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View Poll Results: You made a prediction on your weight loss/gain over the holiday season, so, how'd you
My prediction was right on target.
I gained 1-2 pounds more than I thought
I gained 3-4 pounds more than I thought
I gained 5+ more pounds than I thought
I lost 1-2 pounds more than I thought
I lost 3-4 pounds more than I thought
I lost 5+ pounds more than I thought
I haven't a clue either way, haven't assessed the damgage yet!
I didn't make a prediction at that time.
Just starting, doesn't pertain to me
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  • IT'S WEIGH IN WEDNESDAY!!! If you'd like to put your stats on our JANUARY WEIGH IN BOARD just click on the link below:

  • WIW
    YEAH- down another pound from my previous low several weeks ago. And it's held 3 days in a row!
    175/140/130. I finally hit the 35 lb. mark, but looking in the mirror, there still seems to be a long way to go. Especially now that I see all those buff bods in the Body for Life Book. Course most of them seem to be 25-30 years old, at least the women. The don't show you the tummy stretch marks on the 47 yr old who had 3 kids! Now I wish I had some pictures of me at my highest weight, but honestly I hid behind cameras for 15 years. The few that are around, I've managed to perch a child or dog in front of me .

    Tree: I don't think oxygen deprivation means they really fit- size 6 is still a major goal!

    Zanne: I'm going to try to take my "before" pictures today using the self timer on the camera. Won't even let dh do it. I feel ridiculous enough as it is. Just haven't figured out what to wear. The last time I owned a 2 piece bathing suit was 1980! I may just go with undies and NEVER post them! Just for me.

    ZSuzsu- hang in there! Sounds like the last few days were pretty aweful. As I guess you've realized, you never really "win" a screaming match with a 10 year old, cause even if you get your way, you still feel crappy. And it doesn't seem to bother them a bit. I've had plenty of those screaming matches, tho. and with an 11 year old. And a 12 year old. With dd it stopped by 14, so maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel. My ds is 11 and I swear some days we just start screaming out of habit when we look at each other! Go for the orange! may dipped in 73% cocoa choc. melted or ground? Personally, those times are my triscuit and cream cheese crises.

    gotta run,
  • Good Wednesday Morning Everyone!

    Still a wee bit chilly down here in SoFla-suppose to warm up a tad more than yesterday, and even more tomorrow. I can honestly say, when I was heavy, the a/c couldn't be cranked down enough to keep me cool, now, I'm totally opposite, I can't get warm! AND, a question for are you Northerers, how the heck do you get use to sitting on a cold toilet seat? I yelp every time I sit on the darned thing! AND, my hands must be cold, when I lift (yes, I have to lift) "the twins" into the holster, I cringe-my hands and my boobs are NOT the same temperature!!!! I give you guys so much credit-can't imagine going out in the snow and cold-you guys rock!!!!

    Well, it's WIW and I have to say I couldn't be much happier. I'm not back to my all time low of 118.5, but I'm only 1/2 pound above it at 119!!! It's 5lbs less than last weeks dismal WIW!! I hope you all did well this week.

    Had another good day yesterday with my food intake and journaling, though not so good on the water intake-will do better on that today, I"m hoping. I was pretty much on target with my fats, carbs & protein. For my caloric intake, 38.5 grams of fat were my target, I had 38, for carbs 142.5 target, I had 137.5 and for protein 86.5 grams, I had 91. Also was able to get in 22.5 grams of fiber, a little low, and a bit low on calcium at 690 grams. This is what works for me, keeping track this way, if I didn't do it like this, I surely would have not a clue what I was taking in and probably was one of the reasons I didn't have a loss, but a gain last month, as I didn't journal like I normally do-so for me, this makes a positive difference. My biggest problem, besides water intake, is veggie intake. I just hate cooking veggies! I don't mind eating them if someone else makes them, but when I make something, it tastes blah, no matter how hard I try. Guess with all the cookbooks I have I should try to find something that sounds good and make it. One reason I like the CRUSTLESS QUICHE recipe, it has veggies in it, spinach, mushrooms, onion and broccoli-maybe I should make that for dinner tonight!

