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Angry Thursday Already!

Good Morning Everyone!

The sun's trying to come out here. Had a storm last night and BIG wind. It's still pretty windy out, but not like last night. Past couple of days have been fairly warm. We could get away with wearing t-shirts.

I don't have too much time, but I'll try to get to most of you.

THANKS to all for your concern for my munchkin. He seems ok, but is terrified of getting drops in his eyes. I guess for a wee one, seeing something coming at your eye is scary.

ALSO THANK YOU to everyone for your input on the Diabetix stuff. From what the picture looks like, 1 bottle is an herbal mixture, the other bottle is minerals. I'm gonna try to find it and check the dosage and good idea DEBELLI--I'll question someone at the HFS.

CONGRATS to all the losers this week!!! There are quite a few.

MEL From Montignac's book and The Glucose Revolution (sorry, I just ret'd SB back to the library) pumpkin is 75. I have read in several places that say if the meal's COMBINED GI is low-moderate, that's ok. We all have to decide what's best for us. If you really want to make pumpkin pie, I posted a recipe for WW pie crust on the October recipe board.

You've got a couple of days before your Aunt's b-day party. Keep playing around with your hair and I'm sure you'll get it looking nice.

SPARKLE I can relate to your hair story. I was blond (kind of) for a day. I'm ususally dark auburn. Within 4 days I had stripped the color twice, and dyed it 3 times. I think I'll get someone to do it professionally the next time I want to be blond.

JMUIR Sometimes when my DH snores, I lightly rub his arm or shoulder. He usually stops snoring or rolls into a different position and stops. At least long enough for me to get to sleep. I have seen advertised these strips (kind of like a band aid) that go across the bridge of the nose and is supposed to stop snoring. Hope you get some sleep soon!

SOL I'M SO VERY HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! You got the job you wanted AND dropped 1.5 lbs. HOORAY!!!!!

NANCE HOORAY FOR YOU AND DH in getting new jobs! Once your life gets settled, you'll do just fine.

Ok, I'd better get going. Munchkin wants to "do something".

Sorry to those I missed. I have managed to read thru the posts, it's just difficult to respond all the time.

Have a GREAT day all!
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Unhappy OHHH I'm baad--very very baaad

Yesterday I was so frustrated that I completely went nuts. If it was off program--I ate it--and lots of it. The end result is that I feel crappy today. So far today I'm back on program, but that scale thing really p***ed me off yesterday.

Frog--glad the scale moved for you! It's a great feeling when that starts to happen.

Deb--$99.00-ey-wow. I'm used to paying maybe 10 bucks for hair toys! The weights are really great. I actually like the way I feel after I've lifted--and I am seeing results in my upper arms especially.

Zanne, I saw a recipe for pumpkin soup in the new Woman's Day. I thought it might be ok--but after your reminder about the GI of pumpkin--I think not!

BOB--Way to go on the loss! WooHOOO! I'll take that any week!

Nance--welcome home! It's good that you and DtM are getting settled into new jobs! How exciting! Good luck to both of you on the jobs and on refocusing on nutrition.

TV--that should be plenty of time to get rid of 7 lbs. Justs remember that your body doesn't know from deadlines, so if it happens to go into one of those hormonal swings or something don't beat yourself up!

Sparkle--I'm thinking I might do the lemon goo tonight. I'll let you know!

I hope everyone has a good day.

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As you can see, I'm back at the public Library. This is such a blessing to be able to come here & catch up with all of you. DH is over at a table studying for his extension course, so he doesn't miss me much.

Thunder, So sorry to hear of your dh's lay-off, but you are sooooooooooooo right, the Lord DOES provide. Not always in our choice of time frame, but certainly at the RIGHT time. Glad to hear that he has some leads already.

SolShine, you got a new job??? I missed that post I guess. CONGRATS!!!!

BOB, WOW!!! 1.6 lbs is wonderful!!! You're going in the right direction for sure. All that gym time is paying off at last! Keep it up girl.

