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Default Monday Motivation

I just received this and thought it was an excellent Monday Motivation....

Today's thought is:
"Life by the mile is a trial; by the inch it's a cynch."

In the past, we got into trouble when we thought we had to have
our lives mapped out forever. That just did not work.

We need only deal with the problems and joys of today. If we try
to see too far ahead, we lose touch with the reality of the here and
now. The Lord lets us know what we need to know when we need
to know it.

What seems impossible when looked at in total—writing a book,
putting the children through college, abstaining for the rest of our
lives—becomes manageable when worked at step by step, day by

So many of the things we worry about never happen. How much
better it is to concentrate our energies on the real demands and
challenges of today, insignificant as they may seem. When we
turn our lives over to our Higher Power, we trust Him to manage
the master plan and to direct us in the small details of living each

Food for Thought by Elisabeth L. copyright 1980
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aka Zippy LiverFace
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Default Zippy Liverface checking in.

Zippy Liverface checking in. I was Snotty Burgershorts on the other Captain Underpants e-mail I got. I think I like being Zippy much better.

I 'zipped' around our loop here twice yesterday - almost 8 miles long and it took me 2 hours 12 minutes. My ankle and hip were sore as all get out yesterday, but today I seem to be fairing okay. Meister road his bike for 30 miles in about 1.5 hours - had time to come check on me before heading home to take a shower. I was prepared with my cell phone in case I couldn't make it home.

PUBLIX has Unprocessed Bran on the cereal isle. Meister and I bought a box and made the recipe for the Bran Muffins on the back of the box substituting SGWW flour and Agave in the recipe. It uses unsweet applesauce and we added raisins to Meisters 1/2 of the batch. They are YUMMY!!! And NO DOOKIE HOWSER PROBLEMS with these puppies! I'll try to get the recipe posted this week - with a few others I've been remiss in posting. BUT if you have the box at the groc. store I HIGHLY recommend it!!

We got word from the breeder that Billie is INDEED Preggers and due in May. She said to keep in touch - so do we call/e-mail each week or so just so she doesn't forget about us? Send her our bazillion questions or lay low until May? Anyone gone through all this formality for a pet?


ZANNE I get like that ~ especially around TOM. Just nothing at all fills me up or satisfies my hunger. This past month Vince was blaming me for his bout with that. He said it was sympathy PMS.

FILLISE You've motivated me to start tracking everything again in Fitday. I was sooooooo bad last week that I decided to 'officially' detox - not only sugar, but everything - so Meister and I are doing the Zand's Detox Program from GNC. We got 2 1-week supplies for $25 and started Saturday night. So, hopefully, I'll be good and stuck on that wagon! CONGRATS ON YOUR NEW ALL TIME LOW!!!! At this rate you'll be passing me by soon.

FROG Glad to hear things are getting settled with GM. I knew SEF would have some great insight for you.

DEBBIE TELL LAUREN WTG!!! Hot Diggity Dog! She just continues to shine! I'm so jealous that you and MEL get to spend time together! Make sure you take pictures of the two of you and your buff bods! Don't know what to put on the poll. I was always TREATED as if I had a weight problem - I used to hear some of the meanest comments from my family, but looking back at the pictures now - I don't think I had a weight problem at all. A Marilyn Monroe figure, but, nothing near the obesity problem I was lead to believe I had. I'd actually kill to weigh what I weighed in high school and most of college when I thought I was fat. I sometimes wonder if I would be this size now if I hadn't spent my whole life trying to be smaller than I was when I thought I was fat.

MEL CONGRATS ON 12 WEEKS ON BFL! I read the books, but not ready to jump on that wagon yet. I haven't even been faithful to SB and need to step up on the training for the half marathon. You'll have a blast with DEBBIE!

WELCOME NEWCOMERS!!! You've found the most supportive place on the web! I'm afraid the Texans are going to outnumber the Floridians before too long and we'll be jealous of your gatherings!

BOB That was a hoot of a history lesson!

SEF Thanks for making me feel even older! I remember sniffing freshly printed tests in school. MMMMmmmmmmm, the memories!

