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View Poll Results: With the Holiday Season here, what are your predictions on the scale come New Years
I think I will stay the same as I am now. 2 8.00%
I think I will be up 1-2lbs from where I am now. 1 4.00%
I think I will be up 3-4lbs from where I am now. 0 0%
I think I will be up 5lbs or more from where I am now. 0 0%
I think I will have lost 1-2lbs from where I am now. 6 24.00%
I think I will have lost 3-4lbs from where I am now. 7 28.00%
I think I will have lost 5lbs or more from where I am now. 6 24.00%
I think you better come looking for me after New Years! 2 8.00%
Other 1 4.00%
Voters: 25. You may not vote on this poll

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THE PACKAGE CAME Now what can I make with it? Thanks for sending to doll! Saved your snail mail addy. Is it your current one?

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Frog--Yep, I'm gonna try to be there for your marathon. I have it on my calendar.

BOB---LOL!!! Read my post on last week's board, the one I posted on Sunday afternoon. Ha,Hee hee. I'm just sooo obscure. Even the SEC gals don't understand my warped sense of humor. And Debbie remarked on the UM game but didn't understand my reply. I must be too weird! I'll try to stay very low key, though. Did you get it?? Waddya think about the UF-UT game coming up?

Gotta go exercise in 10 min. We are having turkey breast for TG, along with wild and brown rice stuffing (SB legal, of course). Then BOB's pole beans and roasted onions and brussels sprouts with Dijon mustard glaze. Sugar free jello salad ( with cranberries, apples and oranges) in place of the usual cranberry sauce. May not even have gravy. The one off plan item is pumpkin pie that my family couldn't live without. Making it with skim evaporated milk, though.

Well, really gotta go. Take care.
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Default Monday

Aren't we an optimistic bunch, judging from the poll results so far! I'm really hoping to stick to my plan, as Frog said, treat myself like my best friend and not try to sabotage myself. I've worked too hard for this, ran and pedalled too many miles and lifted too many tons of metal to slip back into bad eating. It will really take a realignment of thought. I can't remember a Thanskgiving when I didn't eat til it hurt ( now there's a really stupid idea!). And Hannukah is usually one long fried potato binge, and we also celebrate Christmas with all the gooey glory of an English CHristmas (see trifle discussion from Rosalie several weeks back). I guess what I'm trying to do is re-evaluate whether these are family traditions which I can work around, or just aberrant behavior on my part. But this year, I'm NOT going to add the usual 5-7 pounds that I do other years.

Got in good workouts today, finished with a heavy lifting session, 'tho I really didn't want to do it. I'm still sore from adding weight last Thursday. Particularly the top of one hip bone, which is not good since its a fibromyalgia trigger point, rather than muscle soreness. This WOE and exercising has helped so much, I forget that it's really just "in remission" and never will be cured. A flare up for the holidays is not needed!

I'm not nearly as in tune as you old timers to the frustrating ups and downs of the scale. If I'd waited a bit before my moaning session ( and pissed first ) y'all wouldn't have had to listen to me complain. My mystery 3 pound gain fell off this morning and I've hit a new SB low of 145, reaching 30 pound off! I sure hoope it stays off til WIW!

Crickett- Welcome, this is a great place and good timing to start here on the board. I wasn't here thru the holidays last year, but i think it will be really helpful to keep posting.

Deb- Don't let the family get you down. You know you're doing what's right for you. It's not their life or body or emotions! I go thrugh similar with my mother. According to her, I'm either too fat, too busty, too muscley, anorexic, too selfish, too willing to do everyone elses dirty work....The list is endless. After 47 years, I've realized I'll never please her, it's not about me, it's about her. And I can't fix that. So I tune it out, and try real hard not to be that way with my kids.

Melf- Thoughts are with you and your family.

Fillese- Ugh! hot dogs all day! Hope things are calming down in Auburn. Sounds like sending all the students home for 4 days might help.

Hello to everyone I've missed- Got to go run some errands before dinner.

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Default From the land of the lost

I haven't posted in oh-so-long, but I've been trying to keep up on the reading. Except for the last week or so. Life has been very hectic here and my eating shows it - terrible. I won't even say how many of the pounds I lost have reappeared.

The holidays really have me scared that I will lose any control I now have - which isn't very much! I've ordered the two Sugar Bust for Life books by the Brennans and, even though some people didn't care for them, I'm hoping it will be the kick in the pants I need. As Deb said, between now and the holidays is really hard to make time for yourself, and I'm guilty of that all year long. But I will try!

