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Old 03-25-2002, 10:29 PM   #31  
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S/C/G: 257/169/155

Height: 5'6"

Default Note to Judy in CA

I have heard that magnisium is good for leg cramps. I have "lazy legs" cant keep them still for long, but have not found anything to help.

Way to Go onyour 10#. Keep up the good work.
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Old 03-25-2002, 10:33 PM   #32  
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HiedeiHo All!!!

Just a quick note from Chimchim Bubble Sniffer.

I went to the NH today, it was really a good group discussion today. Went to gym, upped my time on bike and URE, also increased weights on abs and back.

Picked up brace for my left wrist, I think it might help as wrist feels better when it's on.

Still getting caught up on my rest, took another nap today. That's two days in a row.

Son is traveling, we had leftovers tonioghjt, didn't have to cook.

I see a couple of newcomers, welcome. I have gotten so much encouragement from this Board.

Take care all. sef
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Old 03-25-2002, 10:38 PM   #33  
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Red face Monday Evening

A quick check before I catch up on some work!

I did 1409 calories today 20% fat, 44% carbs, and 36% protein. Here is the breakdown:

1 soft boiled egg
1 slice SGWW toast
1/2 grapefruit
1 tsp Blue Bonnet light margerine

Morning snack:
6 oz Blue Bunny SF Key Lime Pie yogurt

3 slices Bryans cooked ham
2 slices SGWW toast
1 tsp mayo
1 squirt mustard
1/2 cucumber

WW tortilla chips to equal 1 tortilla (8)

1 boneless skinless chicken breast coated in FF drymilk, seasoning and baked.
1.5 cups lima beans

My average for the last 7 days stays at 40 % carbs/29% fat/31% protein and a little over 1400 calories consumed calories consumed.

Ok this is the me who has been saying for a YEAR that I didn't like counting stuff. I still don't, but it really seems to be helping, so It's winning me over.

Daramus--It will be OK! I am finding it helps to worry more about keeping the weekly averages in check--day to day fluctuates, but as long as the weekly stays right I feel like I'm winning the battle.

Monet--there's a Harry's right near Gwinnett Place? I come by there all the time when I visit relatives in Greenville SC. I'll have to give you a shout the next time I head up that way!

Catlover--welcome home! We missed you and are glad you've come back. We'll help you get back on the wagon!

Kim--even if you don't have time to answer everybody--just let us know how you are doing! I'm glad to hear that it's going well and that your even getting some romance!

CountryMom--It feels great! It has been a long time coming too! What do you think has been the best thing you've done to keep yourself on track through an 80 lb loss?

tree--I haven't seen Meet the parents, but I guess I'll have to. I can't imagine Belle on nicotine! At the moment she's being sweet kitty (that means she's asleep), about the time I go to bed she'll get ready to rumble!

OK--Got to get caught up on some work.

Nighty night everyone

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Old 03-25-2002, 10:51 PM   #34  
Little Engine That Could
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Country--I don't eat much meat. Today I had about 4 oz. of meat. I count chicken and fish as meat, along with beef, etc. It is all flesh food as far as I'm concerned. I eat split peas, beans in place of meat and am trying to eat lots of veggies. I will sauté 4 oz. of chicken breast and slice it up to top a salad at lunch, and then just have veggies for supper.

Cat Lover--Welcome back. I've missed you. I've taken up golf and am now comfortable enough to play on a par three course near my home. I shot "bogie golf" last week with a 36 and then a 37 for two nines. I improved 10 strokes over the week before.

Tree--glad to see you on the board. I've not been on the board so much lately because it is hard for me to keep up.

Well, just wanted to say Hi again.
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Old 03-25-2002, 10:55 PM   #35  
super mom
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Good evening everyone!!!

I cannot believe there are already two pages of posts and its just the first day of this new weekly board.

I had the best time earlier this evening. My DD got these wild flower pants for her birthday and got really mad at me last week when I tried them on and actually zipped them up. Anyway, she was saying how they were all stretched out and now that they were just washed she said I wouldn't fit in them. I love a challenge so off I went to put them on. And they still zipped up She was not very happy so she preceeded to give me other pants and shorts of hers to try on and I got all of them on. Now most were very snug and I wouldn't wear them (or sit down in them) but they still went on. I know she's proud of me but hates that I am catching up to her. I feel like such a mean mom for boosting but it sure felt good. She refuses to SB but I have noticed she is slowly altering her eating habits without "crossing over".

I feel like I have the SB police living with me. My 2 sons will not let me cheat. I got them Blizzards at Dairy Queen this wekend and was trying to sneak a bite but they wouldn't budge and give me ANY. I swear I only wanted a taste I am glad they stay strong for me.

Judy - I have been wondering about vitamins too. I have never been good at remembering to take pills but thought they might be a wise addition to this WOE. But then I am eating better than I ever have so maybe now I don't need them???

