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The Quilter 01-09-2002 07:06 PM

MEL---Oh my gosh, you are my inspiration. Actually, getting size SIX pants on and up is FANTASTIC!!! YOU MUST BE SO PROUD OF YOURSELF. Thatís awesome. Thanks for adding that you were unbuttoning your size 16ís. Speaking as one whoís 16ís are WAY too tight . . . you give me a gigantic boost and kick in the seat to get my butt and attitude and eating plan in gear. Keep up the good work! Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

NOMORE---You got on the scale on ďthe morning afterĒ going out to eat and you had lost????? AWESOME! You are wise to stick with the fish. Always a good choice? Whatís your favorite. I know, I agree with DEB and always get the salmon at the Outback. Itís always yummy.

JRED---Thanks for sharing your good idea about the Palm Pilot. Can you believe that Iíve had a Palm for 3 years and have NEVER thought about putting my food journal in there. Duh!!! Have fun with yours. I did put a lot of recipes in mine so that when Iím at the grocery and canít remember whatís in something , I can just look it up.

ROSALIE---Thanks forthe welcome back. Iím happy to see that you are still on track and enjoying your badminton. You probably have a wicked serve, right??? Think of all that wonderful upper arm workout you are getting. Letís hear it for the overhead slam!!!

ZANNE---Thanks for the welcome. How sweet you are! Yes, itís good to be reminded that this is a loving group who will gladly support those who are struggling. Iím so grateful for your warmth. Thatís great!!! I hope you are finding great successes with this WOE.

RHROO---Sounds like your life is as crazy and action-packed as itís always been. Hang in there! You crack me up!

SOL---So happy and relieved to hear that BOB is driving that wagon and that she still knows the way to my house. Thanks, hon, for saving me a seat. (It needs to be a bigger seat!) Iím so glad to hear you are training for a half-marathon! Wow!!! What a SUPER idea. I like your idea of alternating weight training and walking. I read this great book called Strong Women Stay Slim. The author talks about how building our muscles is so important. Unfortunately, Iíve loaned out the book and canít seem to get it back. But I did photocopy the weight exercises and stretches. So Iím trying to get those in 3 days a week. I asked for dumbbells in various weights for Christmas and got them. (That was one HEAVY present!) Good luck to you, friend. I canít wait to hear all about your progress. When are you doing the 3.5? Morning, evening? Arenít you afraidi to walk in the dark? Iím sticking to my TM while the daylight hours are so short.

FILL---A herneated disk???? Girl, what are you doing down there? My good thoughts are coming your way and I really hope you are feeling better soon. Better to let the experts take care of it than try to dr. it on your own and prolong the pain. Hang in there , sweetie!

DEB---Do you think you will be on the news sometime soon as you are SPEEDING all around the neighborhood. I am getting a mental picture of one of those news helicopters following you around and tracking your progress and not knowing exactly whatís going on. At that time, you have to be officially running for most of it. Want to hear my prediction??? Next January DEB at the WDW marathon but NOT on the sidelines. I can picture it! How about you?

JMUIR---I like your idea of sloppy joes on triscuits. That sounds yummy. Kind of like party food. Did you feel like you were at a party. Do you love that green tea. I have this brand called Yogi and itís green tea with triple echinacea which helps during this colds and flu season.

SEF---Thanks for the declaration that I am not ranked with the old and mold. You are so great! Write when you can, girlfriend. Itís NOT about guilt, itís about good friends sharing with each other when time and energy permits. Not much going on here after the holiday hoopla, so thatís why I havenít written anything.

NANCE---Hello, out there!!! Is life in the western world good? I like your idea of having a partner. I was just thinking how great it would be to have a ďsponsorĒ or a ďcoachĒ to call when I was really falling prey to temptations of the wrong kind. Hope you and she can find some fantastic successes. Just keep focused on how great you will feel in May when you reach your goal. I need to set a goal myself. I had set one way back when, but thatís impossible to reach now. So I think itís time to tackle a new plan. Thanks for the inspiration. Our six year wedding anniversary is April 13 and I really wanted to be thinner by then. At one time, I could have seen me reaching goal by then, but not now (after my monstrous gain for the past few months!). But hopefully, Iíll be less by then. Good luck, hon!

