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Good WEIGH IN WEDNESDAY MORNING Well, at least it will be, for some

I wanted to pop in and just give a quick "hello" to you all before I start my day. I have a ton of things to do and places to go before I go get the kids and come home and continue with more stuff to do.

Just called my GP's house and my other aunt told me my Aunt Rose is still alive, but that she's taking what is suppose to be "death breaths". They still can't believe she's alive at this point, she's had no blood pressure since yesterday morning and when I spoke to them last night, couldn't believe she was still alive and figured she'd die during the night - she does NOT want to go to the other side, that's for sure! But, they see a change in her breathing and think it's any minute now - once again, all the speculations have been WRONG. Anyway, the funeral will be held on Sunday afternoon. Of course, I won't be there and it's totally understood. I will be walking/jogging with her in mind.

Okay, I can't stay on here, if so, the day will waste away!!!

Will try to check in later - depends on who's hogging the computer. It's hard enough to get on normally, but with all that's going on, and with Michael working on finals and Lauren needing the computer as well, it's been hard, but I know you all understand.


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Default WIW

Wow...a talkative bunch!!

I am still down the same amount but the scale did not move over night..I will still take it. I hope everyone else does great on their WIW's!

QUILTER-Good to see you. I started my first piece quilt last night and it made me smile to see you this morning. Hope you get things in order and that metal monster will be at your mercy soon.

JACK-K- No way girl!! My signature is a BIG lie right now. You are winning the race in a big way. I will let you know when I catch up to you. I hate having to re-lose pounds but that is the consequences to my holiday carb-fest.

MOM2MARSH- I am our church secretary too....but it is a small church and I do it for hubby since he doesn't have his own *real* one here like at our previous church. Hubby has what he calls his *Sweet Harem*. These are ladies of the church who bring him their specialties in baking so he can indulge. He once mentioned from the pulpit that he didn't have a member of the sweet harem that specialized in Pumpkin Pie and of course the next week he had one on his desk!! I think all Senior Pastors like sweets and want them at every meeting going.

FILLISE- Keeping with the food/church talk..I have ladies here that bring warm home made bread to our house and that is a killer!! I love bread so it makes it even worse. Maybe now that it is the new year more people will be trying to lose and the goodies at church will not be as plentiful and it will be easier for you. Here is to hoping.

ZANNE- Nice to see my fellow Canuck on the board dropping by. I hear you have lots of snow just like us. We had over 1 foot drop all at once the other day and it just keeps coming. I guess winter is finally here to stay.

MONET- I can't believe your doctor did that!! I would have been freaking out too. The girls from LCC had a post about how we found the cafe so in my response I mentioned this board and let them know how you are doing these days. PrarieGal and Lindakimy both send their greetings to you.

I better get going. Reading up on so many posts takes so long these days.

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Thanks for all the congrats on Vixen. She really is a doll and I can’t believe I’m getting into this dog show stuff. The border terrier people, for the most part, are great, though. I enjoy being around them. I have pissed some off though. One lady on their message board posted a humorous incident with Dobermans and then made some comment about today the dogs would have been shot just because all cops are horrible and ignorant and hateful toward dogs…You KNOW I couldn’t let that one slide!

Well, it started quite a discussion among quite a few of us, but the lady maintained her narrow-minded views. I got on and posted that all I wanted her to do was think about how wrong it is to make sweeping generalizations like that when MOST officers do not unnecessarily kill or harm dogs. I then suggested that she probably wouldn’t like me when she met me if I was from Afghanistan or of a different religious belief or had a nose ring because of how much she relies on pre-conceived prejudices. I guess I won’t be posting on there for a while.

M2M – Great way to foil the saboteur! I haven’t had to deal with it, unfortunately, but some people on here have had people get down right ugly like your MIL about trying to sabotage their success and even say some mean things. People who aren’t successful at things important to them think no one should be successful sometimes. Way to go! You’re a great example to her and may even inspire her to jump back on the SB wagon.

