50 Pounds GONE!

  • I have been dieting for awhile. Well, awhile is since March 1st. Seven and a half months.

    No matter how much someone tells me that you're beautiful, you're lovely, you're fine how you are, there came a time when I realized that, no, I wasn't fine how I was. I looked at photos from a party in January, and from a friends' birthday party in February, and was surprised at what I saw. I bought a scale that week.

    After looking around a bit online and finding 'recommended' weights, I found that I weighed well over what I should weigh at my height and age; indeed, about 30 lbs more than I thought I did. I believe the national average for women is a size 14. I was wearing a size 24. That was clearly an indicator to me that I was doing something awfully bad for myself. I have a young son, and a new husband, and I wanted to be around for them.

    I called my mom. Mom had recently begun yet another round of Weight Watchers. This is nothing new for my mom. She'll diet for awhile, lose interest, and stop. She's been saying how hard it is to diet my entire life, and I was a bit worried. She told me that she had an extra points slider and 'getting started' book from WW, and that she'd drop it in the mail to me.

    About a week later, I received these items. If you're unfamiliar with WW, it's a pretty easy system. According to your weight, you should eat X number of 'points' in a day. A point is roughly 50 calories, and is determined by the use of a slider, based on the calories, dietary fibre, and fat grams in any given food. It's basically calorie-restriction for dummies. Well, yeah, I'm sort of a dummy, and I liked the ease of the system. Weight Watchers allows you to eat anything you like, up to your point target. There's also a number of 'flex' points if you want to eat more, plus activity points you can eat if you've earned.

    So, I started following the program. I wrote down every bit of everything that went into my mouth, whether it had points or not (A lot of vegetables are 'free' foods, as are coffee and tea, etc.). I was hyper-vigilant. I cut out anything that wasn't good for me, or anything that was high in points. I ate a lot more fruit, and vegetables, and I started to drink water water water.

    A couple of weeks later, I decided that I should join a gym. I happened to see a commercial for a women's gym, and went to their website to find that there was one less than a mile from my house. I started going faithfully five times a week.

    This continued until the end of June. At that time, I headed to Canada for a family reunion and a long-awaited visit with friends and family. It also meant eating my step-mother's pierogies and (insert Homer-like droool) assorted other Ukranian foods. I didn't go to the gym for about a week, and I went off my diet. It took a concerted effort to not count points, after doing it for so long. I started going to the gym again after getting back to my mom's place, as there was a branch of it not too far away.

    When I arrived back in Maryland after vacation, it was back to the gym with a vengeance. Then we moved, as we had the worst landlady in the history of slumlords.

    The gym here isn't as near as the one in the last town, but I still go at least three days a week, and usually more. I'm still following the diet, and I am proud to say that I have now, as of this morning, lost fifty pounds.


    I have to say it again, it's a little hard for me to believe. FIFTY.

    I have lost 50 lbs, 30.25 inches, and four sizes from my body. I now fit comfortably into a women's size 16. Awhile ago I posted in my lj some before and after models from the My Virtual Model site. I was shocked at the difference, but I know it's real. I feel better. I don't tire as easily, and I don't have the creaks in my hips and knees that I had before. I keep getting looks from men. I've always thought I had a passably pretty face, but now I feel like the whole package. I get compliments and congratulations from my terrifically supportive friends who cooked 'light' for me when I stayed with them on my way home to visit last summer.

    I didn't think it was possible. I have always heard that losing weight was difficult, but this really hasn't been. It's pretty simple, unless you have a medical condition: eat less, excercise more. I know that I can continue down to the size and shape I want to be, and it's not going to take me nearly as long as this has taken so far.

    Tomorrow is my weigh & measure day at Curves, so I'm sure it'll be more than 30.25". I am fantastically proud.
  • Congratulations!! You must be so proud!! I have about 120 lbs to lose myself, and I hope I can have the same success you have had. You are an inspiration. Thank you!!