Okay, girls, CONGRATS to all you who had big losses this morning. Heck, congrats to all you who were brave enough to get onto the scales. I know I need to do that, and I just canít bring myself to make that tiny little step. Yes, Iím in denial. Not denying that I have gained. My closet is screaming at me to WAKE UP and I canít ignore that. Just in denial about needing to know the exact poundage that has occurred. Did I tell you all that during my last trip to the dr in November, I closed my eyes when I weighed. I specifically told the person to NOT say the number out loud. Then the dr. came in the room and the first thing she said was, ďYouíve gained 18 pounds!Ē Talk about a humbling experience. She was nice enough to add the disclaimer about it being caused by my missing thyroid, but it was still a shock!

Whereís BOB???? Anybody seen BOB??? Anybody heard from BOB???? Just wondering where you are, BOB!!!! Hope all is well with you and Skeeter. Maddie sends her best sniffs to Cousin Skeeter!

Well, thatís it for me! Iíve joined a new book club and this monthís read is To Kill a Mockingbird. Great book! Iíd better be off to see what Scout and Jem are up to.


Debelli 01-09-2002 07:18 PM

Hey All:wave:

Just got in from my walk. I was about a 1/2 mile from home when my right calve muscle started to tighten up on me, almost like a charlie horse:eek: Didn't feel good, that I can tell you. Took me some time to get it to ease up, and I tried to walk it off, which seemed to take forever, but I ventured on and finally it seemed to just about go away, but I ended up walking the rest of the way home-boy, was I slow!!

Eli and I did indeed hit Ole Ole, and then over to D'Lites for Carbolite-I was in heaven, they had one of my favorites, mint!!! I'm guilty for being a pig and getting a large-I loved it!:love: Also hit WHOLE FOODS and picked up 5 CRANBERRY SCONES, which I made a solemn vow to not eat all in one day. So far, just had one:^: I tried calling their bakehouse, but they won't part with the recipe:( but I do have a list of the ingredients and with using another scone recipe, I'm going to try to duplicate it somehow. They did say I could order the dough frozen and bake them myself, may look into that so I could be sure they are freshly baked.

I also went to the other HFS and got my neighbor some more agave syrup. The guy questioned me why I was buying so much, told him it was a wonderful product;) I have 2 more cases on order for next week, then I think I will be set for a while????

There's another site that has agave listed that's even cheaper than FRANKFERD FARMS, it's called NORTHFARM in Madison, WI. Here's a link to their site:


They may have a minimum order, but there's lots of great stuff on their site to make a minimum I'm sure, so check it out.

ZANNE & SUGAR, guess what! When I went to NutritionS'mart today, I asked the guy if they would ship, etc. etc., anyhow, he informed me that they have a brand new store in W. PALM BEACH!!!! He gave me their card and told me he's not sure if they have the agave in stock, but that they could get it for you, and by the case, you get an extra 10% off, sign up for one of their cards (it's free) and you earn an 3extra 3% (not much, but it's something). When you first sign up for the card, that day, they should just give you the 3% off, or until your card comes in the mail, then when you get it, you get to use your credit off your next or future purchase. So ZANNE, you can tell your In-Laws they don't have to travel far, but to make sure to call ahead and order a case if you want it. The store near me puts in their orders on Wednesday and it comes in on Friday-when they call, if they have any questions at the store, like not being familiar with the product name, tell them it's SWEET CACTUS FARMS and if they need to, to call JOHNNY at the store in Pembroke Pines, in Broward. The address for the store in WPB is: 4155 B. Northlake Blvd. (wonder if that B should be something else?), Palm Beach Gardens, FL (561) 694-0644.

For anyone in the Tampa area, they have a store there as well, on 14847 N. Dale Mabry Hwy.

RHROO, you and I are both down 5lbs from last WIW, you for TOM, me mid-cycle. My family already thinks I look too skinny, but I know I'm not-you can even ask the gals from the weekend, I'm sure they'd be honest that I am far from being "skinny". Honestly, I never thought I could get down this low, I figured the one time in my life that I hit 129 would be the lowest I could ever attain again-I'm happy I was wrong!!!

