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BOB- sorry to hear about the stomach bug! Itís been flying around up here in Tallahassee. Last Friday our church preschool had 12 of their 25 teachers out with it. Iíve been praying it passes over me and my house. Iíll be praying for a swift recovery for you also!

Acw- DH and I want to have three kids (at least right now). We say that each child will determine whether we continue or not. Luckily Marshallís such a sweetie Iíd have 10 kids if they were all like him!

Heartmom- You can join me! Iím having to pull myself back on the wagon too. I do admire you for the water consumption. Thatís one of the trickiest parts of eating healthy for me! I just love my sodas!

YellowRose- WTG on a medium! Iím back into a large for the first time in a while. Was so happy the first time I realized that XL was hanging a bit too much.

Quilter- Your new hobbie sound like a blast. What type of jewelry are you making?

Jack-K- Iím so envious that your DH walks and SBs with you. Mine needs to badly. Heís put on a good bit of weight since we married. My biggest concern is the fact that his family has a LOT of diabetes and heart problems in their history. I still think heís crazy sexy :blush: but I want him crazy healthy too!

Beth- Hope your healing is going well! What type of surgery did you have? (if you donít mind me being nosey)

Trishaloo- Iím in Tallahassee, FL. In the panhandle, about 30 minutes from the Georgia border.

CountryMom- How smart! You must have the best stocked freezer in the Southern United States! :LOL:

Monet- Iíll be praying for you also. We hope youíll be back in the full swing with us soon!

Fillise- That sounds like such a beautiful service honoring MLK. What a joy it must have been to be able to participate. I admire your strength eating well! I would have gone crazy!

Shoot! Almost finished but now Iíve got to run. Iíll finish up later!

Love you all!
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I promise, I truly am working on a post! No lie! BUT, Michael needs the computer and I have to run my nephew off to baseball practice, but I told Michael I need the computer later, so stay tuned....
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Evening All

Thought I was going to get on here after my meeting this morning but had received a call from DM to see if I wanted to go up to the Super Walmart with her afterwards which kept me out til I went to get the kids from school. Then of course, once they get home, it's hard for me to get some computer time. I have to admit though, it is paying off, them being on the computer all this time. So far, both Michael and Lauren have really done great on their mid-terms, so, though it's hard for me to be away from the 'puter, it truly is a worth cause!

Thanks for all of LAUREN'S good bday wishes. My "baby" is now 15 years old. Her dinner was okay, def. not the same as the place we took her to every year for years past but a lot cheaper. Wasn't bad, but wasn't crazy about it either. She loved the T-shirt I got her that says DRAMA QUEEN. Her teacher wants to know where I got it so she too can get one and Lauren doesn't want to share the info as then she won't have such an exclusive T.

I was NOT able to get out and jog yesterday and definitely wasn't able to do so today. May try tomorrow, otherwise, I'm going to start the week anew on Monday. I dare not even think about waking up early on Friday! Not only is there no school, but it's going to be colder than a witches heart here. Okay, stop your laughing I know, I would never be able to live in a cold climate, how in the world I think I am going to move north one day is beyond me (wishful thinking). They claim it's going to be about 29 degrees in my area-gawd forbid, I don't have anything but a fleece breaker to wear. I've been throwing blankets in to the dryer to heat them up and then sit on the couch wrapped like a mummy with them!

It's 2 months exactly away from my 3 year SB ANNIVERSARY, and I was thinking the other day (can be dangerous when I do so) that not only do I need to get back to my goal, but I have to really find some other type of goal to incorporate in to my daily lifestyle. So, since I've been avoiding the scale in fear of what it says I decided to put the scale away and only bring it out on Feb. 22nd and then again on March 22nd. I know how it feels when I have a weight gain and I know how I feel when I'm at my goal weight. I can't be a slave to that scale as I am and when it's up I must step on that thing a million times a day in hopes. So, that's a new goal for me, put the scale AWAY!!!

The book I mentioned the other day, I copied the pages about the water. Thought I could copy the text easily so I could post it but will have to actually type it out when I get a chance, so be patient with me Anyhow, after reading that, (even though I knew most of what I read already,) and knowing that my water intake is the worst it's ever been, (as I think I'm being rewarded with a bladder infection, I'm finding myself hitting the "URINATION STATION" more now than when I drink water) I just HAVE to find a way to incorporate the water I so badly need. So, this is another goal I have to find myself acheiving.

