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Mel 01-13-2002 04:06 PM

Just lost another long post due to jumping cursor disease! so, HI! I'm here, don't have the patience to do it again, will try tomorrow.

have a good evening,


sef 01-13-2002 04:09 PM

HiedieHo All!!!!

Just a quick post. Thanx for all th nice words.

Sometimes being nice pays off, so to speak. I had a nice suprise today. The work I did last Wednesday for choir really was above and beyond the call! The director was so appreciative that she wanted to take me to lunch. So after church we went to Picadilly's. Where we met up with some other people from church. So we all got a big table and really had a good time. I thought that was so nice of Karen.

After I went to Sam's to pick up a few things, cream cheese for instance to have enough to make Deb's Cheesecake for women's meeting Tuesday. I have never seen the shelves so bare. Couldn't get a couple of things I wanted. Oh well, such is life.

Will try to check in later.

Take care, sef

THE BIG ORANGE BABE 01-13-2002 04:40 PM


BOB just spent 4hrs grocery shopping!! I did get stocked up though...I went to Albertson's and when I do that, I just get lost in there...They have so much to choose from..I stocked up on PERDUE ROASTERS ...bags of chicken tenders (geo foreman grill)
couple of roasts....They had so much buy one get one...I took advantage ;)

Beautiful again over here on the W Coast of FLA...still no humidity and the temp is in the low 70's....

DEB...It will be a while before I can get back over...I'm so broke I can't pay attention...give me time to save up some traveling money and I'll be over..you can count on that...Give ELI a big pinch for me...tell the kids hello...

SUSAN..feeling any better today?

MEL...sorry you're losing your posts...but glad to see you..

RSIMON...glad to see you back today...seems like I remember you from when I first started...

FROGGIE... have you caught your breath yet? I admire both of you for accomplishing your run..How is Puppy and Kitty today?

KIMMY...how's Paul feeling today? give him another pinch...that ought to make him feel a lot better...How did you do with your eating today?

I'm off to complete my dinner...did one of the roasters and will be putting fresh green beans with it but haven't decided what else..

Hello....Sef..Gator..Karen..Zanne and anyone else I missed...

RHONDA....were you satisfied with SURVIVOR???? Be sure to watch this week...


Rhroo 01-13-2002 06:32 PM

Good Sunday! WE got more snow here than we thought we where going to get yuck!!!!!!! oh well. No church we live 25 min from there and hubby thought it was to bad out. After the plows came i went to the shower -----what a bore huh? They had it catered soooo it was eat what they had I didn't do to bad. Also no BIG table of goodies just one cake wooo hooo and i over came! LOL.. Just another boring day dishes, kids and yelling! LOL
Everyone sounds like they are getting back on track.

Karen---hey!!!! I know what ya mean about posting a weight! I really think that if anyone wanted to know what mine was they could figure it out! LOL I know what i weight thats all that matters right?

BOB- I was happy with the ending of Survivor. Ethan is from my home state! actually a girl i know works at a school where she says he dated a girl that works there! HMMMMM!! I think Kim really messed her chances up when she didn't go up against Lex! Who knows right?!! I will be waiting for the next one!

Gotta go get these kids to do there homework and bathe the little one! its almost bed time woooooo hoooooooo!!!


Frog Lover 01-13-2002 07:37 PM

Sick Girl Report
Boy Howdy what a weekend this has been! Spent ALL day on the couch yesterday with a fever, chills body aches, dizziness, the works! Fever broke last night and I am better today. What a lovely way to spend the last 3 days of my vacation.

Well, concerning the vacation... Certainly the highlight was getting to meet the ladies from the board! What a warm welcome SOL gave us! DH and I were the first to arrive. Vince opened the door and I said, "Are we at the right place?" and he said, "I don't know, where are you supposed to be?" We liked him instantly. Then SOL comes in to the room. I'm here to tell you that this girl GLOWS! It's as if she's swallowed a light bulb! Their place is great and exudes good "love" vibes! Next came DEB and Eli, two truly magnificent and loving people. BTW - Vince and Eli are excellent huggers! Eli wowed us with some cappucinos later in the day. DEB comes in looking like a Jewish Santa Claus, loaded with gifts, food, personal items to share, etc. And lemme tell ya: REGARDLESS of what DEB says, she is a teeny little thing. She is honest when she talks about what she describes as her problem areas, and honestly I don't think there is a chance that anyone will ever get her to see herself as WE see her, but that doesn't matter, it is how DEB feels about herself that is important. I like her for who she is and not about to attempt to change her, just like teasing her about it.

GATOR, ZSU and BKM also arrived with arms loaded with d-lish dishes. DH enjoyed his opps to get to know ZSU and GATOR over lunch and dinner. BKM and I chatted at lunch and I apprecaited the heartfelt advice she offered regarding handling Spewer. {{{HUG}}} Thanks BKM! All of these ladies were so great to get to talk to face to face and to know on a more personal level.

