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Old 03-01-2003, 01:58 PM   #136  
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HiedeiHo All!

Did the vacuuming, that was a lot of fun! Cleaned bathroom. Was just checking my mail and then I have some salad makings to clean and cut up. I bought them the day before I got laid up, hope they are still good. I forgot about them and didn't tell DIL so she could do something with them.

Did anyone watch the Today show this morning. Them had a mini Mardi Gras celebration. The family went to the Selene parade here last night. DIL was thrown some real neat things. She's pretty and attracts attention, the people on the float pointed her out and called to her to catch and then threw her the really good necklace. The throws range from cheap to great. Some Krewes through stuffed animals for instance. They had a great time.

GD went with the future prom date, that she has known for a ong time. They have suddenly discovered each other and are now a couple. Talk about prom preparations.........DIL and GD went into N.O. this morning just to buy some special makeup for the big night! They'll have a devil of a time getting out of the city as there is a parade at 12 and that means detours.

JACKK: I have a hard time not "overdoing", I hate just lolling around everyday so always try to get out and do something. When I can't I get so irritated with things. Wear out not rust out! Ice Cream cake?!? For Mardi Gras they have King Cakes here, a diabetic coma waiting to happen. They are iced with white sugar icing, then sprinkled with colored granulated sugar. Three colors, green, gold and purple (Mardi Gras Colors), it actually crunches there is so much.

QUILT: My DH and I used to refinish old furniture all the time. There were real savings and you wound uip with some real gems. OMG! On your hands and knees! When I was younger I thought that was the only way a flor could be I realize there are better ways! I'd get down now and never get up!!!

LIN: I have gone to a couple of parades. But it is a lot a standing or sitting. They are fun though, depends how I feel on that day. Here they have St. Paddy's Day parades. The throws are potatoes, cabbages and carrots. They say some even pass out corned beef! Although I haven't seen that. NO is a party town for sure! Any excuse!

BOB: Cute jokes! I copied them for the NH.

Well, sitting here isn't taking care of the salad makings. is it?

Take care, Shirley
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I found sugar free whole wheat fig bars in the bulk section of my HFS!!!!!! They are WONDERFUL!!!!!
Got some STILTON BLUE CHEESE to use in a new recipe with fresh strawberries....if it's good, I'll post it. ONLY 3.5 lbs of KALE today...they are going to start ordering an extra case for me...I usually buy 6lbs every Saturday and it lasts all week...YUMMY!!!
I stopped at MOTHER EARTH just for convenience sake and their KALE was $2.99 per lb!!! I got mine at my usual OHFS for $1.39 per lb

On to PUBLIX where I watched them arrest someone for taking their buggy into an empty check out line and bagging their own grocerys and proceeded to go on out the door without paying!!!!

What a day....I think I'll just chill for the rest of the to get my soup on.....then I'll be done!

Hope everyone has a good rest of the weekend...

OH...LYN...thanks for the heads up on the hormones...I plan to call the DOC on Monday and talk to her about it...

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Well, I thought the crud had passed over me...but I think I spoke too soon. Started feeling rather raunchy late this morning, and blamed it on the coffee at breakfast. (coffee often upsets my stomach..) Unfortunately, it has not gone away, and now I feel kind of chilled. I hope I can get on the treadmill for a bit of time today...but if I don't feel better, I am going to crawl in bed and stay there.

DEB: Enjoyed talking to you. Tom was looking into sugars out of curiousity after we talked. (His undergraduate degree was biochemistry! ) Most plants have sucrose in them, which is glucose with an extra molecule bound to it. Flowers have sucrose. Bees take that sucrose, and with enzymes break it into fructose and glucose, so honey is about 50% each. Pure fructose, which is in fruits, is much better, and has a GI of 20 according to Montignac. According to Tom is does not matter that it is made from corn, because they have to remove the glucose molecules, to make it pure fructose. Chemically, it is pure fructose, and the same as other fructose not from corn. Not sure if you were interested in hearing that, but I thought it was interesting!

