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raquel 11-10-2002 12:26 PM

so disappointed
to all who care to listen and to those who are sick of hearing stories like mine, i appologize. two weeks ago i started sugar busters but this week it has just not been my week. why cant i be a success story! why cant i stick to any plan that i start? i did great on atkins but realized that i needed more fruits and veggies. lost 50lbs on atkins and have gained about 15 back. then i decided to try the sugar busters and things started out fine, even lost 4 lbs but have since gained it back. the saddest part is that all my children except one is overweight and my 19 yr old is truly obese and i want to help her.....makes me want to cry. why is it so hard. if you dont mind can i ask some questions. first of all i have bought the book, i do know the concept behind carbs and understand it. my questions are:

can we eat sugar free russel stoffers candy?

what is the deal with peas? i thought they were startchy?

why would the book say eat light mayo, if when they take out the fat they add sugar?

well thats all the questions i have for now. i hope that i can come back and ask questions when i need to. thank you all in advance

Debelli 11-10-2002 09:21 PM

Hi Raquel, and welcome to the SB BOARDS. I'd like to transfer your post over to the weekly board if you don't mind. That's where we tend to congregate and answer each other. I start a new board tomorrow morning and would like to move your post on to the new board so all can see it and respond to it.

Hope you don't mind, as well as not mind that I respond to your post as well on the new board.

If you have any questions at all, please, feel free to contact me via e-mail @ [email protected] :D


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