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Default Sugar Busters Weekly Support Board 11/19-11/25

This is the SUGAR BUSTERS WEEKLY SUPPORT BOARD where all of you who are following this WOE, or are thinking about doing so, are welcome to come join in and be a part of our wonderful group.

Other than finding support and friendship on this board, we also try to do something during the the week to add a little difference to our board.


Please visit our LATEST BIO BOARD where you can learn more about everyone who is on this board:

Please make sure you post your BIO on the LATEST VERSION of our BIO BOARD everyone!!!!

Our NOVEMBER 2001 RECIPE BOARD can be located at the link below:

We have SEVEN INFORMATIVE BOARDS!!!! Please take a few minutes to visit them! New information is continually being posted, so please make sure you visit them often-make sure to visit our newest board, MY FAVORITE SB LEGAL FOODS at the link below:





and our newest board MY FAVORITE SB LEGAL FOODS

We also now have a SB WEEKLY EXERCISE BOARD that you can log your daily/weekly exercises on:


VISIT OUR NEW SUGAR BUSTERS 2001 PICTURE GALLERY at the link below. You can upload pictures or post links to pictures on this board

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Will post my usual morning post sometime later, but wanted to make sure I got our MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY done early in the morning, so here's my contribution for MM, there are two of them, the first is appropriate for the Thanksgiving Holiday, the other is just appropriate:


Stop for a moment and consider all the good things which you too often take for granted -- your health, your family, the air you breathe, the water you drink, your home, your community, the magnificent universe around you, your faith, your friends, the knowledge you possess, your skills, and so much more.

Indeed, you are blessed. You are filled with possibilities. Yet what good are your blessings if you're not making the most of them? Of what value are your possibilities if you do not make the effort to fulfill them?

Think of the good things you have going for you. There may be many or there may be few. What matters most, is that you get them to grow. That comes from gratitude and appreciation.

When you truly appreciate your blessings, they become powerfully compelling. And they grow, filling your life with quality and excellence, and compelling you to reach even higher.

Gratitude and thankfulness are more than just words or thoughts. To truly appreciate the good things in your life, you must take the actions necessary to nurture and defend them.

You're blessed with a great starting point. Let your many blessings compel you to reach ever higher.

-- Ralph Marston


Do you truly believe in the value of your own pursuits? If so, there's not much that will be able to stop you. If not, why are you wasting your precious time on them?

Belief in what you're doing will make you vastly more enthusiastic, resourceful and effective. It will let you see valuable opportunities where others just see annoying problems. Your belief will enable you to persevere through the difficult times and grow stronger in the face of challenges.

Perhaps you think that doing what you believe in is a luxury you cannot afford. After all, the bills do have to be paid. Yes, indeed, the bills must be paid. And the very best way to do that is by putting your efforts where they will create the most value.

If you don't believe in what you're doing at the moment, then map out a plan that will take you from where you are right now to where you can truly believe in what you're doing. Once you make that connection, even though nothing else has changed, you've suddenly added the power of belief to your efforts.

Believe in what you're doing. Believe in where you're going. You can find a way. Find it, hold on to it, and be unstoppable.

Ralph S. Marston

Have a wonderful day and a fabulous week!

SB since 3/22/00
Reached goal 6/10/01

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Morning Everyone!! I had a wonderful weekend and Bobby winning yesterday just made it great!!! What a race!! I tried to get on TV! LOL!!! The camera man was there at us so who know! Weighed in this AM and staying the same. Do hope for a loss by WIW though!! Gonna try and make those peanut butter nuggets for Thanksgiving! That way I'll have a legal sweet! Hope everyone has a great Turkey Day!!
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Default Monday Morning Post

Good Monday Morning!

I am home from work today with scratchy throat and a shoulder that has been bothering me for two days. Mental health will also benefit from a sick day off.

