Sugar Busters Weekly Exercise Board 7/15-7/21

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  • This is the SUGAR BUSTERS WEEKLY EXERCISE BOARD. Just log in whatever exercise you do and see all the good that sweating does!!!

    Exercise every day and see yourself melt away!

  • Monday July 15
    Today I did 25 minutes of weight training, then I got on the bike and rode for 35 minutes - making me late getting back from lunch - but I rode just under 12 miles at Level 15 burning over 400 calories and it felt SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD.....

  • Monday- WATP 3 miles
  • Monday
    I did my 45 minute Burn Fat & Get Fit by Susan Powter!!!
    This is a great tape, it combines cardio and weight training.
  • Tuesday- WATP 3 miles
    Got in 6.5 miles today, boy it was brutal out there!

  • Tuesday
    Tuesday -

    30 minutes on the bike at gym - old bike was only one open again - boo hoo - 5 miles ridden

    Tried the WATP - 2 Mile tape - was only able to finish 1/2 of it because of interruptions at home and I was getting pooped out....
    Boy that is some workout!
  • Exercise
    Monday I did about 20 minutes on the elipical and 10 minutes lifting weights before work - + 20 minute walk at lunch. I was a little tired because it was a bad night for my insommnia. Small work gym main showers are broken - have to line up for small secondary ones - bummer.

    Tuesday - 40 minutes of walking - 20 before work and 25 at lunch -planned to go on a bike ride in evening, but worked till 6:30 and son required taxi until I was exhausted.

    Wednesday - I did 20 minutes on the elipical, 25 minutes weight lifting (showers still broken ) and plan on another 20 min walk at lunch. I have a walking buddy and we are quite committed to this routine. No bike ride tonight - son has soccer.
    Walked 6.5 miles, no jogging, too hot!
  • Wednesday Morning- WATP 2 miles
  • Wednesday Afternoon- WATP 1 mile
  • Wednesday
    Wed -

    Gym at lunch -
    30 minutes weight training
    30 minutes bike ride - 8 miles ride

    Evening -

    WATP Tape

    Did 100 crunches while watching big brother
    Did 4.5 miles in 49:16 today
  • THURSDAY: Did Leslie Sansone 1 mile tape this morning. Felt GREAT!
  • Thursday
    Went to gym at lunch - rode bike for 35 minutes - at intense level - burned 580 calories according to bike - rode 10 miles

    Thurs Night - did the entire 2 mile WATP tape - easier this time - lots of fun - muscles sure did burn that healthy feeling!!!