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16-32 ounces (2-4 glasses) 5 14.29%
32-48 ounces (4-6 glasses) 7 20.00%
48-64ounces (6-8 glasses) 9 25.71%
64-80 ounces (8-10 glasses) 2 5.71%
80-96 ounces (10-12 glasses) 1 2.86%
96 ounces or MORE! I'm a walking water tank!!!! 4 11.43%
I haven't a clue! 2 5.71%
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Both women are new arrivals at the Pearly Gates and are comparing
stories on how they had died.
First Woman: "I froze to death"

Second Woman: "You froze to death--- how horrible!"

First Woman: "Well, it wasn't so bad. After I quit shaking form the
cold, I began to get warm and sleepy, and finally died a peaceful

What about you?"

Second Woman: "I died of a massive heart attack. I suspected my
husband was cheating, so I came home early to catch him in the
act. But instead, I found him all by himself in the den, watching TV."

First Woman: "So what happened?"

Second Woman: " I was so sure there was another woman there
somewhere, that I started running all over the house looking. I ran up to
the attic and searched, then ran all the way back down to the basement
and searched. Then I went through every closet and checked under every
bed. I kept this up until I had looked everywhere, and finally became so
exhausted that I just keeled over with a heart attack and died."

First Woman: "Too bad you didn't look in the freezer first-- We'd
both still be alive"
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Good Tuesday Morning Everyone

Stinkin and sweatin, what a way to start a new day! Just got in from doing my 4.5 miles. Walked 99% of it, just didn't have it in me to do any jogging today, but at least I went. Took me lots longer than I'd of liked, 59:07, but again, at least I went Hot out there today, humidity in the 90's AND I sure don't think all the car fumes I have been breathing in all these years are helping matters!!!

It's good to see so many posts on the EXERCISE BOARD-good work you all! I was reading somewhere where, if you can just change one thing, no matter how small it may be, it makes a difference. Do one thing different each week and it makes a big impact all around. Remember the MM post I've posted more than once about FAILURE & SUCCESS? It's like that. Anyhow, if we can try to change just one small positive thing a week it would be wonderful! If we could find a new challenge to do each week or on a monthly basis I think we could rise to the challenge. If you have any challenge ideas either post, or better yet, e-mail them to me. I read it takes about 6 weeks to make something a habit.

I am planning on staying home, for the most part of the day. I have a lot of cleaning that needs to get done-not going to be a fun day, that's for sure.

Time to get in some replies before the day wears on...

JACKK, I didn't know you had MOVER on your resume! My goodness woman, try lifting weights instead of stoves, much easier Now you're doing furniture as well??? How the heck did you mash your finger AND bust your lip? I don't think there's anything wrong with doing invitation envelopes on the computer - esp. since I did the same thing-you really couldn't tell, and besides, they came out really nice. I watched BFGW too, wasn't crazy about it. Wonder why they aren't calling the husband IAN but instead THOMAS and her, she's going by her real first name.

SOL, glad to see your foot is feeling better. How was your day back at work yesterday? Hope you didn't overdue it. Protein in the morning other than what you mentioned? How about some oatmeal with a scoop of pb in it? WW English muffin with some Canadian bacon? Yogurt with some fruit? Tortilla pizza? There's lots of ideas!!! I've never seen SBD, don't have cable, so really wasn't sure what it was all about. I don't think VINCE would kill you if you did something, heck, it's not like it couldn't be changed if he didn't like it. Your home is wonderful, whether it be through a show or you doing it yourself, you'll get it all together in due time.

QUIV, glad to see you back on the board. Okay, remind us, what's the GMAT? Good luck with your challenge, I'm sure you'll rise to the occasion!!!

ROSE, glad to see YOU typing away I'm sure you miss DD, but hey, at least you got in a little shopping before she left. Now RAY has to keep you occupied and pampered. Were you able to find the pot pies yet?

