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48-64ounces (6-8 glasses) 9 25.71%
64-80 ounces (8-10 glasses) 2 5.71%
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Here's a quickie Wednesday Night greeting.


I'm home from my initiation into my new club. It's called Altrusa International. It's a service type of club. I guess it's open for men and women, but ours is just women. What a great group. A woman spoke tonight who collects medical supplies and sends them to a very, very poor hospital in the Crimea. It's just tragic what those living conditions are like over there. Anyways, I think it will be fun getting to know these new people.

I'm gonna check out tonight and go hit the hay. It's been a long day. Feels like at least two since I was up this a.m. I hope you all had a great day. I'll catch up tomorrow.

Take it easy.
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Default WIW

Evening all. It's been so cold and rainy the last couple of days. I think that's one reason I've been a little blah. WIW was about the same..maybe up a pound. I'll take it...a couple days ago I was WAY up... My hubby surprised me and brought home a tread mill. I was so excited. It's not one of those fancy ones but it will do the trick. It's up in the living room so we can watch t.v. and walk at the same time. I put in my first 20 minutes tonight. It was harder than walking outside. I guess because of the incline...or having to be careful to put one foot in front of the's kinda tiny but a major blessing. I have wanted one for so long.

Deb..about the images. You are welcome to any image I use. And if you ever want something special done..just holler. If I can do it I will.

Heartmom...wtg on your new low. You will be below 200 before you know it.

Mel...wtg on 3 pounds.

WTG to all the other losers this week and to those who are sticking with the game plan. Sorry this is short but I am one wiped puppy tonight.

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Default Missed out!

Hi Ladies,
Sorry haven't been able to post. After b-day was at a all time low. Youngest daughter was packing last weekend and is getting married this Fri. and other daughter had gallbladder removed today. A very good friend, niece had surgery Monday, cancer of the uterus. Had to take of my grandbabies. So it's really been a little busy and rough around here in the last few days.

I had the good fortune to talk with Debbie a couple of days ago. Thank you Debbie for your help. I'll be back in stride in a few days. Daughters neeed me most, at this time.

And to ALL of you who have helped me I will get back with you later. Everybody have an enjoyable week.

LJunel (slim and healthy)
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Good Thursday Morning,

Not much going on with me. Still printing out invitations. I come in early to get some done each day.

Bob, I almost had to call you last nite and tell Kate to quit cheering for the VOls. I was getting nervous. I like blowouts. WTG on getting in your exercise too. Water eaxercises are good for you. You might even enjoy them.

GBMMomma, When you eat out, leave off the bread or take legal buns and bread with you. Congrats on your exercising.

Tranquil, hope you got yur rest last night. Didn't sound like you ate very much yesterday. Don't starve yourself.

Quilter your club sounds very worthwhile. I'm sure you will made a wonderful contribution to its membership.

Country, how exciting to get a TM when you didn't expect it. Already got in 20 minutes, that is awesome. Keep up the good work.

Agape, My goodness you have been busy. And not a good busy either. You must be going nuts with your DD getting married this weekend not to mention the other one having surgery. Hang in there. Get back when you can.

Has anyone heard from Fruit?

Have a great day.

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Good Thursday Morning!

Hope you are all enjoying the day thus far. I did my 4.5 miles but haven't a clue on my time since somehow I screwed up my timer and didn't start it right when I began my walk. I only walked today, not a jog at all, but I used my Powerbelt which sure gave my arms a much-needed workout.

Going to volunteer at the ministry around Noon, before then I have to try and get some cleaning done with ELI'S nephew and his GF coming Sat. night, I'm running out of time.

TODAY IS RECIPE DAY!!! If you have any SB LEGAL RECIPES you'd like to share with the board, please, try to post them on the QUARTERLY RECIPE BOARD if you can. I have some I will try to get up there later today.

MEL, CONGRATS on being down 3lbs this week! I don't even want to know how many pounds I am over not only my lowest, but my goal weight!!!!

