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16-32 ounces (2-4 glasses) 5 14.29%
32-48 ounces (4-6 glasses) 7 20.00%
48-64ounces (6-8 glasses) 9 25.71%
64-80 ounces (8-10 glasses) 2 5.71%
80-96 ounces (10-12 glasses) 1 2.86%
96 ounces or MORE! I'm a walking water tank!!!! 4 11.43%
I haven't a clue! 2 5.71%
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Old 03-02-2003, 01:46 PM   #151  
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Good afternoon!

Having another rainy weekend here in NE Fla. Why does it always seem to be nice during the week and then the rain comes on the weekend? Oh well, on the positive side, at least it isn't snow!

I was busy with several pet sitting appointments yesterday, plus took time to see 10 Ways to Lose a Guy with a friend, then did some shopping in the mall afterwards. The movie was so good, and FUNNY. The theater was packed and the audience even clapped at the end of the movie. I haven't laughed so much since I saw the Greek Wedding movie. It is a chic flick that even guys will like.

I will watch some of my rented movies this afternoon. But first, it is time for my hounds yearly bath. No, that isn't a typo, they only need a bath once or twice a year and luckily they don't mind so it makes the task that much easier.

Monet, glad to hear you are feeling a little better today. Thanks for the nice welcome back.

Jackie, thanks for your welcome back also, and for encouraging me to do so. It is nice to know that I can stay OP and be away from the board, but I'd rather be here. I'm with you on being a bear. If not a bear, then maybe a pig?

BOB, sorry the meds didn't work for you as well as they did for me. Are you going to try anything else? I liked Road to Perdition also.

Hi Crystle, I can't walk on the TM and read at the same time either, so don't feel alone. Heck, it takes all my concentration to just walk and not trip over my own feet.

Linworth, I will let you know about Tuck Everlasting after I watch it this afternoon. Tranquil and I live in the same city and work at the same office, but aren't sisters. We met a few years ago when we both belonged to an organization for retired racing Greyhound owners.

Quilter, how did the hair cut and manicure come out? What kind of music does Paul play and which instrument? My brother who lives in Colorado, is a musican and plays the drums. He sneaks off to play with his band every chance he gets. He and his wife have a very successful business, so he can't take off as much as he would like to. Music will always be his first love though. I think tight and skimpy is the preferred style of most teenaged girls these days. I'm always shocked when I go to my daughters middleschool and see what the girls try to get away with wearing. I'm glad the school has a dress code that they work hard to keep enforced. Think I need to join you on that bench and collect SS too.

YellowRose, so glad to hear you are making good progress. I've been keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. I'm impressed that you could do such a long post, one handed! Good job!

melf, sorry you've had some rough days at work. Hope things will be better for you soon. Is there a nursing shortage at your hospital like there is at so many? I heard a statistic today that there will be a shortage of one million nurses by the end of this decade.

Time to get busy with the baths, so I have to run. Hello to the rest of you that I've missed this time.

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Good luck with the MUTT BATH!!! MUTT needs one too,but he's fast asleep on his pillow and I don't want to disturb him.

Just took 4lbs of fresh beans off the stove...getting ready to do
some to fix some sort of meat to have for the week and
my lunch...

Got laundry in the washer...just put fresh sheets on the bed...

FRUIT....wish we got the parade on our TV would love to seeyou on top of a float!!! Be sure to post the pix....

Back to work...

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Hi All,
Just talked to Deb and she said she was sorry she could not be on the board much - is at this moment seeing The Full Monty in Miami Beach, and she has company from out of town... It was good to talk to her!

I have been busy today and going to be very sore from all the work I did - but I did plant two Birds of Paradise in the yard today - cannot wait to see them in bloom!!!!

Hope everyone had a good weekend, Night, Sabrina
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BOB, your fresh beans sound so delicious. You are smart to plan your cooking for the week ahead.

The hound baths are done and I've got a sore back to prove it. I bathed them with Pert Shampoo as it kills fleas and is safe for their sensitive skin, and makes them smell so good. I'm worried about my 12 yr old hound, Miles. I discovered a rather large lump on his side while bathing him. I sure don't have a good feeling about this............

Think I'm just going to go lay in bed and watch TV for the rest of the evening.


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