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SolShine 01-08-2002 09:56 AM

GREETINGS!!! DARN COLD HERE!! Had to put the sheets on the plants again last night. This is Florida – we’re not supposed to have this kind of cold weather. FROG and DH will be here in O-Town playing around all week. I hope it warms up so they can ride the water rides if they go to the theme parks. FROG probably won’t be on the board until they get home. I did print out the posts from Friday last week until today to take to the hotel for her to see all the well wishes and greetings from everyone. I know I wouldn’t be able to catch up after a week of being off the board and you all have said such kind words that it would do her heart good to read them. Meister and I are hoping to catch up with them this week for lunch or dinner while they are still in town. I can’t tell you how wonderfully sweet and fun they are! Like DEBBIE I really wish all of us on the board lived closer to each other.

I’m still on a high from this week-end! You’d have thought I ran the marathon with all the energy and motivation I have. I think it’s from being around all these SUPER WOMEN! I’ve started on my plan for training for the half marathon and I’ll be alternating weight training days with walking days. My first goal is to just get faster at walking the 3.5 mile loop around our neighborhood and then I’ll start adding distance. On Saturdays I’ll start adding distance. OMG, now I’ve posted it! I’m completely accountable to you all for my training. :eek:

We’re STILL eating leftovers from the week-end! Today I brought some MORE of the pasta ZSU ZSU made. It’s sooo good! For a variation I’ve brought some of the Rotel Dip to put on top of it.

ZANNE and MELERIS – BFL sounds interesting and very intense. Don’t know that I’m ready for anything like that. Thanks for keeping us posted on your experiences with it. I think I’m going to have my hands full training for the half marathon next year at WDW with DEBBIE and everyone else who can make it. I hope you’ll be in that group!

MELIRIS – I WILL NOT even think about the full marathon! The HALF will be challenging enough for this big ole butt. PLEASE join us! It’s soooo much fun to spectate, but to PARTICIPATE --- I can hardly wait! FROGGIE is so inspirational – how could we NOT be motivated? CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR LOW!!! How thrilling for you!! Size 6 from a size 16?!?!? AMAZING!! You’ll be breathing in those 6’s in no time!

RHOO Soo glad to see you!! I know as a kid we liked the snow days way more than my parents did! I’m going to check out that link, too. Not interested in BFL, but always interested in hearing from people who have achieved weight loss goals. I think our “My Story” thread will be very well read.

DEBBIE – WOOOO HOOOOO!!!!! WAY TO GO ON YOUR 44:20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know that Vince has to read all the posts since meeting everyone. I think he may be a lurker for a while. :lol: He says CONGRATS!! And WOW!! On your time!! Very Impressive!! He said that taking the time off to rest is very important and good. He said it’s more common in cycling for riders to take proper rests between work-outs to get the most distance and best time out of their rides, but that it benefits everyone. You know I don’t mind those rests – the problem is I rest more than work-out. :rolleyes: THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING THIS WEEK-END!!! For bringing the tons of goodies, the falafal mix, tahini, WW pitas, t-shirts – for taking all the pictures – for just being YOU! And for getting to be around you so much this week-end. It truly was a joy! You said I’d be prepared to RUN with y’all next year????? You’re VERY mistaken! I’ll be WALKING the half marathon next year. I expect you JOGGERS/RUNNERS will have to wait for me at the finish line with your medals around your necks!

BIGKNIGHTSMOMMA Thank you for the kind words!! Looking forward to seeing you more since you and ZSU ZSU are so close! We may have to become avid UCF Football fans now that we have a Knight to root for!

VIV Good to see you! Looking forward to hearing how wonderful the “new” house is. I’ll be checking out that site you posted, too.

JMUIR – Hope you’re feeling better soon!

TV Don’t be fooled, Debbie didn’t drink water on Sunday because she didn’t want to have to use a PORT-A-POTTY!! :lol:

TREE CONGRATULATIONS on the new job!!!! SOOO GOOD TO SEE YOU BACK! It’s so important to ljike what we do and who we do it with since we’re there almost all day. Glad you’ll be moving to a place where they’ll appreciate how wonderful you are.

NANCE-MEISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUDDY –O-PAL-O-MINE! WELCOME BACK!! Guess we’re climbing back on that wagon together. Tell BOB to turn the radio up, I really like this song.

