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Debelli 11-18-2002 07:19 AM

Sugar Busters Weekly Support Board 11/18-11/24

This is the
where all of you who are following this WOE, or are thinking about doing so, are welcome to come join in and be a part of our wonderful group.

Other than finding support and friendship on this board, we also try to do something during the the week to add a little difference to our board.


Please take some time to check out our extensive recipe boards. Our RECIPE BOARDS can be located at the link below:


We have SEVEN INFORMATIVE BOARDS!!!! Please take a few minutes to visit them! New information is continually being posted, so please make sure you visit them often!!! The boards are listed below as well as the link that will take you to the boards:



We also have a SB WEEKLY EXERCISE BOARD that you can log your daily/weekly exercises on which is located on our weekly support board:


Then there's our latest addition to the SB BOARDS which is called OFF THE EATEN PATH This board is for everything NOT related to SB. You can use this board to post questions or comments on just about anything (okay, within reason). A book you recommend, a cleaning tip, a great website deal, etc. etc. Here's the link:


NEWBIES! (aka new members) If you would like to REPLY to any of our threads, please hit POST REPLY not NEW THREAD, then type your message in and hit SUBMIT REPLY. If you need to edit your reply, just click on edit located in the body of your post and make changes as you need to, then hit SUBMIT NOW.



Debelli 11-18-2002 07:23 AM


Will post my usual morning post sometime later, but wanted to make sure I got our
done early in the morning, so here's my contribution for MM, there's two good ones to read:D



Some of the biggest, most positive and enduring accomplishments are the result of small efforts repeated again and again. There is enormous, nearly unstoppable power in those small efforts when they're focused consistently in the same direction.

Tiny, soft water droplets will eventually wear smooth the hardest of stones. So too will small, positive efforts eventually yield big and valuable results.

Your thoughts and actions in the smallest, most seemingly insignificant moments truly matter. They matter very much more than they would seem. For it is in those small, ordinary moments that extraordinary accomplishments are built. It is in the actual living that a life of distinction, success and fulfillment is achieved.

Though you may only move a few inches at a time, those small steps, taken one after another, will eventually put you miles and miles ahead. See the value and real opportunity in each small moment, because those small moments are indeed what combine to make a big and magnificent life.

-- Ralph Marston


Most of the limitations you experience are largely defined, supported and given energy by your own perceptions. Change those perceptions, genuinely raise your expectations, and the limitations will begin to melt away.

The experience of limitation is only one way, out of many possible ways you have, for relating to a particular situation. You are always free to make another choice, to relate to your circumstances in a more positive, empowering way.

Though one approach may be blocked, it is only one of many possible approaches. Limitations are always finite, yet the number of positive possibilities is unlimited.

Whatever is holding you back is doing so because you have accepted it as something that's holding you back. Imagine what would happen if you accepted, with just as much certainty, the very real possibility of moving forward.

Are you looking at the world through the fog of limitation or are you seeing the bright, shining clarity of your best possibilities? The way you choose to perceive where you are can make a world of difference in where you end up going.

-- Ralph Marston

Have a wonderful day, and a fabulous week!!!!!

SB since 3/22/00
Reached goal 6/10/01

Ellen 11-18-2002 08:53 AM

Good Monday Morning!
I slept like a rock last night...after 3 anyway. I had the electric mattress pad on high, and hubby had put clean sheets on the bed and added a velux blanket in the process. I was all warm and snug. It was hard to get up this morning. Of course, I didn't really need to. I will probably go back after breakfast.

Going to church last night was wonderful. I was right...he wouldn't let me stand during the hymns, and I got a few odd looks. After church, I stayed seated a chatted with a couple people who stopped to say hello. It felt great to be back after four weeks! I came home, ate a snack and got in bed. Today I will sleep and read all day. :angel:

BOB: I am letting you know in advance that I am going to a doctor's appointment tomorrow. Other than that, I will be staying in bed, resting. I hope you slept well last night.

HEART: That was nice that you knew someone up there..I hope Deb can get the picture posted for you. The one of Boogie in the cow costume was awfully cute! :moo:

SEF: I love Scrabble! I have a computer edition of it and play the computer all the time. Of course, it does have a word finder hint thing that makes it pretty easy at times. :s:

I'll be back later! Its time for breakfast! :chef:

linworthlady 11-18-2002 09:13 AM

Hi to everyone. I've been lurking here and decided to introduce myself. I have been doing SB for 10 days. I decided on this WOE for health reasons, it makes so much sense to me. It's been challenging, since I also cook for 2 guys that aren't doing SB. I have very recently relocated to Charleston SC after living my life in Ohio--I have not started working so have some free time to devote to learning SB WOE. I have 3 (almost) grown sons, 2 are away at college.
I guess the most challenging part to me is cutting out the potatoes, pasta, etc. I am so used to eating these starchy foods with meals. I have been hungry a lot too. But it gets easier everyday so I will keep at it. I look forward to chatting with everyone.

Debelli 11-18-2002 10:00 AM

Good Monday Morning Everyone:wave:

What a gorgeous day here in Miami! It's cool, crisp and just a bit breezy. Would be a wonderful day to get out and run, if it weren't for having this f:censored:ing cold! Not that I feel too too bad at this time, but my lack of sleep last night, well, it sure doesn't give me a lot of energy, that's for sure. If anyone looks, they'll see I posted the EXERCISE BOARD around 2:30amish. I went to work on the weekly board and got logged off and couldn't get back on, then ELI came in and said "what the heck are you doing?" and off to bed I went-off to bed, but not to sleep though. Couldn't fall back to bed til 5-something then up again by 6am.

