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Old 01-22-2003, 10:46 AM   #61  
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Dawnstorm- Guess we were posting at the same time. Can't wait to hear how your bread turns out....
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Old 01-22-2003, 11:02 AM   #62  
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I forgot to weigh first thing when I got up. It was probably on purpose subconsciously. My weight has not been good. I am trying really hard today to limit carbs and eat legally. I made oatmeal in the microwave this a.m. and it boiled over. I had to laugh since I had just read on the board about that very same thing.

Jackie-Thanks for the advice. I will post my menu when I have a little more time. That is wonderful that you lost another pound! How tall are you? We weigh almost the same but I'm still a 12. All your exercising has made you lean. Is this a big wedding?
BOB-Sorry about your legs. Are you feeling better this morning?
HI Shirley, Gracious, Debbie
Lyn-I'm so glad your BBQ sauce didn't spill everywhere. The watch bracelet sounds pretty.
Monet-Sorry your life has been stressful. You are still doing so well with the eating--one bright spot for you, I hope.
SUsanne-I think I know what you mean about a stone in a cage. I really like those. Does FIL sell the jewelry in FL? Stay warm!!

Has anyone made the triscuit crust for Deb's Cheesecake? If so, did you like it?
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Old 01-22-2003, 11:11 AM   #63  
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Thumbs down Wednesday Morning!

Hi all! I'm back from 3 days in Montgomery and trying to recover. I see 57 posts for the week so I won't get to respond to everyone, but I will fill you in on the highlights of the weekend.

I got to Montgomery Saturday and managed to spend a quiet night with friends.

The official activities began Sunday morning with an 8 am prayer breakfast, then a luncheon at 12:30 (that was so crowded that they turned it into a reception--1,200 women in heels and no place to sit--ouch! ) Then I moved into my hotel room and begain the round of afternoon receptions honoring various and assorted folks that had been given appointments in the new administration. By 6:00 I was at a reception for my client and Alabama's new state treasurer, Kay Ivey. Then off to another party to end the evening. I was tired and my feet were SORE! I was in heels all day.

Eating was So-so. I did great at the breakfast passing up all the carbs and sticking with the eggs and bacon. Lunch was a different story. At the "reception" there were finger foods that were all illegal--even if you could get near the tables--which you couldn't! So we stayed long enough to be "seen" and then we headed out to find a real meal. Went to a Mexican Restaurant--and I said no to the margaritas, and no to the tortillas that came with the fajitas, but I have to admist to digging into the chips and salsa. The rest of the day was finget foods--at the last party I managed to find veggies, cheese, and olives and snacked on those.

Monday morning was gorgeous! We started the day at the Dexter AVenue/King MemorialBaptist Church for a MLK tribute. For those of you that don't know, that is the church where MLK was the pastor when he led the Montgomery Bus Boycotts. It is considered to be the birthplace of the Civil Rights movement! The service was a great tribute and I was very proud of our new Governor who vowed to work to bring King's dream to fruition. It was also quite moving to join hands with my fellow worshipers in that church and sing "We Shall Overcome." Actually that was one of the most special moments of the weekend.

Then we went to Kay's private swearing-in at the Supreme Court building. From there to the actualy inaugural ceremony at the Capitol. Thank goodness it was in the 60s and beautiful! The ceremony was great. We bugged out on the parade becase it was 1:00 and none of us had eaten a bite all day. So we went to a restaurant for a good steak, salad and no potato!

Then I went back to the hotel to get dressed for the ball and the pre-ball receptions. It is fun to get all dressed up and the dress got a lot of compliments. We went to a recpetion for the Attorney General and then to a reception and private dinner thrown by the new Governor. I've known him for about 6 or seven years, so it was fun to be able to give him a big hug for congratulations on his big day.

From there we went to the ball--along with 4,200 of my best friends! It was a little crowded to say the least. But the decorations were gorgeous and it was fun to see all the gowns. Alabama gave a concert during the ball. My group left around 10 and went back to our hotel for a private party (e.g. no alchol was served at the ball and we were thirsty!). I fell into bed one exhausted woman.

Yesterday my eating sucked. I was tired and I ate what was easy rather than what was good for me. Today back on track.

When I get pictures I'll try to get them posted.

I hope to respond to everyone from here on out. I have to unpack and do laundry and start on a new project.