[b]NOMORESUGAR[b] Welcome!! You’re definitely in the right place for support and answers.

CRICKETT Wow! 14 lbs. Even through the holdiays?!? You have my respect!! Can’t wait to hear about your trip. I’m sure that if you’ve been able to make it through the holidays you‘ll be able to make it under any situation!

SHEANN – Here’s your goal for next year – HALF MARATHON at WDW with the SB GANG! That’s ½ way to a full marathon before you turn 50! THEN in 2 years you can make the FULL MARATHON!

PRAVADA WELCOME! You resisted 3 Kings Cake? WAY TO GO!! Yes, it is amazing how many things have sugar in them. Just reading labels can get depressing at first, but there are so many things we CAN eat that the disappointment is only temporary. I, too, recommend using FitDay and trying some new recipes to find the ones that you like best and work best with your schedule. It looks like you aren’t eating enough, but I don’t know how much you weigh. Do you know how many calories you normally eat and what percentage of fat, carb, protein it is for the day? That might help us give you more pertinent information.

SEF I just love your posts! You always put things in perspective. Can’t wait to meet you one day soon, I hope! Please put October and/or January in your “to do” list!

BUSDEB – I hope to get to meet you in person, too! I think so highly of everyone who posts on here that when I meet them in person they always exceed my expectations so much that I can’t wait to meet the next person! Please put October and/or January in your “to do” list, too!

CATLOVER The floor sounds neat! I’m going to have to look up that kind of flooring. I want to get that Pergo wood flooring for our living room one day. I like my carpet, so the bedrooms will have to be carpeted, but I wouldn’t mind wood in the “common rooms”.

QUILTER – BIG HUGS FOR YOU!!!! I’ve been away more than I’ve been here, meeself, but BOB is still driving the wagon and there’s always room for one more! Glad to see you back! FROG and DH were awesome!! You would be inspired exponentially to see them in person. Start training with me and we can cross the half marathon finish line together!

MARIE I hope you’re much further away from the 200 lb. mark than I am at this point! I’m going to have to be perfect to catch up with you, but after seeing FROG and getting to spend so much time with all the other wonderful gals on this board I KNOW I can certainly be better than I was! I hope you get to make it down this way for one of our meetings! I’d love to spend a HALF MARATHON getting to know you better! :lol:

:wave: Have a Great Day! Greetings to all I didn't get to!

catlover 01-08-2002 10:12 AM

WIW- no change from last week

I dont think I am eating enough , which has prompted me to use Fitday again. I need help in figuring out how much fat ,carbs and protein I am allowed a day. I weigh 180 lbs.

Deb has figured this out in the past, and I am embarrassed to have to ask her again, so someone please help me.

Fillise 01-08-2002 11:13 AM

Tuesday morning

It is so great to read about the weekend in Orlando--I'm happy for everyone (but jealous for me!). I wish I could have been there.

Frog--Renee and Bill--Congrats on finishing the race--and with a new time too. WooooHoooo! I hope you have fun in O town and that your feet stop hurting soon!

I'm so glad old SB board members and new members got to meet this weekend--and the food sounds yummy. I haven't checked the recipe boards yet--but we will see recipies won't we?

I have to keep this short. I'm heading to the hospital in an hour for and MRI. I woke up with a sore neck last week and now the Dr thinks it might be a hearneated disk. Ick. Will let you know more when I get the results back on Thursday.

I'll try to post a little later. I'm doing well staying on program--so hopefully will be posting some losses soon!


TVthatsME 01-08-2002 11:41 AM

Hello everybody!!!

Wow – the board is active this week, guess we are all getting back into the swing of things now!!

I’m proud today because I got all of my water in yesterday and I even exercised for about 20 minutes last night!! I’m trying to stay motivated even through TOM, which is due to visit at any moment.

Is anyone else having a hard time with getting back to a 5 day work week this week??? After 2 short weeks, 5 days seems like an eternity!!

Mel – Hip Hip Hooray for you on the 141 and squeezing into the size 6 jeans – that’s TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deb – Great job on the newest best jog time – you are forever breaking your own records! Water??? BTW a little bird said that you didn’t drink on Sunday because of a potty availability issue, LOL! For shame…… I don’t blame you one bit!