MEL, another Lacrosse dinner is behind you-I'm sure it was not only a success but very much appreciated. Not many people would do what you do each year. Can't believe they have to play in that kind of weather, that sucks. Any updates about coming down? You should post on the exercise board, takes a second or two and it helps show each other what we are doing out there on a given day. Plus, the more posts the better

HEART, glad to see you back on track though sorry to read you are having dizzy spells. As I mentioned to FILLISE yesterday, about insurance, I understand where you are coming from, we don't have any either and won't until mid-April-thank goodness my kids aren't the sickly type and me, I can postpone whatever (mammo and the like). I would NEVER purchase any SB PRODUCT, not only have I heard the stuff is gross BUT it's ridiculously overpriced! Okay, I have to ask, which meat did you use in the chili - ham or lamb, I sort of couldn't figure out which it was, that is, unless you've found a pig and lamb animal that's been breeded together to make HAMB!!!!! LOL!!!!!

MEESH, can you e-mail me the files you have with the recipes? [email protected] Wagon pick-up is on it's way if it hasn't reached you already!!! Seat belt or straigh jacket?

QUILTER, snow, I'm dying of the heat here and you are shoveling. The only shoveling down here is either dirt or manure! Glad you liked the MM's posted, I really do enjoy picking them out and they really say a lot!

MOM, sounds like you had a busy week last week! I agree, we need to do a water challenge as I sure do need it. Maybe next week we can focus on doing that. That's great to have a SB BUDDY, just make sure you support each other on good habits! It's true, if you could just get through the first 4-7 days with being 100% OP, it's easy from there one but it makes it harder each time you give in a few days in to it. Try to stick it out best you can, even not being 100% but doing something positive is better than doing nothing at all. Here's a link to the BIO BOARD:

ROSALIE, curling sounds interesting, like the game they play on concrete with a metal disk that they try to get in a triangle. Darn if I can remember the name of it, though I see the image in the brain!

LIN, I wouldn't worry about that your Dr. doesn't show interest. To many Dr.'s this is a wonderful WOE and they recommend it to many patients, to others, they don't know squat about it and just think it's another fad diet. Besides, there are some Dr.'s that think that they know it all and if you bring something up they aren't well versed in, they don't want to be bothered. Hmmm, not sure how many miles I plugged, probably wouldn't want to know either. My kids both go to a magnet school and kids come from all over the county. We live about a 15-20 minute drive away, which isn't bad considering where some of these other kids come from. I was spoiled with Elementary and Middle school, both were about 2 miles from our home. GFGW was okay - movie is a LOT better!!!

BOB, cute, I've read it before, but still puts a smile on my face. What's new with you???

Okay ladies, I'm outta here. Before I forget
TONIGHT IS CHAT AT9:15PM EST Hope you can join me (hope I can get on the computer, of course, depends on the kids and homework!!!!!), I do plan on being there!!!!!

Have a wonderful day!!


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This is my contribution for TUESDAY TIPS Boy, is it true!!!

Top 10 Reasons Support Groups Work

1. Understanding; There is always someone who has been in a similar situation and can relate to whatever you might be going through.

2. Compassion; Women who are in the same situation as you are do not pass judgement, whatever the circumstances are.

3. New ideas; Fresh, new ideas are traded, often giving you a whole new perspective for run of the mill, daily struggles.

4. Concern; Women in support groups can become very engrossed in one another’s lives, they care deeply about everyone’s personal lives.

5. Cathartic; It is especially beneficial to be able to ‘share” your struggles with a group who understands, proving that old adage “Confession is good for the soul”.

6. Responsibility; Having others count on you fosters a sense of responsibility, you do not want to let anyone down, especially yourself.

7. Competition; Healthy competition is good for people, it can be just what is needed to jumpstart a lagging exercise program.

8. Tough Love; There are times when you need someone to point out exactly what you are doing wrong and what you should do to change behaviors that might not be in your best interest.

9. Goal Planning; Sometimes we set unrealistic goals for ourselves, having the help of others can enable you to make appropriate decisions on how you approach your weight loss goals.

10. Friendship; Some of the best friendships are made because of the shared struggles, victories and day to day battles. You will never have to face another day of fighting the “Battle of the Bulge” alone. Your dearest friends will see you through!
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Default Tuesday Morning

Hello All:

JackK - I have seen some nice retirement places - I agree, would not mind living in one myself!!! That is why I don't understand why my Gram flips out when I mention her moving into even just a nice little retirement community! Well get in your exercise today!!!! I am going walking tonight and do my tummy crunches...