BUSDEB, CONGRATS on the 1lb loss! That's great news! How many pounds does this make now? Oye, what happened at the mandatory meeting?????????? The weather in the summer is awful here, I do agree. My Grandparents, and now my Parents, have the right idea, they hightail it up North in the summer time, well my GP have for so many years and now my parents are going to start since they purchased a place in the NC mountains. When you walk out your door in the summer, it's like walking into an invisible wall of fire. I guess I shouldn't complain about these cold days we have, they are far and fw between!

NANCE, that's great your sister is going to join you in doing SB!! What's going on in May for the 50lb goal? Okay, as part of your therapy, you should tell what you ate that was off plan and why-and how you felt after you ate it-it may help curb that feeling to eat off plan again-at least thinking about posting it on the board may deter you;) How are the kids? Dan? Floyd and Trixie? The cats ever come home??? And, HOW'S THE PARK?????????????

VIV, glad you liked the BBQ SAUCE, I too think it's awesome-sometimes, I do surprise myself!

FILLISE, 7lbs is not so bad, could be worse and at least you are stopping there and focusing on losing those pounds before you go up more and have more to re-lose. Gosh, that was so sweet of you to think of us like that during your MRI:D I too am VERY GRATEFUL for each and every one on this board! Please, let us know what the Dr. says after your visit tomorrow.

JMUIR, CONGRATS, 2lbs this week, WTG!!!

CAT, holding you own is still okay, a loss will be forthcoming, just keep on keeping OP. Hmmm, you don't have any Middle Eastern or Greek grocers around you-both would probably carry these items. Or a Halal place (Moslem grocer). Can't tell you anything that you could substitute for tahini, sorry.

SHEANN, CONGRATS on your 1/2lb loss! Every loss, no matter how big/small is a big deal on this board! You are very much like me when it comes to going off plan. I know how I am and if I cheated I would continue running in the wrong direction. Many people can cheat and get right back on the wagon, but not me, I cheat, the wagon would drag me to the next state and then back-up over me. It's good to realize this about yourself, and as long as you know this about yourself, it will hopefully help keep you staying OP. You could use the honey in the bread, to help the yeast rise-though 2 tbl sounds like a lot. I think you could use less. If you can figure out the sugar grams per serving and only eat a serving that would be 3 grams of sugars or less, you'll be fine. This info is on the FOOD INFORMATION BOARD:

12-31-2000 04:18 AM profile | | pm | homepage | find | buddy edit | quote

I had been looking for this info for a while - it was in one of my books, (Get The Sugar Out), not on the web!

FYI - when substituting HONEY in a recipe when you don't have AGAVE NECTAR around, please keep the following in mind....

Honey has 16-18 grams of sugar (17 average) in 1 Tablespoon.

Break that down into teaspoons and you have approx. 4 grams of sugar in 1 tsp of honey - still above the 3 grams or less recommended under SB guidelines.

So, with that info, if you are using 2tbl, that would be 34 grams of sugar in the loaf. If you can get 12 slices out of that loaf, you would have it fall under the 3gram rule. But again, I think 2tbl sounds like a lot of honey, unless it's for something other than proofing the yeast. Hope this helps! What are you eating for dinner, maybe it's the food you are eating-added fiber maybe??

MUSIC, the kids aren't back to school yet?? When did they get out? Sounds like you all have a long vacation up there. Glad to see your post!

MEL, I sure would love to see those before pics!! LOL!!!

TV, when you get a choc. craving, would a cup of hot cocoa do you good? Sounds like a good solution to me. I don't know if I was having a chocolate craving if I'd trust myself to having chocolate around me at that time-luckily, I haven't had one of those cravings, just indulge in a piece once in a while when I think about it.

QUILTER, does this mean you are back with us and back on track???? Please say YES! How's Paul??? Oh yes, I can say I have good intentions of jogging next to FROG and SOL next year at WDW, and I hope others will join us, whether it be jogging or walking-something to strive for for the future!!! Trust me, I don't go that fast, but I'm jogging most of my distance on most days, which is a lot more than I was doing 6 months ago!!!! Ummm, you could call me at any time, you know. I can be your LD partner and coach!!! [{{HUGS}}} I too wonder where Skeeter's Mom is-hopefully, she'll get her arse on the board soon!!!!

Gotta run, Michael needs the computer!


SB since 3/22/00
Reached goal 6/10/01

tree 01-09-2002 08:02 PM


Did you know that it's Beautiful Women Month?

Well, it is and that means you and me. I'm supposed to send this to FIVE BEAUTIFUL WOMEN, but I know more than five! So here goes...

