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Ruthxxx 09-27-2006 06:48 AM

Hump Day Chat - Sept. 27
Early good morning to the Beach Beauties! :carrot: It's still dark and cold so I have no idea what today's weather will bring. We certainly are officially in fall from the feel of things. It'll soon be time for coffee by the woodstove.

I have a bit of Ruthie Roadrunner stuff today and a meeting in Athens tonight. I am NOT fond of night driving but it's only 15 minutes so I'll just do it. We have a lot of deer around here and I almost always see one on that stretch of highway. This morning I might haul out the vacuum and see if I still know how to run one! :lol:

Sit 'n sip for a bit! :cofdate:

RMT 09-27-2006 07:39 AM

Good Morning Ruth.

I have to agree that fall is here!!!! It was a very warm 40 here this morning and VERY dark - but it is to get to almost 70 - when I leave for work I wear a coat - when I leave work for home - I wonder why I brought one????

Today should be a good day - I feel more like myself. Went to dinner last night and sort of cheated - I had ribs - w/ extra veggies and a salad - but other than that I was total phase I yesterday (even though I am on Phase II) so today I better be extra good. I am now drinking some warm lemon water to help with some of the "bloat" from the extra tasty food.

I hope that everyone has a great day today. Nothing planned for today other than here at work. Should be a pretty good day. My dh and I need to go to a viewing tonight -

Well I must get back to work.

Anyone know who Faye/Jack and weezle have been???? Worried about them.

Well chickies I will check in later - hope you all have a sunny day - Rosalind

cottagebythesea 09-27-2006 07:40 AM

It's almost 6:30 and it's still dark out, it makes it so hard to get up and get going. :yawn: I've been in such a slump lately, and I've been struggling to stay OP and go to Curves. There have been so many temptations lately, and I've been so weak. Today's a new day, and I pledge to get through it without cheating once! The girls and I are going to make an apple pie this afternoon, but it won't be cooled and ready to eat until after I've left to come home, so that will be ok.
Wish me luck, everyone, and send me some :dust:

RMT 09-27-2006 09:01 AM

Cottage: here is some WILL POWER DUST for you

gma22 09-27-2006 09:17 AM

Good morning gals! It is a nice fall morning here, 63 degrees, but it is going to be warm later on today around the low 80's.

Ruth: Hope your running doesn't take you all day. I have vacuuming upstairs today so if you start yours you can do mine. I have one of those Wind Tunnel things and they weigh a ton. I have to drag the darn thing up the stairs by myself now that Jack can't do it for awhile. I have more muscle aches from carrying in groceries, dragging the vacuum, carrying clothes upstairs, etc all the stuff he usually does for me. I am going to have to give him a big gold star on the fridge I think! :lol:

Rosalind: I posted Monday but couldn't get in here yesterday. It was kind of nuts. Jack had developed nausea that we couldn't get rid of and his surgeon has his one and only office hours day yesterday so his nurse didn't get back to me until around 5 PM. In the meantime, I scrounged the internet and found a forum about migraines where one of the ladies said she gave her kids Emetrol for tummyaches so I went and got some of that and gave it to him and 20 minutes later he was asleep and woke up without nausea and even ate some dinner.

Cottage: I will add some dust with the rest.....:dust: and some cheering besides :cheer: a little coach talk :coach: and finally a little clapping to help you do well today :cp:

Jack is doing more than fabo. He is walking the circumference of our whole building now twice a day, if off the Percocet completely taking just an Advil for pain overnight, his eating is improving now that we have the nausea at bay and his scar or as he refers to it, his Ziploc bag, is healing nicely. Right now he is zonked in the recliner but I expect he will be ready for some breakfast in just a little while.

Need to get rolling. Have a good day everyone!


cottagebythesea 09-27-2006 09:52 AM

Thanks, RMT and Faye for the words of encouragement and the WILLPOWER DUST. I will need them for the next few days until I get myself back under control again. I've worked so hard to lose this weight and am scared to death of re-gaining it, but my body has just been craving more and more food, especially the bad carbs. :( I'm knuckling down though, and am really going to try to get this thing under control. I just had a LF WW English muffin with some FF SF Waldon Farms raspberry fruit spread for my breakfast, and am comtemplating a grilled chicken salad for lunch. It will be the first salad I've had since the "spinach thing", but there haven't been any more warnings about eating lettuces, so I'm going to start eating my "greens" again. Supper tonight will be Turkey Minestrone.

Kim_Star060404 09-27-2006 10:49 AM

Morning Ladies!!

Faye: What great news that Jack is doing so well!! It's so refreshing that he has such a great sense of humor about everything! I hope you're getting better rest and are getting closer to eating the way you want to again!!:cp:

Cottage: I feel your pain!!!:( You can do it! I know you can. I fell into the stress-eating trap last night and I feel like I've gotta work extra hard to make up for it!! NOT FUN!!! :woops:

RMT: Your dinner last night sounded delish!! I wish I had eaten that well! Ribs, salad, veggies...SO much better than the Big Mac, fries and coke I had. I guess if you're gonna "cheat", it's much better to do it your way!!