I've totally recommited to this WOE. I can't let the pounds creep back on, they do so so darn easily. I have to heed my own words of the war between the pounds! If I don't watch myself I'll find myself back where I started 3 years ago, heavier and unhappy. I seem to find solace in the MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY'S I've posted in the past and find that reading them, and all the posts on the board def. helps. It doesn't help when I'm not up to par AND having to be away from the computer as I have been. I've also found that when I don't journal I def. don't do as well. It's a tool that helped me lose the weight and keep it off and yet, when I don't do it when I'm able I find myself slacking, so I'm back to doing that. I also find that when I cut corners it doesn't help. This WOE works for me as intended and when I try to do it another way, whether it be not eating starchy carbs, it just doesn't work. None of this is new to me, I knew and know this all, but sometimes, I think the part of my brain that knows it is put in a suspended mode. Luckily, that little porthole in my brain was able to let a little of that "light bulb moment" light come through until it shined bright! Don't ask me what happens, just be glad to know, it's happened

I had started a post the other day which now seems so far outdated, but will post it anyhow and then continue on from there....

Hey All

Waiting for the family to come over for cake and ice cream tonight. My Dad decided at the last moment to go to a Cuban rest. to take my Aunt and her friend out for dinner before they head back to NC on Wed., so Lauren went and then they're coming over for some bday treats. I didn't go, I didn't want to tempt myself, and besides, it's NOT Rio Crystal! Instead, I stayed home and made some skirt steak.

Didn't get in that walk today, ended up cleaning up a bit. I'm not going to get on my own case if I don't get it in til later this week, I'm know I'll be pounding the pavement soon enough.

Really didn't do a heck of a lot today - lounging around day today. With the kids out of school I didn't have to kill myself to get up too early today - no school here on Friday either-another possible day of sleeping in?

ZANNE, just spoke to ELI's sister outside of Toronto and she said it was 18 there - you can keep your cold weather, it's darn cold enough for me down here as it is!

LIN, LAUREN will be 15 tomorrow. As long as this place has a good lobster, she'll be happy. Do look for the book-it really is worth reading!

BIGK, glad to see your post and always good to talk to you, but best of all was seeing you in Orlando! Funny you should mention JT, he's my all time fav. singer AND that's my all time fav. song. It's true - you've got a friend!!!!! Not just me, but the whole board!!!!! {{{HUGS}}} Talk to you soon!

MOM, glad you liked the MM message. I've printed out a slew of them in the past and really find it helps me to read them when I'm going through a tough time. Have you ever read some of the ones that we've archived on the MM board over on the informational boards?

BOB, you sick again? Geez woman, you can't get a break, can you? I totally agree, and you know, I def. go for comfort before fashion. Give me a 2xl nightie any day, no fitted lingerie for this bod!!!!

ACW, you have a birthday coming up yourself next week - any plans? There's a great jelly I use to get that was from New Zealand, I believe, called JOK N AL. Have you ever bought/seen that brand?

and here is where I (try) to continue on....

Picked up a couple books at the library yesterday. One of them I've seen at WHOLE FOODS and is the WHOLE FOODS MARKET COOKBOOK. If you can find it at your library, there's a ton of great recipes in there that can def. be labeled SB LEGAL, so see if your library has a copy.

Surprised to see the color you've chosen the most, thus far, on this weeks poll is purple. Surprised, I wouldn't of thought it would be that color! Once again, if you have any ideas for a poll to post, please e-mail me. I wrack my brains trying to find new polls to post each week and would def. welcome any help

HEART, I hope you can get a copy of the book I mentioned, THE SMART WEIGH. It would be good for you to read, for everyone actually. Not only can stress make you not lose, but also, remember what I have posted on the RECOMMENDED READING BOARD about WHY THE SCALE LIES???? Don't get so discouraged, you know when you are doing this WOE correctly you are going to lose and to just be patient and don't give in to frustrations-I think we all know this but still find it hard to do. So, any good tips on how to drink more water, like you do?

TONI, sounds like you had a nice, peaceful day to yourself. What book are you reading? I haven't read an actual book in a lonnng time, it's been recipe books for me, though I do read lots of magazines!

JACKK, what's wrong with your tummy? Hope you are feeling better by now. CONGRATS on getting to a new low for you and being down on the scale. Would you wave that same wand over me a couple hundred times???? I hope this time my determination sticks. For some reason, I feel like it will-cross:cross: your fingers for me!

ROSE, another plane trip? Does that mean Florida? Is RAY ready to come down for a visit? So glad he liked the avocado and the sauce - TRISH'S DH loved the avocado as well. Wish you were all here again so I could give you more!!!! Lauren said THANK YOU for not only the bday wishes, but the nice compliment. I'm hoping that she'll NOT be like her mother in the kitchen and learn and like to cook. So far, she likes to bake, so at least it's a start and more than I like to do. Let me know when you get THE SMART WEIGH and what you think about it. I think I'm going to request it again. CONGRATS on those size MEDIUMS, before you know it, you'll be hitting the SMALLS.

