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aka Zippy LiverFace
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WAAAAAAHHHHH, WAAAAAHHHH!!!! I soooo wish I was still working from home.

Naw, Iím fine. In fact the ankle hasnít hurt that much at all today. More work than I want to do and I got spoiled with my 2 minute commute from the bed to the computer (pit stop at the coffee maker). I miss having my furbaby curled up at my feet and the tv handy. Took me an hour to get to work and then it took me about an hour to get settled in here at work this morning and about 30 minutes to make it down the hall to the bathroom. Thatís making it really hard to get motivated to drink all that water weíre supposed to be downing.

I told Meister about the SF chocolates to help with myÖerrrÖpain medicine/anesthesia issues. He got a big kick out of that and I donít think he took me seriously about wanting to try it. Iím prepared for the week, I think, except for breakfast. What do you gals do to get your protein in the mornings? I get tired of eggs, protein shakes or cottage cheese and canít afford the fat in bacon, sausage and other typical breakfast meats.

QUILTER Ė Missed your motivational post, too. Gonna have to go look that one up as just reading about it is making me motivated. Youíve inspired me!

Linworth I had to have something chocolate yesterday too so we went to the local ice cream parlor and I got a SF frozen yogurt. It hit the spot and there was nothing left over in the kitchen for me to worry about.

TRANQUIL YOU GO GIRL!! Your energy is contagious! Iíve even considered hobbling around the gym to do upper body weights, but I think Iíll wait. I am sufficiently motivated to get my butt in gear after Iím cleared for action.

DEBBIE Ė Good going on getting out there and rocking and rolling! Sounds like a good yoga deal, but I donít know squat about that stuff. Do let us know when and what show Michael is going to be on so we can all watch! I like Surprise by Design! Iíve been tempted to do the ďWhile You Were OutĒ for our game room or bedroom and bathroom, but Iím afraid Vince would kill me. I canít take you up on your challenge, but I can tell you that after sitting on my butt for almost 2 weeks Iím plenty motivated to do something.

FILLISE Thanks for the snack ideas. Did I post the pico de gallo recipe my friend gave me? Itís so quick and easy and DEEE-LISH! I love it with triscuits. Now, thereís also DEBBIEís Hummus that BOB would say is the best snack food. Keep those cars away from you!

ROSALIE So good to see your posts! Thank you for thinking of me and you see my whine at the top Ė Iím fine but a bit spoilt. I remember seeing that the curling was a big deal in Canada and that people have tons of fun doing it, but I just never saw what the fascination was. Iím glad to hear I wasnít missing out on anything. Is tilapia fish? You have fish for breakfast? They make fun of me here because Iíll eat supperís left overs for breakfast even if itís spaghetti or steak or whatever. Glad to hear those 12ís are looser. Theyíll get to be too big before long, Iím sure.

COUNTRY I fixed some Basmati Rice and frozen chicken breasts for us to have for lunches this week. That rice sure smells good when itís cooking!

MELF Iím glad to hear the good news about the mammo. Iíll be praying for things to work out for the best with Jodi. Share what you want on here Ė we all care. Iíll bet that stumbling is due to your feet not being used to such a small body to have to navigate.

JACK-K Goodness Gracious, Gal! I get tired just reading about all you get done and then still having time to chill out! Youíre amazing! I got lucky with our wedding invites. Meister is very artistic, so he caligraphied all of our invitations. What a man!

Well, I guess those sound like excuses for not exercising. I suppose I could do something at home even if it's just sit ups. Okay, lemmee get my lazy butt in gear and think of what I can do.

Well, gotta run. Have a great day everyone!
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Hey guys.. I know I have been MIA, but I'm back. Took the GMAT exam, did ok and applied for grad school. Already back on track.

I just joined this challenge by Self Magazine. It's a three month challenge to exercise and eat right. I'll lose weight and I'll be eligible for prizes. Check out

Anyway, just letting you know I'm A-ok. Gotta get back to work.

P.S. - Went skiing Saturday and I went to the gym on my lunch hour. Need to keep up the exercise!!
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This is me trying to type with one hand. I do believe that this will be short.

