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Michael Ann 1973
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Default Naked Happy Dance


I just got on the scale and I have lost 7 (seven) pounds since Tuesday!!!!

So I just ran naked through the house!!!!!!!!!!!

DH was cracking up

Happy Naked Dance!!!!

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I won't get naked, but I will join you in your happy dance!!

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How wonderful!!! I look forward to my naked dance through the house when I've lost 10 pounds, but I don't think I want any witnesses.....yet!
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Come on Spring!
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Sunnybunny! You really have a thing about nekkid, don't you! Good for you!
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That's fantastic! Great job! I can't remember the last time I ran around naked. LOL.
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Tired of lettuce!
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That is so awesome!!!! what a great idea....
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No running nekked through the house for me, sounds too much like exercise.

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I can do this!
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Sunny! :

So happy for you! Love the way you celebrated...nothing like feeling good in your body, eh?
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I just got out of the shower, and have lost 3.7 since Friday, so I will join your naked happy dance! *throws off terrycloth wrap*

*naked boogie*
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CONGRATS, that is awesome! I am on Day 1 today and i hope i can do a happy dance soon! Keep up the good work!
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Michael Ann 1973
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I didn't say I felt comfortable in my body, but hey, I was naked, I was happy, I danced. Besides DH is a fan of my body any way it is, so I feel comfortable doing that in front of him. Ahhhh that made me think how sweet he is and I was kinda irritated at him (another story).

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Michael Ann 1973
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Good Job Halloween Girl...

3.7 aint no's a treat
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ONEderland here I come!
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I'll get naked but i can't run and i look foolish when i dance...

but CONGRATS to you!
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Congrats SunnyBunny and HalloweenGirl! RUN NAKED, RUN NEKKID, SHAKE THEM TAIL FEATHERS
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