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  • It sounds like everyone had a wonderful time at the marathon. I have always had a dream of one day running one. I turn 48 in June and I would like to make it a goal to run one before I turn 50. I guess the first goal should be to walk a mile

    So far today I have had: 2 boiled eggs chopped with a tablespoon of salsa wrapped in a ww tortilla. Two hours after that I had a grapefruit.

    Debbie, I did make the hummus. I took a small taste and it tastes so good, I can't wait to have it for lunch on toasted ww pita chips.

    I guess, I really need to concentrate on drinking my water too. I have been so bad about that and I know that it is one of the keys to losing weight.

    Also, I was watching a section about health on the news the other day. They said something that made me sit up and take notice: "If you are significantly overweight", like me, "you may have your life shortend by as much as 20 years". Now that is a statement and a half. AND it woke me right up. I want to be around to see my grandchildren grow up, not to mention, run that marathon.

    Anyway, Hope everyone has a great evening! I will probably be back reading the posts and posting again later.

  • This weekend was my first OFFICAIL try on with SB WOE. MAN, I didnt realize how many illegal foods we eat!
    Today has been good so far, I think I ate a good breakfast, I had a piece of WW toast only 1gr sugar per slice, with a little butter. One boiled egg with a little salt and pepper and a 4oz glass of oj, fresh squeezed.
    I had that at about 730a and then a snack at about 11a. I had a little granny smith apple and an 8oz thing of dannon NF blueberry yogurt.
    I am drinking water.
    Does that sound ok?

    I was glad to here that Frog finished the marathon! I am so proud for her! I know what a great acomplishment that was! Maybe one day I will be that fit to be able to run that far! It gives me the courage to go another day! GREAT JOB FROG!

    I have been able to say no thanks to some 3 kings Cake that one of my team mates brought to work! I love 3 kings cake! It was hard, but I am so proud of me for sticking to my guns!
    I say myself on video the other day, boy was I surprised. I look like a hippo! I was not happy with that at all. I decided right then, that I am not going thru another year looking like a beached whale!

    I just now have to convince myself that excercise is important!

    Thanks to the person who gave that website about shaking off the sugar. I am looking for good ideas and recipes and hopefully this will help!

    I guess this is long enough.

    Keep it up! We can do this.
  • HiedieHo All!!!

    My, some people can be soooooo wordy, but thank goodness they are!!!!! All of the Otown gang have given us such wonderful reports, I'm bereft that I wasn't there!!! We're eager for any more tidbits of the weekend you night have missed on your first posts!

    Motivation for me at this point is all the gift certificates I got for Christmas. I want to be able to spread them out and reward myself as I CONTINUE to go down!!

    To my way of thinking motivation can be anything that helps us see why or how we want to lose weight. For one it is reading about obesity shortening our lives. We've all heard it so many times, but chose not to let it sink in because we don't like to face facts. Then one day BAM! (excuse me Emeril) for some reason it hits us and we are ready to meet the enemy......ourselves. Or we see pictures of ourselves and wonder how could we have let ourselves get so hippo-like! I look at myself and really don't see a big change in weight, yet my clothes definitely show it! Then I looked at pics from Christmas a year ago! OMG!! That's me? Did I really look like that? Guess so, pictures don't lie!!!

    So we are motivated by one thing or another. Makes no difference what, just that we are and that's what keeps us going!! Now about that exercise...........

    TREE - Tough to be in limbo at your job. You're still part of the work force but no longer a part of the team. At least you have something new to look forward to.

    BOB - Well, welcome home. At least you made it between storms. I was stranded twice for long periods of time at an airport, 7 hours in Detroit and 8 in Minneapolis-St.Paul. Definitely not fun. At least you weren't sitting in airport all that time, got to a mall! Your sojourn is behind you now and you can relax.

    FROG - You're probably too pooped to pop or post. Everyone is so proud of you. The Otown bunch gave us glowing reports. Hope by now you both are recovering.

    DEB - You probably didn't get a good night's sleep because !) you were probably over tired and 2) you were so keyed up wanting to post all that info to us here. You did a great job reporting as did the other gals, we could almost feel the rain and taste the food!!!!