MONET, CONGRATS to you for losing a pound this week! Sorry to hear DH isn't feeling well, terrible when you have one person sick in the house, but more is even worse. I have a RAINBOW and love it. Look at them on Ebay if you truly want one. My sister and I have both been lucky more than once and both of us have found 2 at different times at garage sales. My sister got one a couple weeks ago for $5 - almost died! Yes, it works, it's an older model, but it works! Hope you get your computer woes fixed soon!

ROSALIE, I know they aren't coming to inspect my house but I personally hate to have people see it dirty, it's more me than them.

QUIV, hope you are feeling better. My DH wants to check out NYU for school, maybe you can tell me about the area one day, if you know. Personally, I have no desire to even go take him to go see the school, I have fear I couldn't afford to park to go see it. Plus, I have to admit, I'm not thrilled with the idea of him being in NYC. I'm hoping he'll get smart and use his 4 year scholarship to a state university, but still, he wants me to take him to see it. If I do give in, maybe we can meet when we do go, would be in the summer. WOW, less than 10lbs from goal-that's awesome!!!

FILLISE, tulip trees?? LOL! I thought about you today as I was walking and about lent and then I read your post about Lent! Weird!

LIN, if I spent that at the grocery store I'd have a coronary!!!!

MELF, read my post to MEL above. You ain't the only one singing those blues!

HEART, CONGRATS on your new low, that must be feeling mighty good!!! Good luck with BOOGIE today, he'll be in our thoughts, as well as the other little boy.

TRISH, geez, I don't know whether to tell you I hope you get some relief from the heat or that it warms up there soon! You Texans have had some weird weather these past few days!!!!

ROSE, glad to hear you found the pot pies, let me know what you think about them. I went to the HFS yesterday and bought the last 5 they had. There's a little old man that works there that I always talk to and I told him about them and now he's buying them (darn). Thought about buying a case (12) to have. Actually, going to go make one as soon as I finish my post Hope you are feeling better each and every day!

JACKK, trying to keep it up with the exercise, day 4 done! I think doing this challenge for the month of March would be a great idea, will e-mail everyone for opinions Nope, nothing from Fruit on my end.

BOB, how does the Dr. think Kate is doing? How is she feeling? Didn't mind you posting that at all, I actually only sent it out to everyone because of the graphics and besides, I didn't have the time to "clean it up". Hey, did you ever hear any more from NANCE?

MOMMA, CONGRATS on your loss this week, just imagine if you'd been OP what you may have lossed. Yes, it's a bit harder to eat out but not impossible to stay OP, just have to ask lots of questions and make wise choices It's good that you know your body and how you gain during certain times of the month-keep that in mind when you get on the scale and for no reason see a gain, if it's during that time, then you know that it's hormonal and NOT fat. I saw a REEBOK pilates contraption at Target - have you ever seen it? Do you have one at home or do you go to the gym. What do you think about it. I don't know much about pilates at all.

TRANQUIL, will reply to your e-mail later Sounds like you are NOT eating enough - be careful!!!!

COUNTRY, good luck with the treadmill, sounds like you had a nice walk the first time 'round! Thanks for sharing the images. I'd love to have some stuff that's personalized for the boards, like I use for the WELCOMES or for birthdays, if you have time and come up with anything, let me know!!!! THANKS!

AGAPE, don't you worry, we all understand that people have a lot of other stuff going on in their lives. You post when you can. It was good talking to you the other day - hope you found the info I e-mailed you a bit useful for your GS!

I'm all caught up:clap: Will check in later today. Now, I'm going to go get something to eat!!!!

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!!


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Thursday morning-
We went out to eat last night--while the guys split 40 wings I had my usual chicken salad and unsweetened tea. My ds is doing sugarbusters with me (he is 15). He does pretty well with his eating and has lost 10 pounds in 3-4 weeks. Oh to be young again. It's just so great to see him eating wisely and not all that awful fast food. He is also learning to drive and is doing well with it but it stresses me out.

