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Wednesday afternoon and all day Thursday were devoted to “the prep” and the colonoscopy. I am very happy to
report that I have no problems. Everyone at the hospital was very sweet, helpful and professional. They had diet
soda for me, so, except for the sugar drip, I didn’t have to worry. I slept all aftenoon and all night and I feel ready
to tackle the day. I am not having any sugar withdrawals, so, I am thinking the drip doesn’t cause any problems.

Sef: I had Deb’s Crustless Quiche again and you are so is delicious.

Quilter: Please tell me more about the SF ice cream bars. I think having reasonable goals like you do helps keep
one focused.

Fillise: Congrats on your weight loss. Such a good idea to treat yourself. I believe I will think of a special treat
for myself to encourage me to reach a mini goal.

Catlover: Sometimes drinking the cinnamon-apple tea by Celestial Seasonings helps me with the sweet cravings.
Otherwise, I eat the Russel Stovers SF candy. Knowing I can’t eat but one serving of those keeps me in line. By
the way, my daughter is a neighbor ...she lives in Bayou Vista.

Beth: So sorry about your terrible week. You did the right thing by standing up for you son.

All of you who posted pictures: Thank you for taking the time and effort to share such wonderful memories with

A little late but I posted my Vincent’s Cole Slaw on the recipe board.

Hope you all have a great weekend.
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Smile Good Friday

It is and has been a Good Friday all around. First, got to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ at our service. It went very well. The singing was wonderful, the preaching was excellent ( of course my hubby is the preacher !) and the food afterwards was lovely too. Then I got an awesome compliment from a college student who I have not seen for about a month. She said "You look even skinnier than the last time I saw you." You know you gotta love that!!!

Oh...TOM arrived Thursday afternoon and so far hasn't brought any extra pounds with him so I am still at I rejoice about that too.

Yellowrose-Glad to hear you have no major problems and I am sure you are happy that it is over.

sef-With all the housework you are doing you will eventually pass out and stay asleep...keep cleaning girl!

Beth- You are truly having a wretched week. Sorry that you lost your job. Try to be positive though and get looking. Perhaps you will even get a better one and this will turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

Going to an Easter play this evening in Fredericton at one of the big churches there. There are 200 people in the production alone and they always put on a good show, as it were...or so I have been told. I am going with a girlfriend while our hubbies split wood. I think we got the better end of the deal, don't you?!
I won the tickets from the Christian radio station so that makes it even nicer! We will have dinner first and I am dreaming about a sirloin is going to be yummy!

Have a great Friday everyone.
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Went shopping during my lunch break and got some cute tops. My lower body still carries most of the weight so it's hard to find bottoms.

Excited to go home and see the parents and my brother. My mom isn't a sweet tooth so we'll probably not have too much candy around. Goody for me!!

I'm truly sorry for some of you who are going through some difficulties. On the bright side, spring and summer are well on there way so at least we can bank on some sunshine!

Congrats to all the losers and keep on truckin' you gainers. There's always next week!

Thanks for making my first week experience on this board a successful one. I've lost 2.5lbs and I'm going strong. I've been checking the board 3 or 4 times a day and it's really keeping me in check. Thanks guys!!

Have a great holiday!
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Hello everyone!!!

It is not a bad day here in big ole' Cinci! The temp is pretty mild, but it is cloudy ...hey, can't have it all...

I got my recumbant bike and man....I am so out of shape. I can do about 5 minutes and I am beat. On my treadmill I could do 50 minutes at about 15-16 MPM...but on the bike...WOW. Oh well! I have set a goal of 30 min by the end of April.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! We too have a Good Friday activity at our church. It is a big I am looking forward to it. My pastor said it would probably not be the best idea to invite my hubby (who is not really a Christian) so I will just take my kiddos (as usual).

Scales are still being kind....129-130. If I could grow about 3 inches I would really be happy! 5'6+ isn't bad...but 5'10" would be great!

Have a good one!