    JMUIR - You say your abstinence wasn't much. For each of us there is a different "much", any time we can forego something that is a temptation we have done MUCH!!!! WTG!

    VIV - Around here the only brand SF Ketchup I've seen is Estes. It is really good. Get it in Winn Dixie, once in a while Sav_A_Center (A & P) has it. Arund here WD had the best selection of SB & other SF foods. Even have fresh SB bread in their bakery.

    CRICKET - 14# down is wonderful!! Maybe Central America might not be so bad, they don't have the processed foods we have so whole grains should be easy to come by, also veggies will be available. I have a friend whose son lives in Brazil, she says foods there are really more natural. We'll hope the same for you.

    Did my usual stint at NH and then picked up a few things at Winn Dixie. Am doing wash. Also ds was home over the holidays and I didn't do much cooking after our company left. Now it is back to regular routine, school's in, ds back to work and dil even worked a couple of hours today. She was exhausted and is taking nap. So now I'm back to usual too, am fixing poached salmon, tossed salad and rice for supper.

    Hope all are well, Take care, sef
  • Monday Afternoon
    Hello all,
    I have been enjoying my last day before I head back to work tomorrow. Slept late......till 6am. In the morning I will get up at 5am. LOL Did a few things around here before getting a showere. Then I took DS #2 and DD to the mall. We got them both new tennis shoes and both on sale I might add. Then DD and I found some MUDD sweats that she loved on sale so we got two pairs. I wish I could find some of those in my size.....they look so comfy.

    I have the farrier coming out tomorrow to do Cami and Dixies hoofs. She was recommended by the lady I got Cami from and lives near here and I also like the fact that she is female. I can't wait to meet a fellow horse nut. LOL The Stables where we taking riding lesssons has agreed to come out this week and evaluate Dixie for me. She either has not had as much training as I was lead to believe or I just don't know what the heck I am doing. Which I fear is a little of both. Anyway they will decide where we need to go from here with her. She will probably wind up spending a month with them so they can help her learn what we expect of her. The stable is a mile away from my school so I will go by and ride/visit her everyday. They have been doing this for 31 years. Can you imagine that ......I would love it. Maybe some day I can get to that point. Small steps Debbie .....small small steps.

    I have been doing good with my eating the last couple of days so I will not wiegh till Wed....but I think I will be surprised a good way.

    I am so glad that you gals and guys...LOL had such a wonderful time together. I am jealous....but I will get to meet you all one day I am sure.

    Frog.......we are so proud of you and hubby make us all wanna take up running. I hope you had a safe trip back home.

    Deb......great do make things come alive when you type....thanks so much for sharing. Please include pictures when you can. I did find the digital camera I wanted on be getting it by the end of the week. Also I wanted to ask will the October gathering be for just gals or would spouses be included?

    Need to all I missed ....keep on keeping on....we will win this battle together.

    Debbie )
  • Welcome back all you guys who went to WDW. Sounds like yall had a good time and alot of good food to eat to boot. Could almost taste the food. Cant wait to see the pics.

    Congrats Frog and Mr. Frog. What an accomplishment.

    welcome back Crickett

    Well Gator Gal. I got my motivation to exercise. My nephew is getting married in May, and I need to slim down in order to fit into one of my nicer dresses. I think we should email each other with a weekly plan, then on Friday see how good we did. Hows that sound?

    my email addy is [email protected]

    Busdeb - congrats on staying OP. Nothing better for motivation then seeing the scale go down

    BOB - welcome back

    DH and I went out tonite and bought some flooring for our den. It is Formica Fast Lock flooring tile. It looks like ceramic but its not. Will be putting that down next week, inbetween playing golf and goofing off.

    Ive got several rooms I need to paint, but cant decide on a color scheme for any of them. I figure I might as well do them now while winter is here, since I cant do any gardening stuff til spring.

    Well guess I better go for now. Hello to everyone else and see ya in the am.
  • Hello from a wandering soul!
    Hi, Girls!!!!!

    I got a note from DEB and, as we all know, she is SOOOO wonderful. She mentioned the BigO weekend and I had to get to the board to get all the scoopage! First of all . . .

