gotta go tread on the mill. I'm late and my partner never called. Guess I'm going to have to go it alone.

Catch you later.
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Good Friday Morning

Lack of sleep=lack of desires=lack of energy=lack of sex! Okay, I threw the last one in there for sympathy! I had a very PATHETIC walk today, BUT, considering the obsticales just mentioned with an addition to a painful area on my ankle, I actually went out and did my walk. I hymed and hawed, dilly-dallyed around and finally pushed myself out. I thought I'd just do 2 miles, but as I was thinking as I was crawling, I mean walking, on the street I passed where I would turn to go only 2 miles, so I figured 3.5 miles, but when I got there I said, oh, what the heck and ended up doing the entire 4.5 miles. Now, all considered, it took me 1 hour 5 minutes and 35 seconds. Now for me, that's like a dead mans crawl, so you can only imagine how I was feeling today. I kept feeling a pain right about where my shoe heel hits and when I got home found like a cut and bleeding, not sure what the heck I did there Anyhow, I did it and now I'm happy!

Tired, MICHAEL didn't get back til well after mid-night. I was getting so peeved that I just went in my car and headed over to his friends. Luckily, he called me as they were getting close to her house and I was only 5 minutes away. I was tired since I didn't sleep well the night before and it was waay past my bedtime. Finally got home around 12:45am and I guess my BP was a bit high due to me being a big peeved so it was hard for me to fall asleep, so again, not much sleep last night.

I have a ton of crap to do in and out of the house today, cleaning to prepare for ELI'S newphew and girlfriend tomorrow and a few errands that must be done today. Hope to get them done before I have to p/u MICHAEL from school and in between having to go back there 2 hours later and p/u LAUREN and then between the 2 hours later that I have to take her to a Quince party.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to hit some garage sales and then we have dinner at my parents. My DM's friend is here from Rochester and she's a wonderful Italian cook, so she's making dinner. I'm taking my WW pasta with me, not that I'm crazy about pasta but that's what she's serving. ELI'S nephew and GF are due at our house around 8pm'ish, so we'll probably eat and run. Sunday I'm not sure of our daytime plans, but at night we have the tickets to the FULL MONTY. Has anyone seen it?

LIN, that is absolutely right. You can eat a higher GI food along with a lower GI food and you'll get a moderate GI rating. MICHAEL is in a magnet school and he's in the International Baccaulaureat program (sure I didn't spell that right). It's an international course where all the countries have to abide by the same rules (as I understand it). It's like a college course and they earn an IB degree. When he gets his degree he's guaranteed a 4 year scholarship in any of the state universities. Problem is, he doesn't want to go to any of them, he wants to go to Harvard, NYU, Duke, etc. but unless he gets a full scholarship, it ain't going to happen and I think he should take his undergraduate courses at a state univ and then transfer. He could actually graduate HS after this year but doesn't want to because he wants to graduate with his class, which I not only don't blame him, but wouldn't be ready for him to go off to college next year anyhow-if he did he'd be only 16 at the start of college as his bday isn't til the end of August. He could skip his first year of college though, which is an idea he may consider. MICHAEL use to have to lose a few pounds and over a years time without really trying he lost 18lbs. I'm sure it's helping STEVEN see your good eating habits and it's rubbing off on him. Besides, I think the age and maturity makes a difference. Boy, he sure is tall!!!!

JACKK, well, well, our children must of been made out of the same mold, at least MICHAEL, he's such a slob! I wish I would of taken a picture of his room before he started cleaning. It's a job that's not finished still!!! How do you know that kid is full of bull, maybe he has the hots for an older woman??? Too bad he's leaving Great FF!!! LOL!!

QUILTER, my thoughts about this weeks exercise, of course, always happy I've gone after the fact, depends on the way I feel about what I think beforehand, sometimes, like today, it could be

Okay gals, I'm outta here for now, will try to check in later today at some point.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


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Default Greetings Earthlings!

I feel like an alien this morning. I climbed back in bed and took an hour nap. I wanted to strangle the carpet cleaning telemarketer that woke me up!