Quilter - I had the best dinner last night, so simple!! I had a ww sf bread, smoked turkey and tomato sandwich with a Tangelo...the Tangelo was very juicy and hit the spot....and then I did my shoulder/neck is 95% better - it keeps hitching up here and there and pinching, but it is slowly going away - thank goodness!!! Packing lunches is great - as well as more economical! But, today I have a lunch date with my group from work and I know what I am having - vegetable I will still be on target

Deb - Glad you enjoyed my message - it felt good to leave the message and say I MADE IT TO THE GYM!!!! YEAH!!!!!! Tomorrow I go back and I am looking forward to it...I picked up the listing of all the classes they are offering and times - have not had a chance to check it out, but I am thinking that it would not hurt to join a group...Glad you are enjoying the Yoga classes!!!!

Momsof3Reds - You can do it - the SB - it is really simple - just a matter of making up your mind to do it - keep something like triscuits on hand for those weak moments....

heart - You sound like you are definitely on the right track - and your chili sounds perfect - we are supposed to have cooler wet weather again...perfect chili weather

I better get a move on, ta ta
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And another TUESDAY TIP This came from a diabetic site, but still has some good info in it.


What are carbohydrates? Carbohydrates are one of three primary substances in the foods that we eat, which also includes protein and fat. They are also the substances which turn 100 % into glucose in the bloodstream. They include all sugars and starches in the diet. In fact, carbohydrates are actually either simple sugars or complex sugar molecules, such as starches.

In a balanced diet, carbohydrates will be included, and are necessary for both energy and good health. But for the diabetic, learning to measure the amount of carbohydrate in the diet can be a useful tool in learning to control blood sugars.

How do you measure carbohydrates? First, it is important to look at how many choices have been prescribed by your dietitian. One carbohydrate choice is equal to 15 grams of carbohydrate. The dietitian will give a certain number of carbohydrate choices per meal. In the meal plan, a person might have, for example, 3 carbohydrate choices (45 grams total) for each meal, and one choice ( 15 grams) at night for a bedtime snack.

The carb allowance might look like this:

Breakfast: 45 grams carb

Lunch: 45 grams carb

Dinner: 45 grams carb

Bedtime: 15 grams carb

The person will choose their choices from a list of carbohydrates, remembering that one choice is 15 grams. The carbohydrate groups on the food pyramid include:



Vegetables (although this group is lower in carb than the other groups)



One carbohydrate choice from the milk group is equal to one cup, preferably low fat or skim for adults. Many people do not realize that milk can raise the blood sugar, because it doesn’t “taste sweet”, but it does contain lactose, which will turn to glucose. One container of sugar free, fat free yogurt is also equal to one carb choice. One cup of milk is actually 12 grams of carbohydrate, but it rounded up to one choice for simplicity.

Buttermilk is the same.

One carbohydrate choice from the fruit group is one small piece of fruit, about the size of your rounded fist: one apple, or one pear, one plum, one orange, for example. One half of a regular sized banana is one choice. One half cup of most fruit juices, such as orange juice, is one choice. One cup of raspberries or melon is also one choice. 12 to 15 grapes (dependent upon size) are one choice.

The vegetable group is lower in carbohydrate. One serving from this group is typically ˝ cup cooked, or 1 ˝ cups uncooked, and is only equal to FIVE grams of carbohydrate, or one third of a carbohydrate choice. Practically speaking, this means that you can eat a little more freely from this group, since it has less effect on raising the blood sugar. Lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, beets, brocolli, greens, etc. are examples of this group.

The cereal/starch group includes bread, pastas, starchy vegetables, and cereals. In general, one half cup cooked is a good guideline in this group: one half cup cooked hot cereal, or pasta, is one carbohydrate choice. One slice of bread, or one 6 inch tortilla, is also one choice. Rice is an exception: one third cooked is one choice, and one carb choice of beans is one third cup cooked. Most dry cereals should be checked on the food label under “Total carbohydrate”. It will show how many grams of carbohydrate are in one serving, and servings can be measured accordingly (remember to count the carb in milk used, too!)

Sweets are a more concentrated form of carbohydrate, and can be part of the diabetic diet if included as part of the total carbohydrate allowed. No longer is it true that the diabetic can not have sugar in their diet; but they need to plan it as part of their complete meal plan. For example, about ˝ cup of most ice creams is equal to one carbohydrate choice. But beware of “low fat” varieties, and some “sugar free” items, such as sugar free cookies: they may contain as much or more carbohydrate as the regular item. Many “low fat” foods use more sugar or sweeteners to make up for the lack of fat.