FROG, WOOOOHOOOO!!! I am soooooooooooo excited for you!! The rest of that weight will follow, just hang in there. Persistence is certainly the KEY.

Rosalie, Sorry you didn't see a loss this week. I thought of you last night as I purchased an International Cookbook yesterday & it has a recipe for SPOTTED DICK. I remember when you had mentioned this dish after your holiday in England. Some other interesting ones in there also. Can't wait to get home & try out a few!!

Debelli See my note above to Rosalie about the cookbook??? I found several wonderful ME recipes in there & am soooooooooooooo excited about my find! Also got several other books that I'm going to be "combing" through. Really cheap buys. You would have been proud of me for my purchases.

Nance, Congrats on your new job & a double blessing for you both that Dan has found one also.

Well gals, my time is up & I've got to go. Gone to have lunch with my Nanny & cuz. Will be leaving here tomorrow & stopping over to see my dd in the Houston area till Sunday am, so will try to post while we're there. I'm really ecited that I have been able to keep up with all of you as much as I have, being away from home. This has been a really enjoyable week for me to spend so much time with family & friends.
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Afternoon Everyone

Just got home a bit ago and decided I better try to hop on the puter before the kids get home to knock me off.

Went and p/u Eli at work, just a few minutes to get him to escape for an impromptu lunch at SHORTY'S - BOB, I sopped up some extra sauce for you!!!

Very happy to of found a book I had been searching to get my own copy of for a long time-patience once again paid off, I found it for $5 with the shipping! I've had this book going on 7months from the Library already, long out of print and Ebay wasn't coughing up any copies, either was I'm a happy camper now (as you see, it takes so little to make me happy).

Speaking of books, I was reading one of these free health mags you can get at the HFS and saw that there's a new book by APPLETON who wrote LICK THE SUGAR HABIT, called LICK THE SUGAR HABIT SUGAR COMPANION (think that's the correct title)-has anyone seen this one yet?? Going to check it out when they get in the copy at Borders-it's a newer book.

Okay, onward with my replies

FILLISE, I thought about you last night. In the morning I weighed 121.5 yesterday, when I hopped on the scale last night I was up 4lbs! How could that be? Well, it was all water-I drank so much yesterday it and let so much out, but boy oh boy, I really was retaining-I was so worried about the scale being up this morning I got on to see that I was down again, PLUS! So, don't worry about that water weight, you're going to blow soon, so stay near a potty and get something good to read Okay, just saw your post from this afternoon...glad you got right back on plan after that ugly episode you had-now tell us, how did you feel when you were eating whatever crap you ate?? How did you feel afterwards?? I don't mean to ask to put you down, but I truly learn from others experiences like these. Did you get sick at all?? I found one of those hair irons for $49, not sure what difference there is between the 2 besides price-not running to buy one right now, so will continue to do my "investigating".

LIZ, don't get obsessed over the numbers, just keep things in a range, it doesn't have to be exact. You don't want this WOE to take over every thing you do (like moi), but getting an idea of your eating will help. I don't journal every day, and even if I do, some days, I don't finnish (esp when we go out to eat), but I know approx. what I do eat-a little over, a little under won't kill you-it's the consistent under or over that does-just like that 1 piece of candy won't kill you, but make it an every day habit is another story.

MELF, you are just so cute, makes us all feel special that you will take this time out from your trip to let us know you are doing well and thinking of us You are so right, hard to find many who are indeed happy with their hair-I use to straighten mine when I was a kid, right up until Michael was born-people say they'd kill for my hair! I think many like the curls as well, my sister just said her and my BIL like curly better-I'll do both, mostly curly though, just easier. Great, new books, can't wait to hear about the new recipes!!! Are you like me when you go on trips? I visit HFS and interesting grocery stores when I travel-I'd never go hungry if we got lost in our car in the wilderness!