Spent most of yesterday crafting and puttering around the house. Didn't get outside until I ran an errand at 6:45 last evening. Even though I'm not feeling the best today, I am going to force myself to run today, because there are no guarantees that I will feel the best on race day either. I try to adopt the mentality that Olympic athletes don't stop training when they are "sick."

Ended up painting Christmas onrnaments on the placemats and sewing some red napkins to go with. They will be my prize tonight at Keeno (aka Ladies' night). We are having a "Queen" experience tonight, we are fans of the "Sweet Potato Queens." If you have read these books you have to, they are a great laugh, particularly for a Southerner or anyone who understands this part of the country. Great gift idea! Anyway, with this theme in mind the invitation said "cute shoes optional." One of the SPQ's quotes is "Cewwwwt shooooz, How's ya mama and them?" Soooo we are a crazy bunch and several have taken the lead and have been creating their cute shoes, the winner will the the "Queen of Sole" (My idea ). I wasn't gonna get into it because Spewer is overly competitive and I get tired of feeling like she is always trying to one-up me. Sometimes it's better just to lay low when she is around. Well... went to Wal-Mart on Sat and peeked in the shoe dept for something I could create "Cute Shoes" with and found some fuschia strappy platform sandals on clearance for $2.00. The only problem is they look a bit like "stripper shoes" and we have a strip club here called "Dockside Dolls." I passed on the shoes because I could here the Dockside Dolls-shoe-and-boob jokes already coming from Spewer. But then I gave it some thought and decided that I shouldn't care that much about her and since I had a cute idea that I should pursue it. WELLL... with DH's help I came up with a C-R-A-Z-Y pair of shoes. I glued the teeny black ants I had from Halloween (they were frozen in the ice trays) on them in a trail to and from the fruit I glued on the toe strap! They were inspired by some shoe and purse magnets on my frig. They are a scream. Very Carmen Miranda. Keeno is tonight, I'll let you know the response.

Anyone go to Harry Potter this weekend? Anyone here read the books? I think I'd enjoy them.

Chose red as the response color to match my throat!

DEB - Sounds like you got some great buys from the sales Sat. How was Gpa's birthday? Regarding your walking time and my running time. My pace is slow because I am just slow, but also because I have to be able to reserve some energy to make it through 26.2 miles. If I were training to "race" my pace would be much faster. I think after this marathon I will try to get a faster 10-K (6.2 miles) pace and run those. I may run an occasional 1/2 marathon, just not sure that I will want to continue to run marathons. But after WDW I will be in love with them again! ANYWAY, hope that explains it. You are just lean and fast! And you are attempting to beat a time (Vs. a distance) and you have been walking that distance at that pace for a while now. BTW - They were people in the WDW marathon that walked the entire thing faster than I ran it. They were not race walkers either. They were very fit and fast walkers like you. They had cute t-shirts made that said "Walkie Talkies" because they like to walk and talk. Regarding my running book, I think it would be humerous, non-fiction, and hopefully motivational.

FILLISE - So sad to see our fellas lose on Saturday. Now 'Bama has Iron Bowl bragging rights for a year.

MEL - I know first hand how frustrating it can be to be exercising, on plan and still gaining weight. Deb is a great resource for help if you need it! I know that my weight gain (10 gradual pounds since July) was primarily medication induced.

BUSDEB - I would love to come ride! Remind me again where in AL you are. I don't think you are near my family at all. But I would love to come see them. Regarding a bra for riding, it isn't a low-impact sport ya know!

NASCAR - Glad you had fun at the race. That is a nice track. My father and brother and who knows who else from my family was there! Congrats to Jeff G on winning the cup again. He is certainly a great driver.

BOB - I like my haircut. I really needed to get this wig shaped up!

GATOR - Your trip sounded great! Are you going to join us at the race. It seems that you mentioned that you couldn't but I don't fully remember. BTW - I'm the other sad Auburn fan here. I was busy and couldn't watch the game, which may have been a mixed blessing.

Well, guess I should take some steps to feel better. I feel the need to sweat, as if to get rid of a fever.

Check back in later!