Better get back to work!
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Little Engine That Could
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Hi all,
Just checking in to let you know that I'm alive. Wow! It's Monday early afternoon and we already have 2--TWO--whole pages on the board. I have family coming in this week, so don't know if I'll be able to keep up with the board or not. With so many pages it gets hard. I'm doing great and actually got out and walked 1.5 miles before going into the CPC today. Take care and everyone have a good week.
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Talking Happy Monday All!

Hi Gang!!! Just checking in to say Howdy. Still feel like such a rookie, not knowing anyone....but definitely feel like progress is being made. I finally hit the 10 lb. marker and that was quite an achievement, at (I think) 5.5 weeks...especially with TOM right around the corner. Still sticking to the book, but refusing to count anything (except the 3 starchy carbs and 3gram sugar limit). Hubby still at 12 lbs. and lookin' good!

Have returned to the treadmill for 40 minutes a day...the goal is 7 days a week...keeping fingers crossed. So hard during the week!

Found a new bottled drink (I am just soooo bad about drinking H20!) at Costco...called Diet ICE Botanicals. Seems to be made with sugar or carlories and they add a few vitamins like Echinacea. This shall help my fluid intake allot! (only 60g. of vitamin C). Anybody know anything about them?

Speaking of vitamins...due to some leg cramps I've been experiencing...hubby went out and bought multi-vitamins, vitamin B (for water retention), calcium and potassium for me.....So now I'm downing like 5 extra pills a day! Does everyone take extra vitamins? Personally I think the leg cramps are just muscles growing from the treadmill.....those muscles are just saying "howdy...we're back!"

I hope everyone has a great week...Happy Birthday Birthday People!!! And welcome to the Newbies!!! (does that mean I'm no longer a "rookie"????) HA

And a special LATE congrats to Debbie! What an incredible story you have and such a gift that you continue to share

Bye all...

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Thank you, thank you all soooo much for the Happy Birthday wishes. All of you have brightened my day. I needed
that since I’m mad about the weather today. I was hoping to go for a walk through the Arboretum and it is
overcast, cold and rainy. Well, I wanted a quiet birthday .

Beth: Happy Birthday! After your hair story, I am glad that I am leaving mine alone for my birthday. If it can
happen, it does with my hair. I even gave up getting perms because they didn’t turn out more often than they did.
Actually, this is going to be a very quiet choice. (I said that already, didn’t I?) Good luck on the job.

Zanne: I always enjoy reading your posts. It sounds like you are learning from your misadventures and are right
back on track. Your coleslaw comment made me remember a recipe I have that uses lots of garlic and is tart and
good. No sugar in it. I will post it soon on the recipe board.

Tree: Hi. I am so glad to see you again. Thank you for the self confidence boost.

CountryMom: Welcome Texas girl. You have done so well with this way of eating. I am glad that you found this
board. I understand about your excitement with finding others with the same interest. I too was so happy to be
able to find help and support.

Gottabeme: Welcome. My daughter follows WW and when we are together (she lives near Houston and I am in
Dallas) we combine the two programs and both of us not only enjoy ourselves but lose weight too.

Deb: The cheesecake was marvelous! I put it in a soufflé dish so it had lots of room to rise. My thin husband
loved it also. I know the ME place is open for lunch. (At least while I was there.) I will be interested in knowing
what you like to order to eat.

JRed: So sorry you are feeling under the weather. I hope your SB immunity kicks in soon so you don’t miss any

Monet: Thinking ahead, I made myself one of Deb’s famous Crustless cheesecakes. I can put a candle in that to
make a wish. Ice cream doesn’t go with that, so , I need not be tempted. The fancy French toast sounded yummy.

Solshine: Hi to another Zippy. Please do post the muffin sounds good. I am going to start my own
brand of Detox when I have to prepare for a colonoscopy that I am having done Thursday. Ha!

Judy in CA: You are doing very well. Wish I could lose these last 10 pounds in the next 5.5 weeks. I take One A
Day vitamins and also added some potassium. The leg cramps stopped after adding the potassium.

I think I have chatted enough.
Happy Day Everyone!
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Evening All

Not much to report on my end today. Thought I'd get in a post before it got too late and Eli got home. After today the posts are going to be harder for me to do, so you all have to just bear with me.

Tomorrow is my Glamour Shots appt. at 11:15am, have to drop off my car at the mechanic first though. The window he fixed works and then intermittingly doesn't, so have to get that taken care of before I leave.

