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CountryMom4Him 11-20-2002 03:35 PM

Good afternoon...
Heartmom...hey, down is good. Maybe next week you'll get that pound added on to next weeks loss as a bonus.

Nice picture Damarus.

Enjoy the pedicute Yellow. You deserve it. I use to love to get my nails done before we moved out here to the country.

Well the kids are fighting over boiled eggs. At least they are done. :) Hope you are all having a good day and enjoying fall. It's just beautiful outside today.


Solly 11-20-2002 05:44 PM

Just checking in,

Getting ready to head home.

Trish, It is good to know that we all have those sorts of "skeletons". I was thinking I was the odd one. Hope things work out for you and you don't have any problems. I don't know what causes people to act that way. I truly believe it is selfishness. Glad you didn't gain this week. Next week will be a good one.

IdBlond, Sorry you are in so much pain. I sure wish there was something they could do for you. You are in my thoughts daily.

Country, I'll take that 154 if you don't want it. Keep those kids in line today. Or would they be keeping you in line. :lol: Glad those eggs are hard boiled if they are fighting over them. ha ha

Heartmom, I bet you willbe at 214 tomorrow. Hang in there you are doing great.

Daramus, You handsome devil you! It is nice to see you we are "talking" to.

Yellowrose, Glad you are feeling better today and had a nice outing. Pedicures are a wonderful treat. Had one myself last week. Good for you making everyone wear their seat belts.

Have a great night everyone.


gracious 11-20-2002 06:00 PM

Chatterboxes here today!

YELLOWROSE- I am glad you had a good time even though the driver left something to be desired. We had a bunch of Pastor's wives that would get together and give each other pedicures. We called it *The Footwashing Ceremony* as a joke! I have never had a *real* one though but I used to love getting my nails done when I could afford it.

JACK-K- You are grooving girl! :cb: See, those pounds are just melting right off of you...keep it up.

ROBIN- I agree with the others, a 1 lb difference is nothing, although I understand it is bothersome to you. Our weight can fluctuate so much during our cycles that I wouldn't get all bothered about it. The 9 lb initial loss is wonderful but it slows down quite a bit when you are on plan for awhile. I had to learn the hard way, but slow and steady wins the race. I am always in such a hurry and it is detrimental in the end.

ALEKA- Congrats on the loss. Your puppy girl is so cute!!

MONET- How are you feeling now? Any word on the tests?

LKF- Well what nerve they have at work there to keep you from posting on the SB board!! ;) Of course you are more than welcome to just pop in...I think a quickie post is better than none because it let's us know you are out there.

linworthlady 11-20-2002 06:27 PM

WIW-My scale was down 2 pounds from last week. I'll take it but don't believe it will last. I am the Queen of maintenance. (I've been SB for 10 days).
Aleka-you are doing so great!! 10 pounds is awesome
Denise--glad that little girl is changing. It sounds like you have done a great job of sticking by her.
Robin-You have such a great attitude--one measly lb will be gone soon.
Monet-sorry you feel so bad. Are you any better this evening?
Tina-Congrats on staying the same. It sounds like you have been worried about your mom and I'm glad things are looking up.
Jackie-Wow!!! 6 pounds gone already,. Did you make it to the store? I hope the service tonight goes fine and there are no surprises. Most men are made from some weird material and see no need to talk--can't understand it though. I liked your comment about losing inches not pounds. I Hope this happens to me too.
Lara-Good luck on avoiding the carbs. You can do it!
Trish-I hope your sister comes around and realizes how she is treating her mom and you.
Crys-Not gaining is great, isn't it?
Laurie- Congrats on losing that pound.
Daramus-I enjoyed chatting with you last night. Great self-portrait!!
Lyn-Thanks for the tip about using notepad. I wrote things down tonight (the old fashioned way).

gracious 11-20-2002 06:40 PM

To those who cook out there....

I bought myself 2 sweet potatoes today and I wonder how to cook them to be SB friendly and tasty. What are the recommendations? My mother would make them once a year by baking them then scooping it out and mushing it up with some butter. I have heard of marshmellows or some weird thing being put into them and that sounds awful as well as illegal! I found a recipe that I am going to try tomorrow with them but I would like a basic way to use it as a side veggie.