Free foods contain less than 20 calories per serving and are not counted as carbohydrate choices. These can include:

Coffee or tea, sugar free soft drinks, fat-free bouillion or broth, celery, peppers, cucumbers, salsa are examples of this group. Seasonings are also free, such as garlic powder, herbs, paprika, etc.

Be aware that counting carbohydrates is only one part of a well balanced meal plan. Eating foods that are lower in fat, higher in fiber, and learning to make healthier choices overall, such as eating more whole grains, can be incorporated in a meal plan that can help to lower triglycerides, or meet other goals, such as weight loss, if indicated. This is why meeting with a registered dietitian to plan an individualized meal plan is paramount. Hopefully, this article will help take some of the mystery from “carb counting” and will help in making better choices.

Written by Sheri Waldrop
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This is just a quick check in! Good Morning All!

I wanted to ask Debelli can you start a new threads on the sugar busters board of favorite snacks, favorite breakfasts, favorite lunches and see if we can get folks to post in there? Id be glad to compile it into word documents. If people posted there... it be such a nice resource. I dont mind doing the work behind it. Right now I have the time

Can any of you think of specific questions I should ask the dietician? (tommorow is the big day)

Just something to babble about.. I noticed over the weekend when I was on my (food) bender.. the first thing that started it was I went out with friends. Im not very good at making "good" choices around other people. .. like if we go to the movies.. its hard for me to say NO when everyone else eats popcorn... (yes i should have had my own snacks with me) or we went to to Dennys at 2 am.. and I could have ordered breakfast and been much safer.. the clubs andwhich calle dmy name and so on. Its weird when I am alone and dont go out at all except to the gym.. I seem to do ok. Its like I put myself in my "be healthy" bubble and I cook all my own meals and take care of me.. but in the midst of my peers.. its not so good.

Also.. it doesnt just start with one cheat... its like I have something that isnt a good choice.. and then I either get taken over with cravings that are so intense I cant refuse them or I start to rationalize with myself and I convince myself its ok to eat what I want because (said in a 2 year old voice) DAMMIT I DESERVE IT! *snicker* So Im seeing.. I cant start with the simple few M and M's and walk away.. because I find myself at walgreens .. buying more.

So I guess the solution is to not have that first bite... which Im learning and when I do fall off.. to be honest with myself about what happened and learn from it.

Anyway. Enough for now.. you guys all have an awesome day!
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Meesh-I loved your post and think it shows a lot of self-knowledge. Now that you are aware of the problems, you will be able to work on solving them. My snacks are just the usual ones already mentioned here--triscuits, hard boiled eggs, SF yogurt, cheese, fruits and veggies. If I come up with anything creative, I will be sure and post.
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Default Good Tuesday Monrning!

Hello everyone! It's a gray morning here--only three more days left until the end of the month. The official beginning of spring is less than a month away!

I did well with the buffet yesterday--salad and some peas, lima beans and baked chicken. Not a problem. Dinner was a completly different story. TOM is here and last night it felt like my stomach was full of rocks--I couldn't eat a thing until abou 10:00 when I ate 5 (FIVE!) Sara Lee chocolate cheesecake bites. Now, you may ask why were they even in the house? Because I bought a box Sat. night because I was still in the Feb. doldrums (yup--emotional eater). The good news is that there are no more in my house and there won't be (they really wern't very good).

This morning it still feels like I have rocks in my stomach. I HATE TOM--and, as you can imagine TOM in FEB just thrills me to no end! HAH!

I have to go to Montgomery for a lunch meetin--fortunatly it is at CHappy's deli where I can get a tasty and legal salad with baked chicken breast meat. But dinner will again be a problem as I have yet another meeting at a fried catfish place. I have dinner meetings every night this week until Saturday so I'm really steamed that I didn't cook anything last night because it was my last shot for the rest of the week!

Enough about me!

Meesh--You've got to carry that "healthy bubble" with you at all times girl! I know you can do it! I know I'm hardly one to talk ater my confession above! But promise yourself you will be strict for at least three weeks. By that time your body will tell you how it feels on this WOE and most likely it will feel so much better that you will not WANT to put poision back into it!

Deb--Wow--and here I thought I was the only one in the world without insurance! Don't even get me started on the insurance industry. I want to come to Miami where it is 90 degrees and humid--I live for heat and humidity!!!!!

