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View Poll Results: You made a prediction on your weight loss/gain over the holiday season, so, how'd you
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I lost 1-2 pounds more than I thought
I lost 3-4 pounds more than I thought
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  • HiedieHo All!!

    I'm baaaaaack! Took a nap and am taking things easy. Simple supper in oven, plain chicken breasts with lemon and teriyaki.

    DEB - Loved the cartoon, I think that's what my poor scale does! I don't think you should move north! Where I come from 27' is just brisk, not cold! Aren't you pumping blood to your tether end? Cold toilet seat is to wake you up! Cold hands mean a warm heart. You definitely have a problem!! I am not glued to TV for Suviver! All this week are finals in figure skating. We have our men's team. I only caught the end of last night's competition.

    MEL - I think all of us BBW are camera shy! I never willingly pose! That's probably why I look like someone trying to avoid the most wanted list! I love your humorous description of taking pics! You're braver than I! Me? Any teachers out there?

    RHROO - Those 11# will go! You have the power!

    BUS - Cartwheels are good exercise!!!! I'm still not at my best yet with this woe, but am doing better. Hope your meeting was not too traumatic!!

    NANCE - I agree. When we "behave" I feel better, but I've always been recalcitrant and do things the hard way.

    VIV - Don't be mad at yourself! That can lead to other problems. We are always harder on ourselves than others. We should support ourselves the way we do others! Think what you would tell them and apply it to yourself.

    FILLISE - Am praying for an simple solution to your neck problem. Glad MRI wasn't traumatic for you.

    JMUIR - 2# down. WTG! CAT - Time passing quickly for you now is just a sample of things to come. When you get old and decrepit like me thime goes even faster and you go slower!!!

    SHEANN - I have found that 6 small meals are better. When I was in hospital, the nutritionist said one of the things good about SB is that it encourages snacks, that people do better in weight loss with smaller frequent meals. Also said that I should not be upset because I lose than stop, lose again and stop again. She felt this is better for you as it's the body's way of adjusting and weight is more apt to stay off. Don't know if she was talking through her hat but I liked what I heard!

    MUSIC - Answering posts is fun but not the main objective. I feel it's important that we post period. It gives us a little accountability. I feel better when I put something in writing, it gives whatever is bothering me in perspective.

    TV - Hope you feel better, TOM can be a pain in the royal butt! All this talk of pesty kids. I can tell you it will pass, you just have to hang on and keep a sense of humor. Remember when our Mom's would tell us they hoped we had kids just like ourselves? Do we think we were angelic children? I don't thiiiiiiiiiiiink so!!

    QUILTER - Yes we need goals, just don't set them so high that we are intimidated. It scares me to say I need to lose 100# or even 60. I try to concentrate on smaller cargo weight!! Aim for 5 or 10.

    MOMMA - Nice meeting you too. As I told Deb, 27' is just brisk weather.

    Take care all. sef
  • Just thought I'd jump on for a few minutes and read the new posts.

    Sef: Thanks for the information that the nurse gave you. It sounds right to eat 6 smaller meals throughout the day. You would never have time to be hungry or feel deprived. I'm going to give it a try. Oh, and it's good to know that someone else will be glued to the TV watching figure skating. I watch just about everything that is on. I do have my favorite skaters though too.

    I have checked out the site that someone mentioned. I have been keeping my food journaled there for the past 3 days. It does help to see what you are putting into your body and how it adds up really quickly.

    Have a great weekend.

  • Friday Afternoon
    Holy Cow . . . literally!!! I went to the dr this morning to get some blood drawn (for further thyroid checking) and I actually LOOKED at the scale when I weighed in. I said to the nurse, ďOkay, Iím going to look.Ē She said, ďAre you sure you want to?Ē Does that tell you how out of control Iíve been??? Anyway, Iím keeping my new ultra high weight to myself for the time being. But hereís the way I look at it. I am super clear now that I have to GET BUSY. So thatís it. Iím trying to NOT be depressed about it and just deal with it. Also trying to NOT beat myself up about it. And also trying to NOT eat out my frustrations. HA!!! Now thereís a new concept!!! Incidentally, I have to go back to dr in 3 weeks, so that's the next time I'll weigh. Wish me luck for the next weigh in!