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Thumbs down Good Monday Morning!

Gosh, I can't believe i haven't posted in a whole week! I missed y'all! I didn't even have time to read the board until last night.

To say this weekhas been bad in Auburn would be an understatement. We are still dealing with the fallout from the frat parties--I worked 10-12 hour days every day last week. The University has made it clear that there is no place for such behavior on this campus. The students are out all this week for Thanksgiving so maybe we can start to move forward.

Then there was Saturday.

I wanted to go up to the imposters wearing our unfforms and say "who are you and what have you done with the Auburn Tigers?" OK Bama fans--Your teams outplayed us every way there was! Y'all had a great game--congratulations!

Even NC State lost--but that one was easier to take. They took it right down to the wire against a team they wern't supposed to beat. They tried--which is more than it looked like Auburn did.

My eating has been horrible the past week. I've been working such long days that cooking has been out and we work through lunch with people bringing in sandwichesand what not. I've eaten a lot of white bread in the last week. Ick! Of course I haven't been able to work out either. Woe is me! So the weight is up to 243 .

I have been back OP since Saturday (when I could control my menu again).

Saturday I worked with one of our candidates for Governor. We cooked and gave out some 8,000-10,000 hotdogs before the game on Saturday. I never want to see another hotdog again as long as I live!

Today will be another long day--and I'm trying to leave for NC tomorrow. I may not make it until Wed though. I cook Thanksgiving dinner in my family, so I'm really not worried about Thursday. I have some WW bread to use for the stuffing. This weekend I make a SGWW SF apple pie as a test run. It is yummy! I used the recipe for SCWW crust that is on the October recipe board and the recipe for filling that is on the back of the splenda box. The crust is not as light as you may be used to--but it is really good in a hearty way. In fact this is probably what pie crust was like back in the "olden days" before they could process the flour to death. I will make another for Thursday so that when the rest of the family has desert, I will have one too.

I'll put the filling recipe on the November recipe board.

I did read all of last week's posts last night.

Frog it is great to see that you are heading down the scale again and feeling good! I knew it was those evil meds!

BOB--good luck with the Paxil. I was worried about Tennessee there for a while--but y'all always seem to pull it out in the end!

SEF--My goodness--I hope you are feeling better! Please take care of yourself.

Deb--White bread is as bad--or even worse than sugar. My joints have stiffened up and I know it is from the insulin my body isn't used to! I know it will help when I can get back to the gym--but I can tell I haven't been putting the right food into my body. I can feel it in every fiber of my being.

NASCAR--Good day in Atlanta! I waved to you everytime the card crossed the S/F line!

I hope everyone has a good week!

July 10, 2001
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Hi Again

Hope you all had a good weekend Just got back from my walk, no jogging at all today, too tired, didn't sleep well again due to Michael being up way past midnight and me waking up and going to yell at him to go to bed. Once that's done with my BP is up, my heart rate is up and I'm up! Didn't fall back asleep until about 5am. THEN, this morning he hadn't finished his work so he was running late and I was like a raving lunatic! I am a stickler for being on time and with having to pick up a brother/sister that we carpool with, I have no time to be playing these games-so THAT got me pist too-so it wasn't a good start to the day, but it's getting better

Yesterday Eli and I just went for lunch at Ole Ole, stopped at the JCPenney outlet to get my Grandpa a shirt (got a great deal on it and he liked it, thankgoodness) and of course, CARBOLITE since it was Coconut-treated myself to a large for the first time, still, it didn't seem to be enough for me Went to my Grandparents. GM was suppose to have had food catered, but instead we find out she made food-what the heck do you think she goes and makes!?! Turkey, sweet potatoes, has cranberry sauce-I know she's losing it, but geez, doesn't she realize in a few days we're going to be feeling dj vu at the dinner table? I just had a tiny bit of turkey and a few green beans, couple of peanuts. Thank goodness I ate at Ole Ole!