Deb-With all those mouths to feed, don't you spend a lot on food? I bought lots of protein and produce but am not sure how the bill got so high.

Laurie-Prayers for Boogie and Ty. Let us know how the appointment goes today. Is this 10 day detox in the SB book? It sounds like you are doing great.

Yellow-You better stay in so you don't slip on the ice. Is it melting yet?

Jackie-Did you stay out of the GS cookies? We bought 6 boxes and my dh ate all of them Better him than me. I'm like you-I can resist sugar, but put some delicious bread in front of me and watch me sweat.

BOB-I'm glad you liked the pool exercises. How old is Kate? I loved the salsa picture.

GBMM-WTG on the loss!!!!

Kim-The new club sounds like fun and worthwhile. I decided to volunteer with The Spoleto Festival for a couple of months--it is an arts festival here in Charleston. Since I can't get a paying job I thought this would get me out of the house. Anymore ice/snow on Wed?

I'll check in later
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Greetings, Earthlings!

Got through last nights company ok. I made Char bow, which is a Chinese Dim Sum bun. The recipe is a yeast dough with a good bit of sugar. I made it with agave, and whole wheat flour. I was pleased with the results and will post the recipe. My only complaint was they were a little dry without being able to use cornstarch for the filling.

I am volunteering at the church in a bit...doing copying and stapling. They don't have a secretary right now, so there is lots for me to do! Keeps me busy and out of trouble!

DEB: I have an older Rainbow. I love it! I just loved the new one though...and all the cool new accessories that you can get. I will check out ebay on that. Never thought to look for one there. My friend told me that R2D2 in Star Wars was inspired by George Lucas' mothers Rainbow! Honest!

COUNTRY: How nice of your hubby to bring you a treadmill! I love mine! Enjoy it! Now you have NO excuse even when it is raining!

JACK: How are the wedding plans coming? I was in your shoes a year ago! Don't will all come out great. Then when the daughter tells you it was perfect, well, that makes it all worth while!

AGAPE: Man, you have been busy! Just do the best you can, and don't worry about it. You are right...your daughters need you now. Its great that you can be there for them...

TRANQ: Hope your son is all better... Maybe you need to feed both of you mega doses of vitamin C for a while! You sure have had it rough with all the illnesses this winter!

HEART: Hope everything went well with Boogie's doctor appointment today. Am praying it does....and for the other little guy and his parents.

QUILT: That club sounds interesting... Way to go on your treadmilling! And that loss for the week! Oh baby, that was great! May you continue to see such encouragment!

GRACIOUS: Where are you?
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Smile The delicious ranch chicken recipe

I prepared it the other night and as I got ready to put the mayo/sour cream spread on it, I realized that I had no ranch mix! I could've sworn I did! Well instead of dashing to the store to get some I simply mixed one teaspoon each of parsley and dill plus 1/4 teaspoon of minced onion into the mayo/sour cream. It came out beautifully and I didn't even taste the difference! Thought I'd pass this along!
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Warning: incoming LONG post. Get 2 glasses of water, some celery and sit back and if youd like.

Debelli - take the REMOVE part out. Im trying to get the amount of spam part I get out.

heart mom- sugar free (mostly stuff with sugar free alcohols) anything usually sets off tons of cravings. I usually eat the whole house after. NOt always tho.. I do okay with a sugar free ice cream but i have a feeling thats because I usually use it in a protein smoothie and I dont just eat it out of the box. (bowl.. what bowl)

As for meeting with the dietician it went well. Very well.. Ill see her again in two weeks. Ill post what I wrote in my LJ about it
Yesterday I went to the dietitian. It was the *best* experience I have ever had with one of those "diet people". She *listened* to me. She asked me what I liked, what I didnt and what I needed help with. She asked the right questions .. from "what are your safe foods" to "what are you terrified of" BEcause yes I do have foods Im scared of (mostly white breads, rice, etc). And after 1 1/2 hours of working together she wrote up a plan for me. Its lower in carbs, high in protein, and medium fat. Sounds good to me. Lets just see how I feel on it. I even have cute worksheets to use and meal planning books from her that make sense. She also said I can drop my cookbooks off to her and any other things Id like her to read before my next appt.