If anyone would like a GI INDEX to print out just go to this site:


I think they both have the same info.

And here's a site with portions:

FILLISE, WTG on the new low! CONGRATS!!! You are right when you say there's no better motivation than seeing the scale go down!!! You're almost at the 65lb milestone

QUIV, I LOVE IKEA!!! I wish we had one down here. I've been to the one in VA and the one in Montreal-they have the coolest stuff there and so reasonable-I'm jealous! Seems everyone has all the good stores where they live, Trader Joes, Harry's in GA, I feel gipped. Good luck at the gym tonight.

BUSDEB, you think you are any different than others? When people fall off the board suddenly it's usually due to them eating off plan. BUT, that's the time you need to stay connected to the board the most, so we can help you get back on track. The longer people stay away, the worse it is, so I'm glad to see your post Loved the pic on the horse-you have a budding photographer there, I see. Have a great time on the camping trip-hope you have great weather. Nothing from TV at all. And yes, ROSALIE is doing the board for me, thanks.

TRISH, what did your son think of your new name??? I never knew this even existed!!

LDBLOND a while back BOB posted a site that has that plate you saw in the Prevetion Mag.

JACKK, I'm sure MEL and I will have a great time and I'll try my best to report our day together. I don't have any medical background, but I can't even imagine that following SB would give you any liver trouble, it's such a healthy WOE and so many Dr.'s suggest it to their patients, including my Uncle who's a very well known internist in WPB. Hope the Dr. can find out what really is causing the trouble.

SOL, or aka ZIPPY LIVERFACE! Michael loved hearing that name. What's VINCE'S name? Don't tell me you didn't figure it out either! I am so proud of you doing almost 8 miles, you are doing wonderful!! Good going on the bran muffins, I do have that bran and it's great. You should try adding it to other foods to get in more fiber, though I suspect you may be not only eating all day long, but pooping as well How exciting about the new family addition arriving in May. Any names yet?? I would say to write all the questions you think of down and deluge her all at once. Tell her it's like a new parent taking home a new baby and you have questions. I'm sure she'll fill you in on EVERYTHING. Hey, have you checked out the new "Pediatricians" for the new baby??? I too always wondered if I had stayed the same weight I was back then what I'd be like today, but you know what, I'm better!!!! Okay, maybe not the sag and flab, but the weight is. I think for the poll it would be when YOU thought you really starting having a weight problem, not what others thought. You KNOW I'm the one who said from a baby, which is true.

GATOR, you can change your page if you want-I have only 1 page showing so far. Enjoy your visit with your family.

JUDY, CONGRATS on hitting your first of many milestones! 10lbs is awesome!!! When I first started SB, actually, I had found those ICE BOTANICALS at BJ'S WHOLESALE and bought 2 cases. They were pretty good, but I didn't drink them often. Then I cut out all drinks with artificial sweeteners, soda, Crystal Light and even thos IB. ust be careful that you don't drink too much. If you see any rise on the scale, it may be due to the maltodextrin in it. I find that if I do have any Splenda in something in small amounts, I'm okay, but the couple times I've had it in large amounts the scales rise, so just keep watch if you tend to drink a good amount of that stuff. I never did finish even one case-kids ended up drinking it. I don't take vitamins, but I should, heck, I bought them to take, I'm so bad with stuff like that though. Are you drinking enough calcium? Getting enough potassium? That may possibly be why you are getting leg cramps, but not sure of course.

ROSE, once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Any dinner plans for tonight? Thanks for letting me know you and DH enjoyed the cheesecake. Curious to know if you portioned/weighed out your slice and if so, how much. If I do, it' a 2oz portion, but usually I just pig out-the problem I have!! Hmmm, when we go out to a ME restaurant I either will get chicken on the grill or a falafel plate. If it comes with a salad I'll just get it with feta on top and no dressing. Eli's going to make a bulgur and lentil dish tonight. It has onions and spices and we serve it with plain yogurt on top-it's so delicious. SOL is really into the ME food now. If you can get the book A TASTE OF LEBANON, it's the best one out there and very easy to make the recipes in the book. I'll let you know if I end up going to the ME in Hen., the kids won't go with me, they eat enough of it at home. No, they want to go to RYANS!