Sooo, today, I'm just lounging at home til I have to go get the kids. Have done a few loads of laundry already and just about ready to go make the bed with nice clean sheets. Started the day out with some chicken soup (canned, of course) that I tried my best to spruce up. I'm going to work on getting in some water, I know I have to be somewhat dehydrated with not only being sick but not drinking much of any liquids this entire past week-not something I'm proud of.

I got LAUREN the cutest bracelet on EBAY for Hanukah. Anyone want to see it, just click on the link. I think it's well worth the money.


If you missed my quick post of the T-shirt I'm thinking about getting ELI that I posted yesterday, check it out at the link below, I think it's hysterical!!!!!


FOR THOSE OF YOU MEETING IN ORLANDO IN JANUARY I will be e-mailing you soon with some details. Until then, if you have any ideas for our Friday night get together, please, let me know via e-mail at [email protected] If there is ANYONE who is thinking about coming, please let me know as well!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!:spin:

MONET, glad to see you got out over the weekend and continue to get better. Scrabble lover here too!

LINWORTH, http://members.aol.com/eldemila/sb_sign2.jpg Glad you've decided to jump on our weekly support board and join us. Really, we don't bite, maybe ***** and moan sometimes, but hey, we're women, we're entitled!!!;) I think SB is challenging for most of us when it comes to cooking. Heck, cooking is challenging for me period! In my house I eat SB, my daughter won't eat anything remotely healthy, my son is lacto-ovo vegetarian and ELI will eat whatever whenever he comes home. Even though I'm epicurian challenged I do have an obsession with cookbooks, well, ones that I could use for SB legal meals, but once again, just cracking those babies open after the initial look at them, well, it just seems Greek to me sometimes. What can I say??? LOL!!!! Remember, you can still eat the potatoes and pasta and rice, you just have to choose the healthier alternatives of it being a sweet potato, ww pasta and brown rice and then have to limit the amounts you eat and not to eat too many starchy carbs. This is just one of the great things about SB, you can still eat those foods but just the healthier counterparts! Don't be afraid to ask questions, we love throwing in our 2 cents when asked!!!

Well, I'm off for now. Going to make the bed and then probably climb back in later, in hopes I will fall asleep for a little bit.

Have a great day, and a wonderful week everyone!


Ellen 11-18-2002 10:53 AM

DEB: That is a really cute bracelet! Laura would love one too! I looked all through that sellers stuff..and not one more to be had! I emailed them to see...thanks for posting the link! The rest of that sellers stuff is really nice...they have some really beautiful necklaces!

Solly 11-18-2002 11:40 AM

I'm Back!!!
And boy did I miss you guys. Our trip was great fun. Very different from what I expected and what I am used to doing for vacation. I'm still rocking though. Hope this doesn't last too long.
Boy is there a lot of food. I did so good with my eating the first 3 days. Basically all the time, but there was just waaay too much of it. Portion control is not something you do on a cruise. The first 3 nights I have fish and veggies and always had SF ice cream for dessert. Stayed away from the breads until the end. They were just too good. I ate some things I have never had, escargot (sp) and it was great! Never thought I would eat and like snails. Lobster (didn't like it). Eggplant. Sorry Deb, didn't like it either. Never made it to the midnight buffets. Always too full. Dinners were 5-6 course meals. I did have about 3 pieces of pizza and a lot of pina coladas. The seas were pretty rough, could feel the boat swaying but neer got sick. Maybe I should have. LOL. Couldn't get into the shopping too much. I have trouble parting with my money. Went to the nude beach one day. DH loved that,:o All in all it was a great time. Glad to be home and back in the routine. I wasn't going to weigh until WIW. But I thought I needed that shock to get me back on track today and a shock it was! 10 lbs up. I really thought I was watching it pretty good. We worked out everyday we were at sea and got our 3 miles walk in every day. It just goes to show you that it can come back very quickly.

I'm hoping that this gain won't last long and I think it will be great incentive for me to stay 100% OP during the holidays. I was worried about it, but I think I will be better now that I can see how fast I can put it back on.

Can't go back and read last weeks posts so if I have missed anything that I should know, someone fill me in.

Deb, Sorry you have been sick. Man was it cold when we got to Ft Lauderdale yesterday. We were at the airport for 4 hours, wished I had your number to call you and at least chat.

Monet, glad you finally got out of the house for awhile and are feeling better. Don't push yourself too hard.

My desk is covered today:( I'll try to get back on later.

It sure is good to be back on here again and back on track with my eating today. I am starving already and didn't have any food in the house so I am drinking water, water, water today.


aleka 11-18-2002 12:45 PM

Good morning everyone,
We had a good ole Nor'Easter over the weekend. We were very lucky, as we didn't get the ice a lot of people got. Some people will be without power until Wed., so they say. Our's didn't even hiccup.:lucky:

Jack-K, it sounds like you had a lot of fun on your cruise. Where did you cruise to? I'm rather new to the boards and I have missed a lot of posts.

Deb, sorry you aren't feeling well. Hope your cold is better soon.
I liked the T/shirt. What a cute bracelet. She will love it.

I hope you all have a great day.


GloryIBe 11-18-2002 01:04 PM

Good Morning Ladies, :)

It's so good to be back on I feel like I've been in hibernation, and boy was it a big black hole. Don't fall in it's slippery trying to get out;)

Linworthlady: Welcome it's nice to have you on the board, I've just come back myself and these ladies are wonderful. There a great help and a joy to get to know. We all need the suport from time to time. Some of us more that eithers (thats me:o )

Deb: Wow I love the bracelet, I'm sure that Lauren will be in love with it. I also liked the Shirt for Eli, that's cool. I'm sorry your not feeling good. Hope the chicken soup helps. I'm so glad to be back. I hated gaining that weight back, but I still have the 70lbs off. It's just that I made so much progress and now I have to do it all over again. :( I can't believe I allowed that to happen to myself.