It breaks down to 6 carbs a day (grains, fruit, milk), 15 proteins a day, and 7 fats. all at around 1700 calories a day or so.

This seems light to some and a lot to others.. but I made an appt with her again in 10 days.. so if its not working we can quickly tweak it. I dont know if I feel safe enough eating that many carbs but I *might* try it. She gave me a lot of snack tips. Like if Im hungry at night and its within one hour of going to bed, eat carbs. As in a piece of fruit or a serving of trisquits or the spelt pretzels. If its more than hour from bed and its late and Im hunrgy (sometimes I dont go to sleep till 1 am ) to have a protein and carbs. Like a half WW english muffin, a squirt of pizza sauce and a slice of cheese .. and nuke it for pizza.

She told me ideally I want to burn 2000 calories a week exercising. She broke it down into miles on the treadmill.. how the incline works all kinds of stuff I did NOT know. She also said it would help if I got once set of intense resistance training a week. Its ok if I cant work to this just yet... she said she'd settle for a power clean of my house :P (she gave me charts for every activity and how much calories it uses - and man power cleaning is intense for calories burned)

It went well. I talked to my Mom about it and mom said shed help with the cost of seeing her if I was happy and was being successful. Mom said it was good to take the time I needed post graduating from university to work on ME. She said this is the only time in my life I will get to really work on being who I want/need to be. Im not in a full time job yet, I dont have children, and my primary(significant) relationship is on hold for awhile.

I feel like I am in a time of intense learning right now. For a lot of years I had problems with being depressed (to the point of being hospitlalized and on disability ) and being comphy with who I am. I always have had to struggle for the simple things. You know; being social, keeping relationships, eating healthy, learning to make good choices.. etc. The things I always thought should be second nature. And right now this is MY time. This is my time to learn to take care of me... its my time to learn balance whether its with eating, exercise, relationships, spending, etc.

Im starting to like me. Even tho I have the extra weight. Even tho I may not be the "normal 27 year old who always goes out" and I dont have a perfect job.. I am me and Im learning what it takes to be healthy. And in response to all the peer pressure... I think part of learning to me is learning it is OK to say let people know I have limits/boundaries. Like I can still be nifty if I need to say "Dude like I hate dennys lets go have fajitas or Nahh I dont like movie pop corn.. I have my spelt preztels instead" My friends do all love me.. I just have a hard time having a limit. I see having a limit as being "different" and "having issues". Something I had for so long.. now I guess its just kind of normal. Its still hard for me because I want so much to have friends/be accepted I dont want to be deemed as "high-maintence".

Okay I have ranted enough
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Greetings, all. Long time, no post. I have been MIA for a while mostly due to my baaaad eating. I bit the bullet today and got on the scales. It was an eye opener. I've gained nearly everything I had lost last year. I'm only 3 lbs under my highest weight. I've decided I've got to buckle down and get this under control again. So I have my very legal lunch and am about to go and walk. Wish me luck.
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Drinking so much water...I have to pee all the time. It really does help the digestion though. I feel a lot better!

Waiting for the snow again...when will it end??

Fillise - Thanks..I sure hope it works out. I'm jealous that you already have some flowers budding. Can't wait for that day! The parks in NYC are so lovely in the spring.

lin-you know it really depends on the instructer. Some pilates classes are terrible...and they don't give enough instruction. The good one are good though. It really strengthened my back and stomach.

Melf- I've been at 150 for a while now...the first 15 pounds were simple..but I also need to learn how to get down to the goal weight and maintain!

heart- my heart goes out to you and to ty and his family. It must be so hard to worry about something so many of us take for granted.