My DD left this morning to return home and it sure is quiet around here....too quiet. We got in a little shopping yesterday and I bought a pair of sleeping shorts that are so comfortable that my sweet husband has gone out to get me a second pair. My daughter is about the same size and she was great about doing the try on thing for me yesterday.

Deb: I enjoyed our conversation. I need cheering up and that did the trick.

Solshine: DD made your Greek Chicken Salad and it was marvelous. Thanks for the recipe. On the breakfast protein...I use peanut butter in my oatmeal or on bread with syrup...I toast the bread. I also at times have yogurt and fruit. I have been having quite the bout with the after effects of the pain pills also. I was close to going to the emergency room. Now, I am eating apples, prunes and even taking Ducolax and drinking warm milk at night an lemon water in the morning. So far, it is still just barely helping. I am sorry that you didn't get to stay at home for a little longer. Not Fair!

Gatorgal; DD also made your torte which was great.

Okay, I best sign off for now. I tried to correct all the mistakes, so, sorry if some are left.
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Default Happy Monday!

I've been totally out of it here- never finished reading last week's posts, so just started with this morning's. It was a wild, wet, and cold weekend here. We has 47 people for dinner Friday ( the lacrosse dinner) and i had enough food for about 80! Eating was not good, but not too horrible. Then Saturday we watched games in the rain, with lightening delays. It was VERY cold and dd had to leave the field in the second 1/2 because she couldn't feel her feet or fingers. Poor kid has Reynaud's Syndrome- her capillaries close up at around 40 degrees, worse if it's wet, and she essentially gets frostbite. The rest of the girls were almost as miserable, and they called off the rest of the games. Thank heavens! Then we had another big tailgate (inside) dinner for them, and packed them back on the bus to Ohio with a ton of food. None of those girls will have to cook for a week. I fine there- even brought my own food so I wouldn't be tempted, but then completely lost it when we got home and finished of a lot of illegal leftovers from the night before. Yuck! Sunday we went to my nephew's 2nd b'day party and I was really good- just had salad, aparagus and smoked salmon. They had tons of cake and chocolates and all sorts of illegal goodies, but I was able to pass on them. I hate to say it, but my SIL and her family and my brother are all so obese that just watching them shovelling in all that food kinda put me off food. They actually encouraged my nephew to eat his birthday cake, which wasn't yet cut, by just going face first into it. Everyone laughed and cheered and took pictures while I just looked, pretty disgusted. They are setting him up for the same lifetime of problems that they have. It's really sad.

melf- So glad your news on the mammogram is good news! I went through a scare last November and it really was emotionally draining. Sounds like you knew what was going on and weren't real worried. Hope everything works out with your daughter.

Quiv- Glad to se you back. I'll have t check out that "self" challenge.

Solshine! Too bad you had to go back to work. Home sounded much better. I bet they don't pamper you as much at work, either. Your fur baby probably is wondering why you've abandonned her. About breakfast- I've given up any pretense aof calling it breakfast. It is meal 1 for me. Chicken, fish, eggwhite omelettes with vegies, whatever. The one my dh still kids me about is catfish fillets with oatmeal.

Rosalie- When I first moved to Toronto, I thought curling was a joke that Canadians used to see how gullible Americans were. LOL- then I went to see a curling match and still thought it was pretty funny. But I guess if you are doing it, it's fun.

Jackie- Whew! You must be glad when the week-ends are over, too!

Tranquil- good for you for getting to the gym. Try some weights- they do a lot more than cardio for you. (Just had to get in a plug for pumping iron!)

Deb- I think you need a computer with wireless web for your van. You spend so much time in it, you could be posting away all day long while waiting for kids. I'm already posting my workouts everyday else where as weel a journalling them for myself, so I'm probably not going to join in on the board here. But I will today.

Fillise- I'm with you, I cannot wait for this winter to end. It's making me crazy. And we're supposed to get hit with another snowstorm late tomorrow. Probably dumping on Quilter and jackie right about now. I want WARM!

Alright, time to go put new patches on ds's boy scout uniform for tonite's meeting.

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DEB- Count me in!