NMS, hope you are getting ready to bundle up for tomorrow night. Going to be colder than a witches heart out there! I think the northern gals are laughing at us Floridians. They wish they were here I'm sure and we wish we were somewhere where it was a bit warmer as well. We went to this place in Broward for the lobster, had never been there before, it was okay, nothing special. I'd rather spend a little more and have something a bit better. There's a place down here called CAPTAIN'S TAVERN that's wonderful but has def. gotten out of my price range. Is the Chinese place you are talking about called EMERALD COAST? LMK if you ever want to meet up in Broward for lunch-I'm available most days with notice. Would love to meet you at OLE OLE if your game one day! Did you call NUTRITIONSMART about the agave? There's some great stuff at WHOLE FOODS. If you ever want to pick my brain, let me know, or, if we meet for lunch, there's one right down the street we could go to afterwards!

QUILTER, LMK what kind of jewelry you are making. I have lots of interesting pieces from when I had my craft store, maybe something you could use? Glad you and Paul had some time off together. How's Maddie girl? You haven't mentioned her lately. Good luck on Saturday - let us know how things go!

GRACIOUS, when you make your tacos, do you make them soft? If hard, how do you harden the shells, in the oven? I'm confident I'll be back to my goal weight in the next 2 months, esp. with the support of yourself and the rest of the board!

BETH, glad to hear all went well with the surgery. Even more excited to hear you reached your 1 YEAR SB ANNIVERSARY and like me, are back on track!!! WOO HOO!!!! CONGRATS!

TRISH, wish you lived closer, I'd love to go to Curves with you! You go girl, a workout AND a walk. Sheesh, I haven't done a real jog here at home in almost 3 weeks and I'm not proud of that either. I will be back on the road tomorrow or Monday, def. one of the two, if not both!


BOB, what the heck is wrong with you, you seem to have gone from bad to worse! Hope by today you are feeling better. How's Kate doing?

DAWN, that's great that you found some agave. What are they charging for it in your area? Before I come up to MD this summer (more than likely we will), you'll have to let me know where those places are in relation to Bethesda. Anyhow, once you get it you MUST try my cheesecake recipe, that is, if you like cheesecake! Lots of other recipes I've posted call for agave as well - can't live without the stuff, but for right now, I'm not using any of my private stock - I can't be trusted with it in the house at this point.

COUNTRY, you're body will start on the downward trend, so don't fret about the ups and downs. You just may have to re-adjust something. Do you journal at all??? Girl, what do you have in your house, a walk-in freezer?????? I couldn't pass up that deal either, but I may have to find a restaurant to stick all those in, I sure wouldn't have room and I even have an extra freezer outside!

MIATA, CONGRATS on staying the same and being okay with that. So many times we stress out when that happens but it really is okay to be the same some weeks, as long as we know we're on the right track we shouldn't worry about it happening, we know eventually, our patience will pay off and the scale will drop. Enjoy your time with your DD. Why is it do you think that there always seems to be more older women at TOPS meetings? When I use to go years ago I was the youngest by many years.

TRANQUIL, glad to hear you continue to stay OP and to know there's no pneumonia, but wondering what the Dr. found when you went today-has to be something that's keeping you sick as it has. Let us know when you find something out!

SEF, glad to see your post, you know we always miss you (and worry about you), when you aren't around for a few days. Glad we found you in on that Sunday to chat with you on our way home from the big weekend. I'm looking forward to the day where we get to finally talk in person - one day soon, I hope!

MONET, CONGRATS on being down 2lbs this week. Hope whatever has gotten you in a slump turns that frown upside down and that you'll be back with us again as usual!

FILLISE, I got tired from just reading what a whirlwind weekend you had! Sounds like you had a great time. Glad to see you back!!!! Will things slow down for you now?

LDBLOND, thanks for posting that MM message. CONGRATS on being down another .5lb. I find journaling VERY easy. What is it that you don't like doing, or that you find inconvenient about it?

ROBIN, CONGRATS! Keep up the great work!!!

MOM, I just read something about migranes and how to prevent them in, I think, PREVENTION. Will have to find the article and let you know what's recommended. I don't get headaches often, but when I do, they're usually migranes and associated with hormones and the only thing that helps is taking 222's (like Tylenol with codeine). Hope those don't come around for you too often! Keep warm up there!!!!

Okay, MICHAEL has come in here one time too many to ask me when I'm going to be off the computer, so I guess my time is up. If I missed replying to anyone, please forgive me, it wasn't intentional, I tried to catch up best I could.

I will most defintely be checking in tomorrow morning at some point.

Going to throw off my clothes and don my lingerie show nightie and plop my arse down on the couch to watch AMERICAN IDOL.

Have a great night all!


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Default Wednesday Night

Hi SB Friends!