Family kept telling me, "oh my, you've gotten so skinny," "you've lost more weight." There's no pleasing them ever is seems! They complain if you're fat, they complain if your skinny-I just think it's the nature of being Jewish-they just like to complain, PERIOD!

Happy to report that I am back down to my all time low of 120. See, I told you I just had to be patient Actually, I may of been a tad lower. After weighing, I ate 2 cactus pears, went for my walk, came home, drank about 2 glasses of water and then had a major dookie attack. Just think, if the dookie would of come first, I'd probably have a loss cause I weigh the same now after eating and drinking. So, here's hoping for tomorrow that there will be one!!!!

I hope you all have a nice THANKSGIVING planned with your families (I know you Canuks already celebrated your TG). I said this before, but it bears repeating. I do hope you all find yourself being able to stay OP and not throw all caution to the wind. Please, choose foods wisely. You don't have to go overboard, it's food, not the LAST SUPPER, and hopefully, not your last TG MEAL. I know many foods are made just for this special occasion and if you really want something, do take it, but make sure it's a small portion. I personally know this is NOT an option for me. If I take just one of my favorite cookies that my Mom or Lauren makes I won't be able to stop myself-they use to have to be hidden from me that's how bad it was. I would eat a dozen in a matter of a couple minutes. Things that I really like, I have no control over-give me a piece of something I don't care for, I could probably do a bite or two and wonder why I even bothered, like, for apple pie.

After being on this board for 1 1/2 years and having gone through last Thanksgiving, I know what to expect. The board is going to be slow from now til after the holidays. I know people are busy with life in general, but with preparing the home for the holidays, along with shopping for presents for everyone and traveling to see family and loved ones, all this having to be done with all of lifes other daily activities, there's less time for not only the board, but for keeping yourself focused on staying OP. I can't tell you just how many people we lost last year at TG time, most, not returning. Many at least e-mailed me to tell me they had gone off the wagon big time and just couldn't find their way back. Others stayed away for quite a while and then came back, weighing a lot more than they had before the holidays and might I add, very disgusted with themselves for not getting right back on track.

I really do hope and pray that you will find, if only a minute, to check in at least once a week if you aren't able to do so more often, just to let us know you are still here and plugging away with us. I just don't have the time to come "searching" for you this year as I had last year with people we hadn't heard from. It's amazing how many people didn't even reply to my e-mails, they just vaporized it seemed.

I hope you will all make some kind of commitment during this holiday season, not only to yourself and this WOE but to this board and to the gals on here who have been so supportive of each other. Think about this one Enough of my preaching!

GATOR, we didn't have any rains down here. Must of been something north to us, but surely, nothing down here. Hope you had a good time at your BIG BASH.

JRED, thanks for checking in. Don't worry about that rollercoaster ride on the scale, surely, if you read my posts, you KNOW this is something that being patient and staying OP will turn around. How are your daughters off from school for the whole week? They sure are lucky. Sounds like the whole family will be together when your son gets home-have a wonderful time together.

NASCAR, glad to hear you had a good time at the race and your BOBBY won! I got your PM and will get some samples out to you hopefully sometime this week. Problem is, I've sent out 2 samples of 2 different things to 2 different people in 2 very seperate areas of the US and neither one got theres-makes me wonder what's going on at the USPS!!!! Maybe you'll be the lucky one. I'll let you know when I get those out.

FROG, sounds like you have a fun evening planned. I love your cute ideas, esp with the shooz! I do hope you are feeling better by then. Good that you took the time off from work, hopefully, so rest will do the body (and mind) some good. PLEASE take a pic of those shoes. Are we having the toes painted fushia to match? You're STILL inviting SPEWER? Gosh knows you're bound to have a story tomorrow! Lean and mean, ME? LOL!!!! Loved the idea of the shirts-my idea is to have one that says WALKERS DO IT WITH (or in) STRIDE.