In Him,

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Default New to Sugar Busters

Hello Everyone...
I'm really new to SB - in fact so new that I dont' even have the book yet (just ordered it this morning from Amazon).
I have tried every diet imaginable since I was 12 - lost and gained this same 40 pounds probably 6-8 times...
Noticed this week with all the Easter candy that I was feeling sluggish, tired, unable to concentrate, among other things....when I cut backon the sugar I definately noticed a difference so I decided to give SB a try....
Will keep checking in...sounds like a fun group!
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Default Good afternoon all!

Welcome Toto's Mom...I've only been here at the board for abotu a week and already the ladies have been a wealth of information. And just down right nice. *smile* I've been on plan for a year this month.

WTG KIMMY! I think I would start panting after a minute..if I made it that far.

Quivordra...isn't it so fun to go out and get new stuff. There is a little senior citizens store here and I love to go get goodies there as the weight goes down. It helps the community not to mention my pocketbook.

Gracious...sounds like you had a super day. Is your hubby feeling better? It was him that was feeling poorly wasn't it? I'm still trying to remember everyone...LOL glad nothing was wrong and that you came through okay. I can't wait to check out the slaw recipe.

Let me just tell you all how wonderful your photos are. It looks like you had such a blast at the get together. Well, I've sat at this computer most of the day playing with my graphics and reading emails so I'd better get before my hinny is shaped like the chair. Have a great evening.


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Height: 5'6"

Default *GOOD* NEWS!!!!!!!!!

Well... everyone knows what a crappy week I've had... sorry to be a downer. I went and got my last check today and they were really nice to me... I think they know that I have enough *goods* on them to damage them if I leave really upset. They did short me 9 hours, which I pointed out and they are going to correct. Puh-leeze like I didn't look at my timecard before I left

Anyway... On to my GOOD news! I went to my mother in laws to pick up our new kitten. (He's a 9.5 week old mutt kitty that looks like a siamese, I'll post a pic soon... no name yet, but he was born on DH's birthday!) And you all know what I do when I go to my MIL's.... WEIGH IN!!

So... for Weigh In Friday.... I'm DOWN 4 POUNDS since last time I weighed.... about 2 weeks ago I think... don't remember. I'm a SOLID 184, and 4 pounds from my mini goal on 4/13... I can do it!!

Cutting the artificial sweetners and treats, and upping the water really worked... I lost 7 pounds the first week like that, so I don't know why I thought it would be any different today!

Anyway.. maybe this is the beginning of a better stretch.

Sunday we're going to my dad's for the Annual Easter Egg Hunt. My dad puts $$$ in plastic eggs of ALL denominations... the highest egg has a $100 bill in it!! I'm all over it this year.. I need that $$$$$$!!!!!!

Also have a lead on a Medical Transcriptionist assistant.. I can type about 85 WPM accurately, and would get GOOD money for it to work from home! Fingers Crossed and Prayers Going Up please!

Thanks so much for all the support. It feels so good to have other people tell me I did the right thing standing up for my son. Sometimes the right thing is the hardest thing, and it's a test for us. I guess I passed... I do believe that if you do what is right, you aren't punished for it, but rewarded, so I have to believe that *HE* has something more in store for me, something much better.

Have a great weekend... and a Blessed Holiday whatever you celebrate
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S/C/G: 242/ticker/175

Height: 5'6"

Default OMG

I just realized I've lost TWENTY ONE pounds!!!!!!!!! It's a milestone!!!!!!!
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I know I haven't been around this week, but I thought I'd drop in a nd say hi to everyone! Hope everyone is having a very happy holiday

Beth - I am so sorry to hear about your week - I got fired Sunday. This has just been one rough week! I am so glad you stood by your son! I sure hope he knows how lucky he is to have you for a mom!!! I'm praying that your prospect works out for you, as I know how important it is to be able to pay your bills, as well as take care of your childrens needs. BTW - how's that pinkeye?