HEY, SB GALS!!- You need to be drinking more H2O. Good for your metabolism- if you drink it out of the fridge, your body burns calories getting it to regular body temp. Also, good for your skin and keeping lungs moist,etc..

Okay, the bad news is yes, I am back to 210, but I'm a little puffy, so hopefully most of that is fluid retention. The good news is that I'm back on track and drinking water to try to flush it out and eating thermic veggies. Thermic veggies consume more calories than they contain. Some examples are zuchinni, mushrooms, onions, cabbage, peppers, green beans, brocolli, cauliflower, cucumbers, asparagus, celery, and there's more but that's just off the top of my head. Wooh- I need to get off the computer- I've been dizzy on and off for a couple of months and today is really bad. I think I have a bad case of vertigo or a middle ear infection- my blood pressure is fine. The earliest appt I could get to see the doc is the middle of March,ugh! I hate not having insurance. I have to go to this clinic that is priced upon your income and it's always sooo busy. BTW- The SB salad dressing(Caesar) is really.....GROSS!! It tastes like a nasty watered down mayonaise. But for over $4 a bottle, I'm gonna eat it.
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Need to run, just wanted to catch up.

Solshine, Glad you are back to work and getting better. Can I pack up my invitations and send them to Meister? Only 300. Sounds like you are motivated to get exercising. I'm sur there is something you can do at home.

Quiv, glad to hear from you. SOunds like a great challenge. And prizes to boot! Good luck.

Tranquil, WTG girl on getting to the gym and working out. Proud of you.

Yellow, Glad to see you are feeling better. Rest and get well.

Mel, sounds like you party was a success. WTG on passing up the goodies.

Have a great nite.

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Hello all. Happy Monday

Ill post more later..

Hope all are doing well. I fell off the wagon big time this weekend.. but Im back on.. Looks like I might need a seat belt to hold me on my wagon *giggle*

Ill take your exercise challenge too!

Also if people email me lists of snacks or post them, Ill make a nice t-file out of it (text file) ... same with any lunch, breakfast ideas..

Talk to you all later
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Evening All

Just waiting for ELI to get home from work, Michael is taking a break from the computer and I thought I'd squeeze in whatever time I could get on the computer. Was trying to watch the CHARLIE'S ANGEL movie I got from the library, but after about 20 minutes I just couldn't watch it anymore, didn't like it.

Yoga class was good today, there were a few less than last time, which was fine, let us spread out a bit. I think there was about 14 of us. Looking forward to next week!

Glad to see so many posts on the exercise board today!!!!:clap:

Is anyone else planning on watching MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING tonight on TV-the new series? Can't wait!!!!!

FILLISE, I totally understand with the challenge and know exactly where you are coming from. We haven't had insurance since November and won't have any until the middle of April. I just pray nothing happens between now and then! I'll try you again soon, don't you worry! Hope you enjoyed your lunch with the church gang today. What did you make for din-din?

TRANQUIL, you put a smile on my face when I got in the car and heard your message on the cell phone WTG!!!!!

ROSALIE, okay, you'll have to explain about curling. I do remember seeing something about it a long time ago but just can't put my finger on what it's all about. Badminton definitely counts as exercise!!! Join the exercise board!!!!

COUNTRY, love the exercise gif - mind if I copy it???

MELF, glad to see your post and update of the goings on with you. Glad to hear the mammo is free and clear. I'm sure everything will work out fine with DD. I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, whatever they may be. Not that we always agree with them or understand them. You have every right to be concerned under the circumstances, but you have to hold hope for the best. Whether she's had gyno troubles in the past or not, you'd still be concerned, no matter what she is going through or what her age may be - our kids are our kids, no matter what the age. What's her feeling about being pregnant? Please e-mail me your telephone number again, for some reason, I don't have it in my cellphone and I can't find where I wrote it down. Just call me forgetful!

ELI just walked in, gotta run, will p/u where I've left off when I get a chance!!


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Default Monday Night

Happy Monday Night!!!!!