BOB - We just got back from Tennessee Sunday after a too-short visit. Went to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg. I know, I know, it's the tourist trap of the state, but we have so much fun. Took in the Christmas festival at Dollywood and had a great time. Gatlinburg has really built up since we were last there about 9 years ago. Hardly an open inch anywhere along the Parkway. Next time we go we will take a week and get a cabin or condo. We really love it there and plan to retire in the area if all goes well. My DH would be perfect to be a security consultant for Dollywood or other entertainment venues. Thought of you several times when we were there.

Deb - thanks for the encouragement for the holidays. I hope your words stick with me through it all!

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Evening Everyone

Happy to see so many posts today You are all making me look like an idiot in saying the board will be slow-and I happily will take that compliment

CRICKET, WELCOME TO THE BOARD! Glad you joined us and happy to learn more about you with reading your BIO on the BIO BOARD. I had asked you last week where in relation to HENDERSONVILLE you are-close? Sounds like you are doing well, so far. Don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have, we're all more than happy to try and help! I would say the carrots are fine when eaten raw instead of cooked, the GI goes up, but then again, if you don't eat a lot of cooked carrots, I'm sure that would be fine as well. BEACHFAN who met her goal never gave up bananas while on SB and did just fine. Everyone responds differently to different foods, you just have to find what works for you. I stay strict to what you can/can't have and don't waiver-I know me all too well, if I cheat once, I would continue cheating and never look back, while others can cheat and go right back on without blinking, again, the difference in all of us. Great attitude for Thanksgiving, with not cheating-it CAN be done!!! Again, welcome!

MELF, hmmm, big typo there on your weight going up and down! Could you imagine!!! LOL!!! WOW, you got to 139.5-heck, getting to a new low would of made me not taste everything in hopes the next day the scale would stay down-those numbers are still so important to me. I'm sorry to hear all the trouble your BIL's are having at this time. I hope by the grace of God they both pull through and are able to be able to live a good life. I guess sometimes there's a point you just don't want to fight the problems anymore and it's hard for family to understand that. I truly believe there's a life after death and as much as I don't ever want to see anyone pass, I know I will see them again on the other side.

TV, sounds like you have gotten a jump-start on your holiday shopping. ME, I shop all year long and then worry about the kids' one BIG present. Seems it will be an easy thing this year, Lauren wants a hair iron to straighten her hair, Michael a shaver The other stuff, I basically have, or it's easy to get. Not worrying much about anyone else other than my nieces and newphew. I think I'm going to get Eli (and me) tickets to see MAMA MIA, I heard it was good. With not being able to sleep due to the meds, have you tried some things to help along, maybe like some tea at night, or warm milk, maybe some relaxation exercises-just a thought.

ROSALIE, do you really think 1 meal could make you gain so much-I'm sure it's probably just water weight, you know you can't go up a few pounds overnight and have it be fat! Hey Marie, what do you think about that article and what it said about POPCORN????

FROG, thanks for those motivational words and backing me up I'm hoping this holiday you will have the same losses, if not more, on the scale. Sounds like you are headed in the right direction! Trust me, I let those comments from my family go in one ear and then right out the other-they no longer bother me, it's actually more amusing. Every time someone says something about me being too skinny, in my mind I say "always be careful what you wish for." I use to try to please them but stopped that a few years back. As long as I'm happy I don't give a rats *** what anyone else thinks Thanks for such kind words, but I do believe I more than anyone else has gotten more from all you gals and the board than anyone else and for that, I am forever grateful. Glad to hear the pkg came. Why not try to make the PB BALLS with it, or just try it on a pancake, or in a drink, or straight from the packet, just to see what you think. Yep, the addy is current!

LDBLOND, thanks for the motivational words The muffins are fine if you are only using 2TBL of honey for 12 muffins, I wouldn't worry about that too much. Have you heard from NANCE?????

MUSIC, I tried a fat blocker once, years ago One from Walmart, as far as I was concerned it didn't do anything. There's no evidence and I wouldn't spend big bucks on this stuff when you can find alternatives to try first.

GATOR, glad to hear you'll be meeting us at WDW when FROG comes!