SEF: Don't they hide something inside those King cakes? We used to get them to sell at Publix...looked awfully sugary to me! Don't over do it! I am glad you are not out dancing in the streets for Mardi Gras. I wonder if that is where FruitLoupe is?

BOB: How are those fig bars sweetened? They sound great! My husband is a big fan of fig bars, and would probably love some. One more reason to head down your way for a vacation!

Back to bed for me! Gonna grab my book and rest.

Last edited by Ellen; 03-01-2003 at 03:16 PM.
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Old 03-01-2003, 06:17 PM   #139  
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Deb- NYU is great for and medicine. I admire him for attempting both! I can't promise he'll get a normal/clean roomate though! he might get a smelly punk rocker! The dorms are nice..real nice actually. I've been to a few and seen the new ones by fulton st by the fish market..beautiful! Columbia also has a great medical's very far up on the upper west side. I have friends attending the school for medical and film...although I think it might be hard to do both at that particular university.

anywho! I'll be around then so I'd be more than happy to show you around a bit...with the exception of ground zero
DC is 4 - 4.5 hours from the city by car and about 3.5-4 on the acela train. you can look it up on the amtrak site. Not bad at all actually. I know a lot of people who take the train and they love it. let me know if you have anymore questions. You can also reach me during the day on Instant messanger as quivondra.

all the best!
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Old 03-01-2003, 09:17 PM   #140  
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Hello All, been so busy with work, getting home late, movies, shopping, you name it - and now I am getting the house ready for the appraiser on Tuesday - wish me luck! Bought a new outfit today that was really cute - black pants with red roses embroidered on them with a red short sleeve sweater with black roses embroidered on one shoulder - it was fun to get something new to wear...been OP and walking if I cannot make it to the gym - stomach crunches before bed every night....

Now that the end of the month is over, I can get back into working normal hours! Phew.... Missed you all these past two days.

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Evening All

Just have a few minutes to write a quick message. Just got home from dinner at my parents house, ELI'S nephew hasn't gotten here yet, wondering where the heck they may be, they got in 2 hours ago and we haven't heard from them as of yet. Good though that it gives me a little more time to continue to clean up. Kitchen, dining, living and family rooms look great, now to tackle my bedroom and my clothes, won't take me long, esp. if I just through everything in the closet

Going to FULL MONTY tomorrow, busy with them tomorrow day. Will try to check in, if not, will be on Monday morning to start the new weekly board.

Miss you all!!


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Had a worse day at work today than yesterday! It was a nightmare all day...13 hours of it with run run run. Not even a coffee break. Had to force myself to stop long enough to run to the BR! I could of cried by the time I headed for home, but sweet Dh had a small Begonia plant & supper ready for me. Now I'm off to bed & anxious to see what the scale will show tomorrow am. Praying that tomorrow will be a better day. I think even though I did not get to make my day 3 of walking that I HAVE met the challenge with the running I've been doing at work these past 2 days. Now I'm working on the water. Did get 32 oz in today while on the run.
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Old 03-01-2003, 11:17 PM   #143  
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HiedieHo All!

DIL's family arrived this afternoon. DM said it only took 8 hours from Ocal as DS drove 80 all the way! They went into N.O. to drop DS off at a friends hotel, there's a group that are going to do the Mardi Gras thing this weekend.

BOB: Will have to look for those bars as I love Fig Newtrons.

MONET: Yes, there is usually a plastic baby or dried bean in the King Cake. Whoever gets it has to buy the next cake or host the next party. I understand that some people select the King and Queen the same way. Melf is a Louisianian, she should be able to tell us the finer points. I only know what I have been told. I thought the cakes were rather dry and plain, but that icing and sugar sure makes up for it. There are others kinds that are filled
but I've never had one. Of course now I never will as we know they are a NO-NO!