Facts on Figures:
There are 3 billion women who don't look like supermodels and only eight who do.

Marilyn Monroe wore a size 14.

If Barbie was a real woman, she'd have to walk on all fours due
to her proportions.

The average woman weighs 144 lb. and wears between a 12-14.

One out of every four college aged women has an eating! disorder.

The models in the magazines are airbrushed -- not perfect!

A psychological study in 1995 found that three minutes spent
looking at a fashion magazine caused 70% of women to feel depressed, guilty, and shameful.

Models twenty years ago weighed 8% less than the average woman. Today they weigh 23% less.

THE BIG ORANGE BABE 01-09-2002 08:36 PM


Skeeter's mommy's arse is right here :) Her arse is
dragging...started back to the gym tonight and have pulled everything possible....:( I probably will not be able to move tomorrow...

A BIG HEARTY HELLO TO ALL THE NEW PEOPLE THAT HAVE JOINED US... Hang around for a while...it gets PRETTY INTERESTING in here :dizzy:

I'm putting my dragging arse to bed...talk to all of you soon.


tree 01-09-2002 08:57 PM

Meliris - Thank you. I am also one of the 1% who has a problem with Splenda aftertaste! It sort of coats your mouth too. :p LOL about your pics and burglars on the run! Boy will those be great to look at when several pounds later you can say "Did I lose all that?".

Sheann - I know that people with acid reflux, tend to have problems at night. One of the remedies is to tilt the top part of your bed (where your head is). I assume that means either sleeping with a lot of pillows, or putting a wedge under your mattress. The light dinner, and bigger b'fast might do the trick though. Ever hear of mini-meals, and maxi-snacks? You eat 5-6 meals a day instead of 3. It's supposed to be a better way of eating. I find it too difficult to do, but its a neat concept.

Viv - here'sthe Agave Nectar info - I ordered mine in a 6lb pail from St. Pats of Texas, <www.stpats.com>, they are a reputable brewers supplier for wine/beer/mead. I ordered the Tequiza Agave Nectar (it's the light, they also have amber/dark) for $16 + 7.60 w/ shipping. No handling charges. You can order a min of 1lb to max of 13lb/pail, you pay $2.50/lb + $1 for pail. Texans pay sales tax.

So, I tried this Beginner Ballet Shape Up video. I got as far as the warmup, (creak, snap, pop), then the dog got in my face. I put him out, came back, and just did not want to finish it. I'll eventually get to do the rest of it, I just need to ease into it. That night, I had the WORST muscle spasm in my neck. It continued all night, and into the next day. UGH! Granted, I'm stressed about the job changes and I've noticed that I've been tensing up. I don't think the warmup was the problem. It's just I'm totally out of shape. Ha, ha!:lol: I'll try it again, as soon as my neck relaxes.

Congrats to all the losses out there! Congrats to all those jumping back on the wagon! Yay, I'm down 1lb!

Nancemeister 01-09-2002 09:35 PM

Good Evening!!!

Getting ready to eat dinner here in a few, but needed to say Hi to everyone! Had a great day a work....what a differenace that place makes!

Glad to see some of the oldies posting again! Hope to get to know some of the newbies as well.

Debs Yes!!!! I must post the delicious chicken recipe for all of us....I haven't even made it but I'm telling you it's a winner!
Nadia said to say "HI"...Faris is doing fine, driving me nuts playing his new guitar ALL THE TIME....oh well, better than beraking bones at the skate park! No, Dan has not been making me the gourmet coffee drinks.....I am the Queen of the Java, and froth to perfection! Dan the Man just made some business cards and flyers up for extra $ for computer repairs, etc.....so I'll tell him to put all the $$ into the Florida fund!

Gotta eat dinner......check in LATER!!!!!


Nanc-a-rama :)

BigKnightsMomma 01-09-2002 11:38 PM

this is going to be quick as it is getting late. have had many long busy days in the recovery room this past week so i am thinking way ahead to the next sugarbuster reunion! it has been very chilly here in central florida currently 42 degrees, this morning it was 27DEGREES and i had to get a kitchen spatula to scrape my windshield before i could drive to work! i have not had to do that since we left cincinnati 20 years ago! where is that nice balmy weather that i enjoy so much? looking forward to a trip to the beach in north carolina!