HEART – People at different weights will eat different amounts and people at lower weights will eat less than us. ALSO, sometimes people aren’t eating ENOUGH. (Hard for me to imagine, but it happens) I wasn’t eating enough when I started and DEBBIE helped me find ways to up my calorie intake. It worked. Re: AS yogurt – I buy the plain non-fat yogurt and add a scoop of protein powder to it. The protein I buy is sweetened with Splenda and it makes it kind of pudding like. I’ve also added it to fruit. I find the extra protein really does help me with my hunger pains, too. I also buy the unsweetened PB. Publix has their own that’s just peanuts – it’s really yummy. You’ll get there!

MIATA – Once you get those dogs on the walking schedule, they’ll hold you to it! That can be the greatest exercise motivator right there! I love acorn, spaghetti, butternut, yellow and zucchini squash! I think DEBBIE says the winter squashes aren’t the best for us, but in moderation it’s okay. MARIE is our resident GI expert, maybe she’ll peek in or someone else will be able to give you more specifics than I can. MELF may know since she’s the squash queen in LA. She gave us an awesome recipe for zucchini squash pizza crust once and I LOVE that! Sweet potatoes are okay in moderation, too.

ROSE - We just had our coldest day this year, so I’m thinking LOTS OF LAYERS may be in order. I may have to throw some sweatpants on over my leather ones, but I definitely want DEBBIE to be able to see me when she crosses that line to get her medal.

JACKIE – There will be TONS of pictures taken at our PAR-TAY! You all will certainly feel like you’re here with us. Maybe we’ll all take turns posting on the board from my house on Friday.

GATORGAL – MMMMmmmmm! You always fix the yummiest sounding food! Glad your DD is getting the help she needs. Quitting smoking is one of the hardest things I think. I can’t imagine doing it on your own. How about taking veggie trays with you? Or cheese and Triscuits? Looking forward to seeing you!

COUNTRY – You’re not lazy! I’M lazy – I took the elevator up to the 2nd floor this morning! Just didn’t feel like the stairs – how bad is that?? BTW, I look at your pics on the board when I need inspiration. You’ve come so far and it’s just wonderfully encouraging!

TONI – I have to LOL reading your post. You say nearly the same things as I do, but in about 1/10th of the space. I guess they don’t call me MOUTH OF THE SOUTH for nuthin’….

VR – I got an e-mail from SPARKLESCAMP aka HELLONWHEELS a while back but I was swamped and told her I’d get back with her and, sadly, haven’t. I sure hope she’s doing well. She’s so strong, I’m sure she is.

TRANQUIL – Keep poppin’ those Vitamin C’s, girlfriend! You’ll need all the strength you can muster for the pillow fight!

ACW – I LOVE the SB for Kids book! It’s much better than the regular one, IMO. That chicken salad with mandarin oranges in the back of the book is AWESOME!!! So quick and easy, too. I bring that for lunch many times.

MONET – That’s a really mean joke! I would have probably had a heart attack and then they’d have had more drugs they’d have to give me. Those doctor scales are always heavier, imo. I AM SAD!! Is there NO WAY you can come??? I was SOOOO looking forward to meeting you!

MELF – You aren’t going to know what to do with all that extra space and quiet in your home, are you?

ZANNE – Way to honestly assess things! I’m sure it’s water and muscle since you’ve been doing everything else right.

OMG!!!! QUILTER!!!!! (((((((HUGS))))))) SOOOOO GOOOD TO SEE YOU!!!! Don’t worry about that starting point, Girlfriend! I’ve taken the weight off my signature ‘cause it’s just too darn depressing. I plan to go by that red streak around my belly at the end of the day for a while. When it disappears I’ll consider jumping on that scale. Just wait til BOB sees you’ve posted!

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Well, it WAS my scale, I am not down that much, I knew it was too good to be true. Fact is I am not dropping hardly at all, my scale says I haven't lost anything this week yet. I usually weigh on Friday morning. I am all discouraged again because I am not cheating at all. What am I doing wrong? My dh is losing still.

Yellow Rose: Thanks for the recipe.

Miata: We have a barbeque place here that does smoked tri tip and it is to die for.

maemae and acw: A belated welcome to you, I am new also, and find this is the way to go, just not having great results to start with. Guess my body is adapting.

Have a physical this morning, glad to have the opportunity to talk to the doc about all this.

Have a great day all.
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Happy WIW

Sure hope the scale has been good to everyone. I realize not everyone has been back OP for a full week yet.