    Thanks to those of you who joined us in the chat room last night, always a pleasure to "talk" to you real time!!!!

    ZSU, it was a pleasure meeting you as well this weekend, I'm already missing everyone and can't wait til we do this again! We all had a great time!! I'm sure we'll have a FL get together before the NC get together in Oct., too long to have time go by with having 4 hours or less apart from everyone. Good luck with your nephew, thank goodness he has you for stability, not to mention love. Keep us informed on how the pregnancy is progressing!!! Oh, don't forget to scan the pic when you get a chance-I know you're busy, no hurry, whenever you can

    SEF, thanks for the KREWE explanation. Have you ever been on one of the floats? Maybe you and PIANOSTRIPPER can be on one one day Have a good day at church-10# of potatoes?? Not to mention all the other stuff you have to do today-where do you get the energy???

    TREE, why not choc. shavings, if using like 70% cocoa bar? NOT that I'd suggest eating something like that-even though it could be SB LEGAL, it sounds so sinful! I think most people who live in warm climates are always dehydrated-guilty as charged! Never thought aboaut my pb balls being thinned down like that, will have to try that someday!

    ZANNE, CONGRATS! Another pound down the drain/toilet! I'm sure someone on the board has a scanner and would be happy to put it on for you Always nice to put a name with a face. Try to remember to ask your brother. Your feelings are right on target with the gals and the board-I think most, if not all, feel the same way. It's why when you do get together and meet that you feel like you've known each other for years and have met before. Hoping one day you too will be able to meet up with some of us!!!

    MEL, CONGRATS!!! Making milestones, girl! Just 10 more to go, you're almost there!!! Like you, I hid from the cameras and really only have one "fat pic" from when I was my heaviest (the one on the PHOTO BOARD), and I too wished I'd of had a pic of myself when I started SB at 194-but there too, I hid from the camera, plus, I didn't think I'd be as successful as I was at the beginning. Do have a picture that was taken in June, and hoping to get a copy of a pic that was taken at a wedding in April, only about 3 weeks after starting this WOE, but the one in June, my gosh, what a difference I can see!!!

    Eli just informed me he was off until a meeting at 5pm-wish he would of told me sooner so I could plan for the kids to be p/u at school so we could spend more time UP IN BROWARD! Anyhow, going to hop in the shower and get ready, will put my walk off til later this afternoon. Hopefully, I'll still be inspired to get out there and go. My mouth is already watering for OLE OLE and CARBOLITE!!!!

    Please remember, TOMORROW IS RECIPE DAY so if you have a good SB LEGAL RECIPE you'd like to share with the board, please, try to post it tomorrow. I will finish typing up the directions for the CHEESECAKE RECIPE that I made and get that posted tonight or tomorrow.

    Here's the link to the RECIPE BOARD:

    Have a great day everyone!

    SB since 3/22/00
    Reached goal 6/10/01
  • WIW hmmmmmm....!!!! Well I am down enough to make me happy. Considering i had TOM last week i am down 5lbs sounds like alot, but I really was surpised i was that much up to start with---so i am happy. I still have alot more to go...11 lbs to my lowest uggggg I am going to do it! Probably only go down a couple next week if I am super sugar free! Can't hurt to try. Just got done my tape-shorter one my leg is hurting and i don't wanna push it! Tomorrow is suposed to be warm so i will walk-that will be 4 days and i will get Fri in -my thougher tape (the one that hurt me!LOL) Anyway i hope you all are getting results. Yeah for the BFLers!! Deb yeah for you loss too I could never get that low!!! I think people would freak out i say i wanna lose 15 more (from now) and they think i will fly away! I think i have 3 inches on you.

    Gotta gooooo hubbys home today-yuck!! caught him peekin on me working out! Now how can that be sexy? MEN!!!!!! have a great day!


    201.2/148-yeah! lol/132 my ultimate goal.for a day!
  • Wednesday AM
    Good Morning all.

    I posted that I had a 1 pound loss this week on WIW board. I am very excited about this and almost did cartwheels in the bathroom this morning.

    Dixie is going to a stable for a while to get some additional training. She is just being a little stupid and I need some help with her. She is still just a sweet big baby but wants her way a lot and I must say lately she has been getting it. But alas I will win!!!