THANK YOU DEBBIE for the cheesecake recipe! i have promised to take one to work for all to try. i surely enjoyed it when we were in orlando. it is my turn to have BUNKO this month so i will be going through my file of legal sb recipes to try on my friends. we are a group of 12 women who have been getting together once a month for 11 years to play bunko, eat and gab. we have a lot of fun and your cheesecake, quiche and zucchini loaf will certainly be hits! i am the only sugarbuster so far but most are watching their girlish figures so i will put on a legal assortment of goodies. the strawberries here in central florida have been wonderful this winter, i have a lot of ideas for the menu!

it is exciting to see all the folks on the board, i am trying hard to keep everyone straight, it is fun putting faces with names. love the tuesday chats too, nice to meet you sef, busdeb and liz.

well better close, need to get some sleep. have to drive up to daytona for my uncle's funeral in the morning. my 9 year old has been to 6 funerals in the past 5 years. finally will get to take her to her first wedding in cincinnati this summer. i come from a fairly large family that is spread around the country and lately the reunions have involved these sad events.

take care and have a good weekend everybody.


Zanne 01-11-2002 10:39 AM

Just checkin'
Just checking to see if this post will work. Don't have time now, but will try to get back later.

Debelli 01-11-2002 10:43 AM

Good Friday Morning All:wave:

Seems we're up and running again, thank goodness!, though it seems we've lost some of our posts that were done yesterday, they seemed to just up and disappeared!:( I was having withdrawls!

This has to be short, Mom is on her way over and I need to get ready to go run around with her, actually, her with me.

I e-mailed those of you on my mailing list about the latest news on the agave, for those newbies I don't have on my list yet, and our devoted lurkers, here's some new


I just wanted to share an e-mail that I got from the gal who use to work for the importer of agave and who was the one who told me what was happening initially with the agave syrup and it's production demise.

As I have said in the past, I found her information to be credible and accurate. As I'm probably more happy than anyone else on this latest information, I can't but help to wonder what kind of games this company is playing. I have 7-8 cases of agave syrup in my home, definitely an over buy on my part, but considering the information that was given not only to us, but to many large companies, I think I didn't over react, I use this stuff like crazy, I'll probably be happy that I have at least a year or so supply at the lower price. BUT, even if the price increases, I can say once my supply is gone, I'll be buying it! BUT, sure hoping by that time, whatever the cost is, it will come down in price-I'm good to go for at least a year or more!

Anyhow, take this information as you see fit, as I always say. This is her e-mail in it's entirety:

Subj: Agave Again!
Date: 1/11/02 12:51:00 AM Eastern Standard Time


Mexico plant is now back producing agave syrup again!

It appears the new syrup is from some different types of wild agaves, I have heard, and not at the expected costs of 3 to 4 times the old agave syrup, but only at twice the costs--whoopee! Supposedly, these plants are less expensive, but of higher quality--go figure.

Just think, it only took 2 and a half weeks to redo the whole company, and product line! What a great place the world is!

Obviously, you can tell I am really overjoyed that they are up and running again, with less overhead now...given I and my customer service manager are gone. Oh well. They finally took down their Mexican website this week--under construction I guess to unveil the new and improved agaves!

Of course, my suppliers for the retail products are not so happy as I am---probably because they are owed some $200,000 for packaging. But silly me, Naturel, LLC doesn't exist anymore, so why pay anyone?

I can only say it sure was a wild ride!

Just thought you might want to know the news...whether anyone will ever buy this new and improved agave syrup, I guess time will tell. I think the price will scare them off--$2.00 per lb. for the industrial customers is probably a killer for the ingredient Business but who knows? Stranger things have been known to happen...just look at the "syrup shutdown worldwide" in December 2001! No more agave syrup for years--at least 4 years I was told, and then maybe not ever if the MX government couldn't help them with subsidies to grow their own wild agaves. Marvelous recovery time, a miracle, you think?!

Gee, too bad the sales personnel in the Italy office are out of jobs too. And all the customers in the USA and Canada have been scrambling to reformulate all their nutritional bars, juices, soy milk drinks, teas, yogurts, etc....etc...

What's that strange smell, Debbie? Are we the only ones who smell something odd around here?!