I hope you all had a great day. I did until we got home and started trying to clear the driveway of the snow and ice. Oh man, I am so bleeping sick of this bleeping weather!!! It's official . . . my attitude about the weather has taken a severe turn to the bad side. It's just so tiring and so ridiculous. Okay, now that I've vented I feel better. I still hate the weather, but I feel better. LOL

HEART---Thanks for the reminder to keep drinking, drinking, drinking. We always need to hear that. So cold water is better for us than room temp??? Interesting. I have never heard of thermic veggies. That's really something. I like that you are not getting down about your weight. It's good to just keep focused on what's ahead of you. Keep that positive thinking working for you.

YELLOW---Oh, it's good to hear from you in person. You did really well with your 1-handed typing. What diligence to do that! We are all pulling for you that you are back up and at 'em really soon. Sorry your DD had to leave. I'll bet it was really special for you to have her there with you. A really good mom and a really good daughter. That's a winning team!

QUIV---Good to hear from you. Glad to hear you have set some great goals in front of you. Good luck. I hope you win all sorts of fun stuff. That's a great motivator!!! Good luck with the schooling. I admire you for doing it. I've always wanted to go back, but really fear the GRE. Leaves me shaking in my shoes.

SOL----Miss Vixen's cutie pie face always makes me smile for two reasons. One, cause she's absolutely adorable and two, because it's a note from you. That long trip to the bathroom is nothing to make light of. What a bummer for you. Take it easy and don't throw anything out of wack by trying to get down the hall too fast. Wouldn't want to re-hurt that ankle!!!

DEB---I loved your motivational Monday thoughts. Especiall the line "let your faith in your abilities fuel your inner fire." I thought that was a really remarkable statement. I want to take that on as how I live. Perhaps we don't really have enough faith in ourselves to achieve our goals. I can see that being my situation in the past. My visualization exercises were strictly a fairy tale. I don't think I believed it would ever happen. BTW, I bow to your extreme shopping abilities. You are the grand dame of bargains! Cream cheese pound cake sounds pretty tough to turn your back on. That would have made many of us weak in the knees. One mess up doesn't mean anything. It's over and now you're back to normal eating.

LIN---I couldn't even remember what I wrote on Saturday, so I had to go back and look. Wow, it was good. LOL. I surprised myself when I read it over a couple of times. Anyways, thanks for the praises, but really, you are the one that got us all off on the right foot today. You with your strong self who didn't fall for the gooey stuff. Thanks. Hope your week is the best!!!

TRANQ---Everytime I hear you writing about your legal lunch, I have to smile. I think that's a very important part of success. I love packing my lunch. I love knowing exactly what I will be eating that day. It's a good chance to make life easier on ourselves. Good for you for climbing onto the packer's wagon. I already have mine packed for tomorrow. If I do the TM early, I don't have time to pack. So I usually fix it all right after supper. Then in the morning I just have to throw it in my lunchbag and I'm ready for the day. Glad to hear you are going to pace yourself with the exercising. That's so smart. How's your shoulder/neck??? Still hurting??? Hey, where the heck is SERENE???? Is she working too hard again? Tell her I was asking about her.

FILLISE---I really had to smile when you said "it's the last week in Feb". That made me so happy, because it gave the glimmer of hope that spring might just be on it's way. Thanks for that jolt of reality. Don't you just love fresh fruit????? Oh man, I could eat berries all day long. I buy the frozen because you don't have to wash them and there is less waste. I usually have two servings of rasp/blueberries every day. They are great with a little splenda and some milk poured over top. Yum! Better than ice cream any day of the week. Good luck trying to make it to the gym next week. And I'm keeping my good thoughts coming your way for a really great OP week. Remember, tackle each meal or snack all by itself. One at a time, you can get through the week and feel GREAT at the end.

ROSALIE---You have loose fitting size 12 jeans???? Oh my goodness, I am GREEN with envy! No, not really. I'm thrilled and elated for you that you have such great results. That's wonderful. I'm eager just to get back into the regular sizes and out of the plus sizes. That curling sounds interesting. But I agree with you about the sweeping. I do enough of that here, I don't think I'd need to find a sport to do it too.

MELF---I'll keep you and Jodi in my prayers. We had an unexpected pregnancy in our family last year (not from me, mind you!) and she's just such a darling and a joy to be around. I hope your situation works out this positively.