Linworth--enjoy your grapes--mine are very tasty! Where are you threatened with spring--I want to come there!!!!!

Marie--Buffets are usually easy (unless they are chinese buffets). As long as I never--ever glance at the dessert table I seem to do OK! Hope you have a good day today.

Mel--Let's all shout at the top of our lungs: WARM! WARM! WARM! Maybe we can heat things up with all the hot air we'll be dispensing!

Jackie--when is the wedding? I remember when my db got married--for a year it seemed like we talked about nothing else. At times I tried to remember what we talked about before THE WEDDING. Geeze--and we were the groom's family. I'm with deb--stop lifting stoves--weights are much more sensible

Yellow--great to have you back with us! It sounds like Rosie has been taking good care of you. I missed that Greek chicken salad recipe--is it on the recipe board?

Quivondra--Welcome back girl! I hope the GMAT went well--I spent 6-7 years in grad school--so holler when you need support! Been there and done that!

Sol--Glad to see you back too! It sounds like you better cut back on the H20 what with the 30 minute trip time to the bathroom! I hope the ankle is healing quickly. One of my favorite quick breakfasts is peanut butter on WW toast. I also like oatmeal with agave, cinamon and milk. SF yogurt is also good. Hope this gives you some alternatives.

OK--I need to go order some flowers for DM. It is her birthday today and I didn't send a $2.00 card, so now I have to send some $30.00 flowers! (I did send a present, but it won't arrive for another week or so--back order--sheesh).

I hope everyone has a great OP day!

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Lots of peanut butter gals on this board, I see. I’m starting to acquire a taste for it, but it certainly isn’t one of my favorite foods. I kind of have to be in the mood for it. I think I might just start eating hamburger or chicken breast or something like that with my b’fast when I’m not in an egg-white omelet or cottage cheese mood.

I definitely overdid it yesterday. I think it was too many trips to the bathroom. No, really, I think it was just more walking around than I have done since the surgery. I just hope tonight isn’t as bad. I can walk more normally now, but still slow.

QUIVONDRA – Always good to hear from you. I thought about signing up for the Gold’s Gym 3 Apples a Day challenge. You can win up to $50,000 dollars on it. BUT, I’m afraid with my ankle I won’t be able to do it “officially”. Please let us know how you do on the challenge.

YELLOWROSE (((((hugs))))) Sooooo good to hear from you!!! I’m impressed that you’re already up to even sitting at the computer. I didn’t move from the bed except to go to the bathroom for the first few days. As for the anesthesia stuff – two words – SWISS KRISS. I also started eating A LOT of the oranges and grapefruits off the trees in the back yard. Glad to hear the Chicken Salad was a hit. I know how much I enjoy it. Please don’t overdo it! I’m praying for a speedy recovery for you! I hope y’all didn’t get any of that yucky weather coming through TX.

MEL – 47 people?!? You are definitely the “hostess with the most-ess”. I’ll bet they think of you fondly as they enjoy all those leftovers. I’m definitely NOT getting pampered at work and even get a few stares like, “Why are you walking around in those non-professional shoes? You can walk. What makes you so special?” Us women can really be catty, can’t we? Thanks for the b’fast ideas. I guess I’m going to have to get over the “conventional breakfast” mindset. Your poor nephew. As adults we have so much influence over how people think and behave and don’t realize it sometimes.

HEARTMOM – Thanks for the reminders! Please forgive me if I have to slack off in the H2O department for a few days. Even though I need it to stave off the terrible pain med side effects.

JACK-K – LOL, I don’t know how I got him to do our invitations. I’m afraid I couldn’t get him to sit still long enough to do anything like that again. I think moving that stove and moving the aunt would count for the exercise board.

MEESH I’m looking for that industrial strength seatbelt with the cannonball attached to it to keep me on board. When I find one I’ll let you know.

DEBBIE I loved the Greek movie – We just don’t watch tv much. We tape Alias and CSI each week and it takes us all week to watch just those two. I would love to see the tv show. I also miss watching Survivor. Yeah, 6 weeks to make a habit and only 2 to break it. That’s not fair, is it?