Love you all

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Old 01-22-2003, 11:24 AM   #64  
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Today's thought is:
The fresh start is always an illusion but a necessary one.
- Eleanor Claris

When was the last time you decided to make a change or to approach
something differently? When we recognize the opportunity for a fresh
start, we recognize our innate desire to change and grow. Although we
often discover - perhaps as early as March - that we have forgotten our
New Year's resolution, we may have gained three months of practicing
who we want to be. These do count; they are in our history. They are
cumulative. What's important is that we do make a commitment to
change; we "give ourselves over," as mittere, the root of the word
commitment, suggests.

Kathy had made a New Year's resolution to share her honest opinions
at staff meetings. She was fully committed to this new behavior. She
asked two good friends at work to hold her accountable by observing
her behavior. Kathy kept her word; soon the new behavior took hold.
Others commented respectfully on what they saw. Kathy felt pleased
with herself and gained self-esteem.

Just for today, I will resolve to keep my promises to myself. And
although I may not do it perfectly, I will work toward my resolution for the new beginning.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Today's meditation comes from the book
Igniting the Spirit at Work by Marilyn Mason copyright 2001

Have to stay off computer, but wanted to say hi and share this motivational...weigh in for me -.5lb with on week of eating evaluation behind me. I really stink at food journaling, but I got the jist of it. Let you know how this week goes next week.
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Old 01-22-2003, 11:45 AM   #65  
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Location: Austin, TX
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Happy WIW, everybody. Well yesterday it was 80 degrees, today it's supposed to be a high of 50. Go figure.

Well, I reported the other day that I had lost the O-town pounds and here I still sit at the same spot. I'm not going to get too crazy, cause I know I've been eating right and exercising, so I guess I'll try to be patient.

BOB - Hope you start to feel better soon. I get what I've always called "itchy legs". It happens at night, and feels like they itch from the inside out. DH says my feet are going 90 mph at night. Wonder if that would help. I need to schedule a appt for my annual physical, so I'll mention it to my doctor.

Dawnstorm - Glad you found the agave. I just now noticed your signature about thanking a veteran. Were you or a loved one in the service? My oldest son has done early enlistment for the Marines and right now is scheduled to start recruit training in July. I'm very proud of him but also scared to death, given our current world situation.

Miata - That is so sweet what you are doing with the quilt. I'm sure the person will appreciate it. Enjoy your visit with your daughter. You said "home on leave". Is she in the service?

Crystle - Thanks for explaining about the turkey. That makes sense, now. You must have a large freezer. I wish we did. We have 2 refrigerators, so I've got the extra freezer space there, but it's never enough is it.

Sabrina - Girl, you need to start getting well pretty soon. WTG on the pants loosening up. Isn't that a great feeling!

Gator - WTG on getting the walk in with DH. I wish mine would walk with me. He will every now and then, but just ends up whining before we get home, so I'm better walking alone or with my neighbor.

Linworth - You can substitute agave for honey in most recipes. I also use it as a sweetener in my coffee. Pretty expensive for a sweetener, but I just love it. I only use about a tsp. I haven't made the Triscuit crust but I have made it with a nut crust and boy was it yummy. I would think the regular Triscuits would make it taste salty and I have problems finding the low-sodium ones at my supermarket.

Heartmom - Do you ever put lemon in your water? I've heard that helps with a diuretic effect and I really like the flavor better.

Jack-K - Have you tried cooking your brown rice with broth instead of water? I use chicken broth and mushrooms, ends up tasting more like a pilaf.

Sef - It was fun talking with you, too.

Lyn - You just need to have that surgery done and get it over with. I know easy for me to say but I've been there, and in the long run, I think you'll be glad you did. I didn't think my shoulder was ever going to heal, but it did and I'm pretty much back to normal now. Call or email me sometime if you want to talk about it.

Monet - Glad to see you back but sorry things aren't going well. Remember that we all go through hard times and we're here for you in the bad times as well as the good. Hope things get better for you soon.

Gracious - Glad you get to relax. Enjoy your day.

Susan - Sounds like you had a wonderful week-end. What a thrilling end to all the hard work I know you were doing to get to that point. Pictures, we want pictures!!

I better run now and get to work. Have a great day everyone!

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Old 01-22-2003, 11:49 AM   #66  
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Just thought I would throw out something that just happened when I was trying to post: I had done my message in Notepad and done the cut/paste thing in the reply area. I got the server busy message. I waited about 30 seconds then hit "refresh" then retry. My post went through then. Kinda scary because I thought I had lost the post.