Take care, Shirley

Many women are afraid of their first mammogram, but there's no need to worry._ By taking a few minutes each day for a week preceding the exam, and doing the following practice exercises, you will be totally
prepared._ And you can do this right in your own home!

Exercise 1:

Open your refrigerator door and insert one breast
between the door and the main box._ Have one of your
strongest friends slam the door shut and lean on the
door for good measure._ Hold that position for five
seconds (while you hold your breath)._ Repeat again,
in case the first time wasn't effective enough.
Exercise 2:

Visit your garage at 3 am when the temperature of the cement floor is just perfect._ Take off your clothes and lie comfortably on the floor with one breast wedged under the rear tire of the car._ Ask a friend to slowly back the car up until your breast is sufficiently flattened and chilled._ Turn over and repeat for the other breast.
Exercise 3:

Freeze two metal bookends overnight._ Strip to the waist._ Invite a stranger into the room._ Press the bookends against one of your breasts._ Smash the bookends together as hard as you can._ Set an appointment with the stranger to meet next week and do it again!!
Now you have nothing at all to worry about when you go for your Mammogram!

And just a thought for all you women out there:

MENtal illness, MENstrual cramps, MENtal breakdown, MENopause._

Ever notice how all of women's problems start with men?_

And when we have real problems, it's HISterectomy!

P.S.__ Don't forget the_ "GUY"necologist!
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Old 03-02-2003, 12:03 AM   #144  
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Hey all! I'm pooped and getting ready to turn in--but wanted to say howdy first.

Got the steam shark out today and scrubbed all the mildew out of the grout in the shower tiles. I also did the shower doors and was able to get all the gunk out of the door runners. The tub positively glows--and given all the steam--is probably actually a sterile surface!

I took a break this afternoon and went to see The Hours--very powerful! I've now seen three out of the five films nominated for best picture--very unusual for me.

Belle and I are going to turn in now. She's been playing hard tonight and I'm tired from all the scrubbing--so it is beddy-bye for both of us. I'll try to get on tomorrow!

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I'm not much on subtitled movies but I just watched MOSTLY MARTHA and I LOVED IT!!! For those of you who can
read and watch at the same time, get it...well worth it...

ROAD TO PERDITION was WONDERFUL!!! Glad I waited until tonight to watch it..

SO...for the sure to get....


I've seen everything now and I'll have to wait until a bunch more come out...


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Old 03-02-2003, 09:16 AM   #146  
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Default Sunday Morning

Good morning everybody! Whew, where does the time go? I can't believe the weekend is almost over.

I spent the afternoon yesterday with my SIL and two DNs. We met at the mall and hung out there. I hadn't planned on this, but they wanted to eat lunch there. Ugh!!! I had packed a peanut butter sandwich and it was in the car. I really didn't want to eat out, but felt like it was more of a social thing. Anyways, I ordered a turkey burger and it was awful. The menu said it had monteray jack cheese and bacon. Okay, that's alright. But when it came it was smothered in some kind of mayo sauce. I could literally hear the calories ticking off in my head. Well, thank goodness I got the salad bar and filled up on that. Then ate about 1/4 of the burger and brought the rest home. I thought by spreading that high calorie meal over two meals it would be better. But I ended up throwing it away. Took a few bites later and home and didn't enjoy all that slop they had put on it. Plus the burger was very spicey. Too much pepper or something. All that money for not a satisfying meal. Oh well, at least the company was good.

I don't think I've mentioned but DH is out of town this weekend. He's off to St. Louis to play music with his brothers. They do this a couple of times a year. He's having fun, but I know by about now, everybody is starting to get on each others' nerves and he'll be definitely more than ready to come home tomorrow. He's good and calls every day just to check in. I can hear the mood change with the days. The first day everything is great. Then other things start coming into the conversation. Creative differences, one brother not being cooperative, etc. And people say that women are the difficult ones. I think NOT!!! I like having the time alone here. But I'll be more than ready for him to get back. Of course, Miss Maddie doesn't understand where her playmate is and keeps making me feel guilty that he's not around.

