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Default Wednesday's Chick chat

Up and At'em !!!!! Daylight's a Burnin
I need an extra strong cuppa cawfee this morn! We had a fair amount of treat or treaters yesterday --but it was just in on spurt between 6-8.. Geez I remember when I was a kid there were swarms of kids out from after school till 8 Today it's gonna be 78 so I'll set up the patio area as my art studio and finish painting an Xmas present...
Ok chicadoodles I'll pop in later to
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Come on Spring!
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Default Hump Day Chat - Nov. 1

Aaaarrrrggggghhhhhh! I should never have bought red liquorice! 'Nuff said. Today I will be pure. After all, it is All Saints Day! There weren't very many kids around last night so it's their fault.

Looks like a sunny day is going to happen again. Dawn is cracking in the East. Actually it's more like the southeast as the sunrise is moving around. The Girls are still sleeping because they're still pooped from their time in the kennel. Little do they know that they'll be going there this time next week when I have two days in Ottawa with my sister and brother and then go to Kingston for the Anglican Synod until Saturday night!

Busy day ahead. I have a newletter and Church bulletin to get out this morning. Lucy and I do TheraPaws at the Clinic at noon, I have to go to a tea at Maple View at 2 and then will be back out there with Hershey at the usual 5:30 time for more therapy. We usually do it on Tuesday but switched because of Halloween. Tonight I am staying home and watching a movie!

What's happening in your life today? Did you survive the candy and other crud? Sit and chat a bit.
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We had a lot of trick or treaters between 6 to 7, then after that there were just a few stragglers until around 8. It was a nice evening, so we sat outside with a thermos of coffee and chatting with the neighbors. I took the girls around a bit until they filled their bags, then they were content to come back here until their mommy & daddy came to pick them up.
I haven't made any plans yet for today. I feel like a cold coming on, so I took some Zicam, hope that nips it in the bud. I am going to Curves, and I see by the clock that I'd better get ready to go. I'll peek back in a little later.
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Good morning everyone!....Like Ruth I bought the wrong kind of candy....and I way over ate..way way way. Oh well I went to the gym twice yesterday..and paid for the sugar overload by not sleeping very well last night. So back on the band wagon this more sugar! I mean it!
Hope all of you have a great day....can you beleive its November already?? yikes!
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I too am in some serious need of cawfee. Woke up early, so I worked out before getting ready for work. Abs workout today - man, I'll be sore later!

Got a decent crowd of trick or treaters last night. It was down around 40 here, so I think the cold kept some people in. I think I actually got several repeaters. That was okay with me though - had to get that candy shuffled out the door. Still have some left and will take that to work.

Had fun dressing up for work yesterday, but hardly anyone else did. The costume was a big hit, so I'm really glad that I got it.

Gotta go let the pooch outside. Have a great day y'all!
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Good morning Chicks. I'm starting P1 over for the hundreth time this year. Hopefully this time I stick to it. Last year I lost 45 but have since gained back41 and feel disgusting. I need to get myself back on the beach and stay there where I felt great. Met my first challenge already today. My daughter already offered me candy and I politely turned it down. One more day of beautiful weather so I am off for a walk after the kids go off to school. Hopefully today will be a beachy day for all. Have a great day!
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I just finished my breakfast of oatmeal with cranberries, bananas and walnuts, drizzled with SF maple syrup. For some reason I was starving this morning! Must have been all the fresh air and walking last night. I did pretty well with the candy, I only had a few Junior Mints, and left the rest of it alone.

It's warm and sunny out, so I think I'll try to clean out the flower beds, and I want to make a Kale & Cauliflower casserole before I have to leave. I only have to work a few hours this afternoon, so it'll be an easy day for me.
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Goal: A Healthy Me
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Pass that cawfee over here Schatzi.... I slept like a rock last night and woke up late today. I'm having a hard time shifting into "GO" gear. Bad scale this morning - I'm up a pound from last weigh-in!
Last night we were out with the kids so by the time we got home we only had 2 trick-or-treaters last night and the brats ended up smashing one of our pumpkins DD had a great time though and scored lots of goodies. Amazingly she woke up in a pretty good mood today.
I re-start yoga tonight so hopefully tomorrow I won't be too sore from all the stretching. I'm so looking forward to it. I haven't been in way too many months.

