Pre-packaged Foods, Phase I

  • I know for Phase I most pre-packaged foods are out. Can someone point me in the direction of a list or some guidelines as to what IS allowed? Especially by brand name? I am specifically looking at desserts (Skinny Cow, etc), yogurts, etc. I am always on the run, it seems, and I could use some quick ideas. Thank you!
  • Most pre-packaged stuff is not recommended on South Beach for a reason. Most contain the stuff your supposed to avoid eating and those are some of the things responsible for weight gain and health problems. Like bad fats, simple carbs (especially the ever-present HFCS), high GI foods and lots of sodium. I do buy:
    • baby carrots and pre-cut veggies and salads
    • individual cheese portions (like string cheese but I also find some with Jack and Colby varieties)
    • boiled eggs are easy to do ahead of time
    • V-8 comes in individual servings
    • Oscar Meyer pre-slice deli meats (They used to have a little SB diet approved sticker on them.)
    • Beans are easy to open a can up & eat, especially with a little salsa and cheese on them
    • Canned and frozen veggies are easy too
    • NSA Fudsicle brand fudge bars

    Once in a great while, I will use a canned soup, such as Amy's Organic Black Bean Chili. Yogurt on Phase I is plain and lowfat or fat free, so you usually have to flavor it or add sweetener to it. When I cook, I try to always make enough for a couple nights, so I always have leftovers. There's no way you make this WOE work without some food preparation. Hope this helps!
  • Great Comments Anne!
    Foods I LOVE on PHASE I

    I love:
    • cheese wedges
    • egg beaters
    • tomatoes
    • V-8 low sodium
    • black beans
    • string cheese
    • broccoli
    • pickles
    • almonds
    • turkey bacon in microwave
    • boiled or roasted peanuts (a treat
    • feta cheese
    • grilled chicken strips
    • low fat hotdogs
    • flavored tuna...
    but none in that order

    Hope you find things that work for you!!!
  • Thank you very much. I wasn't looking to avoid prepping and cooking, just wondering if there were things I could eat I may not have known about. My fave thing right now is a broiled tomato with salt and pepper and a little tuna and FF mozzarella on top. Very filling and yummy!
  • Hi Lydia, I've been dying to try out the Skinny Cow variety and thought Phase 1 might be the time to do so. After doing a bit of an investigation I found this article on the Skinny Cow products and their ingredients- that pesky corn syrup is popping up again...
    See below for link, I found it quite helpful.

    This made me think though, why is Oprah constantly pushing the skinny cow products when they contain corn syrup- isn't one of the things Dr Ed (or whatever his name is) and her preach to avoid? Hmmm, not impressed Oprah!
  • Meelsie, I agree with you. Neither Skinny Cow nor Weight Watchers frozen treats are acceptable on SBD because they all contain sugar.

    I think Oprah, like many people, is focused more on calorie intake in this instance, than on ingredients. However, the item they are trying to avoid is High-Fructose Corn Syrup (often abbreviated HFCS). It's like taking corn syrup and making it even sweeter than it is naturally.

    Great lists, Anne and Penny! Thanks for your wonderful suggestions! Penny, watch out for sugar in the grilled chicken slices and be very careful with hot dogs. Dr. A says we can only have low fat ones without sugar, and they can be hard to find. Darned sugar is everywhere, eh?

    Lydia, do some searches in the forum for ideas for frozen foods. I personally find it even easier to make pudding pops from SF pudding and popsicle molds. They are really yummy and easy! I'll have to post the recipe I found in the forum. I bought molds online at Amazon for less than $15. There are also some recipes for make-your-own ice cream in the recipe forum, too.

    I love:
    • Green Giant frozen vegetables (check ingredients for P1), especially the ones that say things like "Immunity" "Healthy Weight" and "Digestive" on them. They are SO good and very low in weird ingredients.
    • Fat free cottage cheese
    • Little pickle cups! They make little serving size cups of small pickles that are easy to grab and go...though you could certainly make your own with spill-proof containers. One of my favorite snacks from childhood works great in P1: dill pickles dipped in natural PB!
    • Wedges of Laughing Cow light for celery, bell peppers, and more
    • Grape tomatoes: easy to pop in your mouth, even while driving!
    • Roasted chickpeas--not really prepackaged, but you can make them ahead and package for easy take-and-go later.
    • hummus (it's yummus!)
  • Oh ok- I wasn't aware that it was the high fructose version that was the culprit in their eyes.
    Agreed, the Oprah way is focused more on calorie counting, so I suppose then that those treats must be a good alternative. Although I do find it odd that doctor whats his name is supporting a product with not an ounce of "real food" or nutrition in there!