JMUIR, don't worry about the scale, I'm sure next week will be better. Hmmm, snoring, Eli snores up a storm, I sleep with earplugs EVERY night (even when he's not home like last week!). There's something that they say works well, but never tried it on him, I think it's SNORE something, some kind of spray-will find out the right name if you want. Otherwise, only other suggestion is to kick him when he snores-works for a little bit

THUNDER, CONGRATS on the pound loss-we all fluctuate, it's a given. If we didn't weigh ourselves each day you wouldn't know this, but since we do (most of us) we see these little fluctuations-there's no way around it. Just know it's not permanent. Thanks for the compliment

BUSDEB, WOO HOO-2lbs more, you're withering away each week!! CONGRATS!! Congrats on making that 20lb milestone. The way you're going, that picture is going to be outdated fast! Glad you had fun at the pumpkin patch.

SPARKLE, in one of these mags at the HFS there's a pic of a gal in an ad in there, could be your twin!! At least I think so. Would love to send it to you to see if you think the same. Pie crust, I have lots of recipes if you need one-may have one up on the board already-did you check? Yes, bulgur wheat is okay to eat.

BOB, you go girl! 1.6lbs-alright! VERY HAPPY FOR YOU!!! Race was good-love that show-can't wait til next week. Who do you think will win-hope it's not TEAM GUIDO

FROG, what wonderful news!!! CONGRATS!!! I'm so happy, I know it's been hard for a while on you, maybe your persistence is finally starting to pay off. I hope this wonderful news repeats again next week.

MEL, you finally got the agave-WOO HOO! What are you going to make first? My MANDELBROT recipe is a good one, easy too-just remember what happens to me when I bake, I eat-so if you don't htink you can restrain yourself, or give it away quickly to others, I'd be extra careful with making things. We went through this pumpkin issue last year-according to the Dr. at the GRI, pumpkin is okay due to fiber, but in actuality it is high GI (part of the winter squash)-but remember, everything in moderation, and you are not eating it solo, so that also makes a difference. Why buy organic cottage cheese???

JRED, definitely you aren't eating enough, 800 calories is way too low-I don't remember your current weight, but I'm sure if I'm at 121 and eating 1400 calories, you either weigh about 70pounds or are not eating enough!!! Just e-mail me if you need some help. Thanks for the do compliment!!!

ROSALIE, LOL! You sound like me now, stepping on that scale, doing the best 2 out of 3. As you said, staying the same is better than a again. Usually, when this happens don't you have a loss come around? Here's hoping for you!!!!! On the S&S Pork, do you need to use pineapple at all-even the juice??

TV, it's take me about a week or so to get back down after my TOM, same for mid-cycle. Be patient, as long as you are OP, you'll be fine. I think your goal is doable, it's all in your hands and besides, even if you don't make that exact number, you'll be surely closer to it than you were 6 months before!!! I have a goal of 120 for the end of this month-usually, if I make my goal, I do so before the EOM and then gain, so in a way, I made my goal, but may go up at the EOMs actual date-but my point is-it's a goal, and however close you are to it, even if you don't make it, you are on the right path and you will get to that goal soon! LOL! I hope the Doc got your teeth back in-you must of given the kids a good laugh!

NANCE, OH NANCE!!! So happy to see you posting, get your e-mail and see the I/M that I missed being away from the computer, but having the gall to leave it on! I'll write soon, but will respond to your post first...CONGRATS!!! FINALLY, A NEW JOB!!!! So happy things have worked out!!! WOO HOO! What did the Dr. you're with now say when you gave notice???? CONGRATS to Dan! Boy, things have really worked out for you both-you both deserve the best!!!! And new furniture-okay, does that mean FLOYD THE FARTING DOG and TRIXIE, plus the 2 cats are going to be banned from sitting on it?? Oh, and THANK GOODNESS, you're back on AOL!!! Nance, I would NEVER give up on you, or anyone else. I know everyone has the power to lose the weight unless there's some medical reason for it-I know it's hard to focus on things when everything else doesn't seem right, but as you now said, you're ready to go-everything is falling right into place with you AND Dan and now that things are going to be better, it's time for you to take care of NANCY!!! You know I'm here for you any time. E-mail me, this def. deserves a phone call-we'll have to make a date

ZANNE, you're alot nicer to your DH when he snores than most women are!! LOL!!