Ruth: You be careful driving! I love seeing the deer when they're WELL off the road! Don't go TOO crazy running aroud today! :dizzy:

Well, day's off to a great start for me! Woke up refreshed (after 6 GOOD hours of sleep last night -- I'm definitely getting better at sleeping when DH is gone), and spent the morning straightening up the little messes around the house. I'll dust and vacuum tonight so the house will be all clean when DH gets home tomorrow. I'm so excited!!

Work is more inspections, but this time in a subdivision, so I should get a lot of walking in!!:running: :running: I'm also meeting a friend from work at her son's peewee football practice to walk around the track for an hour! Whew...

Have a great morning/day/evening (in case I don't check back in)! Hope the coffee's hot and delish! :coffee: :T

Barb0522 09-27-2006 12:20 PM

I'm back in the office today. It takes so much longer when I have to drive in but they are trying to get more people to work from the office. I'm just glad I wasn't stuck there on Monday when it was such a long day.

I'm leaving early today since I have to get a couple of fillings replaced at the dentist. Then I've got vacation on Thursday and Friday while I get ready for the campout this weekend. I'll be going up on Friday night with my den leader and DH and Brian will join us on Saturday so I need to make sure I know how to put up our tent by myself. Usually I'm just helping DH and Brian do it. All I need to know is which poles go first and I can handle the rest.

Faye - I'm glad Jack is doing so well.

Hi to everyone else. I'll try to post more later.

SarahinBalance 09-27-2006 01:13 PM

Morning ladies - Well not much going on on the Sarah front, excited because I exceeded my workout goal for this month - went to my spin class this morning and was kind of dreading it after Monday but it was REALLY fun and I really got a lot out of it - counting down the days till we leave for the beach with my boyfriend's family YAAAAY! Been good, staying OP, which is so much harder when I'm vegarian. Made delicious omlet last night with onions, mushrooms and mozzerella -

Was a little nervous about the eating stuff down at the beach, but I am doing seafood, and after emailing my boyfriend's mom I found out that she's low carbing it too!

That's about it!

Barb - I just love camping so that's sounds really exciting!

Kim - Glad you got a good night's sleep! Way to get all that walking in! Awesome!

Cottage - Hang in there! Just see it as a game, a test of willpower and then rewards yourself with something non food? A little mini-goal? Seems like a lot of this weight loss stuff turns into mini-goals. I totally understand about struggling and the fear of gaining it all back - I go through the same thing, but it seems like as long as I'm getting my exercise in, then atleast I know I'm burning off what I'm eating (if not actually losing).

Faye - Thank god! Prayer is an amazing thing as is a positive attitude, I bet he wouldn't be doing nearly so well if his nurse wasn't so amazing!

Rosalind - I'm curious about Weezle as well! I think if you're going to cheat a bit and have no so lean meat, but the rest of the day is P1 then you're doing great!

Shenanigans 09-27-2006 05:39 PM

Hello Everyone,
Well... I had my first official slip up. Last night I had a bun :(
I did really well yesterday but I went to visit my BF and he had made burgers for us. I was so happy that he cooked and they looked so good I had one. The meat was lean, and I had it with FF cheese and mustard. I also had a salad.

Today I have done well. I had an egg with veggies this morning, pecans and LF yogurt as a snack, and a greek salad with chicken for lunch. I am having fish and broccoli for dinner.

So what does this mean? Do I start all over and add two days to the end of my phase I? Will this mess up any progress I have made? Or do I just wait and see? I know the point of phase I is to help rid yourself of cravings... and honestly I am not having cravings.

Please advise

Ruthxxx 09-27-2006 05:50 PM

Relax, my child, and go and sin no more! :lol: It probably won't mess up your progress. It's up to you whether to add extra days. If you aren't having cravings, you'll be fine.

SarahinBalance 09-27-2006 06:13 PM

Feeling a little funky cause I called my friend to see if she wanted to do dinner, and she and my room mate are going out for whole wheat pizza tonight. The only non-pizza thing they offer is salad and that's what I had for lunch today. So it hurt my feelings that they would rather have pizza than have me join them - but at the same time I'm the one making a choice about what I eat and can't expect others to change what they eat just because I'm choosing to... still hurt my feelings nonetheless

Then had a pretty akward conversation with a client, was actually totally fine, I just felt like an idiot though (didn't mess anything up really), but still left me red in the face (it's a good thing we were talking on the phone!)

Oh well, this is me venting instead of eating as I already had my afternoon snack. Hopefully yoga tonight will change my attitude.

Shenanigans 09-27-2006 10:27 PM

Thanks Ruthxxx... as I was writing about my 'cheat' I was thinking that I needed to calm myself down... :)

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