I wanted to touch base and tell you that I went to the doctor today about my rumbling, grumbling, nauseaus stomach. She wasn?t convinced on one certain thing. She poked around a bit and didn?t feel anything weird. She did say we would try medicine for a week and see if that helped. So I got some samples of Nexium. I did take one when I got home and think that perhaps the pain has subsided a bit. I go back next Friday and we?ll go from there. Hopefully, next Friday the pain will be gone and she can just give me a prescription and send me on my merry way. If not, she?s going to start running tests.She said the next step is to get an xray. Gulp!!! I?m not going to worry about it though. Worry will only make my stomach even more upset.

JACK-K---So what do you think of the 3-mile tape? Is it hard? Is it the one that she taped in her home that has another girl leading the second mile? That?s the 3-mile tape I have. BTW, I?ve been meaning to tell you this. Everytime you mention BUNCO it brings me back all sorts of warm, fuzzy memories. Back home growing up we always played bunco at wedding and baby showers. That was so fun. Makes me think of all my aunties and cousins I love so much.

LINWORTH---I did take a class called Bead and Chain. It?s where you learn how to wire beads together to join them to chains or to each other. It is really fun and the results are pretty quick. If you like to craft you might want to give it a try. I just found a new Bead shop that?s less than 3 miles from my house. Yikes! That could mean trouble.

TONI & TRISH---I will try and take some pictures of my jewelry that I?ve made and post it. The problem is that I?ve already given a few pieces away. It does make a nice gift. My girlfriend liked the green and silver necklace and earrings I have her for her birthday. I?ll have to make another one to replace it. I would love to sell it, but I?m not sure I?m that good. I am going to donate some pieces to my Altrusa Clubs next fundraiser for the Silent Auction. So we will see about that. Perhaps I can get some business through that.

BETH---Congrats on the renovation of your body. How wonderful for you. What a difference one year and a lot of hard work makes. I?m doing the happy dance for you.

ZANNE---Does your FIL have a website to show off his jewelry? How does he sell it? Does he get booths at shows?

BOB---Your bug sounds like what I?ve been fighting for the past two weeks. Sore muscles in the mid sections. Even my elastic waistbands are killing me. Hope you get over yours soon. What are you eating?

TRANQ---Congrats on the 100%!!! How great to feel that skirt starting to sag!!! WTG!!! Tell us more about that book.

YELLOWROSE---Oh, honey, I?ve seen those bracelet watches and they are beautiful! What a fun idea to do it with your daughter. I?ll bet you all go crazy at the bead stores. On Mondday, my husband and I went to a computer store (for him) and he bought this outrageously priced MP3 player. But I didn?t mind because I wanted him to have one for Christmas, but I didn?t know which one to buy. So then AFTER the trip to the computer store, we went to the bead shop and I left him in the car to play with his new toy. I felt so UNguilty spending $40 on findings and silver and a few sale-priced beads. I was glad we stopped there last and not first. It?s amazing how quickly your perpective can change on stuff like that. As for tutor training, I work for a non-profit literacy agency that is linked with over 70 adult literacy sites in our greater Cincinnati area. One service my office provides is tutor training for people who want to volunteer and become a literacy tutor. So I?m in charge of that program. I?ve been doing it for almost 4 years now, and I really, truly do love it. My nickname is Quilter, but it really should be the Reader or something like that. Literacy is who I am and my job is to try and raise awareness for this cause and help people who can?t read. It?s really a good work and I?m so happy with it. I feel very blessed that I actually get to do something I love. I?m just a bit nervous about Saturday?s class because I?m consolidating from a two-day course to a one-day course. Ugh!!! Hope I get everything covered. Anyway, thanks for asking.

FILLISSE----Fabulous, fabulous!!! Sounds like everything went well. Glad the dress was a hit. When do we get to see the pictures. You are certainly rubbing elbows, you lucky person!

HEARTMOM---I?m sending up prayers for Boogie. I hope his body starts to adjust. I have to say that I was so impressed that you even knew what his liver was. You are a walking, talking textbook by now. What a journey you all are on. I pray for healing for your little guy and for strength and peace for all of you. Perhaps the fast healing of the hole could signify and really healthy body that wants to get him whole as soon as possible??? Just a thought from an uneducated non-medical type. You are right, though. I only understood about half what you said, so the clarification helped immensely.

MOM2MARSH---I am using sterling wire and all sorts of beads and sometimes I buy fancy already made chains for necklaces and bracelets. And sometimes I just wire the beads together. I?ll try to post a picture soon since so many of you have asked.