    WAY TO GO FROGGIE!!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!! YOU ARE WOMAN, HEAR YOU ROAR AND RACE BY!!!!!!! I am so happy, happy, happy for you and so very proud of you. What an incredible accomplishment. I'm giving you a standing ovation right here and now. WAY TO GO, GIRLFRIEND. You so inspire me to get my big you-know-what moving!!!!!

    Thanks to SOL and DEB for their fantastic descriptions of the weekend. I was GREEN with envy. That spread you all put together at SOL"S sounded like something from a magazine. Wow! What a bunch of gourmet chefs. I wish there'd have been a video camera in the midst to record some of the get together for posterity's sake.

    For those of you boarders of 6 months or less, I am an oldy, moldy who has teetered off the path to Sugar Free-dom. But I love so many people on this board and care about their successes and their attempts at success, that I have decided to get back on the board and check in with you dear souls.

    Thanks also to VIV and DEB and SEF and SOL and BOB for keeping me in their email thoughts and forwards. You guys are great. It's good to be back. I did get a new computer in the fall, so it should make reading the board a bit faster. I'm crossing my fingers.

    Take care.
  • Newbies - I was logging onto <>, a free website (you have to register) when I started. It showed me that I wasn't getting enough protein so my %ages were higher in carbs than they should be (40%carb, 30%protein, 30%fat). So I increased the egg intake, and started putting protein powder in my smoothies. I also was not getting enough calories throughout the day. So, it really helped me in tracking my %ages and calories until I got the hang of SB WOE. I checked it when I came home for work. Then if I needed to adjust it, I still had dinner to eat, and that helped me stay within the guidelines. Usually I'd end up eating some skim milk cheese at night to get to the right percentage protein. Laughing Cow, spreadable skim milk cheese wedges are great!

    For b-fast, I usually have a smoothie (1/2c yogurt, 1/2c milk, 1/2c frozen fruit, + protein powder), or one scrambled egg, plus rye toast, a canadian bacon slice, and cheese, or 1c cereal + 1/2c milk. Oh yeah, I must include the coffee fix. For lunch, I usually eat out, so I usually ask for extra veggies instead of the rice or potatoes, and I bring my own salad dressing (a salad is the easiest thing to tweak for SB, and most places have them). For dinner, we usually have the same things (you know you don't make any new meals, you just go through the same 5 meals over and over ), and that's where I get the rest of my protein for the day (my DH is a meat and potatoes guy). Of course, if I'm cooking, he's eating more sweet potatoes these days!

    Hang in there, this WOE works!

    Congrats Crickett! That's a great loss! You are so lucky to go to Central America. That's a great way to learn the language. I had a friend who did the same thing - volunteered at an orphanage (in Mexico?). She said she was really happy working with the children.

    Sef - thanks for the job encouragement! Some of the crew are having a goodbye lunch for me which is nice. I will miss SOME of them! Only a couple of more days and I'm outta there!

    Debelli - I thought you might be interested in the chichikoot, since you do a wheat germ breakfast sometimes. I haven't tried it with other fruit. I actually cooked the whole POUND of wheatberries, so I froze half of it. It seems to have survived the freezing.

    Well, I have to go. Talk to you all soon.
  • WOW what a weekend! Deb and Sol you should be screen writers! I could see and smell and taste the whole extravaganza! I'd love to be in on the challenge for next year. Don't know if the old knees can do a whole marathon anymore, even at walk/jog pace, but definitely would go for the 1/2. The rain didn't sound very appealing, tho. For that I can stay in Pennsylvania! I'm not sure how dh will react to me going away in October and January but I'd sure like to try. He works pretty long days sometimes (a lot) and ds is not real trustworthy home alone. Just a little too inventive and inquisitive.

    FROG (and MR FROG) CONGRATULATIONS!!! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THE PICTURES. Hope your tootsies aren't too sore. I think it's great that you ran it together. I could never get dh into running, thinks its just mindnumbingly boring (part of the attraction IMHO), and he plays roller and ice hockey, which I find unbearably painful. Just not sports compatible.