Welcome to all the newbies

My bed is calling me - will try to post again tomorrow
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Old 03-25-2002, 11:49 PM   #36  
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For all of you who missed the Name Changing post from Missy from last week:

<<All of you have to do this and then post your "new name on the board for all of us to see.
My new name is Snotty BubbleBiscuit!
Sometimes when you have a stressful day or week, you need some silliness to break up the day. Here is your dose... Follow the instructions to find your new name.
The following is an excerpt from a children's book, "Captain Underpants and the Perilous Plot of Professor Poopypants", by Dave Pilkey:
The evil Professor forces everyone to assume new names...
Use the third letter of your first name to determine your New first
> > >a=poopsie
> > >b=lumpy
> > >c=buttercup
> > >d=gidget
> > >e=crusty
> > >f=greasy
> > >g=fluffy
> > >h=cheeseball
> > >i=chim-chim
> > >j=stinky
> > >k=flunky
> > >l=booger
> > >m=pinky
> > >n=zippy
> > >o=goober
> > >p=doofus
> > >q=slimy
> > >r=loopy
> > >s=snotty
> > >t=tulefel
> > >u=dorkey
> > >v=squeezit
> > >w=oprah
> > >x=skipper
> > >y=dinky
> > >z=zsa-zsa.
Use the second letter of your last name to determine the first half of your new last name:
> > >a = diaper
> > >b = toilet
> > >c = giggle
> > >d = burger
> > >e = girdle
> > >f = barf
> > >g = lizard
> > >h = waffle
> > >i = cootie
> > >j = monkey
> > >k = potty
> > >l = liver
> > >m = banana
> > >n = rhino
> > >o = bubble
> > >p = hamster
> > >q = toad
> > >r = gizzard
> > >s = pizza
> > >t = gerbil
> > >u = chicken
> > >v = pickle
> > >w = chuckle
> > >x = tofu
> > >z = stinker
Use the fourth letter of your last name to determine the second half of your new last name:
> > >a = head
> > >b = mouth
> > >c = face
> > >d = nose
> > >e = tush
> > >f = breath
> > >g = pants
> > >h = shorts
> > >i = lips
> > >j = honker
> > >k = butt
> > >l = brain
> > >m = tushie
> > >n = chunks
> > >o = hiney
> > >p = biscuits
> > >q = toes
> > >r = buns
> > >s = fanny
> > >t = sniffer
> > >u = sprinkles
> > >v = kisser
> > >w = squirt
> > >x = humperdinck
> > >y = brains
> > >z = juice
Thus, for example, George W. Bush's new name is Goober Chickenshorts. Bill Clinton's name is Booger Liverchunks. >>
So, I'm Crusty Waffle Sniffer!

Judy - re the leg cramps. I think Prevention said cold air on your legs at night causes those charley horses at night or when you wake up in the am. I find that I get leg cramps after lots of walking or running. I also find that I'm usually really dehydrated which may actually be the real problem.

Pooch - wtg on the DQ - that's one of my faves, especially the German Choc Blizzard. Luckily, your sons came to your rescue. Somehow I get the craving when DH is not around! Congrats on your pants challenge! Keep up the good work!

Hi Gatorgal! Boy, has this site grown. It's hard to write back to everyone. Kudos to Debelli for being able to do that! It's much easier to read and send mental vibes. Hope you're doing well.

Monet - I am a sap for romances. My absolute favorite is "Somewhere in Time" w/ Jane Seymour & Christopher Reeve. Meet the Parents is a romantic comedy- so you'll enjoy it. Some of the stuff is over the top though.
The last movie I really enjoyed was "MonkeyBone". I was not even interested in watching it, as the trailers seemed raunchy - even the name was raunchy! But my DS kept saying "you have to watch it just for the dead gymnast part", played by Chris Kattan. So, we finally rented the video. Now, there's some parts that probably were ill-advised and definitely should have been excluded. I don't know if I'd let kids watch it (I don't remember the rating). But the dead gymnast part - I fell off the couch, I was laughing so hard! Even, DH agreed it was funny.

Well, gotta go.
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Old 03-26-2002, 12:08 AM   #37  
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Default hope y'all having an awesome Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's my new motto for today. I mean the pounds ladies(lol). Each day I try to make up a new motto for everyday. Reading all your interesting daily lives just help me keep on track.
Filise: Thanks for the new info on detox
Jack K: Thanks for acknowledging my newness to the group.

Hope you have wonderful day and just keep on keeping on the path the leads to better health and lighter days.
from Crusty Liverchunks

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Old 03-26-2002, 12:55 AM   #38  
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Just checking in to tell y'all that I feel a teeny bit better. My eyeballs feel like they are going to pop out, but my throat isn't quite as scratchy. We'll see how it goes tonight.