I asked her WHEN the "new" agave would be available to us, the consumers (hopefully, the old supply out there will last until the new supply arrives to store shelves). Also, I asked her if it was going to be as sweet as the old one (the new one they were bottling was not as sweet, thus having to use more-I like the old much better). I will keep you all updated to what I find out.

I did start a post yesterday, before the board went down, so here's some of what I was able to post:

Good Thursday Morning Everyone:wave:

Can't believe it's already 11:30am as I start this post! Time is flying by me today. Once again I waited til it warmed up a tad outside and then by the time I went it was really warm. I did the 4.5 miles in 46:50. Not a bad time, but it could of been better. I felt my leg muscle so fatigued, which must of been due to just walking 4.5 miles about 12 hours ago. I think tomorrow, I'll just walk, and Saturday will be my usual day off.

Okay, I posted the recipe for the CHEESECAKE on the board. Please let me know if anyone makes it and what you think about it-I'm sure you'll love it!!!! I'll try to post another recipe or two if time permits.

I take it many of us will be glued to the boob-tube tonight for the finale of Survivor. Seems the favorite is a nice Jewish boy!!! Should be interesting!!!

TREE, I've seen that BEAUTIFUL WOMAN before. It's amazing when you think about it and how normal most of us really are-just think of all those supermodels, they are the abnormal looking waifs!

BOB, okay so what's the latest with you-better fess on up, pull that wagon out of the barn, hitch it up pick up whoever and drive it down here to the DETOX DUNGEON before the month is over!!!! Look at all who's back with us! NANCE, QUILTER, CAT, TREE-isn't that great!!!!

NANCE, give the kids a hug and kiss for me, oh, and Dan too, and Floyd the Farting Dog! Glad to hear you're doing good at your job. Have you heard from LDBLOND?? She hasn't been on in a while and I can't remember when she said she was going to have this latest surgery-please let me know if you hear of/from her!!! Definitely have a FLORIDA FUND going!!!!

BIGK, 27 degrees, you can have it-and I thought it was cold when we were up there-thank goodness it wasn't that cold you'd of definitely heard me *****in! Let me know how your cheesecake comes out when you make it. I made a little change to reflect a note on the recipe, so you may want to check it out again. Sorry to hear about your Uncles passing.

ZANNE, when you call the place with the pail of agave, ask them the production date. If it's really old, it may have lost some flavor. Avis had sent me a gallon of an old batch of agave and it tasted weird, not as sweet and a little off. Also, make sure the shipping won't kill you!

And now I'm back on today, FRIDAY!

Real quick,
I see 118 on that lovely scale of mine! I know I won't stay there and really, that's just fine with me, but sure is nice to see that kind of a number!!

Gotta run, will be back on sometime later!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

SB since 3/22/00
Reached goal 6/10/01

Fillise 01-11-2002 12:44 PM

Friday Morning
Helloe Everyone!

The news from the Dr. was not good yesterday. It is indeed a herniated disk and I'm banned from the gym for the duration. We have no idea what caused it, but the MRI showed some degeneration and arthiritis is my neck. Ick. I go to my orthopedic Dr. on Monday to discuss treatment options. More ick.

I missed the board being down--I didn't get to post yesterday. Porbably a good thing as I was not a happy camper!

I'm going to try to have a quiet weekend--just me and the pain medication. Will go shopping this afternoon to stock the house with easy to prepare SB foods so I won't have to cook much.

I'm going to check out that cheese cake recipe--sounds yummy! I'll talk some more later, it is kind of hard to sit at the computer and type right now.


sef 01-11-2002 01:28 PM

HiedieHo All!

Thought I would post and then go back to bed! Wednesday was really busy. I know for sure I could not hold a job. I was at church for 6 hours. I completed all the copying but would not have if the xecretary hadn't taken pity on me and helped me with the last collating and stapling. I knew I was getting tired but hated to leave a job in the middle, so kept plugging along! Oh well, it's done anyway.

I did make about 12# of mashed potatoes for the wake and delivered by 9:30a.

Supper was easy just needed to be thawed. I don't know what we ever did without freezers and microwaves! Then went to choir practice.

Yesterday wasn't too bad. I went to NH, drugstore and home. Made a real supper. Then Habitat meeting. I was elected to the board and will serve on Newsletter/PR committee.