    ZANNE- LOL! Expert advice- you should have seen me this morning with the weights. I must have had my brain turned off since I started lifting umpteen years ago. I had no idea what to use to reach required intensities. Some sets never got anywhere near where they should have been, others, well I had to toss the weights once so I wouldn't drop them on my face! Guess that was hitting 11's. And the 1 minute between sets? What a yawn! I felt like I spent as much time staring at my stop-watch as I did lifting. This may not be for me....But I'll give it a few more weeks.

    Deb- Congratulations on your new best time!!! Those marathoners must have really inspired you. My how you've changed your tune: when I first started reading this board you swore you'd never jog, walking was quite enough, thank you. Now your talking about marathons! Maybe I'll get you lifting yet! Did Michael get his weight set and bench yet???

    Today I finally saw my all time low ( from WAY BACK) in mid December of 141. Another high point of the day: my boss gave me a pair of jeans that didn't fit her right and said she thought I looked about right for them: They were Old Navy size 6! I was thrilled just that she thought they might fit me, but told her it was impossible. She convinced me to try them on, and I was blown away that they went on, I could zip and button them and I could (almost) breath. But not comfortably . So I gratefully took them, and they are my "goal pants" for February. I can't believe I'm the same person who had to keep my size 16's unbuttoned on the plane ride home in July. I'm so glad I found this WOL, all of you, and my heavy squat bar

    The snow finally hit here, along with ice. YUK!

  • It's late Monday night and I have just returned from dinner with several gal friends - we do a monthly girls nite out - and it is so easy stay legal when there is fish on a menu! The scale this morning show one pound less than a few days ago....which makes this the greatest way to eat!

    SEF - I grew up in Perth Amboy and dh in Linden. We lived in Scotch Plains for a few years before moving the family to Florida. Where were you from???

    DeBelli - Anywhere from 5 to 10 show up at the support group meetings. I keep trying to get them to read more about this WOE on line and at all of these great boards - but they are being kinda lazy! Some are doing better than others - and I think they do tend to cheat a bit. They find it hard to eat out all the time - something we retired seniors do here - and stay legal. Especially when they eat a price fixed meal with dessert included! But they are trying - and that is what is important.

    I did stop off at two big health food stores today and neither one had the agave nectar. Which one do you order - the light or dark? I guess I will have to get it on line - or did I read somewhere that there is a place in Pembroke Pines that carriers it?????
  • Evening All

    Thought I'd be in bed by now, so pooped! Thought I'd try to get in a post before hitting the hay.

    I did great today with journaling as well as water, so I'm happy. Tomorrow will be another successful day, I can feel it!

    CRICKETT, glad to see you back, and Happy New Year! You are doing awesome, 14lbs is wonderful, CONGRATS!!!! WOW, that sounds like an interesting trip to take, when would you leave? What country are you planning to go to? I'm sure you can stay OP more than you think, these countries don't have as much processed foods as we do here. If you keep to basics, you'll probably do just fine. Maybe you should take some WW pastas, boxes of legal cereal and other food items that you can store easily with you, sure would help keep you more OP.

    SHEANN, if you've dreamed it, you can do it! So why not plan to come with us next year! You have a year to train! You to make things happen!!! Your tortilla sounds yummy. I made a bean burrito for dinner tonight, was delicious, even though I was missing the tomatoes. Glad you liked the hummus It's great with celery too if you've overstepped your carbs on other things at any time. WOW, 20 years shorter if you are significantly overweight-heck, I'd sit up and take notice too. I'm sure my years of yo-yo dieting has taken a told on my life span, it sure has on the body, but I'm hoping with my turnaround, I've gained some of those years back.

    PRAVDA, just make sure that Dannon yogurt is sugar free in addition to being fat free. I personally like to get plain yogurt and flavor it myself with either an extract, like lemon and some sweetener, or a tablespoon of pureed fruit, or fresh berries and some sweetener-definitely less preservatives!! Okay, what is 3 Kings Cake? They have the 3 Kings Parade here, but never heard of a cake. Well, whatever it is, congrats for not partaking in any! Oh yes, pictures speak volumes and there's nothing like a picture to show one how they really look. I look back on years of not even wanting to get in a photo, I missed out taking pics with the kids. I've never had a family photo, but now, I think it's something I will look into doing in the near future

    SEF, I loved your way of thinking about motivation! Your words really hit home. You were right on my reason for lack of sleep, I was thinking about the weekend and reporting it all to you. I expect to see you if we all get together in NC!!!