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Old 01-22-2003, 11:50 AM   #67  
Pending Email Confirmation
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Hey, I haven't been by here in forever. Sorry. I run that other Sugar Busters recipes and support page and have been busy with it. I thought I would check in for WIW. I got off the diet for a month or so around the holidays and I am back now, full force. I started a water aerobics class and love it. Here are my stats. Down 2 pounds this week! 16 pounds now!!!!

11/11/02 start date

I remeasured myself and have lost a total of 1" from hips, 1.5" from waist, 1.75" from thigh, 1.75" from chest. My arms are still flappin in the wind with no change.

Good luck to everyone, and sorry I don't check in more.
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Old 01-22-2003, 12:05 PM   #68  
Join Date: Oct 2000
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Morning everyone!!

A quick check in...I'm feeling better today..the pain has now moved to my right side, but not as intense. My temp was normal last night and am hoping for the same tomorrow. I plan to go back to work in the morning if all goes well today.

Hope everyone has a good WIW...I'm afraid to look!

I'll check back in a little later...

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Old 01-22-2003, 12:47 PM   #69  
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Height: 5' 7"

Default WIW

Two steps forward one step 4 this week..157. And since the eating was good and exercise was fine...I am going to realize some things are out of my control and not go to wacko..LOL Three pounds jumped right on last Thursday and have stuck around...oh well.

Trish...I hear ya....we had the fridge and a deep freezer. Mom gave us another fridge someone gave her for free...I have ALL of them stuffed... One is full of nothing but bread, treats and waffles from the bread can't beat the bargins.

Congratulations to all this weeks losers!!!!!!!! JACK-K awesome on the new low!!!!!!!!!!!


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Old 01-22-2003, 03:50 PM   #70  
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AGH! I'm soooo behind on posts! I've made it to page three and will post individually later. Just wanted to let you all know I've returned to the land of the living. Right after I posted Monday, I ended up going home with the worse headache I've ever experienced. Went to the doc yesterday and discover I have migraines. What fun! At least it's just that. Monday night it hurt so bad I was convinced I had a brain tumor!

I'm back in the office today and ready to go! I'm having a very good OP day. Delicious fruit smoothie for breakfast. Turkey sandwich with green beans for lunch. Planning on a grilled chicken salad and stir-fried veggies for dinner.

Well, I'm off for now. I'll check back in once I've caught up with everyone!

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Old 01-22-2003, 05:18 PM   #71  
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S/C/G: 257/169/155

Height: 5'6"


Good afternoon,

Getting ready to go home. I don't have to walk tonite, fix dinner or nothing. Going out to dinner with the girls from bunco club. Going to a steak place so I don't have to worry about my eating. Probably will have a glass of wine. But I'll be good.

Zanne, it's freezing here to. Everywhere I think. It is going to be a high of 7 tomorrow. Brr.. You had better wear that long underware. Maybe 2 pairs.

Dawn, good for you feeling good mentally. I think this WOE causes more lost inches than pounds. I wish I could stay away from that scale, but I do only weigh on WIW.

Toni, you just keep that snow over there. They are calling for 1-2 today here. Last time the 6" they called for went right over us, so this time we will probably get 6-12 Let us know tommorrow about the scale.

Linworth, I am 5'-5 3/4" tall but I do believe all the walking and wt training has made me smaller. I have never used the triscuits but have used a pecan crust. It was good. Yes it is a big wedding I'm up to 350 people so far. Hope it stops there.

Fillise, Your weekend was a whirlwind. You were on the go constantly. No wonder your feet hurt. I hope you find time to soak them. Can't wait to see those pics in that dress. Sounds like you did darn good with your eating with all those temptations. It is so hard to not eat those darn chips and salsa. (and the ritas). Don't know if you are a basketball fan, but UK plays Auburn tonite. GO CATS!:

ldblond, thanks for the motivational words. So true!. .5 is a .5. Keep up the journaling. It will help.

Trish, your body is probably adjuting from the pounds you just lost. Next week will be better, just hang in there. Don't get discouraged. Yes I have tried using broth for the rice. It is always sticky and coarse. I'm not a big rice lover anyway. Can't stand white rice. Only like those Lipton flavored rices and fried rice & mexican rice. But I love a pilaf.