    DEB---118??? Wowee!!! That is really low and really the weight of a skinny person!!! Whew, where did you go? Thatís awesome. It must have made you smile from ear to ear. Thatís so great! Good/Great/Super/Fantastic/Wonderful for YOU!!!!! Thanks for the cheesecake recipe. Life with cheesecake is SO much better than life without it! (Words to live by.)

    SEF---Speaking as someone who works for a non-profit, you are a gold mine!!! Yes, you are the people we love to get working for us. Eager and willing to do what needs to be done. I train most of our volunteers and while everyone is certainly different from each other, there is this one terrific bond. Everybody wantís to help and make somebodyís life better. Habitat, no doubt, is so excited to have someone with your experience and know-how and love of life. Hope all is well. I think I missed something. Who died? Didnít you say that you made mashed potatoes for the wake. Just wondering. Call me nosey if you want, but iíd rather ask than worry.

    Hi VIV!!!!! How are you? Whatís new in your end of the world? Hope those youngíuns are behaving themselves. I looked for you online last night. Were you glued to the Survivor finale??? Or glued to some hockey games???

    FILLISE---So sorry to hear about your herniated disk. My good thoughts and prayers are headed your way. Iím hoping you will be painfree very soon and that that old arthritis will just disappear. Take care!

    FROGGIE---Are you back yet??? Canít wait to hear all about the race from your point of view. How great was it??? You and your super bod that is so healthy is making me get up off this couch right now and move my big you-know-what to the TM!!! Thanks for your commitment, hon! Congrats!

    Well, thatís it for me. Hope you all have a GREAT and SUPER weekend. Letís hear it for all the wonderful SBíers!!! Yippee and Yeehaw!!!

    Take care, y'all!

    This is a test....I couldn't post a while here goes nothing!

  • Zanne - I just found a Canadian site that sells Agave Nectar. I thought you might be interested. The price is $5.95 for 500 mls and $68 for 12/500 mls. I have just e-mailed them to find out what kind it is - light or dark - and the cost for shipping. I will let you know if I hear from them. I think it would be cheaper than ordering from the US, depending on the shipping rates of course.

    The site is

  • Checkin In
    Hey All

    I've had a baaaaaaaaaaaaad day I haven't been getting more than a couple of hours sleep a night for a couple of weeks or more. I'm exhausted. I haven't wanted to take anything in case DS woke up in the night. It's the weekend and DH can sleep a little less sound cause I HAVE to sleep and I'm using the meds. Didn't do my workout cause I was afraid I'd drop a dumbbell on my head (that would help me sleep tho, wouldn't it ). Then I made ice cream sundaes for dessert! Bad Zanne! Guess I'll use today as the BFL "free" day and use Sunday (supposed to be day off) as a make up day.

    Rosalie Marie, I think it may be worth it as long as shipping isn't high. The bottles are twice the size of what we've bought (maybe a little more with metric) and the price is less than a dollar more per the bigger bottle. Thank you soooooo much for the info. I was going to have agave shipped to my inlaws in West Palm Beach if I had to order from the States and have them drive it back at Easter, but this Galloways sounds like a great deal! Thanks for thinking of me
  • Evening All

    Figured I'd try to get in a post before Eli gets home. Lauren and I were suppose to go to a play today, but dear ol Mom forgot to call and reserve the tickets and it was sold out, so a quiet evening at home is at hand.

    Mom and I ran around to a few stores today, not much time cause she got here late, but enough to do some $$ damage. Went to Wal-Mart and found raspberries for $1.50, at Publix, the reg. grocery store, they're something like $3.49 for the same size-I won't tell you how many I bought! Over 5 and under 10, let's say!

    Got a few more e-mails from Avis today regarding the agave-will try to compile them this weekend and post what she had to say. In a nutshell, I'll be surprised if anything worthwhile materializes with this so-called NEW AGAVE!

    FILLISE, sorry to hear about your Dr. appt. Okay, so what does this ultimately mean, considering I know as much about a herniated disk as I do about being an Astronaut! Hope you feel better and that pain medication helps!!