Adron noticed the other day that I looked like I was losing weight!!! He's such a guy - I wasn't expecting that from him I have decided to be a stay at home mom now - getting fired for the 2nd time this year (by the same person) just really showed me that I wasn't where I should be. So I am going to continue working my home business, but I'm going to put a whole lotta effort into it now so we can survive on that income. Adron really doesn't want to seel his precious car, ya know....

Needless to say, this also frees up time for me to go to the gym! Adron asked that I start going for at least 30 minutes (every day I guess?) but I told him that I was working as hard as possible to get the girls Easter dresses made, and I would start next week. I am so excited about going!!!!!
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Well my precious grandkids are gone back to Colorado. Sure loved the week with them. The house is really quiet now. I haven't felt well enough to get on the treadmill but will try hopefully later today or tomorrow so by Monday I can be back on it. I won't try to write to everyone cause I'm soooooo far behind. But will have a fresh start Monday. Just wanted to wish everyone a really nice Easter....
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S/C/G: 242/ticker/175

Height: 5'6"

Default Morning :D

Hope everyone else has better weather than we do!!! We had tornado weather last night... the lightning was awesome!

We're supposed to get RAIN RAIN RAIN for the entire weekend. Guess I'll be catching up on Laundry!! I posted a new pic on the bio board of the family on my youngest son's birthday February 18th. I've lost about 8 pounds since then I think... and I think I look better now I find that in all pictures I hide behind people and only stick part of my face out hehehehe.

Somewhere I found a pic of me at Christmas.. I'll have to try and find it and get it posted... it will show the DRAMATIC difference in me between Christmas and now!

Stay Dry and have FUN everyone
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Hi All,

It is going to be a very rainy day in Dallas. I hope it quits for Easter.

Has anyone heard about polydextrose? I saw some hard candy by Fifty 50 in the store that is sugar free but has all
these chemicals. I wonder how bad that main ingredient is. I was thinking this sugar free candy might get me
away from the almonds I seem to want in the afternoons.

Beth: Finally a break for you. It was certainly time for an upward swing of “luck”. Although luck had little to do
with your hard work of losing the 4 pounds. You mentioned cutting out the artificial sweeteners and treats.
Sometimes I believe I did better before I knew about the legal treats. Thanks for posting the are sooo

Adronsgirl: Oh, bad news about your job. I am so sorry. Just think, you will now have the time to put the effort
into your home business and the gym.

CountryMom: The latest picture of you makes you look so young and quite the modern Miss and very lovely

Hope you all have a great day.
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Sorry to have been so MIA, but as DH likes to say, "Life intervened."

Just got off the phone with
DEB. She wants all to know that she made it, traffic was horrible in Florida, and (drumroll please...) she DID NOT pack her scale! When I started reading all the debate on the board about the scale I immediately picked up the phone and called her. I was LMAO about that! I will be going over on Thursay and will return home on Sat. Looking forward to a visit with her.

Have been reading and trying to catch up for over an hour. I finally quit reading at the end of Wednesday's posts. I hope I didn't miss anything major by skipping.

GM is having a little bit of a hard time adjusting to NH. But hopefully this will improve before it gets worse. As is typical, she was all packed to go home when my parents went to visit. I know this is just the beginning of her doing this MANY times. Her original roommate punched her in the stomach after about an hour together so they had to separate them. New roomate and new friend assisted in the encouragement of the "packing."

My new name is "Zippy Diapertushie"

WELCOME NEWBIES - It's great to have you here! I am usually a regular poster, several times a week plus chat, just been a little too CRAZY lately to get it all in. Look forward to getting to know you all.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! to everyone who's birthday I've missed! Beth, Yellow Rose, Monet, etc. Please forgive me for being forgetful.

I've continued to workout on my BFL plan. However, I haven't been SF. I have really been bad! DH threatened to send me to the Detox Dungeon and wanted to know if Deb had a portable one, aka trailer, that she could haul to NC! I am officially back in detox and am forgoing all the treats I've been allowing myself the past month; primarily, chocolate covered anything!

Allergy season is in full swing here in the heart of the hard woods. These trees here give me fits, but they are so beautiful. Thank heaven for antihistimines!