I was down 2 lbs this am. Of course was hoping for more (aren't we always). Never satisfied. I would be happy if I could continue to lose 2 lbs each week.

Gator, I find if I don't have some protein at breakfast, I am starving by 10 am. If I have oatmeal and fruit, I think about food all day. Granted I do put Splenda on it, maybe that is the trigger. Maybe put some meat with the pancakes and see if that helps. On you Sunday gatherings, just tell the people you are on SB and ask them to help you stay OP. That way if you cheat it will be in front of all those who know you shouldn't and it might keep you straight.

Toni, don't be jealous of my numbers, I believe you were lower than me awhile back. You will catch up very soon. We will be neck and neck again. Did you notice in the new book about the sugar grams being raised from 3 to 5? What do you think about it?

VR, No if it were this weekend, I would be a maniac. Heck I am already and we have 4 months to go.

Tranquil, get better girl. This has gone on way to long. That's kids for you, wiat until school starts to get sick.

ACW, remember that pyramid is for kids. OUr stary carbs is 3 not 6-10.

Monet, Sorry to hear about the inflammation. Guess it came from the mono. Man I hate that you don't get to go to Orlando. How disappointing. Feel better. What a mean trick for the Dr to put his foot on the scale. I wouldn't think that was funny.

Melf, good to hear your DD is ready to move. You all will have a ball in Orlando. I'm so jealous.

Zanne, it was good to hear from you. Sounds like you have been very busy. Sorry the scale is up. Hopefully it is water and will come back down quickly. Keep doing what is right and you will see if fall. I bet you do look good. Isn't it a good feeling to like what you see in the mirror. Keep up the good work.

Quilter, Hello. We have missed you. So glad you decided to come back. Hey the wagon is full but there is always room for one more. I sure look forward to seeing you post again.

Deb, Of course we understand when you can't get the computer. Darn kids. You will just have to dedicate your walk to your GA and walk in her memory. It would be what she would want anyway. Hope she is peaceful.

Gracious, it is horrible having to lose those same pounds twice, but we don't learn. I'm sure gonna try this time not to do that. It's not worth it.

Solshine, Heck the board will be dead on Friday with all of you girls partying. Some people can be so narrow minded. I'm glad you stood your ground with that lady.

Hope to see some big losses today.

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GOOD MORNING ALL! What a beautiful day it is! Preschool starts back today! Marshall goes to the part-time preschool run by the church I work at, so I get to spend my lunch break with him. Nothing lifts my spirits quite like a 30 minute toddler-fix in the middle of the day.

Did my weigh-in this morning and I've lost 5 of my 7 "holiday-pounds". Woo-hoo! Feeling good!

I know Friday is funnies day, but thought some of the other ladies might appreciate this one with all the discussions of churches and food...

Three men die and arrive at the gates of heaven. St. Peter greets them there, "Welcome, gentlemen! In order to enter heaven you must present a symbol of your faith."

The first man is Jewish. He steps forward with some Matzo bread. "Here is the unleavened bread that we eat at Passover." He says as he hands it so St. Peter.

"Thank you and welcome," Peter replies as he swings open the gates and allows the man to enter.

The second man then steps forward. "I'm Catholic, so I've brought a rosary that I've used to help guide my prayers."

"Thank you and welcome also," As Peter opens the gates for the second man.

Finally Peter turns to the third and final man. The man steps forward and excitedly says, "I'm a Baptist and I brought a covered dish!"

(Feel free to insert denomination of choice! I'm a Baptist, so it always struck me as perfect!)

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Monet-- I HATE it that you won't be coming.
I really identify with some of the things you write about, and was so looking forward to meeting you.
I, too, take thyroid meds. Synthroid. I've been on it not quite a year but the dr. has had to work to get the dosage right. I'm on .75 mg right now and have a test scheduled in 4 months to see if it is right. I've gradually moved up from .44 mgs. I'm wondering if this thyroid thing is at the base of my weight problems and having difficulty losing. My DH can drop 10 pounds in 2 or 3 months, but I'm lucky if I do a pound a month. I also have to take calcium and meds for that, so it has thrown my pill schedule out of whack. I can't take the calcium when I take the thyroid, so take it at noon and at night now, waiting 4 hours after I take the thyroid. You must have a neat guy for a doctor! Sense of humor, eh?