JACKK---You made me wince with pain when you described what happen with the dryer. That's too bad. How badlly were you hurt? Is there a mark? God love you, you are too good!!! Lifting something that heavy!!! We have snow. Probably got the same amount as you all. A lot of it got washed away on Saturday, but we've had two sizeable snows since then. Like I said before, ridiculous.

Okay kids. That's it for me tonight. I am trying to get to bed earlier since those early morning wake ups to TM are coming pretty early. Take care. I hope you all did well today. If you did, then pat yourselves on the back. If you didn't, then give yourself a talking to and listen!!!

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Checking In- tonight for supper, I was scratching my head wondering what I could make me that would fill me up and stick to my list of thermic veggies. So I got the wok out(was covered in dust) and put in some snap beans, mushrooms, broccoli, cabbage, onion, and zuchinni. Seasoned it with some S&P, parsley and a half tbs of butter. I expected it to be ho-drum but it was really tasty. I bet it would be good with some fresh minced garlic cloves. Too bad I can't have soy sauce right now. For the rest of the family, I made a big pot of homemade chili- boy did it smell good, but I didn't touch. I made it with 1 pound ground deer meat and 1 pound hamb meat- added chili powder,onion, garlic, salt and pepper, pinto beans and lots of tomatoes(diced and rotel). They all said it was good and it will be enough for tomorrow's supper I'm trying to hit the 230 ounce mark(water intake today) before I sign off.
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Wink Glad it is Monday!

I was gone all last week...didn't even get to read all the wonderful motivational posts... 'hoping this week will be better--the last time I had posted I had done really well, despite sick children, and many trips to the dr's...that was the week from if you know what I mean. Last week I had to go to Jackson (about 3 hours away) all day for work...sounds harmless, but that "ruled my whole week", with all the arrangements I had to make for kidlets just for that day...I was whipped! This week I have to present at a conference here...and have not even started my presentation...trying to not be overwhelmed...but I'm feeling the stress

I think the exercise challenge is a great idea! I need a water drinking challenge too....
'Found out today that one of my new colleagues is doing SB, and has done it in the past...we were both talking about the first 4-7 days being the toughest to get seems as though after that, you don't have the cravings as badly...finally detoxing, I guess. Anyway, we are going to try to pull each other seems that we both have the same problem 2 days, maybe 3 and we blow it--Between "y'all" and her...I think I can do it!

Hopefully I'll be back this week
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Default quick question....

I never did my "bio"...I can't remember where I saw that....can anyone help?
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Default HI

Melf - Glad to hear the mammo results were good and hope things turn out o.k. with your daughter. I can understand your concern. You can come on here and vent any time you like. We are all here for you. Curling is a game played on an ice rink. (Nothing to do with my hair style .) You have to slide a 42 pound stone down the ice. At each end of the rink circles are painted similar to an archery target or dartboard only bigger of course. The aim is to get the stone as close to the centre of the circle as possible. Whichever team's stones are closest to the centre wins the points. When the stone is sliding down the ice a couple of the team members will be 'sweeping' the ice in front of the stone. This is supposed to warm up the ice surface and make the stone move faster. It didn't seem to make any difference when we were doing it

Fillise - Hope you enjoyed the lunch buffet to-day. I've always liked buffets as there is always something you can find that is op.

Tranquil - Glad you enjoyed yourself at the gym to-day.

Jack-K - What the heck were you doing trying to carry a stove? Acting like Amazon Woman . Your dinner sounded good. I love jerk chicken.

Solshine - Glad you made it back to work. Sounds like you had a tough time to-day but hang in there. Yes, tilapia is fish and no, I don't eat it for breakfast although it wouldn't be a bad idea. It's so easy to cook. I usually take it right out of the freezer and put it on my Forman type grill and it is done in about 8-10 minutes.

Mel - Too bad they had to cancel some of the games. But who would want to play in that miserable weather.

Deb - See my post to Melf about curling.

Quilter - I'm with you on this darn weather. Saturday night we had about 6-8 inches of the white stuff and I had to drive home from work at midnight in it. I am so looking forward to the spring.

Well I think I had better get to bed and get some shut-eye.