FILLISE, thanks for checking in and letting us know what's going on with you. We've missed you and your posts this past week. Sounds like you've been a busy beaver and have more in store this week to keep you even busier. That apple pie sounds devine. I'm going to try and make a pie crust this week and do either a pumpkin or sweet potato pie. Hope you are able to get back on track after the TG holiday-you've worked too hard to let things slide now.

Well gals, I've got to go get something to eat then hit the stores. Eli's store is donating a TG food basket to a needy family and I offered to go buy the goods, so that's on my agenda today. He bought a laundry basket to put all the goodies in and I think it would be nice to decorate it before throwing all the stuff inside. I'll check back with you later.

TOMORROW IS CHAT at 9:15PM EST Just wanted to know if there is any interest to do one, or shall we skip it this week due to the holiday? Please, let me know your thoughts.

Have a wonderful day and a great week!!!

SB since 3/22/00
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Good morning. My first time on the weekly support board. It may take me awhile to get to know you all, but this is a start.

I have been doing SB now for 10 days. Feel great! Still learning my way around what foods I can eat, what foods to avoid. Last night I read the Harvard Women's Health Watch (my mom subscribes). There was an article from Dec 2000 on Diet, Glycemic Index, and the Food Pyramid. And an article from June 2001 on Glycemic Load, Diet, and Health. My only other written source to learn about this WOE has been the Sugar Busters book, and I needed more. Anyway, after reading about Glycemic Load, I have decided to add carrots to the foods that are legal for me. They have great nutrients, and a half a cup has a glycemic load of only 10. (One slice whole grain bread has 7.5, baked potato, 45!!!)

Just wondered how everyone else has determined what foods are okay, what aren't. I'm basically cutting out all sugar and all white, processed flour.

Have started weight training again, very small steps. Don't feel hungry or needy with food. Really feel great. A little concern about Thanksgiving, but not much. I simply will not cheat!!!!

Thanks for letting me join up. My bio is on the bio board. Will check back in next week.
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Hello Everyone!

Sorry I was MIA last week. It was my long work week & had sooooo much more going on, that the board HAD to take the back burner. I did mis being here & did miss all of you. The scale went from 101 to 144, now back down to 140.5. Yesterday was my lowest yet at 139.5, but we had a big family get together at my sister's for a B-B-Q & I'm afraid I tasted EVERYTHING!

No problem here with over eating for Thanksgiving cause I'm working a 12 hr shift. Oh well, someone has to do it I guess it has to be me. DH is on call this week, so if he doesn't get called in to work, he'll come eat with me at the hospital. They will feed us since we're working for the holiday. They are good about that.

Well, I'm off to grocery shop so that I can fix a Crunch Pea Salad for our church wide Thanksgiving supper tomorrow night. Have a full day today & tomorrow, but will try to check in later this evening if I get things accomplished. Tomorrow is the Food Pantry Ministry & we're preparing to pack 30-40 bags of food for the families that we give food to each month.

Some of you may remember my brother-in-law (Bobby) that was on the respirator back in September, that we almost lost after his open heart surgery? He's still not doing well. Had to have another surgery last week. Gallbladder this time which is not so bad usually, but with his poor health, it has taken it's toll. He asked all of his children if they would give him permission to let go. All said yes except one. He is tired & tired of fighting.

His older brother(Andrew) had another heart attack last Monday. He has been in poor health for a long time & just a few months ago, dr's told him that he has major blockages in his legs as well as heart, but is NOT a surgery candidate. Well, last week as I said, he ended up in ICU on the respirator with another MI. We thought we'd lose him then, but the Lord had other plans. **We're grateful for that** He pulled through & was taken off the vent till last night when he took another turn for the worse. He's back on the vent with his pupils fixed & dialated. Not good. Please pray for these 2 brothers & most of all, for their families that are having to deal with impending loses. Although these 2 are brother's of my late husband & we don't visit a whole lot, they are still FAMILY to me & my girls.

Well enough....I've got to get going if I'm to get everything done today that I need to. See ya!
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Default Monday... Monday

Well, at least I haven't spilled a giant cup of coffee on my lap like I did last Monday - yet!