Here is the recipe for those interested. I am into using the crockpot these days. Of course change the white flour for SGWW.

Beef Stew With Sweet Potatoes
1 1/2 pounds lean stew beef
3 tablespoons flour
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon freshly-ground black pepper
1 large onion - (or 2 medium) -- halved, and cut into 1/4" slices
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
1 large sweet potato -- cut in 1 1/2" cubes
1/2 cup beef stock -- (canned or from bouillon or base)
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon - (to 1/2 tspn)
1/2 cup frozen peas or green beans - (to 1 cup) -- thawed
Salt -- to taste
Freshly-ground black pepper -- to taste

Toss stew beef with the flour and 1/4 teaspoon each salt and pepper. Heat vegetable oil in a large skillet; brown beef and onion.

Place sweet potato cubes in the crock pot; add beef and onions. Mix beef broth with cinnamon and pour over beef mixture. Cover and cook on LOW 8 to 10 hours.

Add peas or green beans during the last 15 to 20 minutes. Good with biscuits. This recipe yields 4 servings.

heartmom 11-20-2002 06:45 PM

Gracious- I like to cook the sweet potatoes until a little firm in the microwave and then slice them and saute/fry them with onion in olive oil. The first time I made it, everyone was turning their nose up at it until they tasted it- everyone ate seconds. I imagine you could also make them into a sweet treat doing like you said- scoop out the insides, add butter, splenda, and some pumpkin spices like cinnamon,allspice and such. Gee- I'm getting hungry now..

GloryIBe 11-20-2002 07:07 PM

Hi to all;)

It's so good to get on here and read the post, You all don't know how much it means to me to hear all you reports, It's nice not to be along at this. I'm not going to weigh today as I just got back at it on Sunday so I will wait one more wk and pray for angels to lift me off that scale alittle so I'll have a loss. :o

I don't know why my Smiles don't show up and how do ya all get those really cute one that wave and turn colors and stuff like that.

I never got an answer to my question is there anyone out there that has a recipe for homemade Mayonaise I need to find one. Help!:^:

Denise & Monet: Boy do I know what you mean about teen agers my daughter is 17 and we've been through it all. It was easier to raise my boys they were a breeze. Girls are more tempermental. and sassy. And then theres the teenage hormons yuck!! I do have grown children and I can say it does get easier just takes awhile to get there.

Daramus: Wow what a great pic. Welcome back I just came back myself. It's a good thing we have this support board, there really great here.

BOB: Boy oh Boy aint that the Truth. The just sounds like it was right out of my life. Things were alot easier and less stressful then. I miss the old days. I wish I was raising my Daughter in my growing up day. I guess I just have to pray harder.

Well looks like it's time to run have a good one Love to all Glory

Ellen 11-21-2002 12:48 AM

GLORY: Here is my recipe for homemade mayo:

Put into the bowl of the food processor: 1 egg, 1 T lemon juice, a dash of salt and 1/4 t dry mustard. Add 1/4 cup oil. Turn on food processor and very slowly drizzle in 3/4 cup of oil. Process 30 seconds more after all the oil has been well blended. Store in a jar in the fridge- keeps for about a week. If your food processor has one of those tubes with the hole in the bottom, that works great to drizzle in the oil. If you don't have a food processor, you can use a blender..set it on low,and the recipe is basically the same. If you got any questions, let me know! I use olive oil, since my hubby likes it so much. It is a bit strong for me, tho. If I made it for me I would use a milder oil like peanut.

Time for bed! Its been a long day! Will check in tomorrow morning.

gracious 11-21-2002 08:51 AM

Wow, not much happening since last night. I did not see another drop on the scale this morning so I know I have come to my levelling off stage and now it is going to take some work. I did manage to get some grocery shopping in when I picked the kids up from school so I finally have some veggies in the house.

I made a huge stew up this morning to slowly cook all day in a 300* oven. My crock pot was way too small for this much meat and veggies. However, I didn't use that recipe that I posted last night. I used my old fashioned Amish recipe that always works and tastes great. I just won't eat the potatoes and I added a bit of squash as well.