Well I guess I best run and fix some eggs for breakfast. Have a nice day everyone,

OOPS: I almost forgot thanks for the Welcome Back BOB and for remembering me, it's so nice of you.

Love to all Glory

SolShine 11-18-2002 01:05 PM

SOMEONE keeps sending me SPAM about some stupid song called "ROCKY TOP" - who could that be?!?!? I think this person musta gone in a neutered all my bulldawgs in August just so they could BRAG this week-end. :devil:

ALEKA - There's a picture on Yahoo's most e-mailed content of the snow and ice up there. I'm glad you still have your power. We were without power once for a whole week and had to rotate shifts putting logs on the fire. Camping in the living room with your whole family gets old after one day.

JACKIE - Dontcha love those cruises? We took a nap one day just so we could get up to go to the midnight buffet. It was absolutely gorgeous those ice sculptures and the chocolate fancies....oooohhhhh.....I could gain 10 lbs just thinking about those!

MONET - I sure hope you feel better soon! I'd love to stay in bed for 4 weeks, but because I WANT to and not because I HAVE to! :D

DEBBIE - The bracelet is awesome!! Lauren is going to love that! I like Eli's t-shirt too. FRIDAY - Can we do something at my house?!? Everyone has to see the new house and meet Vixen! Remember we talked about doing something when we agreed to all sign up for the marathon and meet again in O-town! YOU PROMISED!!!

LINWORTHLADY - WELCOME!! I've actually been mia for a while but it's not my fault - it's those stupid Germans who invented SAP! (Not all Germans are stupid, just the ones who programmed SAP) Anyway, you're in a great place for support and ideas!!

That was my baby gurl posted on my last post and my avatar if it's working. I figure she's cuter than those castrated bulldawgs o'mine. I have lots more pictures if anyone wants to see them. ;) We had our first "conformation" beauty pagent this week-end. She came in 2nd!! (out of 2 dogs) :lol: We had lots of fun, though, and didn't expect to win. Just lots of learning for when we start turning up the heat on the rest of the border terriers in the ring. It was good for wearing her out and a tired puppy is always a good puppy. :)

Gotta run the Network **** will be along shortly.

Fillise 11-18-2002 01:26 PM

Monday, Monday
It is a gorgeous Monday here, but sad. I just got a call that a member of my church died unexpectedly this morning. He was in church yesterday and looked well--so I guess you never really know.

It's cold here today and this weekend--was miserable at the game on Saturday--and not just because Auburn lost in an increadibly STUPID fashion. It was cold and wet and we only made it until halftime--and came home and watched the second half in my warm living room.

BOB--do me a favor--don't root for Auburn anymore. I have noticed that whenever you root for my team--we lose! I have two words I want to you repeat all week--like a mantra--Go Bama--Go Bama. Put the jinx on them for a change.

Beth--I've sent you an email, I will be arriving in Huntsville late tomorrow afternoon or early in the evening. If you will send me your phone #, I 'll call you and see if we can get together!

Monet--Sounds like you are slowly getting your strength back! I hope you weren't out in that awful weather we had this weekend. Ick!

Aleka--Thanks for telling me the history of your name--it is beautiful! Miss Belle is a cat. She came to me as a baby a little over a year ago and has enriched my life greatly! She will be making her first road trip when we go to NC for Thanksgiving next week. She is black with yellow eyes--hence my avatar.

OK--I have to get back to work. I hope everyone has a great week. My eating seems to be getting back on track and I am starting to feel "clean" again! It's a good feeling.


YellowRose 11-18-2002 02:03 PM


Thank all of you for the kind works and thoughts...you really made me feel special. I am slowly coming out of my blues and also getting my strength back a little. At least I am spending less time in bed and taking fewer pain pills.

Zanne: Thank you for your nice words/

Music Teach: You are right that we are very fortunate in the scheme of things. I will be happy when we are even luckier and things get boring around here.

Monet: I do appreciate the prayers, we have needed them. I have been seeing posts about you needing to be in bed. I am sorry that I was not able to go back and find out why. Do you mind repeating the information?

BOB: My goodness! Congrats on the major weight loss! We have been back in Texas since Nov. 4th and will be here until next spring. It is fun to be able to see two fall color changes in one year.

Gracious: Yes, we are all glad that the injuries were not even worse which they could have easily have been. Please keep us up to date about the tests. You know we are pulling for you.

Beth: After being in the hospital just three days, I can see how one can quickly lose their modesty but I agree....sheese!

Fillise: Thank you also for your concern for me. On the subject of traveling with cats....We take our cats back and forth to North Carolina and they do just fine. The vet said not to feed them or give them water the night before the trip and not to let them out of the crate until you are safely in the hotel room. I take a litter box and litter with me and have it made up before I let them out and they do great. If, on occasion they get unsettled, we put a light cloth over the crate and that seems to make them happy. We did not start traveling with them until they were in their teens(14 and 15 years old now) and we have not had any problems
with accidents, etc. Good luck with your trip.

Cherylco: Thank you for the good thoughts and wishes.

Debbie: The accident was near Asheville. We were just going along happily enjoying the fall color. Things will be okay again...soon, I hope. All this shopping talk is making me think I need to get busy and think about Christmas shopping. I hope my family will take pity on me and not expect too much this year. Maybe catalogues will be my best friend this time.

CountryMom: The accident was very scarry. Now, we will need to drive through Houston toGalveston next Monday to visit my daughter and her husband for Thanksgiving. I hope my poor husband is a very tolerant mood since I am an absolute basket case in the car these days.

Tranquil: The doctor says is may be 3 to 4 mounts before the collar bone is healed. I went to the health store and bought some products that are suppose to be helpful in speeding up the process.

