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sef 01-12-2002 01:53 PM

HiedieHo All!!!

It is a miserable, dank, hurting day! I decided I needed some sunshine so sat down to read the board. You girls always make me feel better. Even when someone says they are having a pity party, or griping, it just makes me think, "See you're not having such a lousy day!"

To all of you who had nice things to say about my volunteering. Let me tell you a couple of things about myself. 1) I'm a fraud. In public I try to cha-cha-cha, when I get home I can't hear the music any longer and try to rest and take care of me. 2) You don't volunteer for the praise, you do it because you know for your work experience that volunteers are desperately needed in all fields. They make the world go round.

Sometimes you have to find your niche. I wanted to volunteer at the community theater. I ushered once and wrote an article for their newsletter that received praise. But when I offered to usher or write again, they said they would be in touch, then said so and so could use help with PR but nothing has come of it. I think they are truly looking for people who can do physical work such as set painting and that's beyond me. They also seem to be a very close knit group which can cause problems. Maybe I'm just not pushy enough.

At any rate, I still have my church and choir activities, nursing home and Habitat. Habitat is taking me to a site PR with newspaper and would like me to write a weekly column for paper as well as newsletter which they try to get out whenever they can. We will see what develops. So thank you for kind words, I just do what I think needs to be done if possible.

SHEANN - We now have our men's olympic team. I don't think Todd will take gold though, he doesn't really have the quad and that is what it takes now. I think our best bet is Goebel (sp?) but he'll have a tough time against the Russians. I watched last night and there's more all this week. Love to watch the Olympics too.

QUILTER - Okay the numbers shocked you! But you stated all the things you have to do to get over that shock. Go for it girl!!!!! You have the power!

The wake was for the father/husband of church memebers.

CAT - You learned something I knew from my hard knock lessons in life. Freezers don't stop temptation. It's just too easy to zap things. Also some things taste pretty good frozen or half frozen. I think our best is the garbage disposal!!!

FROG - Glad you are home safe if not sound. Hope you feel better soon, can't wait for your post on your adventures!

Sat here long enough. Will try to check in later, hope all is well.

Take care, sef

Fillise 01-12-2002 02:10 PM

Me again
Hey everyone,

I've been playing around on the web and downloaded some cool files for my PDA. One of them is food values, proteins, carbs, calories, etc. If any onf you use a plam OS handheld and are interested the link is:



THE BIG ORANGE BABE 01-12-2002 02:36 PM


It's BEAUTIFUL over here on the West Coast of FLA today..low 70's....no humidity....trade winds are behaving themselves....;)

Ran to the grocery to pick up a few things...have a couple of london broils in the oven and a PERDUE ROASTER thawing to fix tomorrow...trying to fix things that I can have for left overs to take for lunch. I"m going to fix Debbie's quiche tomorrow to have for breakfast...just need to pick upa few salad fixings tomorrow when I do the BIG SHOPPING :dizzy:

I agree with KIMMY on the numbers thing...There used to be a person on this board who was very pushy and she always made it a point to direct something toward my never putting my numbers in my signature. I lost about 35 pounds originally on SB and then for what ever reason or another...(lately it's been quitting smoking) I've just not done especially well with my eating. I've made up my mind though that I'm going to do it this time...I'm now almost 10 full months not smoking, and the cravings have subsided...I've managed to raise my cholesterol considerably by eating all the chocolate a woman could ever want...I've neglected totally eating healthy, and OH....MY....GAWD.....IT'S...TIME....TO....DO...SOM ETHING...ABOUT...IT....AND....STOP...MAKING...EXCU SES!!!!
The one good thing is that I don't have to go far for the support that I need....YOU'RE ALL RIGHT HERE!!!! :^:
For all of you NEWBIES....you will learn in time just how great everyone is on this board...there will always be someone here to help...

Susan....hope you're feeling better...AREN'T DRUGS GREAT???

SEF...You do A LOT of good for A LOT of people...take a bow!!! YOUR DESERVE IT!!!