Breakfast: coffee/cream, 1 WW pita toasted with butter

Lunch:Coffee/cream, small bowl chili

Dinner:2 weiners with some mustard, coffee/cream

Dessert a bit later: 1 clementine orange

Evening snack: salad & dressing, diet pepsi

Water: 3 litres

I know I went nuts on the coffee for some reason. Hubby came home for lunch and wanted some and then I drink it if it is there.

I guess I will check in later once others have posted. Have a great day!!

Trishaloo 11-21-2002 10:18 AM

Good morning everyone.

Thanks for letting me vent yesterday. Sorry if I dumped on too much information. My mother hasn't had any more screaming phone calls so I guess that's a good sign. Thanksgiving is going to be a little weird this year, so I'm kind of glad we've all decided to go out to eat. I had already decided that if there was something that I really wanted to have, I was going to have it. At least this way, I can hopefully maintain some semblance of portion control and not have to deal with leftovers. Cornbread dressing is my weakness (you Southern girls know what I'm talking about) and I'm going to have some and enjoy it. I just won't be eating it all day.

Did I tell you guys Jordan got a new job? The local YMCA does afterschool care in the elementary schools and he's going to be a counselor at one of the schools. The hours are great and the pay is not too bad either. He's home by 6:30 or 7 every night (or at least he's off work by then, usually hooks up with the girlfriend) and no week-ends. So far he really enjoys it.

Gracious - was it you looking for sweet potato info? Whoever it was, I just peel them and slice them up and then put a little olive oil and season salt on them and roast them at about 400-450 for 30-45 minutes. They are awesome. Have you posted your Amish stew recipe? I bet it's awesome.

Lyn - Glad your collarbone is feeling better. I dislocated my shoulder about a year ago and tore my rotator cuff so I know what you're going through. Are you doing physical therapy yet? If so, make sure you do what they tell you. It really does make a difference. Enjoy the pedicure. I love them. Don't get to do them that often but aren't they relaxing.

Crystle - Thanks for the hugs. We all need them now and again don't we. Fighting over boiled eggs??? What are you country folk doing out there?

Daramus - Glad to see you back again. Love the picture. Aren't you just the little hottie these days.

Heartmom - Probably just water. I think you should be able to use the 214 anyway.

Glory - Sending the angels your way.

Have a great day everyone.


linworthlady 11-21-2002 10:33 AM

Thanksgiving/travel foods ideas????

We are going to my inlaws for Thanksgiving. I wonder what you all take along with you when you travel. I know we will stop for fast food and I want to have something with me I can eat. Also, I need ideas for stuff to eat when I'm at the inlaws. I'm sure there will so much high carb stuff. I'm thinking hard boiled eggs and salad. Thanks for any ideas.

Trish-I'm glad things have calmed down for you. Now you can enjoy Thanksgiving and that cornbread dressing. Do you like it with sausage?

Gracious--the stew sounds delicious as does your menu for yesterday. I had to smile when I read your snack was salad--sure beats chips and dip.

Trishaloo 11-21-2002 11:41 AM

Lin, pack you a little cooler with grab and eat foods for the road: apples, cheese ( you can buy it already cubed and in little individual serving packages so you don't overdo), sliced deli ham or turkey and maybe a "few" triscuits or WW pita or tortilla chips. Put them in individual snacksize baggies, too.

For Thanksgiving: The turkey should be alright and pile on the veggies (except the sweet potatoes with marshmellows) and salad. I'm a purist when it comes to my cornbread dressing. I like it pretty plain, no sausage, and definitely not gummy. Can't stand regular bread dressing for that reason (sorry all you guys in Yankeeland).

Good luck.


Solly 11-21-2002 12:02 PM

Happy Thursday Gang :wave:

Well the service went of last nite. They always turn into a social event when there are people you haven't seen for years and some family you only see at weddings and funerals. My SIL was very friendly to us and that was good. I was worried about that. Just glad it is all over and hopefully we can move on.