I am supposed to meet two ladies from church for lunch. This is part of trying to get me incorporated into working in the children's ministry. The one who invited me runs marathons. Where does she pick for lunch? The Cheesecake Factory! I have to admit it is my fault. She is in the group that meets on Wednesdays. I made Deb's cheesecake for it twice now, and they all LOVE it. I did not make it for this past Wednesday night, since it doesn't go with Chinese in my mind. So, she is on a cheesecake kick and wants a fix. I sure hope they have salads! I plan to stick to the program!

LIN: The steamed buns are a lot of trouble. Most of those kinds of Chinese recipes are. But they are SO good! The whole wheat flour did better than I expected. I use a white wheat that I grind at the HFS myself, called Wheat Montana. It is a superior quality flour, and I think it makes a difference. I am just one who loves to get in the kitchen and try stuff- the harder the better! I once made a steamed chicken that was stuffed after it was boned...intact. That was really hard to do! You basically take the meat off the bones like a sweater! The finished dish was exquisite though definitely not something SB legal...

QUILT: Suprisingly, my shoulders are better this morning! Maybe it was the nap?? Good for you getting on the treadmill even though your friend didn't call. You asked how people were seeing attitude changes from exercising more?! For me, it started a few weeks ago. I find if I read on the tm, I hardly notice the time go by. I also know with my insulin resistance problems, exercise is really important in healing it. I think the biggest motivator for me is the results on the scale. As long as I see it is helping me to lose, I am keeping it up diligently. I hope that I don't hit any plateaus anytime soon.... How about you? are you seeing a change in attitude toward your exercising?

JACK: My kids are slobs too. Thankfully, only one of the slobs lives at home now. My son in law jokes about how clean my house is compared to their apartment. I have seen it..and it is scary! They are crammed into a small apartment (SIL is VERY frugal...he has saved enough for a house but is not ready for the responsibility, so they are waiting) and have enough 'stuff' to fill three such apartments! Both have really stuff oriented hobbies. She paints, draws, etc. He has every kitchen thing you can imagine, plus he brews beer and wine... They need a mansion! haha!

DEB: I did not make it to that HFS yet. I may try and get over there this morning. I called last night and they closed at 7:30. I could hardly understand the man who answered...he was Asian. I hope they have some interesting stuff. I will look for those pies at Harry's/WF. I hope I can find them!

MEL: Thanks for sharing all that great info on weight training. That is so cool that you are getting certified to be a personal trainer. Maybe you can come to Spa Monet and give all the guests some lessons! Are you familiar with Joyce Vedral? What do you think of her books? I have always thought they were pretty good, but would love a more informed opinion.

BOB: A friend of mine's daughter was just accepted to Ringling. Made me think of how pretty your town is. That made me think I need to press Tom to plan a trip there for a few days again. My enthusiasm made my daughter decide to look into Ringling for herself.... If she decided to go there, I could make lots of trips down!

Ok, I need to get moving! Time flies when your having fun!
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Hi everyone!

Yep, I'm still around and haven't fallen off the wagon. Just been busy with working my 2 jobs, plus some projects at home that I've been neglecting for the past year. Anyway, I've decided that I need to take some time to do something for myself,and being active on the board is one of the things that I need in my life. The friendship and support here is too meaningful and helpful to do without. Thanks, Jackie, for your encouraging words about this. You are always an inspiration to me.

My eating has been good and my weight is down to 211. Think it was 215 the last time I weighed in. My all time low on SB is 210, so I'm ready to keeping moving down below that.

Mel, thanks for the good info on weightlifting. I have a gym membership that I haven't been using and need to get my butt back there. When I was going, there was so much conflicting information being given by trainers there on proper weighlifting for women. It is helpful to hear it from someone like yourself with personal experience. I don't mind mind working hard and sweating, as long as I'm doing it the right way. Got any good advice for someone getting started that has a slight rotator cuff injury?

BOB, Geez! aren't you the typical Floridian? It is either too hot or too cold for us. WELBUTRIN never did anything for me either until my Dr. combined it with PAXIL, and then it was great. So, what are your movie picks for the weekend? I've rented The Road to Perdition, Tuck Everlasting and The Tuxedo. Hollywood Video has dropped their prices to 99 cents for everything, so I've been renting a lot more lately. I am also going to the theater with a friend this weekend to see 10 Ways to Lose a Guy. I love anything that Matthew is in.