For those of you who know about my vulvodinia, I think it is getting worse and have a doc appt in early April to discuss options.

I really enjoyed the pics on the board from the recent get together! Looks like you all had a great time. Wish I coulda been there too!

Now I'll attempt to reply to the posts I've read!

ZANNE - Great picture on the photo board. I'll bet your energy is from exercising. That's a great feeling. How is BFL going for you? Are you seeing results as quickly as you'd hoped!

MEL - Saw your pics on L&S! WTG! Congrats on reaching your goal.

GRACIOUS - Hope that your DH is better soon!

SEF - Thanks for the info on Alz. The more I read the more I think that perhaps she does have late onset AD. Are you familiar with "busy pillows" for AD patients? The pillows that are like "Dressy Betsy" and "Dapper Dan" dolls, with laces and buttons, etc? If so, do you know where I could get a pattern for such? I would like to make some for the NH where she is.

QUILTER - Howdy! Seeing that your nickname is Quilter, can you turn me onto some good beginning quilt patterns? I want to make the tops on the machine. Have tons of fabric and supplies, just need to know what a good pattern for beginners might be. Log cabin, etc.

BETH - Sorry to hear about your unhappy birthday. I had one of those when we move overseas just before my birthday. It was soooo bad! No transportation, no currency, no plan, no hope! It was the first b-day I hadn't spent with family too. The only chance for real food was Burger King on base and when we got there it had been closed about 15 minutes! I ended up crying for 2 hours and eating junk food from a vending machine for dinner. DH just stood there dumb-founded. I also share a bad hair highlight horror story with you. Basically, don't let a man highlight your hair while he is watching basket ball, and yes, he was a professional stylist.

FILLISE - Congrats on reaching your new weight!

MONET - Love your name! Thanks for the info on Harry's. If you are that close to GP mall, maybe we can get together the next time I visit my sister or when I am driving through!

BUS - Have fun on your camping trip!

LDBLOND - Just curious as to whether or not I have said something that you found offensive. I've noticed that you've never posted a message to me, even when I've sent one to you. Hope that isn't the case. If I've hurt your feelings or something, I apologize.

SOL - I read last week that Vince hates Survivor. He was a saint to sit and watch that 2 hour special with us in O-town in Jan! WOW!!! So exciting about the puppy! Are you talking about names yet? Your progress with your walking is GREAT! You're already at over 1/2 th3 distance and it's only MARCH. "All for SOL stand up and hollar 'YEAH!'" I was looking at the pics on the board from the recent get together. I think your face (the only part I could really see) looks much slimmer. I am willing to bet that you are gaining muscle and loosing weight all in the same and that is throwing you off on the scale. Did you get an answer to the BFL question about fat loss vs. muscle gain? Did you happen to hear about Bob Greene being on Oprah. He was saying that when people first start exercising and hydrating properly that he HOPES to see as little as a 5 pound gain. The reason is that your muscles need water and when you are properly hydrated they are heavier. It takes a lot of water to be properly hydrated. If you are eating enough, drinking enough AND exercising enough, then don't worry about the scale. Look for other ways to measure your success. Keep it up girl! BTW - BP is already talking about coming back to O-town to see you guys!

BigKnightsMama - Thanks to your DD for the froggie! I saved your address and want to send her a thank you note. I know how kids like to get mail. Will do my best to get it out soon.

JUDY - Welcome. You will get to know everyone, and they you, when you keep posting and reading.

TREE - Welcome back!

VES - Loved the pics. I have a red front door too!

COUNTRYMOM - Your pics are amazing! Great transformation!

CATLOVER - Welcome back!

NASCAR - Welcome back to you too!

POOCH - Laughed at the story of the DD's clothes. She may not like it, but I bet her friend's think it's cool!

YELLOWROSE - Hope you colonoscopy was uneventful.

TRISH - Thinking about you during your shoulder surgery!

Oh my, think that is about all I was able to catch up on. Sorry for those who posted something after Wed that was pertinent.