Serene: A new job with someone you know.....sounds great!

Jack-K: I stayed on program while in the hospital from the car accident and gained 7 pounds. I was most miffed but it has already disappeared and I hope the same thing happens to the pounds that showed up on the scale for you. I am glad the cruise was fun.

Linworthlady: Welcome! We live part of the year in North Carolina and have had a few occasions to visit Charleston. If it is as wonderful to live there as it is to visit, you are a very blessed lady.

Bye for now,

linworthlady 11-18-2002 02:34 PM

Thanks for the welcome everyone.
Debbie-I don't know how you can exist on so little sleep. I hope you got a nap today. Thanks for all the time you spend with this board.
Solshine-Your dog is a cutie. I have a 9 y.o. beagle named Grace--she is loved and spoiled by the whole family.
Jackie-The cruise sounds so wonderful. I've never been on one but now some of them leave out of Charleston. Wish I had the $$ to hop on one of the big boats.
Yellowrose/Lyn-Your weight loss is phenomenal! I hope you feel much better after the accident. It all sounds very scary and I'm glad you were not hurt worse. Where do you stay in NC?
Filise-Sorry to hear about your friend. We are huge Buckeye fans and I am excited/worried about our last game on Saturday. We'll be watching it at a sports bar with the Lowcountry Alumni Club.
Thanks to everyone I missed for the welcome and I look forward to learning from you.
Linworthlady's poll: Is it OK to eat an egg everyday?

Solly 11-18-2002 03:13 PM

Boy I go away and all sorts of "oldies" return to the board. How nice to hear from all of you again.

Looks like I have missed out. Guess I'm going to have to try to skim the board from last week to find out what's going on.

Linworthlady- Welcome to our board. This is a great place for support and friendship. I know I sure couldn't do this w/o these people. I look forward to getting to know you.

Aleka, Welcome. I guess you came on board while I was away. We were crusing the EAstern Caribbean, St. Thomas, St. Maaran, San Juan & the Bahamas.

GloryIBe, Welcome back. It is good to hear from you again. We all know where to come don't we?

Solshine. Glad you are posting again. Your puppy is adorable.

Fillise, I think all our SEC teams are doing stupid things. I sure wouldn't want to sit in the cold and rain to watch that either. Maybe next week. Sorry about your friend from church. You're right, we just never know.

YellowRose, First, it is so nice to hear from you again. I take it you have been in some sort of car accident and hospitalized. Hope nothing too serious. Anyone else hurt?

Gracious, What tests? Hope nothing serious. Fill me in please.


257/164??/145 I'm not changing it until I get back there.

gracious 11-18-2002 03:23 PM

Just popping on to say that I have reverted back from all my crazy eating schemes to SugarBusters! I had planned on switching back once I got to goal but I keep falling off the wagon by eating so freaky. Even I can't eat *just* protein for 2 weeks and not have a response of some kind...a carb response that is! So here we go, I know this is best but I just needed to be reminded that slow and steady wins the race.

DEBELLI- I finally tried those Chinese Pears and they are simply delicious! They taste like a cross between an apple and a pear and are so sweet, almost candy-like.

MONET- Glad to hear you are doing better and even got out to church. I am sure that enouraged your heart to be with God's people!

YELLOWROSE- I read your message there and now I can't remember what tests you are referring to! I understand about your being scared in the car still. Nearly 2 years ago I had a man run a red light and turn my mini-van over with me and my 2 boys inside. We were all hanging upside down and they were crying and so terrified. I was nervous being in the car after that for quite awhile...not afraid of my own driving but everyone elses!

LINWORTHLADY- Welcome to the board! This is an awesome place and helps keep you on plan with the support.

FILLISE- You are so right, we never know when our time is up here. I think people should really take that fact to heart and consider if they are truly ready to die or not, spiritually speaking. Very sobering indeed.

JACK-K- Welcome back! Glad you had such a great time. Tose 10 lbs will be gone soon enough, at least you enjoyed yourself and made an attempt to eat well. So you went nude on the nude beach too or what?! :eek:

Gotta run. Making pajamas for my littlest son and I have to cut that pattern out before dinner.

Ellen 11-18-2002 03:32 PM

LINWORTHLADY: I hope it is ok to eat an egg everyday! I usually eat two or three! I have read it is not the cholesterol you eat, but what you make that makes your cholesterol high. I use only organic, or cage free hen eggs. Like Egglands Best. The Omega 6 fatty acids are lower in them, and the Omega 3's are higher...so they are much healthier.

YELLOW: I was diagnosed with Mono and in the hospital for two days 3 weeks ago. They told me then I had to totally veg for six weeks. I have three more weeks to go, and it was fun at first, but I am beginning to feel bored! A ruptured spleen is a complication they worry about with mono, which is why they said six weeks. I am cheating just a bit on that, but :sssh: ! Don't tell BOB!

JACK: Good to have you back! You were missed! Those ten pounds are probably mostly water and will drop off fast I bet! Especially with all that walking! :dancer:

FILLISE: Out in the weather? I was out, but my husband is such a jailer! He wouldn't let me walk from the car to the door anywhere we went! He had to drop me off then park. I did manage to walk to the car in the parking lot but we had to argue a bit about it. I don't want to end up weak after all this rest! I am sure the walking did not hurt me. Don't you think? Give Miss Belle a pet from me.

SOL: Your puppy is awfully cute!

GLORY: Good to have you back!

ALEKA: Glad you still have power! We had a tornado here a few years back and were without power for five days! No fun! And that was in spring! It was cool tho, and we had to use the gas log fireplaces to keep warm! Stay snug!