1 more pound was gone today. 3 to go. I don't normally weigh myself everyday. But want to see if this vacation gain goes away.

Linworth, Take those 2 lbs and enjoy them. They will stay off especially if you stay OP. I bet next week you see another loss. Take a ww bun or bread with you. You could always get a grilled chicken breast at the fast food place and put it on your bun. They usually have salads too.

Gracious, I just bak my sweet potatoes, use some butter and cinnamon. Sometimes I slice them up like french fries, brush with a little olive oil and salt & pepper, bake, they are just like fries with your burger. DH still puts catsup on them, but I just eat them plain.

GloryIBe, You are not alone in this. That is what is so great about this board. We share everything. I bet you have a good loss next week.

Trish, Jordon's job sounds like fun. At least he doesn't have to work weekends. Enjoy your dressing. Count it as your carbs for the day and you will be fine.

Got to get some work done. Later


gracious 11-21-2002 12:11 PM

TRISHALOO- Yes it was me looking for sweet potato info. Thanks for letting me know how to cook them, that sounds nice and easy! I will try it. I haven't posted my Amish Stew Recipe because it is not technically SB legal because of the potatoes, even though I don't eat them...but it says on the board somewhere to only post SB legal recipes.

LINWORTHLADY- I was actually really craving a salad badly since I hadn't shopped in awhile and was out of lettuce. It was just a green salad but it was very tasty to me. I frequently leave my salad out at dinner with the intention of having it as my evening snack..like you said, it is better than eating illegal stuff!

Suggestions for your Thanksgiving travelling and meal....I like taking along a nice piece of fruit, cheese, pepperoni sticks and sandwiches made with SGWW torillas (wraps) or pita pockets. The traditional turkey dinner has lots of legal food. Stick to the turkey and legal veggies. Why don't you plan on making a fancy but legal salad like a Broccoli salad. Everyone I know loves it even though it is low carb and can be low fat with the light Hellman's mayo. Bring along or plan to make while there a very tasty legal dessert so that while they are all eating pie you can have dessert too!

Ellen 11-21-2002 12:15 PM

I went out last night...to a small group meeting from church. It was fun to have some time of fellowship... it is a strange group. Mostly singles, and one of the guys is a real sci fi buff. We watched 2001 A Space Oddysey, then discussed it. It was fun. It was interesting to know Kubrick, the director, wanted to imply the source was God, but Clark, author of the screen play, was an atheist, and wanted to imply it was aliens... which only moves the question of creation a step further back...if it were aliens, then who created THEM? Both men were strong personalities, so in the movie, you find an aura of mystery, whereas in the books, Clark made his point clear. Fun discussion! Very strange movie.

I got in very late, and my husband put me right to bed. I slept until nine and feel rejuvenated!

TRISH: Oh, I love cornbread dressing! My husbands father had a cousin who's wife made the most mouthwatering dressing! I once grilled her on how she made it, and follow her steps...mine isn't quite as good, but my family loves it. I only make it once a year, and by George, I am going to eat a bit of it!

GRACIOUS: Post that Amish stew recipe! I love stew..unfortunately, I like the beef, carrots and potato kind. I need to branch out and experiment! I ususally just cook sweet potatoes in the microwave like baked potatoes, and eat them witha bit of butter...well, ok, I struggle not to over do the butter..but they are great that way!

COUNTRY: The weather is getting prettier here..wish I could get out in it! Thanks for the idea of boiled eggs! I love them deviled. I even like egg salad! I was sick of eggs fried, too. I rarely get tired of eggs, so I was at a loss until you mentioned boiled! Just for fun, have your kids decorate them for Thanksgiving! Like little turkeys, and pilgrims. That might slow them down enough for you to grab a few...

LIN: If you can find the oat bran pretzels, they are good to carry too. I also would suggest some nuts. You can buy packages of peanuts, for portion control. They are filling too. Don't forget some veggies. Like baby carrots, and celery sticks.

JACK: Thinking of you ... hope things are going well.

HEART: Don't worry about that pound! Drink lots of water, and I bet it will be gone with a few more of its friends in no time! ;)

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