Sorry I can't reply to more but have to get some work done. It will be a crazy and busy day at the office with it being the last day of the month. I will be back later, for sure.

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Jackie - I love your contribution for FF. Think you will like this one too.

Subject: Bears

In this life I m a woman.

In my next life, I d like to come back as a bear.
When you re a bear, you get to hibernate.
You do nothing but sleep for six months.
I could deal with that.
Before you hibernate, you re supposed to eat yourself stupid.

I could deal with that, too.

When you re a girl bear, you birth your children (who are the
size of walnuts) while you re sleeping and wake to partially grown,
cute cuddly cubs.

I could definitely deal with that.

If you re a mama bear, everyone knows you mean business.
You swat anyone who bothers your cubs.
If your cubs get out of line, you swat them too.

I could deal with that.

If you re a bear, your mate EXPECTS you to wake up growling.
He EXPECTS that you will have hairy legs and excess body fat.

Yup...gonna be a bear
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I promise to write more later

Im running late as usual.. but the 6 carbs come from: milk, fruit, and starchies. So like today its gonna be, 1 piece of WW bread, 1 glass of milk, a whole wheat pita (1.5), some fruit (I need to get to the market), and maybe a treat before bed like spelt pretzels.

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Hello everyone--didn't make it to the board yesterday and it has exploded!

Thank goodness today is the LAST day of February! AND my new health insurance kicks in at one minute after midnight tonight--yipee!

I can't respond to everyone individually today and I have a lot of work piled up, but I did want to stop in and say hello. I'm thinking about everyone and wishing everyone a good op day today!

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Default Treadmill questions...

I hope these don't sound silly but I am curious. Does any one else feel dizzy when they stop walking on the treadmill...not during but after.

What speed do you walk at?

Also am I the only one that can walk farther faster off of the tread mill. If not is there a trick to walking faster on the machine. For me the treadmill works up much more of a sweat than when I walk outside.

Thanks for you help. I want to make sure I'm going fast enough long enough to be doing a good job.

I'm eating good...working out...walking and putting on the pounds...gotta love it. Really my clothes fit okay I can tell I'm up a tad but not sure why. Just gonna keep on keeping on for the next little bit and see what happens.

The kids are getting rowdy so I need to scoot. Will try hard to be more social next post and actually reply to ya'll. Thanks for all your post they are important and encouraging.

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Had lunch at the CheeseCake Factory. I had a Cobb had chicken, bleu cheese, bacon and avocado in it. Sure was good! It was huge, but I managed to get it all down! I was still working on it when my two lunch mates were eating their dessert: White chocolate, Raspberry truffle cheesecake! I did have a spoonful of their whipped cream in my coffee!

COUNTRY: What kind of treadmill do you have? Is it motorized? I walk about 30 minutes at 3mph. Somedays, I get a bit lazy and slow down so it is easier to read! If you have a non motorized one, that may be why it seems hard. The motor keeps you going at a consistent speed. I am going to hop on the soapbox here, and recommend if you continue to eat right, exercise and gain, get your thyroid checked! Better to catch it early than late. I went for almost ten years with out being diagnosed, and it cost me over 50 pounds!

SERENE: Great to see you back! Its good to hear you are doing well too! Don't be a stranger! We miss you.

MEESH: Those six carbs sound reasonable!

FILLISE: Yay! Glad you only have until midnight until you have insurance again! Now you are gonna have to go bust your butt at the gym!

Ok, gotta go... gonna try and check out that HFS!

Just got this in email...and had to post it!

What a Word
A woman arrived at the Gates of Heaven.