Tree and Cat: WELCOME BACK!! Come on in, there's plenty of room.

Cat: I think we have to be ready for this change of life, not just a diet to lose weight. I had the Sugarbusters book for a year before I finally read it thoroughly and was truly ready to change. I think that's how I've been able to stick with this even with this slowdown. If it'd been just a "diet," I probably would have become really discouraged and given up. This is just my way of life now and the weight will come off and I will reap all the benefits of this healthy lifestyle.

Ves: Thanks for putting up the picture of the SB group. It's great to put faces with names.

It's getting late and I apologize for not responding to all.
Poopsie Bubblekisser needs her beauty sleep. That name just rolls off my tounge and it really fits my personality!

Nighty - night,
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Old 03-26-2002, 02:02 AM   #39  
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Height: 5' 7"

Default Past my bedtime..*smile*

Good evening everybody. I didnt' get to work out till late so here I am past my bedtime reading all the posts. As always since I've joined I'm enjoying all your posts. I'm gonna try and use my memory to answer the questions ya'll asked...LOL That could be scarey. *smile*

Debbie...sorry about not explaining that our yearling is our newest Mare. She is a Belguim horse. We have three mares. You think women with pms are bad..LOL My daughter is a horse person.

I don't know that I'm a good example to the SB WOE...what I mean is..I dont count anything...I didn't know there were cool things on the market that you Agave...I don't even know what it is but I sure would like to know..please. What is it and where do you get it.

I graze a lot. In the summer I keep cauliflower around all the time. It's my favorite because it's crunchie and really satisfies the munchies. One of my favorite recipes is to cook cauliflower till soft and add olives and tomatoes. I am so bad I can't eat it as a side has to be the main course. Another favorite is guacamole...

I drink water....water...and more water. This winter my water consumtion went down and so did the weight loss.
During the summer and early winter I had no trouble because there were tons of fresh veggies. Winter was sooooooo hard. I hope next year I am better prepared with food ideas.

You know what one of the best things about losing the weight has been...I can tie my own shoes again. *smile*


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Undercover Diva
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S/C/G: 242/ticker/175

Height: 5'6"

Default Thank God It's Tuesday...

OK... yesterday was singlehandedly the WORST birthday of my entire life. I had to clean the house, do the dishes, laundry... spend hours at the ballpark, my hair looks like crap, I got hit in the lip with a door... then DH and I argued and he didn't even go get my dinner I wanted, so I didn't even eat anything but a cup of cereal yesterday. I just went to bed without dinner.

I'm officially requesting a birthday do-over. The last one sucked.
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Old 03-26-2002, 07:28 AM   #41  
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Beth- Sorry you had such a bad day

Pooch- I LOL re: sharing your DD's clothes; mine is 15 and we are hitting a similar point. We are about 5 pounds apart right now and I'm still heading down

She's been in serious denial but I think when she bought some size 5 jeans this weekend (the same size as the ones I just bought, still a bit tight on me for public display) it started to sink in!

Hope everyone is having a good week; I about killed myself on UB yesterday so I'm actually looking forward to cardio today.

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Old 03-26-2002, 08:27 AM   #42  
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Default Tuesday Quickie!!!

Hey Everybody!!!

I have a question that I keep forgetting to ask. Has anybody ever heard of an amino acid called 5HTP. It's supposed to help people who have trouble sleeping or have depression. A friend of mine is really struggling with the sleeping aspect and has tried just about everything. Since she knows I have this GOLDMINE OF KNOWLEDGE at my fingertips from the people on this board, she asked me to post about it. She wants to know if any of you have tried it or heard of it and what you know. Thanks, friends. I'm eager to see if any of you know anything about it.

Also, FILLISE, have you checked out that calorie number with her highness? Because I think she's going to say YOU AREN'T EATING ENOUGH. But then again, I could be wrong. I can't remember what you weigh, but I'm thinking that you need more. What do you think, DEB???? Am I right????

Well, gotta go. Gotta make Paully his morning smoothie. We are ADDICTED to them!!!!!

Hugs to all,
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S/C/G: 257/169/155

Height: 5'6"

Default Good Morning All

Just thought I would drop in before I actually starting working, still waiting for the coffee to kick in (I drink decaf, probably will be waiting a long time) LOL.

Quilter, Glad to see someone else is hooked on smoothies. My DH wants one every day. I try not to overdo them though.

Pooch, I feel ya on the DQ issue (as my 19 year old would say). They do have a NS added dilly bar. Haven't tried them yet, afraid to get hooked. Have enought trouble with the NS added ice cream I get at the grocery. Really have to make myself not eat it too often. I also have been wearing my daughter's clothes. She really hates it, doesn't like to share. Makes me feel good though. Wish she would come over to our side. She needs to lose about 30 and needs to do so before her wedding 14 months from now. Maybe she will soon or later. One good thing though, my coworker is doing SB with me and she gave me 2 pair of pants that she can no longer wear. It helps because I hate to keep buying clothes I have been going down a size in about 2 months time. (Don't you just hate that).