Sol – or should I call you little birdie, ha ha! That is a great one you told on Deb. I’m gonna let her off the hook this time because I don’t like those portables either – YUCK!

Tree – Sounds like you made a good choice in changing jobs when you did! Glad things are looking up for you!

Nomoresugar – WELCOME!

Crickett – Great job on the 14 lbs. I just hit the 15 lb mark myself a few weeks ago (before the holidays, oops).

Pravada – WAY TO GO on resisting temptation!!! It can be really hard sometimes, but don’t you feel so much better knowing that you were able to overcome the urge?!?!?!

Sef – Your “HIDEHO” always puts a smile on my face! Good idea on using the gift certificates as self rewards.

Cat – Sounds like we are anticipating some of the same projects. I want to re-do my bedroom and bathroom COMPLETELY and make some changes in my 4 yr old DS’s room.

Bus – Do you go to B-ham to hit the mall or H-ville? I found some good buys too. Sounds like you have done well so I’m sure WIW will be good for you!

Zanne – Thanks for the motivation on exercise – I need all of that I can get!!!

Rhoo – get some sleep before you conk out!!!

Fillise – have you thawed out yet?? I didn’t see a flake up here until this past Sunday and it melted right away…… Good luck on the MRI – hope it turns out to be something easy to treat!

Hello to all I missed – Gotta run

pravda 01-08-2002 12:11 PM


I do not know how many calories I am getting each day. How do I figure that out? I have not a clue about any of this. I am so new to this concept, I am not even sure if I am doing anything right. I have cut out obvious sugars, and carbs, but other than that, I am not sure what else to do.
Everything I read has sugar in it, of some kind.
I know that protein is usually safe as long as it is LF or FF.
I am trying to stay with WW or whole grain breads, crackers.
I went to Fitday.com, not too sure how to read that chart either. I weight 262. I am 5'3. I am medium build, not too small frame. I hope that helps you get a picture of me. I would like any advise or help on this. I also have PCOS
Thanks for all the help you guys have given so far on this issue.

jmuir9668 01-08-2002 12:20 PM

One day down, 4 to go
Well, I've made it to Tuesday. TVthatsMe , I agree that it is hard to get back to a 5 day week. My days are all screwed up, I had a hard time remembering what day it was this morning.

For dinner last night, I had sloppy joes on triscuits. The sauce can said it had some sugar in it, but it didn't seem too high. Hope it was okay.

I had my two cups of green tea and couple glasses of water (less than I should, I know). Something must have been working though because I was visiting the loo like a mad woman yesterday. Also had more energy when I got home and went on a cleaning tear. My husband looked at me like I had gone insane (needless to say, I'm not a cleaner).

Anyway, hope everyone has a great Tuesday and is on track for a good WIW.

Talk at ya later.


sef 01-08-2002 12:26 PM

HiedieHo All!

I'd like to say I will never cheat again! Has anyone else found it hard to get back on plan? I'm doing it but it's a fight with myself!! It's harder than when I first decided on this woe! I know it's mind-set, mind over matter....if I don't mind-it DOES matter!

Thought I'd get in a post now. I have Women's Association Bible Study this afternoon. Have some spaghetti sauce in freezer, homemade, SB legal so will have that for supper. Throw it in crock pot to thaw. Changed mind last night and baked salmon instead of poaching it, really goood.

BUS - What's Dixie's problem? Apparently you can ride her. Maybe she's not an easy ride?

CAT - You should have my son! He seems to have an innate talent for selecting colors or deciding what walls should have what color. Whenever they get into a painting frenzy we tease him about being an interior decorator, not a manly "career" as far as he's concerned. He's happiest when there's grease and oil involved. yet he hates to crack an egg because the white is UGH! Go figure! So far his choices have worked out. DIL has ideas too, but if she's indecisive ds makes the choice.

QUILT - You're not oldy/moldy!! You have enthusiasm and humor which you have always brought to the Board. I know I owe you a note, but don't feel bad you are in good company!! I am starting to get reprimands from my correspondents that I owe letters to. I just got behind over the holidays and have to catch up.

TREE - Nice sample menu for newbies, reminder for us "Oldbies"! When I left job to move with ds, the last day everyone came to work wearing a hat! On dress down Fridays I would design a hat with a theme - Nat'l Sewing Month, Cheesehead for GreenBay Packers game, a roof with Santa going down the chimney; staff thought they would honor me with their hats! Don't uou know I had a pancreas attack and had to miss the party! I was so disappointed. but too sick to care at the time.