While she was waiting for Saint Peter to greet her, she peeked through
the gates. She saw a beautiful banquet table. Sitting all around were
her parents and all the other people she had loved and who had died
before her. They saw her and began calling greetings to her "Hello, How
are you ! We've been waiting for you ! Good to see you." When Saint
Peter came by, the woman said to him, "This is such a wonderful place !
How do I get in ?" "You have to spell a word," Saint Peter told her.
"Which word?" the woman asked. "Love." The woman correctly spelled
"Love" and Saint Peter welcomed her into Heaven. About a year later,
Saint Peter came to the woman and asked her to watch the Gates of Heaven
for him that day. While the woman was guarding the Gates of Heaven, her
husband arrived. "I'm surprised to see you," the woman said. "How
have you been ?" "Oh, I've been doing pretty well since you died," her
husband told her. "I married the beautiful young nurse who took care
of you while you were ill. And then I won the multi-state lottery.
I sold the little house you and I lived in and bought a huge mansion.
And, my wife and I traveled all around the world. We were on
vacation in Cancun and I went water skiing today. I fell and hit my
head, and here I am. What a bummer. How do I get in ?" "You have
to spell a word," the woman told him. "Which word ?" her husband asked.
"Czechoslovakia." Moral of the
Never make a woman angry ... there'll be
**** to pay later.
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Hello there. A quick post to let you know that I'm still out here and thinking of you often.

I weighed in this past Sunday at an awful 175 but have been dedicated to SB all week and the scale read 168.5 this morning It amazes me that I took so long, when it works sooooo well! I still need to cycle my weigh in back to Wednesdays to post with all of you. All in time, I want to complete the 1st 2 weeks, before I try changing things. I haven't been below 170 in so long I'm really intimidated. I sabatoge myself so well, I really am trying to stay on top of it. (My next challenge will be at my daughter's b-day party tomorrow. She's having an ice cream cake!) I actually set a goal of my DH's b-day to be back down to 160. It's May 27th, and you all are the only one's I've told.

I wanted you to know that I actually considered coming back on board with a new identity, but I realized that I'm not starting over, but continuing....thanks for being out there.

PS For those that have asked, I'm learning to live with the RSD, instead of the RSD being my whole life.
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I just noticed I an a senior member-woohoo.
Welcome Blonde and wtg on the big loss.
Monet-my tsh was .06 at the doctor's this week. So she reduced my synthroid. I don't like change and hope I don't notice any weight gain or anything like that. Have you ever heard f eating low GI can have an effect on your thyroid??

I will check in later.
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Thumbs down

Safe cigs

Myrtle and Daisy were outside their nursing home having a smoke, when it started to rain. Myrtle pulled out a condom, cut off the end, put it over her cigarette, and continued smoking.
Daisy: What's that?
Myrtle: A condom. This way my cigarette doesn't get wet.
D: Where did you get it?
M: You can get them at any drugstore.
The next day Daisy hobbles herself into the local drugstore and announces to the pharmacist that she wants a box of condoms. The guy, obviously embarrassed, looks at her kind of strangely (she is, after all, over 80 years old), but very delicately asks what brand she prefers.
Daisy replied, "Doesn't matter son, as long as it fits a Camel."
The pharmacist fainted.
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My FF contribution:


A young dating couple were driving down the road in a very busy area, when things started to get somewhat passionate. They decided to pull over and park and have some fun.

Things were really getting hot, and they were not paying any attention to what was going on outside. All of a sudden a policeman was tapping on their window. The cop could hardly contain himself.

"Didn't you know that you are not supposed to be having sex in public?" he asked the couple.

Being embarrassed by being caught, they said yes and apologized.

"Well, he said, I will have to write you a ticket."

So the cop wrote the ticket and reminded them next time to watch their behavior.

After getting dressed, the girl asked her boyfriend what the policeman wrote the ticket for. He responded, "Doing 69 in a 35 mph speed zone!"


A man walks into a store with his eight-year-old son. They happen to walk by the condom display, and the boy asks, "What are these, Dad?"

To which the man matter-of-factly replies, "Those are called condoms, son. Men use them to have safe sex."

"Oh I see." replied the boy pensively. "Yes, I've heard of that in health class at school."

He looks over the display and picks up a package of 3 and asks, "Why are there 3 in this package." The dad replies, "Those are for high school boys. One for Friday, one for Saturday, and one for Sunday."

"Cool!" says the boy. He notices a 6 pack and asks "Then who are these for?"

"Those are for college men." the dad answers, "TWO for Friday,TWO for Saturday, and TWO for Sunday."