Beth2374 11-18-2002 04:12 PM

I feel like crap. My allergies are going crazy and my sinuses are all stopped up and I seem to have lost my voice... UGH. I hate this time of year. I get to go to work tonight and hope the officers can hear my sign language over the radio :devil:

Fillise - I really really really wanna see you tomorrow evening, but if I'm not doing any better, I won't be able to wake up...LOL. I'm not contagious... it's all allergies, but I'm on antihistamines that make me soooooo sleepy. Maybe I'll sleep it all off today and tomorrow :)

OK... confession... I ate pizza last night for dinner cause I was too icky and tired to get out of bed and fix anything, and that's what everyone else was having... so they brought me some. Just 2 slices though... then I went back to sleep.
I can't taste anything cause my nose is stuffy... so I told them they could eat the pizza and I'd just eat the box... everything that goes in my mouth tastes like cardboard anyway :(

Well... I'm going back to bed... Gotta get all this antihistamine outta my system before going to work the Midnight-8am shift!! Can't be falling asleep on the job, tho I'm not quite sure they'll know the difference tonite since I can barely speak anyway..LOL!!

See Y'all Later!!! :wave:

Trishaloo 11-18-2002 04:50 PM

Boy is it a Monday or what!
Well, our football teams had a crummy week-end. Our High School football team lost on Friday night and the Horns lost on Saturday! In both cases, I think the defenses just forgot to show up. It was awful! At least the Longhorn basketball team played on Friday also and from what I hear, looked great.

My son's birthday is a week from today and have I planned anything? No, of course not. It has completely snuck up on me and I'm not the least bit excited about spending 2 hours with a bunch of 11 year old boys. Finally called the local ice skating rink and begged for a spot. Ya hoo, all we have to do is send out the invites and show up. They do everything else. It's a little pricey, but this year will be worth it.

We went to dinner Saturday night and I ate pretty good, but drank wayyyy too much wine. Don't have any excuses, but I did enjoy myself.

We had to buy 2 new tires for Jordan's truck this week-end. He had a flat and the tire looked like someone had stuck a knife in the side of it. Worst part is it was sitting in our driveway all afternoon. I kidded his girlfriend and asked her if her old boyfriend was in town. She said he wouldn't have the nerve to try something like that.

Linworthlady - Welcome!! We're going to have to shorten that name, though. Can I just call you LW for short?

Jackie - Welcome back, girl! Don't look now, but those pina coladas might have been the problem, hmmm. Funny how we forget to count those as food!!! Sounds like you had a great time. I saw on a cruise board that a group from the Majesty of the Seas got stuck on the private island overnight due to weather. The tenders couldn't get back to the ship due to the swells. They ended up getting all their money back on their cruise plus a free 4 day cruise later on.

Glory - Welcome back!!

Lyn - Hope you're starting to feel better.

Music Teach - How did your football team do Friday night in the playoffs. We're done for the year. It's always sad that the last game has to be a loss when you're in the playoffs unless you go all the way.

BOB - What no movie reviews this week-end? Did you watch Survivor last week? I can't believe they got rid of the cutie cop from NYC.

Serene - Good luck with the new job!

Beth - Hope you're feeling better soon. Gosh those allergies are awful aren't they.

Monet - Get back to bed or I'm telling BOB.

I know I missed some of you. Everybody have a great rest of the day.


music teach 11-18-2002 05:14 PM

Hi y'all. Had a bad weekend eating wise and haven't done too well today.:eek: Had a hectic weekend, but didn't get anything accomplished. Can't figure that out.

TRISH: We lost too.:cry: It was close tho. 18-13. We didn't go to the game It was too windy and cold for the kids and the game didn't start till 8 p.m. :yikes:Bummer about Jordan's tires. Does sound kind of strange.

Solly 11-18-2002 05:23 PM

Well I just couldn't stand it. I had to go back and scan all last weeks posts. I'm just so nosey.

So far so good today. Totally 100% OP. Threw some chicken breasts in the crockpot before I left this morning with a can of chicken soup. The old cupboard is totally bare. So at least I am prepared. Going to change clothes and head out for my walk. Back to the old routine. It feels so good.

Boy I am starving today. See what happens. Why can't I learn. Just hope I'm so busy tonite that I can keep from snacking. Not going to buy any sf ice cream or anything until I get this extra wt. off. See if I do that again.

See you gals tomorrow. Have a great night.


heartmom 11-18-2002 07:27 PM

Trying again..

heartmom 11-18-2002 07:31 PM

Okay, that was Ashley the Great Pumpkin- a little blurry, but better. Now I will attempt to redo the one of Monique, Jason, Boogie, and myself(red hair)...geez is won't work- okay let me try another..

heartmom 11-18-2002 07:34 PM

That one was okay- that was Boogie(hat) and Jason at the Children's Zoo inside of the Philly Zoo. This one will be of Boogie recovering in the hospital and giving his opinion of the food..

heartmom 11-18-2002 07:36 PM

Last time and then I give up!

THE BIG ORANGE BABE 11-18-2002 07:58 PM


Brrrrrrrrrrrr....it's just a bit nipple over here...I've had my heat on since last night..It was in the 40's this morning! :eek:

Is that better SUSAN????? You don't know what it does to a TENNESSEE FAN to day those words!!!!
Belle will do just fine with you on your trip...better bundle up, it will be FREEZING IN THOSE MOUNTAINS!!!!

JACKIE....NO SHOPPING IN ST THOMAS?????? WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH YOU GIRL!!! You were in the shopper capital of the world!
GLad you're back and so glad you had a good time! I'm betting that most of that weight gain is water weight! I swell up like a big TOAD every time I go...once I get back to my regular water and my OWN seasoning, it all goes away!

MONET....Grrrrrrrrrrrrr I'm watching!!!