MEL - Impressed by size 6. I had same experience with the size 18, got them on just couldn't sit! Thwey're my goal!! We will make it!!

SUGAR - I was brought up in Collingwood Park. It is 7 mi. from Asbury Park and 10 mi. from Freehold, I went to Mansquan H.S. and Monmouth University in Long Branch, only it was a Junior College then! Many people hear Collingwood Park and not listening think Collingswood which is near Camden.

DEB - You obviously don't live in the real south! King Cakes come out on the Twelfth Day. Starts the Mardi Gras season. Many Krewes choose their king and queen by the eating of the cake to see who gets the little baby figurine that is baked in it. They are sort of like a citron struedel, with white icing that is sectioned off with green, yellow and purple sugar sprinkled on.....a SB nightmare! In six weeks one bakery here feels they will sell thousands of the cakes!

JRED - Kids don't exactly rejoice about the return to school either! So many people think teachers just work the school hours, forgetting about lesson plans, after school activities, etc. Know how hard teachers work! Have several friends who teach.

ROSALIE - I see that name and think of Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald (the youngsters on this Board are saying "Who?")

See, when we set our minds we can resist cookies!!

ZANNE - I know when I was walking, that if I had to miss for some reason it was a part of my day missing! I know you're right!

RHROO - You're right too about needing a game plan! I've learned to take things to potluck dinners that I can have whether others will eat it or not!

About school delays, I know in PA they would have school for a couple of hours just so they could get state funds, if school wasn't in session a certain length of time they would have to make up day. Sometimes they would have school even though it was starting to snow and prediction was bad, families that lived on back roads just would not send their kids.

I don't have any definite plans for gift certificates, other than some new Just My Size panties. I've already gone down 4 sizes! Will just buy what I need as I go along. Someday a pair of slacks or a skirt with a real fitted waitband!!

SOL - We have had a couple of hard freezes here and have been covering plants too. It's amazing though, how the pansies stand up to the frost!

In October I hope to be able to make a trip back home. I do get homesick now and then. I would like to see my old friends. After doing that will never be able to afford January. I will just have to live vicariously through all your reports!

CAT - Never be embarrassed to ask a question!! The only dumb question is the one not asked!! I don't know how to figure out those proportions either, I just eat! As you can tell or I wouldn't have to be here!!

FILLISE - Please let us know the results of MRI. Hope it is a open machine. I have had MRIs and they can be a little intimidating. Once I get settled though it's okay, I just feel a little panicky at first. Did you do something that might have caused a herniated disk or did it just happen?

Well I'd better go get that sauce out of the freezer or I will have to think of something else for supper that might include work!!!

Hope to make chat tonight, it has been a while!

Take care. sef

Nomoresugar 01-08-2002 02:04 PM

Oh my is it cold!:( You would think, having been raised in the north that I would be used to cold weather - but I have never liked being cold! Now you northern gals may not think 40-55 is cold - but we here in south Florida sure aren't used to it. I started today with hot cereal - the Mix Ahead Oatmeal. I don't recall which of the many folders I got the recipe from - if you want it, let me know and I will post it!

Debby - I lived in Coral Springs for 28 years! Moved there when there was one traffic light and a small Publix - a very very small Publix. I will check out the Whole Foods when I am next there visiting the son, dil and grandkids! I did see a post somewhere where GNC could get Agave syrup and will try that up here. Boynton Beach is north of Delray which is north of Boca! I live right between the turnpike and 95 - and can get to Coral Springs via Tpk in 25-30 minutes.

The Sugarbusters Saturday morning support group is listed on our bulletin board and in house tv station and I cannot tell you how many ask me about this WOE. And now that I am back into my size 10 clothes (and will get into the 8's again!), the difference is showing and I think more and more will try this.

I cannot thank you all enough for the warm welcome! I think those of us who have been doing SB for a long time will agree with me when I say to the new gals that it is more what you can eat than what you cannot. I am never hungry and find that I really have no desire to eat cookies or cake. While I do miss a freshly baked country bread - I can do without it. If you concentrate on what you are allowed to eat and not think about the "forbidden foods' - this is soooo easy to do!