WHEW! Well, I FINALLY got all my responses done, just in the nick of time too. Have to run get Lauren at school. Will get those recipes posted later tonight.


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Question Questions????

OK. I know a lot of you have said you use fitday to journal your food. I have been using dietsite but decided to compare the two today. There is really a big difference in some areas, especially the protein intake. Has anyone else used dietsite? And does anyone know which one is more accurate?
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Good afternoon everyone

Zanne - I must have slept through that storm last night although when I was out to-day I almost got blown away, it was so windy. Glad to hear Munchkin is doing better.

Deb - I've never tried the S&S Pork without pineapple but you could give it a try and see how it turns out. You would have the sweet and sour taste with just the vinegar and sweetener but the pineapple does add to the flavor. Let me know if you try it. The recipe is also good with chicken. BTW I posted the recipe last night. I see you found yourself another bargain with the cookbook. When are you going to try some of the recipes? I haven't seen either of those other books you mentioned. I don't think I will ever catch up to you with the scale but it looks like I was trying to this week. I had cut it down to 2-3 times a week but I am back to daily now. I was up extra early on WIW as I had gone to bed very early the nite before so I had weighed myself before 5 a.m. and was just that it was up a pound. So who knows why it went down a pound within a couple of hours. The lowest I have been, on two or three occasions, is 195 but it never stays there for more than one day.

Nance - It's good to see you posting again and I am happy for you that you've found a new job. Hope it works out well for you and you can get rid of some of the stresses you have had recently.

Fillise - Glad to hear you are back on program to-day. I can understand your feelings after the gain you had but as long as you can get right back on track I am sure things will turn around for you soon. Maybe it is the muscle building up from all the exercise you have been doing. How are you doing with the inches? Any difference in the way your clothes are fitting?

Melf - Glad to hear you are having a good vacation. It's always nice to be able to spend some time with family. You'll have to let us know if you try any of the ME recipes. I'm always looking for something different to try. Hope you are not thinking of making SPOTTED DICK. I know for sure that wouldn't be SB legal.

Music Teach - I haven't used Dietsite, I've only used Fitday but I will try and check it out later and see how it compares. I would be interested in checking the fat intake, as that always seems so high in Fitday.

Have to get going. I'm going out for dinner this evening with a friend to an Indian restaurant. Yum.

Bye for now

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Hey All

Just posted 2 easy recipes on the recipe board - BOTH of them I've made! Aren't you proud of me?!? Hey, for someone who hates cooking, that's a lot (LOL-you'll laugh when you see how easy they are).

Waiting for Eli to come home-simple dinner tonight FATTOUSH (salad) and either hummus or chicken-depends on when he waltzs on in. Lauren just called and is babysitting, they invited her to stay over for dinner (yeah!) I'll throw something vegetarian in the nuker for Michael-easy cooking, just how I like it

MUSIC, I've never used diet site, but if you want to see how accurate something is, click on either of the two sites that I use, the first one is what I use to most: OR and just compare and see what you find out.

ROSALIE, LOL, me cook that-nope, it will have to be an Eli specialty! Last night he made a small piece of salmon I bought over at the HFS, it was BETTER than the salmon at OUTBACK. I don't know what he seasoned it with, threw it on the George Forman and that was it, delicious-only had a small piece to begin with, Lauren scoffed more than 1/2 of it down. House sure did stink-one thing I have about cooking fish at home. We have a portable burner that we'll make use of outside next time. I always weigh more right when I wake up vs a bit later-don't you feel heavier when you just wake up? I don't know why, but it's like dead weight. I remember when the kids were small, it was easy to pick them up when they were awake, but when they'd fall asleep, say in the car and I had to get them out, it felt like they gained 10lbs! Hmmm, maybe I'll try to find some info on this phenomenon!!

I'm outta here, it's starting to thunder bad, so I'm sure it must be lightening out there too. Eli just called and is on the way home (YEAH), so I'm going to go start the salad.

Hope you all have a great evening!