    I have a mandatory meeting this afternoon at 1 is some big mystery and we are all nervous about what it could be about....will let you know.

    Rhoo....if I were you I would have taken advantage of the situation and have given him some GOOD moves to look at ....but then that is just ME!!!! LOL Way to go on your loss ....keep it up can do it.

    DEB.....personally I enjoy the cooler weather......I could never stand SOFLA with all those warm muggy days. I guess you decided I got booted out of chat last night. AOL booted and my puter has been having problems so I gave up for the night and did some things around here ...then went to bed.

    Tree...thanks for the website to order Agave...I am going to do that today.

    Sef....I am with you hon......getting back on track has been much harder than the actual start up was. I am planning on doing things much different next Christmas so I won't be in this boat. Dixie will be fine....she just needs a little kinks worked out is all....thanks for asking.

    TV.....good to see you girl....we still need to get together one day for a in person visit. Let me know what you think.

    NOmoresugar.....welcome ...we are glad to have you join us.

    Well I have to run feed the animals ....cya all soon.

  • Hey Girlfreinds!

    I'm reporting in because it's part of my therapy if you will to get on track for the New Year. I'm 232 this morning. My sister in No. Calif. emailed me this morning and is ready to be my partner in crime so we can tackle getting 50 lbs off by May. Didn't have a great day staying on plan yesterday, but today is a new day, and I always feel so mauch better when I BEHAVE. I didn't get a chance to catch up on the past days post yet...thought it more theraputic to share where I'm at right now.

  • It's too cold here...
    Morning Ladies…

    Well, I have to admit it, again, I sometimes just can’t keep up with all the posts on the thread. I love answering everyone, but I am going to have to accept that fact that I cannot be polite all the time like so many of you! Please forgive me, okay? Problems with being overachiever, etc., lol….

    Another too cold day in Connecticut. Was in major depression yesterday about various things, but still managed 1.25 miles on TM. For some reason, am having mid-cycle TOM (BCP is weird sometimes) and MAJOR BLOATING! Visited the loo a lot during the night and feel somewhat better, but still staying away from the scale. I am so mad at myself for having to relose these pounds. I really need to make a better effort during the holidays next year.

    TRY THE BBQ SAUCE DEB POSTED ON THE RECIPE SITE! Made it last night on ribs and it was wonderful! I double the recipe and went through a whole bottle of agave, so I need to restock. Yum. More hockey tonite, tomorrow night, Friday,. Sat and Sun, so I better get my menu act together if I want to keep my sanity. LOL, what sanity?

    Fillise – Hope your pains get better. I went through a week of back pain just now and it’s not fun.

    MEL – size 6 jeans – excellent! Have you ever tried Gap Reverse Fit jeans? They are great – the only jeans I buy now, except they only come in blue or black so it’s kinda boring – wish they’d make a taupe-y color or something. Give them a try, promise you’ll like them – they’re cut very flatteringly. My size 8s are a true sign of whether I need to step up the plan – and right now they’re screaming at me! I swear, we need to email each other about the 11 yo DS. I feel just like you – sometimes I just need to look at him and want to scream! This kid is great – but what is the deal with the goofiness? He’s straight A, plays hockey, has a band (he plays guitar), a million friends….but he can be so friggin annoying! Thank goodness my 7 yo is still adorable (most of the time). Tell me about your DS!

    Sef – I caught that down 4 sizes line. How wonderful is that!!! You go girl!

    NoMORESugar – tell me about this SB support group. I sometimes can’t read everything on the thread at once and miss things – I’ve given a lot of thought to trying to start one up – if you are doing one, please fill me in!

    Deb – Team Starbucks! Now that is a pro-active company! That’s what I like! If I didn’t hate retail so much I’d apply for a job at our local Starbucks now! You should be the team captain (by marriage) - that would be so much fun! I’ve beenemailing my friend WDW menus as she is going down there next month, so by next Jan I’ll be so Disney-obsessed I’ll be there to cheer you on!

    Nance – I know what you mean about feeling better when you are OP. I feel exactly the same. Then why do I sometimes go off? What’s worse, making the effort to stay OP or feeling lousy when you don’t? Sounds like a topic for Oprah!