Debelli 01-08-2002 02:37 PM

Hey All:wave:

Well, I finally got my arse out and did my 4.5 miles, but didn't get out til about 1pm! Then I had wished I would of gone earlier, thought it was colder out there-and once I started my jogs, it warmed up pretty darned quick and I was a sweatin! I have a NEW SECOND BEST TIME OF 45:00:spin: Not as good as yesterday, but still a great time!!! Needless to say, I'm thrilled!!

My Dad called me this morning to tell me he saw an article about the WDW Marathon in the newspaper and he said they printed all 18,500 of the runners names in it! I didn't ask him which newspaper it was, he goes to the library, so it may be the Miami Herald, may not. I asked him to get a copy for me so I could get it to FROG if she didn't see it.

AND, Eli met with his boss yesterday and told him about the WDW Marathon. He said his boss was suprised Starbucks people weren't in it and that he wanted Eli to call this other guy who would be the person to go through so STARBUCKS would sponsor people for next year, so maybe we can all be TEAM STARBUCKS!!!!!! That would be so cool! I'll let you know what, if anything arises from this call Eli made to the guy.

Guess what??? One week and my kitchen, dining room and family room are still clean!!:spin: Not counting my living room, that's always clean! Kids are even helping me a bit more to keep it tidy.

SOL, guess your house must still look like it has 3 dead bodies laying in the front lawn! LOL!!! Yes, you have now put it in print that you are going to be in the marathon, so no turning back now! I guess with VINCE reading the board, I don't have to call and tell him you've COMMITTED to doing it next year;) (BTW, tell him I said thanks for the congrats!). I'm sure he'll even help you train. Who knows if you will walk or jog the length, look at me, I only started to incorporate little bouts of jogging in my walking routine just this past May, so you may just surprise yourself! You are more than welcome for everything, the least I could do! You'll have to let me know when you make the falafels and how you like that mix. I hope you and/or GATOR get to see FROG & BILL before they head back to NC-definitely keep us informed if you get to see them, and please, give her a big ol hug for me!!! BTW, she LOVED the slippers!!! And they were the right size!!!! Hey, are you ratting on me????????? Okay, after you exited with and "ick" and telling me there was no paper in the port-a-potty, could you even blame me???? I know, I was bad with the water, but I made up for some of it yesterday;)

CAT, LOL, it's only Tuesday, hop back on the scale tomorrow!!! You can ask me to help figure things out for you again, I don't mind, just e-mail me the info, current weight and goal weight, that's all I need:)

FILLISE, I know you'd of loved to of joined us, but at least you know when we talk about FROG, what we are saying is so true, since you too have had the pleasure of meeting her-isn't she a trip!?! As for the recipes, I know as far as I'm concerned, all but the CHEESECAKE RECIPE is on there, and that will be added by Thursday;) Good luck with the MRI, do make sure you let us know what the results are when you get them on Thursday, I'll pray it's nothing serious!

TV, yes, guilty as charged with the water, not just on Sunday, but for the entire weekend. I did take an entire bottle with me but didn't take a sip-no way was I going in those port-a-potties, no TP, no handwashing-UGH!!!!!!!!! No, I nicely held it in til we could make a decent pit stop. Did lots better yesterday and going to drink a bottle now, as I type out this post. Thanks for keeping tabs on me:)

PRAVDA, the only way you are going to know how many calories you are taking in is either logging your intake on a site like www.fitday.com, or doing a paper journal. Though, some people like combinig SB with using the WW points, or the Richard Simmons Deal-A-Meal cards, or his newer window thingie, so they don't have to count calories, but still, this gives a good idea. SB doesn't say to do this, but personally, I do feel it's important. Many people haven't a clue how much their caloric intake is and eating too little is just as bad as eating too much. If your intake is too little, your metabolism is going to slow down and you eventually will stop losing. For instance, if your intake is 1000 calories, and you should be taking in about 1500 calories, your in a deficit of 500 calories. You body may lower your metabolism to get by on 800 calories, banking the extra and storing it as fat. I eat approx. 1400 calories a day, sometimes more. If you wanted to stay your current weight, to stay at that weight you'd be taking in approx. 3145 calories, taking in that you are moderately active. Most so-called "experts" agree not to lower that number more than 500-700 calories, so even if you went with an average of 600 calories, your intake should not be lower than say 2550, which is a lot of calories. You would lose weight eating that much. As the scale goes down, you got down calorically, little by little. Now, say you were eating 3145 calories and now you are eating 1000, you've cut your caloric intake by 2/3, over 2000 calories less and your body would probably go into starvation mode. Anyhow, not trying to confuse you, or make it sound hard, because it's not, and not everyone does this, this is just how I do it. I can figure out, if you want the total grams of fat, carbs & proteins if you want.