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Well, my foot was not feeling any better, and, in fact, was feeling worse. So I called up my podiatrist today and got right in. I have been wearing orthotics almost half my life, changing periodically when they got better and better. He is going to send in this pair and see if they can be adjusted. Hopefully that will work. Otherwise I will have to get a new pair made and that costs about $300. Ugh. If that doesnít work then Iíll have to take some cortisone shots in my foot and I donít want that. My orthotics will be back in about 10 days, so am not sure what Iíll be doing about walking in the meantime.

Weíre off tomorrow to visit friends out of town. Iíll be taking a fruit platter, some sugar-free jello salad, and a fresh veggie salad. Usually our friends have a lot of non-SB stuff. Itís yummy, but definitely not OP. Potato salad, fried chicken, etc, etc. Hopefully I will be armed for success.

Well, Iím gonna go. Congratulations to all who were losers this week, and even to all who werenít but who still kept on ďchugginí along.Ē

Marie, I got the pix back. Several did not turn out good at all. But Iíll send you the 3 best with some notations on the back. You can scan them and send them on to Debbie--not me--and she can post them where ever. Thanks for your help.
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Talking Good Evening All

Oh my gosh, I'm posting twice in one day!!!

Ok, I'm confused (doesn't take much ) I'm browsing thru "The Glucose Revolution" and it said that popcorn had a GI of 55. It says "A surprisingly low GI for a processed product. The type of starch or changes to its structure in the popping and cooling of the popcorn may be the cause of the lower GI. Popcorn is a high fiber snack food"

I can't remember who asked about the sweet/salty popcorn, but that's the quote. Maybe that can help you make a decision.

Then it says this about sweet corn: "(GI of 55) Raw, fresh, frozen or canned varieties would be suitable to use. Corn on the cob has a lower CI than corn chips or corn flakes. The intact whole kernel makes enzymic attack more difficult."

The explanation makes sense. But Montignac puts corn at GI 70.( Ret'd SB book to the library yesterday so I can't compare that one).

Does anyone eat popcorn or sweet corn occasionally??? Do you feel bloated afterward or do you feel ok?

Filiise Hang in there. I did the eat bad, feel like crap thing on the weekend and gained 2 lbs. But as of today they are gone! Do your best and you'll lose the extra in no time.

Debelli I'm nice to the snoring DH to a point. Then I start to shove, HARD! Mandelbrot--mmmmm. I haven't made that in years. Is the recipe posted somewhere???? Never mind. did a search and found it. I'll try it soon!

Rosalie Ya, bad rain, a little thunder, terrible wind. Thought our basement would be flooded again, but DH did a great repair job. He slept thru it too, BTW.

Gator I'm sorry your foot is sore. I hope they can adjust your orthotics and that they come back quickly so you don't have to get shots.

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Thumbs down SURVIVOR NIGHT!!!

Gotta be brief Surivior is Coming on!!!

I sure do miss seeing Colby's hunky face though. He made my heart throb!

Not much to report today. Evaluated a child with moderate to severe Autism, a severe learning and language disability. This little boy has gone undiagnosed and now he is 4 years old. That is a late age to uncover a child with this type of disorder, especially his severity. Thankfully his parents had a clue because their minister had talked to them about Autism. Coulda been a really rough morning! (I'm a speech-language pathologist who works for the state, assisting in identifying children who need educational or other services.) I enjoy my job and knowing that I am helping families.

Well, tv calls!

Have a great night all!

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Hi ladies!

It sounds like everyone, especially those who have been going through frustrating stalls, is doing well with weigh in Wednesday. So a collective note of congratulations to all of you even though Iím not participating. Weighing is part of the ballistic things Iíve been doing lately, like writing out long descriptions of my future vision of myself, that Iím going to stop doing for a while.

This is my weight. This is my body as it is. This is my life right here and now. This is my job, office, apartment, truck, neighborhood, city. All of a sudden I had this revelation. I felt silly spending so much time dreaming about all the ways things could be different, when things are perfectly good as they are.

Iím not saying Iíll never weigh myself again. Stopping is just something I have to do for the time being to stay focused in the present.