MEL, CONGRATS ON THE NEW LOW & REACHING A NEW MILESTONE!!!!!! WOO HOO!!! That's wonderful news. Surely, this will keep you OP through the holidays!! I too think we have a good bunch of optimists, but then again, not everyone has taken the poll yet! Hey, how about sweet potatoe latkes, or zuchinni latkes this year? I think I even have a recipe for ones using cottage cheese. I've never been big on them unless they were fresh and crispy and had sour cream! Like I told FROG, my family doesn't bother me with their comments anymore-old Jewish people are inclined to complain, I believe it's in the blood!!!!

KAREN, glad to see your post. You do need to try and get a hold of yourself or you won't be able to resist the temptations of the season out there. It's easy to give in, esp. if you've are already falling off the side of the wagon. Again, as I always say, it's up to you to decide if it's the weight loss you want more than the food-what you put in your mouth is totally up to you. I pray you and everyone else on this board makes it through the holidays better than expected.

Time for me to hit the kitchen and do a few dishes before the big boy gets home. First, stop to the potty, I drank a lot of water today in hopes it will flush out the fat tomorrow! I got on the scale this evening and weighed in the same weight as I did this morning, so I'm praying for a loss and a new low tomorrow!!!!

Will check in before I hit the hay if the computer is free!


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Hope everyone is ready for TURKEY DAY...I'm going down to Naples for the day. My brother and SIL are down for their annual
fall R & R at the condo. There will be eight of us. Have to work Friday so I'll be coming home EARLY

CRICKETT WELCOME...please tel me where you are. I have and Aunt and Uncle in Hendersonville, family in Travelers Rest, SC, and friends all around the Asheville area...which direction are you?

MELF TWO TURKEY DAY DINNERS??? You will be stuffed!!
Sorry about your BIL...I'll be thinking about him.

FROG Can't wait to hear the outcome of this party..I'm beginning to think SPEWER thrives on competition!!! You can beat her...

GATOR I'll be watching, but I don't think TN can beat FLA..

SUSAN Let's hope they pull something out of their rear on Dec 1...It would be a miracle....BELIEVE ME!!

KAREN I love Gatlinburg..I think it being a tourist trap just makes it all the more fun. It's everything being crammed together that makes it interesting. It's a beautiful place at Christmas time. Had they done any decorating yet? Do you know/?? I've never been to Dollywood!! Can't tell you why, but just never got over there. Glad you have a good time.

Sorry I didn't get to everyone..I'm off to do some laundry..

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Debbie, OMG! what a typo!! I had to go back to see what I had done. : I knew I shouldn't have sampled everything, but it was either that or go without lunch cause the only legal thing there was the meat. Oh well.

I'm preparing for the church supper. I have a chrunchy pea salad ready & I'm making the blueberry buckle so I won't be tempted with the other desserts. I'm also tring the pumpkin cheesecake recipe that I found somewhere. Getting all that ready tonight as tomorrow I'll be on the go most of the day.

Tomorrow is the monthly birthday party at the NH & my Mom's BD was yesterday, so we'll be going to be there with her for that. I'm bringing 2 of my GS with me & my baby girl, Jodi. I haven't seen Jodi for about 2 weeks now, so I'll be happy to see her too. My Mom hasn't seen her in a couple of months & she doesn't know that Jodi is going to be with me. It should be a good surprise for her.

BOB No sweat for the second turkey day dinner. The one at the hospital is NEVER that great, so I'll probably bring a salad with me & add the slice of PRESSED TURKEY to the salad for lunch. I'm sure that will be more enjoyable.

Mel congrats on the loss. Way to go!

Karen Sorry to hear that the holidays have you worried. I think of you often with your mom in the nh. Hope you get a grip on things soon & enjoy Thanksgivings.

Frog Preparing for the big event? Hope that getting off that medication has helped.

CRICKETT Welcome to the board. Haven't checked your BIO yet, but hope to do that soon.

Rosalie Think about you often too. Hope you're not working too hard.

Well, I'm heading back for the kitchen to finish up that pumpkin cheesecake. See ya!
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.Hi all,

Sorry I've been MIA. Its been really depressing here for the last or 3 weeks. My hubby is still layed off and the unemployment office is taking their own sweet time processing his claim. But on the up side I got a job this week. Right now I'm going thru the physical but I should be going to work next week. I got a job back at the same place I worked at after I graduated from high school. I cooked for almost 5 yrs at the local hospital. Now I'm going back to the same place. And you know what I'm excited about it. The kitchen is still the same just the people have changed. Everything is still where it was 18 yrs ago...imagene that. I guess some things never change. The man is supposed to call my hubby this Wednesday about his job....please please pray for him. Hes major league getting on my nerves. Hes never since we've been married been out of work. And its really trying for him. The guy whose place hes supposed to be getting has been on vacation and the company couldn't get ahold of him to notify him of his move up. He will be back to work Wednesday.....Well enough about that. Glad to see everyone is doing great. I've lost 2 more lbs in the last 2 weeks so my weight lose is at 52lbs now. Well got to go now hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!!!!!!