    SEF, I think you work MORE than a person who has a job! What you do is the job of more than one person! Geez, I don't think I could even do all you do, and that's with being younger. I guess that's what must keep you feeling so young! Can't get use to that cold toilet seat a bit-don't they have warmers-other than someone sitting on it before you go? Eli says I have no insulation left on me and that's why I'm cold-if that's how it is to be thinner, than I guess I'll just have to suffer!!!

    JMUIR, I love the salsa at Ole Ole but never touch the chips. I eat mine with a fork. If you know in advance that you are going there, bake some WW tortillas, or even pita bread in wedges, if you like, and take those with you I've never seen that book, at least I don't think I have. What I started doing is when I hear of a book that I think would be good, I try to see if the library has it, if I like it, then I look on or Ebay for my own personal copy. I just did that recently with HIGH FIBER, HIGH FLAVOR, or something to that effect-it was a good book and got it at a great price!

    SHEANN, if you are getting munchies at night, try to make sure you get some good protein in the evening for dinner, or something like beans that stave off hunger for quite a while. Maybe eat a piece of filling fruit, like an apple, that should help. Happy to hear the WW bread you made came out well. Was it from our recipe boards??

    ROSALIE, hope you have a wonderful time out with your friends tonight-what do you like to order at the Indian Rest? That's one type of food I don't care for-I'm not crazy about the curry smell, reminds me of stinky feet What kind of concert did you go to? Check out the price for agave-try FRANKFERD since they are in PA, not too too far from CA, vs a place somewhere like Calif. The offer stands if you want. I did check the shipping costs by USPS, and it's higher than I thought, just hypothetically put in the approx weight of 2 boxes of agave and it's almost $20 in shipping. May prove to be better doing it on line-let me know what you find out

    RHROO, I had withdrawls too. Good going on the exercise this week!

    QUILTER, don't worry about the numbers on the scale! The fact that you are going to take charge and start making a change for the good and in the right direction is what's important. Focusing on being and thinking positive is what's important, not those darned numbers. I looked back to the date that we meet up in Naples, since then, have lost 18.5lbs. Not a large amount, but I guess enough were you would see a difference next time we meet up! I feel great, just wish the body looked like I felt. I was talking to the other Mom I carpool with yesterday, she's about a 1/2" taller than me and weighs the same as I do-she is so fit looking, no rolls of blubber/skin hanging off her, can wear fitter tank tops-I sure as heck can't. I think that bothers me, working so hard and not being able to see the results on the body, though I can on the scale. Are we ever happy?

    Eli's on his way home, so I'm going to exit off of here. I hope you all have a great weekend. I'll check in sometime tomorrow!


    SB since 3/22/00
    Reached goal 6/10/01
  • Evening everyone.
    Well I had a really really really bad eating day. I cant figure out how I could have totally screwed up. I knew not to do it but I did it anyway. Now I will have to suffer the consequences. I was looking in the freezer and found some halloween candy, yup you guessed it I went crazy and had about 10 pieces.

    I mean how can 1 person be so dedicated and give in to temptation, makes me wonder if I am committed enough to this woe. Im afraid Ive let yall and myself down. Alls I can do now is to pick myself up and start again tomorrow with NEW RESOLVE.
    Sorry about the pity party, but confession is supposed to be good for the soul.

    My dh is busy putting in our new livingroom floor, so Im taking a break from supervising , so Im taking a break and writing to yall. The cats are all freaked out with all the noises.

    Well the weather turned cold today. Yesterday we had temps in the 70's my kinda of weather. I even mangaged to go out and mow the lawn in order to mulch all the leaves that had fallen off the trees. Alot of my plants suffered frost damage though.

    Well guess I better go check in and see how the hubby is doing.

    Everyone have a good weekend
  • Friday
    I's so pooped I can barely type so this may be short if I fall asleep at the keyboard. I keep waking up in the middle of the nite too, Zanne, tho no little one to blame it on. I don't know if I need to switch meds since my body tends to adjust to them every few years and they don't work anymore, or I just need to drink less water.