Well, the point of my story, which Iím not sure was plain, is DONíT COLOR YOUR HAIR YOURSELF! LOL. However I donít think Iíll ever learn. Oh I forgot to say. So a couple days ago my boss was yelling at me for something AGAIN and she said, ďIf you donít behave, Iím going to dye your hair a NORMAL color!!!Ē

Thanks for the encouragement. Well I donít claim to be a GOOD cook, I just like to experiment and sometimes the results are a little questionable!

Re: turkey neck. Whatever you say, your picture looks damn good to me!

I read the first Nancy Appleton book ďLick the Sugar HabitĒ but havenít heard of the second. Found it much easier to understand and share with others than William Duffyís ďSugar Blues.Ē Just curious, what was the first book youíve been looking for for a long time?

Thanks for the reply on bulgar wheat, and I would love to see that picture. A lot of times people tell me I look just like somebody else and Iím like, what? Are you planning to scan it?

I have been traumatized by life by Supercuts. I had to wait TWO HOURS, no lie, and this big huge tough lady jacked up the chair roughly and took literally two snips off the bottom of my hair, leaving me with dripping hair and in tears as I left. Never again!

Congratulations on the new job, hubbyís new job and the potential new furniture! Sounds awesome. Donít worry about feeling ďout of placeĒ with the Sugarbusters crowd, I went through a phase and have been doing all kinds of unspeakable things until last Saturday and felt like a total imposter posting here but I felt drawn to stick around here when I could and all these ladies have been very supportive. So the main thing is to keep posting no matter how you feel youíre doing.

Yep your hair horror story sounds a lot like mine, except I keep doing it and didnít learn my lesson the first time!
Donít worry about it hon! Sometimes one day of eating differently helps shake your metabolism up and gets things moving. Tripping is one thing, but lying down in the dirt while life passes you by is totally another. So itís another day and it sounds like youíre already rariní to go!

I have never even watched one episode of Survivor or any other reality show. Recently have been watching the new Star Trek, Enterprise with Scott Bakula. I am so far iffy about it. Canít quite get used to the idea of Scott Bakula as a starship captain, and that Vulcan chick is a pain in the ***. But the characters seem like they might be more well developed than they seem to be at first.

So. Iíve been neglecting my own board and posting here. Iíll catch up there too but things have been really hectic. I have another pension plan presentation on the Big Island tomorrow. My boss and I are flying out for the day, and the company is having a big shindig at a hotel just for our presentation. Thatís one of the cool benefits of this job is occasional travel and free food.

Everything else is going pretty well. Still not having sugar, and cooking my food. Still eating substantial amounts. Getting my spending under control too. Still not in my budget, but at least I know how much Iím spending!

Oh and Brian (the quasi boyfriend) is coming to Hawaii to visit me in December! I am SO excited. We are going to bike around the island (maybe not all the way) and bbq every day.

Okay off to work we go!



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Default Met Goal a Day Late

Can I do Weigh-in Thursday instead? I got on the scale this am and 1 pound is gone, bringing me to the 150 mark and 25 pounds gone in 3 months plus 1 day. tra-la! But then I spent the afternoon after work tromping around center city Philadelphia looking for a bracelet for my aunt, and forgot to bring food, didn't want to sabotage on street vendor stuff, so by the time I got back home I had a serious case of the shakes. That, plus having woken up at 4:15 and not been able to get back to sleep (finally gave up at 5:15 and just got up), my body doesn't know which way's up at this point. Didn't even walk more than the 1/2 mile mandatory dog comfort stroll this morning.

Sounds like everybody's had a SUPERCUTS experience like mine. Wish I'd heard the stories before I went there. Oh well, at least I didn't have to wait two hours for the butcher job!

Nancy- Glad to here everything's coming together for you and hubby. Furniture shopping sounds fun. I remember how excited I was the first time I actually picked out a couch fabric instead of throwing an afghan over my grandmother's old couch! I think posting here makes me want to keep my eating on track- I don't want to have to tell anyone about eating twinkies, so I don't (eat them, that is). Anyway, roundabout way of saying just stay with us, and maybe that will help get the food in line with all the rest of the things that seem to be going so well for you.

