Last Time!

  • Hello everyone!

    I hope this is my last attempt at loosing weight. I have 21lbs or so to go and i've done a lot of diets from counting calories to meal replacments and also tried atkins. The last one has changed how I feel about my future and dieting in general, atkins is very hard and not for me in the long term BUT cutting out sugar has to be my future. I'm so addicted it's unreal and my candida is loving it too. If I eat toast and put jam on it i'm off on a binge for myself Even a smoothie will set me off looking for more sugar. So I bought this book and I like the adivce on low GI & GL dieting and I feel it's for me for life. But i'm terriefied the muncheis will come and attack me in the evenings again I've lost and regained the same 7lbs 3 times in the past few months and i'm so mad at myself. But got to move on so by christmas I want to loose a stone thats 14lbs but more importantly loose inches and fit into my size 12's with ease not with a muffin top on show.
    I'd like to keep a little diary here if thats ok with everyone? I get off track so quick so i'd like to get some help and motivation here