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Come on Spring!
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Default Tackle It Tuesday Chat - Nov. 21

There is lots of coffee and other good stuff ready on the kitchen table and the woodstove is warming the back room. Please come and help me cuddle Lucy who once again woke me at two! Phantom pregnancy is so much fun - NOT! Apparently this can go on for 21 days too!

Today I am going to tackle a few things I've been putting off because of the dog situation - vacuuming is included. I have a new cleaning person starting Friday and will be making a list of what I'd like her to do while I do a quick spiffing up of the house. I also need to get out the Country Christmas Costumes ready for Saturday which is a mjor ironing job.

What are you going to tackle on Tackle It Tuesday? Have a coffee first though.
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Mornin' all. Ruth, hope you're able to get some sleep with Lucy's little fur-body being a little whacked out. Just glad to hear that there was nothing wrong! Sorry to hear about Harry's hip though.

Not too much going on with me today. Went line dancing last night, so I got a good workout, but my knees are feeling it this morning! Time to take some Advil with my cawfee.

Going to go throw some chicken in the crockpot (the Thai Chicken P1 recipe from the boards) for supper tonight before I leave for work. Haven't tried that recipe before - hope it's yummy!

Have a super day, super chicks!
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Mornin' Chicadees!
Ruth: Soooo glad Miss Lucy is okay!
Jana: You go you boot scootin chick!
Sorry no check in yesterday gals... Major server problems... and I went through Internet withdrawl for the day!
We're one step closer to buying that 10 acres ... The developer called yesterday - now the negotiations begin! This area is growing so fast..they predict Wake County will continue to grow for the next 20 years... They are already feeling the effects of all us Nawthinahs, moving here that they are going to Year Round school schedules! We'll be moving bout an hour West of here, and the area is also slated for development but it looks like the growth will be slower coming...10 Acres! That's like a small country coming from Jersey!!! The place we're looking at will take at least 10 years to fully development, so Green Acres here we come!
Gotta run out for last minute Tday shopping.. Dh wants my grape apple almond stuffing even if it's not Atkins approved
Have a greattttttt day Chicks!
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Good Morning!
Tackle It Tuesday is a great title for today's chat. So far I've tackled Curves, put tonight's supper in the crockpot, and made a healthy breakfast for myself, so I have a good start. Today should be a pretty easy day, mostly filled with ballet and piano lessons for the girls. I can usually read a magazine or whatever while they're having their lessons, so it's an enjoyable couple of hours for me, too.

Ruth, I'm so relieved to hear that Lucy doesn't have anything seriously wrong with her! Now when can we expect the Phantom Puppies to arrive? How's Hershey taking all this? Too bad I can't give you a hand with that major ironing job, I actually love to iron!

Jana, let us know how you liked that Thai Chicken recipe. I haven't tried it yet, either, but it does sound good.

Schatzi, you must be so excited right now! Ten whole acres in beautiful North Carolina, how lucky can you get!!! I hope the whole process goes smoothly for you.
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Good Morning Chicks - sorry I haven't been around - sort of feel off and haven't gotten back on. I am worried about Thanksgiving - I still follow SB but not as hard as I should - plus it is a lot of $$$ now that the farmers markets have closed.

Well I hope you all have a GREAT day!!!!
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Happy Tuesday All!

Ruth: I'm still giggling about Lucy. Hope your chores get done quickly!

Jana: Woohoo, girlie! I bet you're a dancing fool! Hope the knees get to feeling better!

Schatzi: Your 10 acres sounds awesome! Hope that the negotiations are over with quickly AND painlessly!

Cottage: Sounds like relaxing day for you. Enjoy your magazines. You've already gotten so much done today! WTG!

RMT: We've missed hearing from you, but I totally understand. Sometimes you're just in a funk! Here's some and hopes that you get back to your old self soon!

ME: Things to tackle today are to finish packing and drive to San Antonio. We're having our office Thanksgiving at lunch today, so at least I'll be fed when we leave. Jason is off of work today, so he'll be taking the poochies in to the kennel and filling up the car and I hope he'll think to check the mail. Well, ladies, I'm off to get the last minute work stuff done! Have a great Tuesday!
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Morning ladies - Trouble sleeping last night, because my boyfriend kept waking up moaning... he's been sick, has a fever, chills all that and I feel so bad for the guy! So I complain about not sleeping well enough but I'm sure I slept better than he did! Worst part is he has to go into work today because he has this meeting he's been waiting 6 months for.

So I'm going to head back to Phase 1 after Thanksgiving - Starting that Friday to kick start all this back into gear... just going to make sure that I get a couple of servings of beans a day so that I"ll have energy for my running. Going to read the book again also so that it kind of refreshes it all for me. Really want to find that Phase 2 balance that helped me to lose most of my weight... I feel so close to my goal I'm just ready to be there! ; )

Kim - Have a good thanksgiving in SA!

RMT - Hang in there! We're here when ya need us!

Cottage - You get an A+ for productivity!

Schatzi - That is all so exciting! I was out checking out a horse property we have yesterday on 8 acres, and I miss being in the country (as I grew up in the country) something so serene about it. Hope to be there again one day myself.

Jana - I'm from Texas but never been line dancing if you can believe that! It always looked really fun though...

Ruth - Hang in there in your sleep deprived state! Glad your puppy is ok.
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I went in to the doctor today for my physical only to be told that they should have booked two appointments for me. So they drew the blood today for the labwork and I go back early Friday for the physical. I know she is going to put me back on blood pressure medicine since my pressure has definitely been up. In the meantime, I'm heading to the gym in a few minutes to try to see if that helps. I haven't been exercise much at all during the last few months and that has got to change.

On a more positive note, my weight was down to 142.5 this morning so 4 down this month. And now that I meet with the doc on the day AFTER thanksgiving, I have even more motivation for eating carefully on Thanksgiving day itself.
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Hey all. Just checking back in after work.

Schatzi - 10 acres! I grew up on a piece of land about that big, and just LOVED it. I miss living in the country. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Cottage - The Thai Chicken turned out pretty good. I really raised my eyebrow when I saw the combo of salsa and soy sauce, but it really turned out well. Hope you got a chance to enjoy your day with all the runnin' around.

RMT - Welcome back!

Kim - Completely forgot to congratulate you on your news from yesterday!!!! Hope everything goes well. Enjoy your T-day with the family.

Sarah - Hope DB feels better. I need to re-read the SB book myself.

Barb - Congrats on the 4 lbs. I'm scared to step on the scale right now...

Have a good evening!
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