I got on the scale this morning and was up 1.5 pounds. Not a big deal. I think it will take a couple of weeks for that 9.5 to really stick. Plus I need to do the TM and the water today. I didn't drink very much water yesterday and I had too many diet sodas. Not good.

MONET---I think 2.19 is a pretty cheap meal. Wow, I guess flour would be expensive to ship since it's so heavy. Too bad you can't find a place near you that sells it. Did you all get rain this weekend? I thought I heard that on the weather channel. Thanks for all the thyroid info. I need to get "in the know" like you on this subject. How are you feeling today? Still cruddy???

BOB---Good Saturday Funnies. Cute, very cute. You've got my curiosity up as to why I would like Charlotte Gray. I've never even heard of it. I meant to ge ta lot of movies this weekend while Paul was gone, but didn't. Did watch Pleasantville on TV last night. That was a good one, but I'd seen it before.

YELLOWROSE---It's good to hear from you. Sounds like you are making good progress. Don't worry about your workouts. You have another priority right now and that's to get yourself properly healed and back on your feet. Once you get there, you will have plenty of time to do your workouts. If you saw my house, you would think I need to be busier. It's a mess. I don't know what happened, but I have too much stuff laying around. I need to take 30 minutes and start putting things away. That drives me nuts when I do that. LOL.

SEF---I was looking at prom dresses yesterday afternoon with DN. I must admit I don't share her fashion sense. She likes things tight and skimpy. I pulled one out and commented on how pretty it was. She told me it wasn't cut low enough!!! Can you imagine? At that moment, I felt like I needed to go collect my social security and find a bench to rest on. LOL. Believe you me, my knees were cursing me for skooting around on them on that hardwood floor. I have one of those Libman wonder mops for regular cleaning, but this floor had been under a piece of carpet and needed to be scrubbed good. Otherwise I'd have grabbed that mop.

TRANQ---Are you selling or refinancing? We refinanced two years ago and had to get it assessed. The guy only said one bad thing about the house (that the trim needed painting), but I felt like he was talking personally about me. I took it so personally and got my feelings hurt. Isn't that stupid? I guess I like this house more than I let on. Thanks for checking in. Like DEB said, it's good to hear from everybody even when they don't have time for long posts.

DEB----I'm anxious to hear what you think of the Full Monty. Did you see the movie? I can't imagine it being a live stage show. Enjoy your company!

MELF---I'm sorry you had another bad day at work. What's the problem? Are they not scheduling enough people to do all the work? I don't see how you work such long shifts. They would find me curled up in a ball crying if I had to put in that kind of work. Hey, you met the challenge!!! Don't think that you didn't!!! You should record that on the exercise board.

FILLISE---I have always wanted one of those steam machines. Where did you get yours? Do you think it works like they show on tv? I'll bet everything is so sterile when you are done with it. I want to see The Hours so badly. But won't make the time to go. I read the book at the end of last year and loved it. I think it would be hard to adapt it into a movie because the book is all about their thoughts.

Okay, I need to get dressed and head to the grocery. Yuck! I hate that job. But need to get some staples. Take care, all. Enjoy your day.

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Default Good Morning

Getting ready to fix breakfast and then start working on the house again.

Quilter - Refinanced, and I will definitely take anything he has to say about my house personally I love my house, and we drove by the other houses that have sold on my street and mine better appraise for more than them! hahaha

Bob - I loved Mostly Martha!!! The Italian did me in!!! Today after I have hit the chores in the house and gone shopping for Legal Groceries...going to hit Blockbusters...

Fillise - Nothing better than that feeling when you are finished cleaning to see the wonderful results and that fresh clean smell!! Good for you, and today I will be doing just about the same thing. I have delegated the yard to my son and the inside to myself... I saw Chicago yesterday with DS and WE Loved it!!!!

Sef - It is so good to see you back on the board again, I missed reading your posts!!!!