QUILTER – You would want a Border Terrier if you met Vixen. And I think they would match you and Paul’s personalities just perfectly – of course, I’m totally biased. I just can’t imagine having to shovel snow. At my latest h.s. reunion one of my classmates was talking about moving into their first home in MI. The neighbors came over to welcome them and then pointed out that the garage was in the BACK of the house. He thought, “yeah, well…no big deal”. He said after the first snow and he was out there shoveling the snow grumbling under his breath, “the garage is in the BACK of the house” I sure don’t envy y’all!

MOM – Pretend you’re a college student – down a bunch of coffee – and you’ll get that presentation done in no time! Way to hang in there.
ROSALIE I love my Forman grill! We kept putting of getting one, but eventually broke down and got one. Well worth it! They carry tilapia at Publix here, I guess I’ll have to try some now. What seasonings do you put on it?

LINWORTH – Sometimes our knowledge and excitement can motivate the Dr to want to learn more. If the Dr. doesn’t spend enough time with you it might be worth looking into other options. I had a friend who worked in Quality for one of the hospitals here and she highly advocated driving to a dr. further away if the personal treatment and credentials were better. I miss her, but have become way more picky about my healthcare, and I do agree that it’s worth it. The ice cream store is a local, family owned one, but most places have SF ice cream now – even Baskin Robins I think. I had arthroscopic surgery on my ankle. It started aggravating me during my training to walk with DEBBIE in the WDW HALF MARATHON and just got worse as time went on. I’m expecting to be 100% healthy when this is all over.

BOB – Are you trying to tell us something?? Could you at least moon us?

FILLISE The recipe is called Greek Chicken or Greek Chicken Salad. If it’s not on the recipe boards anymore I’ll re-post it. I made it for our get together in Jan. We love it in my house. That eating out for work used to be glamorous to me, but when I tried to start losing weight it became a bigger pain. I’ve been in that flower predicament before – much cheaper to plan ahead isn’t it. Now if I could just remember to do that. I *did* put an ad in the paper one year for Mother’s Day to fool her. It was a cute little poem I can’t remember exactly but something like “Roses are Red, Time’s fast fleeting so all I can do is send this Mother’s Day Greeting.” She loved it and has it framed in their house. In a small town that won me lots of brownie points!

Well, gotta run! Have a good day everyone!
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Didn't get my walk in this am as we had major rain storms during the night & even now, it's still in the 40's. Having a hard time warming up. My hands still hurt with the cold. My house feels drafty. Computer to the north wall & house is wood frame on piers, so it does not warm well.

Country, I also try to stay away from the breads & rice, although I don't always succeed. Like your attitude though.. what comes on quick will leave almost as quick..I hope..

Tranquil, Sounds like a great workout on the Cross Country trek. Keep up the good work!

Jack-K Sounds like dd's wedding is getting close. When is it?? Hope that busted lip from the stove is all better for the wedding pics. Thanks for your words of encouragemnet about dd's pregnancy. I know I was in a slump, b8ut if I know ANYTHING, it's that I KNOW even though I may not be overjoyed about it right now, this will be a blessing to all of us in one way or another. The other side of the coin is that I only have 4 grandsons & dd Jodi is already wishing for a girl! LOL

Solshine, So glad to hear that you are improved enough to return to work, although is sounds like you did enjoy your time at home with Furbaby & Meister. LOL Sounds like you're still hobbling around though. Are you on crutches?? Me?? small body?? I would believe more that these feet may be objecting to the extra weight that I've put on & can't seem to take back off since Oct! But I'm working on it.

Quivondra, Good luck with your three month challenge to exercise and eat right. Sounds great. Also, congrats on entering grad school!!

YellowRose, It shouldn't surprise me that you are already back at the keyboard pecking along but girl, aren't you pushing it a little??!! So glad to hear that you are doing so well. Sounds like Rosie & Ray have truely lived up to their expectations. I'm so glad you've had such great help. I know you will miss dd now that she's gone. Sounds like your eating is going well. I'm still struggling. Up a few lbs, down a few...back & forth, but I'm working on it! Started to call you this week end, but was afraid that you would not be up to it yet. Guess I was wrong

Meliris Weather sounds really yucky your way. Have a db that moved to New Jersey not too long ago & spoke with him this week end. He was telling me that although the temps there are very much colder than here, he has adjusted to it well because even with temps in the 30's he's outside with a long sleeves shirt instead of a coat. He said the difference in the humidity is amazing. I hate it when it's cold & rainy here...I cannot warm up & hurt all the time.