I KNOW someone asked about the new name thing-who was it-I tried finding the post but couldn't.

Okay gals, I'm outta here for now, may not get on til tomorrow morning and if so, it will be really quick, otherwise, tomorrow night I'll be on. Don't forget TOMORROW NIGHT IS CHAT AT 9:15PM EST!!


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Thanks all for the welcome back! Wow, there are lots of newbies here! This is a great site, very supportive, patient, and lots of times, humorous.....

Happy B-Day Beth & Rose! Hope it's a good one!

Sol - I too remember the smell of mimeographs! There's just nothing like it.

Toni48 - You wouldn't happe to have a Australian Cattle Dog/Queensland Heeler would you? <Trying to type with my dog licking my heel...> I have one, and licking is his specialty! We were trying to teach him not to mouth/bite as a pup, and he turned to licking instead. (That was NOT a good idea). Not that he doesn't nip our heels every now and again.

Fillese & Monet - have you watched "Meet the Parents" with Ben Stiller & Robert DeNiro? There's a psycho cat in there too (ok, the cat ate a ton of nicotine gum prior to going beserk). It was hilarious.

Well, akin to Zanne's craving --a couple of nights ago I dreamed I ate 3 bananas, one right after the other. While I'm doing that, my outside non-dream self is saying "you can't eat that, it's not legal". But since I've been having chronic migraines these last 2 weeks, I thought maybe I needed the Magnesium in them, so I went out and bought some. I can't say they helped as I had to supplement them with the migraine pills, a dark room, a chilled eye pack and a nap.

I have been cheating so much, which of course is why I'm back! I have to get some motivation from somewhere! I did some ballet stretches (NYC ballet workout book) to see if that would help my migraines (they're usually caused by tension and/or the weather - and there ain't no rain here!). I actually felt great afterwards, barring one stretch I shouldn't have done. So, I'll try to continue that. Maybe that will even lead to some real exercise!

Beth - are you a brunette? I was wondering because when I went platinum blond (I have dk brown hair) it took 2 FULL days to get there! That first day I had hair the color of a carrot. The second day, it was perfect. If that's the case, you need to go back and have her finish the job. Even if it isn't the case, she should be able to fix your hair, to get something that you're happy with. I just got highlights in my hair, and after they bleach the **** out of it, they add toner? to get it to the right color. And don't pay anything more for them to fix your hair. Good Luck!

Well, gotta go.
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Default Booger Gigglehiney checking in....

Wow! I did not log on for a few hours, and the posts just got away from me! I feel dazed and confused and I hope I can say all I want to say!

First off- can anyone tell me if Imitation Crab meat is ok? I know it has some starch in it, but it is very low in calories and fat and I really love the stuff, but am hesitating until I hear from some experts on whether it is ok.

What a older daughter, who is getting married, was in a foul mood today, and took it out on me. I kind of think this is her way of making it easier to leave...get everyone mad at you, and be mad at everyone and it is not as frightening. In the meantime, I am trying hard not to blast her.

DEB: There are two Harry's in Atlanta, both on the north side. I live northeast of the city, about 45 minutes away from Peachtree City. I don't know that area very well, but if you want to try something interesting, you might see if there is any activity at the state farmers market. I used to go down there and buy veggies by the case for a co-op. Boy was it cheap! I know there is some kind of Whole Foods store in the intown area off I85 but it is not close to PCity. By the way, Harry's is now owned by Whole Foods. Is this a good thing, or not?

Hubby just walked in the door...time to eat! Be back later!
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Default Good evening!

Today has been one busy day. We got our yearling's feet done for the first time today. She had to have a shot because she was too frightened. But alls good now. I"ve enjoyed reading the post and have been very motivated by todays thoughts and comments.

Jack-K I don't see why SB would be hurting your liver. I know when I was diagnosed with RA I read up everything I could. And the medicine seems to be the biggest enemy of the liver. I was healed so I didn't have to take medicine very long at all. Praying that things work out well for you.

Debelli Coldspring is about an hour and a half from Lufkin. I've even been there once. As for how I felt when I ate all that sugar. To be honest it didn't make me feel as bad as that I had let myself down. It was like as soon as I ate a couple of bites I just started scarfing both pieces.