Well, I've been at work an hour already, so I should probably attempt to do some! LOL
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Once more, with feeling!
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Yay!! The scale was good to me this morning, down 3 lbs from last week!! : And it's TOM too! I usually gain at least 5 lbs, so I'm so happy with my body. I'm going to treat myself........ to a nice long workout.
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Morning ladies - A new month, a new start right? Focus on making everything that passes through these lips healthy, and focus on the half marathon in February... ate candy, drank beer, chips salsa queso last night, was all delicious but now I'm getting geared up to go exercise it off... sounds like for the most part you ladies did really well with will power yesterday!

Obvious - That's awesome! Congrats!

Kelly - No worries, just shake it off and keep eating well and exercisin'

Cottage - I keep wanting to try the Kale and Cauliflower bake, pretty good?

Lindy - Welcome back!

Jana - Good job with the abs workout, my whole body is sore today from weights yesterday!

Angel - I'm with ya, I too overindulged on the sugar, today is a new day, a new month in fact!

Shatzi - Yeah we bought all the candy but didn't have anyone show up!

Ruth - I hear ya with the candy, what movie are you watching?
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We only had 14 trick-or-treaters and they came in two groups. Luckily I bought Cheetos and Doritos so half of them are gone and I can resist salty stuff much better than chocolate. Brian didn't go out so we don't have lots of stuff from that. He was given some stuff at his afterschool but it was mostly things like gummy eyeballs and worms and stuff that's easy to resist.

I'm up this month so I'm going to have to be much better in November. I know what I've cheated on and I plan to be OP this month. At least so far there doesn't appear to be a ton of chocolate at work today.
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Well, I didn't buy any candy for Halloween because I live in the student ghetto (the apartment area near campus) and only college kids live around here so I knew I wouldn't get trick-or-treaters. However, my Italian teacher brought in candy and I thought it would be rude to refuse. So I had 3 chocolates. Oh well, I was good the rest of the day and I'm going to be really good from now on.

Well, I'd love to stay and chat but I have to get ready for school. Hope everyone has a great day.
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Morning all! Halloween was a HUGE success! Our party went off without a hitch, the brisket was delish (we'd never done it in the oven, just bbq), and everyone had a blast! Since we kicked it off at 7:30, everyone was pooped pretty early and our last guest left at 12 -- a new record!!!

I decided at 4:45 yesterday to dress up and had NO idea what to do. So I ran to the store, bought a sweatshirt and a sheet of crafting foam. I gave myself a black eye with some makeup and cut a 'P' out of the foam and pinned it to the shirt. Can you guess what I was? A BLACK-EYED PEA!! I got so many compliments on it!

Eating was GREAT! Not a sip of alcohol, only brisket, salad, veggies from a veggie tray, and pico de gallo. Missed my workout yesterday, but I'll be doing my PUSH dvd with Bob for strength and my pilates afb cardio dvd tonight after work. Back on track with the workouts!!

I'll stop by and chat at ya'll later if I can!!
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Cheers to a new month gals!! So far, so good today for me. Yesterday- let's now talk about it!!!

Kim Glad that your party was so much fun. Love the costume idea- too cute!!

We trick or treated with some friends- it was a blast. The kids had the best time, even my alomst 17 month old. It got pretty chilly out, but was the perfect night for it. I am wiped out today as were my girls this morning. Fun though!!

Gotta jet- it is almost dimissal time. I have been so busy here at work, but I don't minds it a bit.
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Thumbs up

Since today is the first of the month I decided to get back on the Beach and work it. Halloween was kinda fun but I was in sugar overload by 2pm and had to take it easy for the rest of the day. But it is over now and as soon as I take this extra candy { extra because I will not let myself eat it} to work to share with others I will be even less tempted. I went to the gym today and did an hour on the treadmill and I have stuck with the eating part also so far.
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