TRISH...I don't know who I want to win now!! I guess I'll go for Jan...she's local, but I don't know how long she can last!

BETH...feel better...I know what you're going thru...

GRACIOUS...Is there no end to your talents????

LIN...WELCOME...I love Charleston...I can get lost shopping at the MARKET easier than anyone I know...

LYN...glad you're feeling better..just take it easy and don't jump any hurdles for a while!

Love the FUR BABY...can't wait to love a cuddle in person...

DEB...great bracelet...Lauren will love that..Did you see my message from yesterday to tell ELI???

I'm off to eat some dinner...my VEGGIE SOUP turned out GREAT!!!
That's probably what I'll have tonight!


linworthlady 11-18-2002 10:16 PM

BOB- What kind of vegetable soup did you make? Is it a SB recipe? Are you originally from TN?--my dh is from Bristol.
You all can call me Lin if that won't get mixed up with Lyn. Linworthlady is just way too long.
I was starved and dragging at 3:00 today--not enough protein for lunch and breakfast. I made some tuna salad and had it with 7 triscuits. So I had Uncle Sam's, 1-2 oz WW spaghetti, and the triscuits all today. I think it is too many starchy carbs, but I was so hungry this afternoon.
Jackie-the chicken sounds good--I hate that starving feeling too. But it sounds like you are fightin it good.
Monet-thanks for your advice about the eggs. I'll have to look for Egglands.

Ellen 11-18-2002 11:24 PM

Monet feels like a beached whale tonight...I ate too much at dinner, and then it started talking back really bad... So I feel bloated, and gassy and all that miserable stuff. The dinner was good...Mexican meat in ww tortillas with lettuce, tomato, lite cheese, sour cream...and beans. Next time, will half my portions. Don't see how I can sleep feeling like this.

BOB: I was an angel today! Stayed in bed all day! Please don't growl at me! I did help my daughter bake a cake tonight, but when I found out she had not greased and floured the pan properly and the cake stuck, and I started grumbling under my breath, she sent me back to bed and said she could finish it herself. I think she is eating the one that stuck the worst and using the other one alone! Silly girl!

HEART: Great pix!

Ok...hubby is telling me it is time for bed! Nightie night everyone!


Fillise 11-19-2002 01:06 AM

We have a Governor!!!!!!!
After 13 days finally the concession speech! The election is--at long last--OVER!:cb: :bravo: :dance:

I went out and had margauritas to celebrate. We really need to come up with the SF version that that little drinky poo. Tequila is made from agave after all!:o

And to show you just really never EVER know. I told you about the death of one of our church members this morning. This afternoon, one of my good friends from church gave birth to a sweet baby girl. So the great circle of life continues--and there is a lot of comfort in that.

BOB--I appreciate the sacrifice! Keep repeating the mantra! Belle and I will not be in the mountains--we are headed for the beach! She will be fine once she gets used to the car.

Heartmom--cute pictures! I'm glad you posted them!

Beth--I hope you are feeling better. I'll call you tomorrow afternoon to see how you are doing!

Yellowrose--thanks for the travel tips. I thought I'd read somewhere about taking up the food and water before the trip. I'll certainly do that. Belle has a brand new crate--her favorite pad to go into the crate and some toys. I also have a travel litter box, so I think we are ready to go!

Linworthlady--welcome to the board! I love Charleston! And she-crab soup is SB legal! YUM! That's my favorite!

OK got to go to bed--long drive tomorrow.

nighty nite.


cherylco 11-19-2002 01:09 AM

Welcome to the board!
It is absolutely amazing how potatoes are a major part of every meal.
It does take some getting used to. I just replace the potato with a salad or veggie.
Once you get used to it it's great.

Something is trying real hard to get me the past few days. I have a sore throat and am tired. I dislike illness intensely *sigh*
Because I take pills to keep my immune system lowered, the second I sneeze funny I have to start antibiotics, which my stomach hates and usually causes a yeast infection :P

Welcome back!

SolShine 11-19-2002 07:00 AM

It's dark and early in O-town and I'm here early to get some work done, but what am I doing? Catching up with you all! I'll be quick…

FILLISE - I'm sorry to hear about your friend at church and glad to hear about your other friend's baby. How sweet! I think BOB has been rooting for the MSU Bulldawgs all season! Have fun on your trip! I hope you get to meet Beth!

ROSE - Ouch! A broken collar bone? My goodness. I am glad that you and your family are alright. I'm sure your husband will totally understand your being a little jumpy in the car. I hope that trip is uneventful for you.

LINWORTH - Beagles are the coolest! One of my friend's beagles is Baily Beagle and I think that's the cutest name. My wonderful hubby fixes my b'fast every morning and I have 4 egg whites (omelette, scrambled or fried), sometimes cheese, 1/3 cup oatmeal (long cook variety) and coffee. On the week-ends we throw some yolks in there or make legal French toast.

JACKIE - My parents went on a cruise very similar to yours and they, too, visited the nude beach. My mom's impression was that some people just didn't need to be going to nude beaches and those were the people at the beach the day they went. :lol:

GRACIOUS - I can't imagine not eating carbs. I mean, I love my protein, but I gotta have my carbs! Your car crash sounds horrible. I hate to see aggressive drivers on the road and stay as far away from them as possible.

BETH - My allergies are really bad right now too. I'm trying Clarinex this go round. At night I usually take an Actifed and that helps - at least, Vince says it does since he can't sleep when I'm snoring. I hope you stayed awake!

TRISHALOO - Stuck on a private island? That doesn't sound too bad to me - unless they didn't have shelter or accommodations. Amazing how those drinks add up, isn't it? They get me every time. I always hate the end of the season. You work so hard all year and it just seems anticlimactic. Now, this year, I can't wait for MSU's season to be over…

HEARTMOM - Good pictures! Thanks for sharing.

