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Old 03-26-2002, 09:19 AM   #46  
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Talking Loopy Burgerhead checking in on Tues

Such a load of reading to do!! I am all caught up for now it seems so here we go. We are do for another snow storm, can you believe this?! Storm warning in effect and we are expecting 15-20 cm over night followed by 15 mm of rain Wednesday morning. The kids will probably get the day off from school again so that leaves me housebound with 5 kids! I trust this is the last one of the season. Sheesh, it *is* officially spring, ya know!

I exercise 6 days a week and yesterday was so full I didn't get any in, although I had planned on it...therefore my one day off is already spent! Oh well....gotta have a good attitude about this!

We took the kidlettes out to dinner last night as the third and final birthday celebration for dd. We went to a Chinese Food Buffet at her request. I did very well because they had a decent selection. I stuck to shrimp, some ribs without coating and veggies. Still weighing in at 165 today so I didn't do any damage it seems. Of course tomorrow is WIW so my possessed scale will undoubtedly scheme and add a pound like it always does..we shall see!

JUDY- Seems to be a lot of SB'ers say that the extra vitamins are not needed because we are supposed to be eating a balanced diet with this WOE. That might be true, but as long as one does not overdose, I don't think it hurts. I take a multi vitamin and mineral supplement, calcium (my mom has osteoporosis), potassium (Because I was getting leg cramps and they stopped when I started potassium) and I just recently started taking a low dose B vitamin one that has a variety of the B's in it. Out of our family members, I get sick the least. I also noticed that my nails are longer and stronger than before I took vitamins ( I started about 6 months ago) so overall I am pleased and think they do me good.

NASCAR GIRL-Maybe you could add some protein powder if your carbs and fat intake are perfect and you only need the protein. I made a kind of smoothie creation the other day using some milk, some yogurt, all fruit spread and the protein wasn't bad at all. It had 18 grams of protein, no carbs and only 0.2 grams of fat. Oh...the other thing I love to eat is fish. I fry some sole up with a wee bit of spray and there you have practically fat free and totally carb free protein source.

Gotta kidlette is crying and it is nap time!
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Old 03-26-2002, 09:42 AM   #47  
"I'm working on it!"
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Exclamation WOW-WEE!!!

So Many Posts! Haven't had a chance to read all of them yet. Just checking in.

We're supposed to have a big storm with up to 4 inches of snow. right now it looks like it's kind of raining and I have to go and pick up my car from being serviced (I'm walking! ) YUCK!

Did really well with the food yesterday. Made some hummus--only a half batch, since I don't seem to finish it when I make it. The other half a can of beans, I made chickpea salad. Mmmmm. DS & DH really liked it. It's very easy. I'll get it posted soon.

I pulled something in my neck and down into the shoulder last night when I was lifting weights. Had to stop No sense pushing on and damaging it more. Still a bit sore today, but it should be back to par for next upper body workout.

I'm going to have to go back and read the posts and take notes!

WELCOME BACK all those who've been MIA for a bit.

BETH-I agree with JACK-K-Pick another day and make it your b-day

GRACIOUS Guess you're getting the storm after us! I thought it was spring? Oh well, it IS still March

JRED Glad to hear you're doing a bit better. Hope you're all better real soon

GOTTABEME Love the "take it off Tuesday"! If I tell my DH that, he WON'T be thinking weight

I gotta get out of here to get the car before the weather gets too bad. The temp is just right for making the roads real slippery.

Talk to ya later ladies and gentleman!
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Old 03-26-2002, 10:12 AM   #48  
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Hi y'all. I haven't had time to catch up on everyone the last few days, but I thought I'd pop in. I did look back to see what was up with the new names. Just call me Zippy Diapertush. I don't know what has happened, but I've got a whole different attitude than I've had the last month or so. And it's a good change. I have been so unmotivated and feeling lousy that I haven't even really tried to stay OP. Somehow yesterday my attitutde about it seemed different. I even exercised!One of the K teachers bought a walking tape and several teachers have been doing that after school. I volunteered my room since it is large and has no desks in it. Lots of open space to move. Anyway, I felt soooo good after we finished. I hope this new attitude stays around. I hope to catch up on everyone today.
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Old 03-26-2002, 10:28 AM   #49  
super mom
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Hi everyone

I ned to finish the laundry and some other cleaning but decided to take a quick break and read what's happening. I am finding that if I don't read everyday (sometimes twice a day) that I miss so much thats its hard to catch up.