Jack-K--thanks for the reminder about the protein for breakfast. I bet that is it. I was thinking about food starting about 10:30, and I did not have any protein for breakfast except for the little amount of cottage cheese in the pancakes. Next week I'll eat differently and see if it makes a difference.
Sol, celery and carrot sticks just don't hold their own when compared with snickers bars or other goodies like that. The stuff they have at the clinic for snacks are my absolute weakness. It's like they took a list of the stuff I "die for" and went out and bought it. So, I'm gonna have to rethink how I'm gonna handle this. I have several options: 1. quit the job, 2. voice my problem to the staff, 3. suffer and don't go near the kitchen there, 4. take such a good snack that I will prefer it against my "favorites." It all reminds me of Gollum in the Lord of the Rings movies. Those foods are my "precious."

Mom--Loved your joke. How true!!! There is scripture that says something to the effect that if you are doing something to cause someone else to stumble with what they want to do right (example: eating correctly) you are committing a sin. Even if you are not doing anything illegal or bad, if you cause someone else to do something they know is wrong for them, it is a sin. I think so often Christians don't think about the food issue very much in relation to this principle.

Well, we are getting the new washing machine delivered this morning, and they just called to say it is on its way. So will sign off.

Oh, BTW, ACW, glad you found the website for the GI. I knew many of the foods were brands that were specific for your part of the world. I was unfamiliar with some of them, especially the cereals, so was hoping you would find them familiar.
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Thumbs down WIW

CONFESSION! I went out and bought a new scale this weekend--I really enjoyed the vacation from the monster--but I'm paying for it. I've gained a lot of weight since last summer--I can't even bring myself to tell you how much, but I got away from sensible eating during the campaign and through Christmas. Anyway, I've lost 2 lbs since Saturday. I'll start posting numbers again when I get back to my low--and that will be awhile.

I ate supper early last night (for me) and was through by 7:30. At 11:00 I was about to starve (but didn't eat or drink anything), but when I got up this morning I felt bloated and stuffed. Go figure.

Mom2Marsh, Gracious, and Gator: Glad to hear that I am not the only one that has to deal with the church sweets! Maybe we can hold each other up through the "good intentions" of our church members!

Quilter--good to hear from you! Don't get back on the scale--trust me it is waaaaaay traumatic!

Deb--still think about you and your aunt. She certainly has a strong will to live! Looking forward to hearing from you when you have time to sit down and post!

Monet--your DR sounds positively evil. I'd have to hurt mine if he did that! Sorry you can't make the trip! I know from the tempramental cars. I went to the grocery store the other night and when I came out I had no headlights! I had to drive home with the right beams on (and only had one working then). Got new ones yesterday.

I actually got the the gym yesterday!!!!!!

I'm heading over to the recipe board to post the bread recipe.

I hope everyone has a great Op day!

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Wow the board is really hopping these days. That's great. This will be quick as I'm at work and have so much to do before I leave. Right now I'm on hold with a travel agent booking a cruise for my boss. In addition to my regular duties it seems I'm his personal concierge as well. Oh well. He's really a great guy and this is just one of those little things I do for him that keeps him happy. Boy, I just re-read that and if you took that out of context it wouldn't sound too good, would it.

WIW-Well, I'm still holding my own, but I know a lot of it is water from TOM. I've not been drinking enough water but eating has been good and I've been going to Curves so I'm not going to get discouraged and just keep doing what I've been doing. I made an awesome pork roast last night for dinner with green beans and a roasted sweet potato.

Gotta run. I've got a lot to finish up today before I can leave. These people actually expect me to work. Don't they know I have a trip to get ready for?

Everybody have a great day.

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Woopie I'm doing the happy dance..... I lost 5lbs. this week. Thats the start I needed. I'm on my way gals. Only 3 more holiday lbs. to get off and then on my way down. Ah life is good this morning... We're going to have a beautiful day before the cold front so I'm going to enjoy it...Maybe I'll get over to the campground to walk today even though I just did my treadmill.

Debilli- Aw we'll miss you here at WIW but I'm sure you'll have lots of news next time you post...Prayers for your aunt...

acw- You sound very determined and I wish you good luck. Just take a day at a time and pretty soon it becomes easy and natural..