BOB - Bought some Wiley's seasoning this week-end. Will it work even if I don't have a pressure cooker? I KNOW - what's a southern woman doing without a pressure cooker?!? I've got the iron skillet - seasoned and all - bundt pan for sticky buns and wooden spoon for ice tea, but NO pressure cooker.

LIN - When I first started out I found it easier to concentrate on the things I could eat and not worry about portions. Once I got the hang of what's legal and what's not and what to substitute to not feel like I'm giving anything up THEN I started working on the portion control. If you're hungry all the time you might not be eating enough - really! I'd hate to see you get discouraged so early. This really is a great way of eating.

CHERYL - I hate them yeast infections. Last time I got antibiotics the Dr. went ahead and wrote a script for a one pill treatment for the infection we both knew I would get. Why do you take medicine to lower your immune system? I hope you're feeling better soon.

gracious 11-19-2002 08:49 AM

New day and so much to do! I had a good SB day yesterday and really enjoyed eating my fruit and I think I did pretty well considering there is slim pickings in the house right now. I am going to post my menu because it has been a long time since I have truly followed SB properly. Comments are welcome. On a good note, I am down 2 lbs from yesterday mornings weigh in so that is encouraging! Immediate results...we all gotta love that!

Breakfast: coffee with cream, chinese pear

Lunch: 1/2 WW pita with tuna made with a bit of mayo

Dinner: 2 baked chicken legs, peas & carrots, 2/3 cup brown basmati rice ( more than I should have but it is so yummy) and a piece of left over roast beef from Sunday's dinner.

Evening Snack: 1 apple, diet pepsi

Water: I was low on water cause I was so busy sewing and I don't like having drinks near my patterns and material but I managed to get in 2.5 litres ( 10 cups)

SOLSHINE-Eating no carbs is crazy but I tend to do crazy things when trying to lose weight. I should know better but I still do it. SB is the best though and I always revert back to it. That car accident was an older man not watching and he went straight through the red light..meanwhile I was turning left on an advance green...just silliness but we were thankful that the kids weren't hurt!

CHERYLCO- Here is to hoping you don't succumb to that illness. Being sick is just terrible and that is usually when we appreciate our health the most! I am with you on those antibiotics and yeast infections. Whenever I take them I get a yeast infection too and I do everything possible to try and avoid them because of it. Nasty things, those yeast infections.

FILLISE- Glad things are settled down for you now politically. Now you and Miss Belle can enjoy each other more!

MONET- Your mexican food sounds yummy. I love making and eating tacos at home, the problem is portion control when I eat it!

BOB- A bit *nipple* or a bit *nippy*? :lol: I don't know about my talents but I sure do love to learn new things all the time.

HEARTMOM- Great pics, thanks for posting them.

JACK-K- You are 164 now with that 10 lbs gain? That is still awesome! I didn't realize you had gotten down to 154 before you left. That is my goal weight so I am surprised I missed seeing that. I am sure it will be a quick loss for you. A few days on plan and you will see a few pounds loss immediately!

MUSICTEACH- Hop back on the wagon girl!

TRISHALOO- Sounds like a great birthday party for 11 year old boys! Better at the arena than in your house!

Okay, I am off to finish those pajamas up. I had cut it all out yesterday and managed to make the pj's bottoms. Today I will make the top and it will be done! The thing about me getting into this sewing is that the other things around the house seem to suffer. I have to learn to manage my time so everything gets done and I can still sew. Ciao.

Debelli 11-19-2002 09:05 AM

Good Tuesday Morning Everyone:wave:

A very quick quickie just to say good morning and to tell you all that I will be working on a post later as I lounge my tired and sick butt out on the couch. Still sick, which sucks!

A reminder:


Here's the link to the chat room that Suzanne made for us last week. Just tested it out and easy to get in there, just remember, it takes a minute or so to load, so be patient.


Later guys!


Debelli 11-19-2002 09:23 AM

If anyone is looking for a unique t-shirt idea for Xmas, I found a site that will customize a T-shirt really inexpensively. I've been looking for a DRAMA QUEEN T-SHIRT for Lauren and only found 1 site with having one that I liked, but may think about making one up from this other site:


Thought it seemed pretty reasonable-any thoughts?


Ellen 11-19-2002 11:46 AM

Tuesday Morning...
I slept ok once I went to bed. My system has decided it does not like Mexican I guess...or maybe just in that quantity! :lol:

I tried to sleep in, but I just can't do that! I wake up at 7, (would be 6, but I have been sick since the time changed! ) and I just can't go back to sleep.

I have a doctor's appointment today..and I am anxious to see what he says. I am hoping he will shorten the remaining three weeks of his original orders, but knowing him, he won't!

GRACIOUS: Want to make me some jammies too? I have been spending so much time in mine, I am sick of them! I need a new pair...something fun. Just make sure they are flannel! :)

FILLISE: Have a good trip! Glad the election if finally settled, and you have a governor!

SOL: Why work when you can read the board? :lol:

LIN: When I first started SB, I ate whatever I needed to keep from being hungry, but that was on program. Don't worry...three starches a day is not bad. After you get used to SB, if you are not losing, then you can tweek it! Don't you love triscuits? I love the rye ones!

JACK: Good for you staying on program!

CHERYL: I saw where you said you had a sore throat and are tired....I sure hope I didn't give you mono! Feel better!

MUSIC: I have weekends like that all the time! I feel exhausted, but it seems nothing got done! :shrug: Hop on the wagon! See all the hands reaching out to help pull you up? :balloons:

Here is my little friend, to wave his magic wand and make everyone lose a pound by tomorrow morning! :wizard:

Solly 11-19-2002 12:05 PM

Happy Tuesday Gang :wave:

I am happy to report that I am back on track 100% and lost 3 of those nasty 10 lbs today. Hopefully the rest will drop off as quickly.