FROGGIE glad you and the DH are home safe and sound..I know that DIXIE is glad to see you...how about the cat??? Fix yourself a HOT "SHINE" TODDY ...sit down and put your feet up....you'll be fine in no time!!

SUE...glad you're in a better mind frame...it's not worth giving yourself a stroke over...

MEL...GET SOME REST GIRL!!!! You're gonna end up sick yourself...

GATOR...you're going to have so much culture that we're not going to be able to keep up with you...Glad you're spending more time with your daughter...did you ever get her to quit smoking?
What are your thoughts on the new coach?

MISSY....thanks for the funnies...I've passed them along to everyone...

MARIE...how's your weather up there? I've never been a fan of curry, but I have a friend who says I've never eaten it correctly.
I'm just now getting to like THAI food...
I love concerts...wish I could get to more...

DEB...Isn't this weather great???? Have you heard from Nancy today? We're going to have to get her back on the board full time..Guess I better practice what I preach huh?

Later gals...I'm trying to get all my laundry done from my trip..I've been doing it in shifts...


rlsimon 01-12-2002 02:42 PM

The Prodigal Daughter
Hi everyone!! I'm an ex-board member who has lost her way. It's been so long - I can't even remember my old userid so I had to create a new one!! :lol:

Anyway - other than Deb (I am thrilled that you reached your goal) - I don't know anyone here but am looking forward to making some new friends

I am hypoglycemic and basically out of shape. Only about 5-10 lbs overweight but not feeling healthy right now. Want to recommit to Sugar Busters as of today.

I live in Westminster CO, have been working as a software developer at Qwest (formerly USWest) - for 24 years (actually the first 9 were at AT&T). My new job location requires that I drive about 45 mins each way - so they let me work at home twice a week which is great.

Great to see that this board is so active and you are even meeting each other. Maybe next summer (if Qwest ever gets
their profit back and pays me a decent bonus...
:D :D

Ricki Simon

THE BIG ORANGE BABE 01-12-2002 02:46 PM

SUSAN...that site looks great, but I don't have a PP...do you know if it's available anywhere to download on my computer?


The Quilter 01-12-2002 03:57 PM

Hey Everybody! Hope you all are having a relaxing weekend.

DEB---Thanks for your words of encouragement. I firmly believed and am enrolled in what you are saying. I should focus on something other thanthe scales right now. I canít imagine you being 18.5 pounds smaller than you were in last March. You were tiny THEN. So you must be super tiny NOW. Good for you!!! What a great reward for all your hard work. Your carpool friend probably has rolls of flab; sheís just a master of disguise. And maybe sheís been at that weight a longer time. The longer you are down in these low numbers, the more of your flab will go away. Right? Isnít that the way itís supposed to work??? I sure hope so for all our sakes. LOL

SOL---Youíre the best!!! Ilove the bit about ďgot the t-shirt.Ē Yes, Iíve been noticing that my diamond is a bit snug. Thanks for the warning. Because I donít even want to have to get it altered. I am definitely going to take your advice and use my clothing as a guide. That half marathon sounds really inviting and fun. I walked a 5-mile walk for breast cancer research in October and that was a piece of cake. Of course, I hadnít started to gain all this excess yet. It was so much fun. three friends walked with me. It was a great day. We crossed the river into northern KY and looped back around to the OH side. Anyway, keep up your work and your 3.5 loop and youíre surely to continue with your success.

ROSALIE---Thanks for the words of encouragement. Whatís the old adage . . . slow and steady wins the race. I need to focus in on the steady part.

FILLISE---I know itís not the same thing, but I had to have shots in my neck when I was having my thyroid cysts biopsied. They called it fine needle aspirations. I was pretty nervous and squemish about somebody jamming a needle into my neck. But it was really not bad at all. I think I had that procedure done three times before having the surgery and it wasnít something I dreaded. Of course, I donít know anything about how your steroid injections will be. But just wanted to offer some words of encouragement from someone else whoís been jabbed in the neck. But Iím keeping my fingers crossed for you that you find an alternate treatment that does the trick. Also . . . thanks for the link for the palm products. Thatís great! Canít wait to see whatís there.