DEB---Please give Lauren-sweetie some belated birthday wishes from me. Sorry I missed her big day. I love your t-shirt. I think there are days when I could use a shirt like that. Ha! Hey, I like your idea of weighing only once a month. This coming from the woman who was a multi-daily-weigher. Wow, you?ve come a long way. Remember when you were first talking about not weighing once a day. That was like you were going to go through withdrawal. What a difference. Good luck getting back to your goal. Thanks for asking about Maddie girl. She?s doing pretty good. Her back legs just want to do their own thing these days. We try to help her, but she?s still able to run up and down the steps. But sometimes she gets choosy and stays at the bottom to see if I?m going to be long upstairs. I?ve been trying to come her more regularly to keep the dog hair situation at a minor crisis. The trouble is that when I comb her I get all the hair on me. Guess I should do it naked, but then that might traumatize her. Thank goodness I do it inside. My wouldn?t the neighbors have something to talk about then.

Okay, well that?s all for me. I just bought a great book last night. Have any of you heard of Iyanla Vanzant? She?s fabulous. Well, she has a book called Every Day I Pray. And it?s reallly wonderful. She wrote that book called In the Meantime.I first saw her on the Oprah show and she?s got such a positive wonderful spirit about her. Really into emotional healing and stuff like that.

Take care, my friends.
I know how much the doctor?s scale said today, but I?m not going to post it. It was very depressing. But I must say ?thanks? because this too shall pass. Let?s just hope the numbers go down and not up!! LOL
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Hey everyone

I'm up for WIW - and i'm not surprised. I have myself to blame - no water retention, period, etc. just plain ole' hand to mouth disease! I'm so unmotivated and have no willpower. I wake up every day and I plan on doing good and then I just flop! I did stop at a friends house this weekend to see if she wanted to start walking with me in a couple of weeks and she wants to. I can't exercise until the doc gives me the all clear since I have open wounds and stuff. So, I'm just sitting here - losing and gaining the same 4 pounds!

DEB: Spring is a great time to be in New Orleans or Fall. Other than that - too hot and humid! And I say fall - I mean like November - that's when it kind of starts to cool off. So, just let me know - my BEST time of year is summer - but that is entirely too hot! So, anytime will be great for me!

Where is NANCEMEISTER? I haven't seen her around lately! I miss her sense of humor!

Hope all of you had better days than me!! Tomorrow is another day -

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Linworth--I made the triscuit crust one time for that cheesecake. I didnít like it because it was ďcheweyĒ (read: tough) rather than light. I thought it took away from the cheesecake, so I went back to making them w/o any crust. Maybe something else would do for a crust, but I havenít worked on it.

Fillise--Your weekend, esp. the Sunday service, sounds wonderful. I know it would have sent goosebumps up my arms to experience what you did at that church. All Godís people . . .

Trish--Lucky you to have neighbors that will walk with you. Mine either walk at the crack of dawn (definition: night!) or they run, which is too fast for me to keep up with. My DH normally is one of those ďdawnĒ walkers, but he didnít get his walk in on Tuesday, so I had company. Normally I walk about 8:30-9:00 am.

Debelli--LOL!! I could really identify with your remark about how cold it is. Colder than a witches . . . tit! Iíve never heard ďheartĒ. It is supposed to get down to 28 here in O-town tomorrow night. Brrr. I will try to get my walking in but I HATE the cold weather. My blood is too thin for it!! BTW, congrats on your new plan for the scale. I remember that we talked about that on the board about a year ago. Perhaps you can set a goal of a certain percentage of body fat, or some other fitness goal beyond just the weight. Maybe there are some races in Miami that you can train for. When I was doing a lot of running I was in fab. shape. We went to the runners club meetings and they were a great motivation for staying in shape. When my legs, feet and knees went bad, it was the beginning of the ďend.Ē If you get my drift.

Monet--Glad to see you back. Sorry youíve had some troubles.

I didnít get my walk in yesterday. I did my day at the Pregnancy Care Center and then had a meeting last night. We had planned to walk when I got home, but my DH was working on law stuff and didnít feel like going. Actually, neither did I. I did get 3+ miles in today, though. Itís easier when I can do the walking in the morning. I hope to get out there again tomorrow, but Friday it is gonna be cold. Ugh. Will probably walk about noon then, when I thaw out.

Spent all day doing French. We will be staying 3 days with some French people that we met on our trip to Cuba. They live near Limoges. So I really want to be able to speak better than just ďpidginĒ French. Iíve been so busy with this big conference coming up that it has been on the back burner. But I spent the day doing conjugations, and also writing a 3 page letter all in French. It took me several hours to do the letter. My teacher will check it tomorrow night at class, so it will sound pretty good by the time I send it. I think, though, that maybe I should write letters with crummy French so they wonít be disappointed or surprised when I open my mouth and they hear me speak French that is nowhere near as good as how I write. It should be interesting!