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Good Tuesday Morning Girls,

I'm really bummed I don't get to post on the exercise board today. Got home from moving my aunt around 9:00. Still had to fix dinner and lunches for today. So it was too late to workout. I'll be there tonight though.

Got my aunt moved in the retirement home. At least all her furniture. What little she could take. The place is really nice and new. Heck I'm thinking about moving in there

Got a few invitations (40) printed out this morning. So I'm pleased with that. Hopefully do 40 a day and won't take me too long.

Heartmom, Thanks for the info on the veggies. Didn't know there was such a thing. Hope you figure out that vertigo soon.

Renee, Glad you are back on the wagon. Hold on tight.

Deb, glad you are liking the yoga class. I watched BFGF last nite. Pretty good. I'll take a couple of weeks to decide.

Quilter, I'm with you on this winter weather. They said the normal for today is 50. Here the high is going to be 26. I'm sick of it. Depressed, etc. Come on Spring. No, I didn't have a mark. Thought my lip might swell but it didn't. The things we do for our kids.

Mom of 3 reds, Glad you found a "buddy" to help you do this. It really helps keep you accountable. Good luck.

Rosalie, I can carry anything. All my life my mom moved furniture around. We moved mattresses all over all the time. I'm just used to it and there was no other choice.

Need to get to work. Have a great day.

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Tuesday morning here. Thanks to everyone for the encouraging words. I an feeling stronger about eating right--it might be the Spring-like weather and the threat of bathing suits, etc. I did pretty well yesterday with my eating--a few too many Triscuits before dinner though. My inlaws just bought a house here so I helped my mil unpack and wash out cabinets, then had them down for dinner, and then went to Target for 2 hours with her. The day started with an 8:30 a.m. appt to get my synthroid refill. I don't think my doctor is one of those enlightened ones about hypothyroidism. I tried to talk to her about some of the stuff I have learned on this board but I felt like she blew me off. I was not being very assertive, I know. I'll wait and see what the blood test says now.

Deb-The yoga finds sound great--you are the Queen of shopping. Just put that binge day behind you and move on. 'With all your running, I bet you won't even gain. I will join you on the exercise challenge. Just how many miles did you put on your car yesterday? Do your kids go to a neighborhood school or is it far from your house? How was the
Big Greek TV show?

Susan-Take it easy until Saturday!!! I might have to go out and get some grapes now.

Rosalie-Your curling story made me laugh. At least you tried it and you weren't at home eating I'm in size 12 jeans too, wishing for a size 10. My waist is so thick though. Your tilapia sounds good.

Mary-Sorry the pregnancy news isn't 100% positive. But I'm glad you are healthy!! I hope everything works out for your dd,. Is this the first grandchild for you? WTG on getting a walk in.

Jackie-This wedding sounds like fun. Good thing you are working so you can pay for it ) What was the dinner you went to? I missed what the occasion was. The food sounds great, though. Hope you are feeling better now. Is your aunt moved now? I see where you finished that--you strong woman you!

Solshine--the SF choc yogurt sounds soo good. What is the name of the ice cream store--I need to find some,. I forget-what happened to your ankle? Is it better today?

Quiv-Welcome back. Great news about grad school. What is your major? The Self thing looks like a good idea!!

Lyn-You must really be constipated. good luck with it. It's great to hear from you.

Mel-I had a similar lacrosse experience Sat--watching in a torrential downpour and lightening delays. DS scored 4 goals so that was fun. Your dinners sound so good. Did you make veggie lasagne? I would love a recipe for that. WTG at the birthday party--sorry your family is unhealthy, but you are setting a good example for them. At least they know there is another way to live.

Laurie-Sorry about your dizziness. I hope it goes away soon. Thanks for the encouragement ot drink water -- I am going to fill up a pitcher right now and try to drink it all today. The veggies sounds good too--all the ones I like.

Kim-Sorry the weather is sooo bad. On the other hand--I've moved where the weather is nice, but miss my family and friends in Ohio. Be careful what you ask for

RB-Thats great that you have a friend to do SB with. I hope your work slows down.

I better get out there and do my run--Been on the computer much too long.
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