SEF---Yippee for you. You know I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED your comments about volunteers. They sure are wonderful in our organization. Each time a train a group of new tutors, I tell them about a zillion times that they are equal to gold. No, more precious than gold!!! You are right when you say that vols make the world go round. Itís amazing what great things can occur when someone gives a couple of hours a week. Okay, Iíll get off my soap box now. Let me say that the community theatre screwed up BIG TIME!!!! There was a good reason why you werenít supposed to be there. And itís probably better for you that you arenít with them. But boy, did they miss out on a gem. Their loss!

Well, BOB---I am agreeing back with you. You are so right!!! Itís time to do something!!! I emailed Deb and told her about Bob Greeneís latest book called get with the program. He talks about how important the first step is which is to get your MIND IN PROPER ORDER. He give you this quiz of questions, like Do you procrastinate? and Do you think as soon as you lose all the weight you need to you will be happy? Then he helps you work through each of these questions with writing activities. It makes perfect sense to me. I think we are both getting our MINDS in order so that we can get our BUTTS IN ORDER. I wish I were your neighbor so you could invite me over for dinner. Yummy. Iíll bet Skeeter boy is drooling with all the good smells coming out of your kitchen. Eat well and eat healthy. You are motivating me to get to the store and get something for the crock pot. Last week I put a turkey breast in the crock pot and cooked it all day. Boy was it moist!!! And so tender. We had turkey on our salads for a few days then I made a huge pot of turkey noodle soup. Wonderful!!! Soothing to the soul.

RLSIMON---Welcome back. If you have been lurking long youíll know that many of us are back from a wee bit of a vacation. Yours was just a little longer. Itís SO GREAT that you are treating yourself to a healthy lifestyle and a healthy way of eating. GOOD FOR YOU!!!! You know that we are all here to help each other and you will get tons of support from us. Good luck! Get those cupboards cleaned out and get your SB legal stuff in them.

Well, I think Iíll take BOBís cue and get my shoes on and get to the store. Iím thinking maybe a good sized pork or beef roast. My honey is sick. Heís been in the bed since Tuesday and I think itís time to get him some good protein to kick his butt in gear. Yummy. Do we have a good barbecue recipe??? Just wondering.

Take care everybody.

j red 01-12-2002 04:12 PM

Sunny Saturday
It's Saturday and I feel sorta down in the dumps. Can't really say why, just sad inside. Can't even say it's cabin fever because we are having beautiful weather. I just don't want to go out and enjoy it.

I lost another pound and am about to break into the 160s. Deb, tell me again how to figure out the calorie intake I need to keep losing weight and from going into stavation mode.

Fellise: I'm praying for you, too. My mom had a disk problem in her neck and I know how much pain she was in before the surgery. Hope you feel better.

Frog: Welcome home and congrats on your accomplishment. Hope you feel better, too.

Viv: I know how you feel about posting responses to everyone. I feel guilty when I don't have time, but enjoy everyone on this board. I do the best I can and hope those I don't address personally will know that I'm still thinking about you and rejoice in your successes and empathize with your challenges.

Kim: Welcome back. I'm glad you have recovered fully from your surgery last fall. Just hop on the wagon with the rest of us and let's go. We have to remember to take one day at a time. Just like the 12 step programs say.

Cat: You remember that, too. One day at a time. Don't give up just because of a slip. Tomorrow is another day, as my old friend Scarlet said. I love that movie!

OK, the exercise isn't coming as consistently has I'd hoped. I need to get somebody in this house to nag and nag until I've done my workout. I'm still going to go to the Y and begin a program there. Maybe later today. :s:

Time to do some more laundry and practice my violin again for tomorrow.