Monet- I'm so glad your chest pains were the infection and not your heart. That had to be very scarey... I hate you're having so much trouble with your health and hope you get lined out this month. What a stinker that doctor was to put his foot on the scale!!! Heres hopeing the medicine works....So sorry you're not going to make it to Florida with the rest of the girls. Join us "we're so sorry we don't get to go"

Melf- Wow a 12 hour shift, I'm sure you're beat. Yippee for you that the mobile home has gotten there. You're on the way to having your own home back...

Zanne- Sorry your weigh in wasn't that great but maybe next week you'll be in for a big one. Good to see you posting..

The Quilter- Well there you are. Please come back and start posting again. Sure have missed you...

gracious- Hope you're still on the mend. And you're getting some rest..

Solshine- Good for you sticking up for what you believe. I admire that in a person...

sweetbeater- Don't get discouraged.... Thats where a food journal comes in. Have you drank enough water? Is it time for TOM? Are you eating to many starchy carbs.... Hang in there girlfriend and don't give up!!! We all have weeks like this..

Jack-K- Wow 2 lbs. is great.. Yep hopefully I'll catch up with ya.. I sure did notice about the 5grams instead of 3, I guess a person might try that once in awhile and see if they still lose as good. If I have the choice I'll go for the 3 cause I'm scared of changeing the plan...

Mom2Marsh- Way to go gal..... You did soooo good this week. We can do this!!!!!

Gatorgal- Howdy to you....

Fillise- You're posting and thats the good thing and to lose 2 lbs. is wonderful. Bet you keep it up now. Its a great time of year to get it going again. We can do it...

Trishloo- Good for you holding your own, sometimes thats a good thing. Next week you'll have a good drop.

Well I'd better get to making breakfast. Seem to be running late this morning.. Will check back in awhile...

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Thanks for all the good lucks! You guys really are the greatest. Went to the gym yesterday and really worked up a sweat. Got TOM today so I'm not going to the gym..well, maybe I'll get the strength somehow..
Anyway two weeks ago the scale said 157 with my clothes on..two weeks later and butt naked I'm hovering at 150. When TOM ends, maybe I'll even be a little lighter!

Back to the grind!
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Toni, you're really doing great. You Go Girl!

Fellise, sorry to hear that you've been gaining. Now get back to work. You can do it!

I had to go check on dd's trailer. They are there to finish getting the siding & roof done & other things. My db & dbil plan to get the water, sewage & wiring done this week end, so things are looking good. DD is so excited & so are the boys. They are sooo ready to be back in their own home that they went yesterday evening even though it was dark. They brought an extension cord & a lamp, hooked up to the outside box (she still has her electricity hooked up from before) & they vacuumed the carpet. The 3 yo would turn it back on every time she would turn it off cause he wanted to vacuum.

Anyway, let me get back to packing! Also need to wash some clothes & get a few other things done today. Will check back in later!

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Default Good morning!

I am one happy lady today. Being faithful to my eating, water and exercise has paid off. I lost three pounds this week. 156 It's been really helpful to come to the board and know that others are going through the same things with the holiday indescrections. It's also encouraging to see everyone getting back OP and seeing positive results.

VR....thank you.

Sabrina....hey woman! I sure hope you are feeling better today. Tell Wendy howdy. I miss chatting with ya'll.

Monet...I would have freaked if the scales did that to me. Mean...ole funny doctor. I hope you are able to get your car fixed soon.

Melf...horray on your daughter getting her new home. As nice as it is to visit mom I'm sure she will love getting back into routine.

Zanne..hang in there. A week or two back OP and you'll start seeing great results.

Quilter...Welcome back stranger! Sure missed seeing your post.

Sol Shine...thank you. I feel like I went so far and stopped. But not this year. Back OP strict and more decicated thatn the last 8 months or so. Prayerfully I will actually reach goal this year.

Sweetbeater....hang in there. Those scales are not the only way to tell how awesome you are doing...Go by your clothes...your mood...your well you feel. The scales will catch up with all the other great things happening.

Jack-K WTG 2 pounds is great! That adds up to 8-10 pounds a month. Beats the alternatives.