Well, itís late, so am gonna go. Get well BOB. How are the Vols doing at basketball. Gators are ranked #5 right now, but with all the games in bball, they can move up or down pretty fast.
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GATOR----While you are in Limoge will you be china shopping? Sounds like you will be an old pro at the French language when you get there. Good luck. BTW, the original phrasing I heard about the witch's bodily part was that it was in a "brass bra on a Saturday night." Now that would make it even colder if you ask me. LOL
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Default Thursday

Remember when you were skinny and in high school? If you are around 34 years old and anything like me, we were living in the days of skin tight designer jeans. I remember washing them and drying them in the dryer to shrink them up then yanking them up using various contortions until finally I would have to use a hanger to force the zipper up. If you breathed too deeply you risked explosion! Those were the days when these thighs and butt fit into Size 7 jeans and looked awesome in them. Well, this morning I put on a pair of Size 12's and was happy to see they weren't skin tight but they are a far cry from the Size 10's that I want to get into like JACK-K! Nowadays I put them on and wear them around the house before I go out so they AREN'T skin tight. Times and butts have sure changed!

I lost 3lbs of that water weight since yesterday so that is a great thing. I stuck mostly to protein and made myself some very yummy chicken salad then served it on a bed of lettuce for lunch. Very satisfying! Glad to see those silly water pounds head for the hills.

JACK-K- Congrats on your new low of 162!

HEARTMOM- Sorry to hear about Boogie and his liver. My goodness, this must be so stressful on you and your family. I prayed for him when I read your post. Keep us updated.

QUILTER- Glad you are feeling at least a little better. You are right though, worry won't do your stomach or spirit a bit of good. You know where to leave it, Quilter. I am praying for you.

DEBELLI- Glad to see you are back to your determined SB self. I find these boards very motivating too. Sometimes when I am wavering, all I have to do is come and read some posts and I am instilled with new hope and desire to keep on. My family prefers soft tacos. Only one of my sons likes the hard ones so I buy small SGWW tortillas and that is what we use for them.

FILLISE- Sounds like you had a great weekend. I can't wait to see the pics. Make sure you post one of you all dressed up in your ball gown!

Wind chill here is down to -28 to -34 celcius. All week has been terribly cold. We have our woodstove and electric heat going just to make sure our pipes don't freeze. Someone in the town had that happen and it is a headache we don't need! The cold spell is supposed to end by the weekend and it will only be -10 to -15 celcius and then the windchill. But anything is better than what we have been having. The poor dog runs out to the washroom and is back in a flash, she doesn't even want to go out for that poor critter!
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Good Thursday Morning Everyone

Didn't sleep to great last night, weird dreams seem to wake me up out of the blue! Hate when that happens.

We haven't gotten our next wave of cold air yet, but it's coming later today. It's actually not too bad outside, overcast and not too cool, about 60 degrees. That's sure going to change tonight, low of about 30 degrees You can be rest assured I'll be hogging the covers tonight and praying the heater in the house will kick in. Doesn't seem to be working right and since we rarely turn it on (maybe once a year, if that), I'm not about to have it checked out professionally, we can just bundle up in covers for the night or two!

Debating whether I want to go and push myself out and run this morning, it's been so long, a walk would be better, BUT, I feel a bit tired and I do have lots of stuff to do in the house (excuses, excuses), will give myself a few minutes to decide. Come Monday though, I just HAVE to get back in to the swing of things and get back to my walking. I think I'm going to shoot for 4 days a week, M-W-F-Sunday.

Was at the HFS yesterday and found a new item that I bought just since it was on sale and appears to be SB LEGAL. It's a pizza, they have 4-5 varieties and all the ingredients appear to be fine. The first ingredient on the crust info is WW flour, then SGWW flour, but doesn't say unbleached ww flour. Going to contact the company and see what they say and then will pass the info along.

QUILTER, hey, Paul has his vices and now you have a new jewelry vice. Can't wait to see what you're making! Are you just beading, or are you doing pieces that you can use solid findings in? Remember, I have thousands of rhinestones if you need any, that and brass findings (raw), among lots of other odds and ends. I think the scale idea has come because right now I don't want to know what I weigh and plus, I need to make a new goal of some kind so that didn't seem too hard. I couldn't come up with a good NY resolution to make this year, so I guess this can be one, though a little delayed. Say hi to Paul for me!

FRUIT, will have to see what people think. November would be a nice time of year, but I wonder, with holidays coming if that's a good time to do something. Right before Halloween until after the NY, it's hard for many people. Maybe we could think about spring? Or, possibly early Oct. Will have to put out the feelers and see who would be truly interested. How would DH feel about us converging on Chalet Lupe? I think a visit from some SB GALS is just what you need to kick your arse in to gear, but then again, you shouldn't have to wait that long. Will have to give you a telephone arse kicking. You can kick me back as well, until recently, I've not been too good either. As for NANCE, it's like she fell off the face of the earth, I haven't heard a thing from her since June 2002.

GATOR, I was trying to keep the witches tit covered, so I changed it to heart - not a bad substitute I think Keep warm this weekend! I think I'll reserve my energy and just do the one marathon a year, sure don't want to over-exert myself now! LOL! Good luck with the French. MICHAEL will be going to Orlando in March for some type of French competition. He loves the language!