Deb-I totally understand about the fear of NYC. It generally very safe, more than chicago and LA..or Miami for that matter. But I guess the terrorism has really taken its toll. What would his major be? His studies will indicate where he'll be in the city. The majority are in the west village (very cool and very safe). The campus is very integrated with the city, so there really isn't much of a campus. He needs to be prepared to deal with lots of races and alternative lifestyles..a lot of kids go there and realize the kids there are nothing like the state school kids. The bonus is that he'll come out of that school with an amazing degree and an extremely open mind. I won't deny it's a fantastic school, but it's also too expensive for my taste, which is why I'm going to CUNY. Let me know if you want to know more. I also have a list of reasonable hotels in New York (i'd let you stay with me but i have a tiny place).
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In a train carriage there was
Bill Clinton, George Bush,
Janet Reno and Bo Derek.
After several minutes of the trip,
the train passes through a
dark tunnel and the unmistakable
sound of a slap is heard.

When they leave the tunnel,
Clinton has a big red slap mark
on his cheek.

(1) Bo Derek thought -

"That sleazeball Clinton wanted
to touch me and by mistake,
he must have put his hand on
Janet Reno, who in turn must
have slapped his face."

(2) Janet Reno thought -

"That dirty Bill Clinton laid
his hands on Bo Derek and
she smacked him."

(3) Bill Clinton thought -

"George put his hand onBo Derek and by mistake
she slapped me."

(4) George Bush thought -

"I hope there's another
tunnel soon so I can
smack Clinton again."
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Default Happy Thursday everyone!

Hello everyone!! I am very behind on this board so I just skimmed the messages. Hope everyone is doing ok & congrats to all of those that are losing. I missed weigh in Wednesday yesterday as far as posting my weight, but I did weigh myself & it appears I'm down another pound. I'm down to 141 so I have lost 3lbs so far on SB. Woohoo! Now the bad news is I think I actually saw weight loss on the scale because I haven't exercised since last Friday. I'm pretty consistent about exercising & weight training, but I have been neglecting things around the house because exercise has been my priority so I decided to take a week off. I'm pretty confident I can get right back to it especially since I know now I'm actually losing on SB.

A question for the exercise experts on this board. I was at the gym about a week ago & a woman next to me proceeded to tell me that if I just want to slim down & not "bulk" up I should use lighter weights (like 20lbs) & more reps. She had a few sessions with a personal trainger & this is what he told her. Of course this makes perfect sense, but it has always been my understanding that the more muscle you have, the more fat/calories you will burn throughout the day & for a longer period of time. I told her this & she said that's what cardio exercises are for. But I have recently read that weight training advantages far exceed cardio exercise advantages. So even though I'm not looking to "bulk up" as in body building isn't it to my advantage to create some muscle definition not only because I like the way it looks but because in the long run I will reach my "body goal" faster than if I tried it her way? I'm totally confused now since this info came from a so-called personal trainer. Does my question make any sense or am I just rambling? LOL!

Hope you all have a wonderful day
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Hey All

Well, I think going up 13 steps and than back down those 13 steps about 20 times each qualifies for exercise, don't you? I was at the ministry today volunteering and there's an upstairs and they wanted all this stuff donated to sell put up there. I worked up a sweat, that's for sure. Actually, it wasn't THAT bad since it helped me down a whole 1.5 liter bottle of water

LIN, that's wonderful your DS is doing so well on SB. My DD is the same age and how I wish she would do something, she must be about 180-190lbs, but like me at her age, I didn't listen to anyone else and had my own agenda. Just hope in time she'll do something about it, though not wait as long as I did to figure it all out. I don't have a lot of money, in fact, I live well below the poverty level, so when you don't have a lot you learn ways to live on less. I am lucky to be able to find some foods at the ministry and I'm a really good shopper as well, though I'd be even better if we had at least one store that would double coupons. MICHAEL'S food is the most expensive though, since he's vegetarian. I should go get on food stamps but I just don't like the stigma that goes along with it, so I just do the best I can I don't buy a lot of meat, LAUREN is really the only one who eats it, I'm more a chicken lover, and we eat a lot of beans.