Heartmom, Sorry to hear that your weight is up & about your vertigo. Hope you feel better soon. I've never heard the term Thermic veggies before, but those are the veggies I like the most! Your stir-fried veggie supper sounds super! But then again, so did the chilli! LOL

MeeshRenee, Cute idea to add seat belts to the wagon Might help us stay on it better I think! LOL You are soooo right in that if we deny ourselves that first bite then we have won half the battle of cheating.

Debelli, Thanks for your word of encouragment. I'm getting use to the idea of Jodi being pregnant, even though I did have a few bad days about it. I'm not completely heartless. I know how much this means to her. She had said for a long time that she wasn't ready for a child because she knows her limitations as well as I do, but the last few months she seemed to have been wishing for it, so for that I am happy. Also, she's praying for a girl which I am also. I think she would do lots better with a girl cause I've seen her impatience with my grandsons. LOL Yes, I'm trying not to an over-dominating mom, but you summed it up when you said "you'd still be concerned, no matter what she is going through or what her age may be - our kids are our kids, no matter what the age" I will email you my # again. Will also call you next time instead of just think about it.

I LOVED your Tuesday Tip Post of Top 10 Reasons Support Groups Work !!! Every word of it is so true in our case on this board. I particurly enjoyed the last one. Plan to print this one out cause I soooo often need to re-read these encouraging words! Thanks Deb!!

QUILTER/Kim, You sound a little "bleeping" tired of this weather! I'm sure I'd feel the same. You had to clear the drive when you got home to be able to park in it?? WOW don't envy you there, but think of the calories you burned! Thanks for your words of encouragement also. I KNOW I will love this child every bit as much as the boys. It was just such a shock to me I guess.

momof3reds You've had a stressful week I see. Great that your colleagues are also doing SB!! What great support for you. Hey, I hear you on the water challenge. I really do poorly when it comes to drinking enough water.

ROSALIE, Hey, thanks so much for explain the Curling concept to me. Now that I read your explaination I do remember having seen that before an tv, but never knew what it was called. That 42# stone sounds like it would be hard on the arm, even though it's on ice!

linworthlady,Hope your bloodwork results are helpful. No, this will be my 5th grandchild. I have 3 daughters & 4 grandsons, so needless to say that I have always wanted a grandaughter! This might be the blessing I've been waiting for. LOL

BOB, the joke LOL Hey, I finally made the Cilantro Chicken & loved it. As a matter of fact, I just finished off the last of it in a salad. Delich!!! Will definitely post the recipe.

FILLISE, Sounds like a major cheat with that Sara lee cheesecake. Glad you finished off or I might have had to head for your house. LOL Just kidding. I'm trying to behave. Hope your lunch in Montgomery goes well.

Got to go. dd Vickie just dropped off one of gs with nausea & vomiting which started yesterday after I picked him up from daycare. Will have to go get his brothers in a while. Then am scheduled to work free clinic tonight, so I won't be able to make it for chat. Will check in later! Bye
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Solshine, Hey, we were posting at the same time!! I'm a PB lover too. It's a good filler on WW toast or even in oatmeal, as YellowRose pointed out to me. I've even put it in a chocolate protein drink for breakfast! Sorry to hear that you over-did it yesterday. Take it easy, will ya?? Don't push yourself too hard or you will regret it later down the road. Listen to this nurse's advise! LOL
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Height: 5'8"


You know how my weight was up 2 pounds yesterday from the day before? I'm happy to report they are gone today along with another pound! I drank soo much water yesterday, my eyeballs were floating. I ended up drinking 280 ounces instead of 230- but it paid off. So it's true that bad carbs make you retain fluid-weight. I'm not drinking as much today, but it's still alot. I haven't had a can diet coke in 2 days and I'm starting to have withdrawals,lol. For breakfast I had a protein milkshake(part of the detox) and 1/2 a cantaloupe. Lunch another shake and a big veggie salad plus 1/2 box of sf jello(you can have a 6 oz box in a day). Snack will probably be some raw cucumbers and zuchinni with dressing. Supper, I'm going to make another stir fry, but a little different this time. Dessert will be more sf jello. I think the jello helps bind fat-really. Tomorrow(day 3 of 10) I can eat some MEAT,YAY!! Only one bad thing about this detox is you get the runs- but I guess that's part of it. I have to go to Jackson Thursday for Boogie's cardiology appt- it's an hour and a half away. I hope I make it without having to stop to go to the bathroom several times,lol.