Robingirl, Yeah for you losing 16 lbs. That is a great start. We understand that you can't be on here with the other board. I'm sure those people appreciate all that hard work as we appreciate Deb. Congrats on those inches. I think that is the best part.

Bob, glad you are feeling some better. Hope tomorrow is much better.

Country, I like your attitude, no reason for it, don't worry about it. You just wait there, I'm gonna catch up to you one day. Can't wait.

Mom2Marsh, Sorry to hear about your migraines. My DD has those and takes 2-3 prescriptions for them. I know what you mean about the brain tumor. Right before I started SB I had this horrible pain in my temple. I just knew it was an annyurism (sp) and even almost went to the ER. Haven't had one since I got on SB. So hopefully that will help you too.

Hope everyone has a great evening. See ya tomorrow

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Old 01-22-2003, 05:30 PM   #72  
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Susan-Inaugural weekend sounds like so much fun! I bet you are glad to be home now though. It might have been too much fun. WTG on the eating.
Robin-You have lost a lot of weight. Keep it up.
BOB-I'm glad you are feeling better.
Crystle-I'm way up too. But I'm bummed. I like your attitude better.
Kat-The migraine sounds awful. I'm glad you are back and feeling better.
Jackie-350 people is a huge wedding!! Is it your son or daughter? You are going to busy. Is the pecan crust on the SB recipe site? It sounds good. Do you use a topping? Have fun tonight and enjoy your steak. It is supposed to be in the teens in SC tonight. Very unusual weather for us. I'm 5'8" -- I still can't get in a ten unless they are lowrise pants. My waist is thick
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Old 01-22-2003, 05:45 PM   #73  
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S/C/G: 257/169/155

Height: 5'6"


Linwirth, It is my DD (oldest one). I think the receipe is on the board. Soemone posted it a couple weeks ago. I think it is just butter and chopped pecans. My waist is thick also. My pants are big in the butt and legs but tight in the waist. Plus my stomach is till big. Don't know if it will ever go down. Definately can't wear low-rise. Scary.

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Old 01-22-2003, 05:52 PM   #74  
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S/C/G: 278/163/143

Height: 5'8"


I lost my post- so here I go again- Okay, I'm still at 213 this morning- but I've had one heck of a day(really started last night). I haven't had the first glass of water today and my eating has been bad,also Well, I'm going to explain our latest with Boogie-I'm going to copy and paste what I sent to my heart support groups so that I don't have to retype everything- so here goes..

Well, last night I was playing around with Boogie and rubbed my hands across
his tummy- I felt his liver! I knew that I shouldn't be able to feel
it-meaning that it's enlarged. Called the PC(almost 2 hours away), and he
said for us to come in Thursday at the clinic. I wanted to make sure that I
wasn't being paranoid and wasting a trip to Jackson, so I went to the ER to
see if the doc on call also felt his liver being enlarged. I waited at one
hospital for 2 hours and finally got disgusted and went to another one down
the road. The doc there saw him and agreed that it was enlarged. He called
UMC and spoke to our PC and the pc said to come in today. So we went to
Jackson this morning and the pc agreed and he thinks the fenestration has
closed resulting in higher sat's(96) and higher pressures(enlarged liver).
The echo looked about the same as last time. The heptic veins are a little
dilated meaning higher pressures. He had his blood drawn for some liver
tests. We should know the results by tomorrow. The PC seems to think his body
will adjust to the fenestration closing so soon- but it still depends on the
tests results and what CHOP says. There is a possibility that he will have to
have a heart cath . He has no other symptoms- he's
energetic,playing,eating,etc. I just knew this was happening last week when
we went to the local ped last week and his sat's were so high all of a
sudden. I was under the impression that they were supposed to GRADUALLY
increase-not all of a sudden. I called about it and got the nurse who relayed
the message to the pc on call who called me back and told me all was fine-
just proves that a mother's instinct is always right. Well, please say a
prayer that Boogie won't have to be cathed or anything else
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Old 01-22-2003, 05:57 PM   #75  
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Posts: 1,233

S/C/G: 278/163/143

Height: 5'8"


I just realized that you all may not understand my medical jargon I used-sorry. Basically, he had a hole that was intentionally left in his repair to allow blood to flow thru so that the pressures in his lungs wouldn't get too high. The hole is suppossed to gradually close on it's own-not all of a sudden or so quickly. We are hoping his body will adjust to the pressures without any intervention. But there is a possibility that he will need a heart catherization-not good.
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