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  • BOB---How long has it been since you were in Cincinnati? Have you seen the new stadium? They have changed the roads down around there all around in the past couple of years. I don't drive by the stadium when I go to work. I live in OH and drive down 75South and take one of the downtown exits to get to my building. But I'm running around all the time down there. Newport has a GREAT riverfront. And I go over there quite a bit. There is a new Second Street that practically puts you right in the new football stadium. I use that street to drive to Newport. Now the new baseball stadium is almost done. It's going to be a beaut!

    We forgot all about Riverfront coming down. I wish we'd have remembered and gone down there for it. But no such luck. We didn't even think to put on the tv. I've seen it on the net, but that doesn't do it justice. It seems weird without it, because it was so huge before. The thing that gets me is how did they blow up the old one with the new one sitting so close. Amazing.
    Go Bucs! I decided to pick them. I need those 50 points in the pool, so I hope they don't let me down. Ha!
  • HiedieHo All!

    A quieter day than yesterday. Our meal was very good on our outing yesterday. I had the Buffett as I could control what I ate better. The two museums were interesting, I would like to back sometime when it is not so busy and I don't have to worry about others to have another look round. Those of you are from small towns know we're not talking Metro Museums here, this is just a little bity town museum! Last nights play was pretty good, "one Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest", the guy that played the Jack Nichols role was a little too over the top. I was glad to get home.

    Today I went to church, Blockbusters and have been reading the papers and writing letters. I will watch opening ceremonies for the Super Bowl, do something else and tune in for halftime. I'm just resting today, from yesterday and the weather today, it's very damp and achy weather!

    COUNTRY: Been a while since I crocheted too. I sent my DD about five pics to change from. Right now Hobby Lobby has Coat's yarn on sale for 1.88.

    FILLISE: Even if I lose weight I'll still have foot pain as I have Peripheal Neuropathy in both upper and lower extremities. I was so glad to get home last night, feet and back were aching!

    HEART: Thankful for the good news.

    QUILT: I knew you could do it! Glad you liked the FFs. DD is a project with most things, yet she is a wonderful girl.

    DEB: I know I'm old! But give me some credit! I can still handle the keyboard. I know save! Now what was the rest of your post?!? You never stop do you? A champion "garage-saler". You never fail to amaze me.

    LIN: I lived in the Poconos in PA. With my DD most things are an issue. I'm also having an ulcer over my antiques with her. A long story, she would like them now, I'm not dead yet, so she can't inherit yet can she?

    BOB: THe Bucs? Who are they? LOL I don't even know who the second team playing is!

    Just watched the Dixie Chicks sing the anthem, I thought they were great. Just sang in strong harmony and didn't add any wails!!

    Been sitting here too long today. Take care all!

  • Sunday evening!
    My youth groups are all meeting and I have a moment to post before they let out. After I leave here I'm going to a Super Bowl party, but I really want to go home. I feel chilled and light headed and want to go home and curl up on the sofa.

    BOB--Thanks for not watching the Wolfpack play! They beat UNC by 9 points--it was beautiful! I appreciate your contribution to the effort! Actually the pictures from the inaugural are not on my camera, so I have to wait for a friend to get them developed. I'll scan them when I get a copy--If not I'm going to a Heart Ball the middle of next month and can take a picture then.

    Sef--Sorry about the feet. I've just been able to start wearing heels again. For a few hours, no problem, but when I'm on them for two days straight--eyooowww!

    Jackie--I'll get to the game in a bit. I hate missing the first half because that's when all the good commercials are!

    Oops--time to get the kiddies home!

    Talk to you tomorrow!

  • Kim,

    Ten years to be exact since I've been there. We were up there for a conference and stayed at the micro brewery on Buttermilk Pike on the KY side...the river front was done then, but I'm sure it's better now. We wandered down on the road level with the stadium and mosied into a bar and low and was a gay bar We had a good time though...didn't want to be rude and run!
    What in the world are you going to Newport for?

  • Good evening all! THE BUCS ARE AHEAD!!!!

    Just wanted to pop in and let you all know I'm still alive and still busting some sugar! I'll post tomorrow from work.

  • Deb - I love those garage sales too! I think it's the thrill of finding wee treasures. I got a beautiful big dolls house for my girls a couple of weeks ago for $10NZ it needs some work - paint etc but it's going to be my project for the year. I'm going to do it up for them for a Christmas present. I'm getting good at sniffing out the bargains!! Now all I need is some time.....

    Have a good day everyone

  • Hello!
    Hi All!
    I'm new as a member to this forum--but have read it for over a year now--off and on. I have done SB before, and lost about 25 pounds--and I know that it has all come back (I'm not weighing right now--just want to feel good in my clothes). I have every excuse in the book and the next volume for why I allowed myself to gain the weight back--but the up side to all of this is...I know how to lose it! Been there, done that! Yea! is to a new start!