I don't know if weather is going to change (fell asleep during news) but today is not one of my better days. It's okay, I've learned to do what I can and go with the flow. Not sick just need a lie down.

TREE - Before SB breakfast was literately a full pot of coffee in the two hours between getting up and going to work. If the pot wasn't gone by then I had the last cup in my insulated mug and it went with me to work! Now I am a good girl
:angel: and eat breakfast. There is a decided change in how I feel. I liked your Beautiful Women.

ZANNE - I thought you stated your feelings very well. Will finish later

Take care. sef

jmuir9668 01-11-2002 02:12 PM

It's FRIDAY!!!
It's finally here, the end of the week. Hope everyone had a good one and has a great weekend.

I did okay at lunch today. We went for Mexican. I was very good and didn't have any of those addictive chips that they put on you table. I did have the fajitas on flour tortillas but I used the loaded baked potato approach. I had the carbs, but I also had a ridiculous amount of protein, what with the steak and the guacamole and all. So hopefully, it won't be too bad.

Have any of you heard of or read the book Low-Carb meal in minutes? I saw it online at amazon and was wondering if anyone here had fixed any of the recipes. Generally, it sounded pretty good. I thought I would try and find it a my local bookstore and see if i like anything that is in it. I'll let you know what I find out.

Well, that's about it for me today. hope everyone has fun this weekend.

See ya on the board.


Sheann 01-11-2002 04:26 PM

So far so good. I'm doing pretty well on the program during the day but am getting the munchies at night. I haven't gone off the program though. Last night I had a couple (3) of triscuits with a SMALL slice of cheese (very thin) on each.

I made the ww bread yesterday and used honey but didn't use the 2 tlbs it called for. I only used one. It turned out very well and I sliced it very thin. Now I'm thinking about trying to make the ww tortillas or the pitas. Next time I make the bread, I am going to try the Splenda. Just to see if it turns out ok. Maybe I'll cut the recipie in half and just make a couple of rolls instead of a whole loaf of bread.

Debbie, Congratulations on your all time low of 118. I hope everyone has a great weekend. You are all an inspiration. And thanks for all of the great recipies I read and printed off on the Recipie Board.



Rosalie 01-11-2002 05:17 PM

Hi everyone

I typed this post yesterday and when I went to post it the site was down. Darn. Here it is anyhow with a couple of small changes. Will try to get back and respond to other posts later. Just got in from work and have to think about getting dinner ready.

Just a quickie, as usual. Been very busy these last few days. Worked the last three days, and played badminton every evening. I'm off to-day but have lots to do. Just finished the laundry and cleaning the house now have to do a bit of shopping and I am going out with some friends this evening to a concert and to dinner at my favorite Indian restaurant.

Sol - I am still unable to get below 195 - this morning it was 195 1/2 - so you don't have much to catch up with. My goal for January is just to get below 195 - and stay there. I'm trying hard to stay op and cutting down on the starchy carbs and concentrating on having most of my carbs in the morning at breakfast. This worked for me in the past so hope I can get some good results soon.

Kim - I wish I was as good as you think I am with my badminton serve - I'm hopeless but I am working on it.

Fillise - Sorry to hear about the herniated disc. I wish you luck with your doctors visit on Monday.

Deb - Thanks for your offer about the Agave. I think I will check out one of the online suppliers and see how much it would cost to send it up here. The price here from the HFS was $5.19 for the light and $4.89 for the dark but they are out of stock at the moment and I don't know if they will be getting any more. Thanks for the new info about the agave. Hope I can find some before the price goes up. If the price doubles I certainly won't be buying it any more. Too bad as I have just gotten used to using a little in my coffee. I just don't like any of the other sweeteners.



Rhroo 01-11-2002 06:15 PM

Hey! Its Friday. Boy talk about withdrawal when this site is down! LOL Hope everyone fared well! I did o.k, but could have done better. Today was a fairly decent day not sugar free but kind of on track (how motavting am I?) Card day per usual on Fri. Sis in laws bday too. No cake for me but that ice cream looked yummy! Anyway tomorrows a new day. I did get my hour of excersise in! thats five times for me this week! Tomorrow i won't get to it my son has a basketball game---and rain! Excuses I know. My leg is feeling better now my lower back hurts! I think i am falling apart!

Just wanted to say HI and have a great week end! I will let you know how i fare at the baby shower on Sun!


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