This weekend was kinda crazy - Got up early and went to the mall w/Mom. We started shopping for x-mas. JCPenny had one of those sales they open early for then went on to KB toys and Toys R US. Got a little of "Santa" behind me. After we got home at 12:00, I had a little time and then it was off to Chucky Cheese for a B-day party. Got home and had supper with my Mom and the BIL's crew and played Rook until about 11:00. Sunday was church, WalMart, laundry, cooking and bed! I was so tired!

The new AD meds are playing mind tricks on me and hindering my sleep quite badly. These side effects will pass soon, I hope. The lack of sleep is starting to catch up rather quickly. I'm also rapidly getting a sinus infection - sore throat, glands, INTENSE headache and pressure behind the eyes - classic! I have a prescription for an antibiotic that my Doc gave me a few months back for the same thing - I went before I got really sick and he gave me one of those steroid type shots and hoped that would clear me up, but also gave the the prescription with instructions to fill if I think I needed it after the shot took effect. I didn't, but now I do! Guess what it is for - CIPRO!! I got this before the anthrax scares, I hope they have it at the pharmacy!

I'm trying really hard to keep my spirits up but with everything going on right now, this week, is going to be extremely difficult. Crazy, Crazy, Crazy things going on in both sides of the family, so I expect some not too comfortable moments. My gut instinct is that there will be trouble - I wish I could just sleep through it all!!

Mel - thanks for asking about me! I'm just trying to get through this week!

Deb - I know what you mean about those kind of mornings that you rant and rave at the kids!! We've had plenty of those! Thanks for the encouraging words and congrats on being at your low again!

BusDeb - I thought about you and your camping trip when I heard the weather is going to turn cold tomorrow! You better take plenty of blankets and stay warm! Congrats on the new horse!

Fillise - well - ya win some, ya lose some! Boy, we just really stank up the whole place on Sat!! I couldn't believe they let Bama just run all over them like that! Oh well, that is the way it goes sometimes!

Sef - hope you are getting yourself mended!! Make sure to get some rest!

Frog - hope you are feeling better!

Gotta run,
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Good morning everyone

Hope everyone had a good weekend. It was a working one for me. I hope to get in a few games of badminton this afternoon before heading to work for the evening shift. I was up a couple of pounds this morning. Not surprising considering what I ate yesterday. I made a yummy sb legal pizza yesterday made with sgww flour and a very thin crust. But I had messed up earlier in the day by having illegal carbs for both breakfast and lunch. So altogether too many starchy carbs yesterday both legal and not. I should have saved the pizza for another day but had already made plans for it and had all the stuff ready. Anyway I plan on being totally legal to-day. Have to get rid of those two pounds in a hurry.

Nascar - Sounds like you had a good weekend. Congrats to Bobby for winning the race.

Frog - Hope you are feeling better soon and have a good time at the party. Hope Spewer doesn't spoil it for you.

Deb - Glad to see that you are back down to your all time low. It's too bad that the family can't be happy that you have achieved your goal weight, but the important thing is that you feel good about yourself and what you have achieved.

Crickett - Welcome to the board. That's an interesting article about Glycemic Load. There was an article on it posted on this board a few weeks ago. Did you see the article I posted on last week's board about carrots? Now they have done further testing on carrots and decided they have a gi of only 39. Another good source of information is Michel Montignac's book "Eat Yourself Slim". Also The Glucose Revolution by Jennie Brand-Miller has lots of information on the glycemic index.

Melf - I was thinking about you this morning and wondering what had happened to you. I just saw you had posted when I was about to post this but will have to read it later.

Have to run now. Have to prepare myself a good sb legal lunch before heading out to badminton.

Have a good day everyone.

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Talking Back from my run

I feel kinda yucky and I FORCED myself not to cut my run from 6 down to 4 miles. It seems that the progression I make with my longer my overall runs, the more of a toll it takes on my shorter distances! Weird, but I think it is all part of the conditioning.