If you have board members near you or you are traveling near some, YOU MUST GET TOGETHER! It is a meaningful experience! My DH is a pretty private guy and can be a tough nut to crack. Being part of a board like this would NEVER be his thing, much less, meeting "strangers" met online. But he was truly overwhelmed at the graciousness and kindness exhibited all of you! Thanks for making him feel welcome too.

Well... many of you know that I have been nursing a "sad toe" :cry: and problems with my right iliotibial band (ITB). You'll be happy to know that neither bothered me on race day, however I am going to lose that toenail (Yummy) - just hope that it grows back in time for sandal season. My LEFT ITB decided to act up instead and plagued me the ENTIRE race! It started hurting when I would transition from running back to walking, and the longer I ran the more painful the transitions became. By mile 23 I was whincing in pain, by 24 I was crying and ran most of the last 2 miles, completely ignoring the need to walk because it hurt to much to get going again. I guess I cried most of the last 2 miles. Such a pretty site! I was really dealing with it pretty good until about mile 22 or so. One of the Red Cross officials on the course at about mile 24 was offering me assistance and glucose tablets! I stopped at the medic tents about 4 times for Tylenol and muscle rub that just washed off as fast as I could rub it on. I also had to stop and stretch as often as I could, but once it began to MONSOON on us I would have had to sit in a water puddle to sit and stretch. That brings us to the rain factor. I have NEVER run in rain like that! OMG it was a deluge! :eek: When you're in rain like that your shoes become soaked and weigh much more than normal and your feet NEVER dry out. In fact, it was kinda funny, when DH and I took our shoes off at the finish line our feet were steaming! Literally!!! :lol:

My time was slower than I had hoped for, but given the circumstances of pain and weather, I will take the 30 minute improvement in my time. Overall, I have so much to be thankful for, and proud of. I think this one means more than the first one because of the pain demons :devil: I had to battle and the comeback I've made with my weight loss. It is also meaningful to know that others have been inspired to take on a distance event as a result of this.

I was THRILLED! to see those glow-sticks waving in the dark at the start and AMAZED that DEB and SOL were willing to get up that early :yawn: to see the start! But is an exciting thing to see and always makes me weepy. It was so motivating to keep going knowing they were out there scanning the crowds for us and wishing us well. I was hoping they weren't getting soaked in the rain as we were, but I think poor Eli got the worst of that! I know they wanted to be at the finish line, but it's probably a good thing they weren't. I was very emotional, openly sobbing after I crossed the finish line. I think if y'all had been there I would have lost it BIG TIME! It is such an emotionally charged event.

We enjoyed a short visit with DEB and Eli on Sunday evening. She brought some awesome frog house shoes, a gift from her and SOL. My energy zapped, I feel sure that my excitement over such a thoughtful gift wasn't conveyed. SO thanks again guys! DH and I had fun watching the Survivor finale with SOL and Vince in the lobby. The salad was great and much appreciated after a week of "Disney food."

One evening after we came back from the parks we were happy to hear that we had a package in the lobby. It turns out to be the posts that SOL had printed for me to read. It was GREAT to read what was going on with everyone. Many of your posts made me smile and laugh out loud.

DH and I went to EPCOT on Monday and hobbeled around on tired and sore legs. We looked like all the other marathoners in the parks. My feet were swollen for several days and my knee hurt about that long too. By Wed we were in pretty good shape and could move around a lot faster. :D By Thursday I was getting sick, DH had had a shorter bout of this crude earlier in the week, and was soo tired. We left Animal Kingdom after only a few hours to go home and sleep before SOL and Vince came over. Friday was nothing more than agony in the car. DH drove and I slept most of the way home. We pulled into IL's town and got the Pup and headed home. I've slept in the guest room the past 2 nites "sick bay" and hope to finally get my first nite in MY bed in over a week. Ahh, the simple pleasures in life.

DEB - Thanks again for everything! When are you coming to NC? I want to get it on my calendar. :cool: Hey to ELI! Remember to register early for the 1/2 marathon. Registration for it closes before June. I wouldn't wait past April if I were you guys. It's Sunday nite... do you know where your scale is?

SOL - You go girl! Run that 1/2 marathon if you want. I was looking at your numbers (weight) and you are not that far from where I was at the beginning of 2001. You could easily continue to lose weight while you exercise, while also building your fitness level and increasing your distance. I estimate that I ran the 2000 marathon at about 170 and ran this one at 150. You saw for yourself the different body types and fitness levels in the race. Aim high, I can tell that you are a person that can do what she wants once she sets her mind to it. I agree with ZSU about working on your distance and then going for time. You will eventually get faster as you become more comfortable with the longer distances. Also, don't address every workout the same way. All don't have to be the same distance or at a faster pace. You may find that you will benefit from moving faster for 2 miles on day and then slightly slower for 3.5 on another. But the most important thing is just to move your body! I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT and I'm proud of you for setting the goal. And if you and DEB and any others are there then I will be too! See my note to DEB about registration.