    BUSDEB, glad to see you are doing well with your eating. Crossing my fingers for you for WIW!! Hope things work out well with CAMI-keep us posted! I don't think we've decided about spouses or not coming in Oct. to NC, sure would put a damper on that naked masseurs that table dances!!! LOL!! Guess this is something we'll have to vote on.

    CAT, sounds like you have some big projects planned for the house. Never heard of that flooring, is it something new?

    QUILTER, you know how happy that makes me to see your post! I'm praying to pull you back for good. Guess I'll have to get to Paul and find a game plane

    TREE, thanks for posting that info for the newbies. We all know about, but many of the newbies haven't discovered it yet, so it's always good to remind, so thanks for doing that when I haven't I've never cooked whole wheatberries-how'd they come out? Have recipes using them, if ever you need one.

    MEL, I bet you could do the entire marathon, but joining us at the half would be great. Start working on DH now, so it won't come as a big surprise. Hey, the Oct get together is this year, the WDW is next year, so he shouldn't complain, it's not like you will be seeing us twice in one year Yep, Michael got the weight bench, but haven't even had time to try it-one day, I will Congrats on those pants, I bet that was a big surprise to get into them-you've sure come a long way!!!!

    SUGAR, glad to see you were able to figure out my directions on the post Thanks for posting your BIO on the BIO BOARD. It's always nice to learn more about our board members! Sounds like you had a nice time with the girls, and fish on the menu definitely makes it easier to stay OP. CONGRATS on another pound loss, always a nice thing to see on the scale, vs the alternative. Wish I had a group of SB people close to me to have a support group to meet with in person, it would be great. I envy you. BUT, I must say, the support of the gals on this board, as you can well see, is phenominal and this to me is just as good as being there face-to-face each week, well almost, as I wish the gals on this board all lived closer so we could do a weekly get together! Whatever the women who come to the meetings do as far as eating OP is better than not doing anything, that's for sure. I'm sure, without you, most of them wouldn't follow any kind of plan, so you are helping them in more ways than one. Yes, you can get the agave at NUTRITION S'MART in Pembroke Pines, you can all them and order a case before Wed and it will come in on Friday. Okay, my geography stinks, how far is Boynton Beach from Broward???? There is a WHOLE FOODS in Coral Springs that should have it, off Atlantic Avenue, but it may cost a little more, cents, not much. Let me know if want the phone number for NS.

    Well, I'm pooped, so to bed I must go. I'll check in with you all tomorrow morning. Hoping to get my walk in early, but it's suppose to be down in the low 40's and I don't do too well outside when it's THAT cold, so may wait until it warms up a tad to go out, we'll see in the AM.


    SB since 3/22/00
    Reached goal 6/10/01
  • It's Just Another Manic Monday
    You WDW marathon ladies sure had a great time. The idea of a get together sounds wonderful. I'd probably have a better chance of getting to the beach in October than Orlando in January. Deb, keep us posted on the plans.

    The weather is typical Texas. We were at 14 degrees last Thursday morning and are supposed to reach 71 tomorrow! I love and hate it. Just don't know what to keep in the closet and what to put up for the season. And I do like snow once in a while. But that can come at the end of the month because we don't have a break until the second week of March after MLK Day.

    Frog: Congratulations on your success. I admire you for having the discipline to train and run that distance. A friend of ours recently ran a marathon in Australia and that completed her goal of running on every continent. I can't imagine!

    Cat: I'm also one of those exercise-motivatedly challenged people. I have a great elliptical/bike combo machine right here behind my love seat and still can't get my butt off the couch and on the machine. Maybe if we all started posting on the exercise board afterwards, we could get each other going.

    It was back to the grind of school today, although we won't have students until thursday. The title of my post says it all about the day back after a two week break.