JMUIR, I know that running to the potty feeling you had yesterday, I had the same feelings on Saturday. I was making pit stops at all the Turnpike Plazas, as soon as I got back in the car and on the road, I had to go again! Had some tea this morning, not use to caffeine and drinking anything much but water and it too seemed to go right through me!

SEF, can I get that in writing????? Exactly what you said about cheating and trying to get back OP is exactly the reason I'm so deathly afraid of doing that. I know how I am and it would be so hard for me to get back OP if I did a major cheat. I'm sure you'll be back OP 100% soon-right??? Okay, now that you explained this cake, what the heck are Krewes? And isn't anyone afraid of choking on this little baby figurine??? That would be just my luck, trying to cheat on a piece of that cake and choking on a baby!!! LOL!!

SUGAR, (hope you don't mind me shortening your name), I agree, it's too cool for me down here as well. So, really, you aren't far at all from Miami. My Aunt-in-Law's mother lives in Delray, so that area I do know somewhat. I've never seen a GNC carry agave, so I'm surprised to see they'd be able to order some-worth a try to see if they can get it for you as well, but def. find out the price first. Where I buy mine it's $2.59 a bottle and if you buy a case, they'll give you another 10% off. If you want, e-mail me your snail mail addy and I'll send you some samples, it's a little less sweet than the one I get from the HFS, but at least you can see what it tastes like. I would call the WHOLE FOODS off Atlantic and see if they stock it, though I'd be surprised if they didn't, as the other 2 stores I've been in of theirs does carry it. You can call them and just ask them to hold some bottles for you, or order a case. They're up to $2.79 a bottle there. I totally agree with what you said about not dwelling on what you can't eat, and look at all you can. Hey, you can always have that fresh made bread, that is, if you like to bake!!

Okay, time for me to hit the showers before I have to go get the kids.

See you all later at chat!!!!!

SB since 3/22/00
Reached goal 6/10/01

Mel 01-08-2002 05:36 PM

Tuesday (I think!)
Cat really had me confused this morning when I saw her WIW post- I actually had to go look at a calendar to see what I did for the last few days to make sure it was Tuesday. This has been the first week I could figure out which day it was, so I didn't want to get lost already! Felt like early dementia.

Well I definitely spoke too soon about the BFL Upper Body workout not being challenging enough- boy are my triceps sore today! Good thing I don't have a tennis game til Thursday, cause I'd have to toss the ball over the net to serve!

Pravda- listen to the master! (Deb). Everytime I've stopped losing, it's because I'm starving myself. Also how I gained so much weight to start with. YEARS of 700 calorie diets and long runs put me in a permanent state of starvation so that when I did eat "normally" my body tucked it away and hoarded that fat for all it was worth just in case another famine might come along! Now I eat way more than I used to when "dieting" and for the first time ever, feel I can keep it off without impossible starvation or insane workouts. (though that's a pretty subjective statement).

Sef- Maybe I missed it, but still don't have an answer on what is Little Christmas? Totally agree on the cheating and getting back OP. I didn't do much illegal food cheating, but had way too much legal stuff and more fatty foods than I should have (ILOVE cheese!). It's been tough trying to get portions back to normal and avoid a dip in the triscuits and cheddar every time I walk through the kitchen.

Deb- Many camping and backpacking trips taught me 1) always carry toilet paper; 2) then add the water if there is room left in your pack. PRIORITIES! TEAM STARBUCKS? sign me up!

Sugar- (great nickname:lol:) I don't think I've welcomed you to the board. Sounds like you are a very sucessful SB mentor! You must feel good helping people who want to be helped with this WOL. I must have been asked about 30 times over the holidays what on earth I'd been doing to look so much better, but when I started talking about it, about 28 of them started to look panicked at the answers and insisted eating this way would just be impossible and they'd just go back to WW in January. I find WW impossible, plus you have to pay for it.