Welcome to the new members and good luck this is the best WOE I've ever did and I LOVE IT.

Started SB July 1, 2001
265/155ish/213 5'5 tall and large frame
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Default Hello

Hi, I guess I need to add my name to thise who were MIA.
I have been so busy, but you all are in my thoughts alot, expecially when I think about wanting to cheat. Some how, when i do that it seems like I am cheating more than just me, I am letting others down too.

Deb, Last week you asked of I had seet goals for myself. Yes, when I lose 85 lbs (3 away form that now) I get second holes in my ears. Then when I hit 100, my mom is giving me a body massage, and I decided that I would really splurge and get my teeth whitened.

Tvitsme...I can related to the problems with thyroid drugs. I had my thyroid removed 3 years ago (cancer) and we are still fine tuning the drugs. MY Doc calls me his biggest challenge, but it is that way cause I am getting smaller. Every time he thinks he has a correct dose, I lose more weight and it messes things up and we adjust the dose and retest. I asked if it would make it easier if I stopped losing weight....he just looks at me and says he loves challenges. And I am on a pretty high dose- 0.175meq of synthroid 5 times a week and 0.2meqs 2 times a week.

Well, I am wishing all those who drop by this week a wonderful holiday and a healthy way of eating for the next days that can be so trying to us.

Oh Deb, to answer your email from last week, or maybe it was the week before, anyway it looks doubtful that I will be able to get away to join you all in Orlando in Jan. I am going to my brothers in Alabama the weekend before and I will be on call the weekend of, so that makes for a real crazy week and half. I really do that one of these days that tings will work out so that I can join you all.

See you all soon
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Default Monday evening I think

I am doing so much running around, trying to get ready for my trip I had thought it was Tuesday and I had missed chat. Although I may not be on chat tomorrow night because we will probably be still packing. I can hardly wait to get there and get settled in. You guys are not going to believe this....2 of my cousins and thier families, 3 friends and thier families, and my Aunt and Uncle are all going to be there this weekend. So we will have lots of ppl to be with ....almost too many I think. But the kids won't get bored that's for sure....lots of others to play with. Actually I only have one that still plays but you know what I mean.
Both our DS's are staying here Wed. and going to Thanksgiving at Grandmothers and then will come on up later that evening. I will miss them but I understand why they want to go. I wish they understood why we don't.

DEB....sorry for the confusion about the horses. I just bought that second one on the spur of the moment. She needs a little polish but she will be a good horse for us. Cami is coming to live with us a week from today. I can hardly wait to get my baby home.

Crickett ....welcome to you hon....always glad to see new faces.

Music teach....aren't horses wonderful. I could stay out there with Dixie all the time but my other family members need me too. LOL

TV .....don't worry about us we have a heater electric blankets and lots of firewood. No chance of us getting cold. We really rough it don't we??

Frog...I live just north of Birmingham ....where are your relatives?

I will try to post tomorrow...between packing. If not able to you all have a Happy Thanksgiving.

A big hello to all I missed

cya when we return.

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Oh TV I almost forgot I loved your graphic on your post on the first page. Cute Cute Cute. Thanks for sharing. I downloaded it too.

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Red face Late Monday night--early Tuesdy morning

I'm sleepy, but still have some things to do before I leave in the morning. I'm so tempted to wait until Wednesday. The last two weeks have been so hectic that I really could use a day when everyone thinks I'm out of town to get some stuff done around the house.

Deb--Sounds to me like your family is jealous! It is hard for people to watch others make significant changes. Eveybody has some things they want to change about themselves, but very few have the courage to actually do it. Fortunatly you have friends here who understand and celebrate your success!