Zanne and Gracious - yuk about the snow. I grew up in Michigan and do not miss that wetaher at all - well maybe at Christmas but thats it. We woke up to a blanket of fog and it still hasn't burned off. The weather guesser said we would hit 72 today but I'm having my doubts.

Monet - thanks for the vitamin advice. We have a GNC on base and I'll have to check out what they have later this week.

Jack-K - my mom told me about the sugar fee ice cream bars - she manages a DQ up in Michigan. They don't carry them at the DQ that my DD works at. I figure once she's been there awhile I'll see if she can talk them into stocking some. I know what you mean about buying the SF from the stores - just too tempting if its in the house. My favorite is the butter pecan.

Semmens - my DD is 16 so we are close to you guys in that aspect. Unfortunatley we are no where near a size 5 - good for you. I think I was prebably about 12 years old lst time I wore a 5

Beth - I agree with everyone else - have another b-day better yet have several until they get it right.

Tree - I love the movie Somewhere in Time and was surprised you knew of it. Of course we used to go to Macinaw Island every summer which is where it was filmed. I remember when my DH and I were first married and went there he looked at me all funny becuase I was so wrapped up in the movie - definately a chick flick. It was on tv just a few weeks ago. To this day, no cars are on the island so everyone walks or rents bikes. And the fudge they make is to die for.

Well I need to go finish cleaning and figure out what to do for Cub Scouts tonight - oh boy!!

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Old 03-26-2002, 10:37 AM   #50  
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Thumbs down Good Tuesday Morning

Good Morning Everyone!

It is rainy and stormy here today! I may have to log off the computer if the storm gets works.

Still at 236.5 today. I've put my menu together for today and it is low in protein. So I'll have to think about that and see what I can come up with.

Music--I think spring must bring new attitudes. This winter and last it was all I could do to stay halfway OP--but now I do seem much more motivated and eager to stay OP. Hmmm, do you think it might have anything to do with the Lands End bathing suit catalogues that seem to show up in my mail a couple of times a week?????

Zanne--I have all the stuff to make hummus, but haven't yet. I'm thinking I'll make it over the weekend.

Monet--I will definatly give you a shout when I get up that way again! I will echo the calcium, I have a 90 year old great aunt whose spine is disentegrating. Her bones are so week they no longer support her. She always refused to take calcium--and she has been bedridden for years. Her big sister (103!) exercised regularly and took vitamins and is going strong. Until very recently she did 100 situps every morning--she has cut it back to 50 in the last year.

Nascar--I second the fish idea--it is a good protein boost without a lot of fat.

Opps--got to go

Talk to you soon.

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Old 03-26-2002, 11:02 AM   #51  
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Hit the gym last night and jumped on the dreaded scale. I lost 2 pounds! This is the kind of thing that really keeps me going!

I'm a newbie so I don't have any tips as of yet...but you guys have given me a lot to chew on. THANKS!

I mentioned my WOE to some people and it turns out that two friends and my boyfriend all want to lost weight and get in shape! Funny how spring gets you moving.

Went to bed with a massive headache, I think it was de-toxing. I had problems completing my workout since my head was pounding and I felt dizzy. Had some OJ right afterwards and felt a little better. Posting what I eat on fitday and I always seems to fall short on calories. Lacking protein even though I'm eating meat twice a day. Maybe I'll get some of that protein powder.

Back to work!

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Old 03-26-2002, 11:18 AM   #52  
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Good morning, all.

Well, the sun is shining and it's a gorgeous day. Still a little crisp bite in the air, but supposed to be in the 60's today and 70's tomorrow and the rest of the week (sorry, Gracious and Zanne). I have 3 buds on one of my rosebushes and life is good!

Beth - you absolutely get a bd do-over. You pick. A friend of mine has a birthday week. I agree with the others that you should go back to the hair salon and tell them that you're not happy with your hair. You're paying a premium for a service and it should be done right.

Gracious - Sorry to hear your hubby is sick again. Whew, you've really had a time. With all the taking care of him, don't forget to take care of yourself, too.

Deb - You know, I completely forgot to tell my son about the new name. He will get such a hoot out of it.

Oh yeah, Mom brag time, but this time I have to brag about his teacher. She was selected to be in a training video for educators. The camera crew is coming today and tomorrow and I can't tell you how excited the kids are! Teachers today get such a bad rap all the time. I know we've got some teachers on the board, so pay attention right now, this is all of us grateful parents patting you on the back. Great Job!!!