Gracious I hope your hubby is feeling better. Praying for him.

Fillise Way to go breaking a new marker. It feels so good doesn't it...*smile*

A couple of questions

Is there anyone that doesn't eat a lot of meat?
Do you tend to eat three meals and snacks or do you munch off and on all day? Thanks for you help with these questions.

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Default Monday Evening

Hello all you Busters of Sugar!!! I am so far behind on the posts and it looks like it's not going to get any better this week. So I want to apologize right up front for ignoring you all. You've been in my thoughts . . . just no extra time to read and post. SORRY!!!

Just wanted to check in and let you know that my absence is NOT because I'm off program. My eating is going really well. I did go over on Saturday because we went out for a romantic dinner. Oooo-lah-lah. But I've been under my calorie count for most days, so I'm not too worried about that.

Keep up the good work. I promise to get on soon and answer everybody. Whew, that's quite a promise. Now I'm getting nervous. Take care everybody!!!

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Hey All

Still waiting for Eli to get home. I just did his name and he would be CHIM-CHIM DIAPER FANNY!!!

CHECK OUT THE NEW PICS ON THE PHOTO ALBUM BOARD!!!! VES posted some pics of herself and two from the last SB GET TOGETHER we had this month that BIGK sent her (as well as the rest of us). She was the only one smart enough to figure out how the heck to reduce them to be able to get them on the board-I sure as heck couldn't!! THANKS VES!!!

MONET, I haven't found a surinam that doesn't have sugar in it down here. I would love to buy some, I like it and have a great quiche recipe I could use it in as well. I don't know what else is in there besides the sugars, but I know that's why I didn't buy it. The Wild Oats near me has fresh crab meat on sale this week and I was toying with the idea of buying some. Had no clue that WF now own's Harrys. Wonder how it's changed since I was there last. Found out Atlanta is only 3 hours from Hen., so may take that way home-still not sure though. My Mom likes going through Valdosta, guess we'll see. How far are you from Harry's just in case we make a mad dash through one of them. I remember coming through GA one time from Hen. and there was one right off the highway, now if I can just remember where THAT was!

COUNTRY, okay, I confess, I'm a stupid city gal, so please explain to me what "getting the yearlings feet done" means. Your experience is exactly what I would do if I cheated with something sinful. I know that I wouldn't be able to stop at just a bite or two, I'd scarf it down and then find something else to eat afterwards, and like the Energizer Bunny, I'd keep going, and going, and going...We don't eat a lot of meat in our home, esp. with Michael being a vegetarian. When we do, we more or less use it as an accent. And me, I graze all day long when I eat.

QUILTER, glad to see your post-let us know what's going on with you girl!!!

UGH! He's not home yet, I hate eating late and it's almost 8pm-oh well, I guess I shouldn't complain-otherwise I'll be cooking!


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Thought LOOPY DIAPER-TUSH should check in..

DEB...IF you decide to go to Atlanta and down I-75...BE SURE to let me know because I can save about 1 1/2 hrs...Instead of going I-26 to Spartenburg then onto I-85 to Atlanta...Take the exit that says US 25 (GREENVILLE) to the right and stay on US 25
down the mountain until you see a split in TRAVELERS REST with the highway splitting to the left and the right....the right is the by-pass and you want to take that until you get on I-85 following the Atlanta signs....
SPARTENBURG is way out of the way going to Atlanta...If you need a rest...stop at GREEN VALLEY exit at the TEXACO on the's your typical country store and we've been stopping there for years...they have some WONDERFUL jellies and jams there....but by all means go to the FORGE MOUNTAIN JELLY CO
in H'ville...anyone can direct you to it...they have a good selection of sugar free things, but haven't checked about malitol etc...
AND DON'T FORGET WORLD OF CLOTHING>>>>> and PARRIS SHOES...and just in my honor go to BELKS

I can give you both my cousins tele & cell in Greenville if you need driving help, and her son's # in Atlanta going thru there...
Just let me know....