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Thumbs down Good Saturday Morning!

Hello everyone--I hope you are having a great weekend!

Looks like Easter here is going to be a rainy mess. We haven't gotten the bad storms like the folks in the northern part of the state did--but it should be soggy from here on out. I'm having to move the kiddies Easter Egg hunt indoors for Sunday School tomorrow.

Toni and BOB--if either of you looked at my fitday journal yesterday--it is completely different now. I ended up going out of a late lunch and then had a half of bag of oat sticks for dinner. My bad! Today I'm going all fish so the protein is way up for today which will hopefully smooth out the carb overload from yesterday!

Frog--it is good to hear from you--I was getting worried. Have a good visit with Deb--hopefully she will be throught the scale detox by then--hope you are through the sigar detox too! It is hard to resist this time of year--I've got folks at the church bring me Easter treats--even though they've heard me preach about the evils of sugar 100 times! I hope I'm strong enough tomorrow to put it into the pile for the kid's Easter egg hunt!

Yellow--I have noticed that polydextrose is in a lot of SF stuff. Somewhere I saw the words low glycemic in parentheses after polydextrose on an ingredient list. More than that I don't know.

Beth--I'm glad to hear the week is getting better (it had to--right?) I'll keep you and the job in my thoughts and prayers. In the meantime--enjoy your Easter celebrations!

ADrons girl--sorry to hear about your week as well. But at least you feel like you shouldn't have been there in the first place. Good luck with the home business and staying home with the kiddies! Tell Adron--that his kids are more important than his car! (sorry, couldn't resist). He does sound sweet for noticing your weight loss--and TELLING you about it!

Have fun with the kitten--mine has been such a joy--even when she is in the dectructo-kitty phase. Belle is also a siamese mutt--but she doesn't have the coloring, just the build of a siamese.

totosmom--Welcome! I hope you will find that this is a WOE (way of eating) that you can embrace for life--and kiss those 40 lbs goodbye forever!

Quivondra--congratulations on the 2.5 lost--that's a great loss for the week! Shopping for new--smaller--clothes is so much fun!

gracious--sounds like you have had a full week! We had services both Thursday night and Friday--and then of course the big celebration tomorrow! Sounds like DH is holding up pretty well--hope he is well on the road to recovery!

OK--got to go do something (anything) today!

If I don't get to get on the board tomorrow, I hope everyone who celebrates has a great Easter! I also hope Passover has been a joyous celebration for Deb, Mel Viv, etc!

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I just posted several recipes on the Recipe Board -- ROSE -- I finally put the bran muffin recipe on there! My momma says I'm always a day late and a dollar short……just keeping up with my reputation, ya know….

[b]LADIES, the Savory Beef Sandwich recipe I posted is a crock pot recipe that is SOOOOOO easy and cheap and those Meat & Potatoes Men LOVE this dish. I've served this at both our SB Gang get togethers here and everyone seems to like it. Mr. FROG and ELI went out of their way to tell me how much they liked it.

OMG If you are having problems deciding on some menu items I suggest a cruise around our recipe boards! I've been on there for about an hour and printed out about 20 different recipes and things I've been looking for but keep forgetting to ask about - MONET I was TICKLED PINK to find a recipe for Egg Foo Yung!!! Thank you!!

BETH Keep hanging in there, Girlfriend! God's the master at making lemonade out of lemons. I agree with the consensus that you standing up for your son is going to be one of the things he vividly remembers as he ages. You did a mighty big thing! I thought I'd be at my FORMER company forever, but got laid off. I ended up with a very similar job and much better benefits! It can happen for you, too! Your pics are awesome!! Thanks for posting them - you got a mighty good looking family!

Quivondra You've got a picture on there too! I hadn't seen that! Now, if we could see what you look like when you're not ready to vamp! I don't know the answer to your question about the # of grams of carbs, protein each day. It would vary because of our weights. I plug everything into and don't really count anything but calories and then check out the pie chart on my percentages for everything else. Someone else may be able to help with your question.