On a more sad note, we received a phone call late last night from my DH's SIL (which we haven't heard from in 15 years), that his brother had committed suicide. He had led a sad life, an alcoholic, hasn't worked in 20 years, terrible marriage, etc. Even though my DH and he had not spoken in 15 years it is still his brother and last living relative. So this will be a very awkward situation. We have to go over there tonight. My stomach is already upset from thinking about it. But I will go with him as support.

On to catch up:

Heartmom. The pics are precious. I love your beautiful red hair. You are so pretty.

Bob, give us the recipe for that soup. DH said last nite he wants to make some. The last time, my base didn't taste right. What do you use?

Linworth, It's better to eat more carbs than something illegal if you are hungry.

Monet, I hate that feeling. I had it for a whole week :lol:. I'm glad I'm back to eating normal.

Fillise, I made SB maragritas. They were great. I used lime juice, crystal light (not diluted very much) and tequilla. Pretty tasty. The next time I added frozen strawberries. Even better. Have a great trip.

Cherylco, Hope you are feeling better. Stock up on some oj and vitamin c. Maybe that will keep it at bay.

Solshine, I didn't "see" anyone on the nude beach that needed to be nude. :lol:

Gracious, Your menu looks good except you probably should be eating more. Add some salad or veggies. Your breakfast wouldn't hold me long. No, I was at 174 after my 10 lb gain, but I'm not posting that. I wish I had gotten down to 154. One day though. Today is better I have lost 3 of the 10.

Monet, Good luck at the Dr's today. I hope he gives you a little leeway (sp).

Have a great day, be back later.


Solly 11-19-2002 01:00 PM

Deb or any other Florida Gals

My friend is coming to Tampa on Friday and said she would bring me some things from Publix. What do they have that I can get?
Do they carry Nature's Own ww buns? How about a ww english muffin? any ideas.



heartmom 11-19-2002 02:06 PM

Jack-K thanks for the compliment!

Are pretzels legal? And I bought some whole wheat blend elbow macaroni that is made of semolina, whole wheat, and wheat germ. I tried it last week with my spaghetti, and it's really good- so is it legal? It has a lot of carbs-42 grams- but under 3 grams sugar. A serving is 1/2 cup dry.

When everyone posts their menus, I feel like such a piggy! I eat a good bit compared to some of you! For breakfast I had 2 oranges and sf yogurt. For lunch I plan on having a good sized salad with Ranch dressing and a bowl of leftover beans/peas mixed. Supper will be spaghetti and salad. One thing that I think has held me up is that I'm a cheese addict! I quit buying chocolate and started buying cheese,lol.

sef 11-19-2002 02:28 PM

I missed MM. Here's my food for thought:

Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully.

Marry a man/woman you love to talk to. As you get older, their conversational skills will be as important as any other.

Don't believe all you hear, spend all you have or sleep all you want.

When you say, "I love you", mean it.

When you say, "I'm sorry", look the person in the eye.

Be engaged at least six months before you get married.

Believe in love at first sight.

Never laugh at anyone's dreams. People who
don't have dreams don't have much.

Love deeply and passionately. You might get hurt
but it's the only way to live life completely.

In disagreements, fight fairly. Please No name calling.

Don't judge people by their relatives.

Talk slowly but think quickly.

When someone asks you a question you don't want
to answer, smile and ask, "Why do you want to know?"

Remember that great love and great achievements involve great risk.

Say "bless you" when you hear someone sneeze.

When you lose, don't lose the lesson.

Remember the three R's:
Respect for self;
Respect for others;
Responsibility for all your actions.

Don't let a little dispute injure a great friendship.

When you realize you've made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it.

Smile when picking up the phone. The caller will hear it in your voice.

Spend some time alone.


gracious 11-19-2002 02:46 PM

MONET- I have only to put the buttons on my son's pj's and they look really good. They are infact flannel...with little space bears on them and stars and moons that glow in the dark! Somehow I think you would want a different print on the flannel. ;)

JACK-K- Normally I would have more veggies and salad but I don't have much in the house now so I was going with what I have. Can't wait til I can go shopping for some good food! Way to go on that 3 lbs...you will be back to 164 before know it. Sorry to hear about your brother in law. It will certainly be awkward but it is so good of you to go and support your hubby.

SEF- Good MM!

HEARTMOM- Don't feel like a piggy..see my comment to Jack-K about my food supply. I would eat more if I had it on hand!!

sef 11-19-2002 03:13 PM

HiedieHo All!!

MONET: I adore Scrabble. Where did you get the computer version? Is it a special game disc? I love words, that's why I likle Crossword puzzles too. I don't like the books of them that have "EASY" in the title! Keep resting!

LIN: Welcome! Don't look at it as giving up starches! We still have those! Brown rice, sweet potatoes, WW or durum semolina pasta, stoneground sugar free WW bread and rolls, certain cereals. When you read the list you realize how much starches (within reason) we can have.

DEB: Hope you are feeling better. Bracelet is pretty. Join the club! I am not a big sleeper. Never seem to need more than 6 hours, but do better when I get them and I often don't. My intentions are good when my head hits the pillow as I think I am tired. An hour later I am up and prowling!

JACKK: Welcome back to the REAL WORLD! Condolences on your BIL's demise.

YELLOWROSE: Hope you progress rapidly with your healing.

BETH: Sorry you have been feeling so miserable! Good thoughts going your way!

Well, I have procratinated enough! I have the HFH minutes to do, really don't feel like it but if I let them go too long I forget my shorthand scribbles taken during the meeting. Sooooooooo

Take care all.


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