Have a great weekend, ladies! :)

Take care,

karen3000 01-12-2002 04:52 PM

The bad sheep finds her way back home
Yes, it's been about 6 weeks, but I'm back now. I let the holidays carry me away and undo most of the good I had done the first six months of 2001. I did it before and I can do it again. I'm with you RHOO, BOB and KIM about not putting the current numbers down. It's kind of depressing. Although, I'm down from Monday, when I again went sugar-free (as much as possible!). I'm really detoxing, too, as I've had this nagging little headache off and on, mostly Monday and Tuesday. It's almost completely gone now. This coming week I will be getting the exercise going again. (One thing at a time for me!) We purchased a glider/walker in December and I will be combining that with the treadmill. I have some exercise stretch bands that act like weights that I will be using, too. I think that incorporating the strength workout with the aerobic is the most efficient. Now I just have to get off my lazy butt!

It's great to see so many new names. This is a great place to be for support!

DEB - Thanks for the info on North Farms. They have a store about 2 miles from my house and I was able to order a case of agave to pick up right there.

FROG - Way to go on the marathon. What a great accomplishment! Sounds like everyone had a wonderful time. Send some of that snow this way! The ski resorts and snowmobilers are complaining big time! Can you believe that you have had more snow than we have here in southern Wisconsin? Actually had 53 degrees here the other day. I think it was warmer here than in Florida!

I'm sorry I can't respond to everyone. I try to find the time to read the posts so I'm keeping up (barely) on the high points of what's going on with everyone. But I didn't take notes and my brain has shrunk to the size of a dried pea over the years. I promise to jump in here and there and give my 2 cents, though, just to keep you on your toes!

Anyone heard from Sparklescamp?

Well, almost time to get my DS to his basketball game. I'll try to check in later!


Zanne 01-12-2002 05:29 PM

Saturday Checkin
Hello All

WOW! This place is really jumpin!

First of all, I'm gonna say, like others have told me, don't worry if you can't post to everyone. We understand that sometimes (or a lot of times) you just can't get to everyone. It's just nice to see a note from you so we know how you're doing. Try not to feel guilty (I know it's hard not to). Just remember we're all here for you, no matter what.

On that note, I just can't get to everyone. I can barely see the screen and can't keep my brain focused too long.

Still didn't get a good night's sleep last night. I think I havn't gotten back to the preholiday sleep routine. My head is sooooo foggy. My body's stressing on me, I can tell. Chest feels constricted and there are points on my back that hurt. Doc told me these points are where the stress "comes out". I took Lorazapam last night, but maybe it's too old--Got it last year when I was really stressing about life. Gonna have DH pamper me and give me a message! ;) Maybe a couple of Benedryl--they make me really sleepy.

I've kept pretty much SB legal with the food today. Still not enough calories. I may try to do a cardio workout--that usually helps with sleep. Then I can do weights tomorrow. I know it's out of order, but I don't want my first BFL week to be a bust. Either that, or I'll start over on Monday.

Thanks for listening to me gripe!

Rosalie Marie--I've sent an email to The Big Carrot HFS in Toronto asking if they sell agave and what size/price/color etc. I'll let you know what I hear. I still can't believe the price from that place in BC.

BOB CONGRATS on being smoke free for 10 months. That is quite an accomplishment. We don't care if you put your numbers up or not. It's a personal thing. We're just here to give you support to help you get healthier. 2001 was your year to stop smoking, maybe 2002 can be your year to good health.

Fillise I hope your neck is better soon. You're a real trooper for not letting it keep you down. I saw this while browsing at the Mayo Clinic site, if you're interested.

WELCOME to any new people here. This is a great place for support.

WELCOME BACK to those who've been away for a while.

Better go get supper ready. Talk to you later.

Rosalie 01-12-2002 05:36 PM

Zanne - Have you visited Ambrosia lately? My son just called to see if I needed anything from there and he just called back to say they have both the light and the dark Agave Nectar. He's picking me up a couple of bottles. Just thought I would let you know it's available again.


Zanne 01-12-2002 05:38 PM

Thanks Marie
I'll go get a couple of bottles tomorrow! The last time I was there, there was a big space where the agave should have been so I was hoping they would fill it.