M2M WTG Great loss.

Susan...Hang in there. Now that you have the scales you will be able to keep better tabs on your weight. Two pounds is a great WILL lose those extra pounds.

Trish...I was having the same problem with not enough water. I got myself one of those 16.9 ounce store waters. I make sure I drink at least 4 of them every day...even when I don't feel like drinking. It helps a lot to have them handy.


Gotta scoot. Be blessed and be encouraged. Gain...loss...or staying the same...remember you are still running the are not defeated.


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Hello every one!!!

Yesterday was good,except I ended up eating out with dh late last night, I ate some potatoes that were off plan, didn't plan on it, but I am back on the wagon today...Next time we go out, I will bring an apple with PB and just order coffee. I just got to get him to eat dinner at dinner time.. My dh is a werid eater..He never feels like eting till 11:00 at night...I did end up going back to Curves yesterday to continue where I had left off. I was hoping to get in 2 complete rounds but because of work, I only got in 1 1/2...

Kim:::: You a QUILTER???? So am I!!!! What are your projects now??? I have to do a vegetable block to show my artsy fartsy quilt group since we are doing a quilt called: "Eat your Veggies" I am doing a brocoli, or an eggplant..I am off for the next 2 nights...I also have been doing easy baby quilts for all these kids that are getting born around me...

Trish: Do you like Curves??? Do you go everyday..I can't figure out if that is good or bad, do my muscels need to rest a day between?? I really like going everyday but I kinda miss my other arerobic machines you know like the elcipsor (between a stair stepper and is an awsome machine) . I was thinking about going to the college to there fitness lab to get some more arobic ...To VR: Curves you just start where there is an opening..I think they encourage you do start on aplatform. I have never had to wait to start the program..Also if your Curves is new, the hours will be strange, but as they get new members they are going to realzied they can not fit all the new members at thoes hours. Mine started out just like yours, limited hours. Now they are open from 5:30 am to 7:00 pm...So just hang in there, the hours will change..Ours is also opened on Sat

Is there someone here on SB tht lives near Livinston Texas??? I was trying to go back and look but didn't find what I was looking for..If do, is there a RV park called Escapee's??? My sister is going to move there after she sells her house in SAc. isn't that weird??? I told her I would help her drive her car to Texas, at least that was the plan, but I just realized my job is making me sell back my vacation time to them, isn't that awfuL? they only allow you to keep 56 hours. I am mad, anyway I might not have enough time but I do know one thing, some day I will visit her, esp during Nov when the quilt show is there in Houston, so who every you are..maybe we can meet tsome day..!!

Well better start my day, you know do the housework thing..Got lots of laundry to do..My goal today is to get All my laundry done and put away...

bye now

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I don't have much time...will post to everyone later!

GATOR: I read your post to me with interest. I can not imagine why your doctor is making you wait four months between evaluations for your thyroid. Four weeks is sufficient. What is your TSH? New studies show it should be lower then previously thought...below 3.0. Thyroid problems DEFINITELY contribute to your slow weight loss! Mine is almost non existent due to my thyroid! If you do not see some improvement, you might want to try talking to your doctor about trying Armour Thyroid. It has T4 and T3 in it. For some people, like me, the problem is not the amount of thyroid hormone the thyroid puts out, but converting it from T4 to the active T3. I take a special formulary of T3 in addition to Unithroid, which is similar to Synthroid. If your doctor is not willing to listen, or try a different course of treatment, consider finding another doctor. I went through three before I found mine. And while he may play a mean trick on me, like putting his foot on the scale, I have to say I just love him to death! And I am sure he loves me too. He is willing to listen, try new things, and he likes it when I do research and have ideas on what to try for my care. Everyone with thyroid problems needs a doctor like that. So few really know anything about the thyroid! I am pleased mine does. I also gave him Mary Shomon's book, Living Well With Hypothyroidism, which he read. I get pretty angry at the established medical doctors who are not willing to learn...and think if they throw Synthroid at their patients, that cures them. Keep me posted on what is going on with your treatment. If worse comes to worse, you will just have to come to Atlanta and see my doctor! You two will get along great! If you are Gatorgal, he has to be Gatordoc! He is a BIG Gator fan!
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