GOTTAB You're right. This is like being at the Central Perk and hanging out with your friends. Not only do I always learn something, but I always feel that extra "oomph" to stick with this after reading everyone's posts.

VESNOID Awwww, thank you so much!! You are sooo sweet! Actually two weeks ago I wasn't "Miss Fit" nor was I a poster child for Sugar Busters. This is just a reminder that I can't afford to cheat or slack off. I did have my thyroid checked a little over a year ago and it was fine. I do have PCOS and I take Glucophage for it. I think between that and the fact that nearly everyone in my mom and my dad's families weigh over 300 lbs. I have a steep uphill battle. My parents aren't overweight, but they work very, very hard at it. DEBBIE eats about 1400 calories per day at her weight - I wonder if you added 200 calories each day if that would help you get to your goal quicker - espeically since you're being so active, too….

FILLISE You just wait! You're gonna be a Cover Girl for Sugar Busters soon with the way you're going! I've thought about getting my eyebrows waxed, but just haven't gotten up the nerve to do it and Vince thinks I don't need to, so I'm afraid of what he'd think if I came home with them too thin. My body must be getting old, I can't have caffeine that close to bedtime anymore, but used to laugh at people who complained about it! I love Good Earth green tea because it's got lemongrass in it and doesn't need any sweetener, but 'authentic' Chinatown Green Tea sounds absolutely special!

CATLOVER I think they say that if you cut out all sugar, all legal sweeteners and can stick it out for a few days that it will get better. Many legal sweeteners trigger sweet cravings just like regular sweets do. You're right to try the protein and almonds. I don't know what else to suggest. Maybe unsweet applesauce with triscuits?

SEF Sounds like a terrible storm!

ROSE So glad to hear that things went well for you!

ZANNE Good looking family!! Thanks for sharing with us! Isn't MARIE the best?!? I was so glad to finally get to meet her in person.

[b]TMOM[B] WELCOME! You're definitely at the right spot! I recommend checking out the links DEBBIE has posted as the first post of the Weekly Support Board each week. There's TONS of information there and our recipe boards are awesome!

ASGIRL Sorry to hear about your job situation too. What's your home business? I would LOVE to work from home. Hopefully they'll move that direction with my position, the company is 'hip' enough to consider alternatives like that. Be careful with the gym visits - they can get addictive!

FROG You are a doll! Thank you! Tomorrow I'll add another 1/2 mile to my journey. I know I'm supposed to add distance first and the time will come, but, by golly, I'd take a 30 second improvement even in my pace. I have been more faithful than ever to getting that water in. I would LOVE for that to be the issue! I have an appointment with the Endocrinologist in April and I'm sure we'll re-run my blood work then. Can't wait to see your new 'buff-ness'! I'm sure I'll try BFL next year - right now I'm focusing on this marathon….I'm also letting you, MEL, ZANNE, SEMMENS and everyone else test the waters before I jump in. I'm soooo jealous that you're gonna get to spend so much time with DEBBIE!! I know y'all will have a blast!

BKM I heard about that wreck. I'm so sorry that it's one of the Big Knight's buddies. It's so hard to handle losing a friend, but especially, I think, when you're so young. Sorry rto hear about his surgery, too. The surgery is up on Aloma? I work way down by FL Mall or I'd love to come up and visit you during my lunch break. Will you be in town on Monday night? Please do give me a call.

SLAPHAPPY Thanks for the support and the info - I'll definitely look into reading that book!

FRUIT Haven't forgotten about you! I just don't have any big envelopes around the house - I'll try to send Meister to the PO this week to get your cookbook mailed to you!

QUILTER I wanna come hear DH play sometime! (Okay, excuse to meet you in person!) Edy's (I think it's Edy's) has a new Chocolate Chip MINT ice cream and it's yummilicious!!! You can make your goals! I know you can!

WOW!! It's taken me forever to catch up and I wasn't even able to get to everyone, but I've got to clean house today. Have a great week-end everyone!
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