GatorGal 01-12-2002 08:03 PM

Well, I have a few minutes to relax before I hit the French books. I want to get a few hours of study in that foreign language under my belt before the weekend is over. I spent all day at a meeting about 1 hour away from here, but got home at 4:30, so had some time to straighten up the house, etc. before dinner.

BOB--No, my DD still smokes. I believe she would like to stop down deep inside, but just doesn't have the fortitude to stop now. I hope she doesn't wait until she is your age!!! I wish she would stop yesterday!!!! Anyway, I don't say anything about it anymore. She knows how I feel, and I am working hard at having a really positive relationship with her, and saying anything about it would not add to the relationship. Keep her in your prayers regarding this. I know how hard you worked to achieve success in quitting, and I KNOW what a challenge it was for you. My deepest congratulations for a job well done. I think if my DD would quit soon it would not be as hard as you had it.

BOB and Fillise--I hope you checked out the URL I posted about the most hilarious article regarding SOS's resignation and it's effect on all the other SEC teams. It was a scream. If you want the URL, let me know and I'll send it, or just send a copy of the article.

Re. the new coach, Zook. I guess I'll just support him because there is nothing to be gained by griping. We've got him now, and there's nothin' I can do about it. Jeremy Foley has done a good job in the past, and I hope he is still golden. Looks like Zook got a great Offensive Coord. So that's a positive. Now the Gators will be just like the rest of the teams without our super-sonic SOS. You guys probably won't hate us as badly because we won't be beating your b**ts so often. LOL
The other thing I thought about was that Stoops or Shanny probably did not like the prospect they faced if they had come in right after Spurrier. The only direction they could face was down, because how do you live up to what SOS achieved? If Zook doesn't cut it, then maybe Stoops or someone "great" can come back in and be the savior.

Been eating really good. Have been eating tons of veggies and just a bit of meat, chicken included. Lots of fresh veggies, and I'm getting used to it, too. My dr. upped my thyroid meds. and I have to have a blood test in 2 months to see if the present dosage is enough. Hopefully, that will help with losing some of my weight. My skirts and shorts are starting to get a little loose in the waist, so something must be happenin'.

Well, gotta go. All you other gals, know that I read all your posts, but I am not so faithfully organized like Debbie to reply to everyone. I am thinking about you all and wish you well this week in your SB endeavors.

rlsimon 01-13-2002 07:21 AM

Sunday morning
good morning! Feels so good to be "back on track". I pulled out all of Sugar Buster cookbooks last night to plan my meals this week. What is Agave all about?

Kim - I also bought the new Bob Green book - Get back on the Program. Exactly what I need to do. Let me know what you think of it. I like that he has lots of journal "forms" to keep track of progress.

The board (look and feel) really has changed. What are vB codes?
And how do you get that icon under your name? Feels strange being a junior again. :D

Everyone here sounds very enthusiastic and positive.. I think the
board was kinda dragging down some when I was last here (Deb - has it been over a year? ) and its wonderful reading all of the supportive posts.

Have a great Sunday everyone - I will stop by later..


Debelli 01-13-2002 10:03 AM

Good Sunday Morning Everyone:wave:

Thought I'd get in a post yesterday, but when I got on the board, it was really strange, the page was HUGE and I couldn't get it to go to the "regular" size. It was such a pain to try and read it as it was that I gave up, and then Michael went on the computer for the rest of the day, need I say more?? Anyhow, shut down the computer and figured it would fix itself, NO, it's still big! I have to use the bottom scroll bar to read the board-I HATE IT!!! Anyone have an solutions????? This is only seeming to happen on PAGE 3 of the board, not PAGE 1 or 2, and not any of the other boards-weird! Anyone having this same effect happen to them?

Got in my 4.5 miles in 46:35 today, had to get myself psyched to go out, would of rather of stayed in bed today. Scale is up, but to be expected, TOM is due in about 4 days:rolleyes:

CAT, we always say that if you have a bad day, as long as you jump right back on track, you probably will be okay. It's when you have a bad day and it goes on and one that's the problem. We all have those days, whether it be eating non-SB legal foods, or SB legal foods in illegal amounts (like I do often). Doesn't do you a bit of good to beat yourself up about this, just try to find out WHY and avoid doing it again and again. This is a learning experience, so we have to learn what makes us tick sometimes!