I ran 6 today in 1:14, that's just over 12 minute miles. I felt really stiff and yucky until I got to about mile 4. I also felt that I still needed to sweat out a fever. Probably allergies more than anything, but can't help if I'm having any withdrawal symptoms from the Rx?

I want to address something Deb said about making it through the holidays. Perhaps this is part of a motivational Monday contribution. I am a testament to the fact that you CAN make it through the holidays and lose. I lost 15 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year's last year. I had only been on SB about a month then. I had Thanksgiving here and I made the traditional stuff along with things that were SB legal. And when the holidays were over, I didn't feel like a fat blob and I was sooo proud that I had done it. You can too, just keep the promises that you make to yourself! Treat yourself as you would your spouse or best friend. You wouldn't offer them something that they were trying to avoid, would you? Of course not, because you wouldn't sabotage them like that, and you probably promised to help them be "good." So, don't "offer" it to yourself and keep those promises to yourself!

As far as not being MIA, I found last year that when I wanted to cheat or was a little stressed from holiday events, that this was a great retreat and a place to talk about how to avoid temptations. I hope that y'all won't disappear. Hang in there whatever you do. We all deal with this time of year in different ways, not all of them healthy. But even if you fall off the wagon, you can come back here for moral support.

DEB - Spewer is still invited to this monthly event. This time it is not at my house. BW and another friend are hosting. The other friend doesn't like Spewer either. But we are a "group" that meets and we can't eliminate her, even if she didn't get an invite she'd assume it was lost and would show up! This other friend (OF) likes to talk to me about her, but I worry that she tells what I say, so I've stopped engaging in conversations about Spewer. I don't think OF tells it to be a backstabber, I just think that she starts talking and doesn't know how to stop. I truly don't think she's being malicious. So last night I popped by OF's house and we talked about this a little bit. I told her that I didn't feel good about myself when she and I got into these conversations about Spewer, and that I felt just as evil as I think she can be. I think it was the right move. On a different note, you crack me up telling about your dookie! I think you and I must share that in common. I find myself talking about it WAY too much. But a good steamer is one of life's simple pleasures! I know it is easier said than done, but IGNORE your family's comments! They probably think something ridiculous, like that you have gone from one extreme to another. Forgetting that you have dramatically improved your life, and with that you have also improved your children's lives. And why is it that people in our lives' get so overfocused on HOW we LOOK and not WHO we are? I noticed this in August at my Grandmother's birthday party. I got the "OOhhhh you LOOK so good." It was a nice compliment, ... BUT! I guess it is that Looks are on the surface. It is more difficult for people that we only see a few times a year to be able to talk about what a good PERSON we are (mother, daughter, professional, or whatever). As far as them saying you are too thin, as long as you are not being unhealthy, which I have never thought that, they really should keep their comments to themselves. IT is how YOU feel that matters! We are all certainly proud of you and I would tell them ALL in a heartbeat how many lives you have positively influenced with you WOE that they think has caused you to "too skinny." Give me that # and I'll call 'em up! They need an earful! BTW - My belly is looking flatter with each passing day. MUCH MUCH less bloated!

MELLF - Congrats on your new low. I hope to be there one of these days! Sounds like you had a fun and busy weekend. Sorry to hear that you have family members who are sick.

FILLISE - Sorry that things have been so hectic on campus. I had to laugh at the thought of all the hot dogs! It kinda made me queasy.

CRICKETT - Welcome to the board. Everyone is gonna tell you how great and supportive everyone is here. It's all true!

Time to go shower off the "stank!"

Will check back later!

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OOPS! Y'all were posting while I was postin'!

ROSALIE - Hello. Your pizza sounded great. I'm getting hungry myself! Badminton. Promise me that if you are able to come to an SB retreat that we'll play!

TV - SOunds like Santa has been busy. The meds may take a while, Lord knows I feel like an expert on Elavil. Hang in there! You sound as though your spirits are lifting and I'm happy for you!