It's really cold here- about 5 inches of snow and ice yesterday- and yes SEF, we had a 2 hour delay so the school could count it as an "open" day for state funding. A couple of times last year they did a 2 hour delay, then sent the kids home right away. We have a very hilly neighborhood and our elementary bus driver would tell us at the bus stop to just not put the kids on because she didn't think the trip through the neighborhood twice was safe.

Sol- so nice to see your enthusiastic posts again! I hope you stay with us.

BTW, I ordered a case of agave from Frankferd Farms yesterday and the woman said "boy, we're sure getting a lot of case orders lately!" I just said oh, really? I've made the carob almond bars a few times, and as long as I freeze individually wrapped squares, I don't get myself into trouble.

Gotta go figure out whats for dinner,


Debelli 01-08-2002 08:44 PM

Evening All:wave:

Quick post before I make Lauren something to eat, and before CHAT AT 9:15PM EST!!!

MEL, I've been in the same boat with low fat diets in the past, not eating enough, seeing an initial loss and then stalling. I'd get pissed, start eating like I had been and gain it all back and then some. People tried to tell me that I wasn't eating enough and I just couldn't seem to fathom that concept that eating more was better-how I wish I'd listened, but at least I know this now:) Well, does it help that I usually carry some TP in the car, not to mention toilet seat covers in my purse-just hate to even see a dirty restroom-GROSS!:eek: Did you order anything else from FRANKFERD? I see RXFORWELLNESS is no longer carrying agave due to shortages they said. Hopefully, FRANKFERD will keep in in stock as long as possible. How was the shipping costs for you-shouldn't be too bad since you are near.

Hoping to see many of you in the chat room tonight. Here's the link to the chat rooms, just click on the SB ROOM and in you go!!!!


And once again-good luck for tomorrow's WEIGH IN WEDNESDAY!!!!!

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zsuzsuu 01-08-2002 08:59 PM

hi everyone,

sorry haven't posted until now. what a great day we had on saturday. I really enjoyed meeting everyone.It was very nice for sol to open up her house to us.I feel like I have known frog sol gator and deb for a long time instead of just meeting them. I like that when i am talking about my struggles with the weight that they really understand. going out to eat is good also because we all eat the same way. my friends dont get my eating and even though they are supportive they still try to tell me its okay if i treat myself which sometimes when iam weak it enables me to cheat. Well know i probably have not conveyed how much the weekend really meant to me but i have rough couple days. worked 16 hrs yesterday. back up at 530am then came home tonight to have a sreaming match with my 10 year old nephew who we are raising. he spent christmas break a week with each parent with no rules. so now there is **** to pay until he gets the picture that he is back to where there are rules. he plays this game when ot comes to homework if i act dumb enough then aunt sue will just tell me the answers WRONG ANSWER. anyway then had to girl scout meeting now of to pick up mother from airport she comes in at 1000pm then to bed to be up at 530am sorry you all just a little bit frustrated the worst part is the only thing i can pictur right now is a bowl of vanilla icecream with hot fudge whip cream cherries nuts and choclate chavings not good i think i will have a orange got to go maybe tomm. i will be in better frame of mind.


sef 01-08-2002 10:19 PM

HiedieHo all

Just a quick one to say I enjoyed the chat. Been a while since I joined in.

DEB - A Krewe, as far as I can tell, is just another name for Club. To belong to a Krewe is not for the poor. A community club I belonged to would have a ball with King and Queen, would cost the queen about $1,500 for expenses. Krewes sponsor floats in parades, many have their own parades. If a Krewe is big enough a celeberty may ride as king/queen on their float. So when you see news reels of Mardi Gras parades, there can be two or three in N.O. on one day, they are all sponsored by a club.

MEL - You're right! In Milford it was only the townies who would show up at school, they had a level run in the snow!

Little Christmas is called a couple of things. It is Epithany or the Twelfth Day of Christmas. To many ethnic groups it is more important than Christmas Day and presents are exchanged then.

Ouch, I just realized what a full day I have tomorrow! Have to get up and make 10# mashed potatoes for church friends who had a death in the family, then do librarian work for choir, a slew of copies, and then choir practice tomorrow night. So might not be around here tomorrow!!!!