    I joined a gym last night and went in today to do an upper body workout. One of those eye-popping, grunt and groan ones. Very ladylike. I only did Upper Body, but my knees were wobbly when I left. THEN, I remembered that I had agreed to take a friend's tennis lesson time since it was already paid for. So home I went to stuff myself with as much protein as I could gag down in hopes of reviving my sagging bod, picked up ds at school, grabbed racquets cause he had a kid group lesson, and hit the court. The pro really worked me but I made it through the hour, scooped up ds and fed him at McD's (nope, I didn't even breathe the French Fries!), dumped him off at cub scouts and came home and took the longest, hottest shower the hot water heater would allow. Now at least I'll pass out clean. If I don't post tomorrow, you'll know it is because my arms are too sore to lift to keyboard level.

    Deb- I can TOTALLY sympathize with the scale saying one thing and the mirror another! My first pregnancy was a 60 pounder, mostly gained in the first 4-5 months and I'd been anorexic to start with. The skin on my stomach is basically shredded, so even when I get to weight and fitness goals, it's still gonna be hanging around. Real depressing. The only thing I can say is we know what we've done, or will have done in my case, and we know where we've been. So even if you can't wear a tank top and I can't wear tucked in knits, it sure is better than it was!

    Fillise- So sorry to hear about the MRI results. Is the pain med helping? I hope so. Let us know how you are doing.

    Sef- You do have a full time job! You are the ultimate volunteer! The world need millions more of you, but the rest of us are full of excuses. Not you!

    Sorry I can't get to everyone, I'm losing it. Speaking of losing it, I think I must have missed a few posts- there are some disjointed conversations on here and some things aren't making sense! I know at least one of my posts disapeared....

    bye, nitey-nite.

  • TESTING....TESTING.....1...2....3.....

    Okay, I'm a goober. I just couldn't believe the thread was down. AND I can't believe we lost our posts.... I am sad. But very glad to have it back up.

    One of my co-workers posted yesterday and now we can't see it. AND one of the girls from my gym may start posting as well. We were next to each other at the Leg Press and Leg Extension machines and I had seen her a few times before tonight so I knew that she was serious about working out. I told her I was so tired I almost didn't come - she said she had gone through the same thought processes as I had and both of us were glad to have gone to the gym even if the work-out was less than stellar. (I know a big part of my decision was because of the HALF MARATHON we're going to be in next year. - THANKS FROG AND DEBBIE!) Anyway.........I told her about SB and the board and she is going to check us out.

    I'm going to make CHEESECAKE this week-end to take into the office on Monday. I'm so excited to get to share this with them AND be able to partake of something so yummy! I looked up the recipe I used and it's FILLISE'S recipe adapted from Southern Living, I think. FILLISE it's YUMMY!! I may make DEBBIE'S recipe, too, but that one will stay at home with me and Vince.

    FILLISE I'm also praying for a simple solution to your disc and speedy healing. Please keep us informed.

    QUILTER Been there - done that - got the t-shirt. I still remember the look on my Dr.'s face when I went in after having gained 25 lbs. AND the look on the jeweler's face when so soon after getting married they had to expand my wedding ring. You're among friends here, Girlfriend, and we're pulling for you and we KNOW you can do this!! Don't climb back on that scale, just start doing what you know to do and let your clothes be your guide for a while if the scale is too stressful. Start walking a little bit each day. Look at the calendar and plan to walk the half marathon with us in January next year. 52 weeks from now. And by all means

    [B]KEEP POSTING!!! I miss you when you're not on here.

    DEBBIE You ARE skinny!!! NOT in a bad way skinny. Maybe THIN would be a better word. You have incredibly athletic thighs and calves and you're very nicely proportioned - a good size for your height and frame, I think. I think your family may be just having a hard time to adjusting seeing you at a different size than you've been your whole life. You are not anorexic or emaciated looking - just a very healthy, athletic, thin looking babe.

    MARIE I'm sorry that you have the same trouble that I have getting the weight off. I hope that your body lets you give me a run for my money and I hope my body lets me catch up with you soon!