GATOR - Sorry I didn't link up with you on Sunday. I appreciate you making the effort. Thanks to your DH too, it was great of him to come to dinner Sat nite. Look forward to seeing you next Jan.

BOB - GIRLLLL You betta be there next year! We won't be having any snow storms or family vacations to hold you back! NO EXCUSES. I know you have been on a bit of a see-saw with your weight, but I am most proud of you for stopping smoking, that is the single healthiest thing you could do for yourself. Now that that is behind you, you can focus on some other part of your health. Tackle these vices one at the time. I, for one, am certainly in your corner! Hang tough, if you can quit smoking you can do anything! Regarding the canine and the feline, thank heavens the feline isn't put off by my illness (Dixie HATES coughing!) because she has been my buddy the past two days. She had 2 friends come and check on her while we were away. She stayed inside on the front porch and looked happy to see us. Dixie goes back to the vet tomorrow morning for repeat bloodwork to see if her liver enzymes have improved.

FILLISE - Sorry to hear about your back. Hope that you are feeling better soon. Thanks for your kind thoughts.

QUILTER - SOO happy to see you back on the board. You have been missed by all us old gals.

EVERYONE ELSE - There is no way under the sun I can respond to all the events on the board and all the 8 pages of posts. Thanks again to all the well wishes and cheers. Welcome newbies. You've found your way to a great group of friends.

Well, time to go stretch out on the couch again. Hope you all have a great week.

THANKS AGAIN to the online :angel: s that you are!



j red 01-13-2002 09:55 PM

Thanks so much for the info, Deb and for reminding me about the other board. I didn't even think about looking there.

The funk was a little better. Have you ever had the pastor's sermon hit you right in the face? Well, that's what happend to me today. Our music was quite inspiring and singing the anthem that we did makes me cry, anyway. That, combined with the way I was feeling and the message just made the tears flow. I know the ladies sitting next to me must have wondered what in the world was wrong. So, I have to remember what I heard today and do just what he said and get myself feeling good again.

I do hope this is not the taste of things to come (THE CHANGE!:lol: ) My DD has raging hormones and mine are waning.:p

Hope everyone has a great week. We'll be busy but have a long weekend to look forward to.

Take care,

Debelli 01-13-2002 10:23 PM

Evening All:wave:

Thought I'd try to get in a post before I hit the hay. Eli and I had a nice day out. My Sister decided to invite herself to go with us today, so we had an extra passenger with us. She wanted to run around to all the places we go to up in Broward, plus, I owed her lunch at Ole Ole, so she got her b.day present, about 7 months late! I ate entirely too-too much today, and boy, that scale is up (yes FROG, I sure do know where my scale is!!!!). Mom and Dad came by later and I fed them (no, I didn't cook, Eli did-want my parents to live a long healthy life!).

KAREN, we go to a place that sounds similar to North Farms, it's called BARGAIN BUSTERS, but my Mom and I call it the DIRTY FOOD STORE. Years ago, you'd have to take a wet nap with you to clean your hands after going in there-thank goodness it's cleaner now, but that name has stuck and that's what we call it. Sometimes you can find some great stuff, other times, it's a bust. Hey, at least they had the agave! What was the price you had to pay for it??


SEF, that was a nice thank you you received. The way you work, they should give you a car!!!!;)

BOB, 4 hours? What the heck do you do for 4 hours at a grocery store? Do they have a STARBUCKS there? You know, it's just a tank of gas you need to come here-no one says we HAVE to shop and spend money, how about just coming for some R&R, and a little DETOX DUNGEON activity:s:

RHROO, it was in the low 80's here today! You can keep your snow, but can send about 10 degrees down here to me;)

FROG, glad to see your post, though not happy to hear you're still feeling under the weather. You are so sweet with the words you say, not only about myself, but the rest of the gals. I couldn't of said it better what you said about SOL and the way she glows, she's positively delightful! You made me laugh about the Jewish Santa Claus! You are right, it's hard for me to change my thinking about myself-see you haven't seen me naked standing in front of a mirror-my clothes hide all those flaws that are there. I'm sure, come Oct and seeing me in my skivies are sure to reveal some of those trouble spots-oh boy, you better bring some barf-bags!!!!!

JRED, glad to hear the funk has lifted! :D

Well, it's bedtime for Bonzo here. I'll post the new board in the morning. Please remember, it's MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY so if you have any inspiring words, stories, or quotes-please try to post them tomorrow!

Have lots of info to post for you all tomorrow-some important, some exciting! So, til tomorrow....

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