    The scales are not my friend this week. I'm up two pounds but I think they're just keeping me humble. This happened right after Thanksgiving and my patience won out so I keep telling myself that it will again.

    My DH gave me a Palm Pilot for Christmas so I'm able to keep a food journal much more easily. Now I just have to remember to get it out of my purse and input the food as soon as I eat it. I know I have to start exercising daily. I want to lose this weight by June so I will look good on our vacation

    Well, now that I'm a working woman again, it's time to hit the hay.

    Have a Terrific Tuesday everybody!
  • Evening all

    Frog - Congrats on finishing the race. Too bad that the weather didn't stay good for you. You should be very proud of your achievement. Hope you had a safe trip home and got dried out and rested. How are the tootsies?

    Sounds like you all had a truly wonderful get-together and all that food sounds delicious. I'm looking forward to seeing lots of pics.

    Deb - I made the Almond Granola on the weekend. Turned out real good - I was munching it all day yesterday. I need to put a padlock on the container. I actually made two batches, the first one per your recipe with the agave. As I am almost to the end of my agave and can't find any more in the store I thought I would experiment so I made another batch using apple juice in place of the agave. It turned out great also, even though it was less sweet than the one with the agave.

    Quilter - Hi - it's good to hear from you. Are you thinking of getting back on the wagon again? I always looked forward to reading your posts.

    This has to be brief as I have to hit the sack soon as I have to get up early for work tomorrow. Will have a busy day as I will be going out right after dinner to badminton. Played a few games this evening too. The board's so busy to-day it has taken me a long time to read all the posts. I enjoyed reading the descriptions of the fabulous weekend. I've had a good day - stayed op. Made spaghetti sauce for dinner to-day - ds had ww spaghetti but I had mine on spaghetti squash. Just have to keep those starchy carbs down. Was really good at work to-day. Someone opened another box of cookies and I didn't even eat one.

    Bye for now.

  • Already 2 pages!!!
    Really busy here today!

    I finished doing Day 1 of BFL--upper body workout. Ooch, ouch. My back and shoulder muscles are sore and I finished about 3 hours ago. I'm actually up waiting for the ibuprofin to kick in.

    Some of you were looking for motivation to keep exercising. With my experience, I have found that when I am exercising almost every day, that I'm not eating as much or have the cravings for the junk food that I get when I've not been exercising. So exercising makes it easier to stay OP, staying OP means weight and/or inches lost. Hope this helps a little.

    Debelli Thanks for the reminder on the grape juice. I was thinking of substitutes for the "sweet" and just remembered grape juice from some other recipes. Didn't even think if it was legal or not. Would apple juice concentrate be better?

    Nomore WELCOME! Congrats on the pound down. Glad you could stay OP at the restaurant.

    Mel I'll email you with more details, but I'm sure feeling the workout now But I think I'll try to do the workouts earlier in the day, so I can sleep at night!

    Quilter Nice to meet ya! I've been here since September. Please don't feel like you have to stay away just because other life issues take presidence(sp?--it's late) over SB. You can share your SB wisdom with newcomers and we can try to give you support or an ear with whatever, not just SB. Hope you stay around.

    Crickett WTG on the 14 gone! How long are you going away for? Sounds like a very interesting and very rewarding trip.

    Ok, that's it for me. Eyes are drooping and the ibuprofin seems to have helped the muscle aches. So off to beddy bye I go.

    Nite nite.
  • Just another quick post because its 7 a.m and i had to work last night till 1:00 a.m waaaaa can't wait to get everyone off and then walk then rest! Probably won't sleep cuz ya know how long kindergarteners go to school! LOL
    Yesterday was a good day made my pita pizza for lunck-feels like i am getting back with the S.B's I was probably sugarfree yesterday! woooooooo hoooo!!! Today I hope will be good too. Nothing really planned for the next few weeks to get in my way! I guess thats really the only tip i have is to have a "game plan" for when you do go out or to someones house or church or so on..... I have read things and "they" have said---drink lots of water before you go-eat a salada before you go-wear your tightest pants and a cute belt so you don't have much room! I say do what you want!!! LOL NOOOOOOOOO!!!! Just stay on program and if you overeat -leagally it can be fixed by maybe an extra day of excersise or just cutting back the next day RIGHT! why should we suffer-even though food should not be the only way we have a good time its been said here time and time again to enjoy the company your with!!!!! Hope thats a "tip"!!!!