GRACIOUS, I'm far from 34 years old now, but your jeans description brought memories back! I remember those days vividly and having to lie down on the bed to zip the jeans up. I can only imagine what I really must of looked like in those days with more than likely a huge tire around my middle, above the waist of the jeans. Even though I'm thinner now than I was back then, I still have that tire! I agree, time, butts, boobs, it's all changed!! You'll get in those 10's soon, I'm sure!

Will try and check in later. Trying to get ready for tomorrow. MICHAEL is having a bunch of kids over in the morning to film a scene for his movie. LAUREN is having a party tomorrow night with about a dozen kids, MICHAEL'S friend ALEX is spending 2 nights heree (he's brave to want to with knowing how Michael's bedroom looks-ghastly!) and Saturday MICHAEL is going to take his SAT'S. Computer should be free at some point along the way!!!


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Good morning everyone. Guess we're all freezeing this morning... Can't believe how cold it is. I weighed this morning and lost .O5. A 1/2 lb. don't know why I'm going so slow but will just hang in there and see what happens. I was a little jealous that my DH lost 7 lbs. this week. LOL.... Really he's so proud and I'm so glad he can see what SB is all about...

Bob- Hope you're feeling better today. And hope you can stay tucked in bed until you're well..

CountryMom- Hang in there gal. I'm having a battle with the scale to.. Even though I'm eating right...

Mom2Marsh- Sorry about the migraine, I used to have them and those things are a nightmare.. Sure sounds like you're eating good... Way to go girl..

Jack-K- Hope you had a good girls night out. I got some red wine but I just hate the taste of it. I tried Merlot... Yuck... Wish I could find one I could like..

linworthlady- Howdy there!

heartmom- My prayers are with Boogie, you and your family... Sounds to me like you're one heck of a wonderful Mother....

Debilli- Wooie your running and running is making my head spin... You really stay busy.. Think I've lived in the woods so long I'm like back in time... I read an old romance novel... Just mindless but enjoyable reading. I haven't done that for along time. Sounds like Lauren had a good birthday. 15 what a good age to be. Its great your kids make good use of the computer. Sounds like you need to be a two computer household.. LOL... Wow 3 years on SB. My anniversery for 1 year is coming in March. And here I am still struggling with my weight. Half gone but not all..

The Quilter- I have one of Iyanla books here I can't remember which one. I love to hear her. Has she been on Oprah lately? I hadn't seen her for awhile.. Sorry about your stomach. Sounds like if you're taking the purple pill it might be acid reflux. I have that but its funny SB seems to help it. I would love to see your jewlery. What a wonderful talent you must have..

fruitloupe- It must be the winter blahs that make it hard to lose... I've still got 2.5 lbs. of Christmas weight to lose... Makes ya want to get mad...

Gatorgal- Stay warm.. You sound really busy....

Well think I'll go put some bread in the bread machine. And yep its SB legal... Thought this cold day was a good day to bake it..

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Good Thursday Morning

All you southern gals, quit your B***ting about the cold. It is 7 here today with a wc of 20 below. They have closed all the schools b/c they say kids can get frostbite in 30 minutes. Tomorrow it is going to be 0.

Dinner was good and fun. I had a steak with blue cheese melted on top (didn't know b.c. melted) on top of a portabello mushroom. Veggies (which included snow peas which were wonderful) and a salad. Due to the snow, there wasn't many people there so we sat there all night until we were the only people left and they told us we could stay until closing. So we did.

Heartmom, It sure is a good thing you know your child so well. Sending many prayers up for him. Sure hope all is ok.

Mom2Marsh, maybe ifyour DH sees how well you are doing on SB and how good it makes you feel, he will join in. Mine really has no choice at home, cuase he has to eat what I cook and I don't buy anything I can't have. He doesn't follow real strict. He doesn't eat potatoes, but eats 2 sandwiches for lunch and still drinks his beer.

Deb, You must be so proud of the kids doing so well in school. That sure is a big worry not to have. Glad Lauren had a good BD and loved her T. WTG on deciding to put that scale away. You are right, we can tell my our clothes and how we feel. Journaling seems to really work for you. Glad you decided to get back to it. Setting a few new goals will help motivate you and then you will see results in the wt loss too. I really think we have learned something with SB, which is more than I can say for any other diet. We know our limits and what we have to do. At least we know where to come back to and what to do. I am so much more conscience of my food now even if it is something I shouldn't eat. You give us a lot of strength. Let us know about those pizzas. Best wishes to Michael on his SAT's. I'm sure he will ace them with no problem though.