Take care all. sef

tree 01-09-2002 01:12 AM

zsuzsuu - your " bowl of vanilla ice cream with hot fudge whip cream cherries nuts and chocolate shavings" can be changed to NSA vanilla ice cream w/ nutrasweet hot fudge syrup or Torani/DaVinci's SF chocolate syrup, cherries, nuts, and oops well, can't do the chocolate shavings! :s: Well, maybe the orange is better.... My standby for "gotta have goodies" was Debelli's peanut butter ball recipe mixed up and thinned with extra milk (not refrigerated) then used as a syrup over NSA vanilla ice cream. Debelli goes for the fresh carbolite ice cream. The frozen packaged ones aren't bad, you have to defrost them a little in the microwave to get the best taste though.

Re: Agave Nectar - I ordered mine in a 6lb pail from St. Pats of Texas, <www.stpats.com>, they are a reputable brewers supplier for wine/beer/mead. I ordered the Tequiza Agave Nectar (it's the light, they also have amber/dark) for $16 + 7.60 w/ shipping. No handling charges. You can order a min of 1lb to max of 13lb/pail, you pay $2.50/lb + $1 for pail. Texans pay sales tax.

Sef - too bad you missed your goodbye party. :( The hat thing is really cute, it sounds like you left a lot of good friends. I hope to keep in touch with my old co-workers, I've been badgering them for email addys.
The first no-no :nono: that happens when I get rushed, is I don't eat b'fast. It's too easy to skip, and yet eating b'fast is one of the best things you can do.

Mel - I think and almost sz 6 should count as a sz 6! The trick is to look for different brands (don't try Jordache jeans, they're typically 1 size smaller than they state- I found that out the hard way). Congrats to you!

jmuir - someone told me once - if you're dehydrated, and then drink a lot of water, you'll have to go to the loo a lot. But if you're well hydrated, that doesn't happen. I don't know how true that is. Most people in Arizona are dehydrated anyways. Besides, I believe I own the world's smallest bladder! My fav comment to guys who mention my incessant trips, is to say "well, you don't have a uterus sitting on top of YOUR bladder..." I know, I have a weird sense of humor, but that usually shuts them up

Pravda - have you seen a doctor about your PCOS? Did they check for insulin resistance? They tend to go together, and both make it hard to lose weight. There are medications that may help.

Have you read the SugarBuster book? It's a pretty easy read. You can find it at the library. They usually have just about every diet and fitness trend book imaginable there, and it's a lot cheaper! :D Otherwise, you can find it in bookstores, or ebay.com or half.com. I ordered a used one through ebay a couple of months ago.

Well, I better go. It's getting late. Forward ho!

Zanne 01-09-2002 06:57 AM

Morning All!

This is gonna be quick. I'm still half asleep. But my eyes DID pop open :eek: for a couple of secs earlier when I stepped on the scale. Down another pound! :D . So I'm at my lowest since I started this weight loss journey.

I did the cardio for BFL yesterday. It's a great workout and only about 23 minutes. They call it a 20 minute workout but they're not including cooldown. Then I did 100 crunches. Hmmm, surprised my abs don't hurt this morning! I haven't done crunches for years.

I asked DH to take my "before" pics for the BFL challenge. Then I remembered Debelli wanted me to post my other "before" pics (before I started to lose weight). Sorry Deb, I don't have a scanner. If I remember, maybe I'll give them to my brother for him to scan and send to me. I'm afraid the pics would make his scanner blow up:lol:

I am literally falling asleep in the chair here. I'm gonna go back to sleep and then have a few things to do--like buying new weights for today's workout! I don't know if I'll catch up with you all.

I do have to tell this story tho. I called FIL in West Palm Beach to ask him how the weather was (to bug him). He says "cold". I told him I knew cause "all the girls on the board" were saying how cold it was in Florida. I feel that I'm getting to know all of you and that "all the girls on the board" is in the same familiarity as " all the girls at work". I "see" you guys almost every day and think I understand how the WDW gals felt like they weren't really meeting someone for the first time. This isn't coming out very good in print, but I hope I'm conveying what I feel in my heart. YOU'RE ALL A VERY SPECIAL BUNCH OF PEOPLE!!! And I'm really glad we're all here for each other.

I really have to go back to sleep now! Have a great day everyone and I'll check back when I can.

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