MEL, you are worrying me a bit, you are starting to sound like SPARKLESCAMP did when she was over-exercising. Please, be careful! Too much is not good for you either-just like food! Yes, you are right, we are sure better than what we were!!!

SOL, can't believe it was just last week that we were together cheering FROG on! Would love to turn back the hands of time:) I hope the gal from your work will repost, tell her that was a rare occurance, the board being down like that. Maybe parts of my body are skinny (head, feet, hands), but see, those black stretchy pants I wear really hold in the flab that sags from my thighs-they work really well, think of those as SUPPORT HOSE that the old people have to wear! Thanks, I too don't think I look emaciated-and the family has stopped saying that recently, so maybe they are getting use to what normal on me looks like. I'm happy you got to see FROG & BILL before they left-jealous, but happy:D LOL! I loved the FUNGRY you talked about, have to add that to my vocabulary. I use the word FUGLY at times!!

FROG, glad to hear you're home, safe and sound, but not to hear you're sick. You'll have to give us the skinny on everything once you have the time and feel up to it. Miss you already!!!!

GATOR, how about the half marathon, walking?

ROSALIE, dinner sounded nice, and so did your concert-always nice to get out! Totally forgot about the exchange rate-what a ditz I am! Yes, that could get to be some mighty expensive agave, and I can see where even if they come out with some new stuff, it would be like spending a fortune for a tiny bottle.

ZSU, just throwing my 2 cents in as a by-stander on your Nephew, but do you think he does this with the thought that you'll get so frustrated/angry/upset that you'll send him home to his parent's? How many minutes did your friend Kathy finish the marathon in? That would be great if we had a good size group doing the marathon next year-hopefully we can be TEAM STARBUCKS!!!!

FILLISE, CONGRATS being down another pound! That's wonderful news among all the pain you are expereincing! When you get your new cookbook, maybe you'll do a review of it for us???

SEF, try not to downplay all the good you do-you do a lot, we all see this in your posts and I for one, envy that you do all of this, whether it be being asked to do so, or just volunteering on your own. I admire you too;)

BOB, yes, it was beautiful yesterday, overcast today though. Big boy is off today, so Ole Ole is in the near future, among other stops along the way. Okay, so when you get your laundry done, pack some on up and make your way here for a visit-you're long over due and a weekend at the DETOX DUNGEON would do you good!:devil:

RSIMON (that was the old screen name, I believe), WELCOME BACK! Glad you're back and have decided to hop back on the board with us!!!! Hope to see you posting like you use to do!;)

QUILTER, tiny now, tiny then, in stature. I doubt you'd see much of a difference anywhere else on me. I sure don't! You are right about the gal we carpool with, she's always been tiny and a few pounds lost on her is a big deal. Boy, do I hope you are right about the skin, that would be great!!!!!!!!!!!

JRED, CONGRATS on another pound loss! Hope you're out of your funk now, must of been something hormonal. To figure out your caloric intake, if you are moderately active, take your current weight and x by 12, that's what your caloric intake would be to stay where you are-then deduct 500-700 calories from that number and that's about where you should be for daily calories. More detailed info is on the TIPS & TOOLS BOARD, I believe.

KAREN, welcome back after your short hiatus! Lucky you to have North Farms so near you! Bet it's a great place!!!

ZANNE, just a quick hello!

Have to run, Eli is off and I need to get in the shower. Will check in tonight and have the new weekly board up and running tomorrow morning!


SB since 3/22/00
Reached goal 6/10/01

karen3000 01-13-2002 11:01 AM

Deb - you would be very disappointed in the North Farm store. It is a tiny outlet where they sell overstock and soon-to-expire food, and it's about the size of my living room and kitchen put together. But it is close and I picked my order up the day after I called it in. That's pretty convenient.

Big football day here - have to go and cheer the Packers on!

Have a good one, everybody!


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