Fillise - Way to go on the new low.

BusDeb - Have fun on the camping trip. My husband is on a mission to buy an RV. We'll probably end up buying one this summer sometime.

IDBlond - I really loved your Motivational Monday quote. My oldest DS has ADD. This was one of the things that we all had to learn when he was diagnosed and it's still something that he struggles with. Giving him an assignment or task that is large can just overwhelm him to the point that he gives up, regardless of the consequences. Break it down into smaller manageable segments and he thrives.

YellowRose - Hope you enjoyed your Birthday.

Ok, all together now, "take it off, take it all off (the pounds, that is)" from your pal, Chim-Chim Gizzard Chunks!!!

Have a great day, everyone.
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Old 03-26-2002, 12:53 PM   #53  
Clay Girl
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Default 5K Race

Howdy all!

To all of you in the vicinity (ORLANDO), who are training hard and keeping in shape

There will be a 5K race at Lake Underhill Lockhead Martin facility.

Looks like fun - and this is the link to it:

I am doing it with my training buddy from school. She has years of racing experience and she says these races are fun!!

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Old 03-26-2002, 01:03 PM   #54  
aka Zippy LiverFace
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Someone was talking about books - I love Janet Evanovich's series - they crack me up and I'm so disappointed that I've read/listened to them all. I'm now on the series by another lady I can't remember her name right now, but the ones I've listned to are "D is for Deadbeat", "P is for Peril" and some others with similar names. I'll get her name and post it.

Day 2 of serious detox is underway. Hopefully tomorrow will have something to show for it.

GATORGAL - Good to see you on here! I'm jealous of your butterfly garden - sounds wonderful. I have my options set at like 20+ posts per page, so I'm just now starting page 2. Can't wait to hear about your trip!

JUDY - Vince used to get leg cramps rather often and started taking a supplement that has practically reduced his cramping to nothing. I'll ask him. We daily take a multi-vitamin, Vit B supplement and Glucosamine/Chondritin supplement. We take Lysine when we feel a cold sore coming on or conditions are right for one to break out. We take echinacea when we are starting to get sick. Extra Vitamin C when that's needed, too. He takes additional stuff, but I can't keep up with all his goodies. I know the leg stuff helps him. We sound like regular druggies, donít we?!?!

ROSE - I'll try to get the recipe for the bran muffins posted tonight or tomorrow morning at the latest. I'm such a procrastinator and that one will have to be typed in.

DEBBIE - Since both of us have N for the 3rd letter of our name we're both Zippy Liverfaces. If someone called for Zippy at home we'd have to ask a few more questions to figure out who they really wanted to talk to.

TREE/CrustyWaffleSniffer - Welcome back! LOVE the name!!

MONET/Booger Gigglehiney - another great name! I'm anxiously awaiting an answer to your imitation crab meat question as I love it too, but, alas, I'm afraid we're going to get a on it. I think of how many times I took things out on my mom and how much crap she put up with. No wonder I don't have any kids - those curses about having kids as bad as yourself work sometimes and I'm scared.

COUNTRY - I'm a carnivore but I also eat all day. I have:
eggs around 5:30am,
oatmeal around 7:30 am,
a piece of fruit or protein powder mixed in yogurt around 9:00 am
Lunch around 11 am
Fruit or some other snack around 3pm
Dinner around 7pm
My boss laughs that I'm always eating when she comes by my desk -- and I usually am as I eat very slowly.

QUILTER!!!! I miss you, Girlfriend, when you're not here! Thanks for checking in!! Glad to hear that it's not because you're avoiding us!

VESNA - Thanks a million for posting our mugs on the board! Does that mean you have a scanner?!? If so, I may give you one of 'THE LOOK' to post, but I have to show it to DEBBIE first. I definitely want to post the ones of BOB and me fighting over the coffee and the WINNER holding all the coffee!


DARAMUS - DEBBIE usually posts a link to the chat room, but you can also go to the main/home page for 3 Fat Chicks and enter the chat rooms that way. You'll have a blast in there!

SEF/Chimchim Bubble Sniffer - I LOVE leftover nights! My mom used to make THE BEST soup from all our leftovers when they piled up in the kitchen. I've tried desparately to duplicate the flavor, but our leftovers just don't taste as good, I guess.