Sparkle- I really have problems with Scott Bakula as the Enterprise captain. And the Vulcan "required female body" is really annoying. I've been a huge fan of all the other series, tho I had a few problems with Janeway at first too. I just can't seem to get involved in this one. I really miss Picard and Chicote (sp?) and whathisname from DS9. Anybody else out there know what I'm talking about?

Frog- Your evaluation today sounded so sad...You must have endless patience despite what you said at chat the other nite. When I was a teenager I babysat for a little autistic boy. It was tough, to say the least.

Deb- Mandelbrot sounds good, think I'll try it this weekend. Haven't made it in years! Hope I don't eat it all. I bought the organic cottage cheese because it seemed to be the only one without "food starches" in it. Wasn't quite sure what kind of "food starches" or what they did, but it turns out they make the stuff taste good, and the sugar is so low on the regular stuff, that I'll never buy the organic again. Also was doing my weekly run to Fresh Fields and didn't want to bother going somewhere else just for cottage cheese.

Well, I'm falling asleep here, if I don't go to bed I'll have keyboard dents in my forehead!
There a probably a zillion typo's in this but I'm not even going to proofread it. Good nite,

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Evening All

Finally got all my e-mails answered, been putting them off and they kept piling up, so that's been taken care of

Getting ready to go in bed and read a little before hitting the hay and thought I'd get in a quickie...

GATOR, sorry to hear your feet aren't doing well. I'm sure you'll get it taken care of, but in the meantime, forgo the walking, and maybe try to do something else that doesn't require pounding the pavement. Can you still go to the gym? We really don't realize just how important our feet are until something happens to them-they're our wheels! Have a good time with your friends.

ZANNE, I will try to look into the popcorn issue a bit more. I've read the same book but think her numbers are lower than what I've read elsewhere. Personally, I've totally stayed away from all corn products, was too afraid to cheat. I remember seeing something about popping the corn and I thought that raised the GI, but I could def. be wrong. True, popcorn is considered a high fiber snack, but the GI is ultimately what we are looking at. Remind me about it if I don't answer this question in a timely matter-at my age....You'll love the mandelbrot recipe if you try it-I loved it a bit too much!!!!!

FROG, just wanted to say hello

SPARKLE, the other book is ANOTHER cookbook-like I need another one like I need a hole in my head. I think when I told Eli I got another book his eyes rolled in the back of his head-he doesn't understand why I keep buying more books when I hate to cook-I blame them on the board!! I don't have a scanner, so if you want, e-mail me your snail mail addy and I'll send it off to you Hey, did you take one of those pics for BFL with the newspaper, your before photo???

MEL, CONGRATS! Great news to hear on that pound loss! WOO HOO! The MANDELBROT is really good, and easy to make. Try sticking it in the freezer, maybe it being out of site will make it out of mind-though it didn't work for me! Let me know if you venture to make it!

Okay, I'm outta here for the night! Have a good one, and I'll see you all in the morning, sometime!


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Need some input here. I'm feeling really yucky tonight. Real tense and on edge. I was really bad today I got into the Halloween candy and couldn't seem to stop. This is the first time I've gone this far off the path, so I'm wondering if that's why I'm feeling like this. Of course, it's about TOM, so it could be that. I'm never really sure from one month to the next when that's going to happen though. Anyway, I was wondering if eating lots of sugar makes any of you have PMS symptoms.
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Thumbs down Okay I'm back!

Hello again! Well I did finally catch up on my other board so thought I would take advantage of the opportunity to be completely caught up since there are only a few posts here!

Congrats on your weight loss progress. The Vulcan chick is annoying in the sense of her personality, but her body is definitely TOO much. Martin says she looks like a plastic woman. But we saw a pic of her once in a magazine without the ugly haircut and she looks pretty good.