Beth, Hate to hear you had such a bad bday. What a bummer! Pick another day and we will pretend it's your bday.

Jred, hope you are feeling better. I agree with you about this being a WOL instead of a diet. My boss asked me the other day how much longer I have to stay on this diet. I told him the rest of my life. It's not too bad though.

Gottabeme, Loved your idea for Take it Off Tuesday. Inspired me to work a little harder tonite on my exercies. Maybe I can get another pound off by WIW.

Tree, thanks for explaining the name game. I was really confused. Must have missed that post. BTW, my new name is BUTTERCUP GIZZARD LICKER. Doesn't really suit me. Your's suits me better.

Judy, I take a few vitamins. Don't take what I should because I take so many other meds and I'm not a pill person so I hate to take them. I do take B6 for my carpal tunnel, Calcium, E, and I have to take folic acid to counteract my meds. Must husband takes about 10-15 a day though. Big believer.

Country, I eat 3 meals aday. With a snack in the morning. Maybe a snack at nite, but not to often.

Well, the boss is hovering so I better get to work. Check in later.
Have a great day everyone!
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Good morning everyone...It's me... I've been lerking and finally decided to post again. Have been in a depressed state since February. So starting over again!

Tree... I have a winner of a new name according to your post are you ready.... Dinky Diaper Tush! Not so sure about the dinky part LOL!! It probably should be droopy!

I have been tracking my food on fit day for the past week and I can't seem to get enough protein in. This is apparently my problem. Seem to do ok with the fat and carbs. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Debelli - Harry's in Peachtree City closed, From what was on the news he is closing several stores in the atlanta area; I went by the Peachtree store the other day and it's gone. I though it was doing great.
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Default Booger Gigglehiney checking in!

I spent a long time composing a post,and my stupid Explorer decided there was some error and had to close....grr! Sometimes I hate computers!

I wanted to pontificate on vitamins. Here is what I take daily, and why:

*Twinlab daily one without iron- all around good vitamin/mineral supplement. I use the no iron cause there is a direct correlation to high iron stores and heart disease. Since my hubby takes them too, I don't want to do anything that might endanger his health.
*one or two 500mg time release natural vitamin C- promotes healthy bones, connective tissue(I have lupus, I need this esp!) also helps the absorbtion of calcium and wards off illness.
* calcium, magnesium and zinc to =100%RDA- ALL women should take calcium. Osteoporosis is preventable with good calcium intake and weight bearing exercise. Calcium will also help leg cramps, and regulate blood pressure.
* 400 mg vitamin E - water soluable, mixed tocopherol- great antioxidant properties, promotes healthy cardiovascular system, good for the nervous system, etc.
*2 500mg evening primrose oil -standardized- this helps with the symptoms of PMS, also promotes other healthy hormone systems, as well as helps BP.
*CoEnzyme Q10- helps BP, and metabolism.

My husband also takes Echinachea. I can't since I have lupus, but he has not had a cold or gotten sick in two years since he started.

I think everyone one should take a good quality multi and all women should take calcium. You may be eating well, but you are limiting what you eat more than likely to lose, and you will do better, and feel better with adequate vitamin and mineral intake. I can tell when I forget my vitamins. We have tried all kinds of supplements through the years, since my hubby has a degree in biochemistry, but if we do not see a difference, we will not continue it. The above list has remained pretty constant for me for the past few years.

QUILTER: I have heard of 5HTP, but not much. The supplement I hear that helps sleep is melatonin. St. John's Wort is supposed to help mood. When using herbs look for a standardized compound. At least then you know it is tested and delivers the amount of herb it claims.

TREE: Thanks for the recommendation of "Somewhere in Time". I will get that one too. I like to read romances too. I have a kind of obsessive addiction to them. If I find an author I like, I have to read ALL their books. Right now, I am driving myself nuts trying to read all of Marion Chesney's novels. They are light, silly, and sometimes poorly written, but there are a few good ones. Her series are her best works. She has more time to develop characters. My all time favorite author though is Loretta Chase. Her books are fab!

FILLISE: Yes, there is a Harry's about two blocks off from Gwinnett Place. It is over by Costco and Dave and Busters. If you are going to be in that area, by all means let me know. It is very close to me, and it would be fun to have some real time with others from the board.

BETH: I hate bad birthdays, so I am with you. Happy Birthday, again! Have a great day today! Everyone deserves at least two birthdays! You could do it Alice in Wonderland style! A very merry UNbirthday, to you!

Ok...time to get something done. Have a good day everyone!
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