I also want to chime in on TG. Last year I actually lost weight over the Thanksgiving holiday. I'm the cook at my house so I know what i can eat and what I can't. Turkey is easy--roast or even fried Turkey should be entirely legal--especially if you don't eat the skin. Surely somewhere you will find veggies on the TG table. If rice is a part of your TG make sure you have eiother brown or uncle ben's. I make stuffing our of SGWW bread--you can do it with sourdough too. I dry crumbs in the oven and mix celery, onion, spices and some turkey stock and then add the oysters. Last year it was yummy--and no one noticed that it wasn''t the bag-o-stuffing we normally buy. I also try to make sure there is one dessert I can eat. I told you about my apple pie for this year--last year I made a SF chocolate pie (the apple is better). Even if you just have some SF ice cream on hand it is better than feeling deprived. My menu will consist of the following:

Roast turkey
Oyster Dressing (made w/SGWW bread)
Brocolli w/cheese sauce
Rice (Uncle Ben's)
Cranberry Sauce (I don't eat that--never have)
Pecan pie(Alas, a no-no)
mince meat pie (also a no-no)
pumpkin pie (not for me either, but can be adapted)
SF apple pie (yum, yum)

Except for the most of the pie's and the cranberry sauce--everything else will be OK. I probably won't eat the rice because I love oyster dressing and will try to stay with just one starchy carb.

We also eat about 3:00 in the afternoon. I try to eat a good--protein filled breakfast to sustain me. Then I won't need to eat again until my SIL and I get up at 5:30 the next morning to hit the malls--but that is a whole 'nother story!

So it is possible to "feast" and stay on program! I agree with Deb and FRog--we can all make it through this holiday in fine style and stay on program. We'll deal with the Christmas /channukah seasons next week!

Frog--I admire your discipline to run when you are sick. I'm a big baby and call everyone I know to say good bye before I breathe my last. I'm not dramatic or anything I saw Harry Potter last night and loved it! I've read all the books and am a big fan.

Bus--it sounds like you will have a house full! Good luck!

Thunder: I'll be sending some good thoughs your way for your news job and good news for DH. It is particularilly rough this time of year. What was it I heard someone say about a newly retired husband who was driving her nuts--"I married him for better or worse, but not for lunch."

Laurie--I hope you continue to give your doctor fits! Make him earn that big paycheck!

Melf--that crunchy pea salad sounds good! Also the blueberry buckle--is that on a recipe board?

BOB--There should be a law against having to work on the Friday after Thanksgiving--unless, of course you work at the mall! My SIL and I have a ritual where we hit the mall when it opens (6 am ) and shop until we can't go any farther--usually about 7:00 pm. We shop from sunup to sundown!

Cricket--welcome! It sounds like you are off to a great start!

Everyone else--It's not 1:30 am and I'm too tired to type any more. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

July 10, 2000
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Red face Early Tuesday

Morning All!

Just checking in.

Our household is finally starting to feel better. This darn thing is just hanging on. I usually get only one "winter" cold, so I'm hoping this is it!

Been keeping busy. I've been trying to track down and look at houses to buy. We want to get one that needs a little love, fix it up and resell it. Our new business venture. DH doesn't know what to do with himself--he gets home at 3:30 everyday with his new job (we used to own a dry cleaners that was open 12 hrs a day, 6 days a week), so he wants a hobby. I like getting into the renovating too. Great therapy taking a sledge hammer to a couple of walls!!!

The weather has been unseasonably warm here. Low 50's. Today is supposed to get a little cooler and then back a little warmer till the end of the week. I'm enjoying the warm weather, but I want to put in a small skating rink in our yard--or at least try to I like the snow and winter!

Been eating better as I'm feeling better. Too much bad comfort food when I felt lousy. I've been craving proteins tho. Weird. Anyone else just feel like they have to have protein? So I'll grab some cheese or roast beef or some smoked salmon pate I made--probably too much fat in those things but at least they're legal! And I don't eat too much.

I'm hoping to get back to my swimming classes this week. haven't gone for 2 weeks, and I really miss it.

I've been helping my cousin with his parents' 50th anniversary party. Lots of fun! The meal is being catered, but there should be a lot of legal stuff to choose from. He/we are doing the hor deuves and I'll just stick to the veggies. I'll probably be bad and have a wee taste of the cake.

Crickett -Welcome to the board.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my neighbors to the south! (remember, I'm a Canuk!) I have faith in you all that you'll do your best to keep SB legal

Gotta go now. Only have a few minutes more of "me" time before DS gets up. From the way I've been going, looks like I'll only be getting on here maybe once a week. I try to pop in to peek at the messages, but don't have time to respond. But I am thinking of all of you!