Whoever thought I would start watching Star Trek? The concept was as foreign to me as (cough) football. But (I posted this before) I started watching Voyager with my roommate (Martin) and didn't really get into it. But then there was one episode where Seven of Nine and that Native American guy landed on a primative jungle planet inhabited by gentle creatures. And the guy started making friends with them, learning their culture right away. Whereas Seven was mistrustful and didn't want to communicate with them. So I was puzzled as to why she was so snobby. Martin said, "She is still learning how to get along with people" (Because she was a Borg) "Oh," I said. "She's just like me!" It was quite striking because I was raised to be very narrow minded and religious, was fat, and isolated from others and really had a "Borg" mentality going on. So I could relate to her. That's when I realized that Star Trek addresses complex emotional issues in an interesting way. Anyway. So I like Voyager because that's the only one I know. Martin likes the Next Generation best of all but I don't see that much in it....seems kind of stiff. Well I got off on a tangent there.

It sounds like you searched heaven and earth for that cookbook! I would hate to take it away from you! LOL

So I kept seeing references to this "MANDELBROT" thing and finally was so curious that I did a search even though I'm lazy. Since I had no clue what mandelbrot could be, even thought it had something to do with the pumpkin discussion! LOL And hmmmmm......exactly the recipe I've been looking for!!!!! I've been wanting to make something biscotti like for a while, and definitely love almonds/almond flavor. I can't wait to try it out!

Well I've been thinking about your post a lot since I just went through a pretty bad sugar episode last week. And to ask myself why is pretty deep. But I do notice something. When I'm doing "good" I have a lot of energy and it seems easy to keep up this way of eating. But then I start eating one sugary thing and two things happen. 1) I don't have a "track record" that I have to keep clean so it doesn't seem to matter what I do anymore and 2) the sugary thing sets up a PHYSICAL downward spiral. Gives me a high (a very real drug in my case) followed by that crashing low so I have to get another fix. Before I know it I'm buying fistfulls of candy bars, eyes peeled for any signs of my coworkers around! since I'm supposed to be such an angel. This doesn't happen instantly. Usually it's a few sugary things a day and gets out of control.

For me, I think my body chemistry is such that I need to just stay away from sugar. But some people react differently. I've carefully watched the way people around me eat and they don't seem to have the same problems I do.

One thing that has helped me get back on track (to some degree) is journaling. I think I have posted before that I bought a very cutesy fat little diary from Ross, and then I found a set of 60 (!!!!!) almost all different color gel pens -- metallic, glitter, etc -- from Costco. Having pretty paper and pens helps me to be excited about journaling. (Some people like to journal online or on the computer) So I journaled, even when things were going bad. I compulsively wrote down everything I ate and the exercise I did or didn't do. And how I felt about it. And how I feel in general a self-motivated part of my therapy. (In other words my therapist didn't tell me to do it but I'm making an evaluation of how I feel on a daily basis anyway.) I do this for a few minutes before bed, not being very exact about the food because I don't want it to be a big hassle. Like I will write large or small serving instead of a measurement.

I think it's really helped. It's like, if I don't write things down time just seems to pass by without any meaning. (That's the way my mind works others may be different).

Okay obviously I'm a little chatty tonight. I made more so called cheesecake with cottage cheese and bulgar wheat as I *cough* did a good job on the first batch. But it was really good and almost the same nutritionally as boiled eggs and plain oatmeal and SO much tastier! The house smelled like HEAVEN while it was baking.

My darling sis called me up at the last minute and we took baby and stroller and just walked down the main street of Waikiki from one end to the other. There were all kinds of street performers, tourist and prostitutes on the street, many interesting sights. Even if it was slow, we did quite a bit of walking, too. It was a nice time and didn't involve any food or alcohol!!!

I have to get up and be "present" for our presentation haha tomorrow. My boss and I are flying to the Big Island to do some ah, continuing education on an existing pension plan we have with a big (small) company there. It's my first time to the Big Island, I can't believe it! We are only there for the afternoon but it's going to take all morning to get through the airport etc.

And OMG it's 11:30. Gotta get some beauty sleep, lord knows I need it!


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