"WOW!" exclaimed the boy; "Then who uses THESE?" he asks, picking up a 12 pack.

With a sigh, the dad replied, "Those are for married men. One for January, one for February, one for March........"


Leroy is a 20 year-old 5th grader. This is Leroy's Ebonics homework assignment. He must use each vocabulary word in a sentence:

1. Foreclose
If I pay alimony today, I got no money foreclose.

2. Rectum
I had two Cadillacs, but my ***** rectum both.

3. Hotel
I gave my girlfriend crabs, and the hotel everybody.

4. Disappointment
My parole officer tol' me if I miss disappointment they gonna send me back to the joint.

5. Penis
I went to the doctors and he handed me a cup and said penis.

6. Israel
Tito tried to sell me a Rolex. I say, "Man, it look fake." He say, "Bullshit, that watch israel".

7. Catacomb
I saw Don King at da fight the other night. Man, somebody get that catacomb.

8. Undermine
There's a fine lookin' ho living in the apartment undermine.

9. Acoustic
When I was little, my uncle bought me acoustic and took me to the pool hall.

10. Iraq When we got to the pool hall, I tol' my uncle iraq, you break.

11. Stain
My mother-in-law stopped by and I axed her, "Do you plan on stain for dinner?"

12. Seldom My cousin gave me tickets to the Nicks game, so I seldom.

13. Honor
At the rape trial, the judge axed my buddy, "Who was honor first?

14. Dictate
My girfriend say my dictate good.

15. Odyssey
I tol' my brother, "You odyssey the tits on that ho!"

16. Axe
After school today, the police want to axe me some questions.

17. Fortify
I axed this ho on da street, "How much?" she say "fortify."

18. Income
I just got in bed wif da ho and income my wife.


An Asian man walked into the currency exchange in New York with 2000 yen and walked out with $19.

The following week, he walked in with 2000 yen, and but was handed only $18. He asked the teller why he got less money than he got last week. The teller said, "Fluctuations."

The Asian man stormed out, but just before slamming the door, he turned around and said, "Fluc you Amelicans too!"
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HiedeiHo All!

QUILT: I should take my own advice, as I've been a bit of a grump the last few days! The weather has been rainy, damp and cold (can you imagine me complaining that it's cold?!). Without the pain pill I have found hurts that I didn't know I have. Wednesday I was in and out of bed all day, did not even go to choir! I could not move. Thursday I went to NH and that was all (they do look forward to our group) and spent rest of day resting altho I did moake mac and cheese for supper. Those bags of grated cheese are so nice! Today, I did wash and dusted. My GD was up late last night doing special project homework. There was 1/2 day of school and she came home and went to bed (wants to go to a Mardi Gras parade tonight) so I was saved from vacuuming. I am feeling some better today but really aching.

So enough whining!! I don'r particularly like grumps!

Will vacuum in morning and do bathroom. DIL told me this morn that her DM and DB are coming tomorrow for Mardi Gras. Would you believe there's no school on Monday and Tuesday......Mardi Gras!

QUIV: Hope you get accepted at CUNY, fingers crossed and good thoughts being sent!

FILLISE: Know what you mean, I'm feeling sorry for myself and I could use some love. I keep thinking there are people worse off than me, then I try to reach for something and I forget!

GBMM: I missed your joining us on the board, WELCOME! You don't really get "rid" of grouches, just help them see the error of their ways! I need to see my errors badly!

AGAPE: Another newbie while I was among the missing. Looking forward to getting to know all the new folks.

DEB: What kind of ministry are you volunteering with. What will you be doing to help out? You know Kim and I are all for volunteerism!

LETTY: Another person I haven't met! Hi!

JACKK: Do you think the wedding will ever get here? Right now we are living and breathing PROM! Every time something is bought......because you only have one PROM.......they don't stop to think how it all mounts up. DIL says she doesn't want to total it up, she might faint! Just think when it is all over you'll have so much time on your hands! LOved the FF!

HEART: We can't overlook you. When we are hurting we need to cry out to someone. Let it out and we'll send good thoughts and prayers your way.

Sorry if I have not hit all the posts. I sit here a while and then have to move about,etc, etc, etc!

Take care, Shirley
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