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Water aerobics was great this morning! After I got home and changed I went to Walmart and shopped. I got a new pair of capris, a skirt, and a shirt plus another bathing suit. I may take the skirt back since I found a small tear along a seam. I like it, but not enough to deal with repairing it. It WAS half price though...

I need to go find some lunch. I have to take Justin to work, and dang if the baby is not sound asleep! What a bummer.

We have a cookout at church tonight, so dinner will be a hamburger on a whole wheat bun (I bought them to take) and whatever is legal on the potluck table!

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Default Howdy

A quick hello to let you know I'm still here. This is just a crazy week. I'll have more time come this weekend. Eating is so so. ((Everybody))

God bless,
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Not much to report down this way. It clouded up, got really dark and then the clouds just passed on by....we're past 3mos with no rain and personally, I'm getting kind of tired of it! My poor yard is so crunchy that it feels like I'm walking on potato chips!

JACKIE...Don't worry....the first thing I said to the DOC after he told me the trial dogs hardly ate on this medicine was "CAN I TAKE IT???" and of course, he said no for HUMANS or CATS! DANGIT!!!
Where are y'all going again? I know you've said, but my mind is so boggled these days!

MONET...I sure wish I had a pool. I love to swim, but I'm not going to pay what they want for a membership to the YMCA....even though it's just 4 doors down from my house. I can take advantage of their walking track, but it's been so hot and that's out of the question!


SEF...So glad BITSY got around that snake. I hate those dang things...For the life of me, I don't know what GOD was thinking when he created them!

CRYSTLE...Is all that rain hitting your space?

ROSEBUD...I miss our garden so much...when we lived back home (KY) we could grow anything...down here in FLA, the soil is so terrible...mostly sand and nothing will grow...I end up paying $2.99 lb for a good tomato!!!



I'm off to fix some supper....

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Just dropping in to say hello. Back from our 2 week vacation with manageable damage. Weight was up 3 lbs, but now down to 2. That's ok. I'll get it going back in the right direction.
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Addicted to potato salad!
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HI again. Well, with the help of the kids, I got my house relatively clean. At least I don't have a sick mind (see my signature ). Derek apologized and said he was being a jerk, so I felt better.

Anyhow...we just got back from the town pool. We went for a few hours and I had my celabratory small twist ice cream afterwards for being almost a week on plan! I'm down about four pounds. I weighed myself on Monday and I was at 163 and I'm now down to I had a little ole ice cream.

As for exercise...MARCHING BAND has been some FEIRCE form of exercising!! And guess who joined our marching band? KYLE!! He's going to hold the school banner with another little girl his age. I guess they're going to get him a miniature marching band jacket to wear and I have to get black pants and shoes for him. And Shelley is just phenomenal with her clarineting away in the band. My flag twirlers are doing great, as well. And we go marching around the parking lot over and over again, spinnign those flags in the wind and I work up SUCH A SWEAT!! much for walking...marching band has become my new form of exercise.

Melf: I'm totally confident you'll lose that last pound in a hurry and then some!!

BOB: Potato chips! That's a good one and I know exaclty what you mean.


Monet: how did you do at the potluck dinner? I like how you bring your own buns...very smart!

Okay...I'm in the quick reply window and Monet is at the top of the page, so that's it for replies for now. I'm off ot make dinner. I'm truly craving potato salad today. But I don't have any made, so I guess I can't cheat even if I wanted to. I don't know what i"ll have, exactly, but it will probably involve cantaloupe...I've been eating a lot of that lately.

Oh!! By the way, I bought a new bathing suit yesterday at penneys. It's really pretty and I got it in a size 10 because I wanted the extra support from the smaller size. (I'm an official size 14 for the time being). I wore it today to the pool.
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Didn't turn the computer on yesterday. Guess I'm still not up to par after the long trip to Texas. But feel lots better today. I need to figure out whats for dinner. I think maybe some salmon and broccli. I got a little cucumber off my bush. Not to many of them but I'm loving the ones I get. Wish the tomatoes were ripe. I can just taste them. Not much to report here today. Sorry. I'm off to find food.
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Good morning ladies

Boy Friday is here already. I'm glad. Tonight we have a wedding reception which should be lots of fun. Tomorrow is a shower/pool party for my niece. That is a totally different story. I'm dreading it with a passion. To much detail to get into, but lets just say I'll be glad when this wedding is over.

Sunday I have to do laundry and start packing. I am getting excited.

Monet, waiting anxiously for my pot. pm me your address.

Toni, glad you are getting back in the groove.

Bob, we are going to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Our grass was like that too. We have had lots of rain the last 3 days so it is greening up.

Melf, only 3 lbs from vacation? I usually gain 10-20. You will get that last pound off in no time.

Country. Slow down girl and smell the roses. Have a great weekend.

Tech, WTG on the 4 lbs. Keep up the good work. Sounds like marching band is great exercise.

Better run. You all have a wonderful weekend. Talk to you Monday.
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Just popping in to say howdy. Glad its Friday. We haven't anything planned for the week end other than barbecueing.
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Sorry I have been MIA today. I unloaded my kiln this morning, and glazed a few pieces I need done as quick as possible. I am feeling pretty excited as this will be about one week total for this project. I am hoping it comes out ok.

I am feeling pretty bad, and getting worse. I have a sore throat, headache and I just feel generally blah. Tom has a cold and I guess he gave it to me.

I am going to go fix some chicken noodle soup for dinner.

Have a great weekend everyone!
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Still alive and well, just busy. Wednesday afternoon went to a firends house to play Scrabble. Joyce doesn't really know how to play so we jsu played for her to get the experience. Had a terrible time with the concept of reading a word left to right or down. By the time we finished she was doing much better.

Yesterday was NH day and then we entertained at Green Briar. When we were done I took time to visit a lady there from my church, she fell and broke her hip. Is there for therapy. We ordered out. Pizza. Bless me Sugarbusters I have sinned!!!

Today did wash and finally balanced my bank statement and wrote checks for the 3rd og the month when SS comes.

BOB: Nice to see you are settling in to job. Bitsy has appt Monday afternoon. I bet she's overweight too. She's a Pom, bet she weighs 10#, I think I read they usually go 7-9#. She just needs vacinations and more Sentinel tablets. Sje seems to be over her little trauma, except when a bird flies low and sqawks she cringes, so maybe it wasn't a snake after all. Who knows? Only the Shadow knows............oops! Dating myself!!

I hope all you vacationers have a good time. Always wanted to take a cruise.

We were without rain for a long time. We too had crunchy grass. Now we seem to have a shower evry day and around here the grass greens up in a day or two! Needs to be mowed at least once a week and sometimes two.

Will check in tomorrow.

May good thingd happen, Shirley
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whew! What a weekend! we had a yard sale the last couple of days and did quite well. I let the kids keep the money from what they sold and my MIL sent a lot of her stuff too. All in all, we've made about $200 and we have loads of stuff left and will try again next weekend. It's tiring, but I make a little money to buy back to school items!

Hope everyone is having a nice relaxing weekend!!
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