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Default again

I finally got the results of my bloodwork that I had done 1 1/2 weeks ago!! My TSH was still too high, but much closer to normal than before!! He's increasing my thyroid meds again and I'll have the bloodwork re-done in 4-6 weeks. This is good news because thyroid problems can be such a drag on your weight loss efforts, not to mention your spirits and energy level. I'm glad I've got a doc who is trying so hard to get me back in the normal range!

Frog - those are inspiring words too! I plan on concentrating on self control through the holidays when it comes to eating. If I really want something, then I'll have just a little (I can usually do that without going overboard). My DH does SB with me so at home we kinda keep an eye on each other. On the big EATING days, I'm gonna be sure to get all my water in and exercise! I definately plan to remain active on the board - I need all the support I can get!!

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Default Happy Monday, Everyone!

We have vitally important work...

This is an important day. It is one of the limited
number of days we are granted. We have vitally
important work to develop ourselves as human
beings, grow in our relationships, and contribute to
the well-being of other people. Each moment's
choice may be small, but it creates a direction for
the moment that follows. Each act has

Perhaps we say, "I can't live like I choose today
because of all the demands on my time. I have so
many things to do! I can only keep putting one foot
in front of the other." Throughout life, we usually
have little choice about what kind of person we will
be and how we will face the demands. The
temptation to discard this day, or to numb our
mindfulness, or to grab for control will lead to
frustration and despair. We can live today the way
we want to live our whole life.

Make a choice now for the attitude you will bring to
the demands of today.

FrogLover Thanks for the great tips and a Big Congrats on getting back into your size 10s!

Rosalie I have just recently started eating carrots again, I find they are crunchy and tasty enough to satisfy my urges. Im glad to know its a good thing and not a cheat. I sure love them and will just have to be careful about going hog wild!

Rhonda - I'm back on the wagon as of Saturday. I finally found an OatBran muffin recipe, although not as big and yummy as the Starbuck's variety, they're good to me. I'm still using honey, but only 2 tblspns and it makes 12 muffins. I think that is ok (Deb?) As for the stress, I know that when I use to do some minimal martial arts, I certainly relieved it better. Lately I haven't found a reliever, then I eat and eat, and then I feel horrible. I know that it will take me about 2 weeks to get back into it with the right servings and such, but I really am going to try to stick to only OP foods, even if it's too many of them, so I can get back on track. I believe our seating is front row seats 1 and 2 on BOB's wagon!

Deb: Walk Away The Pounds is a Walk Aerobic program designed by Leslie Sansone. Basically it's an exercise program for people who find aerobics intimidating or overly strenuous. I am one of these people and the program looks like something I can handle without being too goofy or unrelenting. It has a 30 day money back guarantee, that should be enough time to evaluate it and make sure I can stick with it.

I know I have much more catching up to do, as I only had time to read some of the posts from Friday. I hope you all have a successful Monday.
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Greetings all! Hope you all had a great weekend. I was not too good this weekend. Had burgers one day and pizza the next. Scales didn't show any change from Friday, but I am up 1.5 lb from my lowest I'm doing better today.

A question for y'all. Any of you tried a fat blocker? A fellow teacher is into Advocare and I went to a meeting last week. Really interesting info but very expensive. The rep showed their fat blocker. Really gross how it binds to the fat so that it passes through your system w/o absorbing. Anyway, I found a generic brand-much cheaper- and have taken them for a couple of days. The only thing I've noticed so far is that I've made more trips to the bathroom.

Thanks Frog and Debbie for motivating us to stay on track during the holidays. I'm not saying that I won't cheat, but I will not cheat BIG! I'm taking a legal dessert to my mom's and MIL, so that should help. I'm not really into dressing, so that's no problem. Sweets are my main temptation. Get thee behing me!

BusDeb-Congrats on the horse! I'm an old farm girl myself and grew up riding. Had a wonderful mare named Dolly.

Sorry I don't have time to talk to everyone. Munchkins approaching for class.
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