FILLISE - If you're losing then I ain't gonna tell you to change it, but I know at 200 lbs. I was put on 1600 calories as 1400 was too low for meÖ..especially with working out. You're kicking butt sooooo I'll just hope I can get the scale moving again before you bypass me.

POOCH - I have SB police in my house too - and mine has PERFECTED the "police glare" - ask the gals who've met my Meister - he plays cop very well! Not to mention the fact that it's pretty easy for him to eat this way with me - he doesn't get tempted nearly as much as I do - and he can afford to!

JRED/Poopsie Bubblekisser - I do believe that's one my favorites!

BETH - I'm sooooo sorry to hear that your day wasn't as special as you are! We celebrate special occasions all week - I definitely say you get to call 'DO OVER'! I agree with the consensus on going back to get your hair fixed the way you want it. I think young, sweet things like you would rather suffer than cause waves or stand up to someone sometimes - I get more bold the older I get - Heck, I even got called "ma'am" the other day. I told the kiddo that I knew what a "ma'am" was and I WAS NOT old enough to be a "ma'am" thank you very much. He gave me a weird look. I should have complimented him on his manners since they're so hard to find around here.

NASCAR - good to see you back!! I was wondering if you'd joined a pit crew and we'd never hear from you again! Great race on Sunday, don'tcha think?

I have to run the Network **** will be by soon. I'll try to get to everyone else later.

Have a great day!

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Old 03-26-2002, 01:10 PM   #55  
"I'm working on it!"
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Smile Let it snow.....

I love the snow--even like shoveling it! It looks so pretty outside.

ROSALIE How is it around you?

GRACIOUS Anything out your way yet?

I posted a recipe for Chickpea salad on the recipe board.

I have a suggestion for those who need protein. Would hummus work? I'm sitting here munching on hummus and celery. The chickpeas are protein and the celery has next to no calories. The only thing may be the tahini would give you a tiny bit of fat.

Just a suggestion.
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Old 03-26-2002, 01:27 PM   #56  
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My little boy is back to struggling with a fever again, I just don't understand what's going on. My DH is home with him today and going to take him to the Dr. later this morning. Needless to say, I stopped by Starbucks for a half caf this morning - wishing I had gotten a fully caffinated drink! I have been journaling my food at Fitday, and I although yesterday was much better all around, I still seem to be getting a majority of my calories from fat. I assume this is why I'm still stuck at 165. I'm going to continue journaling and was wondering if anyone might be willing to take a look at what I'm eating and give some input, maybe over the weekend, after I get a solid week of data input?

I won't be able to catch up on reading all of your posts at the moment (I cannot believe we are already at 4 pages!), but I wanted to share the meditation I got this morning, it goes right along with yesterday....

To believe in something not yet proved and to underwrite it with our lives; it is the only way we can leave the future open. --Lillian Smith
Today stands before us, ready for our involvement. And it will offer us opportunities for personal growth and occasion to help another make progress on her path to the future. Challenges are to be expected. They further our purpose. They foster our maturity.

How different it is, for many of us, to look forward today with secure anticipation, to trust in what the future holds! We can still remember, all too vividly perhaps, the darker periods in our lives, periods that seemed to hold no promise; a time when we dreaded the future, fearing it would only compound those awful times. The fear and the dread are not gone completely. They hover about us, on occasion. They no longer need to darken all of a day, however. We can recognize their presence as parts of our whole, not all of it. How free we are, today! Our choices are many.

I can step toward today with assurance, reaching out to others along the way, trusting that my accumulated steps add stability to my future.

Today's meditation comes from the book Each Day a New Beginning by Karen Casey copyright 1982, 1991
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Old 03-26-2002, 01:38 PM   #57  
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Good Afternoon Everyone

I am having a hard time keeping up with everyone, there are so many posts. We have snow here again to-day which isn't making me very happy. I want to go out and do some shopping but I have to clean off my car and shovel the front porch before I go. Maybe I will just hibernate for the day.

I was out yesterday to a badminton tournament. Didn't win anything but it was fun. We had a pot luck lunch. I didn't do too badly. Had a salmon sandwich on ww bread, just one slice. Plus some fruit and cheese and a small piece of poppyseed cake. Messed up last evening as I had the munchies before going to bed and ended up eating some store bought granola which was full of sugar. I have to start making the Almond Granola again so I have something legal to munch on.