Melf - I cannot imagine the scale not being good to you with your hectic days!!!! Don't wear yourself out where you get sick! Take care of yourself, and that is so sweet of your daughter!

Deb - OOOOH the Full Monty!!!!! Such a fun one.... Have fun and enjoy!

Yellow - I am so glad to see you are making such great progress healing! Just don't rush things!!!! I love the recumbent bike though - I could sit there and peddle for ages, but alas the gym only allows you on 30 minutes at a time when they are busy - so that is normally all I get.... Take care!!!

Monet - that shipping is outrageous!!! Too bad. Meanwhile, I am looking forward to trying those pot pies - I love Chicken Pot Pies!!! Such wonderful comfort food....Even if that bagel was not totally legal = I feel that the effort made in eating something whole wheat is pretty good in itself....My mouth is watering over brownies...ahhhh!!!

Well off to be productive and get the job done so I can lie about and not worry!

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Hey everyone!

Just wanted to pop in to say hello and to let y'all know I'm still alive and kickin! Mardi Gras is in full swing here so that's what I've been doing. I ride tomorrow night in a parade so we went to load up all of my beads this morning! I can't wait. I'll be posting some pictures soon!!!

See y'all soon!
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I am a little bit better this morning. Kind of achy, but no tummy trouble. Yet anyway...I just ate breakfast so we shall see. At least Tom is willing to fix dinner. He has several specialties that he fixes better than is fried chicken, the other gravy. Today, I talked him into fixing fried chicken. He will use whole wheat flour and probably olive oil. Its not a regular thing to fry stuff around here, so once in a while, we indulge.

QUILT: Next time you get something out with stuff they did not tell you was going to be on it, send it back. You paid for it, it ought to be somewhat edible! To be honest, I would never do that, but that is what my son in law (the chef) and daughter are always fussing at me to do! Thought I would pass it on! Good for you in throwing it out. Next time, if you are asked if everything was ok, (usually while you are paying) tell them NO! hehe!

TRANQ: I haven't made the brownies yet. I can't find my old recipe! And I wanted to make some cookies, but thought I was out of oatmeal. Last night, LATE, I found I had a whole unopened box! Boy did *I* feel dumb!

MELF: I hope you don't have any more stressful days like the last two! That is terrible! No job should be like that. Were they short staffed or something? Or were they just saving $$ by working you all to death?

SEF: Thanks for the explanation on the Kings Cakes! I never did try one when we were selling them at the bakery at Publix. They looked awfully sweet to me. Mardi Gras sounds like fun! Maybe one year, I can convince my husband to go!

BOB: If you don't mind subtitles, have you seen The Visitors? It is a French film, and I thought it was hilarious. My husband is a big fan of the Japanese director, Akira Kurosawa. His films are supposed to be incredibly beautifully filmed. He is said to have considered the artfulness of the filming as much as everything else. My son gave his father a DVD of The Seven Samaris as a birthday present. If you are looking for something different, see if you can find any of Kurosawa's films.

FILLISE: They say keeping your shower clean helps cut down on upper respitory infections. With that thought in mind, I wonder why my family isn't dying of pneumonia? When are you coming to Atlanta?

Ok, I am going to go make cookies. I had a little fructose in my coffee this morning, and it was very nice. I will try not to make much of a habit of it...

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KIM...CHARLOTTE GRAY is an English film about a courrier in WWII.
You've just got to get it...I just know you'll love it!!!
POOR MADDIE....Mommy won't play??? SHAME ON KIM!!!!
Cathy saw THE HOURS with her MOMMIES group...she didn't like it, but then, she's only 29

MONET...can't do Japanese...I think it's a block from my younger days with the old black and white movies where they dub the voice and the Japs are always behind!

SABRINA...Glad you liked Mostly sure to get Charlotte's a keep too!

PRETTY BLAH here air conditioner is out of freeon and I can't go lots that needs to be done here if I would just get off my FA and do it...


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