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Talking Veggie of the Week: Sugar Snap Peas!

Each week I'll post a new veggie along with information on nutritional value, how to cook it, and at least one recipe using that veggie. Then we can all add on to the thread with our experiences with that veggie, recipes we like, and more! When the week is up, I'll transfer the thread to the FAQ and the recipes to the recipe forum. Remember, if you add a recipe, try to include at least the number of servings and the nutritional information, if you can.
This Week's Veggie is: Sugar Snap Peas!

Personally, I'm not a big fan of regular peas. But I've grown to love peas in the pod (thankfully, they have a lower GI than regular peas). They have tons of fiber; sugar snap peas also have a significant amount of potassium and vitamin C. They are in season here right now and available at our local farmer's market. Yum!

Sugar Snap PeaFrom: Cooking A to Z: The Complete Culinary Reference Tool from the California Culinary Academy
The sugar snap pea, a relatively new variety, is a cross between a shelling pea and an edible-podded pea. It’s pod is still sweet and tender when the seeds are developed. Sugar snap peas are available in spring and fall in some supermarkets and specialty markets [note that this was written in 1992; sugar snap peas are now widely available] Sugar snap peas should be bright green and firm, not limp. They should be plump, but not filled to bursting; avoid pods that are dried around the seam. Sugar snap peas need only brief blanching—a couple of minutes in a large quantity of boiling salted water, then draining, drying, and reheating in oil or butter. They should still be crunchy when served. Sauteed sugar snap peas make an excellent side dish for fish, poultry, pork, or veal.

More information on Sugar Snap Peas:

Information from WebMD: Vegetable of the Month: Peas

Basic Nutritional Info on Sugar Snap Peas

Facts about Peas from Birdseye Foods Click on the “Nutritional Information” link in the table at the bottom of the page for information on Sugar Snap Peas.

Basic information on Sugar Snap Peas from Birdseye Foods

Other information on Veggies:

Better Homes and Gardens Slide Show on using spring vegetables, including recipes and info on veggies

FAQ for the 5-a-day program on Fruits and Veggies

Tips on Fruits and Veggies from the CDC

Vegetables: How to cook, serve, and store these healthy foods from Mayo Clinic

Sugar Snap Peas (Phase 1) Basic recipe, featuring good fats and fresh herbs.

Lemony Beef & Barley With Sugar Snap Peas Phase 2 recipe from a diabetic website that sounds really tasty!

Recipe for Penne with Summer Squash, Zucchini and Sugar Snap Peas from
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