    Keep up the good work!!
  • Aw, thanks. I didn't set out to be an inspiration, but I have had a lot of people tell me that I am.

    All you gotta do is just stay on your diet program and exercise. Don't give in even when you hate everything about it: Keep your eyes on the prize - or the size!
  • GingerOfTheNorth - Congratulations!!! I bet you feel wonderful!!!

    So far I have lost 45 lbs (almost 50) but I still have a lot of ways to go. I need to lose another 60 lbs to get to my goal of 200 lbs.

    I see you are also a curver too! I also attend Curves here in Michigan. We have a GREAT thread under the Forum "Exercise". The thread name is "Curves 2". It's just a bunch of us women, talking about Curves, and life! You should stop by post a message! Everyone would love to talk with ya! Especially since you've had such GREAT results!

    Hope to see ya there!
    ~ Kari ~
  • Ginger, sincere and heartfelt congratulations. Isn't it amazing what a person can do when they persist? You are proof.

  • Congrats Ginger!!! You have inspired me tonight!!!
  • Congratulations Ginger. You did an excellent job of a lifestyle change.
  • CONGRADS!! You are an inspiration!!! I wish I had started dieting sooner. I've been dieting since 7/28.. roughly 2 1/2 months (it feels a lot longer...) and I've lost maybe 18lbs total so far. I know it isn't much.. I really need to get back into my workout routine here. But I want to congradulate you, I can only imagine what it feels like going from a size 24 to a size 16!! That is amazing!! You have to feel so good about yourself!! I know when I lose ONE pound it gives me a euphoria.. and I get all excited and pumped wanting to work out and lose more!! Again, congrads and thanks for sharing your story!!
  • You guys are all really sweet. I still have a bunch of pounds to go. WW says til 158, and I laugh and laugh when I think of myself at that low of a weight. I'm aiming for around 175 or 170 now. I'll know when I get there.

    I am impressed! You definitely are an inpsiration to us all.
  • Congratulations Ginger!!!!!!
  • I know how you feel. I started WW in Jan. And by July I had lost 50 pounds. That is a heck of alot of weight. I have gained 7 back.

    I still fit in my 16s and I too started at 24 (In fact we were almost the same weight. I was at 255.8)

    My leader would tell me I was an inspiration to others. I was to myself. Every week I looked forward to going to meetings.

    But guess what we moved! and now I don't go to meetings. I am doing the last 55 or so on my own. I have not found a leader that I love like my first one. But when I am within 5 pounds of my goal I am going to go back. I want my WW lifetime membership.

    Today is my first day back on track. I mean 100% where I need to be. I got up at 6:15 and worked out. I ate my Target Points and 2 flex points. But I did not eat any junk food. So I don't mind spending my Flex on good food.

    I am now working towards a pair of size 8 jeans. that is what helped me so much with the firs 50 pounds. I would buy clothes a few sizes smaller and work to get in them.

    Right now I have one of those new suede shirts hanging in my closet. Just waiting for me to wear it.

    Sorry did not mean to go off on a tanget.

    Keep up the good work!
  • Congrats!! It must feel great to get to that 50 pound mark!!!
  • WOW!!! GingerOfTheNorth


    I hope I can be as motivated. I have started dieting soooo many times. I don't understand why I can't stick to it. I exercise for 2-3 weeks and then I stop.
    Maybe next time I start I will be able to stick to it.
    I have about 50 lbs to loose.

    Keep it up!!!
  • Ginger of the Month, my congrats to you for your successful weight loss! Sounds like you are pretty determined, and with your Mom and you doing WW,there's another support group. You can help each other, and maybe throw in a little competition between you to sweeten the pot! Does your Mom live close to you so that you can go to the WW meetings together? Sometimes when there is a family member or close friend doing it with you, not only does it make it fun but that support is so valuable to each other. Keep up the good work and share it with us from time to time.