    Last night Vince and I got to watch Survivor with FROG and DH We had healthy chicken salads and FROG was downing the water. She let me touch her medal! Really, it's a VERY NICE medal and one to be darn proud of!!! Next year many of us on this board will have medals and FROG will have her THIRD WDW medal to add to her collection. We had such a great time visiting and sighing and moaning and yelling at the TV. It's a good thing there weren't many other people around us.

    This week-end is going to be busy with a bunch of reports I have to finish for work, but I will be getting my arse out there to walk the 3.5 mile loop - and hopefully this time I'll get it done in under 1 hour. I want to get that loop down to a much lower time before I start adding distance - otherwise my whole day will be spent trying to walk. Sunday will be a light "stroll" for a shorter distance - to do something, but not too much so my body can rest.

    SHEANN Apologies if it's not you and if I spelled your handle wrong - I'm typing from memory. I'm one of those people who eat all day. I have to or I don't get all my calories in and/or I'm not just hungry, but I get FUNGRY!! Here's a typical day for me (when I'm eating right):
    Bfast (5-5:30am - 4 egg whites cooked/scrmbld/fried and 1/3 cup dry oatmeal cooked with blueberries or 2 pces WW toast or 1 cup Uncle Sam or smaller amt. mixed with All Bran cereal (sometimes I eat the carbs first and the eggs when I get to work around 7am)
    mid morning (about 9am) pce of fruit or 8 oz. non-fat plain yogurt with protein powder scoop
    lunch (about 11am) salad, sandwich, lef overs with some veggie
    afternoon snack (about 2 or 3 pm) piece of fruit and sometimes some cheese or triscuits
    dinner (6:30 - 7:30 depending on schedule) steak & steamed veggie (broccoli, asparagus, green beans - usually) or salmon steak a& steamed veggie, Turkey Mignon and steamed veggie or one of the SB recipes or Salad....

    I hope that helps give you an idea of how you can eat throughout the day and still lose weight.

    I probably have exceeded the message length...... so I'll get back on later this week-end.

    Have a good night everyone~!
  • I'm home!
    I've just come in the door from O-town (stopped in Fayetteville) to get Miss Puppy.

    I have a horrible cold and the dog is already starting to reject me because of my cough! Have a fever of 100* too! Yuck! This is not that uncommon after a race, especially that one, it really took it outta me. But it's over now! So I will have to post a note tomorrow if I am feeling better!

    Thanks TONS! for all your support! Can't wait to fill you in on the details and how great the FLA girls all are.

  • Hi all,
    I've been out-of-pocket for almost a week. Seems that my schedule has become really full, and I don't have much time now to get to the computer, much less read the posts and then post myself. Just wanted to let you know that I hadn't died!

    Glad to see you set the 1/2 marathon as a goal, SolShine. It should be an interesting and challenging year getting ready. I figured that if we had run all the way from my house out to Disney, it would have been just about marathon length. And that's a long way. I, myself, have no plans to run next year, but I will cheer you on. My years of running and playing tennis have taken somewhat of a toll on my knees, and after have surgery on one knee already, I don't do the running thing anymore.

    I am now officially in the Monday night study class that my daughter is in. We had been meeting every Monday night for dinner and girl talk, and some mother daughter bonding. She agreed to go to a Bible Study class, one that is world wide, if I would go. She happened to get into one of the small discussion groups in December, so I was just dropping her off after we had dinner. Now they have found room for me in another small group, so now I will have to be preparing a lesson each week. That, on top of my French class, plus another couple of projects I have taken on, have kept my nose to the grind stone.

    Well, I'm gonna sign off. Need to get in some French studying before bed. I am planning on going over the the community college next week and sit in on a French II class. The teacher invited me, and I can decide if I want to add that to what I am already doing when summer comes.