Toni, WTG on the 1/2 pound. Take it and run. Don't you hate the way men lose so much faster. Not fair. The only red wine I can drink is Lambrusco Riunite. It is cheap only $3.50/bottle. It is not dry at all. Probably not legal, but all I can do. Sometimes I drink Zifendale.

Quilter, I sure hope that medicine works on your pain and you don't have to go through any tests. Our bunco is different. We normally just sit around and talk all night and around 10:00 decide we had better roll the dice to see who wins the prizes. We ususall just roll and add up the dice that way. Our group is very diverse. They are friends but not the friends that we run around with on a constant basis so it is fun. That's not the 3 mile I have. Does she use those ball weights? she does in mine and now she has one out using a band. I don't think it is hard. If you don't want to use the wts or the full motion of arm movements you don't have to. Everytime I do it I say I'm only going to do 2 miles and I end up doing the whole thing. You do work up a sweat though.

Fruit, Just take 1 hour at a time. Don't get discouraged. Only YOU can make yourself do this. Do it for you cause you are worth it. Keep on here, it really helps. Good or bad.

Gator, I really admire you taking French lessons. You are doing so well with it. It is such a beautiful language. Both my DD's took it in school, but I don't think they could utter a word of it now. BTW, someone told me that Billy Donovan has a clause in his contract that he can cancel it if the job at UK comes open. I find that hard to believe but I can hope.

Gracious, I got such a kick out of your jeans and butts rendition. I remember those days, but didn't participate too much as I was always on the heavy side. Sure glad 3 of those water pounds are gone. The rest will follow suit. Yum, I think I'll make some chicken salad. Sounds good.

Gotta to get some work done. Be back later.

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Jack-K- Guess we were posting at the same time. Sounds like you had a great time. Your dinner sounds yummy... It is so cold here too. Speaking of that I better go put some more wood on the fire...
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Bonjour, Michael. «a va? Est-ce que vous aimez la langue franÁais? Moi, aussi. Mais, je pense que vous pouvez le parler mieux que moi. Etudiez bein! Ciao, Gail

Gracious, I actually was in my best shape in my life when I was in my 30ís. I fit into size 4!! And had muscles. I was working out 3 times a week with weights and running, not jogging, back then. Those were the days. Youíll get down to that size 10. Just keep on going with SB.

Jack-K--I donít know about Billyís contract. I hope he never leaves. Heís great fun and we even drive up to Gainesville for the basketball games at ďthe House of Horrors. I donít think weíve played Ky yet. We usually go up for that one. Stay warm.

Well, Iíve picked a wheelbarrow full of grapefruit off our tree. My DH will wheel it in tonight because it has a flat tire and is HEAVY, to boot. I covered one plant--a hibiscus that would freeze in our projected 28?. I am gonna go out and get in my 3 miles. Itís not too bad yet , just cloudy and gloomy looking. Take care, all.
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Heartmom- Iím praying very hard for your Boogie. I really admire all you do for your little one (I know we have another mom on here whose little one has heart problems, this goes for you too!) Did you know that CHOP was named the #1 childrenís hospital in the country by Child magazine? I really wish we were near it!

Deb- Weíre supposed to get all the way down to 13 today! Iíve been threatening my husband that Iím going to move to Miami if this keeps up. I moved to Florida (from Virginia) to get away from the cold. I guess I didnít go far enough south!

Not much else to say today. Iím going to weigh in a few minutes (I use the churchís scale, still not sure why we have one). I know itís a day late, but better than never! Iím really hoping that Iíll be seeing the 170s real soon!

Love and hugs to all,
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Unhappy Typing with frozen fingers

It is sooooo cold here--25 degree outside--and it is almost noon! Tonight we are supposed to get into the single digits. Brrrrr.

I know all of you who live in the north are laughing your fannies off at us southern gils whining--but we are wimps! We cannot take the cold--heck, it's why we live in the south!

I'm in my church office and it is freezing up here. I'm fighting a cold, so I don't know how long I'm going to be able to stand it up here.

Gail--I'm a big BB fan, but must admit that I was more concerned with NC State's win over Duke last night than Auburn's loss to UK. Go Wolfpack! When is your daughter's wedding? I know everything will be just gorgeous.

Jackie--I went out to dinner last night too, but didn't do nearly as well as you did! We went Mexican again and I had the ritas and chips. Also a shrimp enchlada which was wonderful--if not exactly OP. We have too many Mexican restaurants--I think they should be banned. I can do OK at almost every other type of restaurant, but not Mexican. AS soon as ther set those darn chips down I'm toast.

Deb--you are very optimistic about your ability to ever see the computer again! It sounds like you are going to have a house full of kids for the next few days--good luck!

Gracious--I'm older than you are, but my skin tight jeans from my youth also zipped about two inches below my belly button--and nothing hung over!

I'm freezing to death in this office! I've got to go find a warmer spot to work! I'll try to get to everyone else tonight!

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