Beth - Sorry to hear you had such a rough time on your birthday.

JackieK - Vitamin E is supposed to be good for irritable legs. My legs bother me sometimes, usually when I am tired, and I have found that Vit. E. helps.

Vesna - Thanks for posting the pics on the board.

Solshine - My dd is a fan of those books you mentioned - I forget the authors name. She had a tape of M is for Mystery on our trip. We tried to listen to it in the car but we had too many interruptions from the kids and my ds calling us on the walkie-talkie so we had to give up. Something to put on my 'to read' list.

Zanne - It's snowing just a little bit here at the moment. The main road that I can see from my back window looks fairly clear but the side roads are covered and I have a couple of inches to clean off of my van. I'm really feeling too lazy to get out there and do it. We'll see how I feel after lunch!. Hummus and celery is a good snack. It's a good idea to make just half a batch. When I made it I used the whole can but I ended up throwing out some of it as I am the only one eating it. I'll have to check out your chick pea salad. I am making falafels for lunch to-day so I had better hold off on the hummus for a few days

Sorry I haven't time to respond to everyone but I am thinking of you all and wish you all well on WIW tomorrow.

Bye for now.

aka Loopy Chicken Pants.
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Old 03-26-2002, 01:53 PM   #58  
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Hey! Everyone thanks for the fish tips...but I don't like fish only shrimp and lobster and can't have that everyweek! DH says I "ain't right" cause I don't like fish! Any other ideas?

Sol - That was a great race wasn't it?! Bobby finally made it to the top 5 YEA!!!
The Saturday race was a heck of a match too!

I'm going to try and find some recipes on the board everyone have a great Day!!
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Old 03-26-2002, 01:59 PM   #59  
Undercover Diva
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S/C/G: 242/ticker/175

Height: 5'6"

Default Hiya :D

Well... it was back to work today, but at least my boss got me a card and a gift. (She got me an Eeyore t-shirt because I have EVERYTHING Eeyore, but she got me an XL and it's BIG!!!!!!!!!)

I'm taking back a pair of size 16 jeans today that I never wore, and shrunk out of before I did!!! Amazing. We have a fire department BBQ tonite, and I haven't been able to participate much lately, so when everyone sees me, I'll be about 10 pounds lighter than last time they saw me!

I'm on Day Two of MEGA-DETOX. Wondering if our fearless leader has a portable DUNGEON? I was drinking diet soda, and pushing that limit still, even after I said I wasn't. Well... Yesterday I was too upset to eat... so I only had one bowl of cereal and some cheese... (BAD GIRL!) But today, I started with cereal, and for lunch had some grilled chicken and pinto beans ( I'm OUT of salad! Gotta go shopping!) and then I'll eat a good dinner and snack later. Maybe I'll buy some berries I've had nothing but water to drink today, and I'm gonna try to get over to my MIL's tonite and weigh in for WIW. (Shhhh I know it's Tuesday, but don't tell the scale, maybe it will stay down cause it's not Weds. yet!!!) That's IT!! We'll all weigh in on Tues, and just POST it on WIW! LOL!!

Thanks for all the good thoughts for me I was up most of the night upset about having the lousiest birthday yet... but I guess it happens. I'm probably lucky I've only had one in my 28.

Well, I'm off to the mall while the kids are still napping at the daycare... Oh... and BTW... :crosses fingers: The pinkeye has retreated... or so it seems YAY!!!
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Old 03-26-2002, 03:06 PM   #60  
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Beth - like Monte said from Alice in Wonderland, you can have only 1 birthday but you can have 364 unbirthdays in a year! Pick one and we'll celebrate with you! I have a friend who celebrates her b-day starting one week prior to the big day (how's that for partying!).

Just an FYI on the St. John's Wort - it can make the birth control pill less effective. Also, for Monet, Echinacea shouldn't be taken long-term (according to the label on mine). I use it when I'm stressed out, or getting colds one after the other. I only take a multi-vitamin, and extra vitamin E (for PMS reasons) daily.

Nascar - I add Protein powder (Aria vanilla is a good one) to my smoothie or eat an egg for b-fast. I also found that eating the Lite cheese wedges (Laughing Cow?) fulfilled the rest of my protein % when Fitday said I didn't have enough.

Gottabe - Take it off Tuesday! - there ARE some striptease aerobics making the news nowadays! Ha, ha.

Well, back to work.
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