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Evening all. Im baaaaaaaaack! Yall musta thought I dropped off
the face of the earth or maybe got swallowed up by a big ole herseys kiss. (lol)

I went to visit my sister in Louisiana while my husband worked a turnaround. Unfortuanately my commitment to this woe got put on the back burner while I was away. I just kinda lost control. I guess in a way it was good cause obviously I wasnt ready to lose the weight and now I am. Tomorrow is a new day and I have new resolve. I know it wont be easy but Ive got to do it this time.
Ive just got to make sure my mind and body are on the same wave-length.

I sure missed this board. You guys were an inspiration, yall provided the necessary butt kicking, and just listenend when I needed an ear to vent to.

I noticed there are alot of newbies joining this board. It was pretty active this weekend while I was lurking.

Well guess I will go for now.
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DEB: If you come through Atlanta on I-85, you will practically go right by the Harry's that is near Gwinnett Place Mall, which is at Pleasant Hill road. If you think you might go that way, I am a skip hop and a jump from there, and could be there in about ten minutes. Let me know... I can give you my cell and phone number, and you can call as you approach ...
I did not notice any great changes at Harry's yet. I was disappointed when they did away with the great Asian area, but there are so many other Asian stores in the area, I am not desperate. They still have the best seafood in town.

Did a chocolate run tonight. (than means I am PMSing and HAD to have some chocolate, so I made my hubby run over with me to get some...) I keep asking at the HFS if they are going to get Agave in...they have it on order, but it is backordered. I still have four jars, as I am kind of hoarding it like a hamster...don't want to use it up until I can get some more. I am kind of interested in making another oat cake like one I made with apples recently. I think this time, I am going to make it with blueberries and see how it is. The agave was great in the apple one!

JACK-K: I am going to bet that the liver problems are from the meds you take, and not SB. I have Lupus, and I my primary symptoms are like RA. I have taken all kinds of really strong NSAIDs, and some really tore up my stomach. Since I started on LC four years ago, I have had very few flares. I have read that avoiding veggies in the nightshade family is helpful. That would be potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, and (uh oh! I can't remember the other one! I hope the doctor can help by adjusting your meds for you. I wonder if the information in Protein Power on Eicosanoids would be helpful... I think it was for me, but I can't remember what all it said. If you don't have that book, you might see if the library has it, and read it. While I am not interested in changing to a low carb diet at this point, there is a lot of great nutritional info in the book that would apply to SB as well....

COUNTRYMOM: I tend to munch a lot all day. I have heard that six small meals a day helps keep your metabolic rate up. I eat a good bit of protein, since I came to SB from Low carb...I know I feel better with an adequate amount of protein, which is a lot higher than the USDA food pyramid wants to tell me. I try to keep my ratio as 30% fat, 30% carbs, and 40% protein. To do this, I almost have to use protein supplements. Since I am hypothroid, I avoid soy in any form (it is very bad for the thyroid!) and so I use whey protein. My fav is Designer Whey, vanilla praline. A couple scoops of it in milk and you really get your protein up with no fat! I go for leaner meats and fish. I like a lot of non meat protein sources too, like cheese and beans. I think I like the beans cause I have not been able to have them for so long on LC, and now can on SB. I think I eat less by eating more smaller meals. I do keep tabs on it with DietPower, which is a program that you log your weight and food intake and exercise on. You can download a trial version of it at Sorry I am so wordy...hope some of my ramblings help!

TREE: I will see if I can find that movie. I like mindless comedies and romances. If the two are combined, all the better! My daughter works at Blockbuster, so we get free movies...she is always asking me what I want..and I never have an idea! Won't she be surprised! hehe! My all time favorite movie, while on the subject of movies, is Pride and Prejudice. I also love Emma by A&E, and Mansfield Park and Sense and Sensibility. See? I like romance! I think I will write one some day! I am sorry to hear you get migraines. I do too! Mine are very cyclic. My massage therapist told me to get in a hot tub of water and put an ice pack on my really works! Try it! Take a book and read while you relax...something about the different temps helps balance your system. Or so they say....

Ok...I need to get off here and get ready for bed. Night all! Sweet dreams!
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Happy Birthday Beth and Rose!! I hope you have a wonderful b-day.

I had too many carbs and coffee today, so I'm pounding down the water now like a madman! I plan to do a session on the treadmill later tonight, so the extra water will do me good. Can someone tell me about the chat tomorrow? Where is it and can anyone join in? Is there a web-based chatroom or does it use IRC? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!

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