    Tree – I’m sorry I missed it – what is the agave site for ordering? Is it the frankferd farms? I’m entering an agave panic attack!

    Early dismissal today so gotta gear up for an afternoon with the kiddies. Luckily, both have kids coming over, so less work for mom!

    Have a great OP day!

  • Wednesday Morning
    Good morning everyone!

    OK it is WIW and I got on the scale. It is sitting at 244--which is 7 lbs up from my low of 237. So this is where we are beginning the year from. I'm doing well as far as my eating so should start to see it head south soon.

    My MRI was not too bad yesterday. I'm not claustraphobic, so I didn't have any problem with the closed machine. I was only in for about 15 minutes anyway--I just kept my eyes closed and counted all the things I was grateful for. It was actually quite a nice little meditation. Of course one of the things I am very
    grateful for is the support on this board--and my SB sisters!

    I go back to the DR tomorrow for results. I'm hoping it is not a herniated disk since all of the treatment options seemed pretty icky. I'm pretty tense right now about getting my campaign contracts signed--so I'm hoping that's what it is. I didn't injure myself, I just woke up last Wed. with a sore neck. Pain starting shooting down my arm over the weekend and than I started getting muscle spasms. Not fun, but not the worst pain I've ever experienced either.

    VIV--thanks for the good wishes. I'm going to try the BBQ sauce. It sounds delish. I'm happy not to be living where it is really really cold. I do not like winter so Jan/Feb are months simply to be survived as far as I'm concerned.

    Nance--yes check in with is and get back on track! WE are here for you!

    Bus--congrats on the loss!

    Rhonda--doesn't it s**k having to relose weight? But we will do it won't we girlfriend?

    Deb--looking forward to the cheese cake recipe. You are right have Renee (Frog) being a really neat lady. I enjoyed meeting her last May! I think a Starbucks/SB team would be awesome!

    OK--I have to go now.Third potty call in 30minutes--hope this is a good omen!


    July 10, 2000
  • wow!
    Just wanted to say I went to the site and am amazed at their prices. My favorite snack, carob peanuts, is a fraction of what I pay at my HFC! Wow!

  • It's WIW!
    Happy to report I'm down 2 pounds! I went to our cafeteria today and the grill guy was giving me a hard time because I haven't gotten my usual french fries for the last three days. Then I told him that I had lost two pounds in the last week and he forgave me.

    Generally feeling pretty good. I can't believe it is only Wednesday though. I have worked more so far this week week than I have the last 3 weeks combined.

    Congrats to all the losers. I'm sorry that I can't respond to y'all (as we say here in Atlanta) individually, but I just keep everyone straight.

    Hope everyone has a good day. It's downhill to the weekend from here.

  • Didnt mean to shake people up yesterday by posting my WIW a day early. I swear I just cant keep up with the days. Anyway I stepped on the scales this morning and still at 180 so no lbs loss. Oh well maybe next week. Ill just have to try harder.

    Congrats to all the losers. Its always nice to step on the scales and see a loss.

    I need some help. I want to make some Hummus but I cant find Tahini at my local grocery stores and a HFS is just to far away. Is there a substitute?

    Will try and check in later.
  • Just posted my 1/2 pound loss on the WIW Board. I have only been on the SB way of eating for a few days. It seems like it is really going to be something I can live with. It seems that most recipies could be adapted. I am taking things slow though and will ask questions here first. I don't want to make a BIG MISTAKE and have something I shouldn't. From past experiences, I know that I am kind of like an alcoholic. If I stray once, I just keep right on going and going like the Energizer Bunny.

    I do have a question. I am going to make a loaf of bread and it calls for honey (2 tlbs). I do not have the agave nectar. Can I use Splenda?

    I have been noticing that if I eat a full meal for dinner, I don't sleep well at night. I don't have heartburn or anything like that, but I feel bloated and unable to breathe. Even if I eat before 6 or 7pm. (Most of my weight is in the abdomen, with all that fat in there all my vital organs are probably screaming at me to wake up and get a clue). I am thinking about having only a light snack at night and then have a bigger breakfast in the morning.