    Take care.
  • Deb - Yesterday I ordered beef and eggplant curries and basmati rice. I also had some curried lentils and some peas and mushrooms. There were three of us. We usually order a meat dish each and several other veggie dishes which we share. Also had a starter of some deep fried veggies. Probably not legal, I am not quite sure what was in them, but they sure did taste good. I was almost tempted to have the Tandoori fish but couldn't make up my mind what to have with it but I've been thinking about it ever since. May go back there soon just to try out the fish. Maybe treat myself to lunch one day. It was a classical concert we went to with the Toronto Philharmonia Orchestra. All classical music that had been used in movies. Thanks for checking out the shipping costs for the Agave. I really appreciate your offer to send some up this way but I do think it would be quite expensive by the time you figure out the exchange rate. It would work out to about C$32 for shipping at the present rate. I tried checking out Frankferd Farms but I can't figure out how to find the shipping rates to Canada. I'll wait and see what these other guys have to say. Congrats on your all time low. That's fantastic and I am sure you look great.

    Kim - Just take things slowly and set yourself mini goals and I am sure you will achieve them. We are all here to help you along the way.

    Sef - You say you couldn't handle a job but it sounds like you are working almost full time already.

  • good morning everyone,

    well iam in a better state of mind. Decided that there will be no more screaming matches with the nephew anymore. I now know he is playing games with me. He goes to grandma"s house after school now that she is back from germany. and would you believe the very next day after he couldnt do division with me he had NO problems doing it with her. i have decided not to stress out anymore because it not good for my prgnancy. The scale still shows no weight gain actually down a few pounds. I am really trying hard to stay legal and not gain too much would like to keep baby gain to 15-20lbs. My friend kathy also walked wdw marathon she brought in her medal which is the shape of mickey ears very nice. next year i will be doing the half i will be walking only no jogging ,running from this body.

    SOL my friend who has helped me train says it is better to sart adding distance first and eventually time will come when i first started i started with 4 miles got that under my belt then when was getting as winded she moved me to 6 then 8 on weekend did 10. never did 13 until race day. Maybe one weekend soon we can get together and walk 4 or 6 dont worry i wont be too fast because iam not allowed now to get my heart rate elevated so i am walking slower than usual. anyway if not to walk it would nice just to get get together.

    well got to go talk to you all later
  • Good Saturday Morning!
    It's raining here--very dreary--and my neck hurts. . .


    I'm down a pound this morning! So it's not such a bad day after all! Yesterday was kind of shakey, but I made it through and was rewarded this morning. The pain medication I'm on has created a Dookie Howser problem, so the loss is even more surprising. Last night before I went to bed I filled four water bottles and stuck them in the fridge as a reminder to get my water in.

    Thanks to everyone who has and is sending their good thoughts my way for a speedy resolution to the neck problem. It is feeling a little better thanks to my new best friends the Lortabs and the heating pad! My Dr. wants to get me started on a series of steriod infections into my neck--which is really freakin me out. I'm generally not squemish--except when it comes to my back and neck (and the dentist, of course). I'm going to the orthopedic guy first to see if there is anything else we can do. I'm also taking some oral steriods so maybe that will help too. Too bad I'm banned from the gym with all the steroids I'll be getting!

    Frog--It's good to know that you are back home safely, if not soundly. I can't wait to hear about your race experience. We've been getting reports from your cheering squad--but I'm eager to hear from you. I hope the cold gets better soon.

    Gator--So what do you think about your new coach? We've got new offensive and defensive coordinators for next year so it will be interesting to see what happens. We picked up the top rated quarterback and reciever in the state this week as recruits, so maybe we can play some offense next year! Good luck with your classes!

    Deb--Congrats on the new low! WOOOHOOO girl!

    Sue--when is your baby due? I think this WOE has got to be really good for pregnancy as the healthier the food, the healthier the baby! Good luck with your nephew. I have a niece about that age... so I know what you mean.

    Sol--the cheesecake is yummy isn't it! I'm going to try a variation where I whip some SF lemon jello into the creme cheese (you let the jello chill to the concistency fo egg white and then whip it into the CC). to make a lemon cheesecake. I'll let you know how it works out!

    I forget who asked about the low-carb meals in minuted cookbook. I saw the woman who wrote it on the food network this week and it looked good. I think I'm going to order it. The meals she did looked really tasty and really easy.

    OK--off to get some chores done before I head out to run errands.

    Have a good day everyone!

    July 10, 2000