MOMOF3- Do you live in Biloxi? I live in Meridian.

DEB- That was my abbreviation for hamburger meat,lol.

Man, it feels good to be back on track. Who has the motto that nothing is as good as slim feels or something like that? It's a good feeling when the pounds start to come off. Well, guys I gotta run to the bathroom- stay strong and focused and we will all get there together! And drink LOTS and LOTS of water(cold)!
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Well ladies, I'm gonna go home, eat my pork roast I put i nthe crock pot this morning and then workout. Probably too cold to walk tonight. Only 26 here.

Linworth, sounds like you had a busy day moving too. Boy that can eat up your time quickly. The dinenr was a benefit for Cerebal Palsy Kids. Our company bought a table and no one wanted to go. Except me! You are doing great with your eating. The threat of bathing suits is a scary one. Keep up the good work.

Bob, cute joke.

Deb, you got out there. That is the most important thing. Walking is as beneficial as jogging. Less stress on the feet and knees too. Be proud. I dropped the stove and smashed my finger and the top of the box hit me in the mouth. Clutz! I haven't seen BFGW yet. I want to rent it now it is out. The support group reasons were really true. It really does help.

Tranquil, Good for you getting in those exercises. It is so great that you know already what you are planning to order at lunch. That will keep you OP for sure. It's a shame you Gram won't consider a retirement home. It would be so much more company for her. I would just hate to be lonely. Has Serene given up on us? Or is she just busy? Tell here hi for us.

Renee, a tip for eating out with yur friends. DO they know you are dieting? All my friends know. Therefore if I eat soemthing "wrong" they know it. I am embarrassed that I have failed once again. Therefore, I want to prove that I can lose this wt once and for all, so I wouldn't dare cheat around them. Maybe that would help you.

Fillise, you are going to have to cut Feb out of your calendar. It's just not good for you. I hate it when I cheat and it's not very good. What a waste. Glad those cheesecakes are all gone now. Eat the catfish, count it as one or 2 of your carbs and get a salad to go with it. The wedding is May 9th. I do lifts wts, that why I can lift the stove.

Solshine, I'm not much on pb either. Have to really be in the mood. Glad you are walking better, just don't overdo it. SLow is good.

Melf, I'll trade you 40 for 27 here today. Try to stay dry. I truly hope you get that GD this time. I have 2 girls and have always said God gives you what you can handle, cause I sure couldn't handle boys.

Heartmom, Glad those pounds are gone plus another. Be careful on your eating. Don't want to get dehydrated. That SF jellow can cause sugar cravings.

Have a great nite. I'm gonna try real hard to make it to chat tonight if DD isn't on the computer.

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Default Just a Quickie

Lin - There's a recipe for Spicy Lasagna which is meatless which I originally posted on the July 2001 recipe board. I have just re-posted it on the new recipe board under Vegetarian Recipes. I make this one quite often and my family likes it. I do have another recipe for Vegetable Lasagna which I will post later. Soon as I have time to type it up.

Solshine - I use a hot, spicy seasoning on my tilapia. I don't what it is called. My dil buys it in The Fish House restaurant.

Have to get back to the vegetable soup I am making. I'm cooking up leeks, onions, carrots, sweet potato. It's all going in the blender when it is cooked. I've never made this one before. I really love the flavor of leeks and have to find substitutes for the Leek and Potato soup that I used to make.

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It's getting cloudy over here and the wind is picking up! Supposed to rain TH FR SA & SU.....but today is only TUESDAY!!!!
Kate starts her pool therapy tomorrow after work...I've been asked to get into the pool with her just to make sure someone is by her if she gets shaky....Can I count this as exercise????

SOL....YOU'RE A MISSISSIPPI GAL....YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO LIKE PNUT BUTTER!!!! It's a staple in our Southern homes !!!!!
Trust me, you don't want to see this MOON!!!!

JACKIE...I think it would be agreed by all that you can list your moving experiences as exercise...I love pork roast....YUM!

I'll be back a little later....I think the new board suggestions are great!!! These kind of boards give us all ideas for cooking or packing a lunch!!!

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