    Thanks again everyone,

  • Hi everybody. I've been trying to catch up on the posts for this week. Monday was my first day back at school. The kids started Friday, but I had a workshop to go to. I'm trying to get back in the swing of things and I'm really dragging. Anyway, I've stayed OP...well, pretty much. Still up a couple of pounds from my low of 150.

    Congrats to Frog! Way to go!

    Welcome newbies and welcome back Quilter.

    Sorry I can't get to everyone. I'm too far behind!

  • Splenda and then some
    Sheann: Yes, you can bake with splenda. 99% of people think it takes great. I'm one of the 1% that can taste a really foul after-taste, so if you've never used it, try it in a cup of tea or something before you go to all that trouble to bake bread and then don't like it. I vaguely remember a discussion on the honey issue. I THINK the conclusion was that 2 tablespoons divided by however many servings you actually get out of the loaf would still be legal, but before anybody screams at me, I only sort of remember this! Deb?

    MusicTeach- Welcome back! Hard to get back to the routines, isn't it?

    Catlover- I really don't think there is a substitute for tahini unless you want to make your own with a mortar and pestle! That would give you a great arms workout....Can you order it and have it delivered? Strange, every grocery store here sells it.

    Zanne-Did my first LBWO this morning, don't think I hit 10's on anything. I may have to join a gym, cause to get to peak with free weights and no spotter, I may get killed. Like squats. With hubby spotting, I can squat 85 pounds, 12 reps (probably sounds wimpy to the quad squad, but took me FOREVER to get there). But alone, I can't get more than 50 lbs into position. The nearest gym sounds expensive, but cheaper than buying my own smith machine! And dumbbells heavy enough to do my legs any good hurt my shoulder joints! Very frustrating. I'm going down to talk to the head weight trainer at the gym tomorrow to see if I want to join. He managed to tell me 3 times in a 5 minute conversation that he's a 3 time grand masters champ. OK, I'm impressed. (yes, I really am, but EGO? Are his biceps as big?)

    I took my pics this morning. What a hoot! Luckily I have a really cool new digital camera that has a lense that swivels 360 degrees so I can take my own picture with the self timer and see it in the LCD screen. I haven't owned a 2 piece bathing suit since forever so I used my red Victoria Secret Undies. I can definitively say those pictures are NEVER going anywhere! YUCK! I didn't expect to look like the 20 year old babes in the catalogue,
    but I'm pretty sure if VS saw me, they'd confiscate the underwear and ban me from the store! And that's after having already lost 35 pounds of FAT FAT FAT! So those pics are just for me, and hopefully the 12 week ones will be better! And I won't wear underwear I was all set up in the bathroom with a sheet draped behind me and the camera on a tripod, feeling like an absolute fool. My biggest fear was that a burglar would break in at that moment, see me, and have a heart attack in my bathroom! Or worse, my hubby would come home unexpectedly. I'd never live it down!

    and with that image seared into your brains, gotta go!

  • Hello all!

    Bad day here – didn’t weigh this morning because TOM hit me hard last night and I know I’m up, so didn’t even get on. I’m depressed enough without looking!! I don’t guess depressed is the right word, just “hormonal” I guess. This TOM thing just gets worse every month. I haven’t always had these problems, or at least not as bad! I’ve been craving chocolate sooooo baaad this afternoon – and yes, I did it. I know I goofed up, but I really felt better afterwards – maybe my bsl was low??? I need to go to the HFS and get some legal chocolate to get me by during times like these!

    Mel – did someone say something about goofy kids?? My 9 ½ year old son drives me up the wall sometimes. Goofy is his middle name!! He watches a cartoon named “Ed, Edd and Eddie” and it is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. He loves to mimick them constantly. For example, we can be driving down the road and he will say “if only we had a sack of potatoes” (he says it in his goofy voice too)!! I just want to choke him!!! From seeing my niece and nephew, I know that they grow out of it, but until they do you just have to grin and bear it I guess!!

    BusDeb – Hope the meeting wasn’t bad! I’m game to get together whenever!

    No time for more right now – fixin to down more Midol, fill up the waterbottle and head out.