MONET, seems we both were church volunteering today! That's so neat about the Rainbow and SW, I didn't know that but could definitely see the resembalance! I wish someone would come up with another machine cheaper but does the same thing. Def. check Ebay, even the web, for a good used one when you decide you're ready.

MEESH, I took the REMOVE out and tried to send an e-mail to see if it would go through and it came back. If you want, you can e-mail me and give to me the e-mail [email protected] [email protected]. It's not mandatory, but if you'd like to be on my e-mail list I'd love to have you on there. Sounds like you liked the nutritionist. I really can't comment about what she has you following because she's the expert and I'm not. Can only give you an opinion, if you want Just ask and I'll give you my 2 cents. If I have your e-mail I'll e-mail you my humble opinion, just make sure you put SB in the subject area, otherwise I won't open it.
Nice that your DM is going to help you!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

MUSIC, glad to see you back. I'll send the wagon that has the built in straight jacket over for you!!!

QUIV, I'm hitting the URINATION STATION a lot as well today! Thanks for the info about NY and NYU. MICHAEL wants to be a pediatric surgeon but wants to minor in film, so he heard that they have a good program for both. My cousin is going there at this time, though I'm not sure what he takes. MICHAEL will fit in with diversity, that's not a problem at all-I just hope if he has a roommate he'll be clean and neat and some of that will rub off on MICHAEL because he is a SLOB when it comes to his bedroom (too busy with everything else in life to bother with cleaning his room). Will let you know when we make plans, but it will be either June or August, if I decide to venture there. Any idea how far away NYC is from Wash. DC?

BOB, cute!

LETTY, CONGRATS on this weeks loss Can't answer your question about the weights, should do some weight training, but I don't. I'm sure someone on the board can answer you though, someone like MEL could probably give you her 2 cents with some degree of knowledge.

Okay, time for me to go do a few things in the house, I didn't get much accomplished this morning as I was glued to the computer for a bit of time


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Height: 5'6"


Good afternoon ladies.

Going to head home, fix dinner, workout, start cleaning some of the house, and hopefully sit down and stuff invitations. Gee I hope I can actually accomplish all of that. I got all of my invitations printed today. So I can at least get that out of the way. Now just have to wait on the other side to get me theirs.

Quilter, I need to stick a wire in the end of a bead so it will dangle off the charm. Any ideas on what to use to glue it in with?
Deb, I think doing the challenge for a month is a great idea. Eli is going to NY to college??? Just kidding you, you always make fun of my typos, thought I would get even. I haven't been back to Wild Oats to get those pot pies. Are they single serving or family size?

Linworth, A big congrats to your DS on the 10lbs. I bet he is thrilled. Hey my kids are 20 & 23 and I still worry about them driving. I only smelled the GS cookies when I put them in DH's lunch.

Monet, you are the best cook in the world. You can convert anything to SB. I sure wish I had your incentive and talent. How sweet of you to volunteer at the church. I just finished printing all the invitations and inside envelopes. All but SIL's ones. Haven't got them yet. Tonight I will stuff them. I know everything will work out, it's just I like to do things right now and get them over with. DD is a procrastinator.

Meesh, sounds like you learned a lot of stuff from the dietician. I hope the plans works for you. Good for you taking time to work on You. Too many people don't do that. I just wish I had done it a lot earlier. Good luck

Music, glad to hear from you. Glad to see you are back on track. Don't stay away b/c of bad eating, it only makes it worse. Come here and we will help you.

Quiv, water has a funny way of doing that to you. Keeping reminding yourself you are flushing out fat everytime you make a pit stop.

Letty, I'm by far no expert, but my trainer tells me no woman can "bulk" up without steriods. You can define and shape. You need to challenge your muscles that is why you increase the wt and reps. Mel will know much more than me about this. That's just mho.

Deb, all those stairs definately counts as exercise and a good kind at that. Tomorrow your knees will be sore. Glad you got some water down too. You amaze me with your shopping. I know I waste a lot of money that I don't really have. I really try to watch it though.

Have a great evening everyone.

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