Bye for Now
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Mornig ALL!
Hope everyone is doing well. Count down to Turkey day!
Deb - Thanks for the encouraging words for the holidays! I know I needed them! I'll let you know as soon as I get the package.
Have you come up with a SB legal sweet potatoe souffle? I love that and wanted to try and make it legal!

Frog, Fillis, Rosalie - I had a great time at the race & I'm still glowing Although Gordan won the championship, at least Bobby won Atlanta.

Frog the shoes sound too cool! Hope you had a great time!

Well better get to work will try to check in later this week!

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I HIT A NEW LOW TODAY!!!!!! I just KNEW it was going to be a good day on the scale this morning and sure enuf, I hopped on that contraption and saw 119!!!!! What a beautiful site! Not only is that a new low, but I HIT A NEW MILESTONE!!! That now gives me a LOSS OF 75 POUNDS!!! Needless to say, I'm a bit excited!! This Thursday is my 20month SB ANNIVERSARY, so this comes as a nice anniversary present. Hoping it will hold out for tomorrow's WIW!!

After waking up to such a natural high I got out and went for my walk and did my 4.5 miles in 49:58-no great times but not so bad either. I wanted to jog, my body had other ideas, but the mind and body comprimised and worked together.

Got all the goodies for the basket that Eli's Starbucks is donating to the needy family. I really shopped and got some great deals so the basket (laundry) along with all the goodies came out to just under $25. We got a white laundry basket which I decorated with multi colored thick crepe maple leave cutouts last night. Got a 2ltr of soda, rolls, milk for the kids, can of mixed nuts, 2 cants green beans, 2 boxes of stuffing, 1 can cranberry sauce, 15lb turkey, bag of choc. chip cookies, pumpkin pie, 4-5lbs sweet potatoes, roasting pan, can of gravy and SB puts in a bag of coffee. Didn't think I did all that bad. They collected over $40, so the leftover money is going to be used to buy gifts for the kids from the STARLIGHT FOUNDATION that they are collecting for in the Starbucks. I've been going to garage sales and finding brand new today, never opened or used for .50 and $1.00, so that money can buy more toys!!! We'll hit the stores as the sales start this week to find some more bargins. I swear, I should work for SB it seems!!

Found some good sounding PUMPKIN PIE RECIPES on the web. Going to sift through a few of them and get what sounds the best on the recipe board later today. One sounds REALLY GOOD and got good reviews!

Today is TUESDAY TIPS and being that the holidays are just upon us, I thought this article was worth sharing:

Tips for Healthy Holidays

by Lois Paul, Nutritional Consultations by Lois Paul

Holidays are a diet downfall for many people. The special feasts associated with holidays frequently involve foods we haven't seen for a whole year, and once we've eaten them, we're glad they won't be around again for another year!

Many years ago, I decided to focus on preparing a healthy Thanksgiving meal. We all feel so much better after we have eaten than we used to, and we don't gain any weight. Here are my secrets to a healthy, delicious Thanksgiving dinner.

When cooking at home, remember to cook the turkey on a rack so the bird does not sit in the juices, much of which are fat.

Refrigerate the drippings from the pan overnight. Next day, remove the fat, which will have coagulated on top. Thicken the gravy with cornstarch dissolved in cold water. The gravy for today you will have made yesterday from the giblets. Remember, white meat has less fat than dark meat and the skin has the most fat of all.

Check the label of the bird you are buying. Many are injected with up to 1 cup of oil to keep them moist during cooking. If you don't overcook the turkey, you will not have this problem.

Remove the skin before cooking along with any fat that may be on the bird. The best way to keep the bird moist is to use a roasting bag. Be sure not to overcook. This seems to be the biggest problem for most people. The roasting bag does speed up the cooking time. Read the instructions carefully. You will not have the whole golden turkey to bring to the table, but many families now carve the bird in the kitchen. With the advent of the electric knife, you need to be in the kitchen near an outlet, anyway.

Cook the stuffing in a casserole dish. We all love to stuff the turkey and have the juices flavor the stuffing, but unfortunately, much of that flavoring is from fat. Cooking the stuffing in a casserole dish eliminates all this excess fat. Your leftover stuffing will last longer and be fresher, because there won't be any fat to become rancid.
"Wonderslim" makes a fabulous fat-free pie crust. I have used it for regular pumpkin pie and the fat-free chocolate crust for a pumpkin cheesecake pie. Make sure the filling you are using in these two pies is cool or at room temperature. Hot fillings cause the crust to disintegrate. "Wonderslim" piecrust is usually found in health food stores.