    Deb-the kids DO NOT have to make up the time at the end-sounds good though! I asked someone if there was extended day for teen agers the other day!!!!! LOL I have those kids who come home and don't really go to friends and so on! Its nice but sometimes i would like to get rid of the bigger ones!!! MY daughter didn't have school and that was like old times! She is the one that wanted to go!!! As far as the "delay" they do that so they don't miss the whole day and have to make it up in the summer!

    Zanne- glad u liked the site! Yeah on day one very proud of you! I hope you take pictures (not in undies though!) and measurements!

    Rosalie- hope batmitton was fun!

    Frog-WOOOO HOOOOOO yeah for you! take a pic of the medal!!! PLease! you must feel soooooo good and an inspiration for us all!

    Jred- you can get back with us! palm pilot sounds cool!


    Quilter---- how are you?????? Glad you said hi!

    Nomoresugar- Sounds like you had a great time with your friends. Keep up the great work with Sugarbusters!!! Its nice to have others with you that are trying to get healthy too!

    Sef- what ya gonna buy with those gift certificates??? You can do this!!!! and have fun with the rewards!!

    Gotta go wake up my daughter this was suposed to be short humph!!!!! Hi everyone i wanted to write to you all!!!!! have a great day good luck tomorrow in WIW is anyone chatting tonight???????

  • Good Tuesday Morning All

    Well, it's a wee bit too cold for me to tackle the daily walk/jog at this time, only 40 degrees out there and windy like a hurricane, so I figured I'd come post now and jog later when it warms up a tad bit.

    Scale has inched it's way back down another pound, another thing to motivate me to journal and drink my water and stay in line. I was getting pist seeing the scale staying up even though I knew it would go back down again, so now I'm happier to see the lower end of my cushion

    This weeks MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY was a good one, I think. I am printing this one out and sticking it on the fridge. It's worth reading over and over again. I though it was one of the best MM messages to date!

    I forgot to mention FROG is still in Orlando vacationing and is leaving Thursday to return home. I know she was going to try to access getting on a computer while away, but we may have to wait until she returns and settles back in.

    JRED, it would be wonderful if you could make the Oct. get together, definitely would be more relaxing and fun, moreso than the work of a marathon-but I'm going to try to do both. We were discussing the NC get together-the place sleeps 36 and has a huge kitchen-can you just imagine the SB LEGAL FOOD we could all prepare!! It will definitely be something you won't wanna miss coming to in Oct.! Is there a program for the palm pilot for journaling. I've never used one, so not sure how they function.

    ROSALIE, sounds like you have the same disease as I do when it comes to portion control and the granola! Glad you liked the recipe, it's so easy and delicious. Really works those jaws when you eat it, eh? Hey, you know that I can always ship some agave up to you if need be, just let me know! Wish Eli's sister would make a trip down here, then I could send it back with her-if that comes around any time in the near future and the agave is still available, it would be a good thing to do!

    ZANNE, I too believe that exercise helps curb the appetite. Right now, I'm hungry and usually I don't get hungry until I return from my walks! Any fruit concentrate is more concentrated in sugars, look at the grams of sugar in a serving of whatever you are using-scarey! It also depends of the amount you use and the serving size. If it falls under the 3gram rule, then I guess it would be okay, but personally, I haven't used any of that stuff, at least that I can remember.

    RHROO, that's great you had a SB LEGAL day yesterday! Hope you do as well today

    Please remember TONIGHT IS CHAT AT 9:15PM EST Hope to see you all there!!!

    Also, can't forget to remind you that TOMORROW IS WEIGH IN WEDNESDAY!!!!! I wish you all luck on the scale!!!

    Well, gotta go yell at Lauren once again to get up and in the shower. Where Michael never has a problem waking up (actually, he didn't sleep all night, had so much homework, he's going to be a zombie at school today), Lauren LOVES to sleep, and sleep, and sleep! Takes forever to get her up!!!!

    Have a great day!

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