Sugar Shakers for followers of Sugar Busters and other GI based diets

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Question New and have some questions

Hi all

I'm new and i dont understand this diet,is it better to just get he book and it will give me more info on this subject? Also I might have PCOS so is a good diet for me?? IS this diet good?, i mean can u eat normal foods? SOrry for all the questions im just confused with all this.
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Hi Stardust,

No need to be confused, it's good to ask questions. I would suggest you get the book from your local library first and read it. THere's another book I like to recommend called EAT YOURSELF SLIM by Montignac, it explains a few things in better detail than the SB BOOK and is where the idea for the book came from. Good for those with PCOS, others on the board have it. Yes, this diet is VERY good and you can eat lots of regular food, nothing you HAVE to buy to do this WOE. It's a very healthy WOE and can be followed indefinitely. Many Dr.'s recommend this WOE as well.

Please join us on the SB WEEKLY SUPPORT BOARDS where we all congregate.

Also, do check out this website, has a good overview of this WOE:
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Hi Stardust I'm fairly new here too and have PCOS. I realise you probably are a bit scared if you don't know much about it.
Come onto the weekly support board there are a few of us newbies on there and the others are a great source of information, motivation and support. It would be great if you could join us on there.

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Sugar Busters is basically what you
CAN'T EAT: no processed or refined flours or sugars, corn or any corn products, white potatoes, beets, honey, bananas, watermelon

CAN EAT: lots of protein: eggs, meats (85% lean or better),dairy products-milk, cream, sour cream (doesn't have to be low fat or no fat)

it is a very easy plan to follow. not as strick as the Atkins way. there are the foods for festing (eat as much as you want), foods for moderation (watch your amount)
and the forbidden foods.

here's a couple of great links that explains it pretty good:

getting a Sugar Busters book would be the best thing.
i have SUGAR BUST FOR LIFE by the Brennans and am
waiting on The New Sugar Busters! H. Leighton Steward.
i also have a pocket guide for grocery shopping.

the books cover the whole new way of eating in detail along with recipes, a list of "HIDDEN SUGARS," name brand food items allowed.

and if your not sure about whether its legal or not, you check the ingredient list for illegal items. and you still may be able to eat it as long as the illegals are listed almost at the end and as long as the sugar content is 3 grams or less!
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THe diet seems really a great and I'm gonna go and get some bookson it. You all have been very helpful!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I have never really been to hip on the whole banana thing. The new book seems to suggest they are ok as long as they are not ripe, which happens to follow along with the whole GI studies thing happening.

I eat bananas now and then that aren't over ripe and even ripe bananas don't have all that high of a GI. I suspect you will start to see that restriction slack off kind of like with carrots.
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