Cranberry sauce: Knudsen's makes a delicious sugar free cranberry sauce.

Sweet potatoes. If using canned sweet potatoes for a casserole, use the potatoes in no syrup. If you cannot find this product in your regular grocery store, try your local health food store or bake your own sweet potatoes ahead of time and then peel and use as directed in your recipe. You will have eliminated all the extra sugar.


My advice in this area is not different than at any other time of the year.

Eat before you go. How much weight do you want to put on this year? As you get older, your metabolism slows down and weight loss takes longer and is more difficult. Remember that it takes 3 times as long to take off weight as it does to put it on. The average person gains 7-10 lbs. during the six weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year's. That's a whole dress size for women. How much time and effort do you want to put into exercising this winter? You probably have other things you would much rather be doing. Aren't you at the party to socialize? A large part of the holiday season is about relationships, family and seeing people you may have not seen in a while.

Remember that feasting is for once in a while, at a special occasion where food will be worth the treat.

Lois Paul is the owner of "Nutritional Consultations by Lois Paul," and the author of Lois' Luscious Low-Fat Creations' Cookbook, where many of the recipes referred to here appear. They may also be found on her web site at


BOB, geez, not even a hello! Hope you have a good time in Naples-too bad you don't have time to make it over to Marco while you are so close. What's new with you????

MELF, how'd the BLUEBERRY BUCKLE come out? Did you use fresh or frozen berries. I'd love to make it, but the price of blueberries is so high I thought about doing frozen, just wasn't sure how it would come out. What about the pumpkin cheesecake, SB LEGAL??? Have a good time with the family visiting your Mom today

THUNDER, CONGRATS ON THE NEW JOB! What will you be doing-cooking for the masses? I'm sure something will come up soon for hubby, don't let it stress you out, it doesn't help matters or you when you do. Has he checked MONSTER or JOBS.COM? What field was he in? I hope all goes well with that possibility for him tomorrow-crossing the fingers. I'm sure he's been not so nice because it bothers him being out of work for the first time and that's extremely hard for a guy. ALSO, a BIG CONGRATS on another 2lb loss and getting above that 50lb mark-WOO HOO!!!

LAMAP, glad to see your posts. I know I see you post on other boards from time-to-time and it's nice to see you are somewhere on the site posting, knowing you're doing well. Sorry you won't be able to join us once again-hopefully in the future as I'm sure there will be more opportunities. That's wonderful that you are so close to another goal of yours. Before you know it, you'll be getting that full body massage. My Mom wanted to give me one years ago, but I declined, now, I'd love one-maybe for a holiday gift!

BUSDEB, don't worry about chat tonight, may not be anyone there due to the holidays. Sounds like you are going to have a "full house" with the all the family joining you-sounds like fun!

FILLISE, hope you have a good, safe trip! I don't think anyone in the family is jealous, maybe sister, but no one else-they're too old to be jealous. No, I just believe it's the sheer excitement of complaining that gets their blood flowing It doesn't bother me at all, I just find it amusing at this point. Like I told FROG yesterday, I don't give a rats *** what they really say or think. I'm happy with my weight (maybe not the way I look though), and that's what's important! Thanks for your great input on the holiday season-good advice!

ZANNE, glad to hear you're feeling better. House buying/selling sounds great-hope you find a good one to make lots of quick cash on! Better to grab the proteins than the carbs-probably hormonal. Hey, once a week is fine-whatever you can do, we know how busy everyone is these days

NASCAR, will look tonight to see if I have a recipe for SP SOUFFLE-if I fail to do it today, e-mail me, I tend to forget things at my age! LOL!!

Tonight is CHAT AT 9:15PM EST I don't know if anyone will show due to everyone preparing for TG or being out of town, but I will try to be in there to see if anyone else shows up in the first 15 minutes-that is, if the computer is free. I know Michael has a lot of homework to do before tomorrow, but usually he gives me the computer at this time.

And a reminder TOMORROW IS WEIGH IN WEDNESDAY!! I hope and pray we all have a good WIW tomorrow. One good thing about TG being on Thursday, if you indulge a bit too much, at least you can get right back on the wagon and still have a good 6 days to work it off before the next WIW!!!

Time for me to go. I have to go to